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    "So Admiral," Captain Lasky turned to Blaine with a smile. "Got any plans for Mother's Day?"

    "Mother's Day?" the Spartan turned to him, confused. "What is that?"

    Lasky's eyes narrowed in confusion, as he gave Blaine a curious look. Blaine, in kind, also gave Lasky a similar look. In all of his years of life, the Spartan had never heard of Mother's Day. Not even when he was in the Orphanage.

    "It's a day of celebration for all moms." Commander Palmer spoke up, standing beside Lasky. "The mother get's to be served breakfast in bed by her children and their father. Children spend the day with their mother, in thanks for all they've done for them."

    "I see." Blaine shook his head. "I don't have a mother to spend it with."

    "What about your daughters? They have a mother." Sarah smiled. "As their dad, you should help them pick out some gifts for their mom."

    "I guess." Blaine rubbed the back of his neck, his new suit currently under tweaking from Doctor Bailey. "What day does it take place?"

    "It's always the second Sunday in May." Lasky smirked. "You've still got a couple of days, if you plan on celebrating."


    [Saturday, May 13th, 2558.
    Unknown Location, Planet Earth

    "I'm gonna take the girls for a day out." Blaine opened the door to the living room.

    Lorelei and Katherine both sat in the pair of comfortable recliners, with Dawn and Dusk both playing happily in the center of the room. At his arrival, however, the two children dropped their toys and rushed over to him. With a grunt, he knelt down and picked them both up, one on each arm.

    "Oh?" Lorelei asked, tilting her head. "I thought you were with the Infinity?"

    "Nah." Blaine shook his head. "I needed some leave time, figured I'd spend some time with these two today."

    It was a bold faced lie, one that relied on both Katherine and Lorelei not knowing what his true plan was. Whether she truly didn't know, or she was playing along, Lorelei nodded.

    "I'd invite the both of you, but I think you should rest up." Blaine smirked. "You look like you could use it."


    "Why are we at a market?" Dawn asked from Blaine's right, as Dusk skipped along at his left.

    "Tomorrow is a very special day for your mother." Blaine smiled, crouching down to their level. "It's Mother's Day."

    "Mother's Day? What's that?" Dusk asked, as a crowd of people walking by stared at the three of them. Blaine took notice of their glares, and returned one of his own.

    "It's a day where you girls give Mom a present, and thank her for being your Mom."

    "But we do that every day?" Dawn gave him a confused look.

    "That's because it's a day for family to get together. One day, when you two are much older and off doing your own thing, it will be the day you both come home and visit her." Blaine was reciting everything Sarah Palmer had told him on his way off the Infinity the day before.

    "Maybe we should buy Mom a toy?" Dusk turned to Dawn, who smiled with a happy nod.

    As they stepped into the supermarket, the wafting aroma of flowers were the first thing Blaine picked up, as a wide variety of the plants, potted or otherwise, lined the wall just upon entering. Dawn saw this, and immediately sprinted towards them. Dusk giggled, following her sister. Blaine snickered as their tiny legs carried them to the flowers.

    "Slow down you two, and stay with me." he chuckled, walking after them.

    Dawn put her face practically in a bouquet, as Blaine gently pat her on the back, gently pulling her away. She turned to him with a smile, as he silently shook his head. They had been taught to look but not touch. Dusk and her sister continued to peruse the selection of flowers, as Blaine took a glance at all of them himself.

    In all of his years of knowing Lorelei, however, he never knew if she liked flowers. If she did, he had no clue as to which ones were her favorite. Dawn seemed to pick up on his uncertainty, as she tugged on his slacks.

    "What kind does Mommy like?" she asked, as Dusk turned with a shy nod.

    Thinking quickly, Blaine once again knelt down to their level, placing a hand on each of their heads, giving them a very gentle rustle.

    "The ones you two pick out." Blaine said with a smile. "So choose whatever you like."

    Dawn and Dusk, inspired, took their attentions back to the flowers. His heightened reflexes picked up on the shadow approaching them, as he turned to see a fairly young woman, no older than her mid-teens, approach them.

    Hair as golden as honey streamed down past her shoulder, a pair of soft emerald eyes glancing at his two daughters. On her uniform, the name-tag read; Hello! My name is; Blair Sanders. She noticed Blaine standing, folding her hands in front of her apron with a smile.

    "I'm sorry to bother you sir, are you having any trouble finding what you need?" she asked.

    "I think we're all set, thank you." Blaine smiled, his eyes following hers to his daughters. "This is their first celebrated Mother's Day, so they're a little indecisive."

    "They're both beautiful." the girl smiled. "If there was anything you need, I'll-"

    "I'm sorry." Blaine shook his head. "I can't help but ask, but, is... is your mother's name Lucy? Or Lucinda?"

    The girl gave Blaine a confused look, as if he suddenly pointed a pistol at her forehead. She took a step backwards, clearly shocked by the answer, which was all Blaine needed to know.

    "Do I... know you?" she asked.

    "I'm sorry for the abruptness of the question. I was a good friend of your mother's." Blaine sighed. "We did meet once, when you were way younger. You probably wouldn't recognize me now anyways."

    "She's in the store, i-if you want to see her?" Blair asked, still uncertain.

    "I wouldn't want to trouble-" Before he could finish, however, her fingers flew across the keyboard of the tablet in her hands. Almost as quickly, a woman around Blaine's age rounded the corner, as if there was some sort of emergency.

    "Blair?! What's the-" Lucy stopped herself, as she stared up at Blaine.

    "Mom. I don't know this man, but he-"

    "You have no reason to be afraid, Blair." Lucy's eyes practically twinkled. "This man, by all rights, is technically your Uncle."

    She gently punched his shoulder, which of course had null effect on Blaine, who smiled. Before Blaine could even open his mