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    What Molds Us (A True Story)

    It's Kruger
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    What Molds Us (A True Story)

    Post  It's Kruger on March 9th 2014, 6:43 am

    Sorry if it's not well written. This is all as accurate as I can remember it. Again, I'm sorry if it's not great and a little whiney :\

    What shapes you as a person? What molds you into the character you are today? Well, some say it's only the hard times that make you, but I disagree.

    A person has their emotions and habits as a toddler. Take Vale. As a child, he knew no stranger, talking up storms in incoherent sentences to whoever pretended to listen. He'd come up with spectacular stories from the top of his head, or exaggerated real-life events with his imagination.

    He changed very little from those days. He may admit now, but not too long ago, Vale'd fight tooth and nail to admit it, but one single person reshaped him as a person. This person taught Vale that hard-work doesn't always mean you get what you want, and that sometimes people don't change. This person, unsurprisingly, was a girl.

    When Vale first saw her, she was not enrapturing. She was not one of those shockingly attractive girls whom no one thought they'd ever have a chance with. No. She dressed simple, spoke in small amounts, and was in no way as bombastic and outspoken as Vale.

    She had mid-white skin, obviously spent some time in the sun.

    "Seabass, what's going on?" Vale laughed as he greeted his good friend, Sebastian, who was sitting across from this girl.

    "Oh, hey! Meet Maddy, just moved here." Sebastian pointed to the girl sitting in front of him, who waved softly and mouthed hi.


    And from there, their rates were locked. Over the course of the first few months of school, the two's friendships blossomed. It seemed the more time Maddy spent at this new school, the more she came out of her shell, revealing her bombastic and outrageous sense of humor, similar to Vale's.

    They would message constantly, both knowing the times the other woke up. Vale and Maddy would begin their messages in the morning, spoke at school, and started back up again on their ways home.

    Not only that, they were both in band. Maddy played the small Alto Saxophone. She stayed in her bubble musically, playing the third part, meaning it was lower pitched notes and granted her the ability to be quiet. It also forced her to sit all the way to the right I her section.

    At the beginning of the year, Vale was a Clarinet, like he'd always been for his musical career. But, after exploring the mid-pitched Tenor Saxophone, he'd decided to move to that instrument entirely. Since there were only three tenors, and the tenors were the section to the right I the Altos, Vale snuck himself to the left-most chair so often it became habit, effectively sitting next to Maddy.

    But, all was not well with the two's lives. Like us all, they had trials, struggles to endure. Vale had to challenge all he ever knew. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or LDS church was the center of his life until this point. He remembered all the days when he lived with his mother, asking "Why do I gotta go to Church if you don't?" To which his mother would reply "It makes Grandma and Grandpa happy.

    And it did. Often Vales Grandparents would reference his future in the church, teaching it's ways to his children and what-not. And, when the pressure of bullying proved to be too much for the emotional Vale, he begged his mom to let him live with his grandparents, a fresh start in a new place. A place where people wouldn't badger him for his slim disposition, similar appearance to various people, his music, or just the things he liked in general. In his mind, the small town of White Salmon would accept him like no other place he'd lived in would.

    It was all but that. At first, he was a novelty; the only student at his middle school at least a little bit African American, even if he was mixed. But, once he established himself as the only person he could: he found nothing but cold shoulders or people he didn't like. It was Hell for him, and he wanted to go back.

    Even if you couldn't get Vale to admit it, he was depressed.

    He'd find solace in his friends on a online gaming community called Xbox Live, where he and some of his closest friends would play video games and hang out. It was the only time he'd feel happy.

    All of his friends were in timezones set two or three hours ahead. Once they all went to sleep, as Vale was left alone, he'd often cry quiet enough for his grandparents to not be able to hear him.

    Vales Grandparents, Julia and Tom, where devout LDS (or Mormon) church members, requiring Vale to go every Sunday and participate in youth activities every Wednesday.

    During eight grade, the youth church schedule was doable, but Vale often pretended he was sick to skip church. But, in Vale's Freshman year, it changed. Seminary was a Mormon bible study-like program at 7:00AM every day before school. By the first day of High School, Vale found himself at Church for six out of seven days a week, and his grandpa was the seminary teacher, so he never missed a day.

