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    Bound by Blood.

    It's Kruger
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    Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 3rd 2013, 3:20 am

    I'm writing a story about an Elite for once! I'm exited to write this character, I really am. I don't want to go for the whole honor role like every other story. Please, enjoy, judge me, tell me if a plot point is bad, whatever! No, I must Sangheili culture on the Halo Wiki!

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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 3rd 2013, 5:26 am

    The New War

    "Let us rid these fools of their worthless lives and misguided beliefs."

    The attack started; dozens of Storm Sangheili fired at Covenant Separatist soldiers. The battle was brutal and elongated due to equality of skill among the elites; the grunts and jackals did not last long.

    Garr 'Komtarai, a vicious warrior and swordsman, lead the attack with his nephew and brother at his side.

    "Sniper!" Alei, Garr's brother, exclaimed. His older sibling quickly shifted the barrel of his gun and fired at the jackal's head, killing it.

    With a growl of rage, Garr drew his energy sword and began charging the enemy, all with permission do hold swords followed suit. Every Storm Elite charged as well, obviously having abandoned most norms of Sangheili society.

    A minor met Garr, putting his sword up to block the larger Elite's to no avail. The pure strength of Garr's hit sent the minor stumbling back, opening it up to a throat slash. A second Storm soldier, this time a commander, met Garr with steady feet and a strong arm. Garr grabbed the commander's helmet, slamming him down into the ground. He then had trouble standing up.

    "GET UP! GET UP SO I CAN STRIKE YOU DOWN AGAIN!" Garr shouted as he picked up the enemy by the helmet again, slashing his chest. With the enemy not yet dead, Garr simply stepped down on the dying foe's neck, killing him.

    Alei, also a skilled swordsman, met with even greater odds than his older brother. A Storm Zealot attacked, yelling.

    The two clashed twice, Alei taking a hoof to the chest knocking him back. Before the Zealot could strike, Alei rolled over his shoulder and swatted the blow away. He stepped forward, punching the Zealot hard in the jaw, breaking one. The now angry Zealot punched Alei in the forehead three times, knocking the smaller elite to the ground. The Zealot stepped on Alei's hand and brought his sword back to strike, when it suddenly fell to the ground, along with his arm.

    Garr held his sword behind him, having just finished a strike on the Zealot, who turned to him. "Do not lay a single blasphemous hand on my brother, you heretic grunt." Garr said angrily as he holstered his blade.

    The Zealot let out a blood-curling cry and charged Garr, who ran right at him. The two's bodies slammed together, Garr soon wrapping his arms around the Zealot and ran forward, slamming the foe into the glass. He let the injured elite go before putting his sword against his neck.

    "Know that this day, I let you live because I respect your honor, despite your foolishness." Garr mocked him.

    "Know that I will find you Major. Remember that the name: Xzora. It will be the one to end your life."

    "Xzora. Hm. I knew your uncle then, if I'm correct. Killed by a Demon after the war like a fool. Expect to find his same fate." With that, Garr kicked Xzora through the cracked glass, sending him hurdling into the river below.

    "Garr. The Storm soldiers have retreated into their fortress at the summit of the structure. All elevators will be under constant guard." Garr's nephew, Oim, said bowing. Though Garr fathered him, the rank difference between Major and Minor warranted respect.

    "Good. Has the Arbiter said anything on aiding the humans on the Forerunner planet?" Garr asked.


    "Damn. I followed Thel through hell, you know. To think that cowards would stage a coup against him, after everything. I will weigh heavy on his already restless mind. Send word that my forces will remain here until the rest of these foul beasts are dead. Alei, yourself, and I will travel to Vadam Keep. I seek words with him."

    "Yes, Uncle." Oim said, running off for speedy results.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  Manny on February 4th 2013, 1:47 pm

    Interesting...Storm vs Separatists.

    Interesting indeed.

    Ironically the Elites Jul recruited came from a colony that wasn't even aware of the Great Schism due to loss of contact with the Covenant.
    It's Kruger
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 4th 2013, 9:57 pm

    Yeah. You're damn sure they are now though.
    It's Kruger
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 7th 2013, 3:01 am



    Garr 'Komtarai= GAAR; Compt-air-eye
    Alei= A-lee-eye
    Oim= Oh-Em
    Kishoc O'radma= Kee-Shock; Oh-Rad-mah

    "Arbiter." Garr fell to his knees before the tall elite.

