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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 17th 2013, 9:03 pm

    Hello ladies and gentlemen of the Database! Shad0wChas3r here with the Member ranks!

    Note that the requirements for these ranks are a work in progress and are liable to change. Please don't be upset if you are stripped of a rank or demoted, it's nothing personal.

    Let's start with the Enlisted ranks;

    Greenhorn- 'For all you green horns who wanted to see Covenant up close, today's your lucky day!'

    Requirements: Welcome to the Forum new fellow! Just joining gives you this rank!

    Recruit- 'Recruit?! If you can hear me, respond! That's an order!'

    Requirements: You must post at least 10 times in any story/collab thread.

    Master Chief Petty Officer- 'I need a weapon...'

    Requirements: Minimum of (1) partial story and at least fifty (50 posts or more.

    Chief Warrant Officer 'You Spartans have only just begun your training; as Warrant Officers. Make me proud, Spartans.'

    Requirements: This is the last Enlisted rank. You need at least one (1) partial story, and a minimum of one hundred (100) posts.

    Officer Ranks;

    You have made it to the Officer leagues, soldier, now it's time to play in the big leagues with some of the Database's more Veteran members!

    Ensign 'Ensign, blow these damn Covies out of my airspace, please.'

    Requirements: One (1) completed story and at least one hundred seventy-five (175) posts.

    Lieutenant 'That is why you are here, Lieutenant-- because you have an ability that is exceedingly rare in the military.'

    Requirements: One (1) completed story and at least three hundred (300) posts.

    Commander- 'Pelicans at the ready Commander, where shall I send them?'

    Requirements: Two (2) completed stories and at least four hundred and fifty (450) posts.

    Captain- 'Captain, firing on your command.'

    Requirements: Three (3) completed stories, at least one partial collaboration, and a minimum of at least six hundred and twenty-five (625) posts.

    Admiral- 'This is Fleet Admiral Harper, en route to engage the enemy.'

    This is the highest Database rank that isn't staff. Congratulations soldier, you've done well. Keep up the good work and you might be hand picked to join our staff.

    Requirements: Minimum four (4) completed stories, at least one (1) completed collaboration, and a minimum of at least eight hundred (800) posts.


    As I've said, some of these are works in progress. What I would recommend is keeping a check list in your signature of what milestones from these requirements you fit under, it'll make it easier for me to promote you.

    Some of them have ridiculous requirements, and I realize this now. But if you keep your head down, plan to be determined and active, you should have no problem.

    Besides, the Admiral rank can't be special if everyone gets it on week one.

    I know some members will not meet these requirements. Without any bias, I want you to know that the ones that hold the ranks they do now had them on the old Database. They may not have met the milestones, but they earned it back then, and it wouldn't be right to strip them of it.

    For now folks, that's all!

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