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    The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 4th 2013, 10:54 pm

    With my Halo writing soon drawing to an end, I have decided to build further off of Bryce, the character I am currently using in Heroes and Demons. With high hopes, I am to make this a mini series of stories leading up to Bryce's arrival in the Collab. With this, you'll learn things about the character that may be important to use in the collab, without taking up most of the posts there explaining it. I also hope that character wise, Bryce will be a bit more clear, unlike Blaine, who was mostly all over the place.

    The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.


    Prologue: Leaky Faucets.

    Water dripped from the ceiling. There was a unusual coldness to the room, it was bone chilling. Short, labored breaths filled the air. That was all there was, dripping, breathing, and echoes.

    Screams of torture filled the hallways beyond the walls that contained the noise. Kids, men, women, it didn't matter, all were tortured souls, locked away from the outside world.

    The dripping continued, as voices filled the air.

    I want Mommy.

    I want Daddy.

    I want to go home.


    Home is gone.

    Please don't take me, please don't take me.

    I don't want to go, I don't want to go.

    Be strong Lydia, be strong for your family. Oh god, what was that?!

    After that last voice was heard, the actual scream of terror that followed it filled the air, as the young man's eyes snapped open, his misty breath billowing in the air before him. His cell was dark, damp, and cold. He had been sitting on the floor.

    The screams from the woman continued to echo down the hallway, as he tried to get a reading. But her mind was gone, or it would be, anyways, when she was returned to her cell.

    Shit, I'm next!

    Oh god, what is this place?!

    "What do you want from us?!" Some man down the hall yelled.

    Pathetic pawn. He will learn his place.

    "You will learn in time. And when you do, you will submit, or else."

    "You can't break me!" The man scoffed. "I can bust down this door and wrap the iron around your throat!"

    Cute, he believes his powers will save him from us.

    There was a sudden flare in the hallway, as a loud ringing filled the young man's ears, the other prisoner's mind ebbed away shortly afterwards.

    "I want someone to get the corpse and clean the cell for a more... adequate subject.

    The young man froze, they had killed that poor man in cold blood. He wasn't surprised so much as stricken with fear. Stolen from his thoughts, the young man sat there, completely isolated from reality, as the water continued to drip, and his breathing continued to be short and labored.

    As quickly as he had gone into the trance, there was a loud bang on the iron door that separated him from the hallway. Grinning, the blonde haired, blue eyed man behind the door stared condescendingly at the youth.

    "You enjoyed your last treatment, mister psychic?!" The man's teeth were revolting, browned and rotting from lack of treatment.

    "You enjoy the last day you shared with your mother-in-law?" The boy replied quickly, as the man's grin dropped instantly.

    "You stay out of my head boy, I have no fears of shooting you dead."

    "Right, that's why you fear what your boss will do when he finds out that his 'Prime' subject is lying in a pool of his own blood." The boy spat back.

    Grasping at his skull, the man gritted his teeth, shuttering from frustration. Groaning from the boy's mind games, he smashed his night-stick onto the door, as the loud metallic noise echoed in his ears. Grumbling as he walked away, the young man waited until the guard had left.

    "Bryce, is that right?" A young female whispered around the corner.

    "Yeah, Marissa, right?" Bryce returned, standing next to his door.

    "I just arrived today." She whispered. "What the hell goes on in this place."

    "Some pretty bad stuff." He paused. "How'd you know my name?"

    "I overheard the guard who contacts the head of this place saying your name. They referred to you as the 'Priority' subject?"

    "Yeah. I'm one of the very few of their guinea pigs that actually survived one of their so called 'treatments'."

    "Oh my god. They augment people here?" She asked, frightened.

    "Only if you have a certain gift, or you are have good potential to be augmented." Bryce replied. "That man they just shot, stronger than the Hulk."

    "What is your gift?"

    "I can read minds." Bryce replied. "I can also move things with my mind, but I'm a little bit new to that. I only learned it a few years back. This is my fifth year here." Bryce paused. "What is your gift?"

    "I can change my appearance." She blushed, embarrassed. "Take any form I want. Animal, inanimate object, person, you name it."

    "So why don't you try to escape?" Bryce asked. "This place is dangerous."

    "I can't. They gave me a sedative that has nullified my abilities. I don't know for how long, but long enough that I won't be able to until my next dose."

    There was a pause between the two of them.

    "Five years?" She asked. "What happened?"

    "It's a rather long story." Bryce replied. "I'm not sure you'll want to hear it."

    "I do though, how can you stand five years of this place?"

    Bryce sighed, peering through the shutters of his iron door.

    Guard is coming, I will be communicating with you through your mind. Do not freak out.


    I'll start from when I was just a young boy, no older than five...

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Manny on May 4th 2013, 11:03 pm

    Why does Bryce think about all the horrible stuff, and then go "pathetic pawn"?

    Or is it two voice in his head?
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 4th 2013, 11:46 pm

    All of those Italics you read were other people, not Bryce himself. These people were literally thinking so loudly that he picked them up, not that he was necessarily listening in.

    Terra CO. spares no man, woman, or child. These voices are those children or adults that occupy the cells around him. The only ones that are from him or Marissa are found at the end of the Prologue.

    Later on, when Bryce and Marissa are talking mentally, I'll bold their speech, so that any other voices he picks up will be easily distinguished.

    "Pathetic pawn" is referring to the Guard's impression of the 'Strong Man' that he ended up shooting.

    "Be strong Lydia..." was the woman in the cell next to him, who was trying to fight her anxiety. She felt that she needed to be strong in hopes of ever seeing her family again.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Bad John on May 5th 2013, 2:51 am

    Interesting. I'd certainly like to see more.

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Doctor Jensen on May 5th 2013, 11:34 am

    It begins.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 5th 2013, 12:06 pm

    Thank you to everyone who posted. I am looking forward to writing this, eager to see how it is received.

    Today I have purchased Prototype 2, and I am hoping that the game might inspire me to be creative with some of the other characters in the institution.

    Also, this will be a small series, if I didn't say so before.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 7th 2013, 10:53 pm

    Chapter 1: Untimely emancipation.

    Actually, it was ON my fifth birthday, when all of this started.

    Weston, Vermont
    15 years ago.

    The room was dark, in the corner, a pile of old comic books laid strewn about the floor, childish drawings of men in tights flying around saving the day laid beside the comics. In the single comfy bed in the center of the room laid Bryce, semi-awake.

    Brent, you're going to wake him!

    Don't worry Jenn. Besides, he shouldn't sleep his whole birthday away.

    Bryce slept comfortably in his bed, squirming as he heard his parents 'talking' through his door. His eyes cracked open, but shut quickly as the door creaked open.

    He's pretending to sleep.Brent thought, smiling.

    Bryce was confused, his father's mouth hadn't opened when he said that, yet he heard the man clear as day. Surely enough, Brent placed a hand gently on Bryce's shoulder, causing the boy to giggle with glee.

    "Whose my big boy?" Brent said, lifting his son. "How old are you again, fifty?"

    "I'm five Dad." Bryce chuckled happily, as the two drew in for a hug.

    "I'll always be there for you, m'boy." Brent squeezed a little tighter.

    "So whaddya say we get the house ready for your party?" Brent said, lifting his son onto his shoulder.

    Bryce nodded happily, as the two set off to prepare for the party.


    After hours of laboring to make sure everything was in position, Bryce bustled in his chair with excitement, as the guests started pouring in. All of them congratulated him on his birthday, as they took a seat around them.