    "Brother. Stand, for I have a mission for you." Thel put a hand on Garr's shoulder.


    "There is a swordsman, one of better skill than most. He has decided that he is a catalyst between us and the Gods. He has to be put down." Thel sat down in his chair, frusterated.

    "There's no crime in thinking you're important." Garr laughed, a pleasantry Thel did not share.

    "It is when you are bombing entire towns and large buildings. Stop him." Thel waved Garr out, most out of characteristically.

    Garr began to walk out, but then stopped and turned. "Brother. You hold the weight of more than one race, more than one planet, and more than one fate for the galaxy on your shoulders. If you do not share your burden, you will surely crumble like pillars of old." Garr turned back around and exited the room, leaving Thel to his own thoughts.

    "What did he say about the fight?" Oim asked, curiously.

    "He has to handle a whole lot more before we assist the humans... If we ever do. We have an assignment, go find Alei." Garr ordered as he entered the armory as Oim ran off.

    The skill of this swordsman was renowned, almost as much as Thel's or Garr's. Knowing this elite, Kishoc O'radma, Garr knew he would need no normal set of military armory.

    The armor his uncle gave to him was powerful for its age. Active camo was weaker but the combat harness was desirable. It was red with a golden trim.

    But the most deadly of Garr's loadout for this mission were his weapons: a storm rifle he acquired from the last battle and his trust energy sword, along with its plasma generator.

    By the end of the day; Garr, Oim, and Alei were all set and in the Phantom en route to the state of O'radma, where Kishoc resides.

    "Uncle." Oim started.

    "Yes?" Garr replied as he peered out of the Phantom.

    "If Kishoc has hundreds of rebel soldiers, why has the Arbiter only sent us three?"

    "Because, young one. Enough of our men have died before they matured on the field. We will have little problem reaching Kishoc." Garr remained calm.

    Suddenly, the side turret gunners both fell dead and the Phantom maneuvered. They had entered enemy turf.

    "Get ready Oim. We're landing under fire." Alei said firmly.

    "Driver, land us here. Oim, cover us on the gun until we tell you to drop!" Garr leaped out of the Phantom, plasma grenade in hand. When he landed, an elite attempted to hit him with his gun. Garr jammed the grenade into the elite's mouth and kicked him back into three other elites, killing three of them.

    Alei dropped down firing his carbine, killing a minorly armored elite.

    The two took cover; Alei shooting while Garr reloaded and vice versa. Oim killed several of the enemy soldiers. Soon enough, an elite ran out with a fuel rod cannon.

    "OIM! JUMP OUT!" Alei shouted back as soon as he could.

    Doing as he's told, Oim leaped out of the Phantom seconds before the fuel rod hit, destroying the turret he was on and eventually the phantom. Oim dashed into cover next to his uncles.

    "I'll make this go a little faster." Alei said, beating his chest as he turned invisible. After only a few minutes of fighting, Garr soon noticed enemies dropping to the ground. "Clear!" Alei chuckled as he uncloaked right next to an enemy turret, shooting him with his plasma pistol to death.

    "Okay. Kishoc is in his keep at the top of that hill. Between us and him are at least a hundred soldiers." Garr pointed to landmarks as he spoke. "Oim, grab the beam rifle and cover Alei from the right hill. Alei, make a lot of noise at the left flank so I can move up the middle and reach Kishoc. Ready?"

    Everyone got in a running stance, Oim grabbed the beam rifle.

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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 7th 2013, 6:15 pm

    Dagger in the Dark

    The storm rifle was a resilient weapon, killing soldiers with a fair amount of ease. Garr respected the craftier of this gun.

    Three soldiers rushed him with their swords drawn, hoping to outnumber and strike Garr down. It didn't work.

    The first swung down at Garr, who stepped to the side of the blade. Wishing to conserve his blade's energy, Garr smacked the soldier on the side of the head, knocking him down. A few bursts of plasma, the soldier was dead.

    The second and third soldiers swung at Garr at the same time. Garr quickly dropped his weapon and grabbed both's wrists and twisted them. He threw the right one into the left one, knocking them both to the ground.

    Garr picked up one of the energy swords from the ground and jammed it into the bigger of the two soldier's chest. The other one simply had a hoof crush his throat.

