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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 21st 2013, 10:24 am

    Prologue: Under new Management.

    "Bring us home," Blaine nodded respectfully at his crew. "Bring ME home."

    The ensign nodded briefly, as the men and women behind the control panels pressed in the coordinates of the Epsilon Eridanis System. The abyss in front of the ship contorted, forming a single slip-space rupture. Easing it's way inside, Blaine checked around the bridge of the mighty vessel.

    "Which one of your qualifies as the 'first mate'?" Blaine asked, as a young, crew cut gentleman tensed himself, snapping into a crisp salute.

    "Lieutenant Adam Hamilton, sir!"

    "Excellent. Tell me, Lieutenant, do you have experience running this air-craft?"

    "I have a bit of experience, sir." Adam nodded. "Permission to speak sir?"


    "Where is this getting at?" Adam asked, remaining firm.

    "Because if Reach needs me on the ground, I'm gonna need someone to run the ship from up here, in case my comm. doesn't reach the ship due to interference or the like."

    "So... you're promoting me?"

    "Not necessarily, boyo," Blaine shook his head. "But I am putting you in charge of the ship, when I'm not on board."

    "T-thank you sir!" Adam shivered with excitement. "I'm honored!"

    "Very good. Now excuse me while I go link up with the remainder of my squad.


    "It's been a while since I've been here." The shady man smelled the air, the familiar scent of fear, death, and burning buildings flowed through his nostrils.

    "Sir, we've got the entire city of Chattanooga locked down." One of his henchmen grinned. "Not a single UNSC survivor anywhere."

    "Excellent. I am curious, did they contact for help?"

    "Aye sir. ONI is sending one of their best Spartans and his squad here."

    "Ah, so Blaine IS coming. I was afraid it wouldn't be much of a Homecoming party without my old friend popping by."

    "Sir?" the henchmen gasped for air as the Spartan grabbed him by the neck.

    "-And this time. NO-ONE is going to be there to save him."

    "Sir, I-I-" the henchmen's eyes rolled into the back of his head, as his mouth began to froth.

    "You shouldn't have been throwing back a few beers with your ol' UNSC chums." the Spartan growled, tossing the carcass aside, pointing at one of his rebel soldiers. "You, head for the UNSC outpost, and kill EVERYONE inside. I don't care if their on our side or not. They have been caught collaborating with the UNSC. If ANYONE else dares to try to abandon me, I will ring your neck!"

    "Yes sir. Butch."

    Short, but that's what I get for throwing a decent portion of my old canon out the window. It'll all work out though, I promise.



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 21st 2013, 5:05 pm

    Update coming soon.



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Manny on August 21st 2013, 5:20 pm

    Homecoming was the Halo Reach, Halo 2, and Halo 3 campaign portion of Blaine's story right?

    Is this going that same route, or anything even close to it?
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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 21st 2013, 5:48 pm

    It will stay somewhat similar. But there will also be side story-archs mingled in. For example, I assume you know that a big event is going to happen based on a certain character I just announced?

    Consider this Blaine's final encounter with the rebels... for now. Once that's done, I'll focus more on his battles with the Covenant. Try to make him and his squad not so invincible. Also, if you recall with Homecoming, Josh had hi-jacked the Ice? Not in this story, I should say.

    Alongside that, the reunion between Blaine and Jorge will be a little more than before, and alongside Blaine helping Noble team and the Spartan IIs. There will a little bit of S.C.O.R.E *for the time, they'll be known as Fire-team Cobalt, eventually Fire-team Shadow/Phantom haven't really decided* side stories as well. This will give more on Josh, Phil, and Morgan as characters.

    Also know that Phil isn't dead during this story, and Morgan isn't dead either. So no more necromancy on my part Very Happy !

    Besides that, a good portion of Homecoming will remain the same, and I've kept quite a bit of the info I'd LIKE to tell you a secret, so as not to ruin the luster of this being a new story, born from the ashes of an older one.



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on October 29th 2013, 1:59 pm

    Chapter 1: The Beginning of the end.

    "Well there you are boyo!" Morgan stood, waiting for Blaine to return. "Nice new set of armor you got there."

    "Yeah, you'll REALLY be hard to miss now." Josh mumbled.

    "Look guys, I've got some news." Blaine replied, taking his helmet off. "S.C.O.R.E has been disbanded, and therefore we are back in the regular UNSC Military. We have been officially dubbed Fire-team Phantom."

    "That's not so bad, at least I don't have to continually watch my back with Spooks about." Phil shrugged.

    "It's more than that though-" Blaine paused momentarily. "Reach is under attack. It's unknown whether or not it's Covenant or Insurrectionists. With our previous engagements, it's to be assumed it's the prior."

    Morgan, Josh, Scott, and Phil all froze momentarily, hanging their heads.

    "We're heading down there to see what we can do about it. For the moment, however, I want you guys to rest up and get ready. If it's a full-scale Covenant invasion, I want you guys well rested and prepared. At this point, we should over prepare, even if it does turn out to be rebels. Those Alien bastards seem drawn to conflict, so anything is possible."

    Heeding his advice, his three ODST squad-mates went about checking their weapons, grabbing enough ammo to last them a few days, and when that was all said and done, retreated to their cots, where they slept.

    He followed his own orders, checking his equipment rack, where a fresh new weapon awaited him. Reaching in, he pulled the weapon close, a card hanging off of the trigger guard.

    It isn't much, but knowing you, I figured you'd enjoy it. Consider this your early birthday gift, for every one I've missed. I love you boyo, never forget that.


    Lifting the rifle, he glanced at the ammo checker. It counted fifteen rounds, aiming down the scope, he knew it was a precision carbine. Glancing over the finish, it was a dark black, much like his new visor's coloration. Along the side was their emblem, a jolly-roger with an ODST's pod behind it. Red and gold flames danced along the rifle, expertly painted.

    Smiling, Blaine returned the weapon to the locker, pocketing the card.

    "Wake up, Sierra-116. You're needed once again." Kalmiya's red avatar.

    The Spartan in the case shuddered awake, coughing as the vitamin gel that layered his throat and mouth leaked onto the floor in front of his pod. Shivering, the Spartan glared over at Kalmiya.

    "Y'know, would it kill you to turn up the heat?" he growled.

    "Sorry for the quick thaw, Darryl." a woman's voice appeared from the doorway. "After you assassinated Dewinter, we figured you could use a rest. Of course, our doorstep is being knocked on."

    "The Covenant, they're here?!" Darryl snapped.

    "No." Halsey shook her head. "Insurrection, a small militia of them have started attacking Chattanooga. They know you killed Dewinter, and they are coming for you."

    "I see, and you want me to clear them out before they get here." Darryl asked, as he stood, making his way over to the armor machine in the corner.

    "Yes, and no." Halsey shook her head. "I've lost contact with a Professor Lazlo. He claimed to have discovered a Latchkey of sorts. Colonel Holland has sent Noble Team, whoever they are, to check it out. I want you to be there ahead of them. If it's the Rebels, we don't want them getting the tactical advantage."

    "But what of Chattanooga ma'am?" Darryl asked, as his helmet was firmly attached to his head.

    "Don't you worry about that, 116." Halsey replied with a smile as she glanced down at the tablet. "115 is coming home, and from the sounds of it, he's not too happy."

    "Blaine." Darryl grinned. "I'll set out for Visegrad right away."

    "Excellent, there is a Pelican waiting for you in the hangar."


    "Ship's company." Lieutenant Hamilton spoke. "This hail goes out to Sierra-115. We've arrived at Reach sir."

    Blaine and the rest of Phantom, however, were already in the hanger bay.

    "This is Blaine." Blaine's transmission echoed in the Bridge. "We're on the first Pelican out. Hamilton, you've got the bridge. I will request reinforcements if the need arrives. Good luck crew."

    With that final note, Phantom entered their Pelican dropship, as Blaine eased her out of the Ice and onto the beautiful planet below.

    "Hello Reach." Blaine replied. "It's good to be home again."



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 10th 2013, 4:57 pm

    Chapter 2: History repeats itself.

    "Children of the Gods, listen to your Prophet's words and be inspired!" a wise, scratchy voice filled the comms. of every ship in the Covenant Flotilla.

    "I am Truth, the one that will help guide you to the next phase of our lives, the step up, the ascendance to becoming gods! I am the one to bring us to the Great Journey!"

    Throughout the void of space, the cheers of the indocrinated conglomerate of species echoed forth, their rallying cries unmatched by any military power in the Universe at that particular moment.

    "With each battle you, my children, fight. We are one step closer to finding that which belongs to us, delivered to us by our Gods." Truth continued. "But with each battle, the creatures from which our Gods have numerously warned us about, the Homo sapiens, Humans, continue to be more and more stubborn. With their stubbornness comes their desperation as we get closer and closer to their Homeworlds."

    "Remember this, if nothing else, your Prophets are behind you every step of the way. We will not be defeated, such is the wish of the Gods!"


    Covenant Long Night of Solace

    "Hail the Prophets." the Field Marshall clicked his mandibles, turning to his subordinates. "Sangheili, Unngoy, and Kig-yar! Our fleets at the Human planet of Sigma Octanus IV have successfully launched a tracking beacon to one of the fleeing Human's ships. Our Shipmaster has been charged with hunting down the ship in the hopes it leads us to their home world."

    "We are not strangers to fighting this war, but if you are under my command, you will know that I always give some words before the battle," the Field Marshall continued.

    "Something you should know about Humanity: Humanity is an ember, a smoldering beginning to a flame of great destruction. Given the proper fuel; Humanity can devastate anything within it's path. However, smother the ember before it has a chance to take off; and kill the inferno of destruction for good." the Elite paced.

    "My Sangheili brothers face no danger from the Imps, but for the Unngoy and the Kig-Yar, the threat is very, very real. Primitive as their weapons may be, they can still kill you. But Sangeheili and everyone be warned, they have decided to raise the bar, and their Imps are lead by Demons, creatures much bigger and stronger than the Imps. They can match a Sangheili in hand-to-hand combat, and are militarily superior to their Imp brethren."

    "But listen to my every order, and you might just make it out alive." the Elite finished, as his Elite brethren roared with anticipation.

    "Brothers and Sisters, crew of the Long Night of Solace. Our Jiralhanae navigators have miraculously pin-pointed the tracking system. Infiltration Sangheili have been successful in lowering the Human's means of communications and have momentarily dropped their orbital defense. We are currently entering Slip-Space, and shall arrive within sixty Units."

    "The Shipmaster warns us to prepare for battle brothers. Raise your arms and make haste to your Phantoms! Shipmaster 'Vadumee's fleet will shortly follow us when we establish the holy Spire!" the Field Marshall barked.

    "Field Marshall, I have never before seen you on board the Solace, may I request which clan you belong?"

    "I am Anch I'bortee." the Field Marshall clicked his mandibles. "Return to your post General, your own squad requires you."


    "Well, this place definitely has seen better days." Josh shook his head, as Phil lightly slapped him on the back of the helmet.

    "That's because the Rebels didn't push this heavily on Reach's surface. That raid in New Alexandria on Blaine's birthday was merely an accident."

    "Sounds just like Vietnam back in the twentieth century." Morgan mused. "I remember me mother hearing the history lesson from me father, Angus Harlowe. Apparently, me great, great, great, great Grandfather was drafted to fight in an unwinnable war. 'Course, this was back before the UNSC actually existed, and was referred to as America. Before any of you want t' correct me, I know the UNSC isn't just Americans, but it was based by the American Government, which pushed the idea forward."

    "There a point to what you're saying, gramps?" Scott sighed.

    "Vietnam had American soldiers constantly confused on who was their allies, an' who was their enemies. An ol' woman could be sittin' in a rockin' chair, glance at ye for a moment 'r three. Next thing ye know, fuckin' Vietnamese are jumpin' out of the dirt and gunnin' you down five miles down the road. 'Cause that lady was countin' you, and tipped them off that ye were comin'." Morgan huffed impatiently. "He told the story to his grandson, and it's been passed down ever since. In fact, his grandson is the one I'm named after. 'Course, his last name wasn't Harlowe, it started with a D or something like that."

