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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short* Empty Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 10th 2015, 6:43 pm

    August 27th 2569







    "Please stop saying no."

    "Abso-fucking-lutely not." there was a pause. "Better?"


    "Now you've got it."

    Blaine chuckled as Dawn gave him a death glare. Shaking his head, it surprised him to no end how much like him she had ended up. Stubborn in her ways, she also had a hint of Autumn hidden within her.

    "But it's my birthday."

    "Yeah, and I don't want it to be your last either." Blaine shook his head, sitting behind his desk.

    There was another formal peace meeting between the Sangheili peoples and Humanity coming up within the following days. Blaine, busy as he was being a leader of the UNSC, couldn't find the time to go to the summit. Autumn, as sweet as she was, had opted to go in his place as a representative. Who better to represent the leader of the UNSC than his wife?

    Dawn, on the other hand, wanted to go as well.

    "I'd be on my best behavior though." Dawn partially pouted. "I think it would be pretty cool to meet some real life Sangheili's!"

    "I'm sure you would be too, kiddo." Blaine shook his head. "I just don't like the idea of you going to what could be a dangerous location."

    "Oh, but you're fine if I go?" Autumn smirked, walking into the room. "Gee, sixteen years of marriage and you're already good to bury me, eh?"

    "That ain't true and you know it." Blaine said sternly. "It's the fact that you're augmented, you can defend yourself."

    "Doctor Bailey said-"

    "That some of my augments passed down biologically to you. I'm well aware. However, you also don't have the necessary military training."

    "You're getting so worked up, Blaine." Autumn chuckled, walking behind him. "Dawn and I hardly get time together, you two are nearly inseparable. Think of this like a one day only, mother and daughter thing."

    "It's all a routine anyways, we meet with Sangheili leaders to see if they need anything. We offer help in return for things that we would like. In and out, then, we could spend the entire day exploring the vastness of Rome 2.0." Autumn reassured Blaine. "Besides, you already set Spartans Wyatt and Angela to be my guards, she'll be just as protected."

    "Another thing, the Sangheili leadership has contacted me, requesting we bring our own species youth to the summit. So that they can discuss what our youth wants out of this peace treaty."

    Blaine sighed, shaking his head in disbelief.

    "Fine. She can go with you. But I want an immediate transmission after the meeting, understood?"

    "Yay!" Dawn cheered, wrapping her arms around Blaine's neck, hugging him tightly. "Thanks Daddy!"

    Blaine chuckled, returning the embrace.

    "Alright you two. You'd better pack up and go then. The Aura's waiting on you." Blaine smirked. "-and Dawn? Be respectful to the Sangheili, they are very noble people, but they are also very temperamental."


    3 Hours Later

    Rome 2.0, New Italy

    Epsilon Eridani System.

    Dawn's eyes lit up as she glanced around the elegant meeting hall. Along the walls, saurian creatures stood at attention, their mandibles closed firmly in respect for their Spartan company. This had been the first time she had ever seen an Elite up close before. Men and women, along with very ornately armored Elites sat around the table in the middle of the room.

    "Strange." one of the Elites snorted, glancing at Autumn. "The Humans did not bring their armor."

    "I figured a peace summit would be the last place to wear armor." Autumn replied with a shrug. "Difference in culture I suppose."

    "Indeed," another Elite retorted, glaring at the first Elite. "You must excuse young Siko 'Charumee. He is but one of the youth we have brought to this summit."

    "In Sangheili culture, we wear our armor as a sign of status." the elite continued, glancing at Dawn. "I assume Humans are different. I find your culture intriguing."

    "Thank you, er, sir."

    "You shall NOT address the Arbiter in that manner!" Siko snarled, lunging forward.

    "Hands off, hinge." Spartan Wyatt's gloved hand stopped the Elite in his tracks. "If she had meant disrespect to the Arbiter, she would've said it much differently."

    "That's enough Wyatt." Autumn smiled. "Young Warrior, Siko? Please excuse my daughter, she has no experience addressing the Sangheili people. Anything she says is in no way meant to offend."

    "As such, Siko will show the Humans that the Sangheili are a patient and honorable people." Thel hissed at the young Elite. "To put it in a human term, you are doing a piss poor job of it."



    "These peace talks sicken me." a husky voice growled, as a young Sangheili stood behind the voice.

    "We are awaiting your command, Ship Master Xecse." the Sangheili nodded his head to his elder.

    "Show these rats why there cannot be peace between us."


    "I do believe now would be a good time for our youth speakers to step forward." Thel nodded his head respectfully. "Do you agree, Admiral?"

    "Indeed, Arbiter." Autumn smiled, indicating for Dawn to stand.

    "Um, sorry to interrupt-" Spartan Wyatt said from the back of the room, peering out the window. "We need to leave."

    The delegates in the room all stood, confused, as the Spartan snapped to action. Dawn, who stood closest to the window with him, was tackled to the ground, underneath the table.

    "Everyone, GET DOWN!" Angela yelled, diving for the table as well.

    As soon as the words escaped their mouths, a giant pillar of red crashed down beside the window. The force with which it landed was enough to send a shockwave through the glass, shattering it. Anyone close enough to the window without a bit of cover was instantly incinerated.

    For Dawn, however, the glassing beam had knocked her completely out.

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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short* Empty Re: Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 10th 2015, 10:48 pm

    Dawn's eyes flittered open, everything about her was sore. More importantly, however, she was alive. Groaning, she looked to her right, where Spartan Wyatt lay. He wasn't moving, but she was too afraid to check if he was alive.

    "Mom?!" Dawn yelled, as she crawled out from under the table. "Wyatt?! Angela?!"

    Luckily for her, the fall hadn't done any significant damage. Instead, she had some minor bruises on her right side from landing, and the slight bruises created from where Wyatt had pushed her so forcefully.

    Glancing around the once crowded room, her eyes widened in horror at the morbid view in front of her. Bodies strewn about the room, even young Siko had perished from the glassing beam. Strangely, she did not see any sign of the Arbiter or his remaining guards. Grasping the back of her head, tears began to well up in her eyes. She couldn't see her mother anywhere within the crowd.

    "In here!" she heard an unfamiliar voice yell from the door at the far end of the room.

    Relieved that there was at least an English speaker, Dawn carefully maneuvered for the door. Her eyes widened, however, when the door creaked open, and a small creature poked it's tiny head through the crack in the door. Both individuals jumped at the sight of each other; however, only one of them was armed. In a flash, Dawn could see the Grunt's plasma pistol come around the door.

    Pushing on the door with everything she could, the little alien grunted, it's head pinched within the door. Dawn opened it slightly again, before closing it harder than before. With a chitter that sounded like a drunk man on the verge of passing out, the Grunt slumped to the floor. Dawn quickly kicked the weapon away from it's stubby hand, picking it up with mild curiosity.

    Sighing with relief, Dawn was overwhelmed with all that had happened. Had the Arbiter's men done this? Was peace with the Sangheili at an end?

    No. she reassured herself. The Arbiter is a good guy, he wouldn't do this.

