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    A Simple Story.

    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. Empty A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 9th 2013, 10:09 pm

    Scribbling, scribbling, scribbling.

    With the handwriting of a serial killer, John quickly scrawled along the small sheets of paper in his notebook. He turned the page every few seconds, as his dark eyes flitted from sight to sight in the small tavern.

    Everything he'd never seen deserved a page. Every thought and musing he cared to remember went down. Gentlemen and ladies who observed him with cautious curiosity. The old bartender. The middle aged man who tinked away at the piano across from him.

    This was the first town he'd been in for a full year. It warranted his utmost attention. He smiled as he wrote a biting remark about the piano player's mustache.

    A shadow passed him, constantly moving due to the candlelit room. John's expression darkened to an unwelcome, low browed gaze as he watched the man pass. He turned his attention to his belongings. His sword, most importantly, hadn't been touched since he sat down.

    John lightened up, and continued writing. He was perfectly happy to let his journal be his only friend tonight, as he waited for the waitress to deliver his food to the table.


    John looked up, giving the caller his attention. It was a she, and a remarkable one. Her smile lightened the plain atmosphere as she sat on the other side of the booth, the wood creaking underneath the healthy youth.

    "That's a nice sword." She looked at it. The jewel in the sword's pommel caught her eye.

    "Yes. It is." His wording was careful, lest he accidentally make her aware of what he wanted to say.

    I don't generally like thieves. Stop looking at my shit.

    She leaned across the table, staring at his things. John watched her, placing his notebook on the table and watching her carefully. Her slender fingers could shoot forward and snatch his bag at any second. He didn't trust easily, and was always prepared for the worst.

    "Do you use it often?" She pointed to his sword.

    John shook his head "yes," giving her a wistful look. "More than I'd like to."

    "Tell me about it." She leaned forward, her chin resting in the palm of her hand, her sleeve drooping to her elbow, as she awaited some explanation.

    "Tell you about what? Using a sword?" John rested his back on the booth. This wasn't a thief. Just a curious, pretty girl who wanted to know what it was like to be out of her element. "You swing it, and hopefully, you kill the thing on the sharp end."

    "I mean, tell me a story." She fixed her bright eyes on John. He sighed, and folded his arms on the table.

    "I used to be a soldier. There was a HUGE battle. Just outside of the mainlands."

    The girl smiled, her eyelids settling to a pleased, half open medium. She smiled as she envisioned the story in her mind's eye.

    "It gets gruesome here." John noted. She nodded, as he continued. "My army wanted to give the people on the mainlands a chance to escape the enemy, so we attacked them from behind. We were winning. I swung my sword, and every swing seemed to clear out ten mutants."


    "Tireless, ugly creatures that used to be human. They lumber towards you, grab you, and bite you. Even if you smash their skulls or cut them, they keep coming until they can't anymore. They never stop trying, unless you burn them into dust."

    "And you managed to kill ten at a time?"

    "I may be exaggerating." John smiled and shrugged. "But I was winning. I know how to make them stay down."

    "So, what happened?"

    "The Lich, the one who makes the Slow Mutants, was waiting for us to attack. He never wanted to destroy the Mainlands. He wanted us, the only people who would fight him, to all be in one place at one time. He sent something new he created."

    "What?" She now realized that this had all happened to John. The story directly influenced him. Depending on the ending, he must be either praised, or pitied.

    "He molded Slow Mutants into new shapes. Combined some. They were bigger and tougher. We fought back hard, and knocked down as many as we could. But then, he made creatures that explode. Green skin, hissing beasts who get too close and burst hard enough to crater the ground."

    Picturing the creatures, her eyes shut and opened as she envisioned each one.

    "I got close to the Lich. I cut him with my sword, and he knocked me down by shaking the earth. He sent one of the exploding creatures at me while I was getting up. I didn't know what it was, so I cut it down. It detonated in my face, and nearly killed me."

    The woman leaned forward, looking at him hard. "Is that why you have that scar on your neck?"

    "I'm lucky it didn't blow my head off. It split my neck pretty badly." John yawned. The story was old news to him. "After that, the Lich used the last of his power to summon a massive creature. Phalanx. It was a mile long, and spat hard, sandy winds. Those of us who weren't injured or dying were buried and blown away. The Lich nearly killed himself, but he'd won. We were decimated."

    "I'm sorry it ended that way. I hoped you would win." She put her hands in her lap. "I hate sad stories."

    "Eh. I'm still here." John yawned and stretched. He was tired, but still, he had to wait for his food. This woman was still staring expectantly at him.

    "...Do you have a name?" John asked.


    John waited patiently. Neither said anything for a moment.

    "What IS your name."


    "Well, Lucy, do you have any friends?"

    "Tell another story."

    "...You've said very little about yourself. Maybe YOU should tell ME something."

    "...No, not really."

    The Waitress stepped forward, and placed a small plate of rice and spiced vegetables on the table. John started eating, scooping a tomato slice into his mouth.

    She continued staring at him. At times, she'd smile, but for the most part, she simply watched him eat with a blank, interested expression. John swallowed, meeting her gaze.

    "Do you want any?" John asked, searching frantically for a way to divert her attention.

    "Allergic to tomatoes."

    "Ah. Well, I'm going to leave now." John slid the plate away, knocked on the wooden table, and stood, throwing his bag over his shoulder.

    He failed to notice how light his scabbard felt, or the absence of his sword.