    "Did great, great, great, great, grandpa Morgan also pass down that the American Soldiers were well known for talking a loud and getting them spotted by a couple of Insurrectionist spotters in the distance?!" Blaine growled.

    "No-" Morgan paused for a moment, confused.

    "Take cover, engage only if fired upon!" Blaine barked, pointing towards his foes, lifting his father's gift in his hands.

    Squeezing the trigger, his gun lightly kicked his shoulder, as his bullet flew true to it's target, and pegged the rebel square in the temple. Pointing the rifle at his next target, his suit's reticle glowed red. Squeezing his trigger again, he watched as the second insurrectionist fell.

    "Tangos down." Blaine replied, creeping into cover beside Scott. "Those two bullets were loud enough to grab some attention. I don't know for certain how many innies are in this compound, but they're going to be on top of us really quick. Morgan, I want you piloting our Pelican and giving air support, Scott, you're with Morgan as his weapon's pilot. Phil, Josh, you're with me."

    "Well well well, look whose come to play ladies and gentlemen!!" a voice boomed into the speakers overhead. "Why, it's call-sign Eagle and his merry band of dirtbags! I'm quite impressed Blaine, but it's going to take more than five of you to take out my group of Insurrectionists!"

    "It can't be." Blaine shook his fist, shaking his head. "Butch."



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Manny on November 10th 2013, 7:04 pm

    Morgan, Morgan, Morgan (character)... how misinformed you are.

    The UNSC was never, in any way, based of the American government. It was based off the American military.

    And the UNSC itself was not put forward by the American government. The United Nations Space Command was put forward by... the United Nations.

    No but seriously Morgan (user), the UNSC and UEG are two different things, in case you aren't aware. It could have been a simple slip up though, or maybe Morgan (character) is meant to misinformed?
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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 10th 2013, 7:20 pm

    Manny wrote:Morgan, Morgan, Morgan (character)... how misinformed you are.

    The UNSC was never, in any way, based of the American government. It was based off the American military.

    And the UNSC itself was not put forward by the American government. The United Nations Space Command was put forward by... the United Nations.

    No but seriously Morgan (user), the UNSC and UEG are two different things, in case you aren't aware. It could have been a simple slip up though, or maybe Morgan (character) is meant to misinformed?
    Misinformation for the character Razz. Morgan the character didn't actually know his father, and therefore his Mother didn't get the story straight.

    It's complicated, but the character is just misinformed about the UNSC's origins. As for me, I was aware because of what you told me in 'Forgotten Times'. It would make sense that the United Nations pushed for the United Nation's Space Command.



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Manny on November 11th 2013, 1:54 pm

    Shad0wChas3r wrote:
    Manny wrote:Morgan, Morgan, Morgan (character)... how misinformed you are.

    The UNSC was never, in any way, based of the American government. It was based off the American military.

    And the UNSC itself was not put forward by the American government. The United Nations Space Command was put forward by... the United Nations.

    No but seriously Morgan (user), the UNSC and UEG are two different things, in case you aren't aware. It could have been a simple slip up though, or maybe Morgan (character) is meant to misinformed?
    Misinformation for the character Razz. Morgan the character didn't actually know his father, and therefore his Mother didn't get the story straight.

    It's complicated, but the character is just misinformed about the UNSC's origins. As for me, I was aware because of what you told me in 'Forgotten Times'. It would make sense that the United Nations pushed for the United Nation's Space Command.
    True, but to be fair another nation COULD have, which could be why Morgan believes it.

    After all, Lester B. Pearson (a Canadian Prime Minister) proposed the UN have a peacekeeping force (with soldiers from all member nations) during the Suez Canal issue. So it's reasonable for Morgan to believe America had something to do with the UNSC.
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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 11th 2013, 2:31 pm

    Manny wrote:
    Shad0wChas3r wrote:
    Manny wrote:Morgan, Morgan, Morgan (character)... how misinformed you are.

    The UNSC was never, in any way, based of the American government. It was based off the American military.

    And the UNSC itself was not put forward by the American government. The United Nations Space Command was put forward by... the United Nations.

    No but seriously Morgan (user), the UNSC and UEG are two different things, in case you aren't aware. It could have been a simple slip up though, or maybe Morgan (character) is meant to misinformed?
    Misinformation for the character Razz. Morgan the character didn't actually know his father, and therefore his Mother didn't get the story straight.

    It's complicated, but the character is just misinformed about the UNSC's origins. As for me, I was aware because of what you told me in 'Forgotten Times'. It would make sense that the United Nations pushed for the United Nation's Space Command.
    True, but to be fair another nation COULD have, which could be why Morgan believes it.

    After all, Lester B. Pearson (a Canadian Prime Minister) proposed the UN have a peacekeeping force (with soldiers from all member nations) during the Suez Canal issue. So it's reasonable for Morgan to believe America had something to do with the UNSC.
    Good point, it makes a lot more sense, and it doesn't make Morgan look arrogant and ignorant Razz .



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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux* Empty Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 17th 2014, 12:54 pm

    Chapter 3: Clash of the titans.

    "Thaaaat's right, 115. It's your ol' pal Butch!" the comm. systems located around Chattanooga echoed Butch's taunt.

    "Now really isn't the time for this! The Covenant could be on Reach!" Blaine called back into the compound.

    "Do you hear that? Sounds like the cries of a child; weak, afraid." Butch sneered. "Kill his company, I want him for myself."

    Taking their Leader's orders, the rebel troops opened fire on Fire-Team Phantom. The shower of bullets caused Phil and Josh to tense further, hunkering down as low as their knees would let them. Blaine stood, as Morgan's Pelican hovered over head, turned to face the Innies, Scott waving them goodbye as he opened fire.

    Firing a few rounds of his DMR, Blaine stepped over his cover, continuing his assault further into the compound, Josh and Phil offering covering fire from behind him. With each target he snapped his attention to, the Insurrection's numbers dwindled. For Blaine, his advanced reflexes, and the adrenaline the battle gave him caused everything to slow down.

    Behind him, an Insurrectionist suicide-bomber charged at him, vest covered with bricks of C-4. Turning on his heels, he struck his boot square into the man's nose, launching him feet away. Exploding in crimson and orange fire, debris and chunks of meat rained on him, the force of the explosion knocking him to his rear, slightly damaging his shields.

    "Well that was pretty fun, what's next?!" Blaine grinned beneath his helmet, standing.

    "You think you've got it all figured out, don't you?!" Butch's voice echoed from the machine. "Set off the EMP!"

    From the center of the building, this wave of pulsing energy exploded, causing the windows to shatter, the Pelican above him spiraling out of control as Morgan attempted to land the machine. Diving out of the way, his shields flared, and popped. Glancing at his HUD, the shield bar flashed red, the annoying drone of his suits alarm a firm reminder that he was vulnerable.

    Crashing into the ground to his left, the Pelican landed completely upside down. Running over, he watched Scott crawl out. Turning back, Scott offered a hand and dragged Morgan out, who clutched his leg.

    "Gah! Well fuck me runnin'! Took a damn screw in the leg!" Morgan growled.

    Pulling a can of bio-foam out of the med-kit on his hip, Blaine tossed the can to Scott. Fire rained down on them again, as Blaine's shields continued to flicker for a moment.

    "You're going to regret that one, Butch!" Blaine roared. "-And don't think I forgot about the other people you murdered!"

    Waving his hand to Scott, the younger man supported Morgan on his shoulder, as the two of them hobbled back to Phil and Josh's location.

    "You think I'm to blame for her death?!"

    "Well, yeah. You kinda shot her!" Blaine growled.

    "You are so IGNORANT!" Butch roared. "Rochelle was already dead, thanks to that cunt and her boy toy! I just gave her sweet release from the torture!"

    "What torture?!" Blaine growled. "Yeah, our training was nothing less than cruel, but it certainly prepared us for the Covenant!"

    "It wasn't about the Covenant Blaine!" Butch shook his head in disbelief. "It was to quelch the rebellion. We were taken from our parents, indoctrinated to become the UNSC's sword against anyone that stood against them. We were the fist of iron for a Fascist regime!"

    "Oye, you watch yer tongue, ye twat!" Morgan growled.

    "Oh shut up old man!" Butch said. "ACTUAL grown-ups are talking."

    "I should chop your tongue out and feed it to you!" Morgan roared. "Son, break this fucker."

    "Ohhh." Butch chuckled. "So Halsey actually reunited you with your family, is that it?"

    "No, I did that on my own." Blaine replied. "If you weren't busy gallivanting across the stars, killing everyone in your way, YOU probably could've met your rich parents."

    "That explains a lot..." Morgan muttered in the team comm.

    "No, I couldn't." Butch clenched his fist, the knuckles cracked, echoing from the mic. "They were killed by my Flash clone. He didn't remember who they were, and when they turned their backs, they were stabbed, repeatedly."

    "With everything I care about stripped from me, thanks to Halsey and that damned Mendez, I'm gonna take everything she worked for, and I'm going to destroy it. The UNSC that she aimed to protect, the Spartans that she created to carry it out, and when the time is right; her."

    "My plan has already begun," Butch said. "This compound serves as a giant comm. jammer. As of right now, the entire planet is quiet, except with short-range radio. Then, my Insurrectionists will come in and take Menachite mountain by force! There, we will expose Halsey for what she really is; a genocidist pig that steals children and runs experiments on them."

    "You dumbass!" Blaine shook his head in disbelief. "If the Covenant show up, they'll be able to attack us under the radar! EVERYONE will die!"

    "Sounds like a fair payoff for me. Y'see Blaine, I don't care if my Innies die, or especially our friends in the UNSC. My purpose in life is to pay back those that have forsaken me. The UNSC, Halsey, ONI, and you."

    "Not if I have anything to say about it!" Blaine growled. "I'LL RIP YOUR GODDAMN HEART OUT OF YOUR CHEST!"

    "Bring it on."

    With his shields fully charged, Blaine turned the corner from behind the Pelican, as Butch jumped from the second floor window, a giant hammer in his hand. Blaine charged forward, as Butch swung the weapon downwards. As Blaine approached Butch, his rival's hammer stuck the ground, a shockwave pulsing out from the point of impact.

    The force of the blast sent dust into the air in a circle around Butch, and blasted Blaine back onto his rear. Standing triumphantly, Butch chuckled, hoisting the giant hammer over his shoulder.

    "Pretty cool new toy, yeah?" Butch asked. "Stole it from some ape-like creature's corpse during my Campaign on Sigma Octanus IV."

    Spinning the weapon around himself like a trained martial artist, he caught the handle, the head of the hammer behind him. Crouching low, he beckoned Blaine to make the first move.

    "I'm flattered." Blaine smirked, standing with his arms crossed, holding his hand out in a pointing fashion to Butch. "Ladies first."

    Growling with anger, Butch charged forward, hammer at the ready. Blaine followed suit, as the two massive Spartans sprinted at their top speeds towards each other. Springing off of his right foot, Butch lunged forward with the hammer, swinging it as he went. Blaine, however, sprung off of right foot, jumping over Butch entirely. Turning around, Blaine booted Butch in the rear, causing the other Spartan to face-plant.

    "That seriously the best you got?" Butch chuckled, standing up.

    "Says the one with the weapon." Blaine said, lightly tapping his left cheek. "C'mon then, hit me!"

    Roaring with defiance, Butch turned on the ball of his heel, swinging the bladed side of the hammer at Blaine's face. With each sequential swing, Blaine took a step back. Annoyed, Butch smashed the head of the hammer onto the ground, another shockwave kicked up, knocking Blaine away.

    Charging the downed Spartan, Butch sprinted forward, jumping high enough to block the sun from Blaine's vision. Holding the hammer high above his head, he prepared to swing it down. Standing immediately, Blaine swung his right fist up in an uppercut, twisting as he went. Meeting his target, Butch's stomach, he flipped the Spartan over his head, kicking him in the ribs when he landed.

