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    Sentinel; Recovery

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    Re: Sentinel; Recovery

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on March 13th 2018, 8:27 pm

    Lance and Demeter glanced at each other, as they found themselves surrounded by their Fireteam members. Lillian, Samuel, and the newly revitalized Cayde-6, complete with new arm and leg, stood off to their right. Chelsea, Alex, and Ikora Rey smiled off to their left, while Commander Zavala hesitated.

    Lance's attention turned towards the Titan Commander, as the two stepped to face each other. With a stomp of his left foot and a sudden straightening of his spine, Commander Zavala stepped into a crisp salute. Lance followed suit, returning the respectful gesture, before both turning to face Demeter.

    Silently, they stomped their feet and stood at full attention towards her. A chill rain up and down the length of her spine as she felt a rush of wind pick up behind her. With a small flash of Light, her Ghost appeared in front of her and silently nodded her form. Demeter dipped her head, images of the night the Cabal invaded flooded the back of her mind. She recalled everything from that night, how she had been so powerless to save Amethyst.

    "She would be insanely proud of you." Demeter's Ghost approached her. "I can feel her presence, somewhere, smiling down on you."

    Demeter smiled, fighting the urge to let her tears loose, as she stood to full attention and finally returned the salute. In response, the Warlocks, and even the Hunters, managed to break into a crisp salute. Lance and Zavala advanced as the symbol of respect subsided. At their movement, the other various Guardians approached to stand in a line beside them.

    Glancing up at the sight above them, they normally would have felt concern, but the radiant Light emanating from the now wakened Traveler gave them a sense of comfort. The pulse of Light had been devastating to the Traveler's form, what was once a partially damaged sphere now had several chucks of it's hull floating in orbit around the massive machine.

    "It's not my greatest look." the Traveler's soft, feminine voice echoed in the back of Demeter's mind. "-but after seeing all the sacrifices the Stratus Family had made in my honor over the past year, I had to make some sacrifices myself."

    "I am certain you have many questions you want to ask me. Now isn't the time. There is much to be done to rebuild this City, and I believe there are many people that wish to talk with you." the Traveler continued. "Should you get a chance, seek out the Shard of me that granted you your lost power. My chosen will speak with you then."

    As the voice subsided, Lillian, Lance, and Chelsea turned to face Demeter. With a knowing smile and nod, Fireteam Stratus began to walk away in the direction of the Wall. At their departure, Cayde-6 and Ikora began to shift in that direction, with Samuel and Alex in tow. Left with only Commander Zavala, Demeter turned to face the Titan Vanguard.

    "My complacency is what caused this City to falter. I did not cherish the gift of the Traveler, rather I was too focused on staying on the defensive." Zavala sighed, crossing his arms and taking in the sight of the ravaged City around them. "I intend to build this City anew, but it will not be the same as it once was. We will be built better, built stronger, and be built to last."

    "With powerful, experienced Titans such as yourself leading the charge, I have every bit of faith that we will see a better future, all of us." Zavala clasped her on the shoulder. "My only wish is that my mentor, or even Amethyst had been here to see this. You have done more than enough for us already, but if you find yourself with a spare moment and are in search of another assignment to help the City, please come find me."

    As Zavala turned to leave, however, the boisterous form of Lord Shaxx advanced on her. With a powerful move, Shaxx slugged Demeter on the shoulder, before planting both hands firmly on her shoulders.

    "What a remarkable show of power and triumph! THESE are the things I expect from participants in my Crucible! You have done well, young Titan. In such a short time after receiving the Light, you have become more than just a force of nature. You have stared Death in his beady eyes and spat in them." Shaxx gaffawed.

    "If I may be so bold. I have witnessed your usage of a new form of Defender technique. I would be honored to have you join me in teaching the remaining Titan orders how to manifest that ability."

    "Lord Shaxx, I- this is an overwhelming honor. Thank you for this opportunity." Demeter bowed her head, as he placed a hand under her chin and raised it look at him.

    "The honor is all mine. You are a luminous example of what every Titan should strive to be. Disciplined so you do not lose focus on your objective, Strong so that you may break the Darkness where it festers, and Intelligent to solve situations that thrust themselves on you." Shaxx nodded his helmet boisterously. "I am certain you have much on your shoulders that needs attention.Should you happen to see a class of mine in session, I humbly ask that you stop in."