    Alei gunned down another elite soldier and took cover as Oim shot another in the neck.

    "Uncle, to your left!" Oim shouted as the assailant flanking Alei was moving out of his vector.

    A skilled swordsman, Alei drew his blade and turned as he slashed behind him, tearing open the elite soldier's armor, killing him.

    "Good call young one!" Alei pumped his fist as he turned his blade off and putting back on his waist. "Brother, I wont be able to kill them all." Alei used his radio to contact Garr.

    "I know." Garr started, "I just need you two to fight the teeth while I cut off the head. Give me a little time." Garr was worried about the fates of his brother and nephew, the two he cared for most and had responsibility for.

    "Damn. Oim, get off my cover and shoot down the field, keep their oncoming numbers low and keep them in cover."

    "Yes, Uncle." Oim turned his body to gun down the oncoming soldiers instead of watching Alei's back; a plan he didn't like at all.

    Garr kicked open the door the the inner chamber of the keep; Kishoc nowhere to be seen.

    Suddenly, a hoof collided with Garr's back. He fell to the floor with the force behind the kick. Turning, Garr realized it was a trap. Kishoc stood against railing up on a floor above as three special ops storm elites put their blades next to his throat.

    "Isn't a good feeling, having God on your side?" Kishoc mocked from a distance.

    "It is a better feeling to have courage and honor on your side, coward." Garr snarled.

    "Don't get old-fashioned on me, Garr. I remember you when we were young; wanting to set entire worlds on fire. You and I were always so restless." Kishoc vaulted over the railing down to Garr's level.

    "We were, but we were never friends." Garr kept his chin up as a blade lightly burned at the base of his neck.

    Kishoc pulled out his carbine and aimed it right at Garr's head. "Goodbye."

    There wasn't even a noise before the first one dropped. One of the special operations elites fell, blood pouring from his head. Garr used the confusion to sweep another one's leg and draw his own blade, killing it and the other storm soldier.

    Before Garr could strike, Kishoc clashed his blade against Garr's, jumping back to gain ground.

    "You will not win."

    "My skill and The Didact's blessings are more than enough to kill you!" Kishoc ran right at Garr, who followed suit. Rather than strike and hope one got the other, Garr stepped to the left and slashed up, cutting off Kishoc's hand. He fell forward in pain while Garr finished his fluid strike, impaling Kishoc through the chest and throwing him off of his blade.

    "Your God has forsaken you." Garr crouched next to Kishoc, who was dying.

    "He has too much power. Not you, not the Hero; not the Admiral; not the Paragon; and not the Lancer. You will surely fail." Kishoc shifted his head and died, ending Garr's mission.

    "We need a phantom, the mission is complete." Garr radio'd control.

    As the radio operator talked to him, Garr noticed a terminal that belonged to Kishoc.

    Something on there was worth looking at.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 9th 2013, 3:58 pm

    Disturbing News

    Signing In: Kishoc...

    Signed In.

    Please Select File:

    Loading File: Targets...
    File Loaded...

    Please Select Document:
    -Spartan-A705 "Vance" [Active]
    -Spartan-B694 "John" [Active]
    -Spartan-916 "Will" [Pending...]<
    -Spartan-117 [N/A]
    -Spartan-A474 [Eliminated]

    Loading Document: Spartan-915 "Will"...
    Document Loaded...

    Name: William-916
    -Age: 45
    -Generation: II
    -Sangheili Kill Count: 371
    -Assassination Progress: Pending...
    -Known Details: Along with a long history of loss, the target also has a long history of near impossible missions completed. It is fast, deadly, and known by Sangheili who've survived against it as a fantastic swordsman. It is the killer of famous general Xzora and has been a part of almost all major battles during the great war. It's son, Target A705, is also a expert in close quarters. It is unknown if they are close, but assume vengeance as an ambush opportunity. 
    -Location: Earth, New York City. A recent terrorist attack on the city has the city locked down. 
    -Threat Level: Very High

    Are You Sure You Want To End Session...?


    ... Ending Session...

    "Oim, it's Garr. Contact the Arbiter, I have disturbing news..."
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 10th 2013, 2:11 pm

    Into The Nothing

    "We are in range of Earth, sir. Pods are ready for drop."

    "You heard him, get geared up." Alei ordered, Garrin a different room. 