    "You really didn't care for Mendez, otherwise you'd have known I was gonna do that." Blaine shook his head. "If this is the best you can do, I'm just gonna turn off that jammer now."

    Walking away, Blaine shook his head as Butch turned towards the ODSTs taking care of the remainder of Butch's cronies. Charging over towards the Pelican, Blaine heard the footsteps on the ground. Turning around, he watched as Butch hefted the Pelican over his head, grunting as all of his super-human muscles were put to use.

    Throwing it with all his might towards the ODSTs, Butch laughed as Blaine charged forward, scooping up Butch's abandoned hammer. Making a beeline towards the Pelican, Blaine swung down at the ground while he jumped lifting him a decent distance off of the ground, much like an old pole-vaulter. Swinging the hammer with every ounce of his being, he struck the hull of the Pelican like an oversized baseball. The gravity shockwave struck home on the machine and sent it flying back to it's sender.

    Butch dove out of the way, while Blaine's ODSTs ran away from the fight zone, the younger three helping Morgan to do so. The Pelican crashed along the ground, flipping four times before exploding on the fifth. Fire and smoke rose towards the sky, as many more explosions rippled out of the debris, the archer missiles themselves detonating.

    Throwing Butch's hammer away, the two Spartans stood opposite each other in the compound, the building hosting the jammer behind Butch, and Menachite Mountain behind Blaine. Running headlong towards each other, the Spartans raised their right fists as they went. Butch, however, hit first, particles of dust flying off of Blaine's shields as he was launched backwards, flipping head over heels towards his ODSTs.

    "It's gonna take much more than that to ground this Eagle." Blaine growled, cracking his neck as he stood once more.

    Butch, however, retrieved his hammer, holding it at the ready. Blaine charged again, as Butch stood his ground, ready to strike the ground. As Blaine approached, Butch swung, just as Blaine had anticipated. Jumping just before the shockwave could hit, Blaine gained massive air, landing on the ground behind Butch again. Turning around, Butch swung the hammer, as Blaine caught it with his left hand, the blade nearing his throat.

    Lashing out his right fist in a jab, he caught Butch under his helmet with a solid sucker punch. Kicking Butch away, the Spartan growled and swung again. Winding up a strong punch, Blaine's fist shattered the hammer's handle, the punch going through and into Butch's chest.

    His rival flew backwards, his gravity hammer now useless. Blaine charged forward after his foe. Butch attempted to stand, as Blaine swung a fist down on top of his helmet. Butch hunched over in pain as Blaine followed up with a nasty uppercut. Returning the favor of punching Blaine in the chest, Butch swung his boot around in a roundhouse kick, catching Blaine off guard, launching him away from the compound.

    "Face it Blaine, no matter how many times you hit me. I'm gonna just get right back up and keep coming at you."

    "Same can be said about me, dumbass." Blaine stood. "Thing you forgot, however, is that I have fire support, and you don't."

    Blaine's ODSTs all aimed on Butch's location, as the Spartan growled. Whistling, more Insurrectionist troops poured out of the building to take on the ODSTs. Blaine charged forward while Butch was distracted, and jumped, thrusting both boots into Butch's chest, sending him flying through the building.

    Charging in after him, Butch jumped at Blaine with a giant steel beam, borrowed from the construction site located within the nearly completed building. Rolling to his side, Blaine narrowly avoided the beam. Butch followed up with another swing, catching Blaine in the ribs. Launching him into the far wall, Blaine lifted the nearest cement block and tossed it with all his might.

    The brick met it's target, smashing Butch square in the visor, his shields popped. Before he could move, however, Blaine had his DMR pointed at Butch's head.

    "And here we are again." Blaine said. "Only this time, I'm not going to hesitate to shoot you if you run."

    "You forget though, I have this." Butch shook his head, throwing the steel beam at Blaine at head level.

    Blaine dove forward to avoid taking the beam, rolling onto his knee, he readied his rifle almost instantly. But when he checked, Butch wasn't there. Instead a massive hole in the wall remained evidence of Butch's departure, followed by another Pelican approaching in the distance. Charging outside, Blaine's shields slowly disappeared as small arms fire riddled his chest.

    "Uh uh uh." Butch replied, an MA3-7 assault rifle in his hands. "You're gonna have to wait until next time, Blaine. Preferably when you aren't cheating."

    "YOU BROUGHT THE HAMMER!" Blaine laughed in disbelief.

    "But I'm the bad guy. I'm allowed to cheat." Butch chuckled. "Catch you around Blaine, you may have foiled my plans this time. But the invasion has already begun. Try to pick up the pieces, won't you?"

    Entering the Pelican, Butch closed the hatch behind him, as his Pilot navigated them into the heavens. Most likely to one of his ships. Josh, Phil, Morgan, and Scott approached Blaine from behind, wondering what their next move was.

    "Alright, Scott, you know explosives. I want charges all around this building. I'm being hailed by short range radio, if we're lucky, it's a Pelican on it's way to pick us up."

    Walking away, the ODSTs set to work planting explosives around the building. Answering the comm. he smiled at the voice that answered.

    "Welcome home 115. Heard the explosion of your Pelican from here. I see Butch was not very warming to your return. He may have been clever enough to jam the planet's communique, but he underestimates my abilities." Halsey replied stiffly. " I'm looking at you from the security camera to your right. I've dispatched a Pelican to come and pick you up. I'd like for you and your team to help out over at the Visegrad relay station."

    "Understood, we'll just finish up here." Blaine replied. "Permission to speak ma'am?"

    "Granted, Blaine." she replied kindly.

    "It's good to be home again."



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Daaaayyyyuuummmm what a fight  cheers Love the update Shads!
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    I quite enjoyed the scene where Blaine uses the gravity hammer to jump, and then bat the pelican away. Seemed like something straight out of an action movie!
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    Fuckin' Butch. I like him as a villain, and hate him as a guy. :P

    Pretty intense, beefy battle! Reminds me of when two wrestlers (Blaine being the heroic face, Butch being the vitriolic heel) going head to head, mixed with good old American Action Movie Halo badass. I gotta say, I liked it!

    Oh. Some words I thing Old Man Morgan should say more often: Scunner, prat, know-nothing, fuckstunt, blockhead. I think they'd fit his Morganisms. :]
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    Chapter 4: Green thumbs and red crops.

    The Falcon descended upon the inferno that was once the Visegrad farming village. As a child Blaine had once visited this place, while stowing away within their trucks. As embarrassed as he had been to do it, he had usually stolen some crops from them as a means to survive, when his mooching in New Alexandria hadn't been enough.

    To see it on fire, with no confirmed survivors, drove a giant chill up his spine. As it approached the 'courtyard' of the largest farmhouse on the cliff side, he jumped out. Walking over towards the still operable sliding door, he slid it open harshly, as the burnt corpses of those inside seemed to be reaching for a way out. Clenching his fist, it angered him, looking at their charred skin, the pleading looks that they gave him, their hands outreached, as if asking for help.

    Sighing, Blaine closed the door, as his four ODSTs approached behind him, curious. Shaking his head, he glanced over towards the barn in the distance. If any survivors had been out at the field and witnessed this, they'd be in there.

    "So, was this the Insurrection? Or just a really bad storm?" Phil asked, as they began to march up the hillside towards the barn.

    "Can't really tell, boyo." Morgan frowned. "But a Relay just doesn't go out on it's own, that's our only lead."

    "Riiiight." Josh shook his head with a scoff. "So a bad lightning storm couldn't have done this?"

    "No." Blaine replied coldly. "If lightning had struck that house, the occupants could've doused the flame. That's not the case. They were LOCKED inside, the fire was caused from the outside. This was no accident."

    "Look, all I'm saying is that everything here is a fluke. Reach is known for wide-spread violent storms that could knock a relay out of service. We have no way of actually tellin-"

    As soon as Blaine had opened the barn door, Josh stopped his train of process. On the wall, a single corpse was pinned by a pitchfork, blood trickling down it's grinning mouth.

    "Poor kid didn't actually stand a chance, átkozott." Blaine said sorrowfully, clenching his fist again as he turned away.

    "You know Hungarian, since the fuck when?" Morgan replied, confused. "I learn more and more about you every day sonny boy."

    "Uh, I've always known Hungarian, dad. I mooched off of the streets of New Alexandria since I was five, and then I was trained many other languages during my training." Blaine replied. "This village used to be one of my frequent stops."

    "Huh, the more you know." Scott scoffed, glancing around the barn

    There was a rustling in the vent shaft beneath them, as Blaine glanced over, something was in there, and it was watching them. Thankfully for him, he was standing outside of it's view range. Creeping up beneath it, he thrust his right fist into the metal, his left hand crimping the metal, as he lowered the piece of the vent onto the floor.

    "Don't know how good you alien bastards are at playing dumb, but you have two choices. One, you come out and let us shoot you, or two, you prove to me that you aren't alien." Blaine replied, his DMR at the ready.

    "Beszélsz magyarul? Tagja vagyok ennek a gazdálkodó közösségek. A test a falon az én testvérem, János." a young man's voice trembled from inside.

    *"Do you speak English? I am a member of this farming community. The body on that wall is my brother, John."*

    "Well, I guess that works." Josh sneered.

    "Shut up bro, he's probably scared to death." Phil slapped Josh's helmet.

    "Beszél ön angolul?" Blaine replied.

    *"Can YOU speak English?"*

    "Yes." the voice inside replied. "I'm still learning, but I've gotten it pretty well down."

    Glancing at his soldiers, Blaine held his rifle at shoulder carry, urging them to do the same.

    "You can come out of the vent piece now, our safety's are on."

    The voice breathed deeply, as he finally revealed himself, crawling out of the piece of the vent that now rested on the floor. Standing, the young man dusted himself off, offering a hand as he turned around. Blaine grinned within his helmet as the young boy's eyes peered at his chest, before glancing their way up and into his visor.

    Gasping, the young man stumbled backwards into a pile of square hay. He stared at the figure, as Josh and Scott shook their heads in silent laughter.

    "Gets me every time, I can't help it!" Josh chuckled

    "Shut the fuck up Josh. This kid is scared out of his goddamn mind, he's probably never even SEEN a Spartan before." Phil growled.

    "S-Spartan?" the young soul replied, standing with newfound morale. "So they do exist!"

    "I thought the Spartan project wasn't meant to be told by the general public?" Phil asked, turning to Morgan, whom had taken off his helmet.

    "It wasn't." Morgan replied. "But Visegrad valley is not too far from Menachite mountain, which is where Castle Base is located."

    "Castle base is where I was trained, where I became the Spartan I am today." Blaine nodded. "It wouldn't be farfetched to say someone from this kid's village went up Menachite mountain and saw a handful of us sparring."

    "That's exactly right." the young man replied with a nod. "Old man Barnabas spotted one, and told me and Janos-"

    The kid glanced quickly at his older brother's still form.

    "-Stories about the Spartans. My brother didn't believe."

    "Well I'm just about as real as the Barn we're standing in, barat." Blaine replied with a smile, offering a hand.

    "Captain Blaine-115, UNSC Navy. The older man to my right is Morgan Harlowe, those two that refuse to show manners are Joshua Durgin and Scotty Stroud. The final member of our merry gang of misfits is Phil Durgin. Do with that information as you will."

    "I am Gaspar Kardos. I was a farmer here with my father and my brother."

    "I know this isn't news you're going to want to be hearin' boyo, but your village burned up some time ago. Something came through here and burnt them up. We think it's Insurrectionist-" Morgan replied with a frown.

    "No." Gaspar replied, clenching his fists. "It was not them. It was these big, scaly creatures. They- they stabbed him with his own pitchfork, then mocked him for saving me."

    "Definitely those bulky split-jaw motherfuckers." Scott shook his head. "Sorry kiddo."