    "For now, I think you should talk with Ikora. She's been off since we started our assault on the City." Shaxx grunted with an endearing hand on her shoulder. "Or do whatever you think is necessary, you certainly don't need my guidance anymore."



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    Re: Sentinel; Recovery

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 18th 2018, 10:27 pm

    As her footfalls echoed through the empty bazaar on the upper levels of the City's Wall, Demeter's gaze found itself fixated on the Tower, looming in the distance. She had only been there a few times in her life, but the destroyed, smouldering ruin of the structure reminded her of the defeat the people of the City suffered several weeks prior.

    Everything felt so different, and it wasn't just her new status as a Guardian, no, there was an emptiness that suffocated the air around her. In a sense, she had become so accustomed to Amethyst's tutelage that standing in the City as a full fledged Titan, a Hero no less, she felt so hollow. When Nathan Stratus passed away and Amethyst came to offer protection to the Orphanage he left behind, she bonded to her mentor.

    Now she was alone, and without guidance. Sure, Samuel and Alex made for excellent friends, but it wasn't the same. She closed her eyes and leaned against the nearest wall, feeling her heart rate shift, the feeling of tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

    "We found you outside our doorstep." Nathan had said, smiling warmly as he pushed a small cup of tea in front of her. "With the recent surge in Guardians sprouting among our people, I was inclined to believe that your parents were Guardians, and as a result could no longer take care of you."

    "They could have tried." Demeter whispered to herself, a single tear streaming down her cheek.

    Mustering her will to stop the ensuing breakdown, Demeter steeled herself and pushed herself off the wall. Justice was served for Amethyst, the one she truly viewed as a mother figure, and it was by her hand that it had been possible. She needed to locate Ikora and speak with her, or anyone for that matter, before she lost all control.

    "Don't worry Sagira." Ikora's voice mumbled on the wind. "We'll see to fixing you."

    Following the sound of the Warlock Vanguard's familiar voice, Demeter turned the corner to see the purple robed woman flipping through several pages at once. Some physically with her fingers, while the other books turned with the renewed Light she possessed.

    "Is that your Ghost?" Demeter asked with a frown, approaching.

    At the sound of Demeter's voice, Ikora hurriedly stowed the Ghost into a drawer in the makeshift desk in front of her. Turning slowly, Ikora took a deep breath, folding her arms behind her back.

    "I'm sorry, I was a bit distracted there. What do you need?"

    "I saw that damaged Ghost. Is that your Ghost?" Demeter asked, as Ikora's eyes flickered in a mixture of annoyance and defeat.

    "No. I haven't been on speaking terms with my Ghost in quite some time. This is not my Ghost, but it belongs to someone I was close with. For now, it doesn't concern you."

    "I'm sorry." Demeter said, turning away, before a soft hand gingerly placed itself on her shoulder.

    "The apology is mine, Demeter." Ikora sighed. "That fight that took place last night has had me deep in thought. What could have happened, and for the case of some Guardians not capable of celebrating today's victory, what did happen."

    "More frightening is that the Red Legion may be down a leader, but they are rallying. We are in no position to begin a full frontal retaliation against them, but we can't allow ourselves to be complacent, not again."

    Producing a data pad, Ikora held it out in front of her. A hologram of a strange glowing golden ball hovered above the pad, as a deep and resounding voice echoed in front of them.

    "O' Red Legion whom hath cut deep into my Heart's royal sinews. Why do you continue to pain your God so? [BBBBBZZZT ZEEERT]. This Centaur is your proving ground. Rejoin my [BBBBBZZZZT ZZZEEEET], consider this my mercy."

    "He sounds important. A new leader for the Red Legion?" Demeter asked, as Ikora shook her head.

    "No. The old Golden Age AI on Nessus, Failsafe, managed to transmit this directly to us a few hours ago, when the Traveler's pulse erupted outwards."

    "Do you want me to investigate it?"

    "If you feel so inclined. You will need to go alone, however, and the risk will be considerably high, so please be careful. See if you can't spy on the Red Legion's rally, and find the source of this transmission."


    "Good job sneaking in silently." Demeter's Ghost spoke up.