    Lucy smiled, holding the handle of his sword as he walked out the door.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 9th 2013, 11:25 pm

    Ha, that was pretty funny.
    All the precaution about not getting his sword stolen, and it still ended up that way.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 10th 2013, 12:54 am

    "I want my sword back, please."

    Lucy smiled at John, as the two stood on the outskirts of town. She'd slipped a note under the table, and sure enough, in his frantic search of every inch of the tavern, he'd found it.

    Now, here the two were.

    "It's not yours. You probably aren't even strong enough to use it."

    Lucy smiled, her hands on her hips. She was wearing simple clothing, almost reminiscent of John's utilitarian garb. Tunic, and workable pants.

    "You're right." Lucy wagged her finger. "I can barely even carry it. But it's still valuable enough."

    "Just tell me what you want for it. I'll pay, you give me the sword, and I'll leave."

    "That's just it, actually." Lucy's smile became less enthusiastic. There was something jaded and longing to it. "You told me your story, but you didn't tell me ALL of it. After you were almost killed, and the army was brought down, what became of you?"

    John put his hands out. "This. I just left. Without my comrades, there was nothing left for me."

    "So, you aimlessly go from settlement to settlement?" Lucy seemed more interested now. Hopeful.

    What is it you WANT, girl?

    "I read your journal as you wrote in it. I was in the booth, looking over your shoulder before I sat to talk to you. You said you hadn't seen anyone in a YEAR."

    "Yes. Settlements are few and far between."

    "I want to go with you." Lucy pointed to the edge of the city. "We're going to leave together, and travel as a team. And you'd better not leave me behind."

    John snorted. "Out of the question."

    "I have my own horse." Lucy pointed towards town. "I won't slow you down."

    "I hate horses. I walk."

    "I can keep up."

    "Not in those shoes."

    "Why don't you want me to come?"

    "Because you're a thief. You still have something that belongs to me. And you could DIE."

    Lucy pointed to the town. "I'll die here eventually anyway. What do you do that's so dangerous? You're just a wanderer."

    John gestured towards the great plains. "I'm NOT just a wanderer. You asked what became of me? After that mutant nearly killed me, I was dragged off the battlefield. I had a chance to kill the Lich, but he lived. Now, I look for him, and everything he's ever made, and I kill it." John's jaw torqued to the side a bit, clearly angry. "I've been bitten, thrown off cliffs, burned, and I've had more of those abominations detonate on me than I can remember. By all rights, I should be dead. YOU? You wouldn't last a second."

    "I'd rather die than stay in this boring town. I've tried to go on my own, but without help, you're right, I'd die. Being smart isn't enough. I need someone who can fight those creatures, and you can."

    "Why don't you want to stay here?"

    "Boring people. It's like being hollowed out. Soon I'll be too boring and tired to go anywhere. I want to see the world." Lucy smiled. "Hearing your story was one of the few things that made me...interested. I want to be a part of one."

    John put his face in his palm, contemplating.

    She'll slow me down, and she might die, but at least she's OKAY with it.

    Lucy seemed to be sizing him up as well. Expecting him to say something.

    "You'd better learn how to hold up a conversation." John growled. "My sword."

    Lucy turned, and fished the heavy, dark blade from a hay stack. She grunted as she lifted the sword by the pommel.

    John inhaled, and held out his hand. "DENTUM."

    The blade jerked free of Lucy's hand, and thudded onto the ground. As if a rope were fixed to her pommel, the sword slid to John, and swung up. Handle first, it lept into John's hand. Dentum, John's loyal, ever handy sword, shined in the light before he slid the blade into his scabbard.

    Lucy smiled. "You're the real thing, aren't you?"

    "Just follow me. We're leaving."
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 10th 2013, 2:46 pm

    So Lucy wasn't startled when John just randomly yelled out Dentum?
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 10th 2013, 4:55 pm

    A bit startled, but she has a loose understanding of magic, so she grasped what was happening in a moment.
    dragon of darkness
    dragon of darkness

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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  dragon of darkness on April 10th 2013, 4:59 pm

    "Edward wake up, Edward" a female said

    "what is it Shara" Edward asked

    "someone is at the door" Shara pointed at the metal door

    Edward got up and put on his cloths and a jacket and walked to the door and opened it. There was a loud bang as one of those creatures detonated taking the whole house with it. Edward pulled himself out of the rubble as more mutants showed up his vision turned blood red as he pulled his sword out of the rubble.

    "come and get me you bastards" Edward yelled at them

    Edward started to swing as they got closer and closer striking them down but they never stayed down as they got back up. Edward had to run but his blood lust kept him there.

    "stay the hell down you fat freaks" Edward said knocking another down.

    he finally got knocked out by one of them and they left him for dead from starvation or dehydration witch ever one came first. Edward never thought what happened to Shara he laid there unconscious.
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 10th 2013, 8:01 pm

    John yawned, as his boots trudged across grass and dirt. His sword, blade safely hidden in the scabbard, rested in his hand as he walked. He tirelessly marched past trees, occasionally hopping over small rivers or over the roots of trees.

    He'd expected Lucy to fall behind. It was contrary-wise.

    "Keep up!" Lucy called back to him occasionally. She enjoyed the air of the great forest. They were an hour out of town, and the freedom was already intoxicating to her.

    I wonder when she'll calm down and get used to it. John smiled. Maybe she'll get tired of it. If that happens, I may have to walk her back. I'll lose daylight, but I could just stay in town.

    "HEY. Boy. Stay there."

