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    Global Defense Alliance Kaiju Dossier


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    Global Defense Alliance Kaiju Dossier Empty Global Defense Alliance Kaiju Dossier

    Post  Impanther on September 3rd 2017, 5:35 pm

    Subject name: GDA Type-3 Kiryu
    Pilot name: Raptor
    Pilot Rank: Commander
    Height: 60 meters
    Weight: 40,000 metric tons
    Nicknames: Type-3 MechaGoji, Kaiju Hunter, Kiryu the relentless

    Subject Bio:

    Developed after witnessing the power of the Godzilla specimen known code named Bear Face, the Type-3 is a very powerful machine and is capable of tearing through entire armies if allowed to do so. Originally the Type-3 required recharging after two hours but our scientists were able to work around this through a new energy source provided to us by our alien allies. Kiryu is equipped with oral maser cannons, dual rail guns on each arm, a flight pack containing two forward facing rocket launchers and four batteries for launching guided missiles, a maser blade on each arm, and a triple hyper maser in the chest. We believe there is the capability for a second weapon to be installed in the chest area of the Type-3.

    As of now the Type-3 is being referred to as Kiryu after bonding with the rookie pilot known as Raptor. Kiryu activated during a raid by the kaiju known as Scar Face who got the name after Kiryu gave it a pretty nasty scar on the face. Since the Scar Face incident Kiryu and Raptor have been on many missions and achieved great success. Their first mission after the Scar Face incident was the battle of New York where Kiryu and the Kaiju known as Zilla fought against two kaiju of the Kumonga species. Raptor and Kiryu tend to specialize in close quarters combat opting for long range action when the situation calls for it. Only time will tell if Kiryu and Raptor's rivalry with Scar Face will be settled for good.

    OOC: Yes, there will be aliens in Godzilla: Gods and Demons. This time they are actually a benevolent alien imperium which is something that the Godzilla franchise never has.

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