    The Red Legion outpost wasn't too far from where the Exodus Black had been located, and as such, it was constantly under attack from Fallen forces trying to nestle in closely. Using one such attack as a diversion, Demeter found herself in the underground bunker of the Cabal outpost.

    "Any luck finding a console you could extrapolate data from?"

    "Unfortunately, no." Jewel, the name both Demeter and her Ghost decided was more fitting than her old mentor's, replied with a sigh. "However, there is something just ahead that's giving off some bizarre readings. Let's check that out."

    Demeter held her SMG at the ready as she crept through the hallway. While the Light was stronger now than ever before, she still didn't dare get into an engagement that would put the whole Outpost on higher alert. She stopped just outside of a door as she heard the grunting of a pair of Cabal bickering back and forth in their native language. Suddenly, the wall just beside her thudded as the two apparently found themselves in a brawl.

    Continuing her stride to the end of the hall, she released Jewel towards the console locking the door. She turned back and pointed her SMG down the hall. The door she had passed buckled and groaned, but thankfully held as the brawlers managed to keep their fight contained. Her stomach collapsed, however, as a Cabal Centurion stomped it's way down the stairs. Upon noticing her, the beast stomped it's mighty foot, pointing at her.

    Raising it's Bronco cannon, a sphere of Void energy formed at the front of the gun. Demeter pitched her shoulder and thrust forward, as a translucent wall of energy formed in front of her. The sphere of Void energy splashed across the wall, as the door behind Demeter shot open. At the sight of this, the Centurion's thrusters on the back of it's suit flared to life, the beast darting towards her.

    Stepping inside, Demeter channeled some Arc Light into her right fist. Spinning on her boots, she swung wide, and just as the sprinting Centurion's chest breached the door frame, her fist made contact. The metal armor buckled with a sickening squish and crunch mixture, before the beast shot back down the hallway it had come.

    As soon as the Centurion's body cleared the door, Jewel slammed and locked the door behind them. There was no way the brawling Cabal hadn't heard that carnage, and Demeter knew she needed to act quickly. Glancing around the room hurriedly, she was confused by the things she saw. Vats of strange purple liquid, almost with the consistency of sludge, glowed in the corner. Each vat had a different label in it, and yet the vats looked exactly the same in contents.

    Beside the vats were containers with odd flower like things, though to Demeter, they looked more like fungus. As she approached the first container, her hand brushed up against a command console. A strange orb-like growth that glowed almost as deep a purple as the sludge in the vat beside her, dropped from the top of the container. At the introduction of the growth, the fungus like plant bloomed into a beautiful violet flower.

    As the flower bloomed, however, Demeter ducked as she heard a weapon whirring up behind her. Turning back, she discovered that a weapon had not been whirring up, rather it was a machine. Given her run in's with the Cabal, she couldn't have been entirely sure, but in this moment she was relieved. A strange orange, almost seed-like crystal was strapped up to a machine, and just above the crystal, beams of natural sunlight entered the crystal.

    Illuminated, the crystal loosed a beam of light into the blooming fungal flower. With a surprising boom, almost like an explosion, the flower erupted into spores of purple. In her haste to avoid the 'weapon' she had thought was behind her, Demeter had accidentally struck the container with her arm, causing the glass to shatter. Purple spores entered the room, her heart racing. An alien plant such as this was likely toxic, and now she was locked in here with it.

    After a few seconds however, the spores seemed to have no effect on her. Her Ghost scanned one of the larger spores, then scanning Demeter. Shaking her form, Demeter sighed in relief. The door beside her buckled, however with the roar of a Cabal Valus. With a crunch, the door opened, as the Valus roared at her.

    "Any ways out?" Demeter asked, raising her SMG.

    "Through him comes to mind."

    Now that she thought about it, Demeter felt insanely good as a result of her exposure to the spores. Not in a drug induced way, rather her muscles felt considerably stronger, and her reflexes further enhanced. Grinning beneath her helmet, Demeter sprinted at the Valus. Pitching her shoulder into his midsection, she felt like she ran into a brick wall. However, she grit her teeth and continued to push, as the Valus' boots actually gave. Inch by inch she pushed on the Cabal Valus, before she finally broke through and shoulder charged him down the hall.