    It was then that she heard hooves hitting the ground, just beyond the door. Squeaking with fear, she didn't know what else to do. Backing away slowly from the door, she had hoped whatever was on the other side didn't hear her. Unfortunately for her, she found herself losing her balance, tripping on something behind her.

    As soon as she crashed to the ground, she froze with fear. The door splintered, as a massive Sangheili stomped into the room, sniffing the air. Shivering slightly, she almost freaked out when something touched her ankle. Moving her eye only slightly, she could see someone had brushed their leg up against her.

    She wasn't the only survivor left in the room.

    Holding still, she shivered only slightly while the Elite stomped towards her position. Again, whatever had tapped her ankle did so again. Flinching, the beast's head snapped towards her. Shrieking, she started to crawl away, as a hiss filled the air. Staring with wide eyes at the giant glowing sword in the Elite's hand, she clutched the Plasma Pistol tightly.

    "How sickening it is, a mere child wielding a Warrior's weapon." the Elite clicked it's mandibles together with disgust. "I shall be sure to dishonor the Unggoy whom gave you that weapon, shortly after I punish you for wielding it."

    Stomping menacingly towards her, Dawn lifted the weapon, unsure of how to fire it. Still, the Elite drew ever closer. Squeezing the handle in her fright, she watched as a small orb of green formed on the front of it. Mentally congratulating herself, Dawn released her grip, the bolt of Plasma raced forward. However, the Elite merely sidestepped it, continuing it's advancement.

    Trying again, she only failed once more. Tears began to streak down her cheek as she realized this was it.

    You were right, Dad. I'm sorry. she thought to herself.

    Shaking her head, she couldn't believe what she was thinking. She was a Harlowe, and Harlowe's went out fighting. Squeezing the trigger once more, the bolt of plasma glowed brighter for a moment, before arching it's way towards the Elite, faster than it could react. The Elite took a step backwards, it's overshields popping from the overwhelming amount of energy within the bolt.

    For Dawn, however, the weapon had become extremely hot to the touch. Flinging it at the beast in reaction, the Elite expertly sliced through it with it's sword. Hastening it's steps towards her, Dawn stared the creature in the eye.

    "Luckily for you, you have proven you have a Warrior's heart." the Elite growled, stepping forward. "Now you will be given a Warrior's death."

    The Elite growled, however, as a pair of arms wrapped up from under it's armpits. Placing the beast in a Full Nelson, the Spartan responsible groaned.

    "I can't say the same for you, pal." Angela snarled. "Thanks for keeping his attention kiddo, sorry for putting you on the spot like that."

    The Elite, however, swung it's head back, catching her in the visor. Smashing one of it's hooves back and into her chest, Dawn heard the muffled crash, the kick launching Angela across the room.

    "You filthy pink apes. You cannot allow one another to die an honorable death. So be it, I shall dispose of you both, and parade your bodies as TROPHIES!"

    Angela charged at the Elite, who turned on it's feet, impaling it's sword into her chest. Dawn yelped in fright as Angela's helmet was ripped from her head. Auburn hair descended well past her shoulders after the helmet was removed. Blood splashed from her mouth, painting the Elite's torso crimson.

    "Pathetic." the Elite snarled.

    "I ain't done yet." Angela growled, stabbing her drawn knife into the Elite's neck.

    The Elite gargled, snarled, and coughed. The blade lodged within it's neck had hit a major artery, and cut off it's air circulation. Angela, who looked like she was about to pass out at any second, smirked at Dawn.

    "Tell your father, I did the best I could." Angela smiled. "Now move away from the window sweetie."

    Dawn rolled away from the window, as Angela held a firm grip on the knife. Rolling their combined weight towards the shattered window, the Spartan and Elite rolled out the open window, cascading the whole way down.

    Dawn, finally given a moment to breath, began to cry once more. Angela and Wyatt, when her grandpa Morgan, or her uncles weren't available to babysit, had been her babysitters when she was younger. She had heard that the two of them got engaged the week before, and she was asked to be their honorary flower girl.

    "Ugh." she heard her mother groan.

    Opening her eyes wide, she sprinted for the source of the noise. In the far corner had been a bar. Besides a few shattered bottles, and liquid running down the walls, everything was generally okay. More importantly to Dawn, however, her mother was very much alive and well.

    "Dawn?!" Autumn roared, sitting up in fright. "GOD DAMMIT, DAWN!"

    "Mom!" Dawn slid across the carpet, wrapping her arms around Autumn's neck. "A tiny alien attacked me, then an Elite... and Angela's..."

    She couldn't finish the sentence, she began sobbing into her mother's shoulders. Autumn tried her best to comfort the poor teenager.

    "It's okay now sweetie." Autumn shushed Dawn. "Angela will always be remembered. People can't die if you remember them."

    "I just wanna go home. I wanna see Dad." Dawn buried her head further into the shoulder.

    "I'll contact the Aura. They'll send reinforcements to find out just what the hell happened here. In the meanwhile, they'll give us a ride." Autumn said with a nod. "Where is the Arbiter and the others?"

    "Siko..." Dawn turned to the dead Elite's corpse. "-The Arbiter and whatever was left of his Guard are gone. Do you think they did this?"

    "After sixteen years of peace? No." Autumn shook her head. "After Wyatt called the beam, the Arbiter was surrounded by his guardsmen, while Siko threw me over here."

    "Siko saved you?" Dawn asked, wiping her eyes.

    "Yeah. He was a good warrior, always protecting the defenseless." Autumn smiled. "A hero's death, something I'm sure he would have wanted."

    Autumn reached for her datapad, which had been cracked and broken. Growling with annoyance, she placed it back in her knapsack. The machine had been busted, and probably fried by the beam's blast.

    "The UNSC embassy. It's on the other side of town. If we can get there, I'll be able to find Mjolnir armor there. We can radio for a ride out, and we'll be home again."

    "Those things are out there, though." Dawn shivered.

    "It's okay." Autumn winked, pulling an SMG out of her knapsack. "I brought an insurance policy. We should go, before more Elites show up looking for that one you said Angela killed."



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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short* Empty Re: Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 19th 2015, 3:06 pm

    Hurriedly, the two women clambered to their feet. Autumn lifted the SMG to a more readied position. Both of them took a moment to stare at the broken windows. Tapping her mother on the shoulder, Dawn didn't want to stay in the room any longer. Autumn nodded, before stepping past the shattered door. The Grunt that Dawn had knocked out squirmed, attempting to stand to it's feet.

    Autumn saw this, smashing her right foot into the Grunt's face. The Grunt cried in pain, as Autumn struck again. The brittle skull of the alien caved, blue liquid splashing onto the floor. Dawn squeaked in fright, turning away.

    "Sorry sweetie, but it needed to be done." Autumn frowned.

    Poking her head out into the hallway, she did not see signs of Covenant activity. Quietly motioning for Dawn to follow her, the mother and daughter duo creeped their way through the hall. There was a bump in one of the rooms further ahead from their position. Autumn's eyes opened wide, before she turned Dawn into the room to their left. Standing in front of Dawn, Autumn hugged her daughter against the wall, both listening from the door.

