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    Shear Terror.


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    Shear Terror.

    Post  Maxim_O'Donnovan on March 2nd 2016, 12:41 am

    Unfiltered golden and crimson light dwindled down the otherwise abandoned street. Cracks lined the unkempt pavement, sprawling all the way up and down Maple Drive. From these cracks, small weeds began to grow up from an unseen source. Dust had settled in this street, as it had seen very little in the ways of Human traffic for some years now. In truth, the entirety of the Planet matched the unsightly street.

    Factor was once a colonized world far out in the reaches of Space, twice as far from Earth, Humanity's homeworld. It bustled with a healthy populace, and twice as much revenue due to it's almost limitless supply of Diamonium; a metallic alloy that was tougher than diamond, but had the consistency that shifted from liquid to solid and back, in but a matter of seconds.

    How this change came about was an enigma to Kris. Who at the time, was scrambling up the sidewalk. Behind her, the concrete groaned and cracked further, the ground beneath it quaking under the weight of some massive object.

    The mining empire world that was Factor, however, had crumbled in less than a week, however. Kris was only five at the time it had happened, but she recalled the chilling experience every single day of her life. Ducking into an alleyway, she dove behind an abandoned dumpster, red with rusting. Hurriedly, she took a silver can off of her belt and sprayed it liberally over herself.

    Her heart thumped in her chest with the ferocity of a tribal drum, turning her gaze around the dumpster. It waited for her. Steel colored, leathery skin adorned the bipedal creature. Standing at a fearsome twenty feet, the beast clenched it's clawed hands into massive fists. The loose skin on it's neck swayed back and forth, much like the extra flesh on a reptile. This skin, unlike the rest, however, glowed a terrifying orange and red.

    Suddenly, the beast crouched, adapting a pose on all fours. She could hear it's powerful lungs sucking in the local oxygen. It crept forward, animalistic growls forming in it's throat. Resting her back against the dumpster, Kris held her arms tightly to her torso. Her breathing slowed as she saw it's head, easily the size of her torso, poked around the dumpster.

    She flinched as it exhaled suddenly, attempting to steal another breath. Kris held her breath, eyes staring with fear at the beast. A single beady eye, hidden well within the beast's armored skull, scanned for movement. It opened it's massive maw, a line of teeth showing themselves on both of it's monstrous sized detached mandibles.

    Suddenly, it took to it's hind legs, it's attention took to the skies above it. With a snarl, the beast smashed it's left fist against the brick wall across from Kris. Dust and rubble settled beside her, as she cowered from the bits of brick. The Monster beat it's chest in a primal fashion, it's club like tail swinging like a spiked baseball bat behind it.

    With a mighty roar, the hiss of a flamethrower filled the air just above Kris' head, the beast letting loose a stream of flame directly into the air above the creature. Grasping at it's own head, the Monster grabbed the dumpster behind her and threw it down the alley further. The chain link fence crumpled under the weight of the dumpster. Kris remained silent, as her head suddenly hit the concrete beneath her.

    The Monster continued to roar in frustration, before sprinting out of the alleyway and back into the street. Kris sighed with relief at the can on her belt. Something she had brewed at home, it seemed to mask her scent from the Monsters. With a grimace, she sat up, rubbing the back of her head.

    Standing, she looked at the opening the Monster had so kindly left for her. Dusting herself off, she gave one last look behind her, before quickly making her way over to the destroyed chain-link fence. Clambering over it, she thanked her lucky stars that she hadn't encountered one of the other species of Monsters.

    Her parents had once told her of the time before Factor became overrun with these beasts. How they had been humble miners, harvesting the Diamonium for Ebonstar's interplanatary colonization procedure. It all started during the Darwin Meteor Shower, a blue meteor had crashed upon Factor.

    At the far end of the alleyway, Kris quickly scanned the adjacent street in front of her. The sun was already on it's way down, and it was extremely dangerous for her to be out at night. Many of the predatory beasts that were native to Factor came out at night. Had this been before the fall of Factor, perhaps this wouldn't have been an issue, unfortunately for Kris, it was.

    Her eyes fell to her right immediately, where a much larger variation of the Monster she had just escaped roared. It's hands clenched into fists, as fire erupted from it's mouth. Beating it's chest, the Monster roared as the Monster that she had just escaped, approached. Strangely enough to her, however, the beast exhibited an air of modesty in the presence of the bigger Monster.

    It stood easily three times the height of the smaller Monster. The massive beast roared, before grabbing the smaller, easily younger Monster in it's massive clawed hands. With a terrifying growl, and shriek from the younger one, Kris watched as it was decapitated first, before the bigger creature consumed it.

