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    Post  dragon of darkness on September 7th 2016, 2:52 am

    This story is going to be a different timeline from the story of hope where they don't get help from other Spartans. And this will be just me so it may be slow going at first. Also There may end up being some sexual content in this story

    "Under fire over here, Malhia plan 558." Hope shouts, over the gunfire targeting the group.

    They are spread out among cover the surrounding area mostly open, The enemy would be large in numbers and are trying to Capture their base. The base itself would be on the edge of a cliff which falls off into a large river, the other side would be covered in rocks and a few trees here and there but otherwise is quite open. The enemy are hiding behind the trees and rocks popping out of cover to fire at them, There would be a few vehicles further away that are slowly closing in and to make the matter worse they can not get to their armor.

    Malhia moves quickly out of cover when others of the group cover her, the gunshots echoing causing a strange chorus. Hope pulls out one of his grenades and tosses it over cover, a few quick seconds later the explosion follows. One of his fellow Spartans tosses one of their grenades as well, the explosion loud a few seconds later. The enemy would shout out as they get shredded by shrapnel, some of them running from cover only to get shot by the group.

    Hope would shout at Michel to get one of the warthogs to use the gun on it, hope would suppress the enemy for him to do as ordered. The others firing back as well catching a few in the side and less in the head sending blood and brain matter flying. Malhia would come out of one of the buildings carrying a large box, She would have cover fire allowing her to bring it over to hope. He would open the box to a few large canisters that have been put together and filled, the contents in it unstable but even so he would pick one up and toss it at the enemy. The metal container would land behind one of the rocks, the impact causing the soft metal to bend and break. Shortly after there would be a hiss and yellowish green smoke fills the air, people shouting and gagging on the smoke as they start to flee.

    "David, Get the rockets we still got some vehicles left to deal with and the gas won't be able to deal with the armor." Hope shouts, at the top of his lungs for him to hear over gunfire and the screams of the enemy.

    David quickly moves as Hope and the rest of the group gets ready for the vehicles, the group taking up better positions behind cover. Hope would glance back wondering where David is before covering his head as a shell flies by, the building behind him taking a big hit. The building crumbles and falls apart as hope peers out towards the vehicles, They got here quicker than anticipated. The enemy opens fire on the group taking them down one by one, Hope would shout for everyone to scatter before a shell is fired at him. He would turn just in time to see the shell stop in front of his face. He would snarl in annoyance as a loud feminine voice echos around them.

    "Simulation end, Result... Failure." The voice, speaks up the terrain and buildings fading away.

    Hope would glance around as everyone gets back up, his arms crossed as he spots David messing with his weapon. Hope turns and walks over to him and shoves him back, David stumbling a bit as he drops his weapon.

    "What the hell Hope?" David says, his hands up in defense, "What was that for?"

    "You blew the mission for us, we needed the rockets to deal with the vehicles." Hope growls, his hands clenched in fists as he raises one up, "I am this close to beating your ass."

    Before David got a chance to say anything hope would turn and storm off, leaving the group there to clean themselves up and pick up their weapons. It is hard for hope to deal with the team when some of them want to slack on simulations, A lot of them like to slack but at least most of them know its vital to learn. David on the other hand just thinks nothing is going to happen that they require such training, the shooting practice, the drills and marathon of running. Hope ends up in their quarters with the bunks lining the walls, there would be a solid wall separating males from females. Each bunk is the same with a pillow and a military issued blankets. There are small lights in the corner of each enough to light a book or picture, though no one has a picture there are quite a few readers in this base. Each bed has a curtain for their occupants privacy though the higher ups are allowed to open them. Hope heads into his bed closing the curtain. He would pull out a book of one of his favorite Series of books, The Throne of Glass.

    After a bit there would be a knock above hopes head, He reaches one of his hands up and pulls the curtain back a bit to see Malhia. She would give a small smile before holding out a cup, another in her other hand, "You have been in here for a few hours are you going to stay here all day?" she would say softly.

    "Its irritating to lead the group when people want to do nothing, I mean how are we going to get anywhere with the war going on on the planet." Hope sighs out, "The group doesn't think they are going to get involved in it and I know damn well its going to pull us in but another thing we could do is get the fuck out of here and find a way to get to another planet or something."

    "Hope you know there is no chance of us getting off of the planet, they got Space frigates up there and if we do get a pelican to get up there they will shot us down" she would reply, sipping from her mug as she watches hope take his, "And I know that look, we are not taking a full frigate with just eight of us."

    "Hey it is an idea It would run on a whole lot of luck and hope, I mean the ships are focused on the ground and the whole not letting anyone out trick." hope speaks, pausing to take a big gulp of his drink before coughing, "Okay next time tell my when its alcohol but with eight trained Spartans I believe we can take the ship on if we go by code."

