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    Sentinel; Lost to Light

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    Sentinel; Lost to Light

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 18th 2017, 8:53 pm

    "There's a storm coming, kiddo." the woman's gruff yet pure voice echoed through the street.

    Dark, angry clouds spewed lightning for miles in and around the City's limits. Looming above them like a luminescent orb of white and golden Light, the Traveler, Humanity's sworn protector, was a beacon of hope to all. For Demeter, however, it meant so much more than that. The Traveler is what had brought her mother and father to the Last City, a place to call home.

    Dark times had once fallen on the City, but thanks to the efforts of Fireteam Stratus and the countless Guardians risking their lives every single day, Demeter had reason to hope. Her mother, a huntress, and her father, a proud and mighty Titan, once served the City for the sake of the Light, but had disappeared some time before Fireteam Stratus had even been formed.

    Ever since then, Demeter had always wanted to be gifted by the Traveler, and to go out into the brave unknown in search of her parents. Unfortunately, unlike many other people her age, she exhibited no signs of the Traveler's blessing. Some Guardians were formed from death, others chosen by the Traveler. For obvious reasons, she did not wish to attempt the other path.

    Nathan Stratus, the founder and proprietor of the Orphanage she had stayed at had passed some time before. He had been her primary caretaker, when he wasn't tending to his medical issues, or visiting the Ship Wright on the Tower.

    "Are you going to stand there and stare, Demeter?" Amethyst Stratus, fabled sister to the legendary Drake Stratus beckoned once again, this time much more impatiently. "You'll catch a cold, and I won't be giving you a free pass on tomorrow's combat training."

    "Right." Demeter nodded, slowly making her way towards the door.

    Twenty-two years old and she was still living in an Orphanage. Part of her wanted to wait for her parent's unlikely reappearance, the other did it to help defend her younger peers. Which is precisely when the Iron Lady Amethyst Stratus showed up as a mentor and means of security for the self contained Orphanage, Demeter couldn't help but graciously jump at the chance.

    Light or not, Demeter was determined to fight the good fight and do her part for herself, her peers, and her community. Everything Amethyst had taught her, from hand-to-hand combat, to live munition firearm training, was done to ensure she could be the best she feasibly could.

    Her motion for the door ceased, however, as one particularly large bolt of lightning cast down just beyond the Tower. From where she was standing, she prided herself in occasionally being able to see Commander Zavala standing at the edge of the table in the hall of Vanguards, if the positioning was there. In the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of purple energy from within the Vanguard hall. The sight of the Ward of Dawn emboldened her, but also made her heart drop in despair.

    Why would Zavala be using such a technique on the Tower, if there was no clear and present danger. Amethyst seemed to notice Demeter's pause and took a moment to glance herself. Amethyst's mechanical arm twitched for a moment, her hand balling into a fist. It was then that the sound of a fleet of Guardian ships roared overhead. Demeter's eyes sprang up high to see a trio of ships in particular.

    One was ornate, gold and white, with decorations of wolves and trees branching along the sides, there was no doubt that it was an Iron Lord. The other two ships, while not as ornately decorated, were easily recognizable as well. It was fireteam Stratus, led by the new leader, a risen by the name of Drake Stratus.

    "So, he broke the ban to come, eh?" Amethyst sighed. "Just like the stubborn fool. Demeter, inside, now!"

    "No mentor." Demeter shook her head. "Whatever has the Guardians and the Tower in the scramble is going to need as much help as they can get."

    "You don't have Light, Demeter." Amethyst growled, stepping forward menacingly. "If you die up there, you aren't coming back."

    "Neither will you, mentor." Demeter stepped forward, just as stoically as Amethyst had. "I will only continue to go stronger if I expand my experiences."

    The argument was cut short by the overwhelming sound of destruction and explosions that violently erupted from the Tower. The Towerwatch itself had been destroyed in an instant, but Zavala's Ward of Dawn held true. Amethyst sighed to herself, as she produced a rifle from just inside the door, handing it to Demeter.