    "Uncle, where is Garr?" Oim asked as he grabbed a plasma rifle. 

    Alei snatched the rifle from him, putting a beam rifle into his hands. "You're better with this. My brother is putting his armor on. It takes him a little longer cause it's old family armor. Get in your pod."

    "Uncle, this doesn't seem like a very honorable position. I would rather die at the vanguard." Oim stood up straight, looking Alei right in the eye. 

    "Don't base your honor off of Covenant-era rankings. We are Sangheili. We have snipers, commanders, vanguards, rearguards, and soldiers of ALL kinds!" Alei shoved the beam rifle back into Oim, who shrugged it off and stepped into his pod. 

    Garr entered the room, his older armor glimmering in the low, purple lights the ship provided. 

    "Alright. 501st; you will enter phantoms and request to assist the UNSC reinforcements. Javik Squadron; you will back my team up on the ground. You and my team must locate and protect the target from Sangheili assassins. WORT WORT WORT!"

    They a entered their pods; sweat and fear crowded each one. As they dropped down, entering orbit, Garr examined his blade. Alei rubbed his neck, nervous of what laid ahead. The angered Oim sat still in silence. 

    The. They landed, bullets immediately crashing against their pods. 

    It had begun; the end of the terrorist occupation of New York. 
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 12th 2013, 1:15 am

    Heads Unworthy

    Alei kicked his pod door open, smashing it into a synthetic soldier. The fire was all focused on him; any cover that was in that area was now gone from the shock of Alei's landing.

    From what he could tell, Alei was in a heavily damaged shopping center. He sprinted towards the nearest cover, shoving another synthetic over the railings and down three floors to the bottom of the mall.

    "Garr! Oim! This is Alei, respond!" Alei shifted in his cover as bullets flew all around him.

    "Alei! It's Oim! Where are you located?" there were sounds of battle over the young Elite's comms.

    "In some sort of area for shopping. I'm under heavy fire and will need assistance if any more show up." Alei said loudly over the gun fire. He popped out of cover and killed three soldiers with three shots of his carbine.

    "On my way. Uncle, be care-"

    "I do not need your prayer to survive this young one! I need your plasma and battlecries!"

    A soldier hurdled over Alei's counter, which worked as his cover. Seizing the opportunity, Alei shot it in the knee, smashed the butt of his gun to its head, and grabbed it. Using it as a bullet-shield, Alei was able to kill four other soldiers before the gunfire tore his cover apart.

    "There's only one! Move up!" One cried in human English, the deep voice like a scratchy sanheili.

    "FOR LUST!"

    Alei got ready, prepared to die from being overrun by the superior numbers of the synthetic soldiers. But then it all stopped; just some tumbling and one grunt.

    When Alei poked his head out of cover, the sight of Garr slashing through soldiers brought him to a chuckle. Suddenly, another soldier kicked him from behind a narrowly missed with its shotgun. Before it finished Alei off, a beam rifle round literally blew its head clean off.

    Backup had arrived.

    "Brother!" Alei stood, hands happily in the air.

    "Fight, you fool!" Garr growled, causing Alei to immediately fire.

    Garr stepped on the railing right above a flight of stairs where soldiers were running up. "Brother, your sword." He held his hand out. Alei complied and threw his weapon into Garr's hand. He drew it along with his own blade and dropped down. Slashing and yelling from both Garr and soldiers could be heard.

    "Where did he learn to fight like that?" Oim asked, in awe.

    "Fighting alongside a warrior like The Arbiter rubs off on any young-ling. Maybe the same will happen to you." Alei laughed as he followed Garr down, patting Oim's shoulder.

    The battle was finished, the mall cleared. Garr recharged both blades he used as Oim and Alei ate. They had fought for a few hours as the soldiers kept pouring in.

    "Any idea on the target's location?" Oim asked, mouth full.

    "He must be one of the leaders here. If we can get a chance to talk to a human, we should be able to find..." Garr stopped suddenly, alerting Alei and Oim to what could be danger.

    "What is it?" Alei asked, worried.

    "Human. Some De... Some Spartans." Garr said, looking down at the two Spartans, one clad in brown and the other in red. They were alert to danger; looking around with their guns raised.

    Alei vs Agent Nine

    Note, these are parallel to each other. They're just two completely different fight scenes.

