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    Halo: Savior


    Doctor Jensen
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    Halo: Savior

    Post  Doctor Jensen on January 18th 2013, 1:01 pm

    Just wanted start writing something that takes place after Halo 4. My own storyline I guess. And it's going to be a lot of fun.

    Chapter 1: What Lies Ahead?

    July 21st, 2559

    Klaxons whirred angrily; red lights flashed intensely, illuminating my visor. I stirred groggily as I awoke from cryo sleep.

    Where am I?

    As if in response to my thoughts, a rich female voice entered the cryo tube. "Wake up Spartan... We need you."

    I opened my eyes and instinctively placed my hands against the glass barrier. Blinking repeatedly, I tried to recall why I was here and again, where I was. I placed a hand on my visor as I was hit by a sense of vertigo.

    Disorientation. Common side effect of cryo sleep.

    Again I opened my eyes, using my surroundings to try to recall my location. I was inside of an extensive white room filled with numerous cryo tubes. None of the tubes of the tubes that I could see, however, were occupied.

    Am I the only one here? I decide it was time to find out what was going on.

    "Where am I?" I asked. My baritone voice reverberated through the room and up to the control booth where I assumed the woman who had spoken to me was situated.

    The intercom popped as it was activated, but the speaker hesitated for a moment. "Earth. Sydney, Australia to be precise. But we need to get you out of there before I explain any more."

    "Why?" I prodded.

    "There's not much time to explain," she responded as the cryo tube depressurized and opened up.

    I stepped out of the chamber stiffly and stretched my under used muscles. Again my thoughts returned to our location. I still had no idea what I was doing here. It'll come back to me soon enough.

    Looking around, I tried to find out where this lady was. The door to the control room slid open. Too my surprise, out came a Spartan; yet, she wasn't the kind of Spartan I was used to. She was short at around 6'4" tall, and was very slender. In her arm she held her helmet--which looked to be of alien, yet familiar, design to me--allowing me to gaze upon her young gentle features.

    Her face was white, though not pale like that of a Spartan II, but more had more color in it. Soft blue eyes peered out from under blonde-brown eyebrows. Her blondish-brown hair was tied in a neat bun at the crown of her head. Everything about her features seemed calm and loving to me; they were not akin to the rugged features of my female comrades I had grown up with.

    This led me to assume that she could not be a Spartan of my generation, leaving me to wonder at the prospect of other Spartans.

    As she approached, I noticed the insignia of a first lieutenant on her arm. I snapped to attention immediately.

    "Ma'am! Jacob, Spartan 071 at your service."

    She flashed a look of annoyance at me for a split second, then it was gone. But I had seen it and I could now see she lacked the discipline of my generation. I almost shuddered at that word. We're no longer the only Spartans. What a thought.

    She returned the salute crisply and motioned for me to follow her. We began down the row of empty cryo pods towards the exit.

    "My name is first lieutenant Elizabeth Moenay, I'm a part of the class IV Spartans. But, before you ask what I'm talking about, I have some other things to explain. Everything I'm about to say is extremely important, so listen up." Elizabeth paused for a moment, then smiled as she studied the me. "Though considering you're a class II, I figure you're already listening closely."

    I nodded in response and allowed her to continue.

    "Earth... is going to be assaulted soon-"


    She shook her head. "The Human-Covenant War ended six years ago." I raised my eyebrows in surprise but remained deathly silent as we she continued. "We have a truce with most species that had been a part of the Covenant now. No, I fear the threat to Earth is far greater than anyone expects..." she trailed off.

    The door slid open as we neared and we passed through it into a compact elevator which groaned under our combined weight. The walls were made of mostly reinforced glass, but the elevator was dimly lit by a fluorescent light. At Elizabeth's command, it began its ascent.

    "There's a lot you don't know, I know. You've been on ice for a long time, so I'll give you the low down on everything that's happened since you've been out."

    At that, she plunged into a timeline history of the war against the Covenant. Eventually she Fall of Reach--and the death of most of my childhood friends--which I could scarcely believe. After that she told me about the discovery of the Halo arrays, the battles for Earth, the Ark, and the defeat of the Covenant. Then she got to events that had happened on the planet Requiem and what had happened with the Didact. And finally she mentioned John.

    I grinned. "Chief's alive?" I asked, struggling to control my excitement.

    She nodded. "Yes. He was the savior of Earth. He neutralized the Didact and his ship and stopped Earth from being composed."

