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    Halo 4 Terminals

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    Halo 4 Terminals Empty Halo 4 Terminals

    Post  Manny on March 22nd 2013, 6:13 pm

    Alright so here we can discuss the terminals. Anything about them.

    I have a few questions to start us off.

    1) Did the Librarian have a change of heart? At first she wanted Humanity to be eradicated and the DIDACT had to reign her in. At that point in time, the Didact seemed more merciful towards Humans.

    2)If the Librarian DID have a change of heart, when was it? After seeing the Humans being devolved into a Tier 7 civilization?

    3)Did the Didact also have a change of heart as well? He sought to "turn" Humanity away, and then devolve them to the point where they were no longer a threat.

    Then he went off the deep end I guess and started to force Humans to become Prometheans to help defeat the Flood.

    4)Who was really serving the greater good?

    The Librarian by committing galaxy wide genocide and starving the Flood? While it certainly seemed necessary, people were working on alternatives.

    Like the Didact, who sought to sacrifice one species to save the countless others from the horror that was the Halo Array? He initially did not intend to use Humans but he needed more troops. The Didact did everything he could before resorting to the Composer, and even then he used volunteers at first. Hell he was experimenting on himself before that.

    He, like the Librarian, thought what they did was necessary.

    Side Note:

    Personally I feel bad for the Didact. The guy was willing to give up one species to try and save countless others... and then his wife hates him despite agreeing to wipe out all life in the galaxy.

    The terminals have left me so confused. I really thought the Didact was pure evil.

    I mean, he is NOW after the events of Halo 4. He is trying to stop Humanity's rise but really...he's the only Forerunner left. What would he do if he won?

    He'd have a massive army of Prometheans but no purpose anymore. I think he's just mad we got in between him and his wife. At this point, he has nothing to lose...so why the hell not take out your frustration by launching a massive war?
    Bad John
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    Halo 4 Terminals Empty Re: Halo 4 Terminals

    Post  Bad John on March 22nd 2013, 11:46 pm

    Hm. Their change of heart seems based on necessity, and their view of humanity.

    Before, when the humans seemed to be a power hungry, spreading juggernaught, the Librarian justly wanted them annihilated to protect the diversity of life.

    The Didact, on the other hand, respected them as a challenge.

    After, when it was discovered that the humans were fleeing, the Librarian felt sympathy for them.

    The Didact, on the other hand, was flippant and dismissive of them as a species, since they'd lost their ability to provide the addictive rush of a true challenge. Didact saw them as a means to an end, and decided to use the now primitive species as a weapon against a greater threat.

    The Librarian seemed to have decided that the Forerunners were unworthy of their position of power, and wanted to give the other species, mainly humanity, a clean slate. Sure, billions died, but it set the stage for a new beginning. Everyone else was probably fast approaching extinction due to the Flood butchering and devouring everyone.

    All in all, I don't think anyone was truly "right," but in a life or death scenario, nobody needs to be right. It's all about results.

    The Ring produced results. The Didact's plan was a war or attrition.
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    Halo 4 Terminals Empty Re: Halo 4 Terminals

    Post  Manny on March 23rd 2013, 12:16 pm

    I think the Didact came to respect Humans after the war. Well their fighting ability anyways. He was disgusted by our glassing of their planets.

    Before he was like "mantle this, mantle that, mantle protects all".

    On another note, I find it funny that both Ancient Humanity and the Covenant used the term "cleansing" when they glassed planets. They both were wiping out a plague, or "plague" in the Covenant's case.

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