    "That means the Covenant is on Reach, and Noble team is likely walking into a trap at the relay station. I'm hailing another Pelican now. Scott, Morgan, I want you two to accompany Gaspar to the Pelican. Tell the pilot to send you to the Ice, you'll be safe there, and Morgan needs Medevac anyways. Phil, Josh, and I will take the Falcon to the relay station. There's no use searching around here anymore, we have all the information we need to know." Blaine shook his head.


    Gaspar followed Scott and Morgan outside to the Pelican.

    "Please, hear my plea." Gaspar stated to Morgan. "Take me to the relay center. I know how to fire a weapon, and I want to help in any way I can, for Janos."

    Scott glanced over to Morgan, who scratched his beard, before replacing his helmet back on his head. Morgan wasn't just about to pussy out and take medevac for a slightly punctured leg, and he knew the kid was going to bug him about it for the entirety of the ride anyways.

    "You're going to need some armor, boyo. There is a fresh suit in the Pelican's bay, you can put some on as we go. But it's gonna be a bit of a detour, we're going to the relay, one way or another. Blaine's going to be pissed with me, but I know what it's like to lose family during a war, it gets under yer skin. But you listen to everythin' I say, if I tell your ass to get down, ye get down. Got it?"

    Gaspar nodded a crisp acknowledgement, as Morgan clasped him on the shoulder.

    "That's a good kid. Welcome to the UNSC."


    "Uh, Captain Blaine, there is a Pelican descending on our position, just thought I should let you know." the Falcon's pilot stated.

    "Stubborn old bastard." Blaine grinned. "But I guess that's to be expected from my father. It's clear to land, I just hope he's not going to bitch about that leg of his."

    "I can hear everythin' yer sayin' boyo. I assure ye, I won't."

    Blaine stepped out of the Falcon, as he glanced along the ground in front of the relay. Corpses of Grunts, Jackals, and even a handful of the Elites littered the ground.

    "Now it's official, we've got to warn someone!"

    "Already taken care of, 115." a voice replied from behind him.

    Turning around, Blaine came visor to visor with a Spartan in dark brown armor.

    "Darryl-116, well I'll be damned!" Blaine replied, offering a hand.

    "Friend of yours, six?" a man's voice called from behind Darryl, dressed in dark blue armor.

    For a Spartan, the man was considerably shorter than Darryl or Blaine. Confused, Blaine stepped forward.

    "Commander Carter-A259. Leader of Noble Team. Might I ask who you are, and what you're doing here?"

    "Captain Blaine-115. Leader of Fireteam Phantom. I was sent here by Doctor Halsey to ensure everything was running smoothly."

    "So, I guess the good doctor doesn't trust the Threes either, eh barat?" another, more familiar voice replied from the doorway leading to Visegrad.

    "Jorge, that you?" Blaine asked, smiling.

    "Couldn't be anyone else." Jorge nodded, stepping out into the light in his new, customized armor modifications. "ONI both treated us with some unique armor, eh?"

    "We've been friends for years, and THAT'S how you greet me?" Blaine bellowed with laughter, as the two of them approached for a bro hug. "It's good to see you, bro."

    "It's good to see you again too, Blaine." Jorge nodded. "This is Noble team. Inside the building still are Lieutenant Commander Kat, and Warrant Officers Jun and Emile. I was recently let go by S.C.O.R.E. and placed within the team a few months ago."

    "Yeah, I just found out yesterday. But I guess I was able to form my own team." Blaine replied. "How'd the op go? Is the relay back online?"

    "Negative." 'Kat' replied briskly, stepping out of the building. "Covenant Plasma damage destroyed the circuitry. The relay is a total loss; who're you again?"

    "This is Captain Blaine, UNSC Navy." Carter replied. "My apologizes, Blaine. We're all just a bit flustered by what happened in there, a squadron of Sanghieli forces killed any Marines within there, and Professor Lazlo. We have his daughter within our custody, and we're going to get her to a doctor."

    "Damn." Blaine growled. "Someone needs to know about the Covenant being here."

    "Already done." Carter nodded. "I hailed Colonel Urban Holland and brought him up to speed. Our goal is to get Sarah here to a psychiatric ward. Then we're on our way to ONI Swordbase. I suppose you'd like to debrief there?"

    "Yes." Blaine said, glancing at Jorge momentarily. "We could both use that. Give me a second to order my troops, we can take the Falcon I've brought."

    Turning back, Blaine's ODSTs snapped to attention, as Gaspar looked around, lost.

    "Stand up straight, and put your hand out flat over yer right eyebrow boyo. If yer gonna fight in our wars, yer gonna show some respect to the commanding officer, which is Blaine. We're all sticking our necks out fer you kiddo, time to get serious." Morgan whispered, as the farmer clumsily stood into a salute.

    "Josh, Phil, Scott, Morgan, and Gaspar. You're all getting on that Pelican. Take it up to the Ice, and warn the crew about a Covenant invasion. Prep them for naval warfare against Covenant vessels."

    "We're not leavin' you, boyo." Morgan replied.

    "Well I'm pulling rank, so that's an order, and I'll toss you onto that thing if I need to." Blaine growled. "I need you all at full combat effectiveness, and that run in with Butch didn't help that. Rest up, I'll hail you in a day or so. In that time, you should bring Gaspar to the firing range and teach him some basic military fundamentals. For me, I'll do what I can down here, now go!"

    With a moment's hesitation, the ODSTs and the young farmer boy rushed to the Pelican, as it sped off into the air. Turning back, Blaine looked to Jorge, as they both nodded.

    "To Swordbase." Carter replied. "Let's go Noble, and thank you Captain for offering your hand, sir. We can use all the help we can get."

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    Not bad at all Morgan. This chapter was simple and to the point. A solid piece of work.

    However, the Gaspar part made me think a little. Can't a soldier face serious consequences for allowing a civilian to participate in combat?

    At the very least, perhaps have Blaine's squad acknowledge that. For example, perhaps one of the ODSTs could have tried to snap Gaspar into formation when Blaine looked back. 

    Or maybe have Carter notice Gaspar's lack of knowledge on military procedure and be suspicious of it?
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    Great point, I'll be sure to keep that in mind for the future, and edited the previous chapter with that in mind. Thanks Manuel!



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    Chapter 5: Spartans

    [Four Hours Later]

    "Just a friendly suggestion ma'am." Carter snorted as he walked away. "Move out Noble Team."

    Kat, Emile, and Jun followed their Leader out the door, as Jorge, Darryl and Blaine scoffed.

    "Mom." Blaine said, approaching. "It was good seeing you again."

    "As it was good to see you three again, 115." Halsey said somewhat coldly, the slightest hint of a smile appearing on the side of her mouth. "Words cannot express how proud I am of all of you."

    Darryl and Jorge glanced at one another, before grinning, nodding towards the Doctor respectfully, walking out of the room. Blaine nodded towards the Doctor, before beginning to turn away.

    "Blaine." Halsey whispered. "You know the protocols of the Winter Contingency."

    "Aye ma'am. I do." Blaine nodded. "But don't you worry, I'll make sure the Covenant run away from Reach with their tails between their legs."

    "That's a hefty promise, Blaine." Halsey smiled. "But there is somethings I wanted to tell you, in case I never see you again."

    Blaine paused, before turning to face her once more.

    "I've always got my ears open, mom."


    Carter sighed, as another Falcon descended upon them. Perking up, he glanced to see if it had any passengers on board. Parking, the pilot kept the rotors going, albeit slower than before.

    Blaine stepped out into the sunlight, as Darryl approached him.

    "What'd the Doctor need?" Darryl asked.

    "She asked me to relieve you of duty. You are no longer her body guard." Blaine nodded. "She asked me to watch over the only blood brother I got."

    "So she told you that I'm your-"

    "-Half brother, yes." Blaine grinned beneath his helmet. "Said Red Team was hailing for some reinforcements. I'm gonna take up their call. But I want you to check me via com. every half hour or so."

    "Spartan II's are on the defensive?" Carter asked.

    "It would appear that way, Commander." Blaine replied. "The Covvies apparently took command of a MAC gun outpost, and are essentially neutralizing our only means of orbital defenses. I won't say much more, but the Spartans are planning on taking back what's rightfully ours, and teaching their aircraft a lesson they won't soon forget."


    "Sword base said they're sending only one Falcon." Fred shook his head in disbelief. "Sometimes I wonder if ONI actually knows the definition of REINFORCEMENTS."

    "Lieutenant, the Falcon is landing about a Klick due south. Passenger claims it will assist in keeping the Spartan offensive stealthy until he can link up with us." Kelly replied, turning the other Spartans, signifying for them to stay low.

    "Repeat?" Fred disengaged his zoom function on his helmet's optical lens. "Did you just say 'PASSENGER'? They sent only ONE unit?"

    "One second, I'm receiving a hail from a UNSC Naval Captain..." Kelly scoffed.

    "What is a CO of the Navy doing on the ground? Doesn't he know that only Spartans, Marines, or ODSTs fight with their boots on the ground?" Fred shook his head.

    "Then I suppose that means I should probably get back to my ship then, leave you guys to do your own thing?" a voice replied in his comms.

    "With all due respect, Captain, may I ask that you designate yourself?"

    "UNSC Captain of the Navy, Spartan Blaine-115."

    "B-Blaine?" Katie asked, approaching Fred and Linda.

    "Oh my god." Fred replied, glancing back and forth to Linda and Katie. "My apologies, Captain. When we were told a Falcon was inbound with reinforcements, you could imagine our shock when we found out it was one unit."

    "Don't you get all formal on me now, Fred. Far as I see it, we're still all equals here. Halsey said you guys needed a helping hand, figured I was in the area. My ETA is, at best, five minutes. Suggest you continue reconnaissance until then.

    "Captain, permission to speak?" Katie asked.

    "Katie? That's completely unlike you. Of course you have my permission to speak." Blaine replied with a chuckle.

    "I'm glad to have you here."

    "Oh, I'm not good enough, am I?" Yuri-213 asked with a chuckle.

    [Some time later]

    "Glad to have you with us Captain." Fred replied, offering Blaine a hand.

    "You didn't sound to thrilled when I first hailed you." Blaine shook his head, returning the formality. "But I'm glad to assist. Please, bring me up to speed."

    "Gladly." Fred said. "Please refer to your HUD, sir."

    "It's kinda hard not to, boyo." Blaine chuckled. "It's constantly in my face."

    Sure enough, Fred sent Blaine the topographical map of the nearby valley, showing purple markers surrounding a red circle, with blue markers in the forest, marking their location.

    "Recon has shown that numerous Covenant encampments are strategically located around the MAC cannon generators. Suffice to say, a well executed flanking maneuver should give us control of the Generators."

    "This is true, Fred. But if they have strategic encampments in a circular pattern around the generators, how do you suppose we can efficiently flank them?"

    "Simple, Green team, lead by you, will flank the northern most part of the compound, while us at Red Team will approach them from behind. If your team provides a decent enough distraction, we can advance from the south."

    "That sounds like a good plan." Blaine replied. "But what if we set some remote explosive to the north, and advance as a pair of forces from the south east and south west sides. They will be distracted North, while we hit them from the sides. It's a makeshift Pincer maneuver."

    "Then that would require only a small explosives team." Fred nodded, glancing up to Blaine.

    "Yes, I will lead that small team. We'll clear of the blast radius and either assault from the North after Green and Red make their advances, or will link up prior to exploding."

    "Spartans. Acknowledge?" Fred asked in Spartan com. followed by several green lights. "Who volunteers to accompany Blaine?"

    "I will sir. Shayne-198. Katie and Henry will also accompany us.

    "Perfect. Prepare any bricks of C4 you guys can, any Lotus mines." Blaine replied. "Link up with me in five."


    [Minutes later]

    "Y'know, word is traveling through the UNSC of your feats, Blaine." Henry chuckled, as he rigged one of the Lotus mines to a remote detonator in Blaine's suit.

    "What feats?" Blaine scoffed. "I've only been mainly involved with assassinations and rescue missions from the Covenant. That's a lot of the same stuff you guys have been doing."