    The sound of massive footfalls echoed the hallway, Dawn closed her eyes, wishing whatever was creating the noise would go away. There was heavy breathing, as the footfalls stopped just before their door.

    "I smell your fear." the beast on the other side taunted. "You will not escape me."

    Dawn's eyes snapped open, when Autumn pushed her to the side. Taking a step backwards, a blade from a Gravity Hammer embedded itself in the wall, right where Dawn's head had been.

    "It's not them you should be worried about." they heard a voice say from the hallway. "C'mon you big ape."

    Wyatt. Dawn thought to herself. "Mom, we need to help him."

    The blade that had been embedded in the wall began to be removed, the dry wall crumbling as it did. There was a mighty roar, followed by the sound of pistol rounds. Autumn waited for a moment, before ripping the door open. The Brute, whom had lost it's power armor from Wyatt's rounds, snarled at her. Lifting it's hammer to swing, Autumn began firing her SMG into it's chest.

    Grunting from the mild annoyance, the beast swung the hammer down. Autumn rolled backwards in an attempt to avoid the impact. Dawn screamed, however, as a shockwave emnated from the front of the weapon, blasting her and her mother in separate directions.

    Rolling across the ground from the blast, Dawn screamed as she was rolled out the open window. Lashing her hand out, she made purchase on the windowsill.


    "I hope someone's having fun." Blaine muttered to himself, waiting for members of ONI and the Legion to attend the meeting.

    "Lord Harlowe, you're presence is needed." a Marine approached him from the side, giving him a crisp salute.

    "Can it wait?" Blaine said. "This meeting is pretty important son."

    "It's a transmission from the Aura of Armaggedon."

    Blaine's heart stopped, as he pushed himself back from his chair. Standing, he faced the Marine, who flinched.

    "Did they mention anything about Admiral Harlowe?!" Blaine placed his hands on the Marine's shoulder. "Anything about my DAUGHTER?!"


    "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" Dawn yelled, hovering high above the ground, her hand gripping the floor of the window. "HELLLLLP!"

    "DAWN!" Autumn said from the window. "Hold on!"

    Autumn turned with her SMG, firing the weapon at the Jiralhanae that advanced. Again, the Brute grunted from the bullets as they struck it's thick pelt. Preparing to strike with it's hammer once more, the Major swung down. Wyatt however, grabbed the staff before it could swing further. Using his spare hand, he swung his fist into it's throat, stunning the beast. Falling back on his right foot, Wyatt jumped backwards, smashing his left boot under it's chin, knocking it back. Landing on his feet, the Spartan shoulder tackled the beast backwards.

    Autumn took this moment to turn to her Daughter. Reaching her hand out, she grabbed Dawn. Using both of her hands, she pulled her daughter up. Dawn began to cry from fright, as her mother hugged her. Turning her attention to the Spartan and the Brute, who battled to over power the other, Autumn stood, reloading a fresh magazine into her SMG.

    Diving after them, Autumn landed on the Jiralhanae's chest, a fire in her eyes. The Jiralhanae attempted to struggled, but Wyatt kept it pinned. Placing her SMG into it's mouth, Autumn used the entire clip, purple and red blood splashing into her face. With the weapon emptied, Autumn tossed it to the side, smashing fist after fist into the dead beast's face.

    "Admiral, ma'am. It's dead." Wyatt said, pulling her off. "It's over now."

    Autumn stood, as Dawn ran over, hugging Wyatt.

    "Wyatt, I'm so so sorry." Dawn sniffled into his chest armor.

    Wyatt didn't respond, he only sighed, wrapping his arms gently around her shoulders.

    "It's not your fault kiddo." he hugged her. "Angela died protecting you, something either of us would do in a heartbeat."

    "Is your comm. working?" Autumn panted, turning towards Wyatt.

    "I can receive, I can't send out." Wyatt shook his head. "The good news is the Aura saw one of the Arbiter's ships firing their weapon, and informed the rest of the UNSC."


    "Yes ma'am. Even Lord Harlowe."

    "I'm so dead." Dawn shook her head. "He'll never trust me again."

    "I'm the one that convinced him to let you join, I'm getting the blame." Autumn shook her head. "There was no way you could've known this would happen."

    Turning back towards Wyatt, Autumn gave him a confused look.

    "You mentioned one of the Arbiter's ships fired. Do you know the name of the vessel?"

    "The Aura marked it as the Serenity of Night. Even more curious though, the Arbiter is infuriated by the Shipmaster of the Serenity. It's obvious that the Arbiter was not involved."

    "So what's the plan?" Autumn asked. "Are they sending a Pelican to pick us up?"

    "Affirmative, we have to get to the ground floor though. The roof is teeming with Covenant, and there is no way the two of us will be able to clear it AND keep Dawn safe."

    There was a strange whining noise behind them, however, as Dawn turned to see a purple bulbous ship slowly ascend the side of the building.

    "LICH!" Wyatt said, standing before Dawn. "RUN!"

    The Lich's front began to glow green, as Autumn, Dawn, and Wyatt sprinted back out into the hallway. Dawn screamed as a massive beam of green energy ripped through the wall behind them. Intense plasma based heat nipped at her heels, while they sprinted for their life down the rest of the hall. Suddenly, the beam stopped.

    "It's got to recharge, move!" Autumn barked, as the three sprinted down the flight of stairs.

    "Why did the meeting have to be on the sixtieth floor?!" Dawn whined.

    Wyatt, now armed with the Brute's hammer, lead the way down the sixty flights of stairs. Disengaging the gravity aspect of the hammer, he swung it at any Covenant that stood in their way. Pausing somewhere on the twentieth floor, Dawn struggled to catch her breath. Even with some of her father's augments genetically placed in her, the marathon was something she had never been used to.

    Before they could continue, however, the Lich's green beam slashed the stairway just a floor beneath them. If they were to continue down they would have to jump two stories. Knowing Dawn couldn't clear it, they entered the twentieth floor's offices.

    As they entered, Wyatt grunted as a massive hand wrapped around his neck. Dawn watched as the Spartan was lifted off of the ground, and thrown halfway across the room. Autumn stood in front of Dawn, as she suffered a similar 'fate'. Dawn whimpered as the massive Sangheili warrior wrapped it's hand around her throat. Rather than throw her, however, the Elite stomped towards the nearby window, holding her out over the city.

    "What a predicament this is." the Elite clicked it's mandibles together in annoyance. "They can try and stop me, but you'll die in the process. I wonder, how far are you pink apes willing to go?"

    "Fieldmaster." Dawn heard from beside the Elite's head, probably it's comm. "The Arbiter's ships have destroyed the Serenity with help from the Human ship. I have set up base to the North, bring the girl alive."

    "We were martyrs to this cause, brother." the Fieldmaster said. "We are here to plant the seeds of doubt between the two races. If we die, that matters little. It is the will of the Forerunners."

    "DAWN!" Autumn yelled, as she glanced over the Elite's shoulders at her mother and Wyatt.