    I hope Bryce likes my gift! Heather, a student in his pre-school 'said' beside him.

    Bryce smiled at her, as she returned a slight, nervous grin.

    Everyone settled in nicely, as the presents were distributed to the birthday boy, starting with the kids who had to go home early. Quickly unwrapping the boxes, Bryce somehow already knew what were inside, tossing them aside. Moving on to the kids that were staying a little longer for games, Bryce unmercifully opened the boxes, hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

    Instead, the people around him constantly 'told' him what they were before he even opened it. Frustrated, he glared around the room, everyone smiling expectantly for him to open the last gift, the one from Heather. Meeting his icy blue eyes with her hazel ones, she glanced away for a moment, as he unpackaged the wrapping.

    Her lips did not move, yet he still heard what she said.

    I hope he likes my drawing of us.

    Looking down, sure enough, the drawing of the two of them playing in what appeared to be Candyland sat on his lap. Suddenly his head hurt, as his mother entered the room with the cake.

    Looking around, his Grandfather and his Father clenched their heads, as if a massive headache had struck them both simultaneously.

    Oh no. Brent 'said', staring at Bryce in a concerned manner.

    He is your son. It's been in our family for generations.

    "Why aren't your lips moving?!" Bryce barked suddenly, as his Grandfather and Brent panicked for a moment, the others at the table looking around concerned.

    "You tell me what my gifts are, but your lips don't move!" Bryce growled in frustration.

    It's okay son, I'll explain everything soon.

    But it was too late, Bryce's temper erupted, and the cake, once in Jenn's hands, flew straight into Heather and her father's face.

    "I'm so sorry!" Jenn blushed, trying to clean the two off.

    Instead of the reaction she was expecting, the man stood, grasping an object in his coat. Pulling a net gun out of his duster, he aimed it square at Bryce. As the net launched outwards, the entire crowd went into a riot, running for their lives, as Heather cried.

    Before the net could touch Bryce though, a sudden bubble of energy surrounded him, causing the table to slide away. Both Brent and Bryce's Grandfather had their hands lifted. Brent used a force field to protect Bryce, while the elder man lifted the assailant with one hand, and launched him out the window, with Heather chasing after him, teary eyed.

    Bryce lifted the picture she drew for him, placing it firmly in his pocket, as he looked around the room. Everything was a mess, and everything was quiet.

    "Clint! Why didn't you tell me our boy would be an abomination!" Jenn roared, grasping on to her rosaries. "And you Brent! Why did you never tell me that YOU were a Psychopath too!"

    "It's Psychokinetic, ye Catholic bitch." Clint growled. "It's been in our family for generations, my grandson shall be no different."

    "Good, than you can keep him!" Jenn stared at Bryce with new found disgust. "I will not live with a bunch of unholy demons!"

    "Honey, how can you say that?!" Brent barked. "It's his birthday, and just because he's a Psychokinetic you automatically disown him?!"

    "Yes, and I will you as well!" She growled. "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I hereby banish your evil spirits from this home!"

    Rushing into the next room, Brent turned to Clint.

    "We'd better go with you Pops. Get Bryce out into the forest to practice."

    "Practice what?" Bryce asked, curious.

    "Y'know those ol' superhero comics you read?" Brent asked. "Well your you, your grandfather, and I all have super powers."

    "Woah, cool!"

    "Yeah, unless you don't know what yer doing!" Clint said sternly, but caring. "I aim to teach you."

    Without a moment's notice, Clint snatched Bryce up, charging for the exit. Bryce peered over Clint's shoulder, as Brent started after them, a next raveling around him. Attached firmly on the ground, the rope shocked his father into submission, as the man placed a single foot on his father's back.


    "This is Agent-1023-Omega, I have failed to intercept two Psychos, but I got one of them, and he'll be more than willing to tell us where they went." The man said, as Heather cautiously approached him.

    "Roger Call-sign Omega. Proceed to LZ for extraction. Olympus would like a word with you. Nodding, Omega rapped his hand around Heather's shoulders.

    "It's okay darling."

    "You're hurting Bryce's dad." Heather murmured.

    "Bryce and his family are the bad guys, sweetheart." Omega replied, stomping his foot on Brent's back. "It's okay to hurt the bad guys."

    "But Bryce is really nice-"

    "Listen, they put on an ACT so that they can trick you. That's when they will hurt you the most." Omega stood. "I will teach you how to fight bad men like this, and you'll work at daddy's work. Terra Co. will become familiar to you very soon."
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 7th 2013, 11:59 pm

    Chapter 2: Broken.

    Terra Co. Facility, Unknown
    May, 7th, 2013

    That's so terrible. Why was your mother so easy to drop you like that?

    That is the one thing I never learned about her. Heaven knows where she is now.

    "I want to go home!" Some kid barked down the ways, followed by the resounding bang of a night-stick hitting the iron door.

    "Shaddup you freak, or you'll never see the outside of your cell again!"

    What about this, how did you end up here, if you avoided the man that attacked you at your house.

    Bryce paused as his lips pursed, without thinking or speaking, he sat there, blankly. A tear rolled down his cheek as he shook his head.

    We'll get there. But it's important to know why they took me in the first place. Y'see, I'm a super powerful Psychokinetic. Even without the augments that they grafted into me, with ten years of straight training, I was stronger than even my Grandfather...


    Unknown Forest, Maine.
    15 years ago.

    "Well, here we are." Clint smiled, looking down at Bryce, who woke from his nap.

    "Where is Mom and Dad?!" Bryce asked, panicked.

    "They're gone, m'boy." Clint furrowed his brow, frustrated, before turning back to Bryce. "But it's okay, I did the same thing with your Father, that I'm about to do with you."

    The two exited the old man's rusty classic Model T, walking into the nearby meadow, where a single shanty shack was lightly kissed by the setting sun. Opening the door, Clint lead his grandson into the building. In the corner, a pair of rocking chairs sat next to a stony fire place.

    A single bear carpet at their feet, it's fangs intimidated Bryce, as he realized that the creature was actually dead. Clint knelt down, placing his hands on Bryce's shoulders.

    "I know it's a lot to take in, but you have got to remain calm, okay?" Clint said. "Whenever you get angry, you hurt Grandpa. If you hear a voice coming from me, but my lips are not moving, remember that this is your power, okay?"

    "So I'm like a superhero?" Bryce said, looking down at his hands.

    "Yes." Clint grinned. "Just like a superhero."

    Looking out the window, Clint nodded, shuffling his way over to the bedroom. Turning back, Bryce watched as the curtains closed.

    "When you are older, you'll be able to do that too." Clint smiled. "But for now, we'll start easy. There is a spare bedroom fight over there, the bathroom is right next door to it. Be sure to get lots of sleep, things are going to be a lot different than what you are used to."

    "What about school?" Bryce asked.

    "Forget school, you are a Howard, we teach ourselves. I could easily pass any Public School exam. I could teach at a University if I really cared." Clint nodded proudly. "Well, g'night."

    "Good night Grandpa." Bryce yawned, padding his way into the guest room.

    Throwing himself on the bed, Bryce marveled in the bounciness of the mattress, continuing to jump up and down on it until he tired himself out.


    Bryce's bed was a mess due to his jumping spree the night before. Clint clicked his tongue to the roof of his mouth as he shook his head.

    Such innocence. How I miss the blissful ignorance of being a kid.

    Bryce sat up, looking at Clint, who smiled.

    "Good, but now I won't think aloud. You have to search for yourself." Clint's face was rock hard, as if he trained himself to keep his thoughts quiet.