    Quickly and quietly, she stayed to the shadows the buildings offered, and made her way west. She had been a prisoner of this Monster infested world for some time. Fifteen years, to be precise. Her and her parents had been quick to adapt to the ways of avoiding Monsters.

    Ebonstar had initiated a global evacuation campaign for Factor, but without the proper knowledge on these beasts, it fell rather short. Several thousand people had managed to get on the ship as it narrowly escaped, the other million or so, however, became food to these abominations.

    One thing that Kris had noticed, when she was old enough to forage for herself, was that these Monsters evolved at an extremely rapid rate. The Monster she had just witnessed was at the end of it's evolutionary line, while the one that had harassed her in the alleyway was merely the first stage.

    She had also learned that many other variations of Monsters existed on Factor now, beside the Goliath species. She had heard her father name the beasts, after the character within the Bible. She preferred them to the other, unnamed monstrosities that ran rampant across the world.

    Once Kris was content that she was outside of the Goliath's earshot, she made a dead sprint for the forest's edge. It wasn't too far from her current position, as the sun had finally finished setting by the time she arrived. Her home wasn't very homely, in fact, it was a re -purposed cave at the outskirts of Elicia City.

    She had lived there for five years now, following the visceral slaughter of her family. Once holed up within the Ebonstar mining facility, one of the other variations of Monsters had come. It's skin was a sickening purple and black, with scythes for arms. Her mother, Lucy, had been snatched by the Monster's smaller two arms, and dragged into the mines in a heartbeat.

    Her father had resolved to pursue the beast, arming himself with some old Ebonstar Security weapons, and with a few others, descended into the mine. They never returned, and Kris had always assumed the worst.

    Shaking the thought from her mind, Kris sat on the crudely made chair in front of her. When she had first discovered it, she had assumed that she would only last for a few nights at the most. To her surprise, however, none of the Monsters had bothered to check the cave.

    It was one night, however, that one of the Goliath species was found sniffing outside of the cave. It had managed to get it's head inside the mouth of the cave, but had immediately retreated. Kris had deduced that the luminescent fungus growing inside of the cave seemed to mask her scent, or provided an unsavory scent that Goliath's didn't like.

    Needless to say, Kris immediately took it for a test run. A local Trapjaw had been looming the area. She had designed a necklace of the fungus for the Trapjaw, and sent it towards the center of the city. To her amazement, the Goliaths, whom had claimed the center of Elisia City as their territory, did not bother the Trapjaw.

    After that, she used her spare time to manufacture an aerosol version of the fungus. Holding her hand over the silver can, she placed it on her makeshift workbench. Running a hand through her messy red hair, she laid down on her hammock.

    Usually, she did not dare venture to the center of the City for supplies. However, an Ebonstar broadcast searching for other survivors had appeared during her morning scavenge, and she had no way of contacting them. Well, with the exception of Harlowe Tower, located directly in the middle of the City.

    It was an Ebonstar relay facility, where Ebonstar personnel would contact the outside world in case of an emergency. Instead of her usual foraging, she opted to make the nearly suicidal trip to the relay tower. She attempted to answer the message to the best of her ability, but received only static.

    She cursed herself for not bringing the radio from the house she had been rummaging through, but remained faithful that her message would be found. She closed her eyes with a somber sigh, before drifting off to sleep.


    Kris awoke with a start, she had no means of telling the time, besides the lack of light outside of her cave home. Reflexively, she reached out for her silver can. She heard thumping outside of the mouth of her cave.

    It was one of the Monsters, there was no doubt about that. She reached up to one of the mushrooms, before plucking it and rubbing it quickly over her exposed skin, spraying her clothes liberally again.

    Suddenly, a light filled the area outside of her cave, as a stream of fire erupted towards the almost unseen monster.

    "I've got fire on this one!"

    The voice was foreign to her, but it had been the first human voice she had heard in over five years that wasn't a recording. He had an exotic accent, one that she was certain she had never heard once before.

    "Preparing healing field!"

    A woman's voice echoed into her cave, crunching of leaves and sticks beneath her boots. The Goliath roared in pain, as the fire glanced across it's torso. It recoiled, fists clenched. Kris crept to the mouth of the cave to investigate.

    A muscular man in crimson red armor stood before her, large cumbersome tubes of chemicals rested on his back. A majestic stream of fire erupted from above his left fist, licking at the Goliath's chest. She couldn't see much more beyond that, the fire of his flamethrower causing an eclipse effect around him.

    A woman stood behind him, a grenade launcher resting in her hands. Every few seconds, when she wasn't reloading the weapon, she was firing at the Goliath's face. A man stood behind both of them, a glowing blue ball in his right hand.