    "Listen to me carefully, don't be a hero, Demeter." Amethyst said. "If I tell you to do something, you do it without hesitation, understood?"

    "Yes ma'am." Demeter smiled brightly, admiring the Scout Rifle in her hands.

    Above them, as the fleet of Guardian ships interlocked with the alien craft, all hell broke loose. Shrapnel and floatsam from both partie's destroyed vessels crashed throughout the streets, making travel for both Amethyst and Demeter very difficult, not to mention the mass of panic from the terrified masses.

    "It'll be faster if we take my ship." Amethyst grunted, clutching her chest suddenly. "I don't have very much Light left, but I should have enough to get us both to the ship and still put up a decent fight when we're there."

    "What about the people here?" Demeter asked, as Amethyst's hand reached out for her shoulder.

    "That's what the Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult are down here for." she said. "Hold your breath."

    In a feeling that could only be described as one person being wrung out like a wet towel, Demeter found herself in the back seat of the somewhat cramped cockpit of Amethyst's ship. All forces enacted on her at once as the ship they were in blew it's way through the warring ships and towards the Tower.

    Suddenly, Amethyst's hand shot out and grabbed Demeter's shoulder again, followed by that sickening feeling. Demeter felt weightless for a moment, as she was several feet of the ground of the Tower for only a moment, lowering to the floor delicately.

    "Stay close to me, got it?!" Amethyst snarled, turning to Demeter. "My brother died to save this City, and I'll be damned if some space turtles want to take that away!"

    In the time Demeter had known and trained under Amethyst, she had never seen the Titaness so livid, or down right angry. She had always had a commanding presence before, but this was something else, this was pure rage. In a way, it was empowering, but in another way, it made Demeter realize just how grave this situation truly was.

    The place was a total mess, the beloved vaults of the Guardians tore to shreds by the explosions. The Cryptarch himself was no-where to be seen, as with the Gunsmith or even the Post-Master. Demeter had accompanied Nathan on the Tower when she was younger, but this was nothing like she had seen before.

    "You!" a booming, commanding voice echoed above the sounds of war to their right.

    The sight caused Demeter's heart to flutter, as she had been standing several feet away from a group of living legends. Lance Stratus, Lillian Evergreen, and Chelsea Cloud stood over a pile of alien corpses, Commander Zavala, however, had his finger pointed accusingly at Lance's chest.

    "You have some nerve coming here, I have all the reasons to shoot you down right now." Zavala snarled.

    "Good to see you too, Mr. Clean." Lance snickered. "Looks to me like you have things well handled here. Guess that distress signal Cayde sent me was wasted- which is what I would say if this wasn't a huge SHIT SHOW!"

    "You're out of line!" Zavala grunted, shoving Lance, as the younger Titan shoved back.

    "-and you're out of your league, you sorry excuse for a Smurf." Lance growled back. "I came to help the City, not you."

    Amethyst jogged over towards the squabble, as Demeter stood there in utter confusion. Behind her, she could hear one of the alien ships looming just above her. Tensing, she froze in fear as a trio of the turtle like creatures descended down upon her. She flinched as the sound of a hammer striking an anvil echoed throughout the plaza, before the sizzling of fires pluming above her head.

    Glancing up, the turtles that would have surely landed on her and crushed her evaporated into smoke. Glancing over at the group, she noticed Lance standing there, fire pouring over and across his ornate blackened Iron Lord armor.

    "What did I tell you?!" Amethyst shouted, pointing to her side.

    "Amethyst?" Lillian turned to face her. "You cut your hair."

    "I've got a mechanical arm and the first thing you bring up is the new due?" Amethyst sighed, as Demeter hurriedly snuck behind the towering woman.

    "I figured the arm thing was... still kinda fresh." Lillian frowned. "We can reminisce after this battle's won. This kid yours?"