    "Hmmmm." the Elite mused to itself. "Your father... his callsign was Eagle once upon a time. I wonder, can you fly too?"

    Lazily, the Shipmaster tossed the young teenager out the window. Dawn screamed as she fell. Autumn's heart sunk, as Wyatt roared in anger.


    "I want UPDATES people!" Blaine roared. "Can you reach my wife or NOT?!"

    "Apologies Lord Harlowe." NAV replied from the Aura. "We can't reach them, though the Arbiter said that they were alive last he saw them."

    "Find them, keep them safe." Blaine barked.

    "Admiral Harlowe, this meeting will not be interrupted by family matters." Director Osmen snarled.

    "You know Serin, I don't have time for ONI's bullshit right now." Blaine growled. "We'll reconvene after I get back. Spartans protect Humanity; or did you forget that after spending so much time being Margaret's puppet?"

    Stomping away, members of the meeting glanced amongst each other. The President of the UEG stood, smiling.

    "The meeting can wait, Admiral. Please, do what needs to be done for  New Italy and her people." the President said. "If any of those Peace summit delegates die, it could be catastrophic for peace between our two races."

    "Yes sir, Mr. President." Blaine saluted, hustling out of the room. "Designate ALL-FATHER to Odin's Judgement, prepare for takeoff. Set course for New Italy.


    "DAAAAWN!" Autumn cried as her daughter was flung out the window.

    Wyatt growled, sprinting at the Elite, who activated two Energy Swords, one for each hand. Dodging under one swing, the Spartan used his forearm to prevent the Elite from swinging it's other sword. Using his right elbow, he smashed the Elite in the temple.

    The Elite stumbled backwards, roaring in annoyance. Autumn took this time to run to the window, looking out for any sign of Dawn. When she didn't see any, tears began to flow from her cheeks.

    "M-my baby." Autumn sobbed, staring hopelessly at the city beneath her. "I-I killed her."

    The Elite and the Spartan paused their combat, to watch the woman, who suddenly started giggling. Placing her right hand to her cheek, Autumn slowly began to rise.

    "Hide and seek time's over now Dawn." she said blankly to the air in front of her. "We need to go home now. Your father will be worried for sure."

    "Autumn." Wyatt whispered to himself.

    "Come out now." Autumn sobbed. "I don't want to play anymore, sweetie."

    "Pathetic." the Elite chuckled, kicking Wyatt away. "I've killed her, you worm."

    Autumn stopped her movements, turning her attention towards the Elite.

    "She was weak, resorting to her mother and a demon for protection. A so called daughter of a legend. She was nothing more than a disappointment."

    "Hey asshole." a familiar voice said behind the Elite. "No-one talks about my baby sister that way."

    The Elite turned in time to see a pair of Spartans standing behind him, along with Wyatt. With the distraction, Autumn sprinted towards the Elite, biting it's left hand. Growling with annoyance, the Fieldmaster swung it's other sword, one of the Spartans bracing the Elite's arm to prevent it.

    Lifting the Energy sword, Autumn laughed as she slashed the back of the Elite's legs, toppling it backwards. Taking this moment, the Spartan that had helped her began to step backwards, while Autumn swung the sword over the Elite's other sword hand. The Elite roared in pain as it's hand disconnected with it's arm, the sword within disengaging. Repeating the process with it's other hand, Autumn threw the sword out the window, pouncing onto her target.

    Using her thumbs she pressed into the Elite's eyes. Howling from the pain, all the Elite could do was thrash about. Even without her armor, Autumn was pretty well able to keep the Elite partially pinned. Autumn bared her teeth, staring wildly at the creature, the Spartans behind her stared, legitimate chills running down their spines.


    Thrusting fist after fist into it's face, Autumn gripped one of it's mandibles, regardless of the teeth jabbing into her hand. Ripping with all of her might, the mandible came off, the armless Elite unable to resist.

    "NOW I HAVE TO HURT YOU!" Autumn chuckled, tossing the mandibles away. "YOU'LL WANT DEATH. YOU SHALL HAVE IT, BUT YOU WON'T DIE A WARRIOR. YOU'LL DIE A COWARD!"

    Wrapping her hands around the Elite's throat she squeezed as hard as she could. Purple blood began to squirt out, running through her fingers as the Elite's breathing and thrashing slowed.

    The three Spartans hesitantly approached the woman, who now wailed loudly, tears pouring down her cheeks. Two of them sank to their knees beside her, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

    "Mom." one of them, a female, cried. "What happened to Dawn?"

    "Naomi." Autumn cried. "David. I'm sorry."

    "No." David shook his head, standing. "No no no. Not my baby sister."

    Naomi froze, as she removed her helmet, wrapping both arms around Autumn.

    "If I could feel bad for these bastards, I would." David grit his teeth, staring at the mutilated Elite. "When he finds out, this guy's treatment will seem like a blessing to the rest of them."


    UNSC Odin's Judgement

    "ETA to New Italy?" Blaine barked to NAV.

    "So far so good, sir. Prototype Improved Slip-Space drive is handling well. We should be arriving in an hour. Cutting off the usual four hour wait."

    "Excellent. Ensign, you have control of the bridge."


    "I'm going top-side. When I find the Covenant responsible for this atrocity, I'll happily send them to their Gods. Piece by fucking piece." Blaine's eyes flashed gold for a moment, before he turned towards the exit of the bridge.

    Hang in there, kiddo, Daddy's coming.


    Dawn's heart raced as she glanced around. Weapons were trained on her, and she tried her hardest not to anger the ones that were aiming at her.

    "Daughter of UNSC Admiral of Fleets." a massive Elite stepped forward in ornate armor. "Welcome to your new home."



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    Dawn sat there on the floor, staring at the Elite as he addressed her.

    "Kruk was a fool, he didn't see the brilliance in my plan. He meant to kill you, and your mother." the Elite clenched his hand into a fist. "Take solace in knowing you will not be harmed here. You are crucial to my plan."

    "Be wary, however." the Elite growled. "Any sign of resistance will be seen as hostile, and you will be... dealt with. Now then, Major, place our 'guest' in the cell."

    "Ship Master." Dawn said quietly, eliciting a curious look from the Elite. "How did you save me? I was flung out that window."

    "Ah, you don't know about our gravity lifts." the Elite nodded. "I expected more knowledge of our race from the daughter of the Warrior."

    "That Lich that chased you?" the Elite continued. "That's where you are now. Now no more talk."

    As Dawn thought about it, she did remember seeing a green light as she was falling. Had the ship been cloaked while she fell? Thanking her lucky stars, she also came to the realization that she was now a prisoner.

    "Mom." Dawn whispered to herself, worried that her mother thought she was dead.


    "The Pelican's on the roof." David said to Wyatt. "We need to get my mom off this planet."

    "No." Autumn shook her head. "I was bringing her to the Embassy, where I could get some armor. I need to go there, please."

    "Mom, that's not a good idea." Naomi hugged Autumn tighter. "Dad's going to be upset as it is. If you're still in play when he shows up... he'll tear this whole city apart."