    One day during Seminary, no one seemed to have come. It was just Vale and his grandpa, alone in the seminary room.

    "I'd hope it was just me and you today..." Tom started. As the lesson went on, Vale's eyes widened. The church believed some sort of ancestral sin or pre-birth decision meant that he was cursed with brown skin.

    After that, he outright refused to go to church. The pressure, expectations to succeed in his church life, the standard of righteous living, all of it seemed to come down on Vale.

    But, in Vale's Freshman year, he made friends. Honey to God true friends, Caleb and Aidan. Caleb was a skinny, wily-haired white kid into computer games; and Aidan was a mid-sized, pale, black haired, rich white kid into all sorts of things.

    Vale spent most of his time with Caleb their Freshman year, Aidan another major friend. They did too any things to list, but they were connected at the hip. They loved each-other and were convinced nothing could come between them.

    So, come their Sophomore year, all of them still friends, the three all seemed to connect with Maddy, but she was seen with Vale and/or Caleb most often.

    Maddy had just moved to White Salmon that year. Her fair share of bullying, ex-boyfriends, bad decisions, and depressive behavior existed, (I, Vale, am writing this story, so excuse my lack of deeper knowledge :] ) but she'd always say Vale made her happy during the darkest of her days, just as Vale's friends on Xbox Live did to him.

    It doesn't matter which one you ask, Vale or Maddy, but they'd both say that Homecoming was it. Their moment. Their section in time that'll live on in their minds whenever reminded of each other.

    That day, one week before Homecoming, Vale had heard some news; Maddy agreed to go out with a boy Vale knew named Zach. He was a good guy, but Vale stood there in disappointment and disbelief as he heard the news from Caleb.

    The two marched to where Maddy hung out in the mornings and asked her. She laughed at the notion, calming the running minds before her. But I was worrying.

    Vale had heard, from Zach's mouth later that day, that he planned to ask Maddy to Homecoming the next day. And, some other boy Vale didn't even know said the same thing. He had not realized it was a race to achieve Maddy's affinity, but it was one Vale had to win. He HAD to.

    That night was a night the band played in the bleachers of a football game, and the nervous Vale stood there a night, chatting with the beautiful Maddy.

    "I learned something about you today..." Vale teased, suddenly.

    "What?" Maddy replied, almost concerned.

    "I'll tell you if you say yes to my question!" Vale continued with a huge shit-eating grin with mocking excitement. "Go to Homecoming with me?"

    "Yeah." Maddy laughed, like the question had an insultingly obvious answer, causing Vale's heart to soar and for him to openly cheer.

    Vale continued to tell Maddy that Zach, and a total to three other people had planned to ask her to Homecoming the next, to which she covered her mouth and gasped, embarrassed.

    Nothing much but exited anticipation was held that week. Not helping Vale's case, where time slowed because he still had a week to go until Homecoming, he sold his Xbox to buy the newer, cooler Halo 4 edition with the release of the game in early November.

    Then, feeling guilty for the unromantic manner of which he asked out Maddy, he'd bought her flowers in her favorite color, with a note saying "Still going to HC with me?"

    Then, the day finally came. It dragged on as Vale fazed through the classes and playing of the football game. Finally, the moment came. They went, and they danced.

    Except, Vale froze. He couldn't find the courage to go up to this girl and dance with her, while she danced alone, looking at him. A metrosexual friend of Maddy's came up behind him, saying clearly through the loud music: "Dude! Get up on that ass before I do!" And pushed Vale slightly. The anger from the comment and the forward motion of the push was just enough for Vale to go up and dance with Maddy, which they did all night.

    When Maddy's parents came, she stopped dancing and grabbed Vale's hand and walked him to the far end of the room.

    "I gotta go, my parents are here to pick me up." Maddy said loudly, over the music.

    "Want me to walk you to your car?" Vale said, still grinning.

    "No. Don't. It's my dad. I'll see you Monday." Maddy said shortly and simply before wrapping her arms around Vale's higher elevated neck, came in close to him, and kissed him as Vale grabbed her hips.

