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    The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 4th 2013, 12:55 pm

    Chapter 7: New World Order.

    Beneath his feet, Bryce felt the asphalt begin to quake. The entirety of Crisis city shook. Buildings toppled, many burned, as the streets had massive fault lines shatter down their lengths. Late to the party, the resounding concussion of hundreds of explosives went off, effectively trapping every citizen in the city.

    Running his way over towards Spaces Square, he glanced up at the giant television on the skyscraper. The newscaster appeared, but her voice was muffled by the explosions riddling the city. Instead a video that appeared over her shoulder blew up to cover the screen. All around the world, explosions trapped every city within the confines of themselves, as troopers from Terra Co. and the Agency patrolled their borders, opening fire on anyone that opposed their respective factions, even each other, if they saw each other.

    Glancing down the south end of Broadway, civilians of all sorts roared with both panic and anger, marching in his general direction. Turning a complete one-eighty, he watched as Agency soldiers dressed in assault gear marched forward, the first row and every other one holding riot shields, the rest armed to the teeth with high tech weaponry.

    Before any shots were fired, or anyone could move, the many televisions layering the sky-scrapers filled with numerous faces, all of which shared by two very familiar people. On the side following the civilians, Morpheus' face appeared, on the Agency, a Woman's. One he had thought long dead, or gone.

    "Mom?" he said in disbelief.

    "Citizens of Crisis City! This is your time to relinquish the grasp that the corrupt have over you, and to throw in back in their faces! We all know the hardships of being truly free, when our own Government establishes an organization seeking out Humans unlike us, and destroying them. You, you husbands and wifes, your daughters and sons, your grandsons or granddaughters. ALL that you loved, oppressed by those whom run our Country, our WORLD!" Olympus' voice echoed through the town. "We are among you, our Organization set to end the oppression, the new world order is neigh!"

    "FALSE!" Bryce's Mother roared. "Terra Co.- Your supposed allies, mean only to use those which do not belong for their own intents and purposes, INCLUDING wiping all of us normal humans off of the face of the earth. My Agency fights today to end a rebellion that will cause nothing but death and destruction in it's wake. What proof do I have, you might be asking? Look around you, contact loved ones around the world. Terra Co. has trapped you within your cities, within your homes. Once they have finished us, what is to say they won't end you?!

    Behind Bryce, he only heard more marching, as he turned to face the largest task force of Metas H.O.P.E had at their disposal. A face covered both Olympus' and his Mother's on the screens. But he didn't need to turn to realize who it was. Only that he had mistakenly backed into the intersection that divided the factions.

    "Everyone you have heard just now has been nothing but a liar! We are very much like you, we only possess certain abilities. While many of us may be dangerous, the majority of us just wish to live our lives alongside you. We don't WANT you to look at us differently. We fight for equality. The Agency wishes to destroy us, fearing that we would cause terrorism, terrorism from which Terra Co. has been the biggest contributor. We fight for EVERYONE's rights, as Human beings, not separated by powers or no powers. We wish no harm on anyone, it is the people in Terra Co. and the Agency who would wish you harm!" Chloe's voice echoed, before all of the screens were cut black.

    For a brief moment, the world was silent, as all three factions glared at him, ready for him, the catalyst of the war, to make a move. Instead, he turned away from all three of the remaining factions, charging down the street that was clear. Behind him, all he could hear was the roars and pounding of feet from all the factions charging towards the intersection. Women screamed in pain, gunshots filled the air, and the sickening echoes of bones breaking only caused him to run faster and faster.

    Whether or not he liked it, he could feel the embers of the war nipping at his heels, no matter how fast he ran. At this particular moment, he could not think of Teleporting, only getting away from it all. Ducking around the corner, the one quiet, peaceful Earth, became loud and dangerous, as fire filled the skies.

    Closing his eyes, he was away from it all.

    Opening his eyes, he glanced upon a mahogany desk with a decorative ink well with feather. It was empty, with a camera, which thankfully had been off, pointing at the chair.

    Looking down at the documents on the table, he instantly realized the grave error he had made. Rifling through it as fast as he could, he heard the doorknob jostle for a brief second. Finding the image he was looking for, he was off in yet another flash.

    Reappearing, Bryce turned to face the man in the shackles. Cuts adorned his arms, torso, and legs where whips and other such instruments had been in use. Quickly firing an icicle at the camera, he continued to stare in disbelief, his mouth agape. He wanted to cry in the worst of ways, his mouth shuttering from the overwhelming emotions he felt, but nothing came out.

    Falling to his knees, he lowered his head in shame, he had been too late.

    Or so he thought.

    "My how you've grown." a voice entered his head, it actually scared him, the last time that had happened was with his Grandfather all of those years ago. "It's good to see you son."

    "Why don't you speak?" Bryce asked, refusing to look up.

    "Because I refused to tell Olympus where you would have gone after you destroyed the Munich facility. So he... I'll spare the details. But you were foolish to come here, buddy."

    "I came to get you-" Bryce replied. "H.O.P.E needs you, I need you."

    "It's impossible. Brent shook his head. "I have become so weak, they do not feed me, they only give me drink in the hopes that I can be used as bait."

    Brent's head suddenly jerked to the left, towards the door.

    "He's coming, along with several other armed guards-" Brent scoffed.

    " I have so many questions! I'm NOT leaving here without you!"