    "I'm not a kid-" Demeter began to speak, as Amethyst's non-machine hand struck her on the back of the head.

    "I taught you to speak with respect." Amethyst growled. "She's a girl I've been training in the art of combat, for just such an occasion. She said she was ready, so this is her debut."

    "I don't sense any Light on her to speak of." Chelsea shrugged, placing a hand on Demeter's shoulder. "Stick with us, rookie. We'll keep you safe."

    "Seeking honor and glory?" Lance grinned from behind her. "Sounds like me when I first met Drake."

    "Is now really the time?!" Zavala said, stepping to the front of the group, spreading his arms wide and producing another Ward of Dawn around them. "More Cabal reinforcements inbound."

    Surely enough, a salvo of missiles from one of the airborne Cabal ships rained down on their position, splashing ineffectively against the impenetrable Void bubble. From the same ship, a small legion of Cabal soldiers landed on the Cryptarch's booth.

    Demeter tensed and shouldered her rifle, as Lance's hand brought the barrel of the weapon down. She gave him a surprised look, glancing at his viking styled helmet.

    "Not in this bubble, not unless you want to kill us all." he tapped the top of her head, before stepping out of the shelter.

    "I dunno why you're here." Lance called out to the aliens. "Play with fire, however, and you're just begging to get burnt."

    Pillars of fire erupted from the ground at the Cabal troop's feet, engulfing them all in a canyon of flames. As fire fire licked at them, their oily blood ignited from within, erupting them into miniature firecrackers.

    Zavala's Ward of Dawn shimmered out of commission, as Lillian's iconic sniper rifle cracked loudly from behind Demeter. Some strange dog like alien creature, which had been attempting to attack Lance from behind, yipped with an alien snarl as it's brains left it's skull.

    "Where's the Speaker?!" the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, asked from within Zavala's communications systems.

    "I and the other Guardians will help keep this sector locked down." Zavala turned to Amethyst and indirectly to Demeter. "Go find the Speaker, link up with Ikora."

    Lance's scoff echoed throughout the plaza, as Amethyst, Demeter, Lillian, Chelsea, and him sprinted towards Tower North, where the Speaker generally spent his time. Demeter watched as the emergency breach-proof doors slammed shut behind them, leaving the Guardians and her in the small access tunnel.

    Despite the war-torn visage of the condensed hallway, a lone sweeper bot mulled happily away at it's primary function, despite the piles of dead Cabal troops surrounding it. The breach-proof doors leading into the main hub of Tower North opened, as Demeter's heart sank deep into her feet.

    The majority of Tower North was completely missing, which could mean one of two things. Either the Speaker made it to an escape shuttle... or he didn't. Amethyst encouragingly tapped her on the shoulder, as Ikora Rey launched a Nova Bomb in their direction. Demeter flinched as the massive orb of Void Energy narrowly grazed the top of Lance's head, blasting behind them, efficiently ending the cloaked Cabal spies that had followed them.

    "The Speaker's gone." Ikora shook her head with rage, as a Cabal gunship floated into the now open airspace that was Tower North. "They will find and take no more from ME!"

    Jumping up into the air, Ikora launched yet another massive Nova Bomb directly on one of the ship's two primary engines, before landing on it's hull and riding it down towards the City itself. The group stood at the edge of the ruined catwalk that once was the New Monarchy's special embassy. In the distance, a strange six pronged object floated menacingly towards the Traveler, but with little in the way of air defenses to stop it, it moved without falter.

    "Arianna?!" Lance cried out, as he suddenly clutched his chest. "What are they doing?!"

    The others around Demeter all sank down in either a mixture of pain, or grief. The door directly to their right, which had been fabled as the Thousand Year Door within City rumors, as the door very rarely opened, began to crack. Demeter's Scout Rifle raised, as a strange, never before seen Cabal trooper with what she could only guess was fuel gel packs on it's back kicked the door open.

    "Run!" Amethyst growled, unable to move. "RUN DEMETER!"