    "So, dozens of bots go in, none come out? What could've done that?" Nine asked.

    "Donno. Some of our guys that got split off; maybe some covenant if we're unlucky."

    "Spartans!" Garr called out.

    "Covie! Open fire!"

    "No!" Garr tried to stop them, but they ran to cover and began to shoot them. The three elites dove to cover.

    "What now?" Alei spoke in his own language.

    "Oim, if we seem to be in danger, hit them in the leg. Alei, confront the brown one, I'll get the red one. Overpower, but do not kill." Garr said sternly, honestly worried Alei would kill the brown Spartan.

    The dropped down, swords drawn. Dodging Nine's assault rifle fire, Alei jumped onto his cover and kicked Nine in the shoulder, knocking him back.

    Alei slashed at Nine's head, who ducked it and countered with an upper-cut. Alei took the hit, but grabbed Nine's hand as it disconnected from his face. He pulled Nine's arm down and tugged him to the side, staggering him a little.

    Nine threaded the needle between Alei's slashes and tackled him, knocking his back onto the corner of the slab of concrete that was previously Nine's cover.

    Bringing his hoof up, Alei kicked Nine off of him and into a wall. He brought himself back to his feet and punched Nine back into the wall two more times before he smashed his carbine against Nine's head, knocking him to the floor.

    Shifting on the ground, Nine kicked the side of Alei's knee. HARD. It bent the wrong way; and with a cry and a tumble, Alei fell to the floor, clutching his knee.

    Nine picked up Alei's sword, bringing it up to finish the elite off.

    "WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY!" Alei cried in pain and anger, socking Nine right in the gut with all of his force.

    Nine fell back, dropping the sword into Alei's hand. He slashed Nine across his chest plate as the Spartan recovered from the loss of wind.

    Nine fell back, clutching his burnt open armor piece. "Ow, damn." He put his hands up as Alei put his sword up to his neck.

    "Yield. I will not kill you." Alei ordered.

    "Who the hell are you?" Nine nodded to Alei's request, accepting the hand up from the elite.

    "I am Alei 'Komtarai. I am not covenant. Not anymore."

    "Nice to meet you Alee." Nine held his hand out, a happy smile underneath his helmet.

    "That is not my name." Alei walked over towards Garr, rejecting the shake.

    Garr vs. Vance

    The dropped down, swords drawn. Garr over Vance and his cover entirely; punching the Spartan and knocking him back against the slab.

    "Ow, shit!" Vance called as he pulled his hand back, punching Garr in the elbow of his sword arm.

    Garr, much more experienced than the Spartan, moved his arm away from the punch and shoved Vance down behind the weight of his own punch.

    Vance rolled on the floor, landing square on his feet. He charged Garr, drawing his knife, yelling.

    This Demon had no hope of defeating me. Garr thought as he kicked Vance in the face. Vance rolled backwards and charged again.

    Yet he persists. Garr grabbed Vance by the neck and sent his knee into the Spartan's gut, then followed by shoving him to the ground.

    "Damn it." Vance cursed, out of air.

    Garr knelled next to him. "I am not here to harm you. We are here to protect a key Spartan from-"

    Vance kicked Garr in the jaw, scratching his helmet.

    "OKAY!" Garr stepped on Vance's hand and slowly burned through his arm with his sword. "Notice hoe I haven't killed you yet!" Garr had to yell over Vance's screaming. "Do not take my kindness lightly!" Garr stopped, grabbing Vance by the shoulder and standing him up.

    "Where is Spartan Will-916!?" He shook Vance a little as he yelled.

    "What?" Vance shifted his head a little bit at Garr's demand.

    "Do you know of this Demon!?"

    "He's... He's my-"

    Garr let go of Vance at the sound of a footstep behind him. He swung his sword do narrowly block a decapitating blow by a large blue Spartan.

    Will had come to rescue his son.

    "You leave my son alone!" Will brought his blade back and clashed with Garr again, kicking him back this time.

    Frustrated, Garr dropped his blade, confusing Will.

    "I a Garr 'Komtarai. I fight under The Arbiter and I've come to see you survive." Garr put his hands up as he noticed Alei and the brown Spartan he was fighting with minutes ago.

    "Why?" Will asked, slotting his machete away.

    "You are a target from a fanatic back on my homeworld. He intercepted a signal from Requiem naming you, your son, the Green Demon, and one by the name of Agent Nine." Garr explained.

