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    A Simple Story.

    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 15th 2013, 9:20 pm

    I worry that I make it too easy for you sometimes, inspector Manny. Razz
    dragon of darkness
    dragon of darkness

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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  dragon of darkness on April 15th 2013, 11:34 pm

    Damn inspector who are u going to interigate next
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 17th 2013, 6:25 pm

    John the Selkie. SmileA Simple Story. - Page 2 Selkie10
    Ah Christ. This picture is immense.
    dragon of darkness
    dragon of darkness

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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  dragon of darkness on April 17th 2013, 8:11 pm

    whoa is he a robber or something =O
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 17th 2013, 8:26 pm

    Not trying to be racist... But I was expecting more African like symbols and stuff.

    And the markings on his hat are kinda hard to see. Might want to make it thicker.

    Other than that, not bad.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 17th 2013, 10:59 pm

    They're intentionally faded. He's had that hat for a while, and he isn't a tailor, so the weather eventually wore it down 'till it was like that.

    And I don't know any African symbols. I wouldn't know African from Chinese.
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 28th 2013, 10:33 pm

    This was good. I miss it.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 28th 2013, 10:55 pm

    I'll continue. The only problem is that I don't really have a simple idea.

    Ya see, this is an offshoot of stories that I used to write in private for an undisclosed benefactor. But the problem with those stories is, after a while, they got too convoluted and complicated.

    I'll continue the story soon, but I need to buffer, and give the story an elegant direction. One that isn't too roundabout or dumb. I want it to be one where I don't see the strings fray towards the end.
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on April 28th 2013, 10:56 pm

    Do you write for a living John?
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on April 28th 2013, 11:20 pm

    No. Just to entertain people and vent stress in a way that makes me understand what's going on in my head.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on May 1st 2013, 4:20 am

    Lucy eyed John's sword with a tinge of jealousy. Her original weapons, a pair of sharpened, weighty kitchen knives, had been long left behind in the body of the Spider Assassin. Her current blades, although sturdy and reliable, were of no true value to her.

    John's sword, Dentum, was the stuff of legend. Despite her chipped, worn, tired blade, she held true even when cleaving through solid oak, metal, and bone. Dentum seemed to ignore the limits of steel, or the wear and tear of the blade. It was powered by John's will.

    And the jewel. Strapped to John's shoulder, the strange purple color was deep and dark as wine, but seemed to shine in times of stress.

    That, and Dentum was magic. Lucy had seen magic only used as a rare utility in her home town. Alchemists used it to cure ills, or ward off meek, wandering spirits. It was all vials, herbs, dust and smoke. Lucy had never seen an object come to her owner when called.

    John turned his head slightly, his ear facing Dentum's jewel, as if responding to a remark.

    Tell her.

    John shrugged, and nodded, not wanting to respond to Dentum out loud. She rarely spoke. It had been days since the struggle with the Lich, when she rose to the occasion to protect him. John still had slight pains and burn wounds from the Lich's lightning.

    "Alright, Lucy. I know I've already thanked you for what happened, but I can't stress enough just how much use you were. So, I think it's time to expand your usefulness."

    Lucy stopped, and John stopped as well. Lucy didn't like to walk and talk. John leaned against the trunk of a wide tree. They had been travelling through the thin woods. The sky was overcast today, the atmosphere a dull, washed out grey. Lucy wore John's jacket, having complained of the slight chill.

    "My usefulness? Fuck you. I'm doing great."

    John pointed to Lucy's three knives. "Your weapons aren't. Serrated knives are useless against the things the Lich may have us face. They work fine against the living, but we can take most average men barehanded, with your speed and my training."

    Lucy stepped towards John, her arms folded. "So, your professional opinion?"

    "I'm going to find the man who made Dentum, and I'm going to comission him to make us a weapon. One you can use." John drew Dentum. "We have my sword, and my bow. Those are the only weapons we have that can harm the Lich. We need another."

    Lucy eyed Dentum. She herself was carrying John's bow. They had five arrows remaining, two were carved from a birch tree that they had cut down.

    "...Will it be like yours?"

    John nodded. "Yes. We'll pay as much as we can for it."

    "...Why is Dentum so...chipped?"

    John looked at the sword wistfully. "I've had her for a long time. She's taken hits from Ghasts, golden swords, wraiths, and the Lich himself. Dentum was built to last forever, and she will." John smiled. "But, I can have her re-forged as sharp as new, if we find the right man."

    John turned to continue walking, and Lucy followed.

    "Will my sword talk, like Dentum?"

    John stopped in his tracks. Lucy could practically hear his heels grinding.

    "How do you know that Dentum speaks?"

    Lucy shrugged. "I hear her. Same as you."

    ...Perceptive girl.

    Before John could speak, a strange sound, although far away, played loud and clear in their ears.

    Not a natural, chaotic sound. Not the call of birds. Something soothing. Something deliberate, as though someone pulled the wind along a string.

    "...Viola music?" Lucy raised her eyebrow, and grabbed John's arm. "C'mon. Let's see what it is."

    John remained still.

    "...Staying here." John grumbled quietly, rooted in his position with the same obstinate force as the trees.

    Lucy shrugged. "Suit yourself. I'm going to go watch. Maybe I'll give the musician a gold coin."

    "...Give her two." John grumbled.

    ..."Her?" Whatever. Lucy trotted off, leaving John to himself.


