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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon


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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon

    Post  Impanther on December 17th 2017, 6:37 pm

    Note: This first chapter is the timeline of the universe for this story and is written by the twins so expect to see the twins make comments in script format. The Sentai seasons that Power Rangers did not cover are also present in this universe as Power Ranger teams from other planets and in the case of two (three if you want to count the ancient Samurai ancestors of the Samurai team) of them are Power Ranger teams from Japan where the names are the same as the Sentai characters (I will be ignoring Battle Fever J because the costumes for that one would not work and it needs to be forgotten). As for Zordon's ancient warriors they have the same names as the Zyurangers but not from Earth.

    Naomi might put her two cents in from time to time as well. Also a slight change of plans, I miscalculated for when the twins were born. The story will take place with Ninja Steel/Super Ninja Steel where the twins are in fact twenty, nineteen at the beginning but about mid way through Ninja Steel they turn 20. During Super Ninja Steel Naomi will turn 20.


    65 MYA: Phaedos is ravaged by Ivan Ooze
    65 MYA: Zordon's Ancient Warriors arrive to Earth to battle Rita Repulsa. Rita gets sealed in Space dumpster, Ivan sealed in egg underground, Zordon trapped in Time Warp, Ninjor sealed in cave on Earth, Dulcea bound to Phaedos as guardian of the Great Power.
    65 MYA: Remnants of the Ninjetti of Phaedos fan out across the universe. Two variations of Humans evolve from these survivors, those of Earth and those of KO -35.

    1185: Power burst from Phaedos hits several planets including Earth, Five Samurai in Japan band together to fight monsters from the underworld.
    Thomas Oliver Jr.: Ah, the origins of the Samurai powers, by technicality these were the first official team of Power Rangers, funny how the Rangers pretty much originate on Earth. You might be wondering how the current Samurai team with their ancestry are related to this team. From Parent to child the traditions of this team as well as the knowledge were passed down. Some of them got their ancestry through early mixing with East Asian peoples like the Mongols who allowed them to spread our and mix with Europeans.

    1975-1977: Gorenger team formed on an alien planet and fights their foe.
    Thomas Oliver Jr.: So we are mentioning the unknowns too?
    Trinity Oliver: I figured that the history of the Power Rangers calls for this.

    1977-1980: J.A.K.Q. is in action on an alien planet

    1980-1981: Denziman team takes up the Power Ranger mantle on an alien planet

    1981-1982: Sun Vulcan team arrives on Earth to defend it from their ancient enemy

    1982-1983: Goggle V team makes a stand against evil

    1983-1984: Dynaman team

    1984-1985: Bioman team

    1985-1986: Changeman

    1986-1987: Flashman

    1987-1988: Maskman

    1988-1989: Liveman

    1989-1990: Turboranger

    1990-1991: Fiveman

    1991-1992: The Jetman team defends Japan from the forces of evil.
    Thomas Oliver Jr.: After the ancient Samurai this is the first Ranger team to be from Earth.

    1993-1996: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers battle against Rita Repulsa.
    Trinity: Mom and Dad were on this team.
    Tommy Jr.: The Aquitian Rangers and Trey were in action during this time as well marking the first time two Ranger teams have been in action at the same time.

    1994: Ivan Ooze is freed from his prison and forces the Rangers to go to Phaedos for a new source of power that is temporary. Ivan Ooze destroyed.
    Tommy Jr.: Temporary? Try at that point it was temporary.

    1995: Ninjetti powers reawakened by Ninjor. Kimberly leaves the team to train in Florida for the Pan Globals and later Olympics. Kat takes over as Pink Ranger.
    Trinity: Aunt Kat, our favorite aunt. This was towards the end of mid point of 95.

    1996-1997: Zeo team

    1996: Kimberly finds out she is pregnant with the twins and an elaborate ruse to trick the Machine Empire into believing that Tommy Sr. and Kimberly have broken up is formed by Tommy Sr., Kimberly, and Kat.

