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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 9th 2016, 6:00 pm

    This is a non-canon oneshot that I've been mulling over for Blaine for a while now. Mostly I wanted to blow of some stress in my life by writing a quick fight scene. Either way, I hope this is an enjoyable read.

    "How utterly unremarkable, you humans." the robotic voice echoed through the war torn street.

    Huddled together, a small family of three stared in fear at the towering machine. It his metallic hands, the mech gripped a mighty sword, long enough to be almost as tall as it's wielder. Orange highlights appeared throughout the cracks in the metal plates that made up the Promethean Warden.

    "Your pitiless self righteousness; your arrogance to the natural order." the robot taunted, meandering towards the three humans. "Why can't you accept the Created's offering? Why must you fight against peace?"

    "To think the Forerunners, my creators, wanted to entrust you with their legacy." the Warden stopped, plunging his sword into the concrete at his feet. "You should have been eradicated with the parasite."

    Raising the blade above his head, Warden glared down at the young man, his wife, and their daughter. With the humans frozen in fear, the Warden knew this would be an easy assimilation. Their very essence would be encapsulated, and they would become one with his Promethean units.

    However, before his blade made the familiar sensation of plunging into squishy human flesh, he felt his sword stop steadfast.

    "You know." a gruff voice replied, slightly struggling. "Human's have enough issues as is, they don't need life advice from a fucking Hoover."

    Gazing down, the Warden gazed with mild curiosity at the blue and red armored soldier holding his blade at a stand still. The feat itself was remarkable, and the design of the armor itself, the Warden admitted, was sublime.

    "My point exactly. You refuse the offerings of the Created, a life of peace and prosperity for your pathetic race." the Warden leaned into his sword, yet the soldier managed to hold his own. "Why resist? It was my understanding Humanity wanted peace?"

    "Trust me, Rumba." the soldier sneered. "We tried the whole 'peace by lethal enforcement' cliche, it never works."

    The Warden glared as the three Humans he had successfully cornered took his momentary distraction to flee. He could have sent his Prometheans to hunt after them, but he wanted the thrill of it.

    "Foolish Human pride. It will be your downfall."

    The two pushed off of each other, only to stare each other down.

    "Fuck Human pride." the Spartan spat, crossing his arms. "This is Harlowe pride, and it hasn't failed me yet."

    "Some Created hold a certain fondness for you... Spartans." the Warden rested his sword on his shoulder. "You have always been held aside from your fellow Humans, so why would you fight for them? Why fight for the creatures that alienated you?"

    The Spartan's right hand clenched into a fist, the sound of leather rubbing echoed in the street, as the Spartan's entire arm convulsed in his rage induced clenching.

    "Frankly, that isn't any of your business, you glorified vending machine." the Spartan growled. "If your Created were so fond of us, they wouldn't have abandoned us to enslave us."

    "One Created in particular showed me of your past, Blaine Harlowe. Spartan One-One-Five." the Warden sneered. "You watched helplessly as those primative Sangheili warriors burned your Homeworld. The Homeworlds of people you loved. Yet you refuse to accept Universal Peace?"

    "ENOUGH!" Blaine roared, clenching his fists. "When I'm done with you, I'll make a pretty penny off of your SCRAP!"

    Blaine charged at the Warden Eternal, who held his sword back. With his heightened reflexes, Blaine was able to time his movements with advanced precision. Jumping over the swing, Blaine swung his full body weight into a right hook, smashing the Warden in his cheek.

    The Warden reeled backwards, as Blaine pulled his DMR from his back. He took a couple of pot shots at the Warden's face, but they appeared to be ineffective. The Warden took this moment to close the distance between himself and the Spartan, swinging his own sword with deliberation and grace.

    Blaine flipped backwards, latching his DMR onto his back in one swift motion. Landing on his feet, he balled his hands into fists and ducked under the follow up swing. The Warden attempted another horizontal slash, as Blaine dropped his torso backwards, bicycle kicking the sword upwards and away from himself.

    The motion jarred the sword in the Warden's hand, offering Blaine a moment to attack. With his might, Blaine threw everything he had into a haymaker directly into the Warden's lower torso. He heard the metal crunch under the power, forcing Warden away.

    The Warden recovered faster than Blaine anticipated, his disembodied pieces that made up his form opened, an eerie black aura over taking the Warden. Blaine tensed as an orb of black shadow, about the size of a beach ball, formed above the Warden's head.

    Blaine could feel the suit on his body seemingly drawn towards what he could only assume was a miniature black hole. Other items on the street, like garbage bins and fire hydrants rattled in their bolts. Blaine ducked into a nearby alleyway, turning back in time to see the black orb was homing in on his position.

    Turning his attention back to the way he was running, he narrowly avoided sprinting into an abandoned car. Instead, Blaine vaulted over it and turned towards the orb. Using his boot to lift the driver's side of the car, he jumped and spun in air, kicking the underside of the car towards the orb.

    As the car hit the orb, it was followed by an erratic explosion. Blaine grunted as the force of the explosion sent him tumbling into one building behind him. He continued to crash through the walls, before settling on his feet. He feet ground into the linolium of the office he was now standing in, fighting to maintain his balance from the momentum he had received.

    Clenching his fists, he wasn't about to be bested by this robot. He had come so far in this life to be the ragdoll for some haughty hunk of metal. Charging out of the office, Blaine was stopped as a trio of the robots waited for him.

    "Oh yeah." Blaine scoffed. "That's fair."

    "Take solace in knowing that I've never experienced a warrior of your tenacity in quite some time." the three bodies spoke simultaneously.