    John stopped, but before he could turn, he felt an arm wrap around his pack. The trusty bag was torn off and thrown away before he could pull away. John backed up, getting distance and observing the aggressor.

    Three men, with thick arms and red, suntanned skin. They breathed heavy, having followed John for quite a while, at a hurried pace. Their expressions were glazed over and tired, but John could clearly see hate in their eyes.

    "Is she here?" The man who had presumably seized John's bag, throwing it down, huffed angrily through his nostrils. "Did that girl come out here with you? Did you take her?"

    I could lie. It'd be easier. John opened his mouth to speak.

    "I know she did. You can't just walk out of here with one of the few women we got." The man swatted a fly away from his face. The bridge of his nose, and the flesh around his eyes and cheeks were red. He appeared to be a farmer, or a day laborer.

    Then John noticed their weapons. They were carrying sharpened spades. The smallest of them had a short sword.

    John held the handle of his sword. "She chose to come with me. There's no need for violence. Turn around and go home, and nothing else will come of it."

    "You little cock-piston. You think you can walk into town, eat our food, sleep in our inn, and walk out with one of our best looking women on your arm? I should throttle your fucking eyes out."

    "You should come over here and try." John drew his sword and pointed it. He tossed away the scabbard, and prepared his left hand, clenching it tight.

    "C'mon now." The smallest man readied his sword. "I kill livestock for a living. I see more blood in a day than you've seen in your whole little life. Just call the girl over, and send her to us."

    "Like hell!" Lucy stepped forward. She'd heard the commotion, and returned, a knife in each hand. "I'm not going back alive. It's that simple."

    John grunted. "Go back ahead."

    "I'm NOT going back with them." Lucy spat.

    "...No, I mean go AHEAD. Just go away so I can handle this."

    "What?" Lucy, confused, scratched the handle of her knife against her head.

    John turned to her to shout in anger, but the smallest man approached with his sword. It was a short walk to get to John, who prepared his blade.

    Their swords clashed. John held his ground, and swiveled his sword, taking the man off balance. With a swing of his left hand, he bashed the man's nose, forcing him to stumble back.

    John leaned forward, preparing his blade for another attack. He held it in a defensive posture, the blade parallel with the ground, inches from his cheek. His hand tightened around the leather grip.

    The small man watched John prepare and scrambled backwards, crawling away.

    Lucy lifted her knife, stepping beside John. "They came for ME. I can handle this myself. YOU go away so I can handle this."

    Before John could protest, Lucy prepared her knife, and threw it. The blade spun through the air, and smashed the sun-burnt, loud mouthed man's front tooth. Though the handle had stricken him, the effect was potent enough to prove a point.

    The man clutched his mashed lip and shattered tooth.

    John smiled. "You didn't quite-"

    "SHUT IT. I still have another." Lucy readied her knife. "Go find somewhere else to put your short little disgusting smelly puds. I'm not going back. Between the two of us, we can kill THIRTY of you."

    The men fumbled for their dropped belongings, and fled.

    John patted her on the shoulder, then lifted his backpack. "I don't suppose you're going back there anytime soon."

    Lucy wasn't in a talking mood. She turned her back, and continued walking.

    John and Lucy made camp. With no twigs to burn, they simply rested by a tree. It was hot enough anyway.

    "...So, I can see why you wanted to leave that town."

    Lucy grumbled, not paying attention.

    "If they come back again, we can kill 'em. I figure that's what you wanted, considering you hurled a knife at one."

    "Men like them have been around my entire life. I had nothing in that town but people who wanted to hollow me out. Make me a boring little wife, who churns out children and home cooked meals on command. So I stole. I cut my hair short. I burned the gifts they brought me, and whenever one of those thick bastards got close, I cut them with my nails. I kicked and screamed and tried for years to get out of that life. But I couldn't leave. It was too dangerous alone...and too lonely."

    John felt each word. It had been a year since he'd spoken to anyone but himself.

    "I'm not going to live that life. I'm not going to be their boring little Lucille. That isn't even my full first name anyway." Lucy pointed her knife at the sky. "We're going to go where we want, slay your enemies, and conquer the WORLD. Consider yourself the first member of my army, Jonathan!"

    "...Good. You may be more useful than I figured." John smiled. "And my full name ain't Jonathan. Good enough guess, by the way."

    John rubbed his chin for a moment.

    "You knew my name before I told it. How come?"

    "It's written on your hat."

    John raised his eyebrow, and took his sword off his back. "It's written in SELKIE on my hat. You're a mainlander. You shouldn't be able to read it."

    "Hey. I've got ways." Lucy smiled. John knew damn well he wouldn't get an answer beyond that. "Tell me a story."

    John leaned forward, his hands rested on the scabbard of his blade. "Alright, Lucy. What about?"
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 10th 2013, 11:38 pm

    They just wanted Lucy so she could babies? I would leave as well if I lived in a town full of ugly ladies who wanted me just to fertilize their eggs. Creepy.

    Ah well. I like Lucy's attitude in this once. A lot more outgoing than her Halo counterpart it seems.

    Oh and... Um... Da hell is Selkie?
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 10th 2013, 11:43 pm

    It's a subspecies of human roughly equivalent to African American. They hail from islands off the coast of the main human continent, the Mainlands.

    Imagine a huge patch of land roughly the size of earth. That's the Mainland. The whole planet in this fiction is about the size of Jupiter. Humans haven't even come close to charting all of the planet, let alone the continent.

    Selkies are a relatively relaxed people, but because of the Lich's constant attacks and pressure, they've become drifters.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 10th 2013, 11:52 pm

    So they're more like Jamaicans then?

