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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 17th 2013, 8:16 pm

    First off, welcome to the Halo Database, your home for all things Halo, Fanfiction, and any mixture of the two!

    This forum would not be able to run properly, if it were not for the staff! If you are to be a thriving member of the community, it might be good to become familiar with the people who lead you.

    So here are the staff ranks, and what each rank is capable of;

    Database Director: That's me. I oversee most of what happens to the Database, and tend to have final say in all decisions. Of course, I work alongside fellow staff before any decision is made, period.

    Freelancer Operatives: The Co-Leaders of the forum. Reserved for many of the Veteran Members of the old Database found on the Bungie.net Forums. Each and every one of the selected members have gone above and beyond to helping make the Database what she is today. For those of you veterans who haven't been promoted to this position, it was nothing personal. We just can't have EVERYONE be staff.

    Spartan: The Iconic UNSC figurehead of the UNSC Infinity. Members that wear this title are what I like to call 'Super Moderators' in that they have more permissions than a normal Mod, but less than the Director or Freelancers. This could be known as a normal 'Admin'.

    ONI Operator: These are the Moderators of the Forum. They don't get as many permissions as a Spartan, contrary to the Title. They still are crucial to the function of the Database. The limit, as of now, is three.

    And for now, that's all of them!

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