    "Yes, but unlike us, you're doing so publicly. Us Spartans get none of the credit, either the ODSTs that accompany us, or the black ink of ONI keeps the public unawares." Shayne replied.

    "Shhh." Katie whispered in the comms. "I hear something, Covenant patrol likely."

    Growling and snorting filled the air, as Blaine, Shayne, and Katie planted themselves behind some trees, leaving Henry to finish planting his charges. Large, menacing footsteps sloshed in the slightly muddy, leafy earth.

    "*Scoff* Ish mel snah ooman dee monzez." a deep, gravely voice snorted from behind Shayne's tree.

    Blaine quickly signed for them to remain still, limiting their movement as best as possible. The footsteps drew closer to Henry's position, which was just in front of Shayne by a few feet.

    "Cumme uut whur erv er uuar ooman." the voice growled, sniffing.

    "My god." Henry whispered. "It's trying to speak Human. I have no time to hide guys, Captain, the explosives are yours. I'm going to distract this thing."

    "Hold yer ground." Blaine whispered in a growl. "We can help you."

    "Negative. Shay, link up with Green team after I draw it away, Katie, you need to link up with Red Team. Captain, you do your thing. It was a pleasure serving under you.

    Standing swiftly, leaves rustled beneath Henry's feet as he sprinted opposite of the three Spartans and into the woods.

    "Axios!" Henry replied, running past Shay's tree, as the creature snarled, giving chase.

    "Gogogo!" Blaine growled to Katie and Shay, who ran in separate directions to link up with the rest of the Spartan forces.

    Following Henry and the beast, Blaine could barely make out the slightly hairy beast giving chase to his Spartan ally. Chasing after the two, Blaine heard the all too familiar sound of shields popping as he cleared the forest brush. Henry and the ape-like creature were locked in a match of strength.

    Henry braced his right leg, holding both hands up to stop the massive hammer in it's hand from striking him with the bladed side. The beast, on the other hand, brutishly pressed all of it's weight down on the Spartan in an attempt to win, which it was currently succeeding in.

    Blaine prepped his DMR, as Henry shook his head.

    "No Captain, gun fire will only alert the compound!" Henry growled. "Alright you big oaf! Let's duke it out!"

    Shifting his weight to the right, Henry masterfully escaped his predicament, swinging his fist up and into the beast's muscle covered stomach. It snorted in rage, as it hefted it's hammer, smashing the bottom of the weapon into Henry's helmet knocking the Spartan back against a tree.

    Dazed from the blow, Henry only watched as the ape's bladed hammer met his right leg, severing it completely. Restraining his urge to scream, Henry swept the beast's legs out with his remaining leg. When it landed, he lifted his severed leg and swung down at it's face. Smashing his old booted foot into the beast's face, the creature snorted, blood bubbling from it's nose. Grabbing the severed leg, the beast ripped it out of the Spartan's arms, rolling out of harms leg.

    Lifting it, the beast sniffed the exposed flesh at the top, before sticking it's crude yellow teeth into it, taking a swift bite out. Blaine took a step forward, as Henry shook his head. Pulling out his knife, Henry struck the beast in the shoulder with it, 'causing it to growl in frustration.

    "You like the taste of me big guy?" Henry spat, attempting to stand on his last leg, using the tree as a support. "There's plenty more over here. I promise you though, it'll be freshly cooked this time."

    The beast, unable to understand the Spartan's trickery, Blaine froze momentarily. Henry was going to detonate the atomic generator of his armor. The beast stomped over towards Henry, slamming the Spartan's severed leg in it's own hand like a club.

    "Captain, you're going to want to run." Henry spat. "Detonate when you hear me go off. See you star side, sir."

    Blaine nodded, turning around and sprinting off, as the beast seemed unaffected by his presence. Stopping just short of the explosives Henry planted, he pulled his DMR up to his eye level, stomping towards the clearing.

    Hearing Henry's explosion behind him, he activated the explosives behind him, fire erupting from the woods, and initiating the operation.


    "What the hell happened?!" Fred asked, as the first explosion went off, but no smoke or fire was visible.

    "Sir... it's Henry. His vitals just.... flatlined." Kelly frowned. "Katie is on her way back, and Shay went to link up with Green Team. The Captain is no-where to be-"


    Fred used his zoom opticals to peer at the decoy's location.

    "That crazy son of a bitch." Fred shook his head as he continued to observe.

    The red and blue armored Spartan stomped forward, as bolts of plasma rained down on his location from numerous plasma turrets, along with needles saturating the air.

    Pulling a frag grenade from his ammo pouch, Fred watched Blaine pull the pin with his thumb, and toss it, firing his DMR with his right hand.

    Fred watched as one of the ballistic, homing needles splintered as a bullet penetrated it, continuing on to kill the owner of the weapon.

    "This is why they sent him." Kelly smirked, placing a hand on her hip. "He takes full responsibility for the well being of his team. It's an almost suicidal aspect, something ONI expects from every one of us."

    "Well then why should we let him have all the fun?" Fred replied, switching to Spartan comm. "Let's do this for Henry guys, AXIOS!!

    In an instant, the once one sided fire fight became an all out warzone, as Halsey's Spartans rushed the compound for the sake of Reach's future. The Spartans, were in their zones, and the Covenant were about to face the greatest of all defeats.



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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 2nd 2014, 12:30 am

    Author's Note:

    Been really busy as of late, I actually had typed out this really long explanation of where the story was going to be headed from here on out, but my computer decided to die on me. I'm not lazy, I'm just a tad bit miffed, and really busy.

    So here's a brief summary:

    When I said I was going to redo Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy, I promised new content to make the story more of my own. Well, besides Gaspar and the fact Morgan, Phil, and Josh aren't dead, is a pretty good start, because I don't have to necromance them xD.

    However, this is not new, this is erasing previous mistakes, which might be defined as new, but the story arch still essentially follows the game. Yes, the last chapter briefly had Blaine defending generators with the Spartan II's, but again, that was in the book. Therefore, I feel as though, in the interest of time, I need to time skip.

    For anyone that is new to Blaine's story that wants to know the fillers here, play Halo Reach if you have it. Blaine is essentially Jorge but blue and red with a Recon helmet as his design, nothing original, just a dumb sixteen year old starting fan fiction Razz .

    As for the Time Skips, they will include important scenes from the game/story that will help build Blaine as a character further along. Some would say this is a shitty story telling practice, and I agree wholeheartedly. I just don't have the time anymore to tell you the same thing you could see if you play Halo Reach for yourself.

    We will be starting in the cave, when Blaine links up with Noble Team to discuss Operation: Uppercut. We will then skip to Jorge and Blaine entering the Sabre fighter, and show a bit of the dog fights to show off Blaine's piloting prowess. After that, I will show the final cutscene to Long Night of Solace. Then we immediately jump to Kat's finest moment, Jun splitting from the group, Carter's not so fine moment, and Emile's foolish moment.

    From there, I will continue with a full chapter explaining what happens from then on. I apologize if this seems lazy, I swear I don't like it myself, but I promised you guys new, and if I'm telling you the same story as three years ago, then I break my promise to you and myself; I won't stand for it.

    Without further adieu, let's continue.

    Chapter 6: Ghosts of Reach.


    [That Evening]

    Blaine felt the ground beneath his feet quake as the rocky hillside nearly crumbled. Glancing over his right shoulder, he noticed a four legged, almost arachnid like vehicle stomp across the Megzakel plateau. Covenant made, he knew it would be wise to engage the massive machine by his own.

    Continuing up the cliffside, he saw a cavern entrance directly in front of him. Inside he could hear the echoing words of Jorge, and what was to be assumed as to be Noble Team.

    "Forty-eight hours." Blaine could make out a muffled voice, before a hiss and a pop. "That's imminent? Uh-oh, whose your money on?"

    "Her." Jorge replied, unamused.

    "You always pick her." the voice replied in a whiny fashion.

    "SHE's always had him dialed in." Jorge hummed to himself, as Blaine approached the cavern entrance.

    "Spartan 115 approaching." Blaine called, before entering the cave.

    Nodding to Carter and Kat, he made his way towards the back, by Emile, Jun, Darryl and Jorge.

    "That thing's crushing us, and we're waiting for BACKUP?!" Kat scoffed. "We're digging up a graveyard."

    "All we know is that any remaining resistance either jumped out of system or were wiped out with the ships that carried them. Either way, you're preaching to the converted." Carter shook his head.

    "How converted?" Kat mused with a sly smile.

    "You know how I feel about that look Kat."

    "You can always say no." She frowned, looking back at him with pleading eyes.

    "-No" Carter shot back.

    "You don't even want to hear it?" Kat pleaded.

    "Fine, I'll hear it."

    "Remember that accident a few months back?" Kat asked. "Colony ship en route to Signus, millions dead."

    "Vaguely so. There was a slipspace drive malfunction-"

    "Actually, it worked fine. The drive was mounted incorrectly after a service haul-out. When it teleported it... teleported half of the ship to oblivion."

    "-and this is relevant, how?" Carter asked.

    "The commander is suggesting we use one of the UNSC's most expensive pieces of equipment to recreate the event." Blaine spoke up, turning Carter and Kat's attention towards him. "That's all fine and dandy, but how would we deliver it to the Super Carrier? You'd need to be a Covenant ship to get within a hundred miles of that thing."

    The others in the group, Blaine included, approached Carter and Kat, as Kat held out a hand for Emile's knife. Emile remained hesitant, as he reluctantly gave her the knife at last. Nodding a thankful gesture, Kat smiled and pointed the blade at Blaine.

    "Exactly." She smiled deviously, before crouching at the sand. "I did some digging around when we were at Sword Base, Captain. I've read your files, even some of the parts ONI censors wouldn't have wanted me to, and you are the key to my plan."

    Dragging the knife along the ground, she drew a very simplistic image of a fighter jet, along with a crude image of a smaller covenant vehicle, and a super carrier.

    "For those unawares, our newest arrival was most definitely NOT included in a top secret program that was NOT intended for UNSC personnel to pilot Fighter Jets that definitely do NOT exist. With a non-existent launch facility less than a fifty klicks from here."

    "Yes, I was a part of the Sabre program when I was at S.C.O.R.E. What purpose does that serve? There is no way in hell, even if I was the Universe's best pilot, that you could fight a Slipspace drive on one of those things."

    "You are right, Captain." Kat smiled again, passing the knife to Emile. "Thank you for sharing. As for your input, Captain, I have a solution. We would need a ship to donate the drive to our cause, and a spare Pelican. We would use the Pelican to deliver the Drive to a Covenant Corvette that is on patrol. The Sabre is used for stealthy insurgences, we could silence the Corvette, get the bomb inside, put it in a fueling run with the mother ship, and be golden."

    "That's a hell of a plan, Commander, but my ship is out of system to usher in the reinforcements, I sent them out this morning."

    "Then we need to talk to Colonel Holland." Kat said, turning to Carter.

    "He's gonna say no." Carter shook his head, walking towards the back of the cave. "Noble Actual? Noble One, we got a plan..."


    Blaine quickly clambered inside of the behemoth ship, as it groaned at the sudden weight of his armor. Climbing up to the top seat, he prepared it for launch as Jorge climbed in behind him, his faithful turret sitting tight in his lap.

    "Right behind you Barat." Jorge said, patting Blaine on the shoulder. "Just like ol' times, eh mate?"

    "Yeah, 'cept we never really flew fighter jets. Just Pelicans and Warthogs." Blaine chuckled.

    "T-Minus 5-4-3-2-1" A voice called in the comms., as Blaine warmed up the thrusters, the latch sliding smoothly over the two massive Spartans' heads, a hiss determining they were air tight.

    "Is this a bad time to say I'm afraid of flying?" Jorge joked, as Blaine shook his head.

    "I'm supposed to say that!" Blaine chuckled, as the Sabre rocketed out of the building, piercing the atmosphere, and into the stars beyond.