    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 11th 2013, 1:15 am


    Moving on...

    His hope will atrophy.

    His body will suffer.

    Leave him and be free. Stay at his side, and suffer.
    Lucy awoke with a start. She'd had nightmares most of her life, sleeping alone in a small room above her town's market.

    She'd hoped those dreams would go away. Tonight, they were worse.

    She yawned, and arched her back, trying to get up. Her body felt like pins and needles, having spent the night on the soft grass.

    Then she noticed the arm around her waist.

    The first strike woke John. She batted him five times with the side of her hand, jarring the side of his head. She bit down on his offending arm, and swung her heel back, stamping on his shin.

    Needless to say, he let go.

    She leaped back, as John got his bearings.

    "...OWWWWWWWWW..." John curled into a ball. There was no isolated area for him to nurse. Lucy had made every part of him hurt. Fortunately, his testacles had been spared.

    Lucy frowned, the corners of her mouth pulled down with displeasure. "How dare you touch me! This is the FIRST NIGHT, and you tried something?! Maybe I made a mistake trusting you."

    She was genuinely angry, but she didn't mean her words. She knew well it was an accident, and that he'd moved closer in his sleep. But it was best to lay down the law now, lest the next time be purposeful.

    "Think NOTHING of what just happened. Do you understand? NOTHING."

    John stared at her, addled, tired, and with a tinge of bitterness.

    Then he saw the corners of her mouth twitch. She was stifling a laugh.

    "You bastard." John stood, and stretched. He had half a mind to take some offensive, but it wasn't in him to even jokingly harm a woman. "Whatever. Let's get going. We're burning daylight."

    Lucy and John gathered their things slowly. The sudden start to the day was exhausting, but John's slow release of energy, and Lucy's desperation to avoid sleep, fueled their start.

    Honor your father. Honor me, my pet. My spinning friend.

    My pet. Maim them. Kill them. Drink them.

    Take as many spiders as you like.
    "You aren't walking a mile ahead today!" John held his sword on his shoulder as he walked. The scabbard had Selkie writing. Perfect, dark circles and swooping bold lettering. Lucy turned and observed them. It was the name of his sword.

    "Where did you get Dentum?" Lucy asked. She wasn't in a good mood, but she wanted to hear John talk. Something about coaxing him to speak interested her.

    There was a certain power to it. Asking and discovering parts of his life, while guarding her own. Taking without giving. John seemed fine with the odd, mental invasion, and Lucy took pleasure in it.

    "I've had her for ten years now. Half of my life, almost. My general commissioned the sword, and a Mainlander gave us the jewel in the pommel." John drew his sword. "Dentum is alive, in a way. Comes when I call."

    "Why did you name her Dentum?"

    John stared off into the distance. "It was my aunt's middle name. She was killed by slow mutants protecting me when I was very small."

    Lucy was a bit taken aback. "Why do you just say all of this stuff? It seems private."

    John shrugged, inventing an answer in an instant. "Because you asked."

    "But just two days ago, I stole your sword."

    "Just one day ago, you were run out of town by the ugliest gentlemen I've ever seen. Look, stop asking why I'm nice to you and take what you can get."

    John froze in his tracks. He kept his sword on his shoulder, and did nothing to change his posture. His right hand remained in his pants pocket, his left hand on the handle of his sword.

    "Don't move, Lucy."

    Lucy remained still. She felt the same chill that John did.

    "...What is it." Lucy whispered.

    "They can already see us. No point whispering." John turned to her, and pointed to her daggers. "Have you ever fought something...inhuman before?"

    Lucy heard the leaves above them rustle. She saw shadows change. She drew her knives, and swallowed hard. "Time for me to prove my mettle, huh?"

    John nodded.

    The moment he drew his sword, the spiders were upon them.


    Both protagonists saw the attacks coming. Four on two. John scrambled out from beneath one of the dropping spiders. They were as heavy as grown men, but landed on silent, hairy, spindly legs.

    Lucy's knives found home in the gut of one of the creatures, as it pitched itself towards her. Soundlessly, it curled its legs in agony. The remaining, horrid limbs darted from place to place, planting and shoving against her. The creature's fangs were inches from her face.

    With all her strength, the crammed her feet against its bulbous body and pushed, straightening her legs. The spider was thrown off, and she readied her knife. She hurled it hard, and the blade struck between its fangs, killing it.

    John caught a spider by the fang, grunting with anger and effort. The fang bent, then came free. His sword arm pistoned the blade clear through the Spider's chiton, gouging out its chest. John pulled back, and the spider came loose.

    His second opponent was more devious, pouncing on his back. He lifted his blade, and Dentum hooked onto the spider's fangs. With a hard tug, he yanked the spider, unseating it from his back. His balance lost, he simply threw his left hand, battering the Spider between his eight eyes.

    Lucy fared better against her opponent. Taking a cue from the first, she simply tackled the spider with all her strength, her boot pinning its fanged face. She lifted her knife, and plunged it into the spider's mouth.

    John lifted his blade and brought it down, stabbing the final, hideous creature, and stapling it to the ground with his blade.

    Before he could pull it free, their final, and most devious attacker came forward.


    Lucy saw, but couldn't believe. A six armed man. Each arm hairer and harder, a carapace surrounding the lower limbs. His bottom four hands sported short, wicked blades.

    Lucy scrambled for her knife as the man swung down from a white rope. Before she could find her second blade, the spider-man kicked off of a tree.