    Lucy didn't hear, continuing on her way.

    The musician, wrapped in a loose brown cloak, obscuring all facial and bodily features, sat upon the stump of a felled hickory tree. She tugged her bow along the strings of her tan, wooden viola, playing the instrument slowly and soulfully. Lucy watched, casually impressed. She'd only heard the inelegant tinks of a barroom piano by an overweight man named "Sheb." This was true art.

    Lucy could tell that heart and soul was put into each note. The musician swung the bow, and mounted it on her shoulder for a moment, plucking the strings with brief snaps of the index finger, ending the song.

    "Impressive. Who taught you?"

    "I learned myself." The musician looked up, and the shadow faded. The raspy, dry voice came from a face wrapped in white cloth, stained by dry blood.

    "...You poor soul. What happened to you?"

    "Fire. No harm done. I still have my hands." The musician stood, and bowed.

    Lucy offered three gold coins. The musician slowly took them, sliding them into a wide sleeve. Lucy noticed the musician's hands.

    Immaculately clean. Slender, lithe, and with clean, even nails.

    Lucy smiled.

    "Take off the mask. You're clearly not a burn victim. Your hands are SPOTLESS." Lucy smiled and pointed to the musician's face. "Those are either the fingernails of a prince, or a woman."

    "...You're quite learned, for someone who grew up in a defunct, boring city of boorish men and nasally, bitchy wives." The musician's voice didn't change, but posture shifted from that of a shrivelled, frightened beggar to a tall, confident stance. "Let me repay you for those gold coins."

    The musician lifted the bow, and began to play.

    Lucy turned, and John was standing behind her, watching the scene.

    "John, you caught up. Come listen to-"


    Dentum's words didn't fall on deaf ears. Lucy leaped back, as John lurched forward, his hands attempting to seize his compatriot.

    "The HELL, John?!"

    John, his eyes shadowed by the brim of his hat, looked up with a stupid, sneering, albiet confused grin.

    "Diddeye ever tell you yer fun to be aroun?" John staggered back and forth, before diving forward again. "CMMM CLOSER!"

    Lucy sidestepped, terrified by the sudden shift in John's mental capacity. She turned, drawing her knife, furious. "WHAT DID YOU DO?"

    The musician continued her song. Each note long, soft, yet strangely happy. "My song was written with him in mind. It beguiles him. Makes his blood fill with liquor. Can't you feel the heat coming off of him?" The musician's rhaspy voice betrayed itself, clearing for a moment with excitement. The musician continued to play, then struck a single, hard, discordant note.

    John's eyes opened wide, then half shut. He lurched forward yet again, but his feet shifted against the grass. He hurled himself towards Lucy, who curled into a ball. John tripped over her, thudding onto the ground.

    John turned and seized her ankle "GOTCHA."

    Lucy kicked him in the cheek. She sincerely didn't want to hurt him, and accomplished little. John stood, still holding her ankle.


    The Musician stopped playing, and considered the statement. John seemed to snap to his old self, stumbling as if awakening from a drunken slumber. He clutched his head, releasing Lucy.

    The Musician raised bow to string.

    "NO!" Lucy reached for her knife, grabbed it, and hurled it.

    The blade passed through the musician, drawing no blood. The blade stuck into the ground.

    "...WHAT?! Trickster!!!" Lucy raised her knives, prepared for a melee ith the odd Musician, who played a soft chord.

    John stood, the odd, terrible smile of hypnosis returning to his face. "Eh HEH heh heh Heeeeh..." John sleepily pawed the air, shambling towards Lucy.

    "Ah, such fun. I'll end my game on one condition." The Musician lowered the bow, and John seemed to return to his old self again. "Two more gold coins, and a simple kiss."

    "...From him? Sure. Go right ahead." Lucy motioned to John, who stumbled against a tree, clutching his forehead. The effects were doing him no good, as his consciousness attempted to clear a legion of mental fog.

    "No. From YOU. It's something, I can tell, that you don't give out easily. I'll have one myself." The musician's scratchy, damaged voice was less than appealing. Mask or not, Lucy expected grim features. Something to be feared, under those fake bandages.

    "...You're not secretly a frog, are you?"

    "No." The musician smiled. Lucy could see the cheeks of the bandages raise.

    "...A snake haired man?"

    The Musician raised the bow to the string. Lucy waved her hands fearfully. "NO! Fine! A kiss!"

    "And two gold coins."

    "...FUCK YOU, two gold coins! No way!"

    "...You value gold more than your modesty?" The musician teased.

    Lucy lifted her knife. "Don't test me."

    "Fine. Just a kiss, then. Come. I haven't got all day."

    Lucy stepped forward, and the musician unwrapped the bandages.

    "What you'll see may shock you." The musician's voice was grim, and horse. No teasing. No joking. Hard, fearful facts.

    Lucy shut her eyes, and leaned forward to get it over with.

    Sweet breath. Strangely soft lips. Smooth skin, a measure tanner than her own.

    This was clearly a woman. Lucy seized the bandages as their lips made contact, and ripped them off.

    In an instant, the musician was gone, leaving only her cloak and bandages behind, crumpling to Lucy's feet and in her hands.

    "...What the FUCK?"

    Lucy turned, looking around, and clear as day, the young woman stood before her. She was in one place one second, then in another. Without her cloak and her bandages, she was quite pretty. Her viola was still in hand, the bow tucked into a small carrying case. She tossed two golden coins into the air and caught them.