    "No." Demeter shook her head as tears rolled down her eyes. "What's wrong with you all?!"

    "Aria- I mean the Traveler." Lillian grunted. "They're doing something to it, our Light-."

    "Kid." Lance's hand grabbed her shoulder, as she stared deep into his visor. "Run and fight another day."

    "I-I refuse to run, never again!" Demeter growled. "NEVER!"

    The storm above them, which in the current situation was only more a hindrance than actually relevant, began to surge even further. Lightning bolts crashed down all around their position for merely a moment. The Cabal Incendiary unit moved it's cannon to fire at the disabled Guardians and seemingly harmless Human before it.

    "I refuse to let the Darkness take anyone else from me!" Demeter grit her teeth, as her fists clenched. "You're not taking them!"

    Standing in front of the disabled Guardians, Demeter spread her arms wide like she had seen several Titans do in the past. However, nothing came out. The Cabal firemaster roared with laughter. Raising it's weapon towards her, it released a singular fiery canister of flammable fuel gel, igniting the shell to detonate on impact.

    There was a loud explosion followed by a subtle thud surrounding the Guardians on the ground. Lance and Amethyst looked up to see that they had in fact not died from the almost certain death that hurtled towards them. Instead, Demeter stood there, purple tendrils of Void Light covered her from head to toe. Unlike the normal Defender Titans he and his ancestors had culminated over the years, however, Demeter stood with a perfect void shield in her left hand.

    "I will NOT be underestimated again." Demeter lowered her shield, as time seemed to slow for the Guardians.

    Demeter rushed forward headstrong, slamming her purple disk into the face of the Incendiary Cabal unit, the tendrils that covered her body quickly spread up it's body. With only a single utterance of pain, the Cabal creature fizzled out of existence, it's body ripped from this realm to feed the Void.

    A trio of Cabal units rushed on her position, as she span herself around instinctively. Every motion she had made felt natural to her, as if she had been performing them for years. Her body itself felt weightless, but there was a sense of power behind it. At the apex of her spin, she released the void disk towards the trio of Cabal. Much like the ball bearing in her favorite pastime, the disk bounced across their faces like they were bumpers.

    Still, however, Demeter felt like a fountain overflowing. It was impossible to describe the feeling, other than it was like taking a bath in a sauna after a long day of work. A moment of zen, power, and chaos all at once, it wasn't unpleasant, but it wasn't the best feeling ever. The Void Tendrils that had once enveloped her entire form suddenly disappeared from her almost as instantly as they had arrived.

    A group of Cabal, accompanied by both the Incendiary troops and more of the alien dog creatures, rushed her position. Again, the storm above her escalated, lightning cracks booming in the sky above her. Clenching her right fist, she felt the hairs on the top of her head and the back of her neck stand straight up. Little sparks of electricity crackled around her, before a massive bolt of lightning the size of which few in the crowd had seen landed upon her.

    Energized, she sprinted at the crowd. Diving forward, she planted her fists into the concrete in front of her. The iconic Titan Fist of Havoc erupted outwards from her, and with her excessive overflow of Light energy, the Guardians behind her felt themselves also rejuvenated. Though they were re-energized, they found themselves frozen in amazement, as in the first time in Titan history, Demeter managed to maintain her charge and stand.

    Charges of electricity coursed across her body, arching in and between her fingers, her chin and neck, her arms and her torso, and her legs. Lance stared at her in a mixture of confusion and amazement, as her fists clenched tightly. In that moment, he could have sworn he saw a little of the spark that Drake had shown him all those many years ago in the Siberian Wastelands.

    Holding her arms forward like a star football player, Demeter, though dwarfed immensely by the giant space turtles, rammed her shoulder into their abdomens. With each ram, the Cabal Legionaries erupted into small sparks of electricity, before fizzling out of existence.