    "WATCH OUT, LUCY!!!" John struggled to free his sword from the spider's gut, but the spider curled its legs around the handle, scratching John's hand and further trapping his blade. "DENTUM!!! I NEED YOU NOW!!!"

    The blade, despite her will, could not budge. She merely shook angrily, desperate to be reunited with her master.

    Lucy felt the spider-man's boots dig into her stomach, as the beast kicked her full force. She coughed up a dollup of saliva and stomach acid, the taste burning at her mouth. The tumbled away, seemingly incapacitated.

    "Ah. The girl first, then?" The spider-man settled on the ground, prepared to slash into Lucy with his blades.

    "NO. ME."

    John, unarmed, charged.

    His fists seemed sufficient in the first round of blows. He swung his right hand, and the spider-man's cheek took the full force of the blow. Strafing, the hideous chimera received another blow.

    John's hands met his in a power struggle. He forced the spider man back, his raw Selkie muscle claiming the advantage.

    But in his rage, he forgot the spider-man's extra arms. They swung their blades, nearly gutting him. John backed away, forced onto the defensive.

    John felt many, stinging, cosmetic injuries. His arms received narrow, shallow, short cuts as he backed away from each strike.

    "CATCH." Lucy, still in pain, threw her knife as hard as she could. The blade stabbed into the spider-man's thigh, giving John his chance. He lifted both arms, intending to crush the chimera's collarbone under one blow.

    "Know FEAR." The spider-man's cheeks welled up with saliva, and he spat. The torrent of white ooze that left the creature's mouth struck home on John's wrists, binding them. A spider's web. John struggled against the bonds, as the monster moved behind him, pulling his wrists and readying his blades. "Your people are frauds. Selkies ae liars, cheats, and bullies." The spider-man indulged himself a few final words. "But above all, you're backstabbers. Consider this poetic justice, Selkie trash."

    John stared back hatefully, prepared for four sharp blades to the back.


    Lucy's blade came down on the webbing, cutting John free. She turned and swung again, slashing the spider-man's chest.

    Her sheer speed allowed her a chance to strike. She stabbed with her blade, piercing his chest. She ducked a slash, and seized the knife buried in the spider-man's thigh.

    "This is going to HURT."

    Lucy twisted the blade, then tore it out.

    The spider-man howled in pain, and seized his webbing, swinging it. The web wrapped around Lucy's thighs, forcing her to the ground. Her chin hit first.

    "You're a tough woman." The spider-man hissed.

    "It takes more than a cheap kick to kill me, asshole."


    The blade wrenched itself free, and John caught it. His hands were still bound, but it was no problem with his sword. He raised the blade high, and charged.

    His swings, at first, simply missed. The spider-man dodged, enhanced reflexes keeping him out of harm's way. John's blade met only air as he swung it quickly and harshly.

    "Stay still." Lucy reached into her bag, and pulled out a handfull of sharp, painful caltraps.

    The spider-man picked a terrible day to be barefoot. She spilled them along the grass, and sure enough, his feet found one.

    Crying out in pain, he could run no more. John had a clear chance to end him. Their blades clashed at first, the monstrosity backing away, deflecting blows with all his strength. Lucy watched in awe as John's blade swung over and over, a different angle each time, and always with more speed, and more power than the last attack.

    John felt the webbing on his wrist dry, and he snapped his hands free. His left hand swung forward, basking the spider-man's face.

    "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" John lifted his sword, and smashed it down on his opponent's shoulder. The blow cleaved the three arms on the right side of the spider-man's body clean off. The chipped, dark blade passed through with terrifying ease. Dentum's jewel glowed with malicious satisfaction.

    Falling to his knees, the spider-man resisted the urge to cry out in pain.

    "...You will die. Both of you. You cannot face my master. He will avenge my death. My demise marks only your-"

    A knife silenced him, lodging itself dead in his forehead.

    John, as if nothing happened, sheethed his blade. He moved to help Lucy up.

    "NOPE. Do not fucking touch me. I'll get free myself." Lucy, true to her word, broke herself free. "I killed that freak, didn't I?"

    John smiled. "Yes, in fact, you did."

    "Then I won't abide a stereotypical moment where the man carries the wounded woman. You're in worse shape than me, with all those cuts." Lucy folded her arms, silently nursing her stomach where the spider-man had kicked her.

    "Is your stomach alright? It looks like if you were pregnant, the baby would be pissed."

    Lucy rubbed her side, growling at John. "I saved your life."

    "WOAH. I saved yours too. Don't get cocky." John smiled. "But, you handled yourself surprisingly well."

    "It's not that hard to grasp." Lucy walked to the spider man, and considered taking back her blades. She shook her head, disgusted by their condiditon, and stole the blades her dead opponent was using. "These are high quality."

    John picked up his bag, and looped it over his shoulder. "And all we had to do to earn them was step on some spiders."

    "...Shut up."

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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  It's Kruger on April 11th 2013, 1:24 am

    Angel, I know John didn't have the heart to say it, but I do.

    This is not a collaborative story. This is John's own content that I'm sure he would like to tell alone; unabashed and unabandoned.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 11th 2013, 1:48 am

    Here's some of the creatures of the Story's canon.


    Humans - You know 'em. They come in many shapes, sizes and nationalities. Thus far, I've only explored Mainlanders and Selkies.

    Mainlanders - Typical, caucasion/hispanic people.

