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    The Armory

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    The Armory

    Post  Manny on April 11th 2013, 2:39 pm

    Wasn't sure where to put this but we had a similar thread at the old Database.

    This will probably appeal to our more artistic types but... If you've created any new armour, weapons, ships, etc feel free to post here. Even if it is only a description (for those of us who can't draw Sad).

    I'll go first I guess. ALL ITEM NAMES ARE LINKS!


    MA5C-BR55 Hybrid Rifle
    Capable of four firing modes (single shot, 3-burst, 5-burst, and fully automatic) this rifle, while now somewhat outdated, has proven to be very versatile and surprisingly reliable. It jams less often than most weapons and accepts attachments as well. Currently only one rifle exists, used by Spartan-324.

    Energy Trident
    Reverse engineered by Legion engineers from Sangheili Energy swords, the Trident is meant to provide a melee weapon with more range, able to slice enemies before they can do so with their own weapons. Currently only one exists, in the hands of Spartan-324.

    Brute Heavy Sword
    A massive metal blade developed by Jiralhanae after seeing the lethality of the Sangheili energy sword, this is perhaps even heavier than the Human Claymore sword. The Jiralhanae wield it surprisingly well, the strongest of them requiring only one hand. Unlike the Gravity Hammer, this weapons had been seen in the hands of lower ranking Jiralhanae, the lowest rank observed so far is a Brute Captain.

    Precision Spike Rifle
    A rare sight, this weapon has rarely been seen on the battlefield. Neither the Sangehili nor Jiralhanae could have designed such a weapon. It is too savage for the Sangheili and too moderate for the Jiralhanae.

    The main body of the gun resembles a Needle Rifle, but with a human grip and Brute stock and bayonet. The Brute handle allows for a wider variety of species to use it, and the grip allows for better aiming. The spikes are most likely far cheaper ammunition to make than the crystals commonly seen in Needle Rifles, while still allowing for similar accuracy.

    These advantages in production would explain why Jackal merchants are in possession of these weapons, and their ease of use would suggest that the Jackals seek to sell the rifle to anyone willing to buy.


    MJOLNIR Mark VII/Black Hybrid

    The most advanced set of armour as of 2553, engineered by Legion scientists. The armour contains all the benefits of both parental suits, and an added bonus.

    Much like the Mark VII, the suit has limited energy shield molding, allowing the wearer to create shapes (e.g., bubbles) for short durations of time. The suit is also capable of orbital reinsertion and slip-space insertion.

    The suit allows for 5000x magnification of objects seen through the visor, and no longer places dislocated limbs in improper positions.

    An additional, and unique, feature of this suit is the 1.2x increase in reflexes which proves very valuable in close quarters combat with enemies such as the Sangheili and the Jiralhanae.

    Legionnaire BDU
    The Legionnaire BDU is issued to all "regular" infantry who are actually given "Spartan-I" augments. The armour is very similar to that of the Marine BDU issued in the earlier years of the Human-Covenant war, with the exception of the lightly armoured abdomen, which now has a plate to protect the user. An oddity worth noting is that the UNSC Marine BDU had more armour than those used in the later years of the war.

    This is most likely due to production costs and the constant loss of resources due to Covenant glassing of entire planets. The Legion is able to direct most of its funds into its PMC branch, so funding isn't as big of an issue.

    The armour is heat resistant and bullet proof, providing full protection from ballistic weaponry and limited protection from plasma weaponry.

    The helmet is unique, dubbed the LHTH (Legion High Tech Helmet). While providing many of the same benefits as the Marine helmet, it also has many unique features.

    The visor is able to switch its views between normal vision, thermal vision, and night vision allowing Legionnaire troops to adjust to an ever changing battlefield without having to acquire extra equipment.

    The helmets contain HUD's akin to those of the ODSTs, and VISR as well. The helmets are capable of communicating with other devices via radio waves, like that of a Spartan's. Like these helmets, the visor is also capable of 2x magnification.

    In general, it can be said that the LHTH is superior to the Marine helmet in most regards but it is more costly to produce in large numbers. The BDU is superior, but mainly because it covers more parts of the user's body.

    Black Guard Power Armour

    The Black Guard are designed to cannon fodder, much like the Grunts of the Covenant. However, unlike Grunts, Black Guards are not free to create.

    In order to increase the life span of a Black Guard in battle, and to hide their more... gruesome features, armour was designed to aid them.

    MJOLNIR armour was out of the question, so the Legion began looking for alternatives. They found it in the Covenant's armour systems. The Sangheili Combat Harness was too alike to MJOLNIR, so it was not reversed engineered. The Jiralhanae were equipped with what seemed to be a cheaper alternative, and so Legion forces gathered all the Power Armour that they could.

    Reverse engineering the Power Armour showed that it provided a fair amount of protection from ballistic armour, deflecting most of it. It was to be expected since the Covenant had been fighting humans, who used ballistic weaponry. The challenge was finding out how to increase the shielding systems without making the suit far too expense for cannon fodder.

    Eventually Legionnaire engineers found that increases in the strength of the energy shielding demanding more power. Recharging the shields more quickly however simply demanded a more efficient system. So the end goal was to provide fairly fast recharge rates. The suit now recharges its energy shielding at twice the rate of that of MJOLNIR, but the shields can only take about 75% of the damage.

    After months of work, the suit was ready to be tested. In March 2553, Black Guard were deployed en masse onto Mars to fight off Covenant forces. The armour held up well against plasma weaponry and excelled against ballistics. Jiralhanae weaponry proved to be troublesome to deal with due to the sheer penetrating power of the spikes.