    "We both know that's not going to be possible. Take as many of my memories as you can and get out of here! Find... Him. Only he knows the true answers. He can help you."

    The door slammed open, as one of the armed guards opened fire, riddling his father with bullets, as Bryce attempted but failed to put a shield around his father. Quickly teleporting, Bryce was away.

    Morpheus stepped forward, brushing his guardsmen out of his way.

    "Oh Brent, things would've been so much easier if you had just co-operated with me, like you did all of those years ago." he shook his head. "Still, war will continue until one of us is victorious. If my foe wasn't you, then if can only be your son. A pity, he could've been a grand General in my plans."

    Turning to face the guards, Olympus spoke darkly.

    "Dispose of him. Tell the troops that their General has made his choice, and we must show him the severity of his mistake." adjusting his glasses back on the bridge of his nose, he continued. "-And prepare RAGNAROK. This war was over before it started."



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 4th 2013, 1:29 pm

    Chapter 8: A boy and his stories.

    What if our existence was the movement of our spirits through a flipbook of everything's history? So we are put into the place of something or someone and we move through that scene by scene as if we're drawn in but the actual representation of what we are living isn't what we make them/it seem? - Unknown
    Bryce found himself in the clearing of his old Maine hideout, his Grandfather's shack having been destroyed by the raids. Clutching his head, his Father's purged memories pushed themselves forward.

    Morpheus and I were good friends when we were kids, we used to do almost everything together with our Powers. It had been our dream to develop a team of Metas with the acronym H.O.P.E

    Morpheus and I were good friends when we were kids, we used to do almost everything together with our Powers.

    “Morpheus and I were good friends… together with our Powers”

    Bryce roared to the heavens, falling to his knees as the story his father had indirectly told him started to sink in. Olympus had betrayed H.O.P.E, abandoned his father’s trust, all for revenge against the Government and the early stages of the Agency! All of the memories his father had purged into his mind, memories to guide him forward, to know the truth.

    Clutching his knees, Bryce weakly formed the fetal position, rocking himself back and forth, absorbing every lie, every hint of evil that brewed within his mind. H.O.P.E had originally been planned as a group of brave Superheroes, but transformed into Meta rights activists. Terra Co. was Morpheus’ attempt of branching off. He didn’t care how many Meta’s died, so long as they controlled the Government. They would rid the world of the normal humans, and rid the world of Corrupt Government, and the Agency along with it.

    “Find… Him. Only he knows the true answers.” Brent, his father, had said to him before he had escaped.

    The image of a small auditorium in a small town within the State of Vermont appeared within his mind. The walls were covered with advertisement sized signs, large enough for a six foot tall person to stand evenly against them. Each one a memento of shows, and actors, come and gone. Sitting towards the back, one man sat, a laptop in his lap, and his ears to the stage.

    Bryce knew instantly what to do, and teleported himself to the Auditorium right away.


    “An’ even without cluckin’ like a hen.” a man sang from the stage. “Everyone get’s noticed- now and then.”

    Bryce appeared, sitting beside the bulky man in the seat beside him. The man’s strong jaw lightly grinded his teeth together, as he momentarily stopped his typing. Peeking his gaze over to the new arrival to his right.

    “Cellophane, Mister Cellophane- shoulda- been my naaame, Mister Cellophane~” the man sang. “‘Cause you can look right through me, walk right by me, and never knoooow I’m thereee.~”

    “Sound familiar?” the massive man sitting beside Bryce asked, stealing another glance.

    Bryce oddly felt connected to the lines uttered by the man on the stage. He was singing about a man constantly down on his luck, constantly being ragged on for being different, for being unnoticed, never to face a happy ending. Nodding quietly, the man continued to type furiously, chuckling with a noticeably toothy grin.

    “Good, it should.” the man replied. “You don’t know me, but your father, and Morpheus did.”

    “My father told me to search for yo-”

    “-And I told him to tell you to search for me.” the man cut Bryce off.

    “Look, can you help me or not?”

    “Boy, I really got to work on that temper of yours.” the man continued typing. “Tut tut. Patience is a virtue, Mr. Howards. Please, enjoy the song Mr. Douglas is preparing for you.”

    “Suppose you was a little cat? Residin’ in a person’s flat- who fed you fish and scratched your ears?” the singer stood boldly. “Suppose you was a woman wed, sleepin’ in a double bed, besides one man for seven years? You’d notice- him.”

    “A human being’s made of more than air, with all that bulk- you’re bound to see’m there.” he continued. “Unless that human bein’ next to you- is unimpressive, undistinguished, you- know- whoooo?”

    “Are you calling me unimpressive, or undistinguished?”

    “No, you arrogant twat!” the man spat coldly. “I’m saying that’s the road you’re headed down.”

    “Look, all I want is answers, stop being cryptic!” Bryce demanded.

    Reaching over at the laptop, Bryce slammed the cover closed, as the singer suddenly stopped moving. Within the same moment, Bryce found himself completely unable to move. He was able to perceive the world around him, but to think or to move was completely foreign to him.

    “I’M THE ONE THAT CALLS THE SHOTS AROUND HERE.” the man muttered, clutching his forehead.

    Opening the laptop cover, he continued to type furiously. The singer, however, stopped his song and changed to something completely different.

    “For future reference, do not touch me, nor the laptop. That could prove… fatal.”
    “What was THAT?!” Bryce demanded. “I couldn’t move or anything- who the hell are you?”