    The thought of that night ran through Vale's head over and over for the entire weekend. Later in his life, the conversation of a guy he met recently who he saw at the dance after Maddy left would do the same.

    "You hoping to take it somewhere with her?"

    "Yeah. I hope so."

    "I'd say go for it. It might be better to regret the outcome than to regret never trying."

    So, when the weekend passed, and school was back in, Vale made the fatal mistake of asking Maddy where they were relationship-wise.

    She said, that gross and rainy day "I just moved here, Vale. I'll want to settle in before I start dating."

    When the sadness of the obvious no wore off, and Vale and Maddy were still close, Vale had a plan. In a few months time, the school would host a Winter Formal. When it started to become a big deal on everyone's minds, Vale'd ask her to it, hoping for repeating result.

    On Halloween, a few weeks after Homecoming, Vale decided to go trick-or-treat-ing with a group of friends from band. That night, he got a call telling him that Jay, a childhood friend of his, had been injured in a drive-by shooting. Totally broken up about it, but holding out hope he'd survive the ordeal, Caleb and Maddy were the first he told.

    Unfortunately, the big Band-Trip to Portland was the next day, and Jay died during surgery that morning.

    He spent the Band-Trip standing alone, not even talking to Maddy about it, but promising her they'd talk on the bus back home.

    But, when the Band went to see a orchestra practice, Vale noticed Caleb and Maddy holding hands, and practically cuddling on the bus back home. Maddy ignored his notion of "talking about it".

    When Vale confronted her about it, she said they were "a thing" like it was no big deal. Like Vale had no right to be angry on this day of all days. Keeping his composure, Vale replied to her in one short, but full of hurt sentence.

    "Maddy... I-I feel like you played me... Led me on... And you don't seem to consider how I feel here. So I'll just go." And he turned and walked away.

    Just like that, the messages stopped. The smiling stopped. Vale wanted nothing to do with either Caleb or Maddy. He knew it was petty, and had it been any other time in his life, he'd have handled it better. Or so he thought. The warm memories he fell asleep to of Maddy soon became sour, full of pain, and kept him up at night. He had no Xbox to talk to his only friends left, so he called them and told them, openly sobbing most times he did.

    And as much as it pains everyone involved, the Vale-Maddy story doesn't end there. It doesn't end with Vale punching walls, sobbing late into the night, not sleeping, and alienating himself at school. It doesn't end at the endless replays of songs that made him even more sad, and it doesn't end with feats of anger to people who don't deserve it. And, it doesn't end when Vale finally, after months, forgive them. When he masks the pain with jokes and eventually discovers his lie for Stand-Up Comedy.

    The story continues because Vale, as much as he hates to admit it, loved her, and she never seemed to return it back. The the words of Vale's friend, John, (who may or may not have been drunk at the time) he would have "... Made her feel like the sun and moon and the stars were made just for her In your workshop!"

    And the story will only end when Vale can just let go. Find out what happens next time! On: THIS IS FUCKING SAD Z!
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    Re: What Molds Us (A True Story)

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on March 9th 2014, 7:02 pm

    I'm still honored that you consider me enough of a friend to have shared this with me on Xbox. It still makes me frown when I think of all you went through, and as always, I wish you the best with your future.

    -And when that day comes that you become a famous Stand-Up Comedian, you might just have me in your audience Very Happy !



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: What Molds Us (A True Story)

    Post  Manny on March 10th 2014, 12:34 am

    Can't say I'm qualified to say anything here.

    But, if in the odd chance you find me online playing some single player game and none of your regular buddies are on, feel free to private chat with me (Silver right now). If you feel an urge to talk about your problems with somebody and no one else is around (or you happen to not want to talk with your regular buddies for whatever reason).

    The least I can do is listen. I figure I can do that much.
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    Re: What Molds Us (A True Story)

    Post  It's Kruger on March 10th 2014, 1:31 am

    Eh. I'm not really sad anymore. I just find these scenes playing in my head over and over again from that time in my life and just decided to just let it out. However, the next part of my story won't be done for some time, because I'm not quite past it yet.

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    Re: What Molds Us (A True Story)

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