    The two crashed past a pair of Centurions, and back up the stairs. Reducing her speed, the Valus continued to tumble backwards. Crunching her knuckles in her hands, she never felt more powerful, with the exception of the times she had been given boundless Light by the Traveler.

    "The Cabal logs I managed to extract in that lab called them Empowering Spores. They don't last very long, but they can allow a Legionaire to fight a Valus on an even playing field."

    "Good to know." Demeter smiled as Arc energy crackled over her person.


    Demeter brushed the dust off of her shoulder pauldron as she walked away from the smouldering crater behind her. Jewel floated over her shoulder, gazing in complete awe at the massive hole on the surface of Nessus behind them.

    "Captain, what was that large earthquake just now?" Failsafe's voice spoke up on the comms.

    "It 'was' a Cabal Outpost. Now it's just rubble and smouldering ruin."

    "How delightful. Took you long enough. What about the issue I warned in orbital scans?"

    "Orbital scans?" Demeter asked, as the Centurion helmet she was dragging in her right hand began to vibrate.

    Only, it wasn't just the helmet that was vibrating. The ground beneath Demeter began to tremble and buckle, as her eyes glanced up into the sky. The good feeling the Empowering Spores had given her, though long expired, sank into sheer terror, as she glanced at the object looming in the sky.

    Golden was the hull of the ship, with a wide, triangular gaping 'mouth' like structure at the front. Just at the apex of the triangular mouth, considerably higher than the top of the ship, was a pair of dwarved stars.

    "O' Red Legion whom hath cut deep into my Heart's royal sinews. Why do you continue to pain your God so? Your God is pained, my children, but I am forgiving. This Centaur is your proving ground. Rejoin my Loyalists, so that we shall become whole again, provide me the means to create Royal Nectar, consider this my mercy."

    "It's coming from the helmet." Demeter said, hoisting the helmet up so that she could hear the message.

    "The soil here is rich, perfect for the creation of Royal Nectar. You will harvest the first batch, and should I deem it suitable for consumption, my Leviathan shall reduce this world into the premier ingredient." the deep, regal voice continued. "All I ask is you return to my loving embrace. Emperor Calus... has spoken."

    As the voice's message ended, a rumbling once again filled the air as Demeter glanced up at the massive ship in the sky above her. Fire stoked in the deepest recess of the 'mouth'. She felt herself being inexplicably pulled upwards by an unknown force. The ground fissured beneath her, as entire segments of Nessus were forcefully erupted from the surface.

    "Transmat to the ship, quickly!" Demeter called as she felt the familiar inward pressure of a transmat.

    Safely within her ship's cockpit, her gaze fell upon the massive ship that easily dwarfed the Centaur, as large chunks of Nessus' landmass floated through the void of space and into it's mouth.

    "What about Failsafe?" Demeter asked.

    "I'm in the process of copying my databanks to your Vanguard's vaults. Though, the device's 'consumption' has seemed to stop. Also, as a completely unrelated notion, the Vex Core of Nessus seems to have been removed. This planetoid is now officially dead without hope of recovering!

    "She was way too chipper about that." Demeter shook her head, turning to Jewel. "Contact the Vanguard, have them send another Fireteam. If the Cabal Emperor is here, we have to stop him."



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    Re: Sentinel; Recovery

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on June 12th 2018, 2:38 pm

    "What do you mean you can't spare anyone?!" Demeter growled.

    "Zavala is busy helping to rebuild the City, and Cayde has gone back to playing the role of space cowboy, filling the Prison of Elders with the remnants of the Red Legion that surrendered. Ikora sighed. "Any and all Guardians that are left have been patrolling the City in hopes of driving off any hostiles that may be hiding out for a resurgence."

    "What about Alex and Sam? Fireteam Stratus?"

    "Well, about that. I had a personal favor to ask of Alex, Chelsea, and Tina. You'll understand if I leave out the specifics. As for Lance, Lillian, and the others? They're helping New Monarchy distribute supplies to the downtrodden."

    "Then I guess I'm going in alone."

    "That's unwis-"

    Demeter cut the communications, tilting the drive shaft of her ship forward. As she navigated towards the large fish-like Cabal ship, Jewel turned to face her with a disapproving shake of her shell.