    "That was refreshing." Her voice, once a fake, coarse tone, was now light and cheerful as her expression.

    "YOU'RE DEAD."

    The witch turned, as John approached, his hands raised.

    He attempted to grapple her, but the witch disappeared, reappearing several feet away.

    "John, such a cruel gesture. I'm hurt." The witch feigned fear and offense, cowering.

    "Not yet, you're not." John cracked his knuckles, and marched towards her. "I'll snap that damn violin in HALF."

    Lucy was surprised to see such antagonism towards a woman, but Lucy had been inches from slitting her belly open just moments ago. "Get our money back, John! Catch her!"

    John failed with each attempt, the witch moving through time and space to avoid each attempt at capture. Soon, she was simply hovering in the air, sitting on her viola, too high for John to reach. He jumped again and again, trying to grab the strange villain, to no avail.

    "DAMMIT, come down and give back our money, Wendy!"

    Lucy raised her eyebrow. "Wendy?"

    "I'm surprised he didn't have the forward thinking to warn you about me." Wendy admired her reflection in Lucy's golden coins. "You've both been fun. Especially you." Wendy looked down at Lucy, who displayed her middle finger in annoyance.

    John searched frantically for a rock to throw, but in an instant, Wendy was gone.

    "DAMMIT. We're out two coins." John pounded the grass. "AND I have a headache..."

    Lucy kneaded her hands together, grinning nervously. "Actually, I was kind enough to give her THREE coins..."

    John's brow furrowed, his shoulders tensing with rage as he stared at Lucy with intense disapproval.

    "Who was that horrible girl?"

    "Wendy. We travelled together for a month. She robbed me, and nearly stole Dentum. The sword was too heavy for her to fly away with." John smiled, remembering his ONLY victory against the witch. "She vexes me from time to time...ultimately, I SUPPOSE she's a friend. Her viola can harm the Lich and his creations, as can her magic, but she's more fixated on tormenting people than aiding me."

    Lucy wiped her mouth. For a witch, she tasted fine.

    John observed the gesture. "...She seemed to like you."

    "Fuck off."

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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on May 1st 2013, 3:05 pm

    It's been too long since we've seen girl on girl action John.

    It's been TOO long...
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on May 1st 2013, 3:09 pm

    Fret not, Manny. Wendy will be a regular character henceforth. I don't want to bog down this one with too many pointless characters or elements, but I DO want a few that matter and entertain. Very Happy
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on May 1st 2013, 6:16 pm

    "My revenge will be swift. How can it not be?"

    The Lich watched as his decaying flesh wounds slowly sewed themselves back together. His energy was low.

    "I must return to my world. In my absence, I will not let their faith be challenged. I will not atrophy their hope, for it is too strong." The Lich's grey, bone laiden features drew themselves up in a hideous, toothy grin.

    "I don't care if they hope while their bones are crushed, and burning sand sears the flesh from their dying frames! GO, PHALANX."

    Having slumbered for years, after crushing the armada of the Selkie, the immense bones of a living spine rose from dirt, sending tonnes of soil into the air.

    Its breath shot grass and earth from its nostrils.

    Then all of it, the long beast that doomed an army of warriors, took to the sky once more.

    John felt a strange tingling sensation, strong enough to wake him from his sleep. His eyes darted open, then slid half closed.

    He looked up, to see Lucy sleeping not far away.


    John flinched, and moved for his sword. He had seized the handle of his trusty blade when his mind finally recognized the voice, as the loud greeting echoed through his head.

    Lucy remained asleep, as John turned slowly, his eyes full of cold hate.

    "...Wendy, you're some new kind of stupid."

    John lowered his sword and stood, cracking his knuckles. "You should have taken the gold coins you stole and gotten FAR away. Now, I'm going to- Oh dammit where'd she go."

    John rubbed his eyes. He'd blinked ONCE, and Wendy had moved out of his sight.

    "You certainly managed to find a fiery mate, John." Wendy smiled, sitting on top of Lucy, who remained asleep, a small river of drool sliding from the side of her mouth.

    John clenched his fists, and readied himself to attack.

    "Come now, John. What are you even going to do if you catch me? Just relax." Wendy turned on top of Lucy, using her hip as a chair, the way someone would sit on a wooden log. "I need to TALK."

    John relaxed. "No games?"

    "None. Business."

    "Then give back the three coins you stole."

    Wendy pulled a single coin from her sleeve. "The rest, I keep as payment."

    Wendy tossed John the coin. "And what SERVICE have you preformed the last time I saw you? You gave me a splitting headache, stole three coins, and Lucy recalls you taking something ELSE." John couldn't help but smile at the thought. His "fearless leader" having a kiss stolen.

    "That, I'll admit, was worth six coins. But, we'll split the difference. You'll see why soon enough."

    John pointed to Lucy. "Get off of her. That can't be comfortable."

    "No. It is. She's very soft." Wendy reached down and pinched Lucy's arm. Lucy swatted at her in her sleep, then rolled over, nearly making Wendy lose her balance. "She's a sound sleeper. Have YOU tried anything?"

    "NO. Just tell me what the hell you want."

    Wendy pointed to Lucy. "Well, I'd like for HER to hear it to. Let's wait for her to get up."

    "Just slap her awake or something." John grumbled, giving a dismissive wave of his hand.

