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    New project trailer


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    New project trailer

    Post  Impanther on July 12th 2017, 7:32 pm

    Lightning flashes as a man in green armor with gold shoulder armor stands on the edge of a cliff.

    The man raises his gloved hand bringing a green dagger to the faceplate of his green helmet.

    Waves crash into the cliff as a haunting tune originates from this man's location.

    Two more in green armor join the first man and join in playing the same haunting tune with their daggers.

    From the sky two giant green birds of metal descend over the trio as a large green dinosaurian robot rises from the depths of the ocean below.

    A/N: Now that that shit fest of writing is done (that bad writing is no indicator how the actual story is being written) I can get to the four main characters.

    First off is Tommy Oliver, Dr. Thomas Oliver, Dr. O, Dr. Rainbow, Fearless Leader, Freaking Rainbow Ranger, Color/Colour Thief, World's Greatest Ranger, so on and so on. Anyone familiar with Power Rangers will be very familiar with his personality and his back story. In this case Tommy Oliver is the father of twin original characters who happen to become green rangers. No, this is not a spoiler because this fact is literally revealed literally at the beginning of the story that I am writing.

    Second off is Kimberly Ann Hart-Oliver aka She who never ages, she who is eternally hot as described by most fans, she who is pretty much the childhood crush of any 90s kid, Jules Callahan, She who the writer had write a Dear John letter just so Tommy could have an on screen girlfriend, she who holds the honor of really being the only ranger alongside Tommy to actually have a kiss on screen, she who seriously never ages, so on and so on. She is the mother of Tommy's kids and yes I am ignoring that Dear John letter as it happened in the show. It still happens but it is not really a Dear John letter per say and more of a Tommy I am pregnant with your babies and to keep them safe I have to distance myself from you while you are still a ranger so pretend to date Kat who I told this plan to so the others do not get suspicious letter and was sent to Tommy's house instead of the Youth Center.

    Third up is Thomas Oliver Jr. Tommy Jr. is very much like his father, with very minor differences so if you know Tommy you know Jr. Dating his team's pink Naomi Scott

    Finally is Trinity Katherine-Aisha Oliver who is Jr.'s twin. In many ways she is like her mother but she is more like her namesakes pooled into one character with the best traits to compliment her flaws.

    Core Ranger Family: The Core Ranger family is every Power Ranger team from MMPR to Lost Galaxy and includes the Dino Thunder team. Here are a few:

    Jason Scott: The OG Red leader

    Trinity Mei Kwan-Scott: The OG Yellow Ranger who while kind hearted will straight up nuke you from orbit.

    Naomi Scott: Next Generation Pink Ranger (yes this is a shout out to the 2017 movie where the actress who plays Kimberly is named Naomi Scott) and dating her team's male green ranger Tommy Jr. Naomi is a combination of her mother and Kimberly in terms of character.

    Editors note: This story will take place during the Dino Charge season where T. Jr., Trinity, and Naomi will be in their early twenties.

    In fact this story will change up the formula of Dino charge. Tommy Jr., Trinity, and Naomi's team has two greens and a pink. Tommy Jr. is Emerald, Trinity is Forest, and Naomi is Pink, her zord is a Swan while Tommy Jr. gets an eagle and Trinity gets a hawk. I have also changed the story idea to where the twins and Naomi are the main character.

    At this point in time the identities of the original rangers has been leaked to the public and a Ranger council has been formed by the governments of the world which is lead by former rangers and mentors.

    In civilian form the twins each have a flute that they play the dragon dagger song on. This song has become popular in Angel Grove and is the entrance and victory theme for their High School Football Team which has been renamed from Angel Grove Eagles to Angel Grove Dragons. Their ranger form is similar to their father's Green Ranger outfit but with a more bird like theme to their helmets. Naomi in civilian form has a piccolo that is also capable of playing the theme. Her Ranger form is based on Kimberly's Pink Ranger outfit from MMPR but with a swan theme rather than Pterosaur theme.

    I will be in the process of typing up the first chapter tomorrow night after I watch Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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