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    Remember the Fallen *A Gears of War One Shot*

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    Remember the Fallen *A Gears of War One Shot*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on March 22nd 2013, 9:56 pm

    Spoiler for Gears of War 3, Emergence, and such ahead! I am posting this while the idea is in my head. It's not necessarily a massive spoiler, just keep it in mind folks.

    "Looks like the Covies are clear for now." Blaine sighed in relief, reloading his Lancer.

    Dom looked over at the armored man, his eyes drooping. The people his wife and him had once called friends, mutated by the Imulsion like all the rest. They had poofed into dust right before his eyes, their tormented screams, helpless to the infection's will, upset him.

    He had a purpose in Mercy, and Marcus knew this, everyone except for Blaine's squad knew what he was doing here; saying his goodbyes.

    "Looks like the townspeople linked the pipeline through the Church." Dom said quietly, as Blaine turned to face him.

    Marcus placed a hand on Blaine's shoulder, as the Spartan turned away. Dom made his way into the graveyard, the Flores family crest beside the tomb. Before him, the magnificent angel statue, it's hands cupped, as if to receive a gift.

    Dom gently placed his Lancer on the ground, falling to a knee, hanging his head low.

    "Maria- baby I'm sorry I couldn't bring you home... But you're with the kids now, that's home, yeah?" Dom's eyes shifted up to the angel, it's light hearted looks of sorrow piercing his soul.

    "I'll see you all again some day. Benedicto, Silvia, and you, sweetheart." Tears streamed down his cheek, as his big, soft, hazel eyes gazed at the statue.

    Peering over to his friends, Dom's bottom lip quivered as he shook his head. Glancing at Marcus, who chuckled lightly with Blaine, Dom was happy to see the hardened man finally begin to break his shell. His work was done.

    "L-look! There goes Marcus, saving the world again." Dom said, clenching his fists. "I gotta be there for him. Sleep tight sweetheart."

    Reaching behind his head, Dom unclipped his Cog tags, observed them for a final moment, and hung them in the Angel's hands. Wiping the tears from his eyes, Dom grabbed his weapon and stood up, glancing at the grave one last time before heading over to the others.

    A word was not said, as Marcus struggled to lift one of the levers for the pump. Blaine already handled the other one, as Dom offered Marcus his Commando's knife, the gift he received from his service in the Commandos. Marcus used the knife to pry the lever down, offering it back to Dom, who walked over to Blaine. Marcus nodded solemnly, as the Imulsion poured through the tubes.

    Suddenly, the Church's front door knocked around, as more of the Formers thumped on the door. Sam, Anya, Phil, and Josh flinched for a moment, as Blaine, Dom, and Marcus looked at each other.

    "I don't think that's the choir." Blaine replied, readying his weapon.

    "Let's just get this over with." Dom replied, following suit.
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    Re: Remember the Fallen *A Gears of War One Shot*

    Post  Manny on March 23rd 2013, 12:15 pm

    Poor Dom.

    He should raise an army, wage genocide against all Lambent, and claim to be doing it for Humanity when really he's just mad that nothing worked out for him.

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