    Bryce concentrated, trying to listen in as hard as he could. He started shaking uncontrollably, as Clint froze, watching the boy convulse. Once blood started pouring out of the kid's nose, he placed his hands on Bryce's shoulders.

    "Easy sonny. If you are trying like that, you'll kill yourself. Take a breather, and just ease in. Will yourself into my mind."

    Clint backed away again, standing with the same stern face. Bryce closed his eyes, thinking of his father, he looked Clint in the eyes. Suddenly, his vision tunneled, and he was in a room of white.

    Turning around, he saw himself on the bed in some form of trance. Once again he turned back, as Clint stood before him, smiling.

    "You've already learned how to access a lightly secured mind. Congratulations m'boy. However, things won't always be this easy. I will train you how to access heavier defended minds. For now, just walk towards yourself to leave me."

    Walking towards his still form, the tunneling effect took over his vision. Opening his eyes again, he was back on the bed. Clutching his head, he grinned at Clint, who smiled back.

    "When you master this ability, you'll be able to access minds without concentration, and you won't be 'sleeping' in the real world."

    Clint lead Bryce into the next room over. Reaching up onto the bookshelf near the rocking chairs, he grabbed a rather dusty book, thicker than a cynderblock, and handed it to Bryce.

    "Grandpa, I can't read this!" Bryce whined. "I'm not even a Kindergartner!"

    "Aye, but listen to yourself. You just pronounced Kindergartner. No kid your age ever correctly says that word. For example, I'd like you to say Admiral."



    "Extravagant." Bryce smiled, as Clint grinned in pride.

    "You see? Us Howard boys are very intelligent. Y'see, we learn when we read other people's memories. You don't need school, because you can absorb people's memories to teach yourself."

    "This is Moby Dick?" Bryce asked, holding it up.

    "That's right. That was your grand-mother and I's favorite book." Clint said. "I'd like you to read it."


    "To train yourself how to read. You may be able to pronounce the words, and I may have gifted you with a basic reading skill, you need to teach yourself the rest. The entire bookshelf is your canvas." Clint smiled. "Now I'm going to go fetch some food for dinner, you stay here and read that book. If you behave, I'll show you something neat."


    Present Day

    That's amazing. But are you learning everything about me by having this conversation with me?

    No, my Grandfather explained to me, and eventually taught me how to control it. If I learned EVERYONE's life to teach myself, I'd be a vegetable. Sometimes I even have to purge these things, keeping the most important things for myself.

    How does one purge one's memories?

    All it takes is one unsuspecting guard, subliminal messaging, and my brain is clear. Soon enough, he'll start to remember things that he never actually experienced. I especially like to conserve the adulterous memories from some of the people in this place and purge it on the Guards with marital problems. Of course, that only makes them crabbier.

    "Hey Mr/Ms. Morphs-a-lot. It's time for you to come with us."

    "What are you going to do with me?!"

    "We mean to study your abilities." The Guard replied. "It won't hurt, I promise."

    He's lying. It hurts a lot. But you HAVE got to endure the pain. If you struggle too much, they WILL kill you. And god forbid, do NOT use your ability on that table. They will continue to treat you that way just to get more data. You'll be fine, just go with the flow, no matter how much they break you. I'll be right here waiting.

    "Hey Psycho!" The same guard barked. "You're not telling her anything are you?"

    "So what if I am?" Bryce asked. "You still can't touch me. Oh god, what would Olympus think of you then?"

    Before Bryce could react, the door swung open, and two guards marched in. Before he could retaliate, the two lunged at him with their night-sticks. Writhing with agony, Bryce watched as Marissa was dragged from her cage to their testing area.

    A silhouette filled the doorway, as the two guards stopped their beatings.

    "Mr. Howards, we need to stop meeting like this." The man's glasses reflected, his face still pitch black. "It's quite unprofessional. You know full well that I don't like you telling the other guards or subjects that you are my favorite. If I play favorites, the subjects don't play nice. Then they get killed, and we have to hunt down more of them."

    "What do you want with me?!" Bryce growled.

    "I want you for a small chat later tonight. Be sure to clean yourself well, I don't want you bloody and dressed like that for tonight's meeting."

    Olympus turned on his feet, as the two guards swung two last mighty blows, knocking the Psychic out cold completely.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 10th 2013, 8:59 am

    Chapter 3: The Proposal.

    Followed by two guards, Bryce walked through the halls of the prison. All around him was the ambiance that reminded him of what kind of hell hole this facility was. Kids, not even five, crying for their parents, who, knowing Terra Co., were most likely dead. Bryce didn't need to read their minds to get the gist of what they were thinking, the look on their faces said it all.

    "Keep it moving." One of the guards shoved him. "Never you mind these whelps."

    Passing an intersection, Bryce took note of one of the men walking by. He looked oddly familiar, but he didn't get a chance to find out. Looking down the hall the man was taking, he noticed a giant blue sphere encapsulated in a giant field of energy.

    Don't think of the reactor Keith, don't think about it. The guard on his left pleaded the one on his right, unaware that he had just done so himself.

    That place explodes, this whole facility goes to hell.

    The two guards looked at one another, than to the prisoner they were ushering.

    "Y-you heard nothing, got it?"

    "Heard what?" Bryce asked, as the two guards grimaced, they knew he knew.

    You have no recollection that I have read your minds, everything is right with the world.

    "What were we worried about?" The guard on the right asked impatiently.

    "Hell if I know. Keep moving!"

    The door behind them was strangely out of the norm for a prison such as this. Layered with red velvet, there was gold letters embroidered into the door. Olympus.

    The door was still made of iron, just outfitted with decoration, it still creaked when it was opened. Both guards placed a boot on his lower back, and kicked him into the room, walking in behind him, closing the door.

    Before him, a desk made of teak occupied the floor ahead of him, behind that, a swiveling chair, with call-sign Olympus occupying it. Scoffing, the man whistled, as another pair of guards approached the other two, carrying them off.

    "Hey, what the hell?!"

    "What's this all about!?"

    "Imbeciles." Olympus growled. "Welcome to my humble abode, Mr. Howard. How have you enjoyed your visit?"

    "Oh it is five star." Bryce spat. "Because having needles jabbed into my arms daily is my idea of a vacation. Oh, and don't even get me started on the continental breakfast."

    "I really wish you would show a little more respect to me and my staff."

    "How can I respect those that would kill the innocent?"

    "You really are ignorant, you know that?" Olympus replied calmly. "Sit, there is much to discuss."

    Bryce sighed, grabbing one of the cold, hard, metal chairs from the front of the desk. Olympus shook his head, whistling once more. The pair of guards from before, now dressed in french maid costumes, approached, one of them placed a pair of scotch glasses on the table, the other bringing a much more comfortable chair.

    Bryce took his seat, sharing a hearty chuckle with Olympus as the guards walked away.

    "That is only the beginning of their punishments." Olympus chuckled, pouring himself a glass of scotch, he then passed it over to Bryce.

    "I'm twenty, you know that's illegal right?"

    "As you've so gladly told the other members of our community, I'm the head of a terrorist organization, what do I care if I break the law?" Olympus replied with a smirk.

    "So you admit it?" Bryce raised an eyebrow, cautiously pulling the drink over to him.

    "I admit that people like you and your family view us as terrorists. But our cause is just and fair. We look for new world order, one where corporate business does not run politics. While I could easily fund a bunch of top trained mercenaries, I've decided to recruit those with the abilities to give them the upper hand in battle." Olympus took a drink from his glass. "You can see where I'm going with this."