    “You sure didn’t get the temperament from your father, I assure you that.” the man chuckled.

    “Yeah, he’s dead, prick.”

    “Oh, believe me, I know that.” the man shook his head solemnly. “Hurt me to have to do it to him too.”

    Bryce clenched his fists, gritting his teeth.

    “What do you mean?!” Bryce barked. “Did you kill my father?”

    “Indirectly.” the man looked over to him. “I know it will mean nothing coming from me, but you have my most sincere condolences. I hate having to do that to people I get attached to.”

    “Please, just- just answer my question.” Bryce asked. “I can’t take much more of these mind games.”

    “Finding it hard to read my mind?” the man chuckled. “I would hope so. If you knew the things I knew, you’d fade out of existence. After all, you’re my favorite.”

    Before Bryce could speak, the singer’s voice echoed throughout the room.

    “Razzle Dazzle ‘em, and they’ll never catch wise.” the singer replied, his attire changing almost instantaneously. “How can they hear the truth above the ROAR?!”

    “I don’t understand what kind of hints you’re throwing my way here.” Bryce replied dryly.

    “Good, at least you’ve calmed down a bit. I just wanted to prevent you from causing the world to destabilise. Hell, just this conversation could end the world as we know it.”

    “Show ‘em the first rate SOR-CER-ER YOU ARE!” the singer pointed to Bryce. “Long as you keep ‘em WAY off balance- how can they spot- you got no talents?”

    The man typed a few more sentences into his laptop, striking the enter key once more. Suddenly, the singer disappeared like a puff of dust. Bryce thought of panicking, before some overwhelming feeling of peace covered him.

    “My name is ‘Blaine’ Morgan. You might think that’s a weird name for a fellow, but you must understand, it is my cover. Morgan is my real name, but I use Blaine as my… screen name, of sorts..” ‘Blaine’ replied. “I did know Brent and Morpheus in school, and yes, I sadly had a part to do with the death of your father, along with all of the misfortune that’s come your way.”

    Bryce held a face of utter confusion, as Morgan shook his head, typing away furiously at his console.

    “But that makes no sense.” Morgan sighed, pointing towards Bryce.

    “But that makes no sense.” Bryce scoffed, backing away from ‘Blaine’, then held another confused look.

    “I have a power.” Morgan shook his head. “You could argue that I AM the first Superhero, well, in your existence, anyways. You see, my super human ability is that anything and everything that I write, comes alive, becomes ‘real’.”

    “If what you say is true, why do you write such tragic events? How far does your powers encompass?”

    “A good question, in fact, it’s a little weird I just asked myself that through you.” Morgan chuckled. “It started when we were all younger. I was alone, painting pictures with my five year old mind for a future where the world had hope, moreso than when my Father was my age, when he went through the Great Depression. I dreamed of Superheroes, and one day, I wrote down about a pair of kids. One named Brent Howards, a Psychic, and Morpheus, a Glaciokinetic.”

    “Within a day of developing these kids, I decided to think about their families, and what their lives would be like. But as I thought about making them the perfect superheroes, I began feeling splitting headaches, like I couldn’t develop them that way. So both of them had their flaws. Brent was overtly trusting, and his powers could only be used to a lesser extent. Morpheus, however, was the reason why Brent would later feel betrayed, and therefore, would become the main Antagonist.”

    “That night, my father caught me in the middle of the night writing three commandments. Everything I wrote came to live, so long as I followed the three laws of writing. Firstly, my characters were never to be perfect. If they had powers, they had to have flaws, weakness. Their lives would have to be filled with enough trouble to cause them to rethink their stance on life. Secondly, for every good event, there had to be some sort of tragic event, to prevent the Character from becoming perfect. Thirdly, in order for my characters to finally be happy, they must overcome a trial. Then and only then would they be free from my reigns, to forge their own paths.”

    “The following day, two new kids showed up. Brent and Morpheus. It was no longer a coincidence. But with my childhood innocence, I followed them every step of the way with creating H.O.P.E and the principles it would stand on. But my naive father wrote in my book that our Government would become too paranoid, that they would start to develop countermeasures to suppress Superheroes, and make their own militarized Metas to serve them. Of course, it came true the moment it landed on paper.”

    “He told me that Brent would eventually grow to have a son, whom would be more powerful than him. That Morpheus would be his archnemesis, and that he would gift Bryce with his Glaciokinetic powers, so long as he stayed with Terra Co.. Terra Co., had actually been a lawn furnishings company, and in his eyes, they were evil. Everything he added to the story happened. When I wrote that you would meet Marissa, he said that you would need a driving force to join H.O.P.E.”

    “So… indirectly, your father fucked my life. Over and over again.”

    “Regrettably. This is the same file I started all those years ago. I am doomed to write it until the conflict ends. Unfortunately for us both, I cannot know the outcome. I can only guide you in the right direction.”

    “Then why Dad?” Bryce asked, a tear rolling down his cheek.

    “Because without loss, and the feeling of complete hopelessness, you aren’t driven to get revenge. One of my hidden fourth commandments is that the story requires conflict, a driving force to back it all. Unfortunately for you, that involves me writing the death of the people you love.” Morgan sighed. “Do you recall Crisis City? When you entered that coffee shop? That was me giving you the subtle hint of what it’s like when I break the rules, so that when we inevitably met, you’d sympathize my pains.”