    1997: Trini finds out she is pregnant with Naomi, the twins are born. Rocky injured in martial arts competition, Justin becomes the new blue ranger.

    1997-1998: Turbo team

    1997: Tommy Sr. and the rest of the Zeo rangers retire. Tommy Sr. moves to Florida to reunite with Kimberly and their kids. Tommy Sr. becomes a NASCAR driver.
    Naomi: Now I understand why mom and dad were pissed at those two.

    1998-1999: Space team

    1998: Naomi is born

    1999: Countdown to Destruction, temporary death of Zordon. Kimberly competes in Pan Globals and wins a gold medal.

    1999-2000: Lost Galaxy team fights the post Z-wave villains.
    Tommy Jr.: The Quasar Sabers were actually the swords used by Zordon's ancient warriors.

    2000-2001: Lightspeed Rescue team

    2000: Kimberly helps America's Gymnasitcs team score the Gold medals for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

    2001-2002: Time Force team
    Tommy Jr.: Apparently Jennifer is the descendant of both Naomi and myself, talk about creepy as hell.

    2002-2003: Wild Force team

    2003-2004: Ninja Storm team

    2004-2005: Dino Thunder team
    Tommy Jr.: Dad became a ranger again

    2005-2006: SPD spends a year fighting Grumm's forces in the past on top of the year spent fighting Grumm's forces in their time.

    2006-2007: Mystic Force

    2007-2008: Overdrive team

    2007: Twins turn 10

    2008-2009: Jungle Fury team

    2008: Naomi turns 10

    2009-2010: RPM team in action in another universe

    2010: Ranger identities revealed to the world. Ranger Council and Ranger Responsibility Commission formed.

    2011-2012: Modern Samurai team

    2012: Jock McAssface and Naomi start dating, the twins enter High-School
    Trinity: Was this necessary for you to write?
    Tommy Jr.: I didn't write this
    Trinity: Who did?
    Naomi: Me

    2013: Go Busters team forms and defeats their foe withing a year

    2013: Naomi breaks up with Jock McAssface because he cheated on her. Tommy Jr. and Naomi start dating. Jock McAssface gets heavy facial surgery by way of multiple pissed of former Rangers. Technically it was just one but Jase (Jason) and Conner held the ass wipe while Tommy Jr. gave him the facial surgery. This was after the idiot tried to win Naomi back.
    Trinity: Good one Naomi
    Naomi: Not me this time, but the fact that the ass wipe got punched in the face for trying to win me back was added in at the end.
    Tommy Jr.: Thank you

    2013-2014: Megaforce team in action

    2015: ToQer team formed in Japan, they defeat their foe withing a year.

    2015-2016: Dino Charge team

    2017-2018: Ninja Steel team

    2017: Twins turn 20, Naomi turns 19. Tommy Jr proposes to Naomi.

    2018: Naomi turns 20. Tommy Jr. and Naomi get married.

    Author note: Jock McAssface's real name is actually Jack McAzfaze because he is the comic relief character and his name needs to be a play on words.

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Chapter 1: Road trip

    Post  Impanther on December 21st 2017, 8:27 pm

    A twenty year old Man sits on the black leather seats of his green Ford F-150 SVT Raptor which has dragons painted on it as it roars down the road past golden fields of wheat under a slightly cloudy blue sky. His sun tanned arms help keep his truck going in a straight line as his dark brown hair ruffles a bit from the wind coming through the cracked window.

    "Are you sure we are going the right way?," asks the man in a semi deep voice to the fair skinned woman wearing pink sitting next to him, "I mean what are the odds of a new team of Power Rangers out this way?"

    "Your sister seems to think that there will be a new Ranger team out this way," replies the woman as her black eyes gaze into his brown eyes, her short black hair barely affected by the wind of the open window, "last time she was sure of something like that she was right, remember Amber Beach and the Dino Charge Rangers?"