    "That's cruel!" Wendy grinned. "Haven't you ever read stories? A knight is meant to wake a princess with a kiss."

    "...So you want me to-" John pointed to himself, then Lucy. "Out of the question. I VALUE my life, and there's probably a knife in her sleeping bag."

    "You're not a knight." Wendy grinned, then looked questioningly at him. "...Are you? How does being a Selkie soldier work?"

    John gave Wendy a wistful stare. Wasting my time.

    Wendy shrugged. "I suppose, being the nobler, you'd never make that kind of move." Wendy turned to Lucy, whose face was tilted to the side on her pillow, lips slightly parted. "But I certainly would."

    "Wait. DON'T." John reached out too late, as Wendy straddled, bent down, and planted her lips on her target. Lucy's eyes opened slightly, confused and barely awake.

    The tongue widened Lucy's eyes. The lips parting made her aware of what was happening. Wendy even had the nerve to give her a playful bite on the swell of Lucy's soft, pink lower lip.

    Wendy stood, and took two steps back. "Now that you've woken, we can talk."

    John backed away. This was, partially, HIS fault. He expected Lucy to remember that fact in her rage. He scooted backwards and out of Lucy's sightline.

    Lucy wiped her mouth, and ran her tongue across the inside of her lip, as if sampling an expensive drink.

    "...Alright. What did you want to talk about?" Lucy sat up, and unzipped her sleeping bag.

    Even Wendy didn't expect NO reaction. It almost took the fun out of the moment.

    John was on the verge of a heart attack, taking deep breaths. No red faced, flailing tirade of blows. No knives thrown. Just total compliance.

    "You've come into conflict with the Lich. I watched you, from afar. He sent Slow Mutants to murder you, but you fought them off and escaped. The Lich himself even tried to snuff you both."

    Lucy nodded. "And we won."

    "Well, he made one mistake. He didn't expect a CHALLENGE. That was foolish, much less from the man who wounded him in the Green War."

    John pulled Dentum onto his lap, composing himself.

    "Well, there are certain things you should know. The Lich's assault, his Slow Mutants, they...they destroyed your home, Lucy." Wendy sat on the grass in front of her. "In the Lich's rage, he sacked the place you once lived. Few survived. He's done the same to many other villages. In a decade, if he continues at this rate, he may drive Mainlanders off of the continent.

    Lucy put her hand to her chin, contemplating.

    "...No going back now, huh?" Lucy smiled a grim, soft smile. "It doesn't matter. I was never going back anyway."

    "You're sure you want to follow John? The Lich will target you as he would target the Selkie."

    John smiled, knowing Lucy's answer.

    "Hell yes. I'm not leaving my subordinate."

    Wendy snorted laughter. "I assumed so. You challenging the Lich was...extraordinary. Only John has held him back like that."

    John looked to Wendy. "What of YOU? What do you intend to do? I thought the Lich didn't concern you."

    "He DIDN'T, but there are so few players in this game. Teasing people with magic, making new spells for no purpose...It's BORING, John. I want to matter now." Wendy smiled. "I want to make a name for myself by extinguishing the Lich. And you two are my best shot. May I join you, John?"

    John grimaced. "...I'm not sure about traveling with you again, but it isn't my choice." John's finger slowly pointed towards Lucy. "It's HERS."

    Wendy stifled a laugh. "Why is it HER choice?"

    Lucy seized Wendy's hair, and yanked it. Wendy squeaked in pain, falling backwards as Lucy released her.

    "...Huh. So, I can hurt you if you're not paying attention to me." Lucy smiled. "I wondered if I could do that."

    "YES, you can hurt me! I'm mortal!" Wendy rubbed her brown hair, clearly in pain. Lucy looked her over.

    Long, soft hair. Tan skin. Pretty, soft lips. She gave John a harsh, sinister look.

    "You DOG. You were traveling with her? What did you do together?"

    John looked up and away, trying to stay as far away from answering that question as possible.

    Lucy turned back to Wendy. "...You can join me. But FIRST, pledge your loyalty."

    Wendy, confused, just shrugged. "Fine. I pledge my loyalty."

    "Get on one knee." Lucy pointed at the ground. "Repeat this. 'I, Wendy the Witch, will be Lucy's personal sorceress and assistant. Although a free woman, I will remain loyal, and will serve the good of my leader henceforth, or John will punch me in the stomach.'"

    John grinned at the thought of punching Wendy in the stomach. It was an evil, vile thought, but he held it dear in his heart.

    Wendy repeated the words without incident, then rose from her knee.

    "And you're only to make physical contact with me when permitted." Lucy grumbled, pushing her hair back. "Understood?"

    Wendy smiled, and bowed. "Sorry, I don't know what that means, and won't follow that order."

    Before Lucy could object, Wendy turned back to John. "So, you asked me why I kept those two gold coins, and gave back only one?"

    John nodded. "Yeah."

    "Well, the Lich hasn't been sacking villages lately. I haven't seen any Slow Mutants moving with his blessing. His aggression his slowed. He was mustering his power for something BIG for the past few days. Now, I know what it is."

    John looked up with cautious attention. Lucy focused as well.

    "He used his space-time magic to call it, his control over the undead and the inanimate to command it, and his blessing to aim it. It already knows your kind, so it can smell you, and it's coming here."

