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    Final battle: Eyes of Noivern: Short story


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    Final battle: Eyes of Noivern: Short story Empty Final battle: Eyes of Noivern: Short story

    Post  Impanther on August 20th 2017, 6:21 pm

    A black and purple bat-like creature flies over the battlefield as it remembers events of its past.

    A small purple bat-like creature zooms past a large orange bird cloaked in fire on its way to attack its enemy.

    The battle around rages as a green dragonfly-like creature crashes to the ground.

    The small bat-like creature becomes cloaked in a blue light as it dives after its trainer who had just jumped off a cliff.

    The creature turns sharply as a large orange dragon nearly crashes into it.

    The now large bat-like creature catches its trainer in its claws and flies back up to the top of the cliff.

    A purple and red glow forms in the bat creatures mouth as it passes a black dragon-like creature with blue flames crash into the ground and begins to turn into an orange dragon-like creature.

    The bat like creature rakes at the face of a large Tyrannosaurus like creature.

    Its attack is inturrupted as it is hit by multiple attacks causing it to spiral out of control as a large blue dragon-like creature with red wings slams into the ground below.

    The bat creature fires a purple and red beam from its mouth at its opponent.

    The bat creature recovers just in time to see the last of its friends, a large red tyrannosaurus-like creature fall.

    The bat creature celebrates as its fellow dragon-like creatures roar in triumph.

    A mournful cry fills the air as a now bloodied bat-like creature crashes into the ground.

    The roar of triumph continues as the dragon-like creatures celebrate their victory.

    Tears fill the creature's eyes as it closes them for good.

    Note: Not the best story I have done but I wanted to show the final moments of a pokemon in a very dark setting.

    Pokemon mentioned: Flygon, Dragonite, Mega Charizard X/Charizard, Tyrannitar, Salamence, and Noivern.

    I did not want to reveal their current enemy because I wanted this situation to look very bleak and yes, their trainer died before they did and they continued the battle without their trainer's commands.

    The purple and red light in Noivern's mouth that was interrupted was Dragon Pulse. It did fire off Dragon Pulse in the flashback though.

    I was also not going for very descriptive for this story mainly because I would not know how to do a freaking Pokemon battle very well.

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