    He tossed it at the Goliath, the beast's movements became slow and lethargic as a result. To Kris' right, she heard a deceptively loud buzzing. Turning to face the source of the noise, a brilliant red stream of energy shot towards the Goliath's chest. The Goliath writhed in pain, before the first man's flamethrower broke through it's armor like hide, burning the beast alive.

    The Goliath roared once, stumbling a few steps forward, before falling flat on it's face. Kris sighed with relief, as the four Humans turned to her, weapons drawn.

    "AH!" Kris yelped, holding her hands up. "Don't shoot!"

    "Hold your fire!" the man to her right barked, stepping forward.

    He reached to his right shoulder, clicking on an ambient light mech. The small orb of light hovered in the air between the humans, illuminating all of them.

    "Oye, she's just a pup." the man with the flamethrower said. "Ow'd you manage to stave off these hell beasts anyway?"

    "Give her some space." the other man, who held a six shooter in his hand, replied. "After that bout of ass kickin', I'd say she's probably frightened."

    The man to her right, however, shook his head with a sigh. His eyes were the first thing Kris focused on. Brown, they were filled with a level of sorrow she could relate to. Ruffling his yellow jacket off, he wrapped it around her shoulders.

    "Are you okay?" he asked, as he patted the jacket's shoulders, after helping her into it.


    "Glad to hear. Are there others?"


    "Damn." the man sighed. "Don't you worry, we'll get you out of here. Bucket, bring the Laurie-Anne."

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    Re: Shear Terror.

    Post  Maxim_O'Donnovan on March 2nd 2016, 1:37 am

    Kris hadn't felt the warm embrace of a bed in many years. In fact, she hadn't been in one since she was very little. The cot she rested on was hardly the same as the bed from her childhood, but it beat the hammock.

    Shortly after her meeting with the others, a ship had descended through the atmosphere and picked them up. Everyone on the massive drop-ship had opted to skip formalities, acting like it was business as usual. The only one who bothered to maintain a conversation with her was Cabot, the man who had given her his jacket.

    He offered her his quarters to rest off her sleepiness, but on the condition that she would answer his questions the following morning. In her stupor, she had agreed. The four people didn't look like Ebonstar, but she didn't complain. She was finally free of Factor, and free from those Monsters.

    With a sigh, she knew there was no point in sleeping. Her heart was still racing from her encounter with the others, not even a few hours before. Standing, she gently wrapped the blanket around herself. Making her way quietly to the door, she was surprised to see the same people sitting in front of her.

    They sat upon various pieces of furniture, Cabot and the other men held beer bottles in their hand, while the woman took a brave gulp of ale.

    "Looks like we've got company." the man who had boasted the flamethrower said. "Come 'ere love. 'ave yerself a sit next t' Uncle Hyde."

    Kris hesitantly made a move for the two seater couch, of which the man nearly took up the entire space of. Before she could move, however, the man who dressed like a gunslinging cowboy stood.

    "Don't get the wrong impression, girly." the man said, offering his chair. "Hyde's bark is worse than his bite. Jus' doesn't look comfortable there for you."

    "I'll show you a bite, Abe." Hyde snarled, the eye patch over his left eye furrowing with his eyebrow.

    "I like where this is going!" the woman opposite of Cabot said, wiggling her eyebrows seductively. "Do you prefer to be called Ayde, or Hybe?"

    "Fuck/Bugger off!" the two men growled, turning to the woman in the backwards baseball cap.

    "Enough, all of you." Cabot said. "Is everything okay? I'm sorry I can't better accommodate you."

    "I'm good. Just couldn't sleep." Kris replied, slowly making her way to Abe's old seat.

    "Not surprisin' love." Hyde said with a curt nod. "You've got balls, lass. You slept in that cave for God knows 'ow long, and you didn't become Goliath food."

    "Actually, I'm curious as to how you managed to accomplish that." Abe said, tipping his hat to Kris, whilst leaned up against the wall. "If'n you don't mind?"

    "Here, lemme get you a drink!" the woman said, standing. "Do you have a preference?"

    "Water sounds good, please." Kris said, as the woman smiled warmly, removing herself from the room.

    "Don't worry yourself." Cabot said from her left. "If you don't feel like sharing, you're not obligated to. We can wait until tomorrow, when you've had a chance to calm yourself."

    "Here's a novel idea," the woman replied, walking back into the room with a tall glass of water. "How about we all properly introduce ourselves, so she doesn't feel like we're a bunch of strangers?"

    "Good idea." Cabot nodded, turning back to the woman. "I've already given you my nickname, so it's only fair that I start. I'm William Cabot. I'm gathering a team of people with all sorts of qualifications to pave the way for Humanity's colonization efforts."