    Selkies - Dark skinned, possessing facial markings. In John's case, there are two black, symmetrical shapes under his eyes. The bigger the markings, the more distinguished they are in social standing. Lack of these markings is indicative of a loss of cultural heritage. Some are remarkably strong and durable due to desperate magical treatments during the Green War (the conflict John described in the earliest chapter).

    Llium - The closest thing I have to elves. They live on the edge of the great plains, and mostly keep to themselves. They create and enjoy a wide range of magics. Unlike traditional elves, they make no weapons, and most are total pascifists.

    They do not live in trees. They are able climbers, but they tend to live on the ground.

    Slow Mutants - For all intents and purposes, human beings diseased and robbed of their minds. They each possess the essence of the Lich, giving them a tireless bloodlust. Unless they are completely dismembered, they will continue slowly stalking either whatever fresh, human meat is available, or marching towards the Lich's targets.

    As their name implies, they are quite slow. Running away (or walking quickly) is a viable tactic, but they won't give up on a chase for weeks, unless barred from pursuit by an impassable physical obstacle, or distracted.

    Combines - When many slow mutants gather, these creatures tend to appear. It is unknown how these creatures come to be, but it is clear that the Lich created them.

    Humanoid, wrapped in green, tight, atrophying flesh, these creatures are very slow, possessing stumpy legs. Their eyes are black and soulless, and their mouths have no teeth. Although unimpressive physically, they possess one way to devastate their targets.

    When they are close enough, their toothless, smooth, throatless mouths bite down on whatever they can grasp. They then explode, leaving craters and broken pieces of their victims.

    Human warriors often charge in, intent on tearing the helpless seeming creatures to shreds. The creatures then bite down with bone crushing force, and detonate. Slow mutants are often left to scoop the pieces of human warriors up, and devour them.

    Ghasts - Huge ballons of white, rotting flesh and bone. Looming, terrible creatures with constantly crying eyes, these beasts float through the air. Their nine long, fleshy tentacles can easily reach down and snatch up humans if they are hovering low over the ground. When they feed, they simply grab struggling creatures, slow mutants, humans, or animals alike, and place them into their huge, toothless mouths. The captured quarry is then forcefully and painfully made a part of the Ghast, its voice added to the ghast's pained shrieks.

    Their faces horrifyingly simple, pale, and blank, despite the sounds they produce.

    They are huge, their skin durable. From their mouths they can shoot flaming rocks heavy enough to break a man's back and burn down buildings. It is not unheard of for three Ghasts to loom high over a village, raining death for no reason other than their sadness and hate for everything the Lich casts his eyes on.

    Possessed of a limited intelligence, it is assumed that they cry due to the constant pain their their body causes them. Those unfortunate enough to be nearby them are sometimes driven mad by their screams, constantly wailing, sobbing, growling, and shouting in pain and anger like damaged, tortured wraiths.

    You can hear one from a mile in the air. If one is mere feet from the ground, CLOSE YOUR EARS. Every part of it is a unit of one pained, crying, hating, disgusting creature, and its complaints will be heard.

    Spiders - Big spiders. Fuck you.

    That's all you need to know thus far. Other things will come.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on April 11th 2013, 7:38 am

    Almost sounds like Minecraft xD !

    Not that there is anything wrong with that, I like the idea of the darker, more realistic side of Minecraft.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 11th 2013, 10:37 am

    ...You know what? I'm liking this story a lot more than I thought I would.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 14th 2013, 9:51 am

    I hope you know how easy it will be to kill him.

    I'll poison his hope. I'll sour his trust in you. Soon, he'll leave you of his own accord.

    Leave him. He will bring you trouble. Death, even.
    Lucy awoke, once again, with a start. Her face was drenched with sweat, her breathing hard and labored.

    Whatever was in her dreams was suffocating her.

    It was no dream. Lucy but her hand to her forehead, contemplating.

    It wants me to leave John behind. Lucy looked every which way for her traveling companion, but found nothing.

    His sword was rested against his sleeping bag. He obviously hadn't gone far.

    She yawned, and laid back.


    She looked up. John calmly walked past her and picked up his sword. "We have to go. NOW."

    Lucy sat up. "Why?"

    "Mutants. They're stalking us." John gathered his things quickly. "We need to make ourselves scarce."

    "Mutants?" Lucy made the connection from his stories, and felt a strange disconnect from the reality of it. It was almost that something from a story would be coming to kill her. Still, she gathered her knives, slotting them in her belt. She rolled her blanket and stuffed it into her bag. John folded and tucked away his own sleeping bag, and the two began their hike.

    "John, you've told me about the Lich, but what can he...do?"

    "Now's not the time for stories. We really need to move, Lucy." John hurried faster, his boots clomping steadily along.

    As she opened her mouth to pursue the subject, she began to hear the moans.

    A cacophony of tortured, low cries rolled over them.

    John's expression changed, as he pulled his scabbard off of his back and into his hand.

    "Actually...if you have any questions, ask away. They already know we're here, so being quiet won't change anything."

    Just out of her view, twigs broke and earth shifted, as the sounds of hundreds of shuffling feat pervaded the air, prevailing over the sounds of crickets chirping.

    Needless to say, John and Lucy hurried.

    "Don't look back. We'll outrun them if we hurry." John held his scabbard ever tighter, his right hand rested on the leather grip. His shoulders tensed, his hands tight.

    Hungry, cold, and being chased, Lucy wasn't convinced. "We should fight! If we clear a path, we can hide in the forest and wait them out!"

    Before John could respond, the ugliest creature Lucy had ever seen burst towards him.