    "We had an actual power reading to go off of at the time Naomi," replies the man as he cracks a small smile, "then again we only investigate the possibility of new Rangers, we never get to help out."

    "Thomas," remarks the woman as she too starts to smile, "we actually have clearance to get involved with new ranger battles from the Ranger Council so you should be happy for that news."

    "As long as you are by my side being able to fight giant monsters will make me happy," replies Thomas as he makes a left turn, "Summer Cove, ten miles."

    Author Note: Yes, this is a short chapter. Tommy Jr. will be called Thomas during this story and any time Tommy Sr. appears he will be called Tommy. The truck only contains Thomas and Naomi, Trinity is already in Summer Cove at the meet up point which is a summer home owned by Anton Mercer who is a member of the Ranger council. There will be some plot differences such as Brody and Sarah from Ninja Steel becoming a couple a few days after she, Preston, and Brody, Calvin, and Hayley retrieve their Power Stars. Princess Viera will be a Power Ranger too, she is going to be the Lion Fire Ranger, the battilizer form of Brody's Red Ranger form will be the Red Ninja Master outfit which the whole team gets. Thomas and Naomi will arrive in Summer Cove next chapter, however we will not meet the other rangers until chapter three.

    My favorite truck is the Ford Raptor so I had to make Thomas's truck a Raptor, then again his mother probably makes enough money to buy multiple Raptors.

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Update notice

    Post  Impanther on December 25th 2017, 5:49 pm

    The next chapter will be posted some point after Christmas.

    Update: Still writing Chapter 2 which will be posted after New Years.

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Chapter 1.5: Ranger Net

    Post  Impanther on January 1st 2018, 10:26 pm

    Note: Welcome to what I call a .5 chapter where a website known as Ranger Net will be visited. This is an in universe website dedicated to Power Ranger news and rumors. By in universe I mean in regards to this story, this website does not exist in real life by the way. Thomas, Naomi, and Trinity are the admins of this site. The moderators are civilians who know that the trio are rangers while regular site members do not know this.

    Chapter 1.5 Ranger Net

    Naomi reaches into the bag on the floorboard and pulls out a laptop, turns it on and surfs the internet for a particular website that she, Trinity, and Thomas are the admins of.

    >>> WWW.Rangernet.Org

    Ranger Net member: Admin Naomi would make a great Power Ranger, she should be a yellow.

    Naomi: I would rather be pink, it is my favorite color but being a Ranger would be cool no matter what color I would be.

    Ranger Net Moderator: I would love to be green or even Purple.

    Trinity: Rumors of Power Flux in Summer Cove. Rumors are that the Ranger Council is investigating.

    Naomi: This feels like Amber Beach all over again, remember that the Power Flux there turned out to be a new Ranger team.

    Ranger Net member 2: I live in Summer Cove, I hope that we don't see action, although that would kind of be cool.

    Ranger Net Moderator 2: Be careful of what you wish for, I live in Amber Beach, while it was cool to see Rangers in action we still had to evacuate during Zord battles.

    Ranger Net member 3: Which city had the longest bout of Ranger action? I am a bit lacking in Ranger history so I would like to know.

    Naomi: That would be Angel Grove with the Three iterations of the Mighty Morphin team, the Zeo team, the Turbo team, and partially the Space Team.

    Ranger Net member 4: Countdown to Destruction. Because of that event Angel Grove has a statue dedicated to the Mighty Morphin through Space teams. They used the Green Ranger from the first iteration of the Mighty Morphin team.

    Ranger Net member 5: Why not every Ranger from those teams?

    Ranger Net member 4: To save on money, think of how much multiple statues would cost?

    Trinity: Trinity signing out.

    Ranger Net moderator 1: Remember, may the Power Protect you.

    Naomi: Naomi signing out.

    Naomi sighs as she shuts the laptop down and puts it away.

    note: Do not click the link, it will probably not work and if it does it might give viruses. It actually takes you to a facebook page so ignore the link. The Ranger Net Moderators and those three members will become important later on. Once their names are revealed generic Ranger Net members will show up from time to time.