    "You think it's bad for business that I'm telling the meta's that you are a terrorist."

    "Precisely, and I need everyone's full cooperation. This includes your new friend. We need all the shape-shifters we can get. They are the most crucial part of our plans, but you are perhaps the most important."

    "How so?"

    "I have trained many of my men in this facility on how to put up a guard on their minds to prevent you from getting in. But as you have shown first hand just moments ago, you are capable of not only forcing your way in, but manipulating them into bending to your will. You are a super strong Psychokinetic, even before we enhanced your abilities."

    "You need me to make people my puppets?!" Bryce spat out his scotch, much to Olympus' disdain.

    "I want you to be a General in my army." Olympus whistled, the same two guards wiping up the mess. "If you will just stop with all of the nonsense with the other subjects. I can make your wildest dreams come true. I just need you."

    "And if I refuse?"

    "We have our means of persuasion, Mr. Howard." Olympus said darkly. "I want you to think on it tonight. But I want an answer by this time tomorrow."

    Bryce stood, as another pair of guards, obviously much more capable of stopping his mind readings, approached him.

    "-And Mr. Howard?" Olympus said, as Bryce turned. "Expect things to change for you in the VERY near future."



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 12th 2013, 10:55 pm

    Chapter 4: Unshackled

    "Get back in there Psycho." One of the guards growled as Bryce was shoved back into his cell. "-And think real hard about the big boss' offer."

    As the cell door closed behind him, Bryce sat on his cot. Closing his eyes, Bryce clenched his fists. The past five years of his life, all to prepare him to command an army of meta-humans. Looking at his right arm, the scars of his past burned with the intensity of one thousand suns.

    Hey, you there? Marissa's thought voice was hoarse, and almost helpless.

    Yeah, yeah I'm here. Bryce replied. I'm just glad that you're still here. Not many people make it past the first trial.

    Did they just work with you too?

    No. The big boss wanted to discuss his plans of taking over the world with me, he wants me to be his General. Bryce shook his head. I've got until tomorrow at this time to decide. Don't worry, I won't say yes. Conserve your strength, you'll need it.

    Could you please tell me more about before you came to this place?

    Sure, I'll skip ahead a ways, to when I turned ten. Bryce chuckled. Those were the days.


    Placing Anna Karenina down, Bryce smiled at his grandfather, who shakily removed his glasses from the bridge of his nose.

    "A fine read, wasn't it?" He asked, as Bryce nodded.

    "Could you teach me a new trick today Grampa?" Bryce asked.

    "Sure, m'boy. Today I'll teach you how manipulate the mind to do as you want."

    Standing very unsteadily, Bryce helped the elderly gentleman up. Clint pat him on the back, as the Howard boys stumbled out into the clearing. A single doe stood in the forest edge, grazing gently on the unkempt grass. Clint pointed at it, reaching down for a handful of grass.

    You need to remain nice and calm here. She'll be gentle, but nervous.

    Bryce nodded, as Clint focused on the doe's eyes.

    Hi there, got some food for you over here sweetheart.

    The doe's ears perked up as she heard the seemingly random voice that beckoned her. Peeking over at the pair of humans, the elder of the two held out a handful of green grass.

    We are friends, we will not hurt you.

    The doe cautiously walked across the clearing over towards them, as Bryce smiled, thrilled at the ability his grandfather was showing him.

    Clint held his hand out, as the deer came within petting distance. Gently allowing her muzzle to touch his hand, she munched on the tasty green grass, as the older human placed a gentle hand on her snout, running his hand along the length of it.

    Go back to where you belong sweet-heart. You will always be welcome here.

    The deer nodded, as Bryce gaped with amazement. Turning on it's hooves, the creature began to walk away, as the two watched her go. When she got to just about the same position she was before, a crack filled the air, and suddenly she was on the ground.

    Bryce clenched a fist, as a tear streamed down his cheek, a pair of men in plaid vests marched into the clearing to behold their 'kill'.

    "She's still moving." Bryce growled, as he stomped over towards them, Clint trying to follow him. "SHE'S STILL MOVING!"

    The hunters turned towards the boy walking over to him, as they turned back to their prize. Grasping a sharp knife from their sheath, one of the men lowered it to her neck. As Bryce clasped him on the shoulder. Gently lowering his hand to her wound, his body shuddered as screams of agony flowed from her mind through his, and into the hunter's past that.

    "GAAAAAAAAH!" The hunter yelled, as tears streamed down his cheek, clenching his teeth.

    "What are you doin' to him?!" The other hunter asked, pointing his rifle at the young boy.

    "The same thing I'm about to do to you." Clint growled, as he grasped the top of the other man's head, laying his other hand over Bryce's.

    Within a matter of minutes, the two hunters shuddered on the ground, tossing their rifles aside, haunted by the visage they just witnessed. Clint knelt down beside the tormented deer, gently running his hand along her snout.

    I'm sorry this happened to you. I swear this'll be quick and painless.

    Clenching his eye-lids tightly, the old man's hands glowed white, as the deer stopped squirming. Her eye focused on the man, as she nodded, knowingly. Within the minute, her chest stopped heaving, as she was peacefully taken from this world.

    "Sleep well, angel." Clint said, brushing her side.

    "What did you do?" Bryce asked, as the hunters continued to writhe in pain.

    "I killed her, Bryce. Using my mind, I calmed her nerves, caused her a state of relaxation, and I put her down gently. She basically fell into a deep sleep, one she will never wake from."

    "Will you teach me?"

    "No." Clint replied. "This power is much to dangerous for you to know. I do not want you holding a grudge on anyone and using this ability irresponsibly."

    Turning to the two hunters, Clint wrapped his tired hands on the collars of their shirts.

    You will not remember me, nor my grandson, but you will recall all of the pain you have endured at this unfortunate encounter. May this be a lesson to you. Shoot to kill, or don't hunt at all.

    The two nodded, as they ran off in the opposite direction, leaving the rifles on the ground.

    "What if they missed?" Bryce asked.

    "They shot her in the rear, if they wanted to kill her, they would have aimed for the heart or the head. They were shooting to see her in pain."

    Bryce nodded, staring at the dead deer beside him.

    "Y'see Bryce, humanity is a twisted race. They are split into two groups, the pure, and the corrupt. Every man, woman, and child in their own right is corrupted, but each his own. It is the level of corruption that makes up an individual's personality. These men were the corrupt, seeing Humanity as the head of the world. While evolution would have us at the top of the food chain, we must preserve the balance between humanity and animals."

    "The man that took your father, he works for Terra Corporation. While the world views them as an industry that plans to invent new ways to patch the Earth from Humanity's many wars, the Terra is actually a clever way of covering the Terror that us Howard's know. These men believe themselves to be pure, wishing to fight the corrupt governments of the world, and seek purity in the world."

    "Their goals are to wipe meta-human's off the face of the Earth, but first they want to use us to take over. They are no different than the governments they seek to take over."


    That's so sad. Marissa's voice was filled with both agony and remorse. I liked to take the form of a doe every now and again, when I knew I was alone.

    At least she died at peace, instead of in agony. Bryce nodded. How are you holding up?

    Slightly better than an hour ago, when I was first returned here. They've added a shield of pure energy around my cell door, but at least I can use my abilities now.

    They aren't afraid of you changing when they take you out?

    They have one size fits all shackles. Even if I did want to shape-shift, he shackles will form around my limbs. Terra Co. thinks of a counter for everyone.