    John lifted his sword, strapping it to his back. "Who is it? Celosia? Ming?"

    Wendy felt great displeasure in the word she said next.


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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on May 1st 2013, 8:18 pm

    I think Lucy is my favourite character in this story. She's pretty amusing.

    And I guess the Lich is heading to Earth Gamma?
    Bad John
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on May 1st 2013, 8:23 pm

    Aw. I'm sure Lucy will appretiate the sentiment. Very Happy

    And yeah, good 'ol Lich is heading to Earth Gamma. He needs to be there for a little while to build up his powers. Razz He draws a unique mixture of radiation, death, and magic.

    Earth Gamma is...unpleasant. Nothing but nukes, mutants, and the few human beings who managed to hide underground. I MIGHT make a story about life there, but it'd be a bleak fuckin' story.

    The place where this story takes place is the Theta universe, but due to interference, the planet that would be Earth is much bigger, and much less advanced. The highest level technology is steam power and magic.

    Speaking of the Lich he talked WAY too much in this one for my taste. I'm going to make an effort to have him be more terse and menacing from here on out.

    But, who WOULDN'T be a little happy at the thought of sending Phalanx to crush two people into a fine powder?
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on May 1st 2013, 8:32 pm

    The good guys.

    Anyways, Earth Gamma sounds a lot like Fallout. Except the mutants are more dangerous in Fallout. No offence, but mutants that are like mini hulks who can use guns are pretty scary.

    Oh and do early firearms count as steam? Or is steam like a fantasy tech, like magic?
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Bad John on May 2nd 2013, 1:03 am

    "Phalanx? Like from the story?" Lucy put her hand on her hip, her weight casually shifting to her right leg.

    Wendy nodded. Neither of them were paying much attention.

    Par for the course. John couldn't hear either of them. The dull ringing from hearing that word, "Phalanx," jarred his senses.

    Everything felt as if it were collapsing around on him, his eyes wide with abject confusion and terror. In his mind's eye, he could see the blood of his countrymen evaporating.

    He could still hear their screams.

    "...Phalanx is coming here, for US?" John parroted.

    Wendy looked to him, concerned.

    Dentum's jewel glowed.

    We...we can't FACE him.

    Be calm, Dentum. John swallowed, and looked to Wendy. "We can't outrun the beast. Surely you know that. You wouldn't have come if you didn't have some way to challenge..." John choked on the word, and substituted, "...it."

    "Yes. There's no way we can outrun Phalanx, but we can outFLY him."

    Wendy lifted her bow, and struck a single, smooth chord.

    In a moment of waiting, the sounds of wings beating filled the air. A massive bird swung down from the air, its shadow obscuring the sun.

    "Meet Eagle Wilson." The bird stood four times John's size with its wings folded. It was indeed an eagle. It allowed its beak to be patted by Wendy. "Hop on!"

    "...I'm not riding that...THING." John was wary of HORSES, much less immense eagles.

    "How dare you insult Eagle Wilson!" Wendy barked. "He's risking his life for us!"

    "...Wilson is surely a very nice bird, but there must be some alternative."

    "His name is EAGLE Wilson." Wendy hissed.

    "...Can't I call him Wilson for short?"

    "Clearly, not." Lucy climbed onto Eagle Wilson's back. "Come aboard, John. If Phalanx is coming, then we have no time to-"

    The sound of wings harshly thundering down upon the air pervaded the atmosphere, slowly growing. John's heart skipped a beat.

    He wasn't close, but Phalanx was HERE.

    John scrambled aboard Eagle Wilson, and Wendy hopped aboard his mighty, stout neck. "FLY, EAGLE WILSON!!!"

    Eagle Wilson pierced the air with a massive caw, and beat his mighty wings. The group was off in moments, without looking back.

    "Give them here, witch. Do not interfere."

    The entire party heard the order. Wendy's blood ran cold.

    John's blood boiled. "COME AND TAKE US, THEN!!!"

    Wendy licked her lips. This was what she was waiting for. The thrill of self preservation. Combat was coming fast.

    "Eagle Wilson, show 'em your stuff!" Wendy barked. The Eagle soared upwards. John and Lucy had never been so high in the air. They covered their heads as they rapidly approached a cloud, popping through it as though it were soft cotton.

    Then, they saw Phalanx. Even a mile away, they could see his hard, rocky body subjugating the air, rather than simply gliding upon it. They could see torrents of disturbed atmosphere beneath its long, oar-like wings. Its nose was a massive blade, crusted with dirt and moss from years of dormancy.

    John could HEAR it inhale. "WE NEED TO DIVE! It's going to blow wind to us!!!"


    Wendy rolled her eyes. "What'll THAT do?"


    Almost instantly, the gust of air and hot sand sent Eagle Wilson careening, end over end, through the air. John was hurled off entirely, clutching at Dentum in terror. Lucy and Wendy kept their grip. Eagle Wilson re-oriented himself, and scooped John with his talon, saving his life before he could fall far.

    John watched Phalanx. He could hear the creature's breath. It was exhausted from the attack.

    "Fly close to him!"

    Lucy, already panicked, looked at John as she would a child playing with fire. "WHAT?!"

    "In the battle with Phalanx, he blew burning wind just like that, only stronger, and longer! When Phalanx was depleted, he could not muster another gust for an hour!" John smiled. "The beast is WEAKENED by slumber. Defeated by victory! Eagle Wilson can fly me in close, and I can find a weak point!"