    I looked at the ground solemnly.

    "Where is he now?" I asked.

    At that point the elevator was illuminated by sunshine. I turned and looked out at Earth, my home planet. Australia was still a desert, but Sydney had remained a bustling city. The place I remembered to be the headquarters of ONI had grown rapidly. It looked like it had endured dramatic growth since whenever it was that I had been placed on ice. I still couldn't remember.

    "That's just it," she said, shaking her head violently, "we don't know. One moment he was here, the next he gone on mission in search of Spartan Grey Team."

    I furrowed my brow. "How do you lose the UNSC's most important soldier?" Anger crept into my voice as my words became more concise and deliberate. I noted too that she had been talking about Gray Team: Jai, Adrianna, Mike. What had happened to them?

    Elizabeth whipped her head towards me and spoke defiantly, her face scrunching up in frustration. "I don't know," she said, lifting her hands up reflexively. "All I know is that he was sent with the Infinity in search of Gray Team. We lost contact with them three months ago and have been scrambling to reinitialize communications with them."

    The elevator slowed at the top floor and we stepped out. the top level was octagonal in shape and housed a number of D-77 dropships. We were leaving.

    "And you're sending me after them." I conjectured.

    Elizabeth inhaled shakily and nodded. "Direct orders from the Office of Naval Intelligence. You're being transferred to Sparta Station with me, then you'll be fully briefed." She pointed at an army green armored pelican. "Over there. That's our ride."

    Direct orders form the Office of Naval Intelligence. The words had a resounding effect on me for reasons unbeknownst to me. For several minutes I said them over and over again in my head. There was something so familiar about those words. But what? I'd heard them many times before, but this time there was something more to them.

    The back hatch of the pelican popped open as we neared it. Its engines hummed as the pilot started up the bird. Elizabeth strode into the "blood tray" and sat. I sat down next to her and continued to wonder why the words she had said just a moment ago seemed so significant.

    Beside me, Elizabeth's face took on a more somber gentle expression. She glanced at me.

    "Look, I'm sorry," she admitted. Again I raised my eyebrows; this girl was an odd one. "It's been a stressful day and I've had hire-ups breathing down my neck about this mission. It's not really fair that I take out my anger on you." She sighed. "Not to mention, you've been on down in cryo storage for years. You don't have any idea what's been going on; you've been out of the loop for a long time."

    I grunted. "Acknowledged." I stopped, started into the sunset in thought. A million thoughts were running through my mind. But one in particular still was bothering me. "Ma'am, how long have I been out?"

    Elizabeth took on a look of confusion. "Don't you know?" I shook my head and stared at her in anticipation of the answer. "It's been twenty two years."

    And with that everything began trickling back to me.

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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Manny on January 29th 2013, 7:57 pm

    Twenty two years... DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN.

    You would think they would have thawed him out when the Covenant invaded Earth... Damn ONI.

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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Doctor Jensen on February 4th 2013, 3:51 pm

    I know man, but that's ONI. There's more to them than meets the eye.

    Doctor Jensen
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    Chapter 2

    Post  Doctor Jensen on February 5th 2013, 10:48 pm

    Chapter 2: Not Your Average Life.

    Twenty two-years. Twenty-two years away from the others. Twenty-two years not defending Earth from the Covenant.

    "Are you okay?" Elizabeth asked, her face full of concern.

    Leaning forward I pressed my hands against my visor and roared in agony, muting the external speakers at the same time. Oh the stupidity! What was I thinking?I had a duty to the other Spartans... Did I fail them? Elizabeth told me what happened at Reach... Did I fail them?! I inhaled deeply, trying to clear my head, trying to answer my question.


    I heard the concern that had so fully enveloped her voice and turned my gazed towards her; the answer then became clear to me, though not all at once. I inhaled deeply and nodded.

    "Twenty-two years?" I asked haltingly, giving all of my concentration to controlling my tone of voice.

    She nodded slowly, her eyebrows knitting together.

    Twenty-two years... What could I have done? I don't even know why I'm here. I shook my head to clear it. For now I should let it go, think on it later.

    Taking in a shaky breath, I straightened my back and peered at Elizabeth.

    "Acknowledged," I paused, thinking. "Where're we headed?"

    At mention of the task at hand, her brow darkened. She licked her lips and pressed a button on the TACPAD at her wrist. She motioned me over as a hologram sprung from a mini projector within it. The hologram was that of an orbital defense platform which I had realized from the giant MAC gun atop the platform. Elizabeth looked it over swung her gaze towards me.