    "I deserve it then." Autumn said, staring at the window. "It was the first time in a very long time I got to spend alone time with her. Now... I can't even bring myself to say her name."

    "It wasn't your fault, ma'am." Wyatt shook his head. "I was careless coming around that corner. I am a failure as a Spartan, and as a body guard."

    "You left your comm. on. What are you talking about? a gruff voice barked.

    David, Naomi, Wyatt, and even Autumn's eyes widened when they heard Blaine's voice in the comm.

    "How is he able to pick us up?" Autumn asked. "Oh god."

    "Sitrep Warrant Officer, have you, or have you not found my wife and daughter?!" Blaine's voice boomed out of Wyatt's comm.

    "Admiral, he can't respond. He told me a Covenant glassing beam fried his comm. He can receive, but he can't send, sir."

    "David, what the hell are you doing on that planet? Blaine's voice growled. "I thought you and Naomi were on an OP?"

    "Sir, I'm sorry. We were in the system for our Operation. It was completed, but that's when we picked up the Aura's distress signal."

    "Fine, then tell me. Is Autumn with Wyatt?"

    Autumn stared at David, who slowly nodded his head. Tapping a few buttons on his wrist, a microphone icon appeared.

    "Autumn, are you there sweetheart? Blaine asked.

    "Y-yes. I'm here." Autumn said, defeated.

    "Is Dawn with you?" Autumn had only heard this bluntness from Blaine once in her life, it was a tone she never liked.

    Autumn sat there, frozen. Tears continued to cascade down her cheek, as she stared at the floor, curling her fingers into the carpet.

    "I hear you crying." Blaine sighed, as she could audibly hear his teeth grind. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO DAWN?!"

    "Dad, please." Naomi replied. "Mom tried her best."

    "Tried her BEST?!" Blaine said. "I want a straight answer now. WHERE. IS. MY. DAUGHTER?!"

    "Blaine." Autumn cried. "We were on our way to an LZ, an Elite ambushed us... and-"

    "No...." Blaine said quietly. "No no no. Don't say it. Don't you say it."

    "She's gone sir." Wyatt shook his head. "The Elite broadsided me, and he... threw her out the window."

    "Nav." Blaine said. "I want all available Golden Eagles, Pelicans, even Hornets/Falcons prepped and ready to extract civilians. I want Spartan teams on the ground, and I want them to...find her body. Tell the bridge to prime weapon systems, anyone not allied with the UNSC will burn today."

    "Admiral, how are you talking to us? The Aura says there is no other UNSC ships in system?"

    "I'm on the Odin's Judgement, Autumn'll know what that means." Blaine sighed. "Can you three at least get Autumn to safety?"

    "Yes sir." David nodded.

    "Blaine." Autumn frowned. "I know you hate me. I know you'll never forgive me, I'm so sorry."

    "I don't hate you, I could never hate you. I regret not being here to help her though, I regret not insisting you have your armor."

    Autumn sighed with relief, as the shakes from her crying continued to kick in.

    "What does that mean, he's on the Odin's Judgement?" Wyatt asked.

    "It's a prototype Infinity Class vessel. Something Blaine is making to be the second Flagship for the UNSC fleet. It has Forerunner crystals in the slipspace drive. Making the four hour trip to New Italy only an hour." Autumn sobbed. "It's comm. range can also last much, much farther. It can also work while inside of Slipspace, which is where I imagine he is."

    "Hey guys." Naomi said, turning from the opened window, her DMR now at rest by her side. "I've got good news, and bad news."

    "It can't get much worse, can it?" Autumn shook her head.

    "It's much better than what we originally thought." Naomi shrugged. "There's no blood on the pavement, like, anywhere down there."

    "Wait, that means-" David started.

    "Dawn's not..." Autumn smiled. "Blaine, BLAINE?!"

    "I heard that, but no UNSC personnel have picked up anyone of her description on the Aura. Aura's bridge just said that the Arbiter's men haven't seen her either." Blaine sighed. "The only thing capable of saving someone from a fall like that is a grav lift."

    "The Lich." Autumn said, turning to Wyatt. "They've captured Dawn."


    When Dawn next awoke, she found herself in a UNSC made building. In fact, it had been an old prison from before the Covenant Human war. Her hands had been shackled above her head, but what really confused her, was the Sangheili sitting beside her. The beast's breaths were sharp, and it's eyes were closed. Curious still, the Elite's hands had been shackled too, but by plasma binders.

    Why did they bother to bind me in metal, but this Sangheili in plasma? Dawn asked herself.

    "I can hear your breathing, human." the Elite said, causing Dawn to squeal in surprise. "You have no reason to fear me, we are on the same side. I was a youth delegate for the summit. I was not present, as I had been on the Serenity of Night being held by Ship Master Xecse."

    "That was that big Elite I saw earlier, in the ornate armor."

    "Indeed, he was a High Counselor once, but he opposed much of what the Arbiter has preached about a Sangheili Human alliance after all of these years. As a show of respect, however, the Arbiter removed him from the counsel, and made him a Ship Master." the Sangheili shook their head. "He was not a fan of the Human's Admiral of Fleets, as he had fought him on the fields of battle numerous times before the alliance."

    Dad. Dawn frowned, this had all been a vendetta against her father?

    "Xecse believes that an alliance between our races is impure and a disgrace to our ancestors. Forerunners forgive me, but he is wrong. Humanity and the Sangheili, back in the time the Forerunners walked with us, had been a united pair of races. As had the San Shyuum and Humans."

    "What do they plan to do with us?"

    "It's simple." the Elite said bluntly. "They intend to publically execute us. I will be killed by a Human weapon, and you will be killed by a Sangheili weapon, likely a plasma pistol. News of this will spread between our species, and another war will erupt."

    "We can't let them do this." Dawn shook her head. "There has to be something we can do!"

    "I am bound, shameful rats tying up a Warrior. They are but mere cowards."

    Dawn frowned, glancing up at the metal shackles holding her in place. Tugging as much as she could, she grit her teeth as the metal began to rub on her skin, causing a lot of pain.

    "Might as well get comfortable, Human." the Elite sighed. "I don't know much of your culture, but if you have Gods you believe in, I would pray to them now."

    "I have a name." Dawn shook her head, as the Elite looked curiously over towards her. "In Human culture, we introduce ourselves. Even if we are meeting once. My name is Dawn."

    "I see." the Elite nodded. "I shall humor your culture, as a sign of respect. I am known as Lasp, I am daughter of a High Councillor for the Arbiter."

    "Woah." Dawn said. "That's quite the title. But, wait. You said you were a female of your race?"

    "Yes." Lasp nodded. "I know it is rare for you Humans to encounter a female of our species, but I am indeed a female. It was the belief of the Arbiter that sending one of our races Females would help strengthen the treaty between our peoples. As if to show there was nothing for us to hide."

    "Very noble of you." Dawn smiled. "Well met, Lasp."

    "Indeed, as it is a pleasure to meet you, Dawn." Lasp turned her head. "It is a shame it was under these circumstances."