    “To be honest, it killed me to kill Marissa, Brent, and everyone else in your life.” ‘Blaine’ replied. “But if I didn’t, you won’t feel driven to defeat Morpheus, to end Terra Co. and end my father’s grasp on you. Earlier on in the story, he claimed that you would become truly free from my powers, once you dealt with one final conflict, and one final loss, and I would be freed of my curse.”

    “Well- can’t you give me a hint?”

    “I technically already have. Your wishes, your dreams to become a full blown Superhero, to do right by the people you have lost, and the people you will lose. They can all be achieved once you’ve rid me of Morpheus, and you have ridden me of yourself. Then I can finally stop typing instead of talking to you, I can finally have a life that I’ve always wanted, without making puppets to do those things for me!” ‘Blaine’ scoffed. “Hell, the name Blaine derives from a character of another side story I write. Somehow, he got away with being a ‘perfect’ character. But it was a headache in itself finding the right path for him to take, hell, I’m STILL thinking on it.”

    “Irrelevant.” ‘Blaine’ shook his head furiously. “I can tell you this and only this. You must return to H.O.P.E headquarters. Don your superhero clothes again. The War is drawing to a close, and you must accept what you were created for. You literally are the culmination of one lonely boy, who only wanted a couple of real friends, who dreamt of a better life. Be gone, Bryce. This is the last time we will meet.”

    Bryce nodded, knowing he really had no choice, as he teleported back to H.O.P.E Headquarters.

    “I’m sorry.”


    "We cannot wait for him any longer ma'am." Angus growled.

    "Look, I know you expected a lot from him, but the death of Marissa devastated him, and my guess is he went to go looking for his father. He'll join us soon enough." Chloe replied.

    "Now seems like the best of times." a voice called from the shadows, as fire sparked from Angus' hands.

    "Identify yerself!"

    "Easy there hot-hands." Bryce cooed as he walked out of the shadows, Chloe's eyes lighting up as she saw him wearing the costume she had made him. "I'm on your side, as I always should have been."

    "Then it is time I resign." Chloe smiled. "To the heir of H.O.P.E."

    "Come on then, we've got a war to fight." Bryce nodded.

    "On your lead, Br-"

    "Stop right there." Bryce pointed at her and Angus. "From here on out, you will call me Psycicle on the field."

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Manny on November 4th 2013, 2:49 pm

    Well, I can say that Terra Co any HOPE are more fleshed out now. However the Agency still kinda evades me.

    Do they just work for the Government to maintain the status quo?

    Oh, and having a writer as a character was pretty smart. HOWEVER, is it Blaine" with the power, or wherever he writes stuff? Because how did what his father write affect the world if his father had (presumably) no powers?
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 4th 2013, 6:59 pm

    Manny wrote:Well, I can say that Terra Co any HOPE are more fleshed out now. However the Agency still kinda evades me.

    Do they just work for the Government to maintain the status quo?

    Oh, and having a writer as a character was pretty smart. HOWEVER, is it Blaine" with the power, or wherever he writes stuff? Because how did what his father write affect the world if his father had (presumably) no powers?
    It had to come from somewhere Razz . In short, his powers came from his Father. His father, who was very morbid and hateful, having to endure the Great Depression, wrote his OWN feelings into his son's book. He himself had never actually tried it until just then.

    His hatred towards the Government, and knowing that no-one is ever truly perfect was the reasons why he did what he did.

    As for you query about the Agency, they WERE originally constructed by the Government to maintain the status quo, but like many organizations constructed by Government, you always get those psychos that go mad with power.

    Now you can imagine a highly Catholic woman who views all Metas as evil spawns of Satan, even her ex-husband and son. Suddenly, the status quo is anyone that could conjure a ball of ice/fire, stomp a crack in the ground, or otherwise.

    As for the Government itself, well, you know what they'll do when one of their biggest facilities, which is eventually bought out by some overseas company? They're going to try and militarize any and all metas they can, eventually resorting to, I dunno, make synthetic Metas. I.e, something that should be VERY familiar to Al.



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on April 10th 2014, 1:40 am

    Wow, this thing is so close to completion. I'd better get on the ball soonish. But I want to advance Free-Byrd a bit more too.



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on April 12th 2014, 11:45 pm

    Chapter 9: Calamity

    Bryce flinched as he, Angus and Chloe appeared in the center of the city. Needless to say, it was a complete warzone. Civilians of all sorts scattered for safety, while those that allied themselves with a side remained.

    Explosions filled the air, as dust and debris kicked up. The three Metas glanced around at the carnage. Bryce stood forward, his jaw drooping into a frown. Turning back, he pointed to Chloe.

    "I can hear some H.O.P.E members praying to God some help'll arrive, Chloe, you've been their Leader before, assist them however you can." Bryce commanded, as she nodded. "Angus, some Agency cronies are holding a Meta child hostage in the mall behind me. Deal with that and link up with the others. From there, you need to work on getting people out of the cross-fire, if you can."

    "An' what're you gonna be doin'?" Angus asked.

    "Morpheus of Terra Co. is coming, and I need to thin his influence on his men, attempt to convert them to our side. If I'm successful, it'll be easier to-"

    Before Bryce could finish what he was saying, a rogue Meta flew into the side of him at high velocity, tackling him into the pavement, as the two of them bounced along the ground. Raising a fist to strike Bryce with, the Meta swung down, but instead met the concrete sidewalk, shattering the bones in his hand.