    "Yea but you are right about them slacking so that will be difficult even with Spartans, Its hard enough that the higher ups don't keep us on track being busy with the whole war and all" she would mumble, "So we will need training even after we escape with all eight of us if we don't lose any."

    "even so we have to fight the whole complex to get to one of the pelicans, we can go through the whole base which is a shape of a u but that will take longer but more cover," Hope softly speaks, as he leans closer to her, "Or we can go through the yard to the building, faster but no cover."

    "Hope if you are going through with it then you come up with the plan, Tell the others something that they can believe and they will fight with us." she says, finishing off her drink, "I am with you through and through, though I would like to know how to deal with the frigate."

    Hope frowns as she watches her head to her bunk, others filing in one after another. There would be more than the eight of them in the room but the others don't seem to mind the situation they are in. Hope would look over everyone thinking about the plan, If they could get a few more of them to join than it would be easier but one might tip them off to sabotage their escape. Hope pulls the curtain closed and turns the light off, his eyes closing as the movement in the room settles. One thing is clear to him though is that he is going to have to get them out of the base tonight.

    Hope ends up waking up late into the day, the higher ups allowing his group to sleep in. He would move around nudging everyone to wake up, ignoring their complaints and whines. Everyone would end up lining up and he would smile, he would pace in front of them silently for a bit before taking in a deep breath, "Alright so here is the deal, we have a mission and its going to use some live ammo and we need to get to our armor." He speaks with a smile, "And we must do so quickly without letting anyone know and then we are going to head to get a pelican."

    The group would glance at one another before looking at him, David looking bored as if its nothing to it. hope would grumble before motioning to the door, "Let's move out in formation." Hope speaks, turning to head out the door in a jog.

    The group jogs down the halls filled with other troops heading from place to place, their group would be heading to the place where their armor is being kept. There is normally a person to be there guarding it but once they get there the guard is asleep, he would hold up a finger to his mouth as he motions to the door. The group would head into the room, hope staying behind as he makes sure they don't wake up the guard. After a bit he would head in looking over the machines lining the room, everyone would head up to one of them. Hope steps up to one and places his hand on a pad, the facility having many Spartans they needed a way to have less machines. The way is hand print identification to get the correct armor for everyone, Sometimes it fails from time to time.

    The machine starts up with a hum before falling silent, Hope steps up into it getting in position. When Hope gets set up the machine would hiss before arms start to take out pieces of armor from the surrounding area, the floor, ceiling and walls opening up with the correct armor. Hope shifts with the weight being put on though the movements small, he would step off when most of it is put on. One of his hands reaching up to take his helmet from one of the arms of the machine, the panels closing hiding the compartments holding the armor pieces.

    The eight of them would have different colored armor, David having a dark blue matte color with white spots in random places resembling scratches. Malhia's has a dark purple color with small dark pink patches, the pattern split up as if it was watered down paint. Sabrina, a black haired woman with blue eyes wears her armor with a dark green color with some dark brown mixed in. Nick, A blond hair man with green eyes wears a dark brown set of armor. Harry, is a red head with hazel eyes wearing a dark grey suit of armor. Lizzy would be a brown haired woman with brown eyes wearing a dark crimson suit of armor. Berry is a blue haired man with green eyes, hair dyed, wearing a tan suit of armor.

    The group would all have the GEN1 mark 3 armor, hope having the different type of armor being the leader of the group. Each platoon this base trains gives the leader of a platoon a different set of armor. Hopes armor is a mix of jet black and crimson red with a color changing visor. The armor itself is a scout set.

    "Alright, we are to head out and secure a pelican but there will be a fight, I have to say don't hold back when they start firing at us." Hope says, his eyes turning over everyone with their helmets on, "It will be you or them and they wont hold back because this is a different type of training."

    The others would nod as they take their weapons from the machines, hope taking his Assault rifle and sniper rifle. He lets out a deep breath as he puts the sniper on his back, holding the other ones as he loads a clip with a click and chambers a round. The group heads out into the hall Hope knocking the guard upside the head with the butt of his gun, he makes sure that the guard is out and out of sight before moving through the complex. They pass quite a few other Spartans and other personnel in the base, the group making it outside to head to the vehicle bay. Before they can get halfway to the bay the air fills with a loud blaring alarm, the group getting their weapons ready as they move.

    "Alright then, Time to lock and load and get ready for a shoot out guys." Hope shouts, over the alarm blaring in the air, his finger on the trigger of his weapon as doors open up all around them. The group spread out covering every direction they need to worry about, the first person to open fire would be Hope himself with a single pull of his weapons trigger starting the gunfight.
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    Post  Bad John on September 11th 2016, 3:09 am

    It's a marked improvement, but the tense switches from present to future tense fairly often.

    Keep at it. Decent story, Holmes.

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