    "This is Sparta Station, an orbital defense platform above Earth. Lord Hood is currently aboard waiting to prep you on the details," she said.

    Lord Hood? That means Admiral Cole... I refused to finish that thought.

    "Any other details you can give me about this op?"

    She gave a slight shrug made a face that told me she didn't know much.

    "All I know is what I've told you so far and that I'm a part of your team."


    "You are leading this operation, Jacob."

    "Huh," I muttered. After a second I hesitantly added: "Call me Jake, by the way."

    Elizabeth's face reflected the shock she almost certainly felt. Class IIs didn't share their names; she must have been wondering why. Why did I tell her my casual name? I had just met her. Only my closest of acquaintances, the other IIs, called me that.

    I pursed my lips puzzled by my actions. A look of chagrin settled upon my face.

    "Um, okay Jake," Elizabeth responded sheepishly. "You can call me Liz."

    Another moment passed by before anything was said. The dropship hummed as it traveled upon its path towards the space station. Liz bit her lip and looked me over.

    "So, what was it like, Jacob... er, Jake?" she asked delicately.

    "Sorry?" I asked, clearly not understanding the context of the question.

    "I mean, living all of your life as a Spartan. What was that like?"

    I recoiled somewhat at her question. It implied--not, not implied--it heavily suggested that she hadn't been placed into the Spartan program at age six.

    "Don't you know what it was like?" I asked suspiciously.

    She crinkled her face. "No, why would you-" Then it hit her. Twenty-two years. "Oh, that's right," she sighed "you don't know. Look, Jake, I'm part of the fourth generation of Spartan's; the class IVs. We weren't trained the same way you guys were. We were volunteers out of all sorts of different branches of the military. I joined at twenty two."

    I clenched my jaw as she spoke, feeling the bitter anger within me increase with every word. If they were volunteers, and they were about the same age as Liz, then that meant they had gotten their augmentations later. Augmentations; the reason so many of my comrades were dead. The scientists had beaten the risk of augmenting someone later in life.

    Halsey couldn't have waited until they reached that stage for us? I thought angrily. Then again, what would the UNSC have done without all of my comrades? Would it even exist? I felt a mix of animosity and understanding run through me.

    Again I shook my head. There will be time for this later. Focus.

    "Hm," I grunted. "We were asked to do the impossible. Every day. Know what that's like, Elizabeth?" My tone was gruff, my were eyes narrowed, my hands were clenched into fists.

    She cast her eyes towards the deck pondering my words. Her face twisted in thought, her hands tapped her thigh armor. In an instant I almost regretted speaking in such a condescending manner; and yet, she was Spartan. These were the kind of things Spartans dealt with and moved on.

    I refused to open my mouth and apologize. She would live.

    "I guess," she said hesitantly, "it sounds rough."

    "It was worth it."

    Doctor Jensen
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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Doctor Jensen on March 2nd 2013, 1:30 am

    Chapter 3: Of Suits and Suitors

    We exited the Pelican a short time later. Our boots clacked as we strode towards the main amphitheater, where, she informed me, we would be briefed. We walked in near silence. My thoughts were still occupied by a good amount of confusion I felt. This whole situation was so unreal. So much had changed from what I remembered; Earth was forever scarred from the war, the military was outfitted with more advanced equipment, and the familiar faces… gone.

    I slumped my shoulders in exasperation.

    “Everything’s… different,” I admitted hesitantly.

    Liz swiveled her eyes at me gently, softly.

    “It’s been twenty-two years, Jake,” she said. “It was bound to change.”

    Solemnly I nodded, scowled. All manner of crewmen, by they technicians or engineers, marines or ODSTs, hurried past us without giving us a second glance. I frowned. Whenever I had been in the presence of other military personnel they had gawked endlessly at us. How times have changed.

    “How many others are there?” I asked.

    “Spartans? There’s a lot,” said Liz. “Let’s just put it that way.”

    How many?” I repeated.

    She shrugged. “I don’t know an exact number. A couple hundred, maybe.”

    I blinked.

    Hundreds? How could the UNSC afford that? The Spartan II project alone had, by Fred 104’s estimates, cost them billions upon billions of dollars, and that had been with only seventy-five Spartans. I couldn’t even fathom how much money it would cost to fund two more generations of Spartans after that.

