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    The Legion's Doctrine

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    The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Manny on January 17th 2013, 4:51 pm

    This a fictional hand guide more or less. It is made for those in "The Legion". It is a guide that summarizes their views and attitudes towards certain things.

    More so than anything I will be using it as more of less of a literary tool to help me truly discover what is the Legion, and places ideas.

    Feel free to suggest ideas if you wish to do so. However if you see me posting here, no need to check it out.

    First of all I should address some questions anyone may have.

    1. What is "The Legion"?

    The Legion is a faction that is allied with Humanity first and foremost.

    I must stress that. However they fight FOR Humanity, not WITH Humanity. To advance Humanity by whatever means possible.

    They are the darker side of human nature. They create abominations and monsters in their quest for power. They complete their missions by whatever means necessary.

    Allied with the UNSC, the Legion does have trust issues with them but the results they provide are indisputable.

    The Legion is actually a PMC. In other words they are mercenaries. Beforehand they were War's personal little army, but afterwards War found out he could make a hefty sum of money renting out his soldiers to those willing to pay. As you can guess, the UNSC and ONI ending up paying for their services. The more Spartans, the better. They fight under their own flag however. Their relationship with ONI is much more friendly than it is with the UNSC (despite ONI being part of the UNSC).

    2. So who's in the Legion?
    The leader is a character named Walter A. Law, known as War. Yes, War as in one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

    He leads with his brothers: Famine, Pestilence, and Death. Death has close ties to ONI, granting the Legion access to certain things. Pestilence is in charge of biological research and developments. Famine is, in simplest terms, an animalistic soldier that can shapeshift.

    These four brothers are quite nasty and heartless people. War and Famine in particular have fighting abilities that are at LEAST equal to that of a Spartan and greater than that when the moment is right.

    The Legion of course has it's own private military. The foot soldiers are: Spartan IIs, Spartan IIIs, and Black Guard. While the creation of illegal Spartans was a cause of alarm for ONI, at the time of the Great War, they didn't really care. Keeping the Legion under ONI employment allows ONI to keep a closer eye on these Spartans.

    The Legion does have it's own Airforce, which is composed of regular humans. You don't need augmentations to fly a plane.

    The Legion doesn't usually travel by sea so it's terrestrial navy isn't as large or developed as it's other sectors. It's space navy however is far more advanced and grows to accommodate the size of it's army and Airforce.

    Aside from pilots, there ARE regular humans in the Legion. They are generally scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. Regular people for regular jobs.

    3. What is their goal?
    Again they fight FOR humanity. They believe they know how to achieve power in the galaxy and wish to do so to provide security for Humanity. Unlike most PMC's they have a goal beyond just money. They wish to expand.

    They want full control of Humanity's faith because they claim they can bring about a secure future for Humans.

    4. Is this book "in-universe"?
    Yes it is. It exists in my fan fiction as a legitimate object. However it is not a requirement for members to read, nor do most members read it. It's simply a guide to dictate the Legion's purpose.

    5. Who writes it?
    The book is written from the point of view of the Legion leader: War. However certain individuals may be invited to help shape the book. A good example may be the second in command's input on a certain subject.

    I'll add questions as they pop up, but onto the book itself!

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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Manny on January 17th 2013, 6:40 pm

    Section 1: Commitment

    Commitment is a fundamental part to the Legion. The Legion is committed to Humanity and to each other. Without these things all would be lost, and life would more violent than it has to be. Without commitment the Legion would be degraded to a group of criminals.

    The commitment to Humanity means that The Legion fights for Humanity, and ONLY humanity. Those in the Legion, Legionnaries, fight for THEIR species and their species only. It is quite evident that the other beings in this galaxy want us dead. They would not have shed a single tear had they been successful. Thus, there is no reason to sympathize with them.

    Humanity is destined for great things, it is obvious. The combined might of the Covenant could not defeat us. When beaten to it's knees Humanity fought back and won. The Sangheili were of great help, and do deserve a mention.

    However they did not side us with because they wanted to. They followed a simple age old concept: "The enemy of my enemy, is my friend". Nothing more, nothing less. Had they not been betrayed, they would have happily slaughtered us. For that, there is no forgiveness.

    So today, the Legion is what will not merely keep hostile forces at bay, but become a source of strength. One that can defeat hostile forces and make them fear us. To show our enemies that Humanity will rebuild it's EMPIRE, and claim what was rightfully ours.

    Yet there are those among us, yes humans, that would oppose the Legion. These men and women do not know what it is we NEED, they only know what they WANT.

    Legionnaires must be COMMITTED to the task of defending Humanity from any perceived threats, and do so without mercy, regret, or remorse. It is clear that nature has imposed itself upon us on. Now, it is "survival of the fittest" and the Legion will see to that Humanity is at the top of the food chain.

    The Legion fights FOR the humans, not with the humans. We fight FOR humanity, without humanity. The Legion are here to forge a path so that Humanity can create a new empire where all humans are granted security through the oppression of hostile forces, alien or human in nature.

    We, the Legion, are here to establish a new Human Empire, by any means necessary.