    However, even before Jewel could utter a word, a booming voice entered her helmet. Boisterous, rumbling words of a foreign tongue echoed throughout her cockpit. With a mechanical sign, Jewel struck the console of her ship with a scanning beam, translating it as close as she could.

    "You are fascinating creatures, Traveler-spawn. While I would be humbled to have such powerful guests on my Leviathan, she is suffering a tummy ache, and I as a ruler-god of my people would be remiss to have guests while even my illustrious ship is not in it's best condition." the voice boomed. "I will call a rain-check on our meeting, Human. Perhaps, if you would be inclined to help my situation it could expedite our delay. However, as powerful as you may be, it will take more of your kind to provide the assistance I need. Come back another time, Emperor Calus will greet you with open arms. Perhaps then, even, I may teach you how to grow fat from strength."

    "That was... vivid. I was going to agree with Ikora and remind you of the dangers going in alone would cause, but it appears even the Emperor himself knows his ship is dangerous to you."

    "He's eating Nessus, or at least his ship is. That poses a threat. What if he doesn't stop at Nessus?" Demeter asked, turning to her.

    "I don't trust him either, however, we cannot take this threat on alone. For now, let's aid the City rebuild until everyone's settled back to a more normal state."


    Caloris Spires, Caloris Basin, Planet Mercury

    "This is insanity. I'm usually the chipper one, but this is insane. Are you Warlocks even listening to me?"

    "We are, Ruby, but you need to relax. He's not a threat, not since the Light was essentially reset." Alex sighed, turning to her temporary Fireteam, consisting of the legendary Warlocks Tina and Chelsea of Fireteam Stratus. "I'm really sorry, she gets insufferably anxious in these kinds of situations."

    "I'M the insufferable one? Do you know exactly how taxing you are when you're around Samuel or Demeter? You constantly have to talk, you use way more Light than you should, and you're more apt to die than either of them combined, and according to Flint, Samuel dies a lot."

    "Ah, you've got that kind of Ghost relationship." Chelsea smiled beneath her helmet. "My Ghost has always been the quiet, inquisitive one. He's always shy, though, no-one, not even Lance has heard him speak."

    The trio of Warlocks trudged their sands through the boots of the Mercurian sands, approaching the Vex teleporter directly in front of them, looming over the Caloris Basin.

    "Ikora said we'd find him in the Infinite Forest, right? So this should be the place." Tina crossed her arms. "Now just how do we get in there?"

    "I believe this is where I come in." a small, golden Ghost wriggled her way out of Chelsea's hip-side knapsack.

    Sagira, the small Ghost looming in front of them, nodded her shell before turning to the shielded portal. With a unique beam of golden and blue light, the shield working over the portal disappeared. "You're welcome!"

    "No offense, Sagira, but guys. We're searching for an exiled Guardian, is this seriously not ringing any immediate bells?!"

    "Osiris was once a master of all disciplines of Light, yes. However, he long renounced the brutal nature of the Titan's Light, and the roguish nature of a Hunter's Light. He prefers the more refined, chaotic nature of a Warlock's Light. The City cast him out because he feared that the Traveler was the cause of the Collapse, and that spelt disaster to your Speaker's regime."

    "The Speaker is dead." Alex replied with a shake of her head.

    "Normally I wouldn't speak ill of the dead, but if I had saliva glands I'd spit on his grave." Sagira dropped her usual warm and soothing voice in favor of a more angry, spiteful tone. "I'm sure Saint-14 isn't taking it well?"

    "Saint-14? He's been missing since Twilight Gap, when he and Drake hunted down the Devil's Kell and Archon Priest. Everyone assumed he went searching for his old friend."

    "Osiris." Sagira nodded. "Saint-14 was always head strong like that. Though, I suppose all Titans are. It's almost natural to them."

    "So why would Saint-14 be troubled if the Speaker was dead?" Alex turned, as Sagira, Chelsea, and Tina turned to face her.

    "The Speaker practically adopted Saint-14. Raised him like a son." Chelsea frowned. "Or at least, that's something Drake Stratus told Lance and I from what seems like a life-time ago."