    "Well." Dawn frowned. "There must be something we can do."

    Lasp stood, beginning to pace. Dawn glanced up, watching as the Elite paced back and forth. Glancing at the armored hooves, Dawn's eyes flickered, a smile forming on her face.

    "They didn't bother to shackle your feet?" Dawn asked, as Lasp shook her head. "Then they are pretty stupid. Quickly, kick my restraints!"

    Holding her arms apart, Dawn put her head down. The chains from the restraint were held taut. Lasp nodded in understanding.

    "Keep your head down, and I shall break these primitive restraints."

    Dawn did as she was told, flinching only when the chains above her head shattered, the force of the blow shaking her arms slightly. Nursing her slightly bruised wrists, Dawn stood, a grin rivaled only by her father sewn on her face.

    "Let me have a look at that restraint." Dawn said. "It acts a lot like a Chinese finger trap. The more you restrain, the tighter they get."

    Grabbing as hard as she could onto the metal ring encompassing Lasp's wrist, Dawn grunted as she began tugging in separate directions. It was then that she heard the metal of the ring groan from the stress. Using the last of her inherited Spartan strength, Dawn ripped one of the rings off of Lasp's hands. With one hand freed, Lasp gripped the other ring, assisting Dawn in tearing it off.

    "Being the first Human I've met, you're setting a great example for your people." Lasp mused, in a tone that sounded approving. "I am ashamed that the majority of the Sangheili you've encountered are showing you our not so kind side."

    "I've met the Arbiter, he is the example by which I've judged all good Sangheili." Dawn smiled. "Now c'mon, if we can get to a radio, I'm sure we can call for help."


    One Hour Later

    Blaine stood before the SOEIV Pod he had prepared for the drop into New Italy. He had just finished transmitting with David, Naomi, Wyatt, and Autumn. They had successfully reached the ground level, and confirmed that Dawn had not... Blaine didn't want to think about it.

    After his teams of Spartans had touched down on the planet, the Covenant that had betrayed the Arbiter had almost been completely wiped out, but there had been no sign of Dawn anywhere. With their ship destroyed, he knew they were hidden on the planet somewhere More importantly, he knew they were still within the city.

    Before he could climb in, however, he felt a hand tap his shoulder.

    "I'm going with you." the familiar voice said. "This injustice has spoiled the honor of the Sangheili, it will only be amended if I help you destroy these worms."

    "Then get in a pod, I just got a transmission from my girl." Blaine said. "It'll be like old times."


    Minutes prior.

    Lasp roared as she turned the Energy Sword in her right hand off, the Sangheili trio that had ambushed them lying in a heap towards the middle of them. Dawn's heart raced, much like her father had said, she did not host the necessary military training.

    However, she knew that their odds of survival were greater if she had armed herself. As such, she used a Plasma Pistol she had stolen from their prison guard, which had been a lowly, fearful Grunt. With Lasp's tutelage, she was able to fire the weapon much more safely than she had hours before.

    "There." Lasp said, pointing to the far wall. "It's a communicator! What's the channel for your fleet?"

    "I think Dad said it was Alpha Zulu Foxtrot Tango."

    "Those mean nothing to me." Lasp sighed. "We only use numbers."

    "Well, I think it might translate if we make the human letters into numbers." Dawn said, scratching the back of her head. "Alpha is A, which would be the first letter. Zulu is Z, being the twenty-fifth. Foxtrot is F, and Tango is T. F is sixth, and T is nineteenth. Try One-Two-Five-Six-One-Nine."

    After a frantic moment of typing, there was a crackle.

    "Sir, we've received a transmission from an unknown source."

    "Designate yourself. Blaine's voice barked.

    "Designate Valkyrie." Dawn said, rushing up to the communicator, much to Lasp's surprise.

    "Dawn?! Where are you at, can you tell?!"

    "I can't say for certain, although the building itself seems like an old time prison. Please hurry, we escaped, but more of them are coming."

    "There's more than one of you? Who else is there?"

    "My name is Lasp, my father serves loyally on the counsel of the Arbiter. Though I've never met my father, I am certain you've met him. I was a youth delegate for the summit."

    "I've traced the location of your call, Valkyrie. Sit tight, I'm coming."

    With that, the line died. Dawn turned to Lasp, who nodded. There was a banging noise on the far end of the room, no doubt from the door Lasp had sealed shut with a Plasma Rifle.

    "Y'know, you've never mentioned a last name. Do any Sangheili people have them?"

    "Yes, but like most Sangheili, I never actually met my father." Lasp clicked her mandibles together.

    "How awful." Dawn shook her head.

    The banging on the door increased, before it finally burst. A pair of deep blue armored creatures entered the room, lumbering past Xecse, who shook his head.

    "So you have tried to elude me, to try to spoil my plans? It's unfortunate yes, but I do happen to have something at my disposal."

    The Elite lifted the DMR in his hands. Dawn's eyes widened, while Lasp tensed.

    "You've sullied your once good name Xecse, why did you do this?"

    "The UNSC's Admiral of Fleets was an enemy of mine once, when I engaged him on the battlefield, of the numerous times I have successfully survived, he would kill our race without mercy."

    "It was on one fateful encounter with him, that the Admiral had actually recruited one of our people. A Sangheili that had been marked as a Heretic for sparing the very Spartan that recruited him. This same Spartan, who killed without regard for our people, then attempted to make NICE with us?" Xecse's clasp on the weapon tightened. "To add insult to injury, he has been widely regarded in Sangheili culture as a Legendary Warrior, and for our youth, he is regarded as a hero. Do you not agree with these claims?"

    Dawn turned to Lasp, who closed her eyes with a nod.

    "It is true, the stories I have heard of the Admiral of Fleets have at one point brought me inspiration. It is why I became a swordswoman, to defend my Father's keep. With hopes to be on the Arbiter's counsel on day, in hopes that I would meet the Legendary All-Father."

    "At first, our people didn't agree with the Arbiter. There was a massive civil war, and our people were killed on their own soil, by their OWN people. To preserve this impure alliance with the pink apes, our own people had a WAR." Xecse said, pointing the gun towards Lasp. "Our Ancestors died out when the Forerunners walked with us, because they did not approve of an alliance between our races. It was the will of the Gods!"

    "The Forerunners wiped out our species to stop the Flood." Dawn shook her head. "Forerunner ruins said so, extensive years of research is proof."

    "Do you not see, child?!" Xecse growled. "The Humans even defile the sacred ruins of the Gods for their own selfish needs. Why would we ally with these heretical, inferior creatures."

    "Nothing about this human beside me is inferior." Lasp snapped back. "She may lack the full strength of a warrior, nor does she stand at my height. But her intelligence, her ability to survive, that is what makes her a Warrior. She is not my inferior, she is my equal."

    Lasp turned her head to face Dawn, performing the Sangheili equivalent of a smile.

    "I would even go so far as to call her a friend." Lasp continued. "As such, I shall die protecting her, if necessary."

    "A pity." Xecse shrugged, firing the DMR into Lasp's leg, in an unarmored spot. "I can arrange that. Kill the human."

