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    Project: D.E.M.O.N

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    Project: D.E.M.O.N

    Post  Manny on July 23rd 2013, 11:14 am

    So, this is somewhat a Q&A thread but it's also where I'll post "video clips", which are really just random fight scenes. Why? Because I fucking loved writing those things. In the end it's more or less of a collection of all info relevant to project DEMON.

    This is a casual ongoing project though.

    OH, to understand what the scientist is talking about when they start referring to countries... Here's a map I made! You may need to zoom in to see the Legend though...

    File: Overview.doc

    Project D.E.M.O.N, never has a military project ever been so named appropriately. The meaning of the acronym is merely a description of what these "demons" are.

    Destructive Energized Military Operatives of our Nation. "Our" being the United Provinces of New England, or the U.P.N.E for short.

    Originally the project was part of a larger project to create super soldiers. These operatives were designed to harness the sheer amount of energy the human body contains. Did you know that if it weren't for the enzymes that control the rate at which we break down food, the release of energy would cause a human to explode?

    So a project was sought out to create a super soldier by allowing them to access just a little bit more of this energy at a faster rate. Quicker access to energy would allow the soldiers to do things for a longer amount of time, and preform other superhuman feats like lifting tanks.

    The first test subjects were prisoners of war... and failures. The resulting abominations were studied briefly and then quickly executed. The knowledge gained from these test subjects however opened doors to possibilities beyond our wildest dreams, and so began project D.E.M.O.N, an attempt to refine these "proto-demons".

    The project began with small steps, aiming only to moderately improve individuals. At this stage we used volunteers, mostly military personnel from the front lines. Work was slow, with most recruits being sent back to the field with minor improvements. Our findings were transferred to other projects in the super soldiers program, those with less... Ambitious goals.

    We sought to recreate a stable version of the failed test subjects, where they seemed to be surrounded by energy. Eventually we succeeded with DEMON 0. DEMON 0 was essentially impervious to all types of conventional damage and capable of super human feats. It was our baseline Demon to work off, and we kept him on base.

    We took project D.E.M.O.N one step further and attempted to take the raw energy from the test subjects and see if we transform it into other types. Imagine: soldiers with power of electricity, or light, or even nuclear energy! The possibilities were endless with these kinds of soldiers.

    We started with a volunteer, Tony Abdul I believe. We working on more passive means of energy, such as light and sound. By manipulating these two were able to create a stealthy operative, but there was one side effect. Transformation of energy results in less raw human energy, therefore reducing the fearsome effect the Proto-Demons and Demon 0 had.

    Regardless we moved on, continuing with different types of energies. When we captured an illegal immigrant, we used them for testing. Enrique Sanchez was his name, and he became the test bed for Demons with more combat oriented powers. He was able to control heat, but that wasn't quite what we were looking for. Some idiots thought it would be wise to release him back into his country... And now we can't find him.

    I fear what this may do our international relations with our Southern neighbours. They take an offence to one of them as an offence to all of them, which I supposed is to be expected when their alliance has the name "brotherhood" in it. However, law enforcement near the border have found entire Yakuza and Mafia strongholds eliminated, the scale of destruction only one that a DEMON can carry out. If Enrique has indeed become a criminal, I doubt he'll find much sympathy from the Hispanic governments.

    Despite many of us sharing these concerns at the time we continued on with our work. After working on energy transforming Demons, we began work on Operatives that would serve solely for combat. A young boy, by the name of Alejandro Ramirez, was kidnapped and used for this expedient. He became what could be described as Demon 0 on steroids, complete with the fearsome appearance the military wanted them to have. One notable exception is that he gained energy from Kinetic energy, which means that just by moving around the Demon gained energy.

    However Alejandro escaped our facility and as of now the military is desperately trying to find him. There are others who would want him, either to serve them or to experiment on him. We have heard rumours of a shady corporation named Terra Co, and God forbid if a spy of Fascist Germany, the USSR, China, or even the UME reaches him first. I doubt he will be the last DEMON to escape, but the government isn't giving us the funding needed to contain these things! Observations and procedures are fine, but what good is it if the experiments run away?

    Speaking of observations... An interesting side effect of the Demons is that the hosts end up exhausted after usage. This is to be expected due to the large amount of energy being used. Something we have noticed in Demon 0 is that they have aged considerably. It appears to the usage of such energy drains the host body, thereby causing long term damage. In essence, using the Demons actually slowly kills the operatives.

    This is something of concern as we would like to maintain a DEMON as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

    Any other question you may have you may ask as such:
    Answer: [insert question here]

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    Bad John
    Bad John
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    Re: Project: D.E.M.O.N

    Post  Bad John on July 23rd 2013, 12:33 pm

    Answer: The recent incidents in populated areas regarding escaped subjects begs a simple question: What means to we have of executing these Demons? Several Meta Humans were seen battling only ONE, and it fought them to a standstill.
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    Re: Project: D.E.M.O.N

    Post  Manny on July 23rd 2013, 12:59 pm

    Bad John wrote:Answer: The recent incidents in populated areas regarding escaped subjects begs a simple question: What means to we have of executing these Demons? Several Meta Humans were seen battling only ONE, and it fought them to a standstill.
    Analysis ... Complete. Key words: Incidents, Executing, Demons, Meta Human.

    Open file: Execution.doc
    Execution of Demons can be rather simple, or extremely difficult. Under controlled environments, the best moment to execute a Demon is when it is not a Demon. In other words, executing the host eliminates the Demon. The best moments would be during sleep or immediately after the Demon has regressed to its host stage. At these times the host cannot defend themselves, and neither can the Demon.

    Drugging and/or posioning the Demon host while conscious may trigger a release rather than kill the host. Such method is not advised, as evidenced by the attempted execution of Proto-Demon 0.

    Regarding the public incidents, the combined efforts of the Meta-Humans is quite impressive. Demons were designed to be nearly indestructible, unbeatable, unstoppable, and relentless in their objectives.

    Theoretically, to execute a Demon while in its energized state would require massive amounts of damage and at a very high rate. The extra energy being used always affects cell growth and division. This means that any injuries sustained are healed anywhere within microseconds to minutes, depending on the severity of the injury.

    In order to kill a Demon, as stated before, massive amounts of damage must be dealt at a very high rate to overcome the cells' rate of division in order to deal permanent lasting damage and eventually death.

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    Re: Project: D.E.M.O.N

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