    "Present." Nine raised his hand.

    "Good. Assassins have been sent. Us three have been sent to protect you three." Alei popped his knee back into place, pausing in pain mid sentence.

    "Alright. Sorry for the mix up." Will laughed a bit, rubbing the back of his helmet.

    "Draw that sword near me again and I'll start shooting." Vance said to Garr, bitterly as he walked away, back towards their base.

    "Oim! Come! We are going with the Demons!" Garr ordered as he turned with Will to leave the exposed area.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  Manny on February 13th 2013, 7:15 pm

    We gun find out wut happened to Vance in New York in this story?

    How he gun b a criminal?
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on February 13th 2013, 8:12 pm

    Nah. Most of the New York Story already happened. I have... Other plans for this whole thing.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  It's Kruger on March 3rd 2013, 1:07 pm


    "So..." Will said awkwardly inside their destroyed building of a base. 

    "Do you not have more men? Only a few of you remain." Oim looked around at the minimalistic life they've been Living for the past few months. 

    "We had reinforcements, but we got split up." Vance said as he walked into the room. 

    "Any progress on the deliverance of this city?" Garr asked, looking out the window as he saw Elite drop pods land off in the distance. 

    "Killed a major player. That's a win." Will pointed out positively. It annoyed Vance enough to make him walk out of the room.

    "I am sorry to say that we cannot stay for this fight. Once we eliminate the assassins after you, me and my team must leave." Garr turned to Will, a glint of sadness in his eyes. 

    "How do you plan on doing that?" Nine said, picking at his damaged chestplate. "Bots have the skies, Pelicans, anti-air, back-up anti-air. You're a little land locked here."

    Alei kicked a broken piece of concrete off of a panel of human technology. It was destroyed. "How did you and your reinforcements get split apart? I thought Demons were supposed to be legendary." Alei patted the panel and face the Spartans. Vance was the only one who stood to him. 

    "What the Hell did you just say to me?" Vance's steps became more aggressive. Alei awaited the attack happily, disappointed when Nine place an arm infront of Vance stopping him. 

    "Look; we all need to focus on the objectives here. We'd love to help you find the assassins, but they'll have to come to us. Let's focus on getting you guys home." Nine said, trying to maintain the peace. 

    "I agree with the brown one. The assassins will have their way if we just kill each-other. Now, humans, where would we find these anti-air cannons?" Garr shot a furious look at Alei, who sat down. 

    Will nodded at Garr as he grabbed a map of the city and placed it down on the concrete-slab. "We are here." Will pointed. "The first set of anti-air guns are about 20 blocks north away here. The second set is thirty blocks east of that. I'm thinking we split into teams of three: Vance, Garr, and myself as team one. The rest of you as team two."

    "Hm... Yes..." Garr nodded as he peered down at the map, hand at his mouth. "What if we used the tactic of shock and awe? Sneak up, set the charges, blow them up at the same time."

    "We don't have enough charges for that." Vance argued. 

    "You've been using these coward tactics for months now! Simply used one charge and attach it to a container with a few dozen grenades in them." Alei looked down at Vance, who puffed his chest up, ready to fight. 

    "You two need to cool it RIGHT NOW." Will's voice got harsh and stern. "We need to work together if we want to do this. This isn't just about getting them out, but us too. If we cab jack a friendly-designated pelican, we can go home. Now, nut up, play nice, or I'll throttle you." Will pointed at both Vance and Alei. The looked to each-other and nodded.

    "Alright. Mission active. Move out on me." Nine said, breaking the moment of awkward silence. 

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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  Doctor Jensen on March 4th 2013, 5:45 pm

    I like this Vale. No joke. But something about the pacing just gets me sometimes. No offense. It was still good stuff.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  Manny on July 27th 2013, 12:17 am

    So Vale, since your done with the Lancer do you plan on continuing this?

    I quite enjoyed seeing Sangheili in action.

    Combat action that is.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

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    Maybe. I donno. I'll need that spark again.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

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    "The grit and gunfire choke this city, sir. I do not like it." A Sangheili said in his native tongue.

    "We are here to kill Demons, so that is what we shall do." The older, obviously more powerful Sangheili replied.

