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    Re: Sentinel; Recovery

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on March 13th 2018, 8:27 pm

    Lance and Demeter glanced at each other, as they found themselves surrounded by their Fireteam members. Lillian, Samuel, and the newly revitalized Cayde-6, complete with new arm and leg, stood off to their right. Chelsea, Alex, and Ikora Rey smiled off to their left, while Commander Zavala hesitated.

    Lance's attention turned towards the Titan Commander, as the two stepped to face each other. With a stomp of his left foot and a sudden straightening of his spine, Commander Zavala stepped into a crisp salute. Lance followed suit, returning the respectful gesture, before both turning to face Demeter.

    Silently, they stomped their feet and stood at full attention towards her. A chill rain up and down the length of her spine as she felt a rush of wind pick up behind her. With a small flash of Light, her Ghost appeared in front of her and silently nodded her form. Demeter dipped her head, images of the night the Cabal invaded flooded the back of her mind. She recalled everything from that night, how she had been so powerless to save Amethyst.

    "She would be insanely proud of you." Demeter's Ghost approached her. "I can feel her presence, somewhere, smiling down on you."

    Demeter smiled, fighting the urge to let her tears loose, as she stood to full attention and finally returned the salute. In response, the Warlocks, and even the Hunters, managed to break into a crisp salute. Lance and Zavala advanced as the symbol of respect subsided. At their movement, the other various Guardians approached to stand in a line beside them.

    Glancing up at the sight above them, they normally would have felt concern, but the radiant Light emanating from the now wakened Traveler gave them a sense of comfort. The pulse of Light had been devastating to the Traveler's form, what was once a partially damaged sphere now had several chucks of it's hull floating in orbit around the massive machine.

    "It's not my greatest look." the Traveler's soft, feminine voice echoed in the back of Demeter's mind. "-but after seeing all the sacrifices the Stratus Family had made in my honor over the past year, I had to make some sacrifices myself."

    "I am certain you have many questions you want to ask me. Now isn't the time. There is much to be done to rebuild this City, and I believe there are many people that wish to talk with you." the Traveler continued. "Should you get a chance, seek out the Shard of me that granted you your lost power. My chosen will speak with you then."

    As the voice subsided, Lillian, Lance, and Chelsea turned to face Demeter. With a knowing smile and nod, Fireteam Stratus began to walk away in the direction of the Wall. At their departure, Cayde-6 and Ikora began to shift in that direction, with Samuel and Alex in tow. Left with only Commander Zavala, Demeter turned to face the Titan Vanguard.

    "My complacency is what caused this City to falter. I did not cherish the gift of the Traveler, rather I was too focused on staying on the defensive." Zavala sighed, crossing his arms and taking in the sight of the ravaged City around them. "I intend to build this City anew, but it will not be the same as it once was. We will be built better, built stronger, and be built to last."

    "With powerful, experienced Titans such as yourself leading the charge, I have every bit of faith that we will see a better future, all of us." Zavala clasped her on the shoulder. "My only wish is that my mentor, or even Amethyst had been here to see this. You have done more than enough for us already, but if you find yourself with a spare moment and are in search of another assignment to help the City, please come find me."

    As Zavala turned to leave, however, the boisterous form of Lord Shaxx advanced on her. With a powerful move, Shaxx slugged Demeter on the shoulder, before planting both hands firmly on her shoulders.

    "What a remarkable show of power and triumph! THESE are the things I expect from participants in my Crucible! You have done well, young Titan. In such a short time after receiving the Light, you have become more than just a force of nature. You have stared Death in his beady eyes and spat in them." Shaxx gaffawed.

    "If I may be so bold. I have witnessed your usage of a new form of Defender technique. I would be honored to have you join me in teaching the remaining Titan orders how to manifest that ability."




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