    We traversed the winding passages until we reached a bulkhead. Liz stepped up to a keyboard and input a twenty digit code. Did she memorize that? Machinery whirred as the bulkhead slid upwards, revealing the amphitheater, our destination. It was about forty meters in diameter and held about five hundred seats. In the center was a stage with a holographic display table atop it. An old balding man in an admiral’s uniform stood in the center. I magnified the zoom on my HUD and found that this was the Lord Admiral. Was Hood his name?

    We moved down the rows towards him and once we had gotten close enough, I gave a crisp salute. Amused, Hood’s lips curled into a subtle smile. He returned the salute; I put my hands behind my back and sat at attention.

    “Spartan,” Hood said, “it’s good to have you back.”

    “Sir, yes sir.”

    Liz moved into the row two seats and sat down. Hood’s eyes lingered on me, piercing me. His mouth was slightly agape as if he were going to say something else. Instead, after a moment, he turned his attention to his audience.

    With a curious look on her face, Liz @#!*% her head at me. I took note of this then returned my attention to the Admiral.

    Infinity has been MIA for three, going on four, months. Their mission was firstly, to search for clues regarding the disappearance of Gray Team. If any were found, they were to send a message to UNSC High Command. Whether or not Infinity has been successful is a mystery.

    “The second part of the mission was to search for Forerunner relics, specifically regarding the one known as the ‘Didact.’ Once again, they were to send a message if they found success and were ten to pursue any leads they had.” He paused, his face darkened. “Yesterday, we got one. Ajax, audio.”

    A panicked tenor voice spoke through the speakers.

    “Too many of th-… ity being over-… ter Chief is mis-…” More static. “… Send help.” The transmission clicked as it ended.

    “You are going after them. The situation is looking good. From the sound of it Infinity has been overrun, the status of her crew unknown. That’s where you come in. You are the elite of the UNSC; we need you to search for Infinity and find out what caused this. We’ve pinpointed the position she was in when she sent her distress signal, so that’s where you’re headed. Captain Lance will be overseeing this operation.” He looked to his left. “Captain Lance.”

    From his seat on the front row, Captain Lance stood and climbed the stairs to the podium. He was a man broad in stature with silver hair and a well groomed beard. He gazed into the crowd of hardened soldiers.

    “Thank you, Lord Hood.” He grasped Hood’s hand and shook it. “Gentlemen, this mission will make or break Earth’s defenses. Without Infinity, we are sitting ducks should any other Forerunners decide to pay us a visit. But with it we have a fighting chance.” He narrowed his eyes. “I won’t lie to you, if you go on this mission, you could very well die. But isn’t that how it is with every op? We put our lives on the line again and again for the good of Earth, for our families, for humanity. But, if you aren’t willing to take that risk, leave now.”

    Silence. Nobody moved. Lanced scratched his beard.

    “Good. I want every crewman to be aboard the UNSC Tale of Two Cities by 0400 hours tomorrow morning. Pack your bags. Hug your kids. Kiss your spouses. Dismissed.”

    At varying speeds, each man or woman took their leave. Some looked tired, some wore blank expressions, some were sad. I remained in the same position, unsure of what to do. I had nothing to collect, no one to say goodbye to. The only thing I could do look to Liz for orders.

    She turned to me, a quizzical look on her face.

    “You didn’t sit,” she remarked.

    Why would I sit?

    “I prefer to stand,” I said.

    Before she could respond a voice called out. “Lieutenant Moenay!” We turned toward the sound of the voice and found Captain Lance approaching us quickly. From my position I could see that he walked with a slight limp. I inferred that he likely had recently seen combat, or had a medical impairment. It was likely the latter.

    “Yes sir?” she asked. We straightened, saluted.

    “At ease, Elizabeth.” At this, Liz’s arm went down; I held my salute. “I’m glad you’ll be a part of this mission; they’re going to really need you out in the field,” said Lance. His tone was full of admiration.

    “I’m happy to help out, Captain.”

    “Good to hear. I’ll need it on the bridge at 1900 hours.”

    The time on my HUD read 1546 hours. Is that right? It worked every other time I had been in cryo sleep, but would it work after twenty two years?

    “Yes sir. I just need to get Jacob here outfitted in some more modern tech.”

    New tech? That mean new armor? He glanced at me, scowled .

    “At ease.” My arm fell. He turned back to Liz. “See that it’s done quickly.”

