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    Halo: Resolve


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    Halo: Resolve

    Post  Impanther on January 17th 2013, 11:13 pm

    Prologue: Grinder

    Date: New Phoenix incident + 1 month

    Pelican dropships orbit earth as purple CSO-class supercarrier exits slipspace followed by ten Five Midsummer night type frigates, five Charon-class light frigates, five Stalwart-class light frigates, and five Paris-class heavy frigates.

    "This is Kaidon Thel 'Vadam reporting to Lord Hood," announce a deep baritone voice over the comms as two massive UNSC ships with hull classifications INF-101, Infinity, and INF-102, Resolve, flank the supercarrier, "our joint ops to locate any missing ship with crew members in cryo has yeilded unexpected results."

    "What would those results be Arbiter?" asks a second voice over the comms.

    "Hull classification is CFV-88," replies Thel 'Vadam over the comms as a Pelican departs from the Infinity, "otherwise known as the UNSC Spirit of Fire, there are demons on board and the ship's A.I still seems to be active."

    "Active?," asks Lord Hood over the comms in surprise as the Pelican docks with the supercarrier, "Serina was a smart A.I, they basically think themselves to death after seven years and this ship has been missing since 2531, defrost the captain of Spirit of Fire, I need to talk to him."

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    Re: Halo: Resolve

    Post  Impanther on January 17th 2013, 11:14 pm

    Chapter 1: Saber

    >>>Access [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Meat Grinder
    >>>Access granted, good afternoon Cpt. Cutter

    Date: New Phoenix incident + 15 years

    Location: UNSC Resolve in orbit over Reach

    "Patch me in with Sergeant Saber," announced a deep voiced middle aged man as the nearby holotank flickered on, "I have much to discuss with him."

    As soon as the man stopped the hologram projected by the hologram revealed a Spartan clad in silver and gold Mjolnir Warrior armor.

    "Sergeant Saber reporting sir," announced the Spartan as a Sangheili Corvette on a patrol route passed in front of the Resolve, "I hope you have some good new for me Captain Cutter."

    "Indeed I do," replied Captain Cutter as he began to send data to Saber's TAC-PAD, "despite your rank and the incident with the insurrectionist woman you will be given commanding authority over the marines and naval personnel in my fleet."

    "For the record sir I did not know the woman was an insurrectionist and I," answered Saber as Captain Cutter shook his head, "actually I am not going into that detail, and for the record I still got needed intel from her because of that."

    "Which is why you were not discharged," remarked Captain Cutter as he closed his TAC-PAD, "you will be assigned to the UNSC Fires of Liberation which has its own version of what you Spartans call the Meat Grinder."

    "Not a true Spartan unless you train in the Meat Grinder," replied Saber as a large UNSC Supercarrier passed in front of the Resolve's bridge, "she will reach your location in around five minutes tops."

    "What was this insurrectionist woman's name?" asked Captain cutter as Saber began his routine weapon check.

    "Her name was Haylee," replied Saber as he looked at the ground in sadness, "her name was Haylee Hall."

    "You think this woman still loves you?" Asked Captain Cutter as the Fires of Liberation docked at the Meat Grinder.

    "I am positive she does," remarks Saber with a smirk on his face, "I am very positive that she does."

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    Re: Halo: Resolve

    Post  Impanther on January 17th 2013, 11:14 pm

    Off topic: Sorry guys, raider will be about Saber recieving his new armor instead. Well part 1 ends with him getting the armor. Part 2 is Cipher and Alaina with implied post lovemaking. Again, it is implied. Part 3 is Saber in his new armor for the first time.

    Chapter 3: Operation Raider

    >>>Access [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Samurai
    >>>Access granted, good morning Saber

    Location: UNSC Resolve in orbit over Reach
    Date: New Phoenix Incident + 15 years

    Saber walked down the dark grey halls in his scratched up silver and gold Mjolnir Warrior Armor as he approaced the armory at Captain Cutter's command.

    "Sir," remarked a nearby ensign as the Spartan walked by him, "when is training?"

    "Today at 1600 hours," replied Saber as he grinned under his helmet, "you had better be ready."

    "At four in the afternoon?," asked the Spartan as Saber began to walk away, "are you serious?"

    "Do I look like I am kidding?," asked Saber as he glared at the Spartan, "Operation Raider begins at 1600 hours and ends at midnight and not every training exercise will last for eight hours."

    "Ok so what time is it?," asked the Spartan as Saber grinned beneath his helmet, "Sir what time is it?"

    "Half past 1600 hours," replied Saber as he began to walk to the training room, "you better hurry up because your squad sucks badly without you."

    "Oh crap," remarked the Spartan as he ran past Saber, "Sorry for being late to the training exercise."

    "You just love to torture the trainees don't you?," asked a Spartan-II as he stepped from the shadows his armor gray with a red stripe on the helmet and across his left shoulder, "harsh but not harsh enough, you might want to try harder if you really want to torture them."                                          

    "Spartan Saber report to the bridge," remarked an A.I's voice over the comms, "the captain wants to speak with you."                                                                


     >>ERR. ORR.


    >> SYS. REBOOT


    Saber enters the bridge to find Cpt. Cutter standing next to a steel and gold set of mjolnir armor while looking at the picture of a male unarmored Spartan kissing a female unarmored ODST on the lips.

    "Your brother sent this photo for you," commented Cpt. Cutter as Saber looked at the photo with some anger, "apparently they met while on a mission on Sanghelios."

    "Congrats to him," replied Saber as he looked at the armor, "new armor for someone?"

    "That is Mjolnir Raider armor," answered Cpt. Cutter as he realized that Saber was upset, "and it is yours."

    >>>SYS. ERROR





    >>>ACCESS CODE: ****


    >LOCATION: UNSC Black's Vengance, Cipher's quarters

    Cipher's icy blue eyes look into his beautiful love's green eyes as sweat trails down his face while the two lie in bed.

    "You gave me a good workout Alaina," remarked Cipher as he gently stroked Alaina's cheeks, "I love you so much."

    "I love you too," replied Alaina as she adjusted her position slightly so she could sleep better, "we should have more workouts together."

    "So what made you fall in love with me?," asked Cipher as he allowed Alaina to feel a scar on his shoulder, "It was not just that you were attracted to me.

    "Honestly I do not know, replied Alaina as Cipher whisperd into her ear about how he  got the scar, "it was more of a combination of attraction and you saving me.

    Cipher kissed Alaina before the two lovers fell into a satisfied sleep.

    >>>SYS. ERROR





    >>>ACCESS CODE: Mjolnir


    >Location: UNSC Resolve in orbit over Reach training deck

    "We get to fight a Spartan," remarks a Marine as his teammates grab various weapons, "I really want to know who authorized this because it really is not a fair fight."

    note: Not done but guess the Spartan's name and service tag. Hint: Halo Wars. This chapter takes place shortly after Cipher and Alaina confess their love to each other so the picture of the kissing will be what leads to Saber having a flashback. Also the picture is of Cipher and Alaina kissing. Cipher wasn't able to send the picture to Saber so he sent it to Cutter. Saber is angry not just about Cipher leaving him at the meat grinder but also that the photo reminds Saber of his own lover which Cipher did not know about.

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    Re: Halo: Resolve

    Post  Impanther on July 16th 2014, 10:45 pm

    note: wish i had a comp. Xbox does not do spaces between paragraphs and notes. That said Haylee Hall is the combination of a Neice of min and my godfather's last name for the name. Allison Stryker is named after another neice. Ok. nvm xbox does allow enter.

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    Re: Halo: Resolve

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