    The pair of Hunters growled, their weapons glowing green on the front. Before they could fire, however, there was a high pitched screeching noise emnating from the communicator behind Dawn. Dawn covered her ears, while Xecse flinched. The two Hunters roared, the worms composing their bodies slipped out of the armor in their stunned state.

    There was a crackle, as music began to fill the room.

    'Cause I'm FREE!
    Yeah I'm Free!

    "What is that infuriating racket?!" Xecse growled, his stolen DMR cascading to the floor.

    The roof above them shattered, as a pair of metal pods crashed down. One Hunter, it's worms having reformed it's body, grunted as a pod landed on top of it, effectively killing it.

    The music stopped, as the door from the pod on top of the Hunter burst open, smashing the chest of the Hunter.

    "Who is this?" Lasp turned to Dawn, who smiled as the red and blue armored Spartan stepped out of the pod.

    "That's my Dad." Dawn grinned. "Hey Xecse, hope you wanted to see your Gods sooner!"

    "If he's lucky enough to see anything at all when I'm done with him, that is." Blaine growled, cracking his knuckles.

    "You came unarmed, that's foolish. Especially for the Leader of the Human's military." Xecse turned to the Hunter, which stood, dazed.

    "You clearly have a shit memory, hinge head." Blaine grit his teeth. "My fists ARE my weapons."

    "Dad..." Dawn said, turning her head towards Lasp, as Lasp raised a hand.

    "It's fine. I know the insult is not meant for me." Lasp shakily stood, as the other Pod opened slowly.

    "Accursed pod." the other Sangheili growled, stomping out. "How you Humans do it, I cannot say for certain. Deal with the Mgalekolo, I'll tend to Xecse."

    "You got it Anch, but I won't be long."

    "Anch..." Lasp's eyes widened. "Anch 'Ibort?"

    "Anch 'Ibort, the Arbiter's Right hand. Highest Councilor in the Arbiter's Counsel." Anch turned momentarily towards Lasp. "-and you, young Warrior?"

    "Lasp..." she clicked her mandibles. "Lasp 'Ibort."

    "Now this... I wasn't expecting." Blaine chuckled. "You have a kid, Anch?"

    "A daughter, though Sangheili culture prevents me from meeting her." Anch shook his head. "Gods, this is a blessing."

    "Enough." Xecse said, reclaiming the DMR. "It'll be better killing you all here and now, and blame your respective races for it."

    The Hunter growled it's weapon charging, Blaine leaned down on his haunches, before sprinting directly at the Hunter. Priming his left shoulder, Blaine smashed his shoulder into the Hunter's chest plate, actually denting the metal. Wrapping his powerful hands around the beast's shield, he planted his left boot firmly in the dented chest plate. Pulling with all of his might, Dawn listened as the Mgalekolo worms shrieked, ripped straight from their body.

    Brandishing his new shield, Blaine held the Hunter's shield in front of him, the plasma spray from it's beam practically unaffecting the mysterious alloy. Swinging it mightily, Blaine's shield made purchase on the Hunter's head, snapping it backwards. Spinning on his boots, he pushed the front, almost pointed edge of the shield into the dented metal. The Hunter backed up to the wall from the force, growling from the blow, before the shield pierced it's armor. With one last gutteral roar, the behemoth became limp.

    "He just.... destroyed that Mgalekolo, and he didn't break a sweat." Lasp said, as Anch and Xecse swung their swords at one another. "Some of the most skilled Sangheili have trouble combating them, minus the first Arbiter."

    Dawn, deciding she didn't want to be left out, squeezed the trigger from the Plasma Pistol in her hand. The orb of green began to form, enough the energy shields would pop, but not enough to burn her hands when she released it. Releasing the blob, it homed in on it's target, a slight glow of gold encompassing it, as it struck Xecse in the chest.

    "Anch, please." Blaine said as Xecse flinched from the shot, Anch slicing Xecse's sword hand off. "Tend to Lasp and Dawn. I won't be long."

    "What do you plan to do? Kill me like many other of my race? Then act like their friend?!"

    "Oh no, I don't plan to kill you." Blaine cracked his neck. "First, I'm going to make you suffer for laying your filthy hands on my daughter. Then, I'm going to fucking destroy you."

    Lashing out with his right boot, Blaine smashed Xecse in the chest, launching him into the next room. Pausing for a moment, the Spartan turned, his helmet deforming. Salt and pepper hair was the first thing that greeted Dawn and Lasp, as intense blue eyes, now outlined with gold, stared at them.

    "For those with sensitive stomachs, cover your ears now." he grinned. "Be right back."

    Dawn watched as her father continued into the next room, helmet completely off. Lasp stood, as if to assist the Spartan, Anch placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "I know little about you, child." Anch said. "But I do know that you will NOT wish to witness this. I have fought alongside the Admiral of Fleets in combat, once upon a time. When he promises you death, the word 'mercy' leaves his vocabulary."

    Almost on cue, the trio could hear a slamming of something against metal in the other room. There was the tell-tale Sangheili gargle of pain, followed by the sound of fresh asparagus snapping.

    "What'sa matter, boyo?" Dawn heard her father taunt from the other room. "I thought you'd be a Warrior, not a PEASANT. C'mon, fight me!"

    There was another loud thump, and another sickening crunch.

    "You're right, you're totally missing a hand. Tell you what, I'll put one hand behind my back." Blaine chuckled. "Oooh, now biting just wasn't. very. NICE!"

    There was another thump, before the trio jumped. Xecse, battered, broken, and beaten, came sliding across the floor. Laying there, purple blood splattered his combat harness. Xecse coughed, more blood drizzling through his mandibles. Blaine stomped in through the door, his pupils all but gold now.

    "Where'd you go buddy? I wasn't DONE with you!"

    Xecse whimpered, lifting his one remaining hand to his face, as the Spartan drew nearer. Turning to Anch, the Elite pleaded.

    "Tell him of the tales of glorious battle we were in. If he truly observed our culture, tell him to grant me at least a Warrior's death!"

    "You grovel to me, begging me to tell the All-Father to grant you the blessing of a Warrior's death. After you kidnapped his Daughter, used her as bait for your plan to break everything he's worked sixteen cycles on, not to mention kidnapping MY Daughter as well. In favor of my race's alliance with the Humans, I will say; You're fucked."

    Blaine grabbed the Elite's right hoof, dragging him back to the other room. Xecse screamed the entire way, scratching at the floor with his remaining hand. Dawn felt a little remorse for him, until she remembered just what damage the Elite had caused for the town, her parents, and the Sangheili.

    There was more slamming, screams of tortured pain, and snapping of bones. Eventually, they could hear the gargling of liquid filled choking in the next room.

    "Shhhh... shhhh. Send the Didact my regards boyo, m'kay?"

    Walking back into the other room, Dawn's eyes watered, as she sprinted towards Blaine. Jumping up, she wrapped her arms around his neck, as he knelt to the floor. Placing a massive hand behind her head, the Spartan sank to the floor with her, rubbing her back.