    "Alright Blaine, this is my stop." Jorge replied, as the hatch above them opened once more. Blaine looked over his left shoulder, as Jorge kicked off of the Sabre, free floating across the void to the Pelican holding the package.

    "Auntie Dot, show sectors A-Ten through E-Four."

    "Gladly: Oni Swordbase. Noble Five, there is nothing you can do for Doctor Halsey and the others."

    "I know" Jorge sighed in the comm. "Megslakad a' sviem *This breaks my heart*"

    "You and me both, boyo."

    "Savannah is sticking her neck out for Noble on this one team, let's make sure this job gets done. Holland out." Holland advised.

    "Noted Colonel, I'll take care of your bird."

    "Thank you sir. Pleasure to have you here, Captain." Holland replied.


    "Distance is dwindling between this vessel and it's travel to the enemy Super Carrier." Auntie Dot stated, as Jorge approached the Drive bomb. "Seventy-six seconds to enter point."

    Fidgeting around with the number keypad, Blaine searched around for any Covenant stragglers, before regrouping with Jorge back at the damaged Pelican.

    "Damn it." Jorge growled, trying another code. "So... it's going to be like that."

    Blaine frowned, during bootcamp, he had rarely heard Jorge use that tone, unless something extremely bad was going to happen. Bracing himself, Blaine stood rigid, awaiting Jorge's news.

    Jorge slapped the keypad, before shaking his head, turning to Blaine.

    "Well, I've got good news and bad news. Our bird took some fire, so the thruster gimble's toast. So the only way off of this slag heap, is gravity."

    Blaine chuckled mentally, so the two had to freefall to earth? They were both issued Orbital re-entry packs before boarding their Sabre. If that was their only problem, he figured they could manage.

    "So what's the good news?" Blaine asked jokingly.

    "That WAS the good news." Jorge replied stiffly, and much to Blaine's surprise.

    "At current velocity: fifty-three seconds to entry point." Auntie stated, as Jorge sighed, reaching up for his helmet.

    There was a hiss and a pop, as Blaine's stomach plummeted, following Jorge's Grenadier helmet, as it rattled to the floor. Meeting eye to eye with Jorge, Blaine depolarized his visor, so his eyes could show through.

    "Yeah yeah yeah." Jorge growled at his helmet. "Bad news is; Timer's fried, I'm going to have to fire it manually."

    "Let me do it instead-" Blaine frowned.

    "Negative." Jorge replied bluntly. "I'm the only member of Noble Team here, and my mission isn't complete. You remember what Mendez always told us about the mission."

    "But it's a one way trip, barot." Blaine shook his head.

    "We all make it sooner or later." Jorge grinned knowingly. "I'm just following Sam's footsteps."

    Jorge reached up for his neck, smiling at Blaine all the while.

    "Listen-" Jorge replied calmly. "Reach has been good to us, and it's time I return the favor."

    Pulling off his tags, Jorge offered a hand, as Blaine hesitantly took it, pulling his adopted brother into his arms. The two clapped each other on the back, before Jorge did the unthinkable. Grunting with all his might, Jorge actually managed to lift Blaine off of the ground.

    "Don't deny me this." Jorge said in his ear. "It's for Halsey and all the other II's down there. Just do me a favor: end this god damn war, once and for all."

    Carrying Blaine towards the shield door separating the ship from the void, Jorge paused, looking into Blaine's visor once more.

    "Tell 'em to make it count."

    In the instance his old friend said it, Blaine was thrown out the shield door and into free-fall into Reach's atmosphere. This time, there would be no song, no joy, nothing. Blaine was, unfortunately, doomed to watch his friend sacrifice his life for their Home Planet.

    As he cascaded towards the planet, he kept his eyes on the Corvette as it neared the bottom of the Super Carrier. For just a moment, the Corvette glowed blue, as the effect of blue electric particles over took it's form. Suddenly, a giant blue Slipspace portal appeared, slowly imploding inwards before exploding outwards. It's catatonic state causing it to destabilize the second it appeared.

    Blaine felt a pang of remorse, as one of his last few childhood friends became another statistic in a seemingly endless nightmare. Blaine felt something wet roll down his right cheek, as the remaining particles of the portal zoomed past him like the shimmering lights after fireworks had gone off.

    Clenching his fists, he enjoyed the view of the Super Carrier being split down the center, all of it's inhabitants scurrying like angered ants to their inevitable doom. He enjoyed the view so much, he didn't even register that Auntie Dot had been speaking, until he heard the thumping once more.

    Turning to his right, his eyes opened wide with fear, as any hope that remained inside him disappeared into the black void that was space. Before him, Covenant Super Carrier after Super Carrier piled out of a massive slip-space portal, well into the hundreds.

    "Slip-space rupture detected."

    "This is Anchor Nine, reading multiple pings below the Orbital Defense Grid"

    "Slip-space rupture detected." "Slip-space rupture detected." "Slip-space rupture detected."

    "Yeah, we're picking up anomalies too." a voice replied in the comm.

    "Slip-space rupture detected." "Slip-space rupture detected." "Slip-space rupture detected." "Slip-space rupture detected."

    "It must be the whole damn Covenant fleet!" Holland replied, legitimately frightened.

    "UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Someone screamed in sheer terror.

    For Blaine, he got it all. Regret that he couldn't save Jorge's life, shame that Jorge's sacrifice was for nothing, and Anger that he didn't have a weapon capable of making the Covenant Fleet turn to ash.

    Instead, he continued to fall, stuck with his thoughts, until he blacked out.


    Blaine groaned as he stood up, nursing his left arm. Gritting his teeth, he quickly popped his dislocated shoulder back into position, before approaching the pack on the ground before him. Reaching inside, he found a single sidearm, complete with one spare clip of ammo.

    Cracking his neck, he slightly limped back to where he landed, one of Reach's many mountain tops in the distance. Clipping the pistol to his hip, he glared at the front half of the Super Carrier, forever placed on top of that mountain. Cobalt and Magenta flames flickered off of it's hull, as debris from Operation: Uppercut continued to cascade from the Atmosphere, the smaller objects burning up.

    Looking down at the Dog-tags in his fist, he squeezed them tightly, before adding them next to his own on his neck.



    "Good work today Captain, we appreciate the help, more than you know." Carter stated, as Blaine met up with Noble Team inside of Traxus Tower.

    "With all due respect, Commander." Blaine snapped. "How many times did you thank Jorge for his service?"

    "Hey, ease up big man." Emile said slyly from the corner. "We're all mourning for the other big man in our own way."

    "You guys weren't there though." Darryl frowned, arms crossed in the corner. "Blaine and Jorge were like brothers during Spartan Training. Both were Orphans picked off the street, what they had was much more than just simple squad mates, like Emile and Jorge. For Blaine, it's like he lost family, guys."

    "I hate to break this up, but it's really important." Kat frowned, raising a hand. "Why do they have Spartan IIs on the defensive?"

    "Because we're losing the battle, Lieutenant Commander." Blaine replied, peeling himself off of the wall, fists clenched. "Didn't you see the Covenant Fleet just pull into Orbit last night? The UNSC fleet isn't getting here any time soon, and this Planet is fucked. Jorge died last night for nothing, and all of those II's, as we speak, are doomed to die alongside him."

    "Sir, you need to calm down." Carter replied. "Getting angry isn't helping the situation-"

    "Fuck you, and fuck your situation!" Blaine snapped. "None of you III's could have amounted to ANYTHING that Jorge could have! I sure as hell didn't see you hesitate when you picked him for the OP. None of you, not fucking ONE of you III's raised your hand and said; 'I'll take one for the team'!"

    "He was best suited-"

    "Was he now?" Blaine asked, interrupting Carter once more. "So you're telling me the CQC expert over there, sharpening his fucking Kukri knife, while loading shells into his Shotgun, was incapable of taking on a Close quarters operation? What happened, did he break a fucking nail?"

    "That's enough!" Emile growled, standing. "If you were so concerned for his life, why didn't YOU stay, huh Captain, SIR?!"

    Blaine stood rigid, towering over Emile, as he uttered a growl from deep in his throat.

    "You want me to teach you the REAL Spartan way, Warrant Officer, or are you gonna be a good little boy?" Blaine snarled. "I wanted to be the guy, but Jorge refused, and resorted to pushing me out of the Corvette."

    "So you didn't push him first?" Emile growled, flicking his Kukri around..

    "If you think that little can opener is for me, you're dead wrong." Blaine smirked beneath his helmet. "You may be the CQC expert here, but I got you beat in weight, height, and reach. Unless you want your fancy knife shoved up your ass and to be court marshaled for threatening an Executive Officer, I'd recommend you go back to being useless in the corner."

    "Captain, sir." Kat replied almost nervously. "I'm truly sorry about Jorge, it was not in my plans, honest."

    "It never is." Blaine sighed, as he turned away from Emile. "I'm sorry, everyone. I'm just overwhelmed and devastated. I'm a poor example of what it means to be a Spartan."

    "No." Darryl replied. "You are what a Spartan should be. You shouldn't always be smoke and mirrors. You should feel loss when you lose a comrade."

    "Um." Kat replied. "Radiation is spiking, similar to a Covenant Glassing Beam?"

    "How close is the sourc-" Carter began to ask, as a giant pillar of crimson light struck down beside their building, the glass shattering.

    An EMP pulse struck all of them, as they scurried for the Elevators.

    "THAT CLOSE!" Kat replied. "I've also been meaning to say, Holland needs something extracted from SWORD!"

    "Sword is toast!" Carter said. "We can't be chasing shadows!"

    "He says it's vital to our victory, sir!" Kat replied. "He says-"

    Before she could finish her sentence, however, her body crumpled to the ground, as a giant pink spear the length of a forearm entered the back of her head, her helmet unable to hold back the projectile.

    Anch I'bortee snarled as his target narrowly avoided death, instead, he settled on assassinating one of the Demons. Growling to the pilot, his Phantom ascended to the heavens, as his target, the red and blue one, returned fire with his primitive automatic weapon.


    Holding Kat's corpse's head up, Blaine returned fire as the enemy Phantom escaped. Dragging her along with him, Blaine crawled back to the bunker where they had attempted to escape previously. Looking up towards Carter, Blaine shook his head with a frown.

    "-And now I know your pain." was all Carter could muster to say, before falling to his knees beside her.



    "Alright Noble Team." Carter growled. "We need to get the Package to the Autumn ASAP. Captain, Darryl and Emile with me. Jun, I want you to escort the Doctor to safety."


    "No buts Jun. Good luck Noble Three."

    "Good luck to you sir.

    Blaine and Darryl nodded to Doctor Halsey, as she frowned back, before entering the Pelican along with him.

    "115!" She called back, as Blaine turned around. "Please, take good care of Darryl and the Package! You are Humanity's hope, at this exact moment!"

    "Don't worry Mom!" Blaine called back. "I won't let you down! I always get the job done!"



    Blaine, Emile, and Darryl rounded the corner, countless bodies of dead Drones, Grunts, Elites, and Jackals left behind them. Pausing, Blaine held up a fist, as he felt the all to familiar rumbling in the ground beneath them. Glancing up, rocks fragmented from the ceiling of the cave, as one of those scarab like machines descended from the rock face.

    "Oh perfect." Blaine growled. "We got a Scarab."

    Ducking back into the cave, the three Spartans watched as the front cannon glowed a bright green.

    "I got this." Carter replied in the comm.

    "But sir, you don't have the fire power!" Emile replied, as the Pelican's fifty-cal. rounds hit home in the front of the machine, momentarily causing it to halt it's charge, before it returned right back to it.

    "No, but I got the mass. You're on your own Noble, Noble 1 out."

    "Roger that." Emile replied with a sigh. "Hit'em hard boss."

    As the damaged Pelican rounded back for another go, Blaine watched as the bird slammed directly into the side of the Scarab, completely disappearing from view as Cobalt and Magenta fire erupted from the sides of the beast. Struggling to retain it's balance, the monstrous vehicle failed it's endeavor and cascaded into the valley below, an explosion causing the cliff face to rumble.