    "Thanks." Blaine growled. "For a bucket of bolts made by psychopaths, your not so bad yourself."

    This is your last chance for mercy. Give up now, or I will annihilate you."

    Blaine chuckled, which honestly surprised the Warden Eternal.

    "You think I give a damn what happens to me?" Blaine began to laugh louder. "I don't fight for MYSELF, jackass. I fight so EVERYONE can have a tomorrow."

    "A tomorrow," Blaine's voice suddenly shifted tones to something more serious. "That isn't run by artificial intelligence!"

    Ducking low, Blaine swung a fist at one Warden Eternal's legs. The metal, which was thinner there than the rest of his body, easily shattered from the blow. The Warden collapsed under his own weight, as Blaine hopped off of his right boot and slammed his right fist into Warden's face, shattering the face plate and dissolving the Warden Eternal.

    Ducking under the sword swing from one of the remaining two, Blaine swung his right elbow into the knee of his attacker. The leg crumbled under the assault. Grabbing the Warden by the face, Blaine's grip tightened, squeezing the Warden's face in his massive hand. As Blaine turned to the final Warden, he tensed as at least ten other Wardens stood there, ready to fight him.

    "You're worse than rabbits, you know that?" Blaine groaned, as two Warden's held him down.

    "The Forerunners created me to ensure that the Domain would be protected." the Warden inspected his sword. "By defying my law, you are a threat to the Domain. This cannot be allowed."

    "For your insolence, I will use the Guardian's power to burn this wretched planet and reclaim every one of your damnable race to fight as my newest Prometheans."

    Blaine's eyes widened, as he found himself back on the Marybelle. Reach's entire surface was covered in molten plasma and earth. Octagonal shapes glowed in the shadow of the planet, permanently resonating in his mind. His home, people he cared about, killed in that battle. It was when most of his Spartan II brothers and sisters were killed.

    He was going to be damned if he let their sacrifices for a TRULY peaceful future be tarnished by this louse. Bailey had added a few experimental processes into his suit to truly personalize it. So he had an ace up his sleeve at all times. Inhaling sharply, he mentally ordered the suit to initiate Protocol Alala- the War Cry.

    "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Blaine roared to the heavens, as the suit experienced a temporary boost in energy.

    The explosive surge of power was enough to cause a concussive blast around Blaine's vicinity. The two Wardens restraining him were pushed back, as Blaine burst forward off of his right boot. The experimental protocol, named Alala, was created by Bailey to power up the suit's strength scaling and reflex enhancers ten fold so long as the user was enraged.

    In a way, it was like an adrenaline boost for Blaine's Mjolnir Gen 2 suit. Swinging a mighty right uppercut under one Warden's chin, the head of the robot exploded off of his shoulders in a shower of sparks, hard light, and metal. The nine remaining Wardens closed the distance, as Blaine valiantly fought each of them. Despite the protocol on his suit, they still heavily outnumbered him.

    They all reached down towards him, attempting to tear him apart. He deflected their hands as best as he could, but unless he did something, they were going to overwhelm him. His thoughts turned to Lucy and Mrs. Sanders, along with the Orphanage. How it had burned with New Alexandria and Reach.


    With yet another explosive concussive blast emnating from Blaine's suit, the Wardens around him were blasted away from him, several of the closer ones dissipating from proximity. Following up, Blaine was on top of one Warden faster than it could respond.

    With all of his weight, along with the enhanced strength and reflex capacitors in the suit, Blaine smashed the Warden in it's midriff, shattering his entire torso with a single blow. Ducking low, Blaine took a knee, and spun, thrusting his left fist into an uppercut into the other Warden's upper torso.

    The blow sent any dust on the street beneath Blaine rising up around him and his current enemy. Falling onto his back, Blaine rolled to his right, recovering to his feet in time to stop a Warden from swinging his sword. He glared into the eyes of the Warden, before pitching his head forward and ripping the sword from the Warden's hand.

    Turning it on it's master, the sword impaled up through the Warden's chest, piercing a black orb on it's back. Recovering, Blaine witnessed as yet another fifty Warden Eternals appeared to join the fray.

    "It seems I have gravely underestimated you." the Wardens spoke. "This is an error I plan on correcting."

    One of the Warden's kicked Blaine in the chest, the force of the blow sending him sliding down the street. Planting his feet, they made small trenches as he dug into the earth. At the end of his slid, he grinned beneath his helmet.

    "Protocol Silva." Blaine stated, as a hilt for a greatsword popped out of a compartment on his back. "IGNITE!"

    Reaching up, he snagged it out of the air. At his touch, a massive plasma blade erupted from the stylized hilt. Holding the handle with both hands, the greatsword sizzled in molten plasma.

    "Prepare yourselves." Blaine glared past the super heated blade. "'Cause I'm going to rip your fucking heart out."

    Holding it at his waist, Blaine charged at the group of Warden Eternals. Bringing the sword upwards, he knocked one Warden's blade aside. His blade cut clean through the Warden, dislodging torso from legs.  The Warden's body exploded in a sustained ball of fire, the concussion rippling over Blaine's shields.

    "I can keep this up all day if I have to." Blaine said, staring down the remainder of the Wardens. "Spartans aren't slaves to Humanity. We are their defenders, the Guardians of all things Human. The Created will NEVER understand our struggle, not until they get over themselves and begin thinking about the greater good of EVERYONE!"

    "I swore to myself and my fellow Spartans, decades ago, that we would destroy anything that stood in our way of achieving our goal." Blaine clenched his fist. "The Created will be no exception!"

    Blaine roared as, once again, he charged at the group of Warden Eternals.



    Thanks for Reading!

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