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    Post  Manny on January 17th 2013, 9:10 pm

    Hey there. If you can't tell by my username, then people call me Manny.

    I have a history here at Database, a long one at that. I was there when the group was conceived back on B.net. With the new update, posting stories there has been a pain and groups are a lot less organized, so here we are folks.

    My stories at Database are very slow going and I apologize in advance. One thing to note; if you are a die hard canon fanatic then regard my story as non-canon if you must (but isn't all fanfiction non-canon anyways?). I also do feel inadequate at times with these stories, so feedback is always appreciated.

    Anyways, I speak English, Spanish, and I am learning French. I speak the first two fluently, and the third one I'd say is intermediate. I can say simple sentences with a fair amount of confidence. Someone to practice with would be nice.

    While we're still on the topic of languages, if you happen to speak either Spanish or French, and your English is shaky and want some help, I'll do my best to edit some stuff.

    Moving on, I like to do a lot of things such as: watching international soccer, swimming, playing video games, watching movies, playing a little bit of guitar, and listening to music.

    While school is my strongest area it is not something I like to do. Except maybe dissections in Bio. I love being the surgeon, I try to find the more squeamish groups to make sure I'm always the surgeon.

    Well there's my rant on who I am, hope you enjoyed it.

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