    Legionnaire engineers are working around the issue of dealing with Jiralhanae weaponry since not all Black Guards are at the refined stage or organized stage, whom know when to take cover. The Ferals prove to be the most vulnerable due to their habit of rushing opponents.

    Finding a cheap yet effective armour system will require time and much compromise.

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    Re: The Armory

    Post  zman007playr on April 11th 2013, 6:52 pm

    A weapon from my Fable-Halo Crossover


    The HA-95 is a gas operated, air cooled assault rifle platform and is the standard service rifle for the Royal Guard of Albion and is in use by many police and special forces units around the planet.

    Originally designed for ceremonial use for the Royal guard, its reliability under even the most extreme conditions made it a contender for the weapon system to replace the aging MA5C Assault Rifle in use by the UNSC.

    The HA-95, or Heavy Arms Mk. 95 is a bullpup assault rifle firing the lighter 5.56 x 45 mm round, compared to the larger and heavier 7.62 x 51 mm round of the MA5C. While smaller, the rounds are lighter, allowing for more ammunition to be carried, by a stand alone soldier.

    The HA-95L measures 795 mm overall and has a barrel length of 524 mm. The HA-95H LSW has an overall length of 910 mm and an overall barrel length of 656 mm. The HA-95C measures only 719 mm and has a barrel length of just 452 mm. The weight of the HA-95 vary, with the L weighing in at 3.85 kilograms, the LSW weighing in at 5.01 kilos, and the C falling just shy of 4.5 kilos.

    The letter at the end of the name refers to the designation of the weapon, by the UNSC. The HA-95H is the LSW(light support weapon) variant of the basic rifle design. Fitted with a longer, and heaver barrel, detachable bi-pod and a fixed rear stock for added stability. The LSW's longer barrel allows the weapon to fire accurately at longer ranges, than its rifle counterparts. Taking the standard 35 round box magazines, or the specially made, HA-95 150 round drums, the HA-95 LSW can be fitted to operate in any situation.

    The HA-95L is the light assault rifle variant of the weapon. This variant can be seen as the base for the set, and is fitted with a standard barrel, fixed rear stock and an adjustable rail system for use with any optical attachment of the user's choice, as with the other variants.

    The final variant of the weapon platform is the HA-95C, or Carbine. As its name suggests, this weapon is a shortened version of the full rifle, but not quite as small as an SMG. The carbine features an overall shorter barrel and a foregrip replacing the forward hand-guard. The weapon also features an adjustable stock making it ideal for close quarters, and special forces units.

    The weapon platform is also capable of using a specially made HA-11-309S style suppressor which screws on to the end of the barrel. The LSW uses the specially made HA-11-309HS suppressor.

    The HA-95 is currently in testing with the UNSC and currently is the favorite among the weapons chosen to replace the MA5C and the BR85 SR Battle rifle. The use of a universal weapon platform, means that ammunition can be scavenged from any of the the weapon variants, and that the cost to mass produce all variants will be lowered.
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    Re: The Armory

    Post  Manny on April 12th 2013, 12:23 am


    This is a work in progress. It's a bit rough around the edges but some help would be nice.

    Bear in mind...Brutes are a LOT larger than Humans, and their hand structure is somewhat differnt. Larger mainly, but they don't seem to implenment straight edges into their gun designs. That has en effect on handles I'd assume.

    I'd like some help on the back more than anything. It looks weird and skinny compared to the front.
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    Re: The Armory

    Post  dragon of darkness on April 12th 2013, 10:12 pm


    This vehicle is costume made for hope it cant be activated by anyone else because of the DNA recognition. if anyone tries to start it it ejects them. it has hidden guns at the front and has nitro. so this is his vehicle so no one can use this in there stories.
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    Re: The Armory

    Post  Manny on November 11th 2013, 11:53 pm

    Weaponry of The Empire of the Legion of War

    So folks, I've been spending a lot of time over at NationStates revamping the UNSC to bring it on par with the other nations there. The guys over there have been great, and I'd figure I'd share with you since this Empire may or may not be featured soon (depending when/if we start the Time Travel/Dimension hopping Collab).

    Without further delay, allow me to present the aresenal that allowed Humanity to crush the Covenant remnants!

    More to come soon!


    The Legion has vastly improved ballistics technology, working to make a reliable system even better before experimenting with other types of weapons.

    These bullets are "smart", that means to say they can track their enemies. However this is usually done well only with left and right movements. Up and down are iffy, depending on the speed and magnitude of the up-down change.

    They are also self-propelled, meaning the accelerate as they approach the target. This means the kinetic energy increases, making a bullet more deadly the farther it has gone (before it runs out of fuel).

    Bullets also fire in INMMENSE volume due to "old" Metal Storm technology. With this feature a burst of bullets looks like a fluid stream that travels fast and changes direction!


    Nuclear missiles are to a ship as bullets are to a gun: essential. Due to the economy of the Legion, and advances in technology, the nuke is now fairly cheap to produce.

    Essentially, nuclear missiles are MAC rounds that can change direction and pack quite a punch. Launched out of broadside railguns, the missiles are given an incredible boost in speed. Although they aren't quite as fast as the new MACs, they are still faster than any MAC the former UNSC military ever had. The missiles then change direction via built in computer systems, to accomadte for enemy movement, and once close enough explode in a conical shape, directing its payload into a concentrated area.

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    Re: The Armory

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