    "Psycho, you and the lady are permitted some time in the rec room. Courtesy of Olympus."

    Aw shucks, he didn't send flowers. Marissa sighed. Oh well, at least now we can finally meet face to face.

    "Did he send chocolates for the lady?"

    "No." The guard spat, opening the door.

    Bryce, who was still shackled from his brief walk from the warden's office, stood. Exiting the room, Marissa was escorted out of hers, the shackles placed upon her wrists. Glancing back, her chocolate brown eyes met his icy blue ones, as they both smiled.

    He observed her shoulder length brunette hair, how silky smooth it appeared. Clad in the same fashioned blue jumpsuit as him, the clothing accentuated her curves nicely. In short, she was damn gorgeous, the slight, nervous smile that spread across her face made his heart jump, the barely visible freckles that accompanied her cheeks cutely made her flawless white skin appear soft to the touch.

    "Hey." He smiled, as she grinned cutely.


    Well, now I'm in love. He heard her think, as she paused for a moment, a look of shock covering her face. Er- you didn't hear that.

    I did though. Bryce grinned heartily. But great minds do think alike, as to what you've said.

    Suddenly, her gentle white skin flushed red as she blushed, the guard behind her shoved her ahead, ruining the moment they shared, as the guard behind Bryce followed suit.

    Do you really think so? Marissa asked. All of my friends that know of my abilities think I did this using my abilities.

    I could care less what they think, if you are happy with it, natural or not, than be happy with it. They are probably just jealous. Bryce smiled. -And of course I really think so, I'm communicating to you my current thoughts, if I thought other-wise, it would've been broad-casted to you.

    For someone with very limited female accompaniment, you certainly know what to say to a gal to make her feel good.

    I have my grandfather to thank for that. Bryce chuckled. He once told me that in his younger years, he used to get just about any lady he wanted, all because he knew what they were thinking. Of course, he eventually met the woman of his dreams and married her on the Vegas strip.

    After what seemed like forever, the two were dumped into the recreational room. Around them, treadmills, weights, and all sorts of other physical training equipment were scattered about the room, with targets on the wall for those with the ability to fling objects could practice at hitting a bullseye. The room seemed high class, and appeared to be much cleaner than just about every other room in the building.

    "Normally this place is used by the guards, but at this time every day, you two will meet here and practice your abilities." The guard snorted. "But don't get any foolish thoughts of escape. Invisible lasers encompass this room, special for you two freaks. One touch with one of them, and it's lights out on your 'abilities'. Prolonged exposure will cause... unpleasant outcomes."

    "Does it come with a money back guarantee?" Bryce asked, as the guard swung a nasty right hook across Bryce's jaw.

    Wincing in pain, Bryce waved off the two, as they stepped out of the room. Falling to his knees, Bryce painfully thrust his jaw back into place, having been dislocated by the blow. Kneeling down beside him, Marissa placed a gentle hand on his back, looking him in the face.

    "Are you okay?" She asked.

    "Yeah, but he won't be the next time he tries something like that. I don't mind dying, as long as that bastard gets what's coming to him."

    A smile pursed her lips, as they both stood. Out of the blue, she wrapped both arms around him, his eyes widening with surprise. He grinned, as the two embraced. Something about this woman was very soothing to him, her presence appeared to make all of his worries, all of his troubles, wash away.

    I've wanted to do that ever since I first heard about your past. I'm so sorry for all that you've been through, all the things that you've missed.

    It's okay, really.Bryce smiled. I can just get those memories from the people around me, and I can 'experience' them myself.

    "HEY! I don't hear any training in there!" One of the guards knocked on the door. "Get your asses moving or we're coming in there with the cattle-prods!"

    "How exactly would you like me to go about doing that?" Bryce retorted. "I'm a psychic dipshit!"

    "The boss knows you have more than just mind reading on your palette, use those abilities."

    "I am at your command!" Marissa droned through the door. "Do to me as you please!"

    "H-HEY! That's not what I meant!" The guard peered into the door, as the two embraced further.

    Good one. Bryce smiled.

    Thanks, I try.

    "Would you like me to lift her with my mind?"

    "No, you might compromise her."

    "Bowchickabowow." The other guard chuckled.

    "Shut the fuck up all of you! Stop playing your goddamned mind games!"

    "I'm a psychic, it's what I do best."



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Manny on May 12th 2013, 11:05 pm

    Big boss of an organization that seeks Humanity supremacy offers a good guy the chance to be his general? Never seen that before. Not at all. Lol, jk. It's been done a lot of times, but the choice a character makes says a lot of about them.

    And "bowchickabowow" guard is officially awesome.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 13th 2013, 1:40 am

    Chapter 5: Gridiron

    As fun as this is, I don't want to see you get hurt anymore. Marissa said mentally, placing a hand on his shoulder.

    I want you to be calm, I promise this won't hurt. Bryce smiled, as he levitated into the air, using his mind to propel himself upwards.

    She squirmed for a moment, as he used his mind to lift her, floating him directly beside her. Then she giggled in amazement, as they zoomed around the room.

    So what about Olympus, will you take him up on his offer?

    I dunno just yet.

    What?! You would go against everything your grandfather taught you, how can you want this?!

    "This isn't about what I want." Bryce smiled, placing an arm around her shoulders. "It's about what I need, and what I need... is you."

    Marissa blushed, as he ran his hand down her silky hair.

    "I would rather die than leave you." Bryce continued. "Nothing's going to keep us apart, not even the end of the world. Ever since we first met face to face, I've felt... better about my life. I would do anything to protect you, and to keep that feeling."

    "I won't let that happen. And you shouldn't let me stand in your way!" She scoffed. "You will NOT take him up on his offer. Find a way to get him to prolong the deadline for your choice. You need more time."

    We're going to plan on making an escape.

    "As long as you aren't harmed, I'll do whatever it takes." He smiled. "Coming in for a landing, I can't keep you up forever."

    "That's where my training comes in." She smiled.

    The two landed, as Bryce took a breather. Her form slowly shifted, as her clothes became much to big to handle her.

    This is the part where you turn around.

    Bryce nodded, making sure she was covered from the guard's view, turning his back to her.

    When I'm done, I'll need you to gather my clothes and place them in the corner over there. Turning into something else is easy, turning back tends to draw attention, and god knows how many cameras are in this room.

    Bryce turned back as she finished, an Eagle trapped in her pile of clothing. Opening the neck hole, Marissa's bird form fluttered out of the opening, hovering above him. He grinned.

    That'd be useful for an escape. Bryce smiled.

    I can become anything I want, I am honestly surprised the Agent that captured me was able to find me.

    Bryce floated in the air, as she followed alongside him, gliding across the room. Laughing mentally with one another, they didn't have a care in the world. Suddenly, there was a bang on the door, and the door opened.

    "It's time to go back. Training time is over for now, freaks."

    "You'll have to wait a moment there fella." Bryce replied, landing. "The missus has to get re-clothed."

    "Fine, she can do it right here." The guard smiled, as his partner's nose shot blood out of his nostrils.

    "I think you're horny friend here isn't the best kind of company, after all, she's still a lady, have some respect."

    "She lost her 'lady' privileges when she was diagnosed by the boss as a freak. Bird-lady, turn back into your buxom self and let's get moving, now."

    Bryce stood forward, spreading his arms.

    "That isn't gonna happen." Bryce growled. "Not when you're in the room."

    The man produced a small baton, as electricity arched from the tip of it. Striking it against his gloved paw, the man grinned.