    It made her skin crawl. Leaking green puss and congealed blood from its skin, what she could recognize as a mouth was lined with chipped, blackened teeth. Its hands were out as it moved with as much alacrity as its pitiful, bloated, broken body could muster.

    John planted his feet and swung the scabbard of his sword, the tip smashing through the creature's skull, exposing its brain. The creature stumbled backwards, its forehead bumping into a tree. It turned, its mouth open and still moaning.

    John drew his blade and swung it, taking the creature's head off.

    Lucy, snapping back to reality, observed the occurrence with studious intrigue. Headless, the creature's body produced no noise, yet clawed expectantly, grasping at John. Its head still bit the air.

    No matter what, the creature would never die.

    And there were hundreds of them.

    "NEVERMIND! We'll only fight if we have to! Let's keep running!" Lucy seized John's arm and led him quickly. John placed the scabbard on his shoulder.

    Another creature cut them off. Lucy drew her knives.

    As the creature lurched towards her, she looped past and behind it. She ducked low, and slashed the tendons behind the beast's heels. The mutant fell forwards, his feet now useless. It attempted to right itself, but Lucy and John simply walked around the slow enemy.

    "That was BRILLIANT." John, despite the desperation of the situation, smiled in approval.

    Lucy allowed herself a moment of warm pride in her abilities. "Thanks!"

    Then came the harsh reality of the situation.

    John and Lucy had met a dead end. As they passed the trees, they came to an immense, craggy cliff edge. The fall was long and dark. A death sentence.

    John held his sword ready. Lucy prepared her knives. Their pursuers were catching up, footfall by slow footfall.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 14th 2013, 5:45 pm

    Will John and Lucy survive?

    Tune in next time to... The Walking Dead!

    Sorry I just can't stop thinking of zombies when I picture the mutants.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  dragon of darkness on April 15th 2013, 3:32 am

    I decided Edward is evil not good why the lich makes him that way if you don't mind
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 15th 2013, 8:44 am

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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 15th 2013, 8:48 am

    John's sword raked across the chest of another mutant. The creature staggered back, and John swung harder, throwing the monster backwards, its head severed, and its arms flailing. The mutant fumbled backwards into several others, forcing them back.

    Lucy swung her knife. She targeted the neck, intent on severing the head, but with her knives, however sharp, piercing tendons, muscle, and bone was no easy feat. She crossed her knives like scissors, jerking them across the mutant's neck as its hands reached for her. She split the head enough to addle it, and thrust her foot forward, knocking it back.

    One by one, then two by two, the monsters came. The duo struck each one down, weary but defiant. Minutes passed, the horde showing no sign of exhaustion.

    "This is getting us nowhere!" Lucy backed away, knives in hand. John stepped in front of her, still on the offensive. Two mutants were pressing at him, as he held them back with both arms.

    "See if you can jump!" John growled, and shoved both of the mutants back. He swung the flat side of his sword, smashing one across the eyes. The second moved close to him, its teeth clopping hungrily. John wrapped an arm around its neck, pulling it into a headlock and shoving his sword into its face. "Now! I'll hold them!"

    Lucy turned away as John engaged the horde. Without her help, at any given moment, he was outnumbered ten to one. She saw how tired he was.

    She had to make something work.

    She looked over the cliff. There was a large ledge on the other side.

    I can jump it.

    No you can't. The scratchy, tormenting voice of her dreams surfaced. It's futile. Renounce the Selkie, and I will show you mercy. There is your chance. There is your freedom.

    Her blood ran cold, as the gap seemed to grow exponentially. The darkness below pulled in on itself.

    Lucy's eye twitched.

    It's not a dream. He's really here, messing with me.

    The voice grew silent.

    The Lich had expected abject fear. Not contemplation.

    He's just scared that I CAN make it!

    Lucy got a running start, and jumped. Her feet clawed the air, as she flew through the air. She landed with space to spare on the other side.


    She could still hear him swinging his blade, hacking and punching and stomping. He was coming closer to the edge, but turning his back was suicide.

    John felt his heel touch the ledge as he shoved yet another mutant away.

    Then, he saw exactly what he didn't want to see.e t

    A Combine. Its green skin stretched as its human skeleton pressed against the seams of its cobble flesh. Its dark, gaping maw opened and shut, drawing in air and expelling white, hot gas.

    It was going to detonate on him if he didn't hurry.

    He turned and jumped, his sword flailing. He hit the ledge, clawing his way up.

    Five mutants tumbled over the ledge, unable to leap due to their shoddy anatomy. Only after the sixth tumbler did they cease the pointless pursuit.

    John felt a dark chill. Lucy visibly shuddered.

    "It's HIM." John readied his sword.

    Lucy prepared her blades. "The Big Bad is here NOW?!"

    Floating above the mutants, a ragged, thin, tall figure cast its shadow over the travellers.

    "...How lame. Coming NOW, Lich?" John prepared his sword. "You never did have patience, or class. You think you can just roll over me so easily?!"

    He did not speak. He merely watched, floating above his small horde.

    His face was shadowed by a black hood. One hand was skeletally thin and pale. The other was simply bones, with no flesh involved, constantly dripping blood. The Lich was just as physically pitiful as his hordes, with one addition.

    The air around him was deathly cold, and his eyes were some new breed of black. As if not satisfied to merely be compared to the night sky, those haunting eyes, beneath the shadow of his hood, seemed to eat the light around them, creating the deepest, blackest, most soulless visage possible.

    Glaring, hating, it inhaled to speak. Each word held the gravity of a hateful God.

    "I told you, it's futile!"

    Thunder clashed in his hand. He raised it, and green sparks fizzled between the bones, the blood evaporating as he aimed.

    He aimed for Lucy.

    "DENTUM, lend me your strength."

    John stepped in front of Lucy, raising his chipped, dirty, dark blade. The jewel in the pommel shined.

    Of course.

    The Lich shoved his hand forward, and green, bitter lightning arked against Dentum. John held his ground, and the blade fought back, the chain of electricity held at bay by Dentum's sturdy blade.

    "Weak fool."

    The Lich raised his free hand.

    Lucy raised her knife, and threw it.

    The blade split the Lich's hand. He pulled it back with displeasure, the flesh between his forefinger and thumb broken. Mutants moaned with displeasure, mirroring the Lich's subconscious annoyance.

    "Damaging his body does nothing!" John held the bolts of lightning back with his sword, but sparks got through. One hit his arm, forcing it to twitch and jerk in pain. A thick blast struck his gut, nearly forcing him to his knees. Dentum's glow flickered with John's dwindling health. "You need a weapon that can hurt his SPIRIT!"

    "Only your sword can do that, and he's too far!" Lucy pleaded for some way to fight. "Tell me you have SOMETHING! ANYTHING!"

    Another spark struck John's leg. He was on his knees, his expression shifting between defiant rage and pain, as he held his sword up, still holding back the lightning.

    "The splitting of the atom cannot stop me. The power of the Selkie couldn't stop me. Neither can your spirit."

    The Lich ceased his bombardment, and John stood.

    "MY BOW! TAKE IT!" John threw down his short bow, and Lucy seized it.

    The Lich raised his hand.


    As if torn from a hole in space, the blade appeared. Light, straight, pointed, and clean, the sword possessed a blade in the pommel that was as dark as the Lich's eyes.

    He descended like a hawk, his raggedy cloak fluttering like wings. He raised his blade, and brought it down on John's.

    At the brink of exhaustion, John was forced down in one blow, falling face flat. He stood and swung back, their blades clashing, but the Lich's thin appearance belied a magically enhanced strength. Another clash brought John to one knee as he pressed back. Their swords ground against eachother as the power struggle fell out of the Selkie's favor.

    "One man is nothing. One SELKIE is less than nothing."

    Lucy readied her arrow.

    The Lich looked up in time to take the arrow to the cheek.

    She drew another bead on him, firing through his shoulder.

    "Don't touch my belongings!!" Lucy aimed again, and fired, forcing the Lich to retreat.

    "How can I conquer the world if I let you strike down my one companion?! You're not robbing me, you ZOMBIE!" Lucy fired again, striking the Lich in the gut.

    John leaned on his sword as Lucy advanced, drawing back one of her two remaining arrows. She was going for a headshot.

    The Lich fell backwards into his mutants, who shielded him faithfully.

    "COME BACK AND FIGHT, COWARD!" Lucy aimed her arrow. "OR HIDE! Wait patiently in some little hole! Cobble yourself back together! Next time, I'll knock you down and let John stomp your neck until your head pops off!!" Lucy lowered her arrow. "You mess with us again, and it'll be the last thing you ever do!!"

    John simply watched, as Lucy offered him her hand.

    "Let's go. We'll have another chance at him." The two hurried off into the plains, the slow mutants moaning and crying for their wounded master, who said nothing. His ties to his body were strained, his wounds putting stress on his very spirit.

    He wanted revenge more than anything on the earth.

    John nodded, sheathing Dentum. "...You saved my life."

    "You GAVE me a life." Lucy drew John in for a hug.

    It was awkward, but warm.

    A sentiment that would remain between them for quite a while.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 15th 2013, 3:12 pm

    ...Wait. Has the Lich been NUKED before?

    Do the people have that technological capacity?
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 15th 2013, 3:27 pm

    John and Lucy were swinging SWORDS and ARROWS at him. If there are nuclear bombs anywhere, I'd assume they would want the option to use one on him.

    Whatever capacity humanity in this world, Mainlander, Selkie, or otherwise, could possess to create a nuclear bomb is either long gone or never existed.

    But the Lich seems to know a lot about science.

    And it's a BIG world out there. Maybe he found something interesting, deposited on the planet by some unholy union of science and magic. Maybe it was sheer accident, or someone trying to kill him and everything else.

    Maybe he ain't from around these parts.

    Whatever's goin' on with the dude, he seems to have a lot of mutants at his disposal, and powers no sentient being can top without the use of magic. Razz Only time will tell.

    Bad John wrote:he seems to have a lot of mutants at his disposal
    a lot of mutants at his
    of mutants at
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 15th 2013, 3:35 pm

    Why the emphasis on mutants?
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 15th 2013, 4:20 pm

    What emphasis?

    I'm not telling you nothin'.

    Bad John wrote:What emphasis?
    Lol. I guess it was a dumb hint, when I think about it.
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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 15th 2013, 9:01 pm

    Bad John wrote:What emphasis?

    I'm not telling you nothin'.

    Bad John wrote:What emphasis?
    Lol. I guess it was a dumb hint, when I think about it.
    You will not tell me nothing? That means you'll tell me something. You "said" it yourself.

    And I think I have a clue now as to why you did that thing with the word "mutants". Nukes produce massive amount of radiation, and radiation creates mutants!

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    A Simple Story. Empty Re: A Simple Story.

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