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    The Mantle is Real.

    Bad John
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    The Mantle is Real.

    Post  Bad John on February 10th 2013, 2:22 am

    It is.

    There are people in this world without goodwill, or hope. They kick other people around just because they can, and rob their fellow humans of their sense of balance or peace. Those people are many. Vicious. Cowardly. I've met more than a few, and I'm sure you have too.

    But, not all of us are like that.

    There are people who smile to strangers. There are people who live fiercely, and believe that we're all coterminous. That each and every person here is a variation of themselves, and should be treated with dignity.

    People who are your friends, even when you're fucked. Even when you don't expect a hand, they drag you up by the collar and bless you with their friendship. They teach you to ignore frailty.

    They protect you, or teach you to be strong, even when you've spent your whole life being weak.

    LOVE THOSE PEOPLE. BE those people. It's your responsibility. We were blessed with rational thought. Use it to LOVE. Unconditionally. Spread it.

    Men, stand firm, and live for your teammates. Learn to laugh and love, and know that it's important to poke fun at yourselves.

    Women...keep being women, because that's already awesome.

    Be a part of the small faction of us with goodwill and courage.

    Give blood. Give your old clothes to goodwill. Walk for a cure to whatever shit hurts people.

    And most importantly, BE THERE for people who need it, and share goodwill. Don't wait until December to start giving a shit about your fellow man, yo.

    Then maybe one-day our world won't be a total crap-sack.

    In loving dedication to someone that I won't give up on. Someone who will be in my heart for as long as I can keep the memory there.
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    Re: The Mantle is Real.

    Post  Manny on February 10th 2013, 12:39 pm

    I sobbed so hard.

    Well I didn't cry but... Yeah the world is cruel and nasty place.
    It's Kruger
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    Re: The Mantle is Real.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 10th 2013, 1:29 pm

    Wonderful, John. Just wonderful.

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    Re: The Mantle is Real.

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