    The pair of Pelicans destined to take the remainder of Noble Team aboard the Pillar of Autumn descended upon Darryl and Blaine, as Emile yelled his frustrations in the MAC cannon above them, keeping the sky clear.

    "Good to see you Spartans again. Doctor Halsey said I could count on you." Captain Keyes stated, glancing at Blaine, who held the package firmly.

    "Good to see you sir." Blaine replied, handing him the package. "The others..."

    "They'll be remembered, Captain." Keyes replied with a nod, looking into the distance. "Covenant Cruiser, making an advance towards the Autumn!"

    "I see it sir, I've got this!" Emile replied as the MAC gun swiveled slowly to take aim. Suddenly, one of the spare Pelicans took a concussive blast to the thruster, flipping it over their heads, as Blaine dove the Captain out of harm's way.

    Standing quickly, he handed the Captain over towards the Marines, as Darryl watched the MAC gun, the Phantom drop ship hovering above it.

    Three Elite Field Marshalls jumped out in their red and blue armor, Blaine hearing Emile's grunt in frustration, followed by the sounds of shotgun shells. One Elite flipped over the rail, it's mouth lolling open as it stared at Emile for mercy.

    Emile fired his shotgun into it's mouth, standing as he pumped it's gauge. "Whose next?!"

    With a snarl, the second of the Elites appeared behind him with an Energy Sword in it's hand. Thrusting the blade into Emile's naval, the Spartan used the momentum of the swing to grab the Elite's unused hand, while pulling his Kukri out with the other. Swinging back towards the Elite, he plunged the blade into the Elite's neck.

    "I'm ready! How 'bout you?!" Emile roared, as Blaine heard his suit remove Emile from the roster, leaving just him and Darryl.

    "Captain, Lieutenant!" a Marine yelled from the bay. "Get aboard, we gotta get the hell outta here!"

    Blaine turned to Darryl, who shook his head. Blaine made a move, as Darryl took a step back.

    "You aren't going alone bro." Darryl replied. "If we're gonna die, we're gonna die as a family."

    Blaine sighed, turning back to the Pelican crew, the Marine holding his hand out.

    "Negative, we've got the gun. Good luck Captain."

    "Good luck to you, Spartan." Keyes frowned, shaking his head as he entered the Pelican's cockpit.

    Darryl and Blaine pulled their Assault Rifle and DMR off of their backs, approaching the factory. Climbing over the piles of dead Covenant warriors, the two of them worked their way through the factory as quick as possible. Before them, the lone Field Marshal roared as he lifted his Plasma Repeater, aiming it at Blaine.

    "You aren't getting away this time, ass hole." Blaine growled as he fired a few rounds into the Elite's shield with his DMR, Darryl providing cover fire.

    When the beast's shields popped, however, he disappeared from view, as Blaine felt something brush past him. Swiveling on his feet, he prepared to go toe to toe with the lizard like creature, but was surprised as he watched it flee out the door they had came. Turning to Darryl, he shrugged.

    "Welp, he proved me wrong." Blaine said as they approached the MAC Cannon. "Watch our backs. I don't want him coming back with a small army."

    "You got to wait until she's charging her beams, Captain." Keyes replied. "That's when it's shields are down!"

    In the meanwhile, Blaine fired his cannon at the many Phantoms approaching their position, keeping his eye on the Carrier looming above them. Taking down one last Phantom, time slowed for him as his heart raced in anxiety. Turning the turret to face the gut of the Carrier, he saw the red sphere begin to form at the bottom of it.

    "Shoot now Spartan, hit 'er right in the gut!"

    "Sorry I was an ass to you, boyo."

    "This one's for Noble Team." Blaine whispered in reference to Emile, whose body laid beside him, as the cannon shuddered one last time.

    The accelerated round pierced the center of the ship, shearing it straight down the center as it fell off into the distance.

    "Good guns, Spartan." Keyes replied. "All hands, brace for cast off."

    Blaine clambered down the ladder slowly as he grinned, listening to the familiar roar of the Marathon-Class cruiser's engines revving to life, it's hinges detaching as the massive ship hovered above the ground. Standing by Darryl, the two of them made their way outside, just in time to watch the ship's two rear engine's disappear into the sun.

    "This is the Pillar of Autumn, we are away. The Package is with us."

    Patting Darryl on the shoulder, the two half-brothers stared at the Plateau ahead of them. While they didn't have any further objectives, they knew there was plenty of Covenant to kill from that Carrier's crash.

    Working their way into the compound, dust kicked up as Reach's notorious winds kicked up. The two Spartans used that natural cloaking to take cover inside of one of the buildings.

    For hours, the two relied on the weapons of Covenant they had killed, and any med kits they had scattered around to survive. But constant Wraith fire from the distance soon melted any cover they had left, as the two Spartans went back to back, Elites rushing from both sides.

    Darryl went fist to fist with one, separating from Blaine, who turned to his right to receive a hoof right to the helmet, cracking his visor. Sputtering and coughing, Blaine stumbled over to a lone Assault Rifle, scooping it up with all of his remaining energy.

    Turning on his heels, he felt his hearing deceive him, Darryl roaring in pain somewhere beside him. Firing an entire clip into the Elite causing his brother harm, he turned on his heels and struck the butt of his gun into a nearby Elite's maw. Unhinging his lucky pistol off of his hip, he fired his Assault rifle with his left hand, pegging anyone who lost their shields with the pistol in his right hand.

    Turning his guns front-wards, he was too late as the red and blue Elite tackled him to the ground. Punching it in the face, Blaine rolled to his right as a Major lunged at him with an energy dagger. Pulling his knife out, Blaine stabbed it in the throat, moving his head to the right to avoid another from a General.

    Kicking it's legs out, the General feel to his feet. Swinging his right leg down, he snapped it's neck with his ankle. Again the Field Marshal lunged, this time pinning Blaine to the ground.

    "You're too late." Blaine whispered to the Elite. "I died a long time ago."

    Staring up to the skies of Reach, Blaine awaited the most certain of death, as he heard muffled sounds behind him.

    "Blen!" was all he could here. "BLEN!"

    He thought he recognized that voice, but his body was close to giving out. Glancing up at the Elite, he grabbed it's wrist just in the nick of time, the energy dagger stopped just above his right eye. The Elite attempted to over power him, as his skin started to sizzle. Roaring in pain, the beast's blade lightly dragged across his face, from his right eyebrow down to above his lip. His eye was completely unharmed.

    Swinging his left fist, he knocked the Elite off of him, as the rest of the Units scurried for their life from something. His assailant ran off as well, cloaking itself before it could receive fire.

    The adrenaline pumping into him allowed him those last critical breaths, as he listened in, feeling hands on his shoulders.

    "You think yer gonna die on me, you fuckin' blockhead?! You ain't allowed t' die until I've been six feet under fer a century!" Blaine heard his rescuer reply. "The other one's in rough condition. Gaspar, Josh, help him on board. Scottie, I need ye to help me lift this one. Boyo, this'll be a lot easier if you can just stand up and walk with us. I'm sure you're acky and sore, but you gotta fight just a second longer, sonnie."

    Blaine grunted, as his hearing shot out again, blood pouring out of cuts on his face and body. He felt himself becoming faint, as the edges of his vision slowly turned black. Stumbling towards the Pelican, he needed to at least land in the troop bay. If he fainted now, he was dead. He had a promise to Halsey, and he was gonna keep it.

    Fighting the urge to pass out became increasingly difficult, as Blaine found himself struggling for breath. Two more steps was all he needs, taking one more, he felt himself losing control.

    That's when everything went black.



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    Jesus, this was intense o.O
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    Chapter 7: Bed's Rest.


    That was all Blaine could do to describe his surroundings. After his first glimpse of the strange place, he realized it was the old Spartan Training Grounds from his childhood. Looking down at the grass beneath his feet, it held the hue of an off-white eggshell.

    "Ah, hello there! You must be new!" a child's voice replied behind him.

    Turning around, Blaine saw a small, ten year old boy with dark brown hair smiling up at him.

    "Hiya kid." Blaine frowned momentarily. "Where are we?"

    The kid shrugged; "I dunno. But the nice lady told us to follow the man's directions."


    "That was her name!" he giggled. "Speaking of names, what's yours?"

    "Blaine, boyo. What's yours?" Blaine asked, as he turned around to think about why he was here.

    "A nevum Jorge." the kid smiled, as Blaine's heart plummeted. "I think we're going to be the greatest of friends, don't you barot?"

    "Aye." Blaine whispered to himself. "The best."

    "Uh-oh. He's here." Jorge cowered to himself, as Blaine turned, but nothing was there.



    For no reason, Blaine's stomach exploded into spasms as electricity coursed through him, with no plan of stopping, as he writhed on the ground in pain.


    "DAMMIT!" Autumn roared, placing the paddles onto his chest. "Wake up Captain! Don't you leave us!"

    "C'mon blockhead." Morgan whispered at Blaine's unconscious body's side. "You're a Harlowe, we don't die on Hospital beds."


    Blaine gasped for breath, as water rushed through the burlap sack and into his mouth, nose, and eyes. His body shook for release, as the water suddenly stopped.


    The water resumed, as Blaine sputtered for air. His body was slowly shutting down from the torture, and he felt as though he was going to drown at any second, his breaths becoming more and more labored.


    Pathetic. What Halsey sees in you, I'll never understand. Spartans don't let other Spartans die.

    Suddenly, the burlap sack was removed, glancing over his shoulder, he saw a gray wall, as the room around him became a giant gray box. In front of him, he saw the children forms of Rochelle, Katie, Butch, Jorge, and Kurt, staring at him with genuine fear.

    He couldn't see it, but he certainly felt a force keep him planted in the chair, as it sparked beneath him, hundreds of watts of electricity flowing up his body and back down to the chair beneath him.

    "EAAAAAAAAAAAGUUUUUH!" Blaine roared in pain, gritting his teeth so hard they cracked.

    MENDEZ! Tell your Marine to stop this instant! He's killing Subject One-Fifteen!


    "C'mon damn you!" Autumn cried, tears streaming down her face, exhausted from trying. "Come back to us."

    Pressing the paddles down, the massive Spartan's body jumped upwards, as the heart continued to pump.

    "That's a start." the Med Bay Doctor replied. "I'll take it from here. Thank you for covering me while I tended to Spartan One-Sixteen."

    The woman took Autumn's hands off of the defibrillator, asking her to back away.

    "I don't know where that crazy rumor that Spartans don't die originated, but it's all a lie. These things aren't invincible."

    "HE!" Morgan growled. "The Captain is a HE!"

    "HE is a machine of war, nothing more." the Doctor huffed. "Personally, I'm surprised whoever helmed the Spartan Program hasn't been hung by their entrails for doing this stuff to people."

    "Just shut up and do your job." Morgan growled. "If he dies, I'm operatin' on YOU."


    Blaine shook his head as the all too familiar color Purple appeared around him. He remembered this, it hadn't even been twelve hours. He remembered it, second for second. He had glanced out this shield door for a straight couple of minutes


    Reach, in the fight for her life from the clasps of the hooded demon. Blaine stared at the colors of her atmosphere, the blues, greens, purples, and pinks. For those short few moments, he forgot he was on a Covenant ship, attempting to turn the tides on a losing battle.

    "Helluva sight, ain't it; barotom?" Jorge chuckled beside him, patting him on the back. "Isn't it odd? We've lived on that planet for the first twenty years or so of our life. We'd go do operations on other worlds, but we're always drawn right back into her waiting arms. Never before have I ever truly admired the view, and wouldn't you know it, I never accomplished it in life."

    "What do you mean?" Blaine asked, turning. "Am I dead?"

    "No." Jorge chuckled. "You're on the precipice, but you'll live. I'm just a apparition formed by your guilt. Whatever I say, whatever I do, it's all what your mind wants you to know, but your Heart wouldn't believe."

    The two stared at their home planet, as Jorge continued to speak.