    Lance moved away quickly, speaking with a soldier now and then, then with Hood for a good amount of time. Something about the man was off; he had hardly even acknowledged my presence and had not seemed all too happy about being around me. Maybe Liz would know, but now wasn’t the time to ask.

    “New tech?”

    She grinned.

    “Yep. There’s an armory on station specifically outfitted for Spartans,” she said. “That’s where we’re headed.”

    I grunted, motioning for her to lead the way. A moment later and we were off. We left the amphitheater and found ourselves climbing a stairwell. I took note of the fact that we were on C Deck as we began our ascension.

    “Your tech’s just a little bit out of date,” Liz said with a wink.

    Clenching my hand, I took a look at my bulky, rusty-olive green colored MJLONIR armor, then looked at hers. I shook my head.

    “She can still pack a punch,” I remarked.

    “I don’t doubt that.” She chortled. “But it’s simply less effective than today’s hardware.”

    I huffed. My objection hadn’t been because I had disagreed with her, it was more of an expression of my indignation.

    “You’re right,” I relented.

    “That’s what I thought,” she laughed.

    Presently, Liz stopped at the controls of a nearby bulkhead and tapped a number of keys. It slid open and we stepped into the hallway beyond. Navigating the labyrinth of intersecting corridors and hallways became a blur and in a few minutes we had arrived at the armory.

    Guns that I was familiar with, such as the MA5B Assault Rifle and the M6 sidearm, still had a place in the armory, but there were others that I was unfamiliar with. I stepped up to a bulky orange colored machine gun with a drum mag. It was smaller than a mounted turret but was larger than an assault rifle. Lifting it, I found it was much lighter than I had imagined. Curious. Pressing the clip into place, I pressed the stock to my shoulder and looked down the sights.

    “That’s a SAW light machine gun,” she said coolly. She was leaning against a support beam watching in amusement at my fascination with the LMG.

    “Huh,” I grunted, set it down.

    For a few minutes I looked over the impressive array of weaponry. There was the Spartan Laser, the Railgun, the Sticky Detonator, the DMR, and a number of others. After that I followed Liz. She walked over to the side bulkhead and opened it open. Inside was a cylindrical room with a control booth on the side and a platform in the center. Five mechanical arms hung from the ceiling above it.

    “It’s time to get you outfitted in some new armor,” Liz said. “Step into the center of the platform please.”

    I eyed the platform, then her.

    “Trust me,” she prodded gently.

    Furrowing my brow I strode over to the platform. Simultaneously, Liz manned the control booth.

    “Whenever you’re ready,” she said.

    I gave her a thumbs up. The mechanical arms released and began the work of shedding my armor. I felt a tugging as bolts were removed and latches undone. My chest and back plates dropped to the deck then my shoulder armor, my wrist bracers, my gauntlets, my leg bracers, and my boots. Finally all that remained was my helmet and the matte black mesh underlay that I wore underneath the MJOLNIR armor.

    I closed my eyes as the arms delicately grabbed my helmet and it lifted it gently. As the neck hole passed my eyes I was hit by a wave of memories from years past: the first time I had suited up in MJOLNIR armor, the exercises we went through in the suit, the first time I killed a man with it. The day we found out that we weren’t alone in the universe I had been wearing it. The day Sam-034 had died I had been wearing it. All were incredibly significant days in my life.

    Opening my eyes once more I looked into the room without the aid of my heads-up-display for the first time in ages. Blinking twice, Liz soaked in every detail. Her eyes flickered from my suit to my armor and then to my face. There they lingered for a time as she examined my strong forehead, my straight nose, my dark blue eyes, my shorn brown hair and my pale white skin.

    I scratched my scalp and coughed. Liz flinched then turned back to the controls. She muttered a few words under her breath but I couldn’t make them out. Soon there was a whir of machinery as gears turned and a suit of armor emerged from the panel behind me. To my right a replacement suit of mesh underlay emerged from a panel in the floor.

    I swiveled towards the armor.

    “That’s second gen MJOLNIR armor,” Liz stated. “The Soldier variant. I guess they thought it’d suit you.”

    I grabbed the underlay and started stripping my own from my flesh. Liz turned so I could have privacy, a gesture that wasn’t lost on me. Because of the nature of our jobs, Spartans, we often had to change in front of members of the opposite gender. Once I had finished changing I cleared my throat. Liz hesitated and faced me.