    "If that's the case, Saint-14 is probably in the Infinite Forest too. Though, Twilight Gap was so long ago now that I fear he might not have made it, especially when the Light disappeared. Anyways, I love this discussion, but holding the portal open like this really hurts, maybe we can walk and talk?"



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    Re: Sentinel; Recovery

    Post  Shad0wChas3r Yesterday at 9:04 pm

    "So, if it wasn't because he was a Risen, what was the reason Osiris was exiled Sagira?" Alex asked, as the angular Ghost floated around her head.

    "The whole 'Risen' nonsense was the excuse the Speaker came up with to justify exiling Osiris. Yes, he was a 'Risen' in the fact that he could control the techniques of all Guardians, but that was not the reason he was deemed unsafe for the City. " Sagira sighed. "Osiris' only crime was his disbelief in a live Traveler being a good thing for Humanity."

    The three Warlocks gasped, as Sagira shook her shell, turning back towards them expectantly. "Yes, you heard that right. Osiris thinks things are better for Humanity and our allies if the Traveler is dead... or unconscious."

    "Of course, those were merely theories. His research got to the public, and the more the downtrodden survivors of the Dark Ages began to read them, the more they began to jump to conclusions about his theorems." Sagira's shell twisted with a mechanical sigh. "Thus, the Eyes of Osiris were formed, and with them the Trials of Osiris. As a personal fan of the Iron Banner, Osiris and I were intrigued with the Trials as a show of Humanity's strength in such pressing times. However, those believers soon became fanatics, denouncing the Traveler, the Speaker, and the Vanguard that Osiris once served."

    "-and the Speaker wanted it silenced. So he banished Osiris?"

    "Well yes, and no." Sagira bobbed her form in the air, glancing at the intricate metallic structures of the tunnel they were walking through. "It was the Speaker's idea initially yes, but it was Osiris' own student who exiled him, on behalf of the City and the Vanguard."

    "Who?" Chelsea asked, her head turning to face Alex and Tina for support.

    "That bitch, Ikora Rey."


    "Ah, the Sentinel returns. Welcome back to the Forest." Drake Stratus' voice, mingled with a chorus of others, spoke in sing song around her. "She said you would come, but for what reason, I wonder?"

    "I came to know a couple of things, if you have the time to spare?"

    "The constant war between the Light and the Darkness has no time for reprieve. However, now is the time for us to lick our wounds, gather knowledge, and prepare a counter-strike." a physical golden manifestation of a Titan appeared beside her.

    "When I fought Ghaul, I summoned a War-hammer of fire. Something that I thought was strictly exclusive to the Stratus family line?"

    "Yes, it is true that the Warpath Titan technique seemed unique to the Stratus family. My Grandfather, Sol Stratus, formerly known as Captain Jacob Hardy of the Ares mission that first discovered the Traveler, was the first Titan to be created by the Traveler. Yet, he only served as a second to the first Titan Vanguard. "

    "The very first Titan Vanguard was a man of absolute strength as well, however, he was felled by a Warlord by a rogue Warlord, which at the time were evil 'Guardians' who used their Light to oppress people. Hardy, who changed his name to Sol Stratus following the assassination of the Warlord Tiberius, was not only the first Titan in existence, but the first wielder of the Warpath technique." Drake continued, as the two of them walked the depths of the corrupted forest. "He was not the only one, however. He had a friend who held a lot of his believes, and, she too was deemed worthy of the Light. She became a Titan, as he did, and served with distinction alongside him."

    "You see, Sentinel. This woman was regarded as the first Sentinel Titan, able to produce a shield much like the one you possess. Sol and Dusk, the Titaness, exchanged notes. She learned to master Warpath, and him Sentinel. However, he was unable to properly teach the technique to his lineage before he disappeared without a trace many years before I was even born. In fact, both of them disappeared, without her teaching Warpath to her lineage."

    "Do you have any idea what happened to them?" Demeter asked, as the two of them stopped to glance over a pond.

    "I do. They were slain by the very Titan he had supposedly avenged. Reyzl Azzir. Though, you may know of him as Dredgen Yor."

    "The Crucible Killer? I thought he was a Hunter, not a Titan?!"