    Lucy still looked at John like a madman. "What if you fall?"

    "I WON'T! If we run from him, the Lich wins, even if we live! I'll kill Phalanx HERE, and avenge my country!"

    Lucy had too many arguements contrarywise to pick one, but John silenced all of them with one sentence.


    Lucy ground her teeth, and nodded to Wendy.

    "Jump on his back, find a weak point, and DON'T GET KILLED." Lucy growled. "Next time, it's MY turn to take the stupid risk!"

    Wendy clicked her tongue, and Eagle Wilson made a reluctant U turn, screeching a battlecry.

    John drew his sword.


    Dentum glowed at the command.

    Phalanx, with each wingbeat and glide, came ever closer.

    Eagle Wilson let go of John, timing the release just right as he slowed down. John was hurled towards Phalanx, his sword drawn.

    The beast's back was as thick as the peak of a mountain. Each segment was reminiscent of the discs of a monster's spine, as the serpent undulated, turning to chase Eagle Wilson and his riders. Eagle Wilson flew straight and true as John landed on Phalanx, rolling painfully along his stony back.

    John regained his footing, his sword drawn. He looked back and forward for Phalanx's weakness.

    The HEAD.

    John prepared his blade, and ran. Each step was a careful calculation, his heavy boots propelling him with each leap. He watched the creature's back arch and straighten, slowing, speeding, and jumping accordingly. Selkies were, above all, balanced and swift.


    John felt the air chill, as the Lich's feet touched Phalanx's back.

    "You cannot pass." The Lich raised his blade, Woetumb.

    "I can feel you, Lich. You're too weak to fight me physically." Jordan held his sword with one hand, his left arm out, stabilizing his stance. "What'll you do?"

    "Delrog. Come."

    From a hole in space, a man in a suit of black and green armor fell, landing hard on Phalanx's back. The Lich disappeared, much to John's displeasure, leaving him with this unimportant opponent.

    "Abandon your courage, Selkie."

    "Make me."

    John charged, his blade ready. He opened his mouth.

    "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYAH!!!" Even the unfeeling black knight felt a chill at his war cry.

    John's sword swung hard, cleaving Delrog's chest plate before he could raise his sword. The two clashed harder, their blades scraping. John backed off, and slashed again.

    Delrog was off balance, forced to use both arms, abandoning his shield. Even on his worst day. John had this fight in the bag. No heavy armor, better balance, and enough skill to challenge Delrog on dry, unmoving land.

    John swung his blade hard, and Delrog nearly lost his balance. He jabbed his foot forward, and struck the knight's shin. He raised his blade high, and swung down with a howl of malace and satisfaction, shattering Delrog's sword and cleaving his shoulder.

    Despite the damage, Delrog rose to his feet. John swung his blade in a cross body slash, knocking off his chest plate. He turned with the momentum of the blow, and swung his heavy boot, striking Delrog full and hard in the face. That kick ended the fight, breaking the knight's neck and throwing him to the side. He struck Phalanx's wing, forcing the serpent off balance.

    John snorted, and spat. "Failure Knight. When the Lich rebuilds you, I'll kill you AGAIN." John held his blade ready, approaching Phalanx's head. He found what he was looking for. Soft, grey flesh. A gap in Phalanx's daunting carapace. It likely led to the beast's brain-stem.

    "But YOU. Let NO-ONE rebuild you. Let the Lich mourn you, and let my team-mates cheer for your death in their graves. Go to HELL."

    John held his blade, in a traditional Selkie execution position, the blade resting on his left forearm, his right arm ready to jab the sword forward and into its target.

    "This is for my General."

    John speared the blade. He nearly lost his balance as Phalanx arched, his body bending backwards and his wings folding. John twisted the blade.

    "And THAT was for ME." John yanked the blade out, and leaped off of Phalanx.

    Just as surely as he'd won, Eagle Wilson swooped beneath him, catching him in his mighty talons. Phalanx fell, the tired beast hurtling down from the sky. They could see him no more as he fell through the clouds.

    Heaven and earth rumbled as the beast hit the ground, nearly disbalancing Eagle Wilson.

    John sheathed Dentum, and looked up at Lucy, who was all smiles.

    "EXCELLENT WORK. John the toughest!" Lucy patted Wendy. "Let's fly down and take something from the creature's body! As proof WE killed it!"

    Wendy nodded, and clicked her tongue. Eagle Wilson flew them down.

    Breathtaking. Lucy marvelled at her find. Those beady, haunting eyes, that had peered across the skies from Phalanx's obstinate head, were in fact rubies. The creature, carved from stone, had precious jewels in the center of his eyes. Having washed off the other, less valuable materials, Lucy had found a keepsake worth more gold coins than could fit in a dozen purses.

    Lucy turned to John, who was knelt in front of Phalanx's massive snout, deep in prayer.

    "He's speaking with his family." Wendy noted, leaning against Lucy. "Having that beast dead must be a tremendous weight off of his shoulders. More so that he did it with his own blade."

    Lucy smiled. "Revenge isn't always the best route, but he deserves some peace."

    Wendy gave Lucy a mischievous smile. "He deserves more than just that."

    Lucy stood. "You're a mind reader." Lucy approached John.

    "What you did here...I wouldn't be a good leader if I didn't commend you for it." Lucy smiled. "Most Generals would give you a night with a woman for that."