    "Looking for me, asshole?" Bryce growled from behind the Meta, who turned to face him. "So, you can fly huh?"

    Ice started forming in and around Bryce's hands, as his eyes glowed a brilliant white. Launching a spike at the Terra Co. indoctrinated Meta, the man whisked to the side, avoiding it.

    "I suppose it's time I make you migrate south, FAR south." Bryce taunted, launching a barrage of icicles at the Meta.

    Dodging the projectiles, the Meta zoomed straight for him, fist at the ready. Bryce returned the favor, floating above the ground with his mind. Charging out towards the inner city, the other Meta followed beside him, despite his best efforts of losing the enemy.

    Teleporting as a last ditch effort, he glanced from afar as his foe glanced around, confused. Blasting off as fast as he could, he activated his mental barrier, ramming the Meta through the Sky-scraper, and down into the pavement below.

    Once they landed, Bryce blasted his enemy in the face with a torrent of cold air, before following through with a nasty jab. Distracted with the small layers of ice on his face, the Meta squirmed as Bryce reached into his target's mind, attempting to force him to switch sides.

    The Meta's body convulsed, however, as he attempted his mind entering. Activating his barrier, he was mortified as the person before him exploded into a puddle of blood, flesh, and bone.

    Before he could react, Bryce was smashed in the side of the head by an obscenely large fist. Flying into the nearby wall, he grunted as he smashed the pillar hard, cracking it.

    "Well, isn't this the cat's meow?" a woman purred as she approached in her spandex clothing. "If it isn't our old friend from the bank in that quiet old folks' town."

    "Yeah Sheila, it's the guy that needed a girl to save him!" the larger man cracked his neck. "Da boss don't want you no more, Brycey Icy. So we've been given orders to kill on sight. But I'm gonna have some fun breakin' every bone in that puny body o' yours."

    Gritting his teeth, Bryce blasted off towards Sheila, as Paul grabbed him by the ankles, smashing Bryce's face into the tarmac below.

    "Nu uh, there'll be none of that this time sweet heart!" Sheila smiled eagerly, kicking Bryce in the face with her boot. "THAT'S FOR MY HAIRDO LAST TIME!"

    Lifting Bryce up by the scruff of his neck, Paul smashed him onto the road beneath him. Lifting again, just by the torso, Paul smashed Bryce back down once more, before kicking him over towards Sheila, who punched him in the face.

    Grunting, Bryce coughed as blood began to pour out of his nose and mouth, his right eye swelling and closing up. Attempting to stand, Bryce winced as Paul charged over, tackling him to the ground. Lifting him up by the neck of his shirt again, Paul smashed his face down into the tarmac once more. Looking over towards his right, Sheila's high heels lashed out to kick him.

    Rolling to his left, Paul attempted to stomp on his face, as Bryce roared in defiance, a ice dagger forming in his right hand, colored red by his blood. Stabbing with all of his might, he grinned as he heard Paul's voice raise numerous octaves, before glancing down at his legs.

    There, where once a man would be proud, Bryce's blood-red ice dagger protruded. Chuckling maniacally, Bryce twisted, causing the gargantuan of a man to fall to his knees. Swinging his own fist up and into Paul's chin, Bryce caught Sheila's leg with an icicle from the ground, piercing her foot. Standing, Bryce swung his right foot out, clocking Paul in the side of the head, before lashing back and donkey-kicking her square in the face.

    Paul stood, grumbling before cracking his fists. Sheila grasped at her foot, before molding her skin back over it to hastily repair the damage. Standing immediately, the two brawlers stood on opposite ends of Bryce, who panted, nearly worn out already.

    In a last ditch effort, the two charged at Bryce, who feigned exhaustion a moment more, before Paul lashed out his fist, and Sheila her leg. At the last possible second, he disappeared before their very eyes, as their two attacks made contact with each other. Appearing beside them, Bryce grasped both of their necks with his hands, before smashing their skulls together.

    "I'VE HAD-"

    Reaching outwards, he pulled numerous parked or destroyed cars closer, before sandwiching the two Meta's between them, breaking numerous bones.


    Thrusting Sheila away, Bryce clamped his open palm onto Paul's forehead, purging all of his unnecessary memories into the dimwit's tiny brain.


    Paul retreated away, clutching his skull with yelps of terror, the skin around his temples bubbling as his brain attempted to process the data dump. Sheila began to back away, as Bryce prevented her escape with his mind, freezing her in place.


    Smashing his open palm into the paralyzed woman's face, he clenched his hand tightly as he reached deep into her mind, searching for any sort of embarrassing or traumatic experience. Disappointed that he couldn't find anything, he began to share with her memories of his time in Munich, Germany's facility.

    She recoiled backwards, screaming as she continued to itch her arms, as if syringes kept plunging themselves into her arms. Her eyes became milky and devoid of consciousness, before a slight layer of frost over took her entire body.

    Turning his attention back to Paul, the giant man's yelps of pain became roars of absolute terror, before he stood rigid for a moment, glaring deep into Bryce's eyes, his head exploding in a shower of brain matter and gore. His headless corpse cascading to the ground.

    "Well that was cruel and unnecessary." a familiar voice said from behind him.

    "Not again, Heather, why don't you just give up?" Bryce growled. "I did what I did in Crisis City to protect you, but now you've squandered it."