    "Indeed, he was a Titan. Or he was when he was Reyzl. However, after being slain by the Warlord Tiberius, and reborn by the Light of the Traveler (a rare occurrence back then), he went to Luna in search of answers. The forward wave of Hive that had built tunnels up there, well before I was ever a Titan myself, corrupted him and his Rose hand-cannon. He became Dredgen Yor, and his Thorn stole the Light of many he encountered. "

    "Sol's friend, the first Hunter Vanguard Jaren Ward, sought to use his aptly named Last Word to slay Dredgen Yor and end his corruption. However, he was gunned down in a duel, and a young fledgling Hunter, whom you may know as Shin Malphur, took up Jaren's Light and Last Word, and produced the first Golden Gun, which he used to slay Dredgen Yor, and avenge our families."

    "Our families? You mean, I'm related to this Dusk Titaness?" Demeter's heart soared.

    "Yes. However, if it is answers to the whereabouts of your parents you seek. I shall not divulge that information. You are better off believing they died as heroes."

    "So they are still alive!" Demeter turned to him. "Please! You must tell me!"

    "No. You may sound excited now, but the truth would devastate you."

    "Have I not proven myself to you yet? I possess the strength to protect Humanity, I do not believe actual peace of mind is too much to ask for?"

    The Golden shape of a Titan sighed, as he shook his head. As they continued their walks, Golden wisps escaped his form and illuminated the otherwise dark forest with tableau's of various moments. The first, directly to her right, depicted a man and a woman with a bundle in their arms. However, a looming shadow, depicted by black energy, nearly enveloped and 'corrupted' the two.

    "Ah, are you here to- oh my." Nathan Stratus' familiar voice echoed throughout the forest. "Yes, yes, we have some room. Are you very sure you'd like to- Guardians you say? Ah yes, I was never a Guardian myself, but I can understand the problems that poses. Yes, I will see to it that she lives a good life. Demeter? Ah, the goddess of the Earth. A fitting, beautiful name."

    As they passed the tableau, it wisped away into nothing, the next approaching on her left. As she gazed upon it, the same two semi-corrupted figures, much more corrupted than before, held their Handcannons up to the dark presence looming over them. The weapons in their hands once shown a vibrant Gold, only to be dampened with a dark corruption.

    "You will serve as the Fingers, as we are the Hand. Bring Sorrow to our enemies with these unholy gifts. Show the wretched Light that we are not it's slaves, that we are to be it's masters, only through Darkness can we truly appreciate Light." a sinister voice echoed over the forest canopy.

    Demeter stopped as her head dipped, and her fists clenched. She felt her knuckles begin to pop, as the apparition of Golden Light stopped a few feet in front of her. Tears rolled down her cheek, bitten by the damp, cold air of the night-time forest. Her teeth grit, as she felt electricity begin to spark up and down the lengths of her arms.

    "How many people have they killed?" Demeter asked, shaking her head in disbelief.

    "Too many." Drake replied, placing a hand firmly on her shoulder. "Nathan could tell by the looks of them, and the Traveler had witnessed much of this, even in her comatose state. They wore the insignia of the evil cult, Yor's Shadows. At the time of dropping you off, they were not fully corrupt, but he knew they would do you no harm in an Orphanage. They wanted the best for you, and thus they did."

    "I want to end their misery." Demeter growled, as the arc energy raced in between her appendages, crackling the air with static charge.

    "That is completely unwise. Yor's Shadow is in possession of some insanely deadly weapons. They are referred to the Weapons of Sorrow. One bullet is enough to permanently sever your connection from the Light. The next is the one that kills you permanently. They both possess Thorns. To hunt them down would be suicidal."

    Drake's visage turned to the final tableau, as he dipped his head. Demeter, however, brushed his grip off and walked towards it. As he reached out to stop her, however, Demeter's hand brushed backwards and dispelled him. Approaching the tableau, she saw a man lying on the floor, a duo of hooded blackened figures standing over him.

    "Where is she? The scriptures of Yor speak of another brilliant Light that will smother the Darkness. All evidence points to her."

    "Y-you would snuff out your own daughter, in this pursuit of absolute corruption?!" Nathan's voice echoed. "If my grandson and his friends were here, they'd-!"


    "Stoic Stratus' are always the most annoying voices in the world." the man's voice echoed into her ears. "Are you seriously moving, old man?!"