    John smiled expectantly.

    "The first night...when we joined forces, you put your arm around me in your sleep. I give you permission to do so without fear of repercussion. But if I feel something poke me, I'll cut your throat."

    John put an arm around Lucy's waist. "I can live with that."

    Lucy glared. "You CAN'T live with a knife in your throat, just so you know. JUST an arm, JUST for tonight. It's cold at night, afterall."

    Wendy leaned towards them. "Can I join?"

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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on May 2nd 2013, 9:36 pm

    lol Eagle Wilson.

    But more importantly...why NOT have Wendy join in? Will she show up John? lolololol.
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  dragon of darkness on May 11th 2013, 7:07 pm

    so when is john going to meat Edward and fight
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    Post  Bad John on May 11th 2013, 7:25 pm


    Soon, I suppose. I post this story in short, bi-weekly bursts so I can recharge working ideas. If I can work him into an idea I think is interesting, I'll do so.
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    Post  Bad John on May 20th 2013, 2:35 am

    They set upon him from every angle. His arms were covered in light wounds, his cheek slit, blood running down his face.

    The Pig Men surrounding John came two by two. Some refused to attack at all for fear.

    For every attacker that approached fell as swiftly as they came. Each heartbeat stopped as surely as it pounded moments before.

    Blood sprayed the air with each swing of Dentum. John didn't see blood.

    He saw stars. Swirls of saturated, bright color as he swung his blade, in terrifyingly stark contrast to reality. His mouth was wide in a horrifying grin, his eyes swirling their natural, deep brown, and an equally deep red, that seemed to shine against the bloody sky.

    He turned and swung, cleaving the head off of another attacker. Dentum's jewel glowed dark purple. Her blade shined silver, despite the blood and the chips. She was like new.

    "HAAAAAAAH!!!" John licked his lips, turning and chopping down another pig man. He heard another coming, and Dentum's blade stopped the stab of a trident. The pig man forced his sinewy muscles forward, trying to overpower and spear John.

    John pushed forward with ten times the strength. The trident snapped in two.

    "Don't mean to make you jealous, Dentum." John bent down and seized a discarded war hammer with his free hand, and swung it up and into the mercenary's jaw. The blow sent the pig-man's head flying off his shoulders.

    Well did! Dentum enjoyed the blood with as much gusto as John. Perhaps more. She was a weapon. YOUR HANDS! Let them taste a Scarier's fist!!

    John smiled, cocking his head to the side. A pig man approached from his left flank, but John could hear its feet plant. He could feel the wind of the axe swinging. He brought Dentum up, blocking the blow without moving of flinching.

    Dentum's silver blade held strong. The pig's golden axe bent. SHODDY WEAPON!! "INFERIOR WARRIOR!" John howled with glee. His sword was made for this. To share in his life. To enhance his glee. To make him feel and see more than he ever could without her.

    His sword was his first love.

    John turned, his foot sweeping the axe-wielders base foot. His right fist cocked.

    John's punch shattered the foe's skull.

    More foes still approached. John marched towards them, blade in hand, his scabbard empty, slapping his back.

    Wake up!

    John flinched, his attackers seeming to fade.

    Your sword is glowing. Wake up.

    John sat up, clutching his head. Lucy sat beside his sleeping bag.

    "You were sweating and squirming all night. Your sword was glowing. It moved towards you."

    John looked at Dentum.

    "...I must have called her in my sleep." John murmured. "I'm...I'm going to rest a while longer."

    Lucy shrugged. "I hope you sleep more peacefully this time." Lucy patted him on the head. "You were getting a bit of exercise for a while there."

    John nodded, and laid down. It was still dark. Sunrise was hours away.

    Lucy, for concern of her comrade, sat up, unwilling to sleep.

    "He was dreaming."

    Lucy turned, and Wendy was there, watching the situation play out. "It's WHAT he was dreaming you should know."

    "Ah. I like stories." Lucy turned to her. "Tell me."

    "You can READ Selkie, but what do you know of Selkies?" Wendy pointed to John, a full blooded member of the mentioned race.

    "They're good fighters. They faced the Lich, and nearly crippled him, but very few are left now, and most of them are mixed race." Lucy lowered her voice. John was fast asleep again, but he might wake at any moment.

    "To say they're good fighters is an understatement. They were warriors." Wendy lifted John's sword, Dentum. Her hilt had finally stopped glowing. "The scabbard. Can you read this word?"

    Lucy read the writing. "John's name."

    "The word on the other side." Wendy turned it.

    "It says 'Scarier.'"

    "That's how you should read it. To them, it means Blood Knight. Warriors who live to kill. Those days might be behind John now, but he NEVER forgot the thrill of battle. The simple pleasure of knowing that his skill would decide his fate."

    Lucy turned to him. "Then he may be more useful than I thought."

    "You're not scared?"


    "Good. He can smell your fear." Wendy wiggled her fingers to emphasize danger.

    John groaned and rolled over, grumbling a few words. "Shut up. No I can't."
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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 20th 2013, 8:43 am

    The angel of hope wrote:so when is john going to meat Edward and fight

    Sorry to interject here, but you should be a little more courteous to John. I know you are asking a simple question, but I feel the need to get this into the open.

    I'm sure John would have no problem adding Edward to his story, after all he is a kind person. But you should stop for a second and realize that not every story on this board is a collaborative. Sure, EVERY story has the potential to be so, but it isn't always necessary.