    "What was that?" Lillian asked, turning toward Amethyst and Lance, as Demeter, who petered out of electrical charge, slowly limped her way over to them. "Drake never used anything like that before, and his family lineage was the one that cultivated the Light for Titans to use."

    "Give a blacksmith an ingot, and he can craft many weapons." Lance nodded his head with a smirk. "Change the blacksmith, and watch how the inventory changes. Titan Codex XVII."

    Demeter felt weakened, almost dropping to her knees, as Amethyst caught her gently. Chelsea glanced over her for a minute, before turning to the others.

    "She shorted her supply out. In such a pinch, with all that excess Light, her body tried to flush it all out. Not rejecting it, but unsure of how to utilize or store it."

    "She doesn't have a Ghost." Lance said. "It's probably looking for her. That's not our problem, right now, I want the head of the turtle fuck responsible for this. Lillian, Chelsea, let's move. Amethyst, take the girl and get out of dodge in case things go south."

    "I'm not abandoning you."

    "She's a new generation. I feel like she'll be a crucial part of Humanity's defense." Lance said. "Go. We'll be right behind you."

    Saw the gameplay reveal for Destiny 2 today. I wanted to save this for the Beta later this summer, but what I saw today confirmed my suspicions that a new class was going to be added. That said, Demeter is the character we'll be following for this new adventure. What happens to Lance and the others? I dunno, we'll have to wait for when I play the game a bit and get an idea of how this 'world without Light' is supposed to work.

    -And no, I'm not taking anything from the game's main story to fuel this story. Raids or Strikes, like the first game, might be fair game, but I will NOT be taking the main campaign, same with the first game.

    For those of you that were wondering, Defender Titan's got a bit of mutation and now are called Sentinels. They can defend all sorts of incoming damage, and throw their shields Captain America style at the enemy. They can also shoulder bash with it, but eh.

    Striker Titans also got a nice change, allowing the Super to be used multiple times in a row for a short duration. Instead of the typical slam all the time, however, you use the OP shoulder charge from the first game to kill people after the initial slam. Meaning you can chase fuckers down and pin 'em.

    What changes were made to the Warlocks and Hunters? I've seen them, but I'm not going to spoil the fun on them just yet. If you don't play the games, I guess you'll have to wait for when the story begins full production. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy teaser of what's to come.

    I'm super stoked for Destiny 2, hoping it's not as much of a... disappointment in it's later years like it's predecessor. See you at the Beta Razz .



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    Re: Sentinel; Lost to Light

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on June 23rd 2017, 2:58 am

    WARNING: The scene you are about to read is in fact a straight rip from the Destiny 2 Official Trailer. HOWEVER, this is the only medium from Destiny 2 that will be blatantly used, as the individuals involved are your character(s). Some events have been changed to make the trailer fit more with the characters I have developed. I do not claim anything except for my own characters and their interactions with each other or non-game canon characters. With that all said, please enjoy.

    Most of this is strictly NONE canon. What you are reading is my own attempt at a 'trailer' of sorts to give you an idea of what to expect in the future.

    "You felt it, didn't you?" a voice like war drums beating on the inner recesses of Lance's ears echoed proudly throughout the Cabal ship's hallway. "That cold, lifeless feeling?"

    Lance growled as he clutched his lame and useless left arm, which dangled limply down the length of his torso. Lillian and Chelsea, his two closest friends and companions in the last few months without Drake, were no-where to be seen. They had split up to cover as much ground as possible, and he only hoped that neither of them were in a similar position.

    "Welcome to a world without Light." the gargantuan Cabal Dominus stood well above him.

    Pale white scaly skin covered his bald head, with deep and darkened scars running across the entirety of it's surface. A pair of beady, wrinkled covered eyes glared impetuously at the proud Titan. Lance found himself on his knees, the effect of whatever the Cabal had done to the Traveler caused him to feel much weaker, unable to even really stand.

    "On the contrary, that bald head of yours produces enough Light to go around."