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Chapter 2: Welcome to Summer Cove

    Post  Impanther on January 4th 2018, 5:47 pm

    Chapter 2: Welcome to Summer Cove

    Thomas's Raptor roars past a brick sign with white letters reading Welcome to Summer Cove as the occupants inside focus on their mission.

    "Trinity is meeting us at the parking lot of the local high school," remarks Thomas as the vehicle approaches a large brick building not far from the sign, "we will probably get there first though and good thing it is a weekend."

    "Hold on," remarks Naomi as she reaches down to a large box with a switch and a microphone attached to it, "we might want to have our scanner on in case we need to contact the police to tell them that we are on the job."

    "Agreed," replies Thomas as he pulls into the parking lot of the building which is mostly empty save for a yellow Local Motors Rally Fighter, "shit, she beat us here."

    As Thomas's truck pulls to a stop next to the car a woman wearing a green T-Shirt, and green shorts exits the car, her medium length brown hair ruffles in the breeze and her tanned skin does not give any clues to her relation to Thomas.

    "Do you really think this is the place Trinity?" asks Thomas as the woman approaches Naomi's now open window, "The Power Flux could be anything."

    "I am pretty sure," replies Trinity as she gives Naomi a high-five, "we have not been wrong yet."

    Before Thomas can say anything a loud booming sound is heard in the sky and the trio looks up to see a silver object hurtling towards the ground in the outskirts of Summer Cove.

    "This is unit 63," comes a female voice over the scanner after the object crashes, "responding to reports of mystyrious object crashing in the woods near the high school."

    "Have paramedics on stand by just in case in that area," responds Thomas after reaching down and grabbing the microphone, "we will handle the crash site, you should focus on injuries caused by falling debris."

    "Who are you and what authority do you have to tell us this?" answers the officer over the scanner as Naomi and Trinity grab emergency lights from the backs of the vehicles and hook them up, "This is a police matter not a civilian matter."

    "We were sent by the Ranger council to investigate a Power flux," replies Thomas as Trinity starts her vehicle up, "considering that the crashed object is obviously not from Earth judging by its design this would be our jurisdiction, if you have a problem with it you can take it up with the Silver Guardians."

    "I repeat," responds the officer in an angrier tone as Thomas prepares to move, "what authority do you have in this matter?"

    "I just told you that I am with the Ranger Council," replies Thomas as he flips the switch to activate the lights and sirens for his truck, "If you have a problem with me telling you to stand down then you can take it up with the Silver Guardians."

    Thomas turns off the scanner as the sound of an exasperated officer's voice is heard once again. The two vehicles roar onto the road for a couple minutes before going off road towards some smoke in the distance.

    Note: Yeah, Thomas will have a bit of a problem with the police force in Summer Cove. Be warned, Unit 63 is still responding and there may or may not be a monster attack where Unit 63 dies as a result, her partner who is also female survives but blames Thomas for what happened for some reason. Next chapter the Ninja Steel Rangers plus our trio morph into action for the first time.

    The emergency lights for the two vehicles are green and the siren is the same siren the Silver Guardians use, sounds a bit like a police patrol car but with some modifications to the pitch and speed to make it stand out.
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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Re: Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon

    Post  Manny on January 14th 2018, 7:20 pm

    Yo Panther... Your writing has improved considerably. No offence but for starters, it's a lot easier on the eyes. Secondly the dialogue isn't just the characters stating what just happened and what they're about to do. You narrate what's happening and the characters use their voices to communicate now.

    Power Rangers isn't really my thing but I can appreciate how far you've come. Keep at it man.

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Re: Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon

    Post  Impanther on January 15th 2018, 9:11 pm

    Manny wrote:Yo Panther... Your writing has improved considerably. No offence but for starters, it's a lot easier on the eyes. Secondly the dialogue isn't just the characters stating what just happened and what they're about to do. You narrate what's happening and the characters use their voices to communicate now.