    I won't speak for John, but I can only imagine that this story is his coupe de grace. His work that he is proud of, the work that he might like to do alone, without much interference in his story-line. Adding Edward in now would cause a huge change to his story-line that he set up. Perhaps Lucy, Wendy, and John are the only ones in the posse, adding another might make or break relationships, something that John might not want.

    I might be wrong here, but perhaps we should give it a rest anyways, yeah? I admire your willingness to work with the other members on the board, and I commend your persistence, but there are some stories on this board that the author wants to tell alone, and I believe this is one of them.

    Of course, I'm not talking for John, if he adds Edward, that's cool, if not, you shouldn't fret, because that's the author's decision.

    If it is really eating at you to have Edward in this piece, however, I would suggest branching off of his idea and giving Edward a story-line of his own, like a spin-off. Perhaps he's not a selkie, but he devotes his life to fighting the Lich, or something along those lines.

    And please, try to make it solo. We don't mind helping you with grammatical errors and the like, but we have enough collaboratives going on right now that we really don't need another.


    Thanks for reading this, I hope I'm not coming off too harshly. John, please post your opinions on the matter, this IS your story after all.

    -And as always, well done!



    Thanks for Reading!

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    A Simple Story. - Page 2 Empty Re: A Simple Story.

    Post  Manny on May 25th 2013, 11:03 am

    Warrior John? Quite the change from Agent Nine or Jordan who don't seem to ENJOY battle as much as John.

    I like it.
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    Post  Bad John on June 18th 2013, 11:17 pm

    "How dare you do that to Eagle Wilson?!"

    Wendy shouted into John's ear, as John and Lucy watched the terrified bird soar away. Its wing beats were expedient, as it no longer wanted anything to do with the small group, hurrying into the distance.

    "I forgot he was ours. I'm hungry." John rubbed his stomach. He had a small cluster of feathers in his mouth, where he'd hastily attempted to go for a killing bite. "Nothing personal. I'd kill a horse for food if I had to."

    "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS, YOU BEAST!" Wendy, on the verge of tears, folded her arms.

    "...Whatever. John, now we get to walk." Lucy was still doing her morning stretches. "I was beginning to cramp from riding that bird constantly."

    Wendy stared incredulously at Lucy and John, who gathered their things, John rolling up their thin sleeping bags. "...How can both of you take Eagle Wilson for granted?! He was a rapid form of transportation, and he's my friend! I hope he never helps you horrible people again!"

    John peeked over his shoulder. "You're still talking?"

    Wendy stared blankly at him, anger building under her pointed hat.

    She reached out and snapped her fingers, and Dentum was gone.

    "O-WHA?!!" John immedately felt Dentum slip off of his back, reaching for her. "MY SWORD?! WHAT?!" John seemed on the verge of genuine panic. "DENTUM? Where are you?" Searching the ground, John patted down the earth. Lucy watched, somewhat amused.

    "How do you do magic?" Lucy asked.

    Wendy turned away from John, bored of her prank already. "In general? I'll give you a crash course. You draw on energy to change something about the world. You can change matter, space, time, or another person's perception. Right there, I changed space, and put Dentum somewhere else."

    Lucy strapped her boots on, listening to John panic in the distance, thrashing around bushes and looking for his sword.

    "Where do you get the energy?" Lucy sat up, as Wendy explained.

    "There are a lot of ways. Most magicians are fools, and draw energy from themselves. It's a potent source, but in the long term, it's unhealthy. That's why most wizards seem so sickly. Some darker wizards draw energy from the world around them, currupting themselves and their homes through theft of life."

    "Like the Lich?" Lucy asked.

    "...Alright. No longer funny. Give Dentum back." John growled.

    Wendy shrugged. "The Lich drew power from himself once, and it killed him, but he'd drawn enough from his experimentation to make himself immortal. Then, he drew power from the world around him to sustain him. It made for dark days." Wendy shuddered.

    "...I apologize for biting Eagle Wilson."

    Wendy snapped her fingers, and returned John's prized sword. "There. Jeez."

    John! I missed you.

    "Now, I don't know where the Lich gets his strength, but it isn't something that comes naturally to this world. He tried to eliminate me more than once. He isn't necessarily getting STRONGER yet. Just stranger, more angry, and more dangerous. There's nothing he wouldn't do to rid himself of people who are a nuisance to him."

    Lucy, interested in Wendy's knowledge, probed further. "Do you know what he wants?"

    "What he's always wanted." John answered for Wendy. "Extinction of all life."

    Wendy nodded. "He hates. That's all he was ever made to do. He thinks that life itself is so fundamentally flawed and gross that he wants to burn us all. But he knows if he tries to stamp us out, we'll win."

    Lucy smiled. "Well said. I've beaten him before."

    "We're not the first to stand up to him. And we won't be the last."

    John, led the way, as the group finally reached the end of the immense, rolling plains. A great structure of stone and marble stood before them. An abandoned city.

    "...I smell something in there" John mused.

    Wendy looked into the city with curiosity. "Can you smell gold? I could go for some gold."

    "No, you thick burke. Something dangerous." John growled. Wendy turned her nose up at him.

    Lucy smiled. "I don't smell anything, and it's worth investigating."

    John drew his sword. "Don't say I didn't warn you when something happens." The trio began their path through the city.

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