    The Cabal beast stomped down for a moment, before regaining his composure. With a stifled snort through his half facial mask, the Cabal Dominus rolled his neck, relishing each individual pop. With sustained, hearty and deep chuckles, the Cabal clenched both of his massive fists.

    "Your petty attempts at mockery will have no effect on me." the Cabal taunted. "They only serve to prove that you are weak; undisciplined."

    Taking short, methodical stomps in Lance's direction, the monster taunted the Titan with each step. Lance, however, was powerless to move, as if the Light that had left his body was the only tether to his body he had left. Gritting his teeth, the Dominus stood proudly over him.

    "Your kind cowers behind walls. Where I command Legions, conquer worlds. I have waged war across galaxies to prove my worth to your Traveler." the Dominus sharply kicked Lance into the chest, the Titan grunting in pain as his plasteel plated armor scraped along the metallic floor of the hallway, and out into the open landing pad. "I alone am worthy of the Traveler's blessing."

    The Dominus continued his methodical march towards Lance's now prone position. With every step he took, Lance felt his broken ribs jostle from the vibrations. Lance grit his teeth, moving himself just enough to rest on his knees, leaning his back to stare up at the beast through his ornate Iron Lord armor.

    "You are not brave. You have merely forgotten the fear of death." the Dominus lowered his face to glare angrily into Lance's visor, before pressing his boot to Lance's head. "Allow me to reacquaint you."

    With one last sharp shove, the Dominus roared with laughter as Lance, who faded in and out of conscious, began his free-fall into the City beneath them.


    "No." Amethyst's eyes began to tear up as she frantically maneuvered her ship in and around the combating City and Cabal ships, her eyes occasionally peering at Lance's still form falling from the Cabal ship.

    Demeter cracked her eyes awake, her head hosting the feeling of a watermelon split open with a fire-axe. Demeter's hand briskly went to the side of her head, a fruitless attempt to hide the overbearing pain of the migraine she was suffering. Her eyes also gazed upon Lance in his free-fall.

    Her mind raced at a mile a minute, attempting to gather what she had done before she had passed out, as well as identify the lone Guardian in free-fall several meters away from the ship she was currently in. With no signs of her pounding headache subsiding any time soon, she closed her eyes and shyly asked; "What do we do now?"

    "I know a place. Settlement in the European Dead Zone, visited there several times under Drake's service as a Vanguard. Good people, not very trusting of the City, but good people."


    Lance gasped for air as he felt a short burst of Light strike him. Opening his eyes and glancing up, his faithful Ghost blinked it's eye at him momentarily, before dissipating into a wisp of Light back into it's hiding place in his armor.

    Standing, every muscle and bone in his body screamed in protest. The Light his Ghost had given him was enough for a full revive, but not enough to regenerate his wounds. Glancing at his ornate Iron Lord armor, he groused to himself as one of the iconic wolf shoulder pieces had been slagged off by the fall.

    Shaking the thought from his mind, he grasped his left arm, which, miraculously, had been repaired. Rolling his left shoulder, he winced at the motion, before pulling himself out of the puddle filled crater he had woken back up in. His helmet, no-where to be seen, was no longer fixed to his head. His brown hair, unkempt by his time out in space, billowed in the aftermath of the now long passed thunderstorm.

    Limping his way forward, his heart raced as Chelsea and Lillian's motionless forms came into view beneath the smoldering ruins of their respective ships. At his approach, Chelsea and Lillian groaned, slowly rising to their feet. Lance, however, felt the fires of his family's legacy still burning wildly in his stomach. There was Light that hadn't been touched by the Cabal, and that would be their downfall.

    "They want a war?" Lance grit his teeth, glancing at the both of them. "We'll give them a war. Come on."

    A short walk around the corner brought the three Guardians to the ground floor Vanguard's Armory, where every new weapon from all the various foundry's new and old were sent for inspection. His hands pierced the crack in the door, as he wrenched the emblem covered door open. In what could only be described as a treasure hunters wet dream, racks upon racks of various weapons waited eagerly for their new owners to hold them.