    "I don't think you understand what the chain of command is around here," he replied, gritting his teeth. "I tell you to do something, and you do it. Like the good little guinea pig you are!"

    "You can certainly try me." Bryce smiled. "I've been meaning for a good fight with you."

    Galloping towards Bryce, the bulky guard swung, as the spry young Psychic dodged the blow, diving behind him. Using his mind to lift him quickly, Bryce kicked the guard on his read, sending him face first into the floor.

    "Oh NOW you're going to pay for it!" The slimmer of the two guards charged Bryce, who chuckled.

    The younger guard roared out in a dramatic battle cry, as Bryce's fist abruptly smashed his face, breaking his nose.

    "Stupid bastard," Bryce taunted. "I can read your mind!"

    Behind him, swinging from the left side. Using his mind to float upwards, the baton barely cleared the bottom of his prison shoes. Landing with his feet on the guard's broad shoulders, Bryce swung his right foot left, smashing the guard's cheek, before jumping and swinging his left to the right.

    Back-flipping off of the guard's shoulders, Bryce slammed both of his palms into the guard's back, causing him to stumble forward into a man in a suit. The man aimed his pistol into the air and fired a warning shot, as Marissa finally redressed, having changed back while the others had been distracted.

    "Omega. You don't have the proper clearance to be in this wing!" The younger guard barked, as the Agent pointed his pistol at him, blowing the young man's head off of his shoulder.

    "That's what I think of your god damned clearance." The man growled, shoving a strange rifle into the bigger guard's hand. "You, cover the door. I have a score to settle with this one. Keep a watchful eye on the other one."

    "Y'hear that sweet-heart? My boss gave me PERMISSION to look at yeah."

    "That is officially the grossest thing I've ever heard." She huffed, sitting on one of the benches closest to the door, as the man pointed the strange rifle right at her.

    Bryce eyed the Agent, he looked familiar. He couldn't access the man's mind, but there was something in his face that seemed familiar. Sifting through his own memories, he matched the face to his past on two occasions.


    Unknown Forest, Maine
    5 years ago

    Bryce nodded solemnly at his catch, he hated using his mind control abilities to coax the animals into coming closer for a proper shot. But if he didn't hunt it, they didn't eat. Ever since that fateful day with the deer, Clint had been unable to hunt for the two, leaving Bryce to do it.

    While it pained him, he was doing it for survival, not for sport. They would use every part of the rabbits, water vole, and deer that he shot. His sled, which he used to move the game, broke. Grimacing, Bryce didn't know how to go about moving the food. If he didn't take it all now, something in the wild would get it, but the winter was coming. If he didn't get all of this meat back, his grandfather might die of starvation, or freezing from lack of new clothes.

    Remembering back to his training from the day before, he concentrated on the need for the meat to float. Blood started pouring out of his nose. Clearly the meat was a tad bit too heavy for him to life. Grabbing as many of the dead rabbits as he could with his bare hands, he focused on the buck, deciding that the rabbits and the deer would be of more use to them, and the water vole would be left for the wolves.

    Lifting the deer with his mind, the teenager trudged through the marsh, and back to the cabin.

    Fire rose up from the cabin, Bryce panicked, as he dropped his game and charged for the door. Bursting through it, he searched around, desperate.


    Bryce's heart stopped, that noise came from the bedroom. Running inside the door, a man loomed over his grandfather, whose arm was stretched out, as if reaching out for someone. A hole was left in the man's forehead, his old eyes peering hatefully at the man responsible.

    The man turned, pointing his pistol at Bryce. Bryce through up a force field around himself, as the bullet ricochet off of his shield, and into the wall. Using his mind, he forced the bed across the floor, pinning the gunman to the wall.

    I've gotta get outta here! Bryce growled to himself. I can't let him die in vain!

    As he headed out the door, a giant, bulky elbow smashed him in the nose.

    "Contain the subject, let Olympus know we have him in custody."

    "You wanna tell us why you tried to kill him, Agent Omega?"

    "I'll tell you why, he's a god damned abomination!"


    "You!" Bryce growled, pointing at the Agent, as a toothy grin crept over the man's face.

    "That's right, you little devil!" Omega replied. "Except this time, no-one will stop me from killing you!"

    "Why! What about Heather?!" Bryce yelled.

    "A world without you would easily be a better world!" Omega growled. "I work on the premise that ALL meta-humans must die!"

    "Well you are out on that." Bryce grinned, tapping his forehead. "I'm going to enjoy hearing you scream for what you did to grandpa."

    Pulling out two desert eagles from his jacket, Omega opened fire directly, as Bryce diverted them with his mind to a wall away from Marissa. Collecting the next salvo, Bryce launched them back at Omega, who skillfully dodged.

    Dropping the two weapons, Omega pulled two batons out of his back pocket, smashing them together to form a single staff.

    "Aw c'mon!" The guard whined. "Now you're stealing from Nightwing!"

    "Shut up maggot!" Omega roared. "Let's dance, freak."

    Propelling himself forward with his mind, Bryce slammed his fist across Omega's right cheek, launching the agent through the air in a spiral.

    "Whats the matter, hot shot?!" Bryce taunted. "Can't hit me? C'mon, hit me! I WANT YOU TO HIT ME!"


    "SHUT UP!" Marissa growled. "NO-ONE CARES!"

    Omega grunted, standing after that last blow. Wiping blood out of the corner of his mouth, he lurched for Bryce. Flipping over the staff, Bryce turned, just in time for the staff to jab him square in the chest, pushing him to the ground.

    "You can't read my mind." Omega grinned. "Your father squealed like a pig after we fished your position out of him!"

    "YOU'RE GONNA DIE!" Bryce roared, blasting himself forward, as Omega swung, smashing him in the rib-cage.

    "Foolish kid, I don't fall for the same thing twice, you'll have to do better-oof!"

    Bryce summoned a pair of dumbbells with his mind, striking Omega once in the leg, and once in the chest. Clutching his leg, Omega glared up at Bryce, who rocketed forward once more, smashing Omega in the chin.

    "Sit the fuck down, 'cause you're about to get schooled!" Bryce barked.

    Omega stood, rubbing his jaw. Ducking under another pass by Bryce, he whipped his staff again, smashing Bryce in the back. Falling to the ground, Bryce tried to stand, as Omega slammed the staff's end into his spine. Pushing forwards, Omega slid Bryce against the floor, causing the kid to slam his face into the wall, before smashing his staff down on the back of the kids' head.

    "That's what I thought." Omega huffed, walking away.

    "The funny thing is," Bryce coughed, standing. "You automatically assume because I have an abnormal amount of brain function that my head is my weakest point."

    "Then what is?!" Omega said.

    "Why the fuck do you think I'll tell you that?!" Bryce coughed, grinning. "Tired, old man?"

    Omega shook his head as he split the staff into two separate batons again.

    "No, but when I'm through with you, you'll wish you did."

    "We'll see about that."

    The two charged forward, Bryce using his mind to propel himself, Omega sprinting, his batons swinging. Bryce covered himself with a force-field, as the electricity from Omega's batons sparked along it. A mini explosion erupted from the center of them as they clashed, flashing the immediate area with white.

    Bryce shoulder tackled Omega to the ground, smashing his fist into Omega's face, breaking his nose. Kicking Bryce off of him, Omega panted as he stood.

    "This isn't over, not by a long shot." Omega growled, pulling a syringe from his jacket.

    "Sir, Operation: Phoenix was cancelled for a reason!"