    They were both donned in jet black armor and invisibility. For ease of movement and maximum stealth, the duo only carried a simple plasma pistol and an energy sword. Both veterans of the Great War, they had grown a resentment for Humans, the assignment to kill the greatest of their species was an honor.

    "I'm not sure, A'zul. I-"

    "I do not care for your fears and theories of failure, Ira. I only long for the hunt, which you are halting as of now. Is there anything else?" A'zul said, sternly.

    "Yes, sir. I do not want to die on this filthy planet, sir."

    "Good." As A'zul finished, he stepped away from their overlook of the city, becoming invisible once more to avoid detection.

    Agent Nine's urban modeled two-wheeled mongoose slid as he drifted to the side, holding his foot out to kick one of the opposing synthetic soldiers. He jumped off of the cycle, firing as he takes cover behind a nearby car among the gridlock.

    The area was wide open, the AA gun stationed right by a major intersection, almost every car in New York was abandoned right here on the day the ship crashed.

    "Find the Spartan! For Lust!" One synthetic soldier ordered.

    "FOR LUST!" The other cried their cheers for their engineered love of an A.I.

    "Oh, shut up with that already!" Nine exclaimed before popping out of cover and mowing down several of the soldiers with his assault rifle.

    They retaliated quickly, suppressing Nine and forcing him to change cover. It seemed he was all alone until his Spartan IV backup came, finally maneuvering through the city and arriving at their flanking points.

    After a few moments of gunfire and losses on both sides, the area around the AA was taken.

    "Alright Lizard man, show us what you're made of." John joked as Oim came out of cover and walked towards the guarded AA panels inside the large building before them on the side of the intersection. He, almost suddenly, dissipated and returned almost just as quickly. No noise.

    "Well?" Oim laughed, putting his arms up past his sides as the building, and the AA, were destroyed.

    This trend continued across the city, various strikes against the AA's, via sabotage or just explosives were widely successful. As Will, Garr, and Vance finished off their gun, they looked up to see a red smoke fill up the sky by the AA closest to them.

    "What is that?" Garr questioned, having never seen that before.

    "It's what we use to say the bots pushed us back and took the area. We need to get there." Vance first stated, then urged Will to move on, technically Will being in charge since he got here.

    "Fine. But Vance, stay close to me. We still have a hit out on our-" Will was cut off by a quiet footstep behind him and the sudden,jerking movements of Garr. He was able to quickly block and dodge two sword attacks from a cloaked Sangheili assassin. Garr wasn't lying.

    "Go, Demons. They know not who they cross." Garr said confidently as the two Spartans hesitantly fled.

    "And who are you supposed to be? Their savior?" The Sangheili, just as old and hardened as Garr uncloaked and stood upright.

    "Yes, exactly that. The Forerunners told of their importance, so I must stop you." Garr drew his blade and brought his weight down low, ready to duel.

    "Fine." The Sangheili said, drawing his blade as well just before the clashed. Garr came up with a left cross to break his defense, opening up a kill. A'zul clutched Garr's fist and threw it back, returning with a slash to the chest.

    Garr dodged, narrowly, by jumping back. He took a few hard steps forward and jumped, bringing his blade down to clash with the blocking A'zul.

    "Heheh." A'zul chuckled as he reached to his belt to draw another blade to kill the exposed Garr.

    "No!" Garr yelled, realized A'zul's plan, kicking him in the center of his mass. The assassin rolled backwards and onto his feet, both swords in hand.

    "I am no fool or expired warrior, neither are you. No duel I've been in has gone this long, I fear, so I must cut it short!" A'zul dashed forward, trying to scissor Garr, who stepped aside and used his free hand to clutch the speeding Sangheili. Garr rolled along A'zul's body until a shard spin was all he needed to slash his arm, but not without A'zul nicking Garr's leg as well.

    "This has been short for my duels... Because I pick worthy foes to kill!" Garr exclaimed as he rushed in for the attack, on A'zul was fully prepared for.

    "My cover has been blown because of that fool!" Ira grunted in his native tongue as he dropped down from a building just behind three Spartans. They turned, bringing their guns up to fire. The first was killed with a quick and painless energy sword slash to the dome. The second fired a shot into Ira's shielding, to which the Sangheili responded with a swift impalement to the lung, sending the Spartan reeling with pain and suffering as he passed. The third was body-checked faster than she could react. As she stood to fight, bringing up her knife, Ira split her hand in half vertically before sending the two points of his blade into her eyes, easily piercing the visor she wore.