    "We'll locate and gather as many refugees as we can." Lance said, turning to the others, pumping a fresh shell into his new shotgun. "Everyone gets a weapon. I remember Grandpa Nathan telling me of a settlement in the European Dead Zone."


    Indeterminate amount of time later

    "Lance?!" Amethyst wrapped her arms across her great great great nephew's torso in a powerful hug. "I saw you get kicked off, how did you resurrect?"

    "Used some of my personal Light reserves. If I used too much... I likely would have been severed from the Light altogether." Lance replied with a cheeky grin, eliciting a prompt swat from Chelsea. "Where's the fresh meat?"

    "Currently on a hunter-gathering task from Hawthorne, the Farm's de facto leader. I see you brought a handful of refugee's from the City, any chance the Vanguard is with you?" Amethyst's gaze left Lance's helmetless head and scanned over the crowd.

    "No." Lance shook his head. "Though there were reports that their ships were seen leaving atmosphere. Likely to lick their wounds after such an unforgivable defeat."

    "You can remain vindictive over Zavala,-" Chelsea frowned, and shook her head. "- but Ikora and Cayde tried their best. We saw that first hand."

    There was a brief shuffling before the four ex-members of Fireteam Stratus. Amethyst turned in time to see the newly armored Titaness sporting a beautiful set of white armor, adorned with the all-to-familiar crimson wyverns that boasted the new age of Guardians. A Ghost flickered to life over Demeter's shoulder, as her helmet dispersed into Light to reveal her face.

    "Mission was completed promptly, Lady Stratus." Demeter nodded her head, before turning her attention towards Lance and the others. "So you've returned, Iron Lords and Ladies. It is a pleasure to see you again."

    "Uh, kid." Lance stepped forward, rubbing the back of his head. "There's no need to be so formal."

    "Lady Stratus told me that to be a proper Titan, I needed to become the perfect embodiment of discipline. My actions on and off the field, left undisciplined, could mean the life of myself, my charge, or my fireteam."

    "Right." Lance spoke tongue in cheek, before turning to Lillian and Chelsea. "Any Guardians in the group, escort these civilians and get them accustomed to their new housing here. Lillian, Chelsea, let's see about our ships."

    "Amanda Holliday has plenty of orders coming in." Amethyst's robotic arms stretched out and stopped Lance's movement. "Besides, the shard of the Traveler here likely won't reach out to wherever you all were before. What do you plan to do out there?"

    "Gather our own army." Lance stared her in the eye. "Meaning you two will be in charge of running things here, you think you can handle that kid?"

    "I would be lying if I said yes, but I'd also be lying if I said that I wasn't willing to try, sir." Demeter turned to him.

    "Now you're sounding like a proper Titan." Lance clasped his hand on her shoulder. "Let your Light flourish, and you'll go down in history as the next Legendary Titan."


    "Hello, my name is Casathar." the ashen grey Awoken bowed deeply before Demeter. "It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance. I was here on the Farm before the attack on the City."

    Demeter smiled as the somewhat goofy, yet regal Awoken rubbed his chin like a character straight out of a detective's novel. "It would bring me no greater repentance for my crime of evading my duties, than to serve alongside you in our search to prepare Guardians new and old for the reclamation of our once fair City."

    "I now see what Lord Lance was talking about speaking like a tool." Demeter crossed her arms.

    "If there is one thing I am not, ma'am, I am not a tool." heated, the Warlock's ashen skin almost seemed to redden, the blue veils of energy that congregated under his wild head of hair becoming much more vibrant.

    "I think we're going to get along just fine." Demeter chuckled, walking away, as the Warlock stared after her, dumbstruck.

    "You insulted me within our first few minutes of interaction? How do you figure?!"

    "Because you're easy to pick on."


    "Get up! Please!" Demeter cried at the limp form in front of her.