    "Yeah, because they got so powerful they rebelled." Omega smirked, stabbing the needle into his wrist. "Once I'm finished with you, I'm going for bird-lady, and then I'm going for all the meta's in the world! GAH!"

    Falling down, Omega's body convulsed as saliva dripped out of his mouth. Clenching his fists, he roared in pain, as his veins filled with the hot, magma like serum. Bones shifted, as his muscles strengthened like steel. Tearing noises accompanied his growls of agony, as his suit was ripped off of his back. Orange veins popped out of the surface of his skin, as his entire body grew to at least five times normal.

    Roaring with new found testosterone in his system, Omega tried to lift a foot, as his entire body was covered in flames. Slamming his mallet sized fist onto the ground, Omega stood, the ground quaking beneath his feet.

    "I am Butch Donovan! I am the Fire-Bird!"

    "So much for being an anti-meta." Bryce grinned.

    "I will be THE meta!" Butch's voice rumbled. "Terra Co. be damned!"

    With his now improved leg muscles, Butch charged Bryce like a freight train, leaving little time for the psychic to put up a defense.

    "So that's how you want to play." Bryce taunted, as the behemoth grabbed him by the back of the neck.

    "I could break your neck like a twig, whelp!" Butch grit his teeth. "But that'd be too easy. Besides, I like torturing you with stories of your father and your pathetic grandfather."

    Bryce growled as he set a force field around him, slipping through Butch's grip.

    "DON'T YOU DARE!" Bryce roared, lifting high into the air with his mind.

    "Why don't you make me?" Butch grabbed a treadmill, launching it at Bryce.

    Grabbing it with his mind, objects around the room began to float on their own, swirling around the room like a tornado, before being flung at Omega himself. Butch tried to deflect all of the objects, but to no avail. A bench press smashed him directly in the chest, thrusting him into the wall.

    An alarm wailed in the air, as Bryce continued to pile the utilities on Butch. Floating down, the behemoth was able to thrust one treadmill away, which slid across the room, crushing the other guard against the wall, causing Marissa to flinch.

    Taking her move, she slowly shifted her form into the of Butch as he currently was. Grabbing him, the lasers started shocking Butch, while Marissa held him down. Bryce clasped onto Butch's shoulder, gazing deep into Butch's now orange retinas.

    "Don't worry, this'll only hurt a lot."

    Forcing his way into Butch's mind thanks to the shock therapy, Bryce grabbed everything he needed to know before the shocks finally gave Butch his... unsatisfactory result.

    Marissa pouted, her costume, in her haste, had been shredded. Smirking, Bryce took the first guard's pants, taking off his own prisoner garments. Replacing his pants with that of the guards, he turned away as Marissa returned to her beautiful, normal self.

    "Well, I think that's enough play-time for one night, Mr. Howard." Olympus said, four armed guards had their weapons trained on them.

    "Your guard dog attacked me." Bryce replied.

    "A test of his loyalty, and you two's abilities to work under stress. You both did quite admirably." Olympus nodded. "If you will kindly return to your cells without further violence, that would be most appreciated."

    Marissa looked over to Bryce, as he returned the glance. Nodding, the two turned themselves over, despite their wishes not to, and were returned to their cell.

    "Lieutenant." Olympus stated, as one of the guards paused, turning back.

    "Yes sir?"

    "Bring a clean up crew to dispose of our... friend here. Then find another woman's small for our shape-shifting friend, yes?"

    "Yes sir, on it sir."

    Olympus stepped into the room, trying to imagine the spectacle that had taken place here. Glaring over at Omega's corpse, Olympus shook his head.

    "A necessary sacrifice. A pity he was too corrupt to realize the purity of Terra Co.'s plan."



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Manny on May 13th 2013, 3:00 pm

    Is it me... Or do companies seem to run the super hero show on Delta Earth?

    Terra Co, KMC, the power company the Rockettes are part of...
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 13th 2013, 4:46 pm

    Manny wrote:Is it me... Or do companies seem to run the super hero show on Delta Earth?

    Terra Co, KMC, the power company the Rockettes are part of...

    Terra Co isn't actually a company. That's their cover up to hide the fact that they are taking over the world. But I agree, that is really odd Razz .

    Thanks for reading, as always.



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Manny wrote:Is it me... Or do companies seem to run the super hero show on Delta Earth?

    Terra Co, KMC, the power company the Rockettes are part of...

    I'd imagine that a Meta Human would need to make their presence known, and ally themselves with a large company or public entity, in order to avoid being assassinated by the government.

    Agents (or at least the modern one presented in Through People) were created to hunt down Meta Humans, but if you're clearly a high profile good guy, they'll likely leave you alone.

    If a child with lightning powers appears in central america, and isn't powerful enough to fight back, it's easy for the government or private corporations to hunt him down and snuff the poor kid out.

    If a respectably powered citizen were discovered, even if he/she could fight, when he was worn down and executed by the Agents, nobody would know or care about the person's struggle, and the only consequence to the government would be the cost of finding and killing the Meta.

    BUT, if Beta, who has a public name and a cult following, were to disappear, or worse, be murdered in public by an Agent after a costly fight, and the administrator of KMC were to point a finger at the government, that would look very bad for the government.

    It'd be the same with the Rockettes and the Kyova Power Company. Kyova needed a cool mascot, and the Rockettes needed money, protection from Agent assassins, and funding in order to do some good in the world.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Oh that's interesting, did I accidentally create a wide-spread group of hired guns? Agent Omega was with Terra Co. but this idea kind of suits him better.



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Update coming soon. Got kinda bored, so I designed a basic cover art for the story.


    Like I said, this was more of a project than the real deal. Gave me something to tinker with while I thought up more about the story.

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Liking the story. Picture's pretty sweet as well.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 13th 2013, 8:39 pm

    Doctor Jensen wrote:Liking the story. Picture's pretty sweet as well.

    Thanks Jensen, I'm glad you enjoy it!



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Manny on May 13th 2013, 9:24 pm

    Doctor Jensen wrote:Liking the story. Picture's pretty sweet as well.

    Oh man, I haven't used Flood talk in forever...

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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Manny wrote:
    Doctor Jensen wrote:Liking the story. Picture's pretty sweet as well.

    Oh man, I haven't used Flood talk in forever...
    Dat's forum talk my boy.
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

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    Doctor Jensen wrote:
    Manny wrote:
    Doctor Jensen wrote:Liking the story. Picture's pretty sweet as well.

    Oh man, I haven't used Flood talk in forever...
    Dat's forum talk my boy.
    Flood forum was my first forum.

    So it'll always be flood talk to me...

    You'll be in my heart...
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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 14th 2013, 11:20 pm

    Isn't it amazing what the brain is willing to do when someone is bored?

    Say hello to Bryce.

    For clarification, that's a tear, not a sweat drop typically seen in anime/manga. Just so you know.



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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 26th 2013, 9:36 pm

    This will continue, I promise!

    In the meantime, I finally found the perfect facial structure for our Ice Man!




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    Re: The Ascension: Frigid Beginnings.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on June 16th 2013, 5:45 pm

    Chapter 6: Before the storm.

    It sucks to say this, but because Music companies are getting so uptight about music release, I can't properly link a Youtube video to this post. When you get to the red text, click on the link right before that paragraph, and don't read the red text until after the music has started. I've done everything else.

    I can't link at a specific time in the song. So skip to about 2:40 in the song. It's brief but it really improves the scene.

    Unknown woods
    Five years ago

    "Grandpa, what if people don't like me for my mind reading abilities?" Bryce asked, as his Grandfather smiled.