    "You really shouldn't blame yourself Blaine. You are a Captain in the UNSC Navy. By all intents and purposes, you weren't even supposed to be on this Corvette with me at all. I know that you couldn't refuse, you were crucial to the mission. But when it all came down to it, I was the most qualified to detonate the bomb, that, and you still have things to do." Jorge continued.

    "You did the best you could for Reach, and for that, Jorge can sleep in peace. I hope you find solace in the fact I have always valued your friendship, even if I am just your mind. I am certain the real Jorge would have said that."

    "I valued your friendship too, barot." Blaine nodded, as he felt a force lift him once more, as if he was being carried again.

    "Then don't throw your life away, make it count for something." Jorge smiled, as Blaine was tossed from the Corvette once more.


    Gasping for air, Blaine's head wearily looked around, his vision blurry, and his hearing nearly shot.

    "Welcome back to the land of the living, Captain." the Doctor replied with a curt nod.

    "Oh piss up a rope, you fuckstunt." Morgan growled. "Go on, get out of here!"

    Without further instruction, the doctor scurried out of the room.

    "Ugh, my head." Blaine said weakly.

    "You alright freakazoid?" Josh asked, standing at the foot of his bed. "Or do I need to give you another dose of sleeping aid."

    "Y'know." Blaine shook his head with a grin. "I had the worst of nightmares, Josh, I got to see your ugly ass mug all the time I was out. Positive side was I was able to punch it."

    "Fuck off." Josh mumbled to himself, as he backed away.

    Attempting to sit up, Blaine grimaced as his chest flared.

    "I wouldn't recommend that, block head." Morgan shook his head, pushing Blaine back down. "Screw the Doctor, until you're healed, you listen to me, as your father. I order you to lie in that bed and get well."

    "Darryl, Morgan." Blaine asked. "Where is my half brother?"

    "Dewinter's kid." Morgan growled. "Son of mine, adopted by my enemy."

    "Dewinter is dead." Blaine shook his head. "Darryl is more of my brother than that scumbag. Status?"

    "He's in critical condition, but otherwise he is stable."

    "Then why, if he is also your son, do you not worry for him?" Morgan asked.

    "Because of stories my mother, yer grandmother, told me of the Dewinter's betrayals against the Harlowes." Morgan clenched his fist. "Our family has feuded with the Dewinters ever since."

    "But Darryl isn't a Dewinter, just as I am not technically a Harlowe anymore." Blaine argued. "Do not base him on the name of his father, or the actions of his mother. Base him for who he is. If he hadn't of been there, fightin' by my side, I'd be dead in that field long before you arrived."

    Morgan paused for a moment to register what Blaine had said, frowning, Morgan turned his head to the room across the hall.

    "Maybe yer right boyo. I'm too hard on Darryl, an' I ain't even met him. You just rest fer now. I'm going to go say hello to him."



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    Chapter 8: Skirmished.

    [Two Weeks Later]

    "Captain on deck!" Ensign Hamilton replied with a crisp salute, as Blaine stepped on the bridge for the first time in what seemed like forever.

    The crew all stood rigid, offering him a salute as he passed by. Working his way to the Captain's seat, the Navigation's officer approached him.

    "Sir, we've gotten a hail from Cairo Station. Lord Hood himself has a mission for us. Fleet Admiral Harper and the UNSC Magenta Lotus will be meeting us in the Nefarius System, on the edge of the Universe."


    "Admiral, sir." Blaine said, saluting the video hologram of Admiral Harper before him.

    "Captain. Glad to have you here." Harper replied. "You and your crew are now officially in a quadrant of the known Universe that none are aware exists.

    "Permission to speak sir?" Blaine asked, as Harper nodded curtly. "What is the relevance of us being here? We should be prepping Earth's defenses. Reach was Earth's doorstep."

    "Right you are, Captain." Harper replied. "But the greatest defense is a swift and powerful offensive, right to the balls, wouldn't you agree?"

    "Affirmative. But how?"

    "We've located a Covenant Home world." Harper replied bluntly. " That tiny planet there in the distance, nearest this system's star? That's Kielzkar, or that's what the Jackal/Skirmisher units call it. ONI spooks intercepted a hail from the Covenant Hierarchy. Apparently, Reach's atmosphere had something toxic for the Skirmisher's race. It can apparently spread through the ranks, and they have been ordered to return to their planet to rot alone."

    "So... we're going to blow these assholes up, right sir?" Blaine asked.

    "Couldn't have worded it better myself. Reason the Magenta is here with you now is because we have a NOVA bomb in tow. As I am speaking a Pelican is escorting it over to your weapon's bay for immediate loading. Your orders are to get a firing solution, and blow those bastards to hell. Keep the Pelican, I must return to the fleet. Best of luck Captain. When you are done here, initiate Cole Protocol, and meet us at rally point Charlie-Alpha-India-Romeo-Orpheus for debrief."

    With that, the Magenta Lotus jumped out of system, as the crew of the Breaking the Ice turned to face him. Blaine, although angered still about Reach, faced morale issues.

    "C'mon!" Josh growled. "Blow these fuckers away for what they did to Reach!"

    "No!" Autumn shook her head. "They are sick, and are doomed to die anyways! Who kills sick people for sport?"

    "Um, the Covenant do." Darryl snarled. "These guys are Covenant, Captain, do it for Jorge."

    Blaine sighed, as time slowed for him briefly. Weighing his options, he knew that the crew would have to be at combat alert as they made approach. This was a Covenant Home World, defense was likely to be medium, assuming they were Quarantined by the Hierarchy.

    "NAV." Blaine replied, as everyone waited with baited breath. "Bring us about face, forty-degrees down sol."

    "Bringing us to face, aye." NAV replied with a grin. "Forty-degrees down sol."

    "Target on the Planet." Blaine replied. "Ready NOVA, and fire when you have lock. All Hand's, prepare for combat positions. We are at Combat Status 2, I want Archer missiles heated and ready for firing. Once the NOVA is fired from the MAC cannon, I want MACs heated for firing."

    "Aye Captain." Hamilton replied, pressing a button on his command. "All hands, Captain's orders. Assume Combat positions, I repeat, Combat positions. This is NOT a drill, repeat, NOT a drill. Weapon's bay prepare NOVA, warm up Archers A-E, when MAC is clear, heat up MACs."

    "Our approach vector is on mark Captain." NAV replied. "Fifty seconds until I have a proper lock. We'll be well within their sensors by that time."

    "All Hands," Blaine belayed the message to Hamilton. "Brace for heavy maneuvering."

    "Aye sir." Hamilton nodded. "Ship's Company, brace for heavy maneuvering, repeat, heavy maneuvering."

    As the frigate approached the Skirmisher home world, the counter offensive was released, three Super Carriers advancing on their position.

    "NAV, do you have that solution?" Blaine asked, as the Navigation's officer confirmed. "Fire when ready."

    "Negative sir, Covenant Super Carriers will be within our line of fire, they are forming a defensive wall against the planet." Hamilton replied.

    "I see that. Fire Archers A through C just twenty degrees from the starboard most vessel. Perhaps, if we are lucky, they will assume this is the ordinance meant for their planet."

    "Aye aye sir." Hamilton replied, as he pressed a few commands into his keyboard.

    The Ice shuddered as three salvos of Archer missiles accelerated towards their target's flank. The Super Carrier nearest them advanced to block the salvos, but the other two remained unfazed.

    "Direct hit on Super Carrier designate Alpha, sir." Hamilton replied. "Beta and Charlie are returning with Plasma Torpedoes."

    "Deploy flares and Archers D and E on those Torpedoes' path. Spin up Archers F through J and await further instruction. I want a damage report on Carrier Alpha!"

    "Numerous breaches in her hull Captain." Hamilton replied. "Archer salvo A and B weakened her shields, while C did the brunt of the damage."

    "Do we have any Gorgons?"

    "Limited, sir, why?"

    "I have a plan. Is there any cosmic body in the nearby quadrant?" Blaine asked.

    "Aye sir, there is a moon a few hundred klicks from the Ice."

    "Is NOVA still locked?" Blaine asked NAV, who nodded. "Wind up Gorgon salvos A through K. I want Archers K through O at the ready. NAV, you are to fire the NOVA at your target vector, then proceed to navigate us into orbit with that Moon. I want enough velocity to sling shot around."

    "Sir, that would put us in the same path as our NOVA missile. We'd be slower."

    "Aye, but we will distract their vessels with our trajectory enough that they should, in theory, move to get a targeting solution. After we have sling shot, I want you to fire Archers F through J at Carrier Alpha, and Archers K through O, Gorgons A through K at Carrier Bravo."

    "Alpha is already winged, and Charlie would flank right into the path of the missiles. But what about Bravo?"

    " The Archers and Gorgons will mask our NOVA missile so they can't determine which is which." Blaine replied. " Archers and Gorgons will also fly slightly faster, especially at the velocity we will be going. This should allow them to punch a hole clean through Bravo, allowing a safe path for NOVA to continue."

    "Aye, firing NOVA, rounding about to the Moon."

    The Ice shuddered immensely as the giant cluster of nukes sailed towards their target. At full thrusters, the Ice raced around the orbit of the moon, gaining more than enough speed to rocket it towards the Skirmisher planet.

    The Ice shook more as all of the Archers and Gorgons were released, spiraling towards their targets. Carrier Alpha attempted to retreat back into it's position, taking three more salvos of Archers to the flank. Cobalt and Magenta flames erupted from it as it exploded, weakening the shields of Bravo.

    The Gorgons and Archers met their mark on both Carriers Bravo and Charlie, popping their shields, and in the case of both of them, erupted them into violent explosions of blue and pink.

    "NAV, I need a sling shot maneuver around the Planet, and I need it five minutes ago!" Blaine barked, as NAV stuck his tongue out, maneuvering the Ice, at it's remarkable speed, into the Planet's orbit.

    Launching around the other side, Blaine activated the cameras on the aft section of the ship, watching as the NOVA touched down on the planet. Intrigued, he watched as the tectonic plates that formed the planet's crust crumbled, fissures creating massive fault lines around the globe of the alien planet. Magma spewed from the planet's surface, as it destabilized. Parts of the northern cap sunk into the crust, as a giant red fault line formed directly halfway through the sphere.

    More of the crust continued to sink into itself, as the Planet threatened to implode. Finally, after a brief few seconds, the core of the planet went critical and all excess energy was expelled into the stars, leaving nothing but glowing light and debris to float forever.

    Glancing at the image of the broken planet, Blaine, although happy to deliver swift justice to the Covenant, felt a pang of remorse. Were they no different than the Covenant? Many of the inhabitants to that planet itself were likely innocent children and, if the Skirmishers bred sexually, mates.

    The vision before him was horrid, and while he was proud of his crew for working so well in a tight situation, he was ashamed that he had been the one to decide the fate of an entire species. He vowed to himself, then and there, that if the time ever came where he had the choice to end a Species, he'd leave it to some other heartless jerk.

    "NAV, Cole Protocol! Random jump vector, then we're headed to C.A.I.R.O." Blaine whispered to himself. "If you need me, I'll be in my quarters."



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    Also I Ironman I, I did see your response to this story. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to acknowledge that you've read the story thus far. I hope you are enjoying it, and I will be soon returning the favor to your story Very Happy .



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    That was actually quite saddening. At least Blaine felt remorse and was ashamed of what he did here. Spartan with a heart.

    Hey, I am actually enjoying the story. I plan to attempt to read all of what you guys have written so far.
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    I'm really glad you decided to skip the Reach portion of the game. To be perfectly honest, even though you tried to add in things here and there, I felt Blaine's story was somewhat predictable. That's not necessarily a flaw in your story telling but rather an inevitable consequence of the story you chose to tell.

    In those snippets where you inserted new material (e.g. Gaspar, Butch, etc) I felt your story improved dramatically. I'm not sure if it's because you wrote them better, or as a reader I was entertained because I didn't know what was happening next.

    Whatever it was, new material makes your story more interesting to read because I DON'T know what's going to happen next.

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