    "I'm only here because I was trapped in the city, like everyone else." She replied. "But I came here, because I wanted to say that you were right. I thought about it in that bed in the hospital, I don't wanna die killing Metas. Hell, my best friend from my childhood is one, why would I kill people like him?"

    "Because your Leaders are paranoid, weak, and obsolete. They fear that which they do not understand. Metas are the next step of evolution, and I will be it's shepard!"

    "Fancy words." Bryce scoffed, as the suit of armor behind him crossed his arms. "Morpheus, I had a feeling you'd arrive at some point or another."

    "Yes Bryce, I've come to end this game MYSELF. You have caused me and my people nothing but trouble for the past five years, and this war could've been your one shot at redemption, and you blew it." Morpheus growled behind his augmented set of armor. "For that, you must die."

    "Well, you've been causing me problems my entire life, I haven't even BEGUN to break even with you, you asshole."

    "Well come on then, Meta with my powers, impress me."

    Bryce zoomed forward with his mind, as Morpheus' augmented reflexes kicked in, swatting Bryce out of the air instantly with his right arm. Before Blaine could stand, substantial amounts of small arms fire riddled Morpheus' chest region, Heather standing there, pistols outright.

    "Ah, Omega's daughter. Your father was a fool."

    "On that, we can agree." Heather replied. "But you were the moron that hired him, expecting decent results."

    "Then you understand that I will do the same to you, as I had done to him." Morpheus growled, stomping his way over towards her.

    Bryce blasted past him, teleporting in and out of reality briefly to avoid the counter swat. Smashing into the humanoid robotic suit containing his archnemesis, Bryce continued to drag Morpheus through Skyscraper after Skyscraper, throwing punch after punch into Olympus' visor.

    Smashing his head forward, Morpheus lifted Bryce above his head, high enough for the world to see, preparing his knee to end it all. Above him, however, the Skyscrapers began to groan on their now unstable support beams, the bottom and top layers of glass shattering in the process.

    Tossing Bryce down on the ground, Morpheus jumped clear from the impact zone. Bryce's broken and beaten eyes barely opened, as he opened his one good eye wide. Teleporting away, he leaned back, avoiding the follow up punch from Morpheus. Lifting the suit with his mind, Bryce slammed his old foe into another building, as Heather ran out in between them.

    Bryce launched a single ice projectile, the shape of a javelin, towards Morpheus, who caught it with his palm, painfully ripping it out with little effort. Waving an arm up, another Meta dropped from the sky, a crater forming at his feet.

    Bryce attempted to dispatch the Edited Human to the best of his ability, all the while trying to keep an eye out on Heather, who unloaded clip after clip of bullets into Morpheus' suit. Smacking the Meta away, Bryce's spine tingled as he heard a blood curdling scream emanate from his childhood friend.

    Glancing over, he watched as Morpheus impaled Heather through the chest with the giant spike of an icicle, pulling her further down, relishing in her torture. Snapping it in half, Morpheus snorted as she stood there, reaching down towards her mortal wound.



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Chapter 10: Rise of Psycicle.

    [For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future- John F. Kennedy]

    [Song is Memories of a Broken Heart by Crown the Empire.]

    For a moment, the world stood still. Not a creature, man nor animal, moved from their location. Fire climbed towards the atmosphere, entire cities left in absolute ruin from the carnage. All the combatants remained still for a second, a single sound resonating across the atmosphere. For that one, single, silent moment, the world stood at a complete stand-still. In the center of Crisis City, three figures remained completely motionless, even the wind coming to a complete halt.

    As I stare into these ruins made by man
    I tremble as I realize it's the end
    More and more I wonder what we could have done
    But instead we wage a war that can't be won
    Yeah instead we wage a war that can't be won

    For half of the world’s populace, they held the same sorrowful face as the man in blue standing over the still figure of a woman. The other figure, clad in power armor who had done in the woman, grinned with malicious intent, the other half of the population joining him in his elation.

    I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved
    Memories of a broken heart
    Now I'm alone in the dark.

    The figure above the woman fell to his knees, cradling his childhood friends head with his left hand, stroking her flowing brunette locks with his other. His mouth open agape, as if he was trying to cry out, but found himself incapable of getting any sort of noise out.

    I know there's a way out when all hope is gone
    Find your light in a new dawn
    But there's no way to do this on our own

    A single tear flowed down the man’s cheek, as his body shuddered with complete hopelessness. Before it could drip off of his cheek, however, it instantly solidified, shattering once it met with the pavement. With that brief moment, the world slowly seemed to regain speed, as the murderer’s expression changed into shock.

    But I can't give up on this
    I have to wonder what we could have done
    I have to wonder
    But instead we wage a war that can't be won.
    But instead we wage a war that can’t be won.

    Within a single heartbeat, Bryce’s cry of pain burst forth into the sky. Piercing the endless silence, echoing across all parts of the globe. Before the echo could come back to Bryce, he had already propelled himself head-first into Olympus’ chest, without his force field.

    I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved
    Memories of a broken heart
    Now I'm alone in the dark.

    I know there's a way out when all hope is gone
    Find your light in a new dawn
    But there's no way to do this on our own.

    Continuing his cry, Bryce rocketed Olympus and himself through several sky-scrapers, not slowing down as they plowed through the Empire State building. They kept accelerating through the state of New York, entering the border of Vermont in a matter of minutes, despite the trek usually lasting upwards of four hours. Lashing a full fledged punch out at Bryce’s face, Olympus launched his opponent through the entire states of Vermont and New Hampshire, the civilians of each barely catching a glimpse of them as they shot by, nearly faster than the speed of light.