    "People are afraid of what they don't understand." He grinned. "Take Superman for example. The people of Earth were always afraid of him at first, but as he proved to them that he was their guardian, they slowly grew to like him. The same can be said about you, in time, meta's will turn up more frequently, and in time people will grow more accustomed to them."

    "I'd like to help people though, with my mind."

    "In time, child." Clint chuckled. "For now, the world doesn't need heroes, but when that day comes, you'll make yourself known, and you'll do the world right, I just know it."

    Placing a hand on Bryce's shoulder, Clint had a knowing look in his eyes.

    "You are just like your father, and just like him, I have no doubt in my mind that you'll find a way to keep yourself safe from harm, and get yourself out any predicament." Clint opened the freezer door, taking inventory. "Bryce, we're out of meat, would you go out and fetch us some? I'm going to go lay down."

    Bryce nodded as he stood, slinging his rifle over his shoulder, he moved over to the door.

    'Never forget, I love you m'boy, and I'm very proud of how you've grown.'

    Bryce glanced over his shoulder, nodding, before opening the door, blinded by a white light.


    Bryce snapped awake, he had experienced night sweats, the same nightmare attacking him yet again. Sitting on the side of his bed, he knew Marissa wasn't sleeping well either.

    Can't sleep either?

    Y'got it.

    What's the matter?

    Dreaming of the last moment I shared with my grandfather, before Omega-

    I'm sure he's proud of you.

    Yeah. By the way, what's keeping you up tonight?

    Something doesn't feel right. I've got this unnatural sense of urgency, that something big is about to happen.

    "Time to wake up, Psycho." A guard slammed his baton on Bryce's cell door. "You and the lady are coming with me."

    Guess we're going back for some more 'training' today.

    Don't hurt yourself much more, I don't want to lose you.

    I promise, I'll be fine. And I'll keep you safe too.

    Another knock on the door, Bryce wiped the sleep out of his eyes and stood, approaching the door. Knocking back, the door opened, as the guard met him with a shit eating grin.

    Bryce waited again as Marissa exited her cell. This time, however, they were escorted to an arena, or sorts. Before them, Olympus sat in the stands, as his trained gun-men aimed their rifles in the stands around them.

    "You can afford a giant arena in the middle of the compound, but you can't afford us any Fettuccine Alfredo?!" Bryce scoffed.

    "If that is what it will take for you to accept my proposal, then yes, I suppose I can feed you and your... friend some cuisine on the occasion." Olympus nodded. "However-"
    Before Bryce could react, the two guards wrapped a collar around Marissa's throat, dragging her across the ground to the opposite wall, where they chained her.

    "-She will be held as collateral. We have seen the full extent of her abilities, but it is yours that we are curious about. Bring out his opponent!"

    Thumping resounded throughout the arena, as Bryce froze in his spot.

    "I wish to test your mettle against another meta. As you will soon see, this meta is insubordinate, but if you can perhaps show him what you are made of, it will quelch ALL that mean to defy us."

    "And what if I refuse?!"

    "You self righteous fools, always asking that question." Olympus shook his head. "Why else is your girl here?! If you DON'T fight this meta, he will feast on her, and THEN he shall be put down."

    Bryce clenched his fist, as a pair of guards were sent flying through the air past him, one of them stuck in the maw of the beast. Covered in patches of pure bone, these patches resembled the most fearsome of armor for the behemoth. The creature stood roughly at seven feet, six inches. Muscles bulged out, his shorts barely able to hold on. Smashing his fist into his other palm, the beast's bony armor jutted out further, creating a spiky hazard.

    "Well, this outta be fun." Bryce cracked his knuckles, trying to peer into the beast's mind, but was deflected.

    "No mind reading." Olympus grinned. "This room blocks your ability to read people's minds. I want to see your abilities come alive, to take advantage of your surroundings."

    "I will strip the flesh from your bones!" The beast growled, swallowing the corpse's leg with a crunch. "Then I will tear this place to the ground!"

    Bryce didn't like to think about it, but the more he examined this man, the more he thought of Doomsday, the famous archnemesis of Superman, the one entity to successfully kill the superhero.

    The beast charged forward, as Bryce placed a protective shield around himself, the beast latched itself onto his shield, and continued to plow him into the wall. Grunting, Bryce's shield couldn't take too much more of a beating at once. Thrusting his fist forward, the blow merely annoyed the beast, as it grabbed his arm and tossed him halfway across the arena.

    Growling, Bryce uneasily lifted himself to his feet, as Marissa gazed down at him, deeply concerned. 

    Don't worry, I got this.  

    Turning back, the beast charged him again, the sandy ground beneath them quaking as he made the charge. Lifting himself with his mind, Bryce launched himself forward, kicking up dust as he entered unfathomable speeds. Holding his fist out, he attempted to strike the gargantuan with it. However, the beast grabbed his wrist, punching him square in the ribs, the blow loud enough to echo through the halls, as he was launched into the adjacent walls.

    Link here: https://play.spotify.com/track/1y2I51IqxWCd2rITDEYndo

    Grasping his chest, Bryce wiped blood away from his nostrils, as his vision grew shaky.The darkness started to creep in. Noises were muffled, as the beast strode over towards him, relishing in it's victory. The sounds of screaming filled his ears, but he could only watch as the beast faltered for a brief moment, glancing over at Marissa.

    "No." Bryce whispered, holding a hand outwards as the beast strode over towards her. 


    Marissa screeched as the beast's warm breath breathed down on her, the monster moving it's massive, clawed hands towards her.

    "NOOOOOOOO!" Bryce roared as he shot like a bullet towards the behemoth, his fist straight out.

    Finally making contact, his fist struck the wannabee onto the sand and off of it's feet. Bryce used his mind to lift the behemoth, straining his mind to it's absolute limits. Helpless while in the air, Bryce slammed the beast onto the ground, waving him in a wide arch over his head, slamming him into the ground once more.

    After another few strikes, Bryce had to take a breather, as the beast charged him again. Diving out of the way, Bryce knew that he'd have to wait, his abilities briefly drained. Again the beast tried, as Marissa cheered him on. Diving between it's legs, Bryce continued to clutch his chest. Turning back, the beast approached Marissa again, knowing it would attract his attention.

    "I shall feast upon your essence, and then I will EAT your boyfriend!" The beast growled, smashing it's giant maw against it's other half.

    Bryce jumped into the air, his mind lifting him again as he shot off again, tackling the beast. Punching it in the face numerous times, Bryce gritted his teeth.

    "SHE'S... NOT... YOUR... TYPE!" Finishing with one last solid blow, Bryce used his mind to throw the giant into the wall. Before zooming over towards his dazed foe.

    Grasping the back of the beast's head, Bryce's mind soon grew so oblivious to the pain the room's blockages were causing it, as he gazed deep into the beast's minds. Finding it's happiest memory, he drained that from it's brain, as he roared to the heavens, his hand shaking with raw energy.

    The beast was helpless, flailing about as Bryce worked within it's brain. Roaring in agony, the beast grasped it's head, as Bryce backed off, white light shining through it's pupils. Olympus stood from his seat to look upon the behomoth, as it roared to the heavens, it's brain exploding within it's skull, blood running out of every orifice on it's face.

    Walking away from the dead creature, Bryce collapsed in front of the location where Marissa was chained up, and passed out, exhausted.

    "Interesting." Olympus said with a grin. "We'll have to continue testing, I rather liked that last ability."

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