    A third, smaller Spartan attacked, obviously angry at the act it just saw Ira committed. Ira thought nothing of it than another kill until his heads-up display flared.

    This is a target...

    A sudden tint of glee came to Ira as he attacked the brown Demon, slashing wildly at the faster opponent, who back-stepped the swing and returned with a swift leading punch, followed by a chain of painful blow and a kick to Ira's wrist, breaking it and dropping his sword.

    Ira returned with a powerful left cross, knocking the Demon back as he drew his plasma pistol and fired quickly into his chest. The Demon's shields were being whittled away at, and once they were about to break, a loud click and a sudden numbness overcame Ira.

    A beam rifle shot his him in the chest. THis stunned the assassin long enough for the target at attack, tackling Ira from the front and jamming his knife directly into Ira's neck, allowing him to lie there as he died, in dire pain.

    "No! No! I am to die... In the... eyes... of the.... the....... godssss...." He said, almost silently to himself as he died, clutching at his throat and kicking slightly.
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    Re: Bound by Blood.

    Post  Manny on January 13th 2014, 8:45 pm


    You brought this back?!

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    Re: Bound by Blood.

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    "You are old and worn!" Garr exclaimed in his native tongue as he clashed with A'zul's left sword and ducking under his right. As Garr came back up, he managed an uppercut, sending the older Sangheili reeling.

    "You are not far behind me." A'zul crisscrossed his attacks at Garr with a shout, forcing him to jump back with each pair of slashes.

    As A'zul attempted to scissor Garr's head right off, Garr ducked and tackled him to the floor, holding his blade up, ready to finish him off at the slightest movement.

    "Two blades? What are you, a child?" Garr mocked as he placed his knees on A'zul's wrists.

    "No. I find it easier to cut up amateurs, but inexperienced, you are not. I guess I'll have to use my... Imagination..." A'zul said with a chuckle before he grunted loudly and lifting Garr up with all his strength, which was more than what Garr himself possessed. Garr slashed at the older Sangheili quickly with no luck. Garr was thrown forwards into the air and right through the window of a car.

    "I've killed hordes of Demons in the great war! I killed four times that of brutes during the Schism! I am stronger, smarter, faster, and more skilled than you! Above all else, I hold no honor, no creed. No religion, no self-entitled righteousness that allows me to fight on!" A'zul ranted as he gathered his two blades and walked over to Garr's position, while Garr pulled himself out of the car and readied his energy gauntlets with his blade somewhere out of sight.

    Garr charged, swinging in a crisscrossed fashion A'zul used not long ago. It ended quickly with a hoof sending Garr right back onto that car.

    "I simply enjoy all the killing." A'zul whispered as he raised his blade.

    To give up would be against Garr's whole creed. His entire life's philosophy for naught. With one last act of retaliation, he sent his gauntlet blade into A'zul's leg three times before the old warrior bent over to clutch his wounds.

    As he did, Garr brought both blades up and into A'zul's head, deactivating them proved to allow the dead Sangheili to fall over.

    "To fight with no creed is folly. One must simply have more honor than you have cruelty to defeat you... Dick." Garr finished in English.

    The victorious warrior checked himself for wounds that would otherwise cripple him during this mission. While he did so, he suddenly heard Sangheili laughing and clapping behind him. Another assassin?

    "Glorious, brother! What do these gross humans say? Very kick ass! Very kick ass!" Alei laughed loudly as he leaned against an abandoned car, clapping.

    "You sat and watched?!" Garr, slightly annoyed, asked loudly in Sangheili .

    "Oh, calm down. I only saw the finish. Besides, to interfere with one's duel is dishonoring yourself or something, remember?" Alei gave as a smart-ass remake.

    Garr came in close, "You should learn from this man, brother. No honor, no code. It's a shame and you're on that path! That stunt with The Lancer..."

    "Does he even know the Librarian named him specifically as a pillar of hope for his race? Cause he's a dick!" Alei replied defensive to his older brother.

    "It's that trait and his skill that makes him a pillar. The same does not apply to you. We have our mission, so let's do it with our dignity in tact and not act like children." Garr lovingly hugged his brother with one arm, the other slightly sore from hitting a car.


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