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    The Colossus.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 2nd 2015, 8:54 pm

    In the elusive halls of ONI Headquarters, the sounds of heels meeting tile resounded throughout the darkness. Surprisingly, the building had been seemingly emptied.

    "Tell me, if you might, why Spartan III's?" one woman said to the other.

    "Simple." the other woman replied, albeit with a sigh. "Their childhoods were no different than the others."

    "I find an answer such as that a little, underwhelming. If I may be so blunt." the first woman said, turning.

    "In order to find your answer, it must first come from within." the second woman stopped, readjusting her lab coat. "Why the Spartan II's?"

    The first woman took a time to think, before shaking her head.

    "The thought of all those kids... what they went through." the first woman said, staring at the floor beneath her feet. "When I met my first Spartan II, he felt... incomplete almost."

    "Incomplete?" the woman with the lab coat asked.

    "Yeah." the first woman nodded. "It seemed that all that he knew was combat, and not much else."

    "My father used to be an ODST." the first woman continued. "When he encountered the Spartan II's, he couldn't speak any worser of them. He hated them."


    Ashes billowed forth from the ground, as the man grunted to his knees. His ODST helmet had been cracked from the top to the bottom of the visor. Groaning, he felt the intrusion on his right leg preventing him from standing.

    Jittery hands met his helmet, as the man attempted to remove the helmet from his head. In the background, he saw numerous buildings collapsing, fire erupting from windows. People, men, women, even little children, plummeted from the rooftops to avoid the fire, and even the creatures that threatened them from above.

    His breathing became rigged, the man painfully rolling onto his back. Instinctually, his hands made their way to his chest, fists clenching while the intrusion in his leg festered, before shattering. His eyes watered, opened wide by the tremendous burning sensation the Needler round's shards had caused.

    Standing above him, the four mandible'd creature responsible for his condition cackled in it's alien tongue, aiming the primed purple needle rifle towards his face. Defiant to the end, the ODST's hand shot for the pistol to his right. Raising it, he managed to fire a trio of rounds before another needle pierced his right wrist. Screaming with pain, he was forced to throw the weapon at the beast's face.

    In a flash, when he had thought all hope was lost, however, he watched as purple blood erupted from the back of the alien's skull. Garbled were it's alien words, before it flopped to the ground with the grace of a sack of spuds. Wincing, the needle in his right arm bursting , the ODST glanced up at his hero. Clenching his good fist, the ODST would have preferred dying than give this bastard his sense of glory.

    "He always quoted Shakespeare's Julius Ceasar whenever he encountered a Spartan:
    Why man, he doth bestride the narrow world.
    Like a Colossus, and we petty men
    Walk under his huge legs and peep about
    To find ourselves dishonourable graves.

    Towering above his proned position, the olive armored soldier's golden visor peered down at him. The sun reflected off of the visor, blinding the ODST. Placing a massive hand firmly on the ODST's shoulder, the Spartan reassured the ODST in a silent manner.


    "Wouldn't it be his luck to be saved by the same Spartan, twice in his lifetime?" the woman chuckled. "Unlike my dad, I found myself feeling a certain affinity to the Spartan II's. It was some natural feeling of guilt, perhaps even a sense of regret."

    "Even though I was never ripped from my home as a child, I always felt a certain disconnect. My brother joined the military to one day become an ODST like my father had been. My Father and Brother were almost inseparable. My mother, however, was a girly girl. Nothing but a ditz who could shop for shoes for hours."

    "In my community, I was the town... freak. I still liked some things that other girls liked, but beyond that, I was more of a tom boy. For some reason, on my planet, tom boys were like the plague. Even my father, to some degree, was disappointed in me."

    The woman in a lab coat shifted nervously, as the first woman continued to speak, tears rolling down her cheek.

    "I felt a connection to these Heroes, because I too was stripped of something. I was just as incomplete as they were. I connected to them, because I was forced to be something I'm not. Like them, I was viewed as some sub species, not a human being."

    After a moment, the first woman chuckled, her head snapping to the ceiling above.

    "-And you know what, you old codger! That Spartan that saved your life, asking for nothing in return?! He's my husband! He's the father of my child! HE IS A HUMAN BEING!"

    The woman with a lab coat smiled, gently wrapping her arms around the first woman's shoulders.

    "Those raw emotions, Autumn, that feeling of protection you feel towards the Spartan II's, that's why I help the III's. Those kids lost everything, just like the II's. They are my children now, as many of them as I could bear. What Halsey did, in a way, was unforgivable, but as someone who did no different, I see now her reasoning."

    "It's especially unfair, knowing that these Spartan II's are getting a bad rep nowadays, Bailey." Autumn shook her head. "Blaine's the head of the UNSC, but just because that video of the Master Chief leaked, and with Del Rio talking trash. People now despise the II's. Do you know how many letters Blaine's received from the people since that leak?!"

    "People constantly ask him how to repair his broken friends, when their expiration dates end. One person asked if he came with batteries, just so he could 'take them out'."

    "Hey sweetheart, I'm takin' Dawn to the Amusement Park today. We'll see you later!" Autumn remembered him saying earlier that morning.

    "They're Spartans. Good Spartans, might I add." Bailey nodded. "They've been through far worse than a few rude messages. There are still people out there that believe the Spartan II's are heroes. My Spartan III's are just a few of them. They'll prove themselves, as they always have before."

    Autumn smiled at the thought, before Bailey's hand met her shoulder.

    "Your presence really isn't required at this meeting, hun. Go spend time with your family." Bailey smiled. "Doctor's orders."

    Autumn grinned, turning on her heels to walk out of the otherwise quiet building.

    "-And Mrs. Harlowe?" Bailey said from behind her. "Perhaps sometime, my Spartans could meet your Husband?"

    "They already have, I'm sure." Autumn grinned. "He's got that way about him."



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: The Colossus.

    Post  Bad John on August 3rd 2015, 12:33 am

    A fine portrayal of Bailey. She always has been the supportive type.

    Good shit, Morgan.

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