    After entering Maine, Bryce regained control as they sped through the entirety of Old Orchard Beach, ramming through vehicles and buildings, toppling many civilians in their wake, as he continued to speed off. Lashing out another hook, Bryce dodged the blow, responding with a downwards punch, launching Olympus towards the ground.

    Plowing Olympus’ nearly impervious armor into the ground, the two bounced momentarily. Morpheus' helmet disintegrated, the prototype reaching it's limit, as Bryce swung fist after fist into his foe. Actually breaking Morpheus’ nose in several places.

    You think that this is the end, you’re wrong.
    You think that this is the end, you’re wrong!!

    Olympus groaned beneath him, Bryce lifting him with his mind as he glanced up towards the sky. Planting a giant icicle on the ground beside Olympus, Bryce floated up as high as he could, actually breaking the sound barrier as he pierced the clouds with his unbelievable speed. Placing his hands on his nearly unconscious victim, Bryce pulled his foe close.

    “YOU THINK THIS IS THE END, YOU’RE WRONG!” Bryce roared, speeding towards the ground, Olympus firmly in his hands, using his mind to accelerate them forward, no longer afraid of death. “THIS IS THE START OF A NEW GENERATION!!”

    Coming to, the leader of Terra Co. tried using his strength to struggle, but it was all for not. Morpheus' reign was done for, and Bryce was going to see it through. The world waited eagerly to see what would happen next, as the two cascaded to the earth at the speed of a Harrier jet.

    The earth around them shook, a giant plume of snow and dust rose towards the sky, veiling the results of the battle. Helicopters from the local news station pulled overhead, their rotors dispelling the snow storm.

    Olympus’ eyes widened with horror as he glanced down at his chest, the giant icicle protruding out of his supposedly invincible suit. Bryce stood over him, kicking the top of the icicle off, breaking it completely. The Meta himself had taken a damn good beating, his costume torn, a giant gash over his right cheek, and a limp in his left leg. He was dirty, on the verge of defeat, but yet there was little the terrorist leader could do. He was slipping away, his dreams for the better future, diminished.

    However, Bryce crouched down beside him, as Morpheus felt a jarring pain in his left leg. His suit’s HUD crackled momentarily, his legs were shattered. If Bryce would spare him, which he knew better, he’d never walk again. The pain dulled, however, as he glanced down, his foe injecting a small syringe of adrenaline into his leg, probably to prolong his torture.

    I stand on the ash of all I've ever loved
    Memories of a broken heart
    Now I'm alone in the dark

    I know there's a way out when all hope is gone
    Find your light in a new dawn
    But there's no way to do this on our own.

    “Where do you think you’re going so soon?” Bryce smirked sadistically. “You take a sick pleasure in taking away everything that I’ve ever loved, torturing me day to day for years on end. I’m just returning the favor.”

    “Just end me already. I had the decency to kill them quickly and painlessly.” Morpheus spouted.

    “Heh. Heather wasn’t quick nor painless. Neither was Marissa, or my Father, or my Grandfather.” Bryce’s white eyes stared into Olympus’ grey ones. “I know you.”

    Olympus started to flail around, making his wounds even worse. If he kept it up, he would bleed out much, much quicker. Bryce chuckled, waving his hand at Olympus’ feet.

    “Chill out.” Bryce smiled, as a thick layer of ice covered the lower half of Olympus’ body, preventing his arms and legs from moving. “I’ve waited my entire fucking life for this, and I’m gonna enjoy it.”

    Instead of getting the fearful reaction he was expecting, Bryce heard Olympus laugh maniacally.

    “I admit it, I was present when they all died, in some form or another, and you know what? I enjoyed doing it. You, and the rest of your fucking family can go to hell! You are impure, disgusting creatures.”

    “You would sell out your own people, other Meta-humans, and for what?!” Bryce asked.

    “You don’t get it, Bryce.” Olympus growled. “-And you never will. Blaine was a fool, leaving that cursed notebook of his wherever he damned well pleased. It’s his FATHER’S fault this all happened, not mine.”

    “Don’t drop the blame on him. If he left that damn notebook lying around so much, why didn’t YOU alter it so that you and my father could coincide peacefully?! His commandments said nothing about OTHER people altering his story.”

    “Only him or his family could have altered it, but he gave himself protection. When I knew him, his name was Morgan, not Blaine. He gave himself a screen name, something to mask his identity. He knew I’d take his book from him. *Cough* Probably attack his family in one way or another.” Morpheus chuckled.

    “Paranoid bastard, if I had had it my way, you would’ve been the perfect puppeteer! You could’ve destroyed the government his father had hated so much, and with the knowledge of his whereabouts in their servers, we could’ve altered the future to something more bright. But you and those self-righteous Metas in H.O.P.E stood against everything I believed in.” Morpheus spat blood.

    “This world is filled with nothing but corruption, hatred, and lies. It is a greyed existence that we live in. I hope you’ve prepared for it, because you killed me, blatantly ignored me, the world will perish. People WILL die-” Morpheus was cut off as Bryce froze his mouth shut.

    “Not if I have anything to say about it,” Bryce stood slowly.