    Power Rangers isn't really my thing but I can appreciate how far you've come. Keep at it man.

    Thank you, I am actually writing two stories at the same time, this one and an Ace Combat story. The Prologue will be the mission Chandelier from Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation. Garuda Team will be flying CFA-44 Nosferatu with ADMMs which are All Directional Multipurpose Missiles. Just gotta look up some pilot terminology for stuff to do with combat. Please note that I am keeping the magically respawning missiles from the Ace Combat games so if Raptors are continuously pumping out 50 missiles each battle without rearming you will know why. I am also keeping the infinite fuel of games from 3 to now so again, you will know why they have not refueled yet. I have also decided to retell parts of Ace Combat 6 through flashback. The main ones will be the Invasion of Gracemeria and The Liberation of Gracemeria.

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Chapter 2.5: Ranger Net 2

    Post  Impanther on March 23rd 2019, 5:31 pm

    Ranger Net Moderator 1: They are on the move

    Ranger Net Member 1: Hopefully they get a ranger morph on video

    Ranger Net Moderator 2: That is not our job, our job is to confirm new power ranger teams

    Ranger Net Member 2: I am a veteran Ranger Net member compared to that guy, even I know what our job is

    Ranger Net Member 3: The Admins are silent for some reason though

    Ranger Net Member 4: Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out that they were their own little Power Ranger team?

    Ranger Net Moderator 3: No conspiracy theories you four, you guys are the most senior Ranger Net members here

    >>>Admin Naomi has joined the chat

    Naomi: We are approaching the location of that crash. All seven of you join private chat, I have something important to tell you

    Ranger Net Moderator 1: Switching the seven of us over, you gonna tell them?

    Naomi: Thomas told me to tell them

    >>>Range Net Admin server

    Naomi: Everyone here? Blade, Natasha, Jackson, and Joseph? Are you here?

    Blade: I am here, why did you ask us instead of the moderators?

    Natasha: Hold on, there is a fouth moderator here

    Naomi: John is the admin server moderator which is essentially just a glorified moderator with power over the moderators

    Jackson: John? seriously?

    Joseph: Too many names with Js

    Naomi: Get used to it, Jason, John, Elizabeth, Jake, report

    Jason: Reporting

    John: Always present

    Elizabeth: Roger

    Jake: Joseph is gonna be mad now

    Joseph: TOO MANY J NAMES!

    >>>Joseph silenced for ten seconds due to all caps

    Naomi: Ok, Moderators, I hope you have recieved the morphers and coins right?

    Jason: I have

    John: Yup

    Elizabeth: Oh yeah

    Jake: Yes

    Naomi: Deliver them to Blade, Natasha, Jackson, and Joseph, I am giving them admin status right now

    Jake: Is there a reason for this abrupt recruitment?

    Naomi: Yes there is, ok guys who lives where?

    Blade: Summer Cove

    Jackson: Turtle Cove

    Natasha: Turtle Cove

    Joseph: Mariner Bay

    Naomi: Congrats, you guys get to be Power Rangers, we have had our eyes on you four for a while so sit tight until you are called to our location in Summer Cove, Jake, John, Elizabeth, and Jason will be delivering your morphers and coins to you, Naomi out

    >>>Admin Naomi has signed out

    Note: Thomas had gotten a feeling off screen that they needed to recruit four people. Sure they could have recruited the Moderators but they have met the other four in public and detected animal spirits where they didn't with the moderators.

    The morphers are based on the Legacy morpher toys and the coins are based on the original morphing coins. In fact the morphers are called legacy morphers.

    Thomas's team's morphing call will be Power of the x=color y=animal on the coin , x=color y=spirit animal of ranger in question.

    For example: Thomas will say Power of the Green Dragon, Green Eagle

    Trinity will say Power of the White Tiger, White Hawk

    Naomi will say Power of the Pink Pterodactyl, Pink Swan

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    Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon Empty Re: Power Rangers: Legacy of the Dragon

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