    "So this is the Darkness you serve-" Nathan gasped for air. "Poison for the mind and the body. You embrace it willingly, but I-"


    A shotgun blast rattled the forest as the male's corrupted form splattered in darkness. Nathan's golden visage stood cautiously, nursing his wound. A Ghost's form appeared where the man had stood, as the woman approached.


    "Not a step closer." Nathan growled with a pained groan. "Otherwise I- I'll-."

    With a crashing thud, Nathan's body struck the floor in a heap. The woman's visage approached the Ghost, resurrecting the corrupted man. There was another thud as the door sprang open, before the two corrupted individuals could move, however, a lone purple figure tackled the man to the floor, before picking him up and throwing him out of the window by his cape.

    "You." Amethyst's familiar voice echoed through the forest, bringing more tears to Demeter's eyes.

    The sound of a a hand opening and clenching on someone's neck echoed around them, as the tableau shifted to Amethyst's visage holding the woman up by her throat. "Gaugh. Uh. Guh."

    "Scum like you sicken me. This man gave your daughter everything. Not only did you intend to undo all of his work, you even killed him."


    "You missed!" Amethyst snickered. "For a Hunter especially, that's just sad!"

    Amethyst's spare hand grasped the woman's Thorn, turning it up towards the woman's chin. "Don't worry, I'll take care of your daughter where you failed to."


    As the final round of the Thorn discharged, Amethyst dropped the woman's body to a heap at her feet. She sighed as she glanced down at her nephew's corpse. Shaking her head, she glanced at the smouldering form of the woman flittered away into nothing. With it's owner destroyed, the Thorn also faded into nothingness.

    "Lance is going to be upset, but I can't get him involved with the Shadows of Yor." Amethyst sighed. "-and that girl, if she ever found out the truth... I fear what would happen."

    With the final word said, the tableau fizzled out of existence. The forest around her noticeably darkened, as Demeter collapsed to a knee.

    "That explains why she wanted to mentor me. She felt guilty about killing my... my mother." Demeter's eyes flowed tears down her cheek. "S-So, I'm the only one left of my family?"

    "The man who once was your biological father remains, however, I do not recommend you seek him out. The death of your mother is-"

    "Don't call them that." Demeter growled, as Arc energy rolled up her arms again. "They are revolting human garbage and nothing more. I was raised by Nathan and Amethyst Stratus. Those monsters are not what my ancestors stood for. One day, I swear, I'll make him pay."

    Perhaps you will have that chance, one day. For now, you have much more to accomplish. Something big will be happening soon, and... the world will become so much darker. You cannot prevent it, but you will be the one to finish it." Drake's voice entered the chorus once more. "You possess the Warpath technique now, but there is much more for you to learn, both in Sentinel and Striker techniques. This knowledge will come to you naturally, but I ask that you teach Lance everything you will learn. You will find it crucial in the times to come. For now, leave this place."


    "Welcome to the Infinite Forest. The Vex's answer to the multiverse. You can simulate any time-line, past, present, and future. This is what we've been up to since his exile."

    "For nearly two hundred years, you've been studying the past, present and future for various other outcomes. Isn't that... Vexy?" Alex asked.

    "To an ignoramus, maybe. You are Warlocks, where is your sense of wonder? Do you not seek intelligence, knowledge? Control over power?" Sagira chuckled to herself. "Though thinking about it now, finding Osiris would be a lot easier if I was actually there with him."

    The vast, open abyss in front of the three Warlocks almost reminded them of a vast open sky of blue. In the distance, three very distinct pillars seeming stretched upwards and down below for what seemed like eternity. The first pillar was shiny, new, and polished, the second was slightly degraded with some bronzing on it's metallic hull, while the third was decrepit, rotting and rusted.

    A platform appeared before them, as the three Warlocks tensed. A small legion of Cabal troops appeared before them digitally. Sagira shook her form, hiding behind Alex's back.

    "Sorry, I forgot to mention that because this IS all a Vex simulation, the simulated aliens you encounter are completely 'real' in the sense they can harm and even kill you. Please try to be careful as we go along. We'll need to head to Mercury's past, perhaps we'll find him there, so get to shooting. Each time through here is another variable, so don't get too comfortable with Cabal."



    Thanks for Reading!

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