    Flexing my muscles, I made sure that the mesh fit correctly; it did. I turned then and examined the MJOLNIR armor. It was midnight black and had a number of aspects that were very similar in nature to Liz’s armor—like the two canister looking things on the back of the shoulder blades and how they were less bulky than the suit I had been wearing—but it was not exactly the same. While hers had a larger visor, mine had a thin one and the helmet as a whole looked fiercer.

    Liz’s finger’s swept across the keyboard as she typed in a number of commands. The mechanical arms began their work once more, encasing me in the black armor. My helmet was lowered ever so gently onto my head. Immediately my HUD began booting up. The radar appeared at the bottom along with my vital signs in the top right. Two icons sat in the bottom left and a hollow bar at the top; those I was unfamiliar with.

    An audible alarm sounded in my helmet and the bar began to fill. I crinkled my eyebrows and looked at my wrist bracers. A static-like yellow substance danced across my armor; the alarm change to a hum. Soon the static flattened and began to shimmer. That triggered a memory of a charging Elite. I had ruptured his shields and he had ducked for cover, but a moment later had jumped from his cover. The same thing had occurred with his armor.

    Energy shielding, I thought with wonder.

    “How’s it feel?” she asked.

    “It’s… different,” I remarked, looking over my armor in complete fascination.

    Rolling my shoulders to test the weight, I found it was a smidgen lighter than my old armor, notwithstanding the fact that they looked to be about the same size. However, regardless of the size I had an immense feeling of power surge through me. I felt stronger.

    “It should. MJOLNIR armor has gone through a lot of changes in the last twenty two years,” Liz said. “But enough about that, we’ll have time to talk about it later. I need to report to the bridge, you need to report to your squad’s quarters.”

    I paused, stopped examining my armor.

    “Squad?” I asked.

    “Yeah, I convinced Lance to make you leader of ODST team Bravo-Four.”

    My lip nearly twitched into a scowl, but I held it back. I spoke calmly and deliberately.

    “With all due respect, ma’am, I work more efficiently alone.”

    “Dually noted. We’ll work that out later.”

    I sighed and shelved it for a later date.

    “Where are my quarters, ma’am?” I asked, changing the subject slightly.

    Liz motioned for me to follow. I walked with her as we started out of the armory.

    “Aboard Tale of Two Cities,” said Liz. She paused at the bulkhead and opened it. “If you’ll board the Pelican we road in on, the Pilot’s been given special instruction to fly you there. There will be an escort waiting for you in Tale’s hangar to show you around.”


    She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

    “The Captain and I will be aboard shortly.” We stopped at the stairwell. “Good luck. I’ll see you at 0400 hours.”

    I saluted. Liz gave me a half smile and returned the salute.

    “You too ma’am.”

    She turned to ascend the stairs, I turned to descend them. Before doing so, though, I glanced at her. As she secured her helmet, I observed the rigid discipline in her walk, the confidence in each step she took, the way her hand was always near her M6K sidearm, and the way she was constantly alert. And with all these things, she seemed to be almost consistently cool and collected.

    Maybe, just maybe, she’s more Spartan than I've realized. Then, another thought arose. She could be a friend; she can’t replace the others, but I think we could be more than just comrades. And with that thought, I plunged into the bowels of Sparta Station.
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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Manny on March 2nd 2013, 12:00 pm

    No Jacob! Don't do it!

    Spartan II Master Race!

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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Doctor Jensen on March 2nd 2013, 2:32 pm

    Problem? No, you'll have to see where this goes. I myself am a S-II master race, but I don't have a huge problem with IVs.
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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Manny on March 2nd 2013, 7:01 pm

    I do.

    Spartan IV scum! They pride themselves on the name Spartan, when it was the Spartan IIs who BUILT the Legend of the Spartans!

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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Doctor Jensen on March 3rd 2013, 10:59 pm

    Seems more like a Manuel-324 sentiment.
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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Manny on March 3rd 2013, 11:07 pm

    Well he IS based off me, with a few changes here and there.

    His actions are more or less "what ifs" of what I would possibly do in those situations, and then exaggerated a lot. Some events are exaggerations of real life events, other based off other media, some rooted in history, and some just thought up in my head.

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    Re: Halo: Savior

    Post  Doctor Jensen on March 3rd 2013, 11:46 pm

    Hm. Sometimes I think of making me the character but... I don't know if I should.

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    Re: Halo: Savior

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