    "It's okay now kiddo. Daddy's here."

    "I'm so sorry Daddy." she cried. "You were right, I shouldn't have come."

    "That's not your fault. Your mother was right, I can't keep you so sheltered. I have to let you experience your life." Blaine shook his head. "I'm sorry that your first experience had to be this, though. Besides, I think you made a friend."

    Lasp performed the Sangheili attempt of a smile, before turning to Anch.

    "Right hand of the Arbiter, it is a pleasure." she bowed.

    "Nonesense child. The pleasure is mine." Anch returned the bow. "But let us observe Human culture for once. Call me... Dad."

    With that, Lasp wrapped her arms around Anch, who stared at the far wall in confusion. After a second, he returned the hug, which felt foreign, yet correct, to him.

    "Come on then." Blaine stood, wrapping one arm around Dawn's shoulder. "My Spartans finished cleaning this town of the betrayers. Xecse was all alone for the past hour, and he didn't even realize it."

    "The Peace summit was in closing." Anch shook his head. "It is also likely that the Arbiter has returned to Sangheilios as a precaution."

    "I see." Blaine nodded with a chuckle. "I was too busy being bored out of my fucking mind in a meeting."

    With that, the four exited the building through another entrance, so as to prevent them from seeing the pile that was likely Xecse. Sure enough, a Golden Eagle's rear hatch opened, as Autumn stood. The wind billowing through her hair, as she stood there. David and Naomi stood to her sides, with Wyatt planted in a seat.

    Running up the ramp, Dawn wrapped her arms around Autumn's neck, hugging her mother tightly. Anch and Lasp walked up the ramp, Lasp absorbing the new experience like a young child at an observatory.

    "I thought I lost you." Autumn said, while David and Naomi slowly wrapped their arms around the two of them. "I'm so sorry sweetie."

    "I'm fine, Mom." Dawn smiled, a sob escaping here and there.

    She peeled off of her mother, however, as she took a look at Wyatt. The young blonde haired man stood there, rubbing a hand over his buzzcut. His elbows rested on his knees, as the AI in his armor played a song in his suit, which echoed throughout the troop bay.

    Song is 'Wrong Side of Heaven' by Five Finger Death Punch
    I spoke to God today, and she said that she's ashamed.
    What have I become, what have I done?
    I spoke to the Devil today, and he swears he's not to blame.
    And I understood, cause I feel the same.

    Dawn slowly walked over, as Wyatt turned to face her, a meek smile on his face. She sat beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder. A tear ran down the Spartan's face, as he turned towards the picture in his hand.

    Arms wide open, I stand alone.
    I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone.
    Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
    I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
    The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, righteous side of hell.

    Placing her hand gingerly in his armored hand, Dawn frowned. She used her spare hand to gently wipe the tear away. At her kindness, Wyatt began to smile a bit. With his smile beginning to form, Dawn smiled back at him, wrapping her arm around his neck.

    "Angela was a hero, and so are you." Dawn cried into his ear. "If it brings you comfort, I will never forget her for as long as I live."

    At that sentence, Wyatt's head drooped, tears began flowing down his cheeks. He returned the hug, squeezing the picture of Angela in his hand.

    "She was beautiful, and she was so excited whenever Blaine asked us to baby sit you." Wyatt sobbed. "We both viewed you as our surrogate daughter, until we both could have our own."

    "Wyatt." Blaine said, stepping forward, sitting on the opposite side of Wyatt. "Your fiance's sacrifice to save my daughter is a price that I will never be able to repay. What I can promise you, is that she will always be known as a hero, the Sangheili will know of her heroics as well. Take some leave time, and if you need anything, my family is always in your debt."

    Wyatt stared at Blaine, whom had been a hero of his in the Covenant War.

    "Thank you Admir-"

    "I'm going to stop you there, son." Blaine shook his head. "You don't thank me. I'm thanking you. You lost a great deal today, Spartan, to protect the Daughter of someone you hardly know."

    "Negative sir." Wyatt shook his head. "We protected the little girl we came to know as our temporary daughter. The daughter of our Hero. If she was still with us, I know she'd do it again in a heartbeat. As would I."

    "This is why you are one hell of a man, Wyatt." Blaine said, placing a hand firmly on the Spartan's back. "You are welcome to visit Dawn at any time, assuming she'll have you?"

    Dawn nodded, as she hugged Wyatt tighter.

    Arms wide open, I stand alone.
    I'm no hero, and I'm not made of stone.
    Right or wrong, I can hardly tell.
    I'm on the wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
    The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side of hell.
    The wrong side of heaven, and the righteous side, the righteous side of hell.


    The following day

    Wyatt shifted uncomfortably, he had spent so much time in his Spartan armor, that his civilian clothes felt foreign to him. Blaine chuckled, gently patting him on the back, as Dawn, Autumn, even Anch and Lasp walked behind them.

    "I can't believe you invited me to come along with you, Admiral."

    "For all your service? You deserve much more." Blaine nodded. "Hell, everyone that serves the UNSC deserves something for their service. Unfortunately, I can't control that."

    "What even is this place, Dawn?" Lasp asked, walking up beside Dawn.

    "Oh that's right, Sangheili don't have amusement parks on Sangheilios, do they?" Dawn chuckled. "It's a place for families to go on vacations, to relieve their stresses. They have rides you can take for thrills, they have food galore, and sometimes you can even see professional performers."

    "Yes." Autumn nodded. "God knows I need some stress relief."

    With that, the day proceeded with thrills, food, and 'high quality' entertainment. Blaine and Dawn had a blast smashing Anch and Lasp in bumper cars, while Wyatt and Autumn tested each other's marksmanship at the arcade.

    For once in a very long time, it seemed that peace could finally exist in the Galaxy, and Dawn couldn't have been happier.




    Thanks for Reading!

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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short* Empty Re: Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

    Post  Manny on August 20th 2015, 10:28 am

    I liked this story. Very much so.

    There's just ONE thing that's bugging me. Aren't last names in Sangheili culture derived from the state they come in? The state of Vadam is where Thel comes from so... Everyone is named that.

    It's like if everyone in New York had the last name "New York". I don't think you can tell who your dad is by last name alone. Sorry, it was just bugging me.
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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short* Empty Re: Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 20th 2015, 3:30 pm

    I just looked it up, and you're right. I totally forgot that one minor detail. Damn, I did so much research on the topic too.

    I suppose that Lasp's Uncle, which the wiki says young Sangheili were usually raised by, would've told her of Anch and how he once fought alongside Blaine.

    Remember in this continuity, Blaine becomes a hero to the Sangheili youth, so her Uncle likely would tell her these stories during sword training to give her added inspiration. In that while she may never meet her father, she could always have the chance to meet Blaine. It could inspire her to be like her father, who was a legend in his own right.

    These are all things I probably should've added to the story, but I digress. Thanks for the read Manny, and I hope besides that one little flaw that the story was actually enjoyable.



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Peace Talks *Multi Part Short* Empty Re: Peace Talks *Multi Part Short*

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