    "Aren't you some sort of war hero?" Kris asked, to which Cabot rubbed the back of his head.

    "That was several decades ago. Factor isn't the only world inhabited by Monsters, so I've moved on from full time soldiering, to full time Monster slaying." Cabot said.

    Kris' eyes widened at the news. Factor wasn't the only world suffering from these creatures?! Was anywhere actually safe? In a way, the thought gave her a bit of comfort knowing that there were people working on eradicating these Monsters, on the other hand, it filled her with grief knowing there were others like her. Suffering from the relentless onslaught of the Monsters.

    "Needless to say, I'm sorry we couldn't have met under better circumstances." Cabot nodded, before taking a drink from his beer.

    "I'm Hyde!" Hyde beat his chests, sloshing his beer within it's bottle. "Professional face-melter extraordinaire! I got a real name, though I don't much like it. You ever call me it, an' I'll 'ave to burn yer pretty face off, love."

    "Don't mind him, he's just hyped up from that Monster we killed." Abe said. "I suppose I owe you my real name. Abraham Presley's the name, Huntin' Monsters is my game. Real awful pleasure to meet your acquaintance."

    "Nice to meet you." Kris smiled.

    She had to give Abe some credit, he definitely had some charm to him. Perhaps it was his rogue appearance that helped accentuate his subtle nuances. Either way, she seemed to lift her spirits with his caring attitude.

    "Don't fall prey to his flirtatious personality, kid." the woman said. "Ugh, I sound like an old lady. Never mind. I'm Caira Diaz, only Earthborn in this rag-tag group of Hunters."

    "Nice to meet you all." Kris said with a nod, before taking a drink of her water.

    It had been the first time she spoke for more than seconds at a time for the past five years. To say it was difficult was a bit of an understatement. When she knew she was safe, she would think aloud to preserve her ability to speak, or sing the occasional song. Still, her throat became parched rather quickly as a result of her selective speaking.

    "I'm Kristen, Kristen Rayne." she said shyly. "Though I prefer to be called Kris."

    "Well met." Cabot said.

    "As for your question." Kris continued, producing the silver can from her belt. "I've lived on Factor, post-invasion, for fifteen years."

    The others stopped for a moment, staring at her in disbelief. Hyde, who had been enjoying his cigar, allowed the stick to fall to the ground, his mouth agape.

    "How old were you?" Caira asked, sitting forward.

    "Five. Though my parents survived until I was fifteen." Kris said. "Died in the very mines they once worked in."

    "You don't just 'ave balls, love." Hyde scoffed. "Yer host to the whole ball pit! I ain't ever 'eard of someone survivin' more than a week against them damn beasts, let alone fifteen years!"

    "That's because it's practically impossible." Abe said, pulling himself off of the wall. "No offense to you, or your survival skills. I've dealt with all types of these Monsters though, and the Goliaths have the strongest sense of smell. They picked us up on our way in from orbit, but they couldn't track you every single day?"

    Kris held up her can, shaking it a few times. Upon gazing at her arm, she also realized that she was horribly filthy, and the hand-me-down clothes on her person were not going to cut it anymore.

    "It's this stuff." Kris said. "I made it myself. It masks your scent completely, or it produces something that the Monsters don't like. It's saved my life several times."

    "Really?" Caira asked, sitting even further forward. "What's in it?"

    "I used some glowing mushrooms from within my cave, I discovered it one night when the Goliath sniffed around my home." Kris explained. "It took one whiff of my cave and left."

    "That could be useful in our future endeavors." Cabot nodded. "Perhaps tomorrow we could have you identify that mushroom?"

    "As long as I don't have to go back." Kris said.

    "Don't worry." Cabot nodded. "You're with us now."

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    Re: Shear Terror.

    Post  Maxim_O'Donnovan on March 2nd 2016, 1:39 am

    Author's Notes: It's been a while since I've posted here, huh?

    Recently been playing Evolve. Sadly I don't have Gold, so I don't get to experience the thrill of playing with others. I did some reading up on the existing lore in an otherwise open world. So this is my attempt at writing something like it.

    I hope you enjoy!

    Edit: Also, I know that the title seems misspelled. This is not a typo.
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    Re: Shear Terror.

    Post  Manny on March 7th 2016, 11:43 pm

    Not done reading all of this, but damn you write well.

    Your description was pretty spot on. I really like the depiction of the bipedal silver beast. I have no idea what Evolve's lore is, or what anything looks like in the game but I got a good idea.

    Real authors have to do this when describing their own original works, so props for that. I look forward to more!

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    Re: Shear Terror.

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