    Her pupils narrowed at the sight of the still person, whose lifeless eyes stared back at her in a knowing fashion. Rain drops fauceted the local area, with the droplets ringing through the trees. Tears welled up in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around the individual's torso. Casathar's firm hand grasped onto her shoulder, his eyes staring fearfully at the forest's edge.

    "We need to go, Demeter, NOW!"

    "Please don't go." Demeter cried into their limp shoulder, as thunder boomed across the sky, bolts of lightning crackling and intertwining in the inclement weather above. "Not again."

    The sounds of bushes and other flora rustling at the forest's edge brought her attention from the person in her arms to gaze at the ones responsible. Black and white was all she could describe the creatures, they appeared to twitch occasionally, as if their motions were not their own. An assortment of the various Fallen, Vex, and Cabal she had fought seemed to fill their ranks, but they were unified, and exuded a very dark energy.

    Demeter felt like the small font of Light kept deep within her soul was slowly connecting the dots, and with each chain the Light within her swelled and became more and more over-bearing. At the end of it's chain, the mote of Light that she could feel rising within her was at it's most powerful, floating just out of her grasp, waiting for her to utilize it.

    Reaching her right hand up to grab the unseen mote of Light, she felt a wave of energy pass throughout her body like a ripple. It was a fascinating sensation that caused every single one of her muscles to feel extremely powerful. As soon as her right hand curled into a fist around the mote of Light, a pulse of raw energy erupted in a sphere around her. Trees that were smaller than a fully grown Oak found themselves practically bent over, Casathar himself vying desperately to maintain his balance.

    She couldn't help but feel a dopey grin come over her face, as she brought her fist down by her face. She glared at the enemies, of which she recalled were known as Taken. The grin spread from ear to ear, as Demeter stood. Each motion she took caused a pulse of raw energy to exude outwards. A bolt of lightning struck directly down on top of her, energizing her as it had once done on the Tower the night she became a Guardian.

    Electricity arched between her appendages, further energizing her muscles and vital organs to overclock them. Only this time, her body wasn't attempting desperately to expel the energy. The lightning that surrounded her entire form focused itself around her gauntlets, as she stood to her full height.

    One of the Taken, a Fallen Archon by the looks of him, stepped forward imposingly. Demeter, not even a few feet away from the towering creature, brought her right arm back.

    "You think I'm afraid?" she chuckled. "I'll show you true fear."

    At the fullest extent of her pull, Demeter's arm, much like a rock out of a trebuchet, launched forward powerfully and swiftly. "Fist of DESPAIIIIR!"

    Electrical energy culminated at the point of impact on the goo covered chitin on the Taken Archon. In a massive explosion of Light energy, the Taken Archon erupted into millions of sparks, a wave of dust and energy erupting from the punch. In a wave of Arc energy in a ring around Demeter, the other Taken beasts fizzled with electricity, diminishing into nothing, before they could be pulled back into whatever hell they came from.

    The trees around her swayed as the wind billowed in several directions, the ground beneath Demeter cratering as a result of the impact she had caused on the Archon. Casathar, no longer able to maintain his balance, was thrown unceremoniously several meters away. The gusts of wind that had been a result of her strike swirled into the sky above, taking the storm clouds and dispersing them, allowing the moonlight to once again illuminate the dark forest region.

    Casathar grunted as the effects of the one punch subsided. Standing to his feet, he hastily brushed off his robes, before turning his attention to the Titaness. Her arm remained in the position it had been moments before, as if she hadn't moved from her position. The Warlock took his moment to take a few steps towards her, and the closer he got, the more noticeable her sobs became.

    Her body, now that he was slightly closer, was convulsing in her fruitless attempts to mask her crying. Sinking to her knees, she gently rest the deceased individual's body in the grass overlooking the lake shore. Her head bowed, as Casathar knelt beside her, his gaze turning to the deceased's face. With a frown of his own, he bowed his head, as once again, silence overtook the lake.



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