    -Walter A. Law
    Bad John
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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Bad John on January 17th 2013, 8:23 pm

    Good to have ya, Manny.

    Morgan really outdid himself on this place.

    If ya can hear me, good job, Morgan!
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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 17th 2013, 9:04 pm

    Bad John wrote:Good to have ya, Manny.

    Morgan really outdid himself on this place.

    If ya can hear me, good job, Morgan!

    Crystal clear John, thank you very much.

    Nothing but the best for my buddies!
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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Manny on January 19th 2013, 2:19 pm

    Section 2: Discipline

    To be committed to the Legion is an excellent trait, but that means NOTHING if a Legionnaire does not know discipline.

    Discipline is what separates a Legionnaire from a terrorist or criminal. They do things for their own wants and desires, the Legion does things for greater good of Humanity.

    To be committed is the first step, and the second step must be to learn discipline. The Legion has a very linear chain of command, with the leader having the ultimate say in anything.

    The leader enforces this chain of command, and his subordinate enforces it, and so on. Legionnaires must always show their superiors respect and show humility. The Legion fights for Humanity, so let humanity immortalize a Legionnaire in history... if he or she is worthy. It is not a Legionnaire's place to seek glory, but to allow his or her actions to determine whether glory comes to them.

    Failure to disobey a superior is met with severe punishment, even death in the most extreme cases. The Legion does not tolerate insubordination. A superior is in the position they are in because of experience. If they are of a higher rank than you, then it's most likely because they know what they are doing. They are after all, still alive after countless missions.

    Although the chain of command is linear, the Legion has multiple branches of its armed forces, like any other military. There is the army, the navy, and the air force.

    The Legion's Army is comprised of ALL ground troops. They are transported and deployed by the Navy and/or Air Force.

    The Legion's Navy is split into two sub branches: terrestrial and spatial. The terrestrial Navy is the force that fight on bodies of water. The spatial Navy is the more modern force that fights in the gulf of space. These two have the same ranking system and Legionnaires in the Navy are required to be efficient at both forms of warfare.

    The Legion's Air Force is composed of all aircraft and fighter class spacecraft. Legionnaires in the air force are trained to be efficient in both methods of warfare. This keeps the air force [homogenous] and maintains a smooth chain of command.

    Many missions require the cooperation of multiple branches. The person of highest rank takes command, but should there be a tie then the person whose branch has the most relevance will take command.

    Soldiers are promoted by their actions, both on and off the battlefield. A soldier who shows discipline is a soldier that can be trusted, no matter the mission. A soldier with discipline does not question the objective and potentially cause the failure of a mission. A soldier with discipline does his or her job, and they do it well, to ensure that their comrades can do theirs.

    A soldier with discipline is the cog that keeps Humanity's war machine going so that other humans may live a life free from fear of external hostile forces.

    -Walter A. Law
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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Manny on January 19th 2013, 2:21 pm

    Section 3: The Code

    With the ideals of commitment and discipline, a Legionnaire is ready to learn the code which all must follow. Based upon another Legion in history, Legionnaires must strive to uphold our name as "The Legion".

    1. As a Legionnarie you will serve the Legion faithfully to advance Humanity.

    2. "Every Legionnaire is your brother in arms. Irrespective of their nationality, race, or creed. You will demonstrate this by unwavering and straightforward solidarity which must always bind together members of the same family." The Legion is a family, part of the larger family tree that is humanity. Together, the Legion will guide Humanity to it's destiny.

    3. "Respectful of the Legion's traditions, honoring your superiors, discipline, and comradeship are your strength, courage and loyalty your virtues." All of this will be done for the Legion and the advancement of humanity. Those whom would interfere with your objectives will not be shown mercy.

    4. "Proud of your status as a Legionnarie, you will display the pride, by your turnout, always impeccable, your behavior every worthy, your living quarters always tidy". Outside of combat Legionnaries are to be respectful towards others. We are not a group of thugs, or criminals. Every member must uphold the values of the Legion, for together we are stronger.

    5. "An elite soldier: You will train vigorously, you will maintain your weapon as if it were your most precious possession, you will keep your body in the peak of condition, always fit." Legionnaries are hard workers whom take the jobs nobody else will. The Legion fights, and dies, for Humanity and it's progress. To preform it's job, evey Legionnaire must be at maximum capacity.

    6. "A mission once given to you becomes sacred to you. You will accomplish it to the end at all costs." The Legion does not accept failure. All soldiers are expected to be individuals capable of making the right decisions should complication arise.

    These are the six points in the Legion's code. Founded upon the code of another Legion, each Legionnaire today will prove our organization worthy of the name "Legion".

    This is the code of a Legionnaire, and the one they will follow while in service of the Legion.

    -Manuel-324, Spartan II, Second in Command.

    The points in quotes were taken from Michael Lee Lanning's book Mercenaries. The French Foreign Legionnarie's Code of Honor can be found at the back in Appendix B.

    Doctor Jensen
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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

    Post  Doctor Jensen on March 5th 2013, 2:40 pm

    This is good stuff. You should add more Manny, my boy.

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    Re: The Legion's Doctrine

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