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    A.C.E.S Full Series


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    A.C.E.S Full Series

    Post  Impanther on January 15th 2018, 10:12 pm

    Prologue: Chandelier

    Three gray and sleek fighter jets race over icy frozen water under in foggy and cloudy skies. On their tails is a blue circle with a white circle in it containing three red stars and a blue eagle. On top of the blue circle is a blue ribbon saying 28th Fighter Squadron and on the bottom of the blue circle is another ribbon saying Garuda. The fighter jets are followed by multiple gray F-22 Raptors.

    "Talisman, Shamrock, and Scarab," announces a male voice over the radio, "We are dealing with a giant rail gun called Chandelier that was built to shoot down fragments of the Ulysses Asteroid. Until recently it was not completed. Scarab, the intel your wife provided was extremely useful, I hope the three of you know what to do."

    "I will join this battle too," announces a gruff male voice over the radio as an aircraft similar to the first three but red approaches the Raptors from behind, "My Morgan with its Tactical Laser System will be of great help here."

    "Strigon fighters inbound," announces a female pilot over the radio as a group of maroon and black Su-33 Flankers appear from the clouds on an intercept course for the fighters as a large structure sitting on the coast of an island comes into view, "looks like we have arrived and they are the welcoming party."

    "Shamrock, Scarab," announces the lead pilot as a red beam flies over his aircraft and slams into one of the oncoming aircraft causing it to explode, "we will break formation and attempt to disable that railgun, all Emmerian fighters are free to engage the enemy, Cipher is free to do whatever the hell he wants because he does not fall under the command jurisdiction of the Republic of Emmeria Airforce."

    "Roger," announces Scarab over the radio as his fighter veers to the right, "Scarab engaging target, time to let the Estovakians know how our angels dance."

    "Shamrock engaging," announces Shamrock over the radio as his fighter veers to the left, "What do we do now?"

    Talisman pushes the throttle of his fighter up as a tune comes over the radio. As missiles begin to fly and alerts begin to sound Talisman thinks back to the events that led to this moment. A haunting song begins to play over


    Revvin' up your engine
    Listen to her howlin' roar

    "They took out King's Bridge" announces a pilot over the radio as Talisman prepares for take-off in his gray F-16, "who is attacking?"

    Metal under tension
    Beggin' you to touch and go

    "Talisman, you don't have a wingman," asks a male voice over the radio as he and several Emmerian fighters head for battle, "Shamrock, Scarab, as of now you two are Garuda Two and Garuda Three."

    Highway to the danger zone
    Ride into the danger zone

    Talisman tries to shake a maroon and black Sukhoi off his tail as multiple cruise missiles explode around him.

    "All Emmerian aircraft retreat to the west," announces a calm male over the radio as a red beam slams into the Sukhoi followed by a new red fighter jet passing Talisman's fighter at high speeds, "this is a tactical retreat so we can live to fight another day."

    Headin' into twilight
    Spreadin' out her wings tonight
    She got you jumpin' off the track
    And shovin' into overdrive

    "This fortress is the last stronghold for the Estovakians on Khesed," announced Talisman as the trio of F-15s began to dive, "Garuda Team engage."

    Highway to the danger zone
    I'll take you
    Ridin' into the danger zone

    "Time to bomb the hell out of that heavy command cruiser," announces Talisman as a massive flying aircraft carrier comes into view with a battle already under way, "looks like the others are doing their job, the Estovakians won't expect an A-10 to bomb them up here."

    You'll never say hello to you
    Until you get it on the red line overload
    You'll never know what you can do
    Until you get it up as high as you can go

    "More fighters on approach," announces a voice over the radio as Talisman and his wingmen attempt to flee the carnage of destroying a WMD catalyst, "it's an entire battalion."

    Out along the edges
    Always where I burn to be
    The further on the edge
    The hotter the intensity

    Highway to the danger zone
    Gonna take you
    Right into the danger zone

    Three gray F-22 Raptors speed towards the city of Gracemeria followed by multiple friendly fighter squadrons.

    "If you want us to stop us now is the time Ghost Eye" announces Shamrock as the city comes into view."

    "I couldn't get your own mothers to stop you," jokes Ghost Eye over the radio as the battle starts to heat up, "It is time to take back Gracemeria."

    Highway to the danger zone
    Right into the danger zone
    Highway to the danger zone
    Gonna take you right into the danger zone
    Highway to the danger zone
    Right into the danger zone
    Highway to the danger zone
    Gonna take you right into the danger zone
    Highway to the danger zone
    Right into the danger zone

    <<<End Flashback>>>

    Note: Chapter is still not done (This part will be edited away when chapter is complete), I actually changed the structure of it by including the flashback, Cipher only appears during Chandelier and any mission set in Gracemeria.

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