    “What you say is true. This is a grey world, filled with odds and ends, pains and sorrows. That’s been my entire life up to this point. But there is one flaw to your perception of our world, Morpheus. Not every human is corrupt, not everyone is a lying, conniving, thieving scumbag. There are people that are selfless, people that always extend a helping hand to those in need,” Bryce continued, staring out into the horizon.

    “ And I- I will be there by their side, protecting the innocent, Metas or not, from people like you. Whether it be from terrorists such as yourself, other Metas, or even the Government and it’s Agencies. You gave me my ability to use Ice, and now I’m gonna use it to destroy everything you stood for.”

    Bryce turned, walking away, while Morpheus input a vocal command to his suit, the ice around his legs shattered. Shakily, Morpheus sputtered as his suit started to spark and sizzle from the excessive damage it had endured, parts of it actually collapsing. Morpheus cringed as the leg pieces squeezed his legs, the legs themselves forcibly held together. Pulling a hilt of a sword off of his boot, he stumbled towards Bryce, wincing with every step he took, the gaping hole in his stomach oozed his blood onto the snow beneath his feet.

    The lazer sword ignited, as he raised it high above his head, preparing to stab downwards. Bryce lightly shook his head, chuckling to himself as he turned on his feet, an icicle dagger in his hand. Jabbing his blade into Morpheus’ left side, he felt it make contact with his foe’s heart, causing a shudder from Morpheus, who glanced down. Bryce twisted, causing more pain to his foe.

    “Feel that?!” Bryce gritted his teeth. "I’m surprised! You’d think a cold heart like yours would be accustomed to the icy touch."

    Lowering Morpheus to the ground, Bryce began to chuckle, admiring his dying foe. Standing, Bryce prepared to leave again, before turning back to Morpheus in his last moments.

    “Oh, and I guess your special anti mind-reading techniques failed you. I saw that failed attack from a mile away. Now you can die alone AND ashamed.” Bryce breathed in the cold, winter air. “and that’s the cold truth.”

    “B-bryce.” Morpheus pleaded, his resolve completely diminished. “P-please. It's not my fault!”

    “Yes, you're right. It's Blaine's father's fault, but you did fuckall to try and change your fate, you submit to the powers that be, and you devastated many lives to get to where you are, and karma was a bitch.” Bryce replied, giving Morpheus the one finger salute. "Don’t worry though, I’m sure that hot head of yours will thaw the ice! Seeya in hell!"

    With that, Bryce teleported away, and away from his Grandfather's homelands once and for all.


    Shaking his head, Bryce frowned as he glanced at the three grave sites, one right next after the other, over-looking the Maine shoreline. Lowering his head in shame, he clenched his fist, as a soft pair of hands wrapped themselves around his waist.

    "Y'know, I never told you much about me, did I?" Chloe whispered softly. "I lived in the town over from Easton. Your father had a job over there, discovered me and my powers. Thought I'd be a suitable leader in his place for H.O.P.E, so he instilled me with the knowledge of how to run the organization. Sure, I was only a young cuss, like you, but I managed. Said that you and I could be good friends."

    "Yeah, but look right ahead of you." Bryce shook his head. "Three dead souls, souls that were connected to me in some way. One a friend, one a love interest, and my own family. Dead, because they knew me."

    "Aha, but that was from the old story." another voice called from behind them.

    "Don't bother turning around. I'm too lazy to type that currently. Listen, it's a new chapter in your life. You're free from the curse, you're your own man, Bryce Howard, no longer are you restrained by my scripts." Morgan smiled from behind him. " Any hardships that come your ways are yours and yours alone. But know that I want you and Chloe to be very happy with one another, Angus can hold down H.O.P.E for a while, give you guys a breather."

    "What about you?" Bryce asked, surprised when Morgan remained still, not typing his next sentence for him.

    "Oh I've got something. Remember how I mentioned another Character? Well now I've got multiple, and the best part is, this story won't be much of a tragedy, like the others!" shaking his head, Morgan scoffed. "Again, irrelevant. I just wanted to wish you luck, Bryce Howard and Chloe Flannigan-"

    "Flannigan?" Bryce shook his head, confused.

    "Yeah!" Chloe chuckled. "You didn't know?! I'm Angus and Marissa's older sister!"

    "-to a brave new future. A future with Psycicle watching over Crisis City, proudly dubbed a Hero." Morgan scoffed politely. "But don't be surprised if you get an invite to join another group of Metas sometime soon. They'll need your expertise for one of their members. This isn't the last time we shall meet, Mr. Howard."

    Turning towards Chloe, Bryce nodded as she firmly placed her lips onto his, giving him a long kiss. Embracing each other to the soothing sounds of the ocean breaking into waves beneath the cliff. Holding her tightly, Bryce focused on his surroundings, as the two of them blasted off into the sunset filled sky, jetting across the rural areas below them.

    The two took careful notice, as humans, Meta or not, lived together mutually, and without further conflict. It would take time for the wounds to heal, but it was time they could now afford. Lightly descending back onto the cliff-side, the two of them continued to sit there, holding hands while they watched the sun set over the horizon.

    Tomorrow was going to be a new day, a day both of them were very eager to see.




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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    That ending gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling Very Happy

    This seems like a pretty big event in Crisis City's history. How long ago did this happen before H&D?
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    Iunno, maybe six or so months? That sounds like a decent amount of time, by superhero comic standards, for the world to become 'normal' again Razz .



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