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    Through People.

    Bad John
    Bad John
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    Through People.

    Post  Bad John on May 13th 2013, 10:00 am

    Jordan and Sam sat in the small conference room. A short lull in their conversation was taking place, Jordan having stated a simple, dry fact that honestly confused Sam.

    "I really can't believe it, Jordan." He cocked his head to the side a bit, as Jordan played Angry Birds on his phone.

    Samson crossed his arms across his metallic uniform. Jordan shrugged. "Well, it's true. Honestly, it's one of the few things that helped me through my life."

    "You lost half of the flesh on your body, you were thrown out a window, you spent five years in a terrible hospital in constant pain, but you still believe in God?"

    "KEEP RUNNING! Go!!"

    The children's oldest sister motioned the young ones out of the plywood structure. The house was about to be brought down in an instant, and she didn't want to risk losing her siblings.

    Agents were relentless.

    As expected, seconds after she got clear of the cobbled together shack, the wall burst. This was a new breed of Agent. Bred by the government to weed out the "unnatural," he stood easily over seven feet, his cold blue visor and imposing black armor glinting off of the yellow sun that bled through the trees.

    "C'mon kids. Show me a TRICK."

    "Not to rain on your beliefs, Jordan, but...why?"

    "Because when you live with pain you have to latch onto something." Jordan smiled. "I suppose that God was...second on my list. Most of all, I just wanted someone who understood. Someone who would at least CONSIDER helping me."

    Sam nodded. "That's a dangerous mentality."

    "I'm going to shock him!" A boy, no older than thirteen, stopped in his tracks, turning and lifting his hands. Electricity sparked off of his fingerless gloves, his dirty, plump face surrounding determined, albeit fearful eyes. "NO MORE RUNNING! I don't care!"

    "Aimon, he'll kill you!" His older sister tugged his arm, but he shrugged her off with his thin, sparking arm. His eyes glowed with blue sparks.

    "Better that than running! Get the others somewhere sa-"

    The Agent burst through a tree, smashing its trunk with his broad bicep. The thin tree fell, nearly smashing the two children.

    "Dangerous?" Jordan mused. "How is it dangerous to reach out when you need someone?" Jordan set down his phone, turning to face Sam, who leaned against the wall, awaiting his response.

    "If I hadn't reached out for help, if I wasn't open to someone, I would have withered away. Now, I'm doing some real good in the world. If people open themselves to something positive, they can BECOME something positive." Jordan stood, and pointed to Sam. "Take YOU for example. If a young person needed help, and you offered it, and they were open to what you had to say, then they could become someone like you. Something remarkable. Heroes, Gods, role models, it's all the same."

    "Yeah, that's true enough, Jordan, but think of it this way."

    The Agent froze in his tracks, as a strange, orange glow filled the atmosphere.

    Standing taller than the Agent by nearly two feet, a creature, wrapped in black and orange, stepped forward.

    "Stand aside, my dear ones. I intend to fight." The creature, clearly a manifestation of hell itself, stood between the children and the Agent.

    "The fuck are YOU?" The Agent drew his grenade launcher.

    "More than a match for you, villain. No more words. Prepare yourself!"

    Sam sipped his coffee, and responded.

    "When something pure, and positive reaches out, ANYTHING can be a hero. Anyone who answers that call can be a God. For better or worse."

    Lucifer caught the single grenade round, and it exploded in his hand. He absorbed the damage, the impact flowing into him before it could harm the children behind him.

    He stepped forward, his glowing eyes glinting.

    "Is that all?!"

    "Where there are Heroes, there are at least TEN villains."

    The Agent threw a single, hard punch. Lucifer caught it in his hand, and with a sinister chuckle, bent the broad, strong man's arm. The bones snapped one by one, his armor melting and bending, fusing with his damaged flesh.

    "Where there are Gods, there are DEMONS."

    Lucifer cocked his arm. "CHILDREN, LOOK AWAY." With a single swing, he lashed his arm through the Agent's chest, making a hole the size of a dinner-plate. Blood poured from the wound, and the Agent hacked up blood, falling to his knees, as the wound burned itself closed.

    "You answered Saffore's call because you had faith, and I'm happy you did, but what if the wrong person came knocking?" Sam unfolded his arms. "What if it was a military contractor, or someone looking for a cheap frame for illegal edits for hard labor?"

    Jordan's face made it clear that he was open to, and considering Sam's logic.

    Lucifer's Demonic Shroud dispersed. Brown hair, and friendly, charismatic eyes cast down over the children. "There you are, my precious." He bent to one knee, holding the girl's hand.

    The boy looked to him with more than gratitude. It was the love a son has for a father.

    "Has anyone ever told you, boy..." Lucifer looked at the child, smiling proudly at the young Meta-Humans.

    "What happens when you're vulnerable, malleable, and open for help, and the wrong person finds you?"

    Jordan nodded. "God works through US. The people who can give good-will and protection to people who need it."

    Sam nodded. "Yeah. I suppose we have enough willpower to do that much. But still, if we're God's agents..."

    Lucifer's eyes glowed a happy, malicious red.

    "That you will inherit the Earth?"

    Sam looked out the window with uncertain, steely eyes.

    "Who's working for the Devil nowadays?"
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    Re: Through People.

    Post  Manny on May 13th 2013, 2:59 pm

    Man, that was good.

    I throughly enjoyed that, especially the conversation between Sam and Jordan.
    Doctor Jensen
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    Re: Through People.

    Post  Doctor Jensen on May 13th 2013, 3:57 pm

    That was way good. Nice job John.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    Re: Through People.

    Post  Bad John on May 13th 2013, 4:00 pm

    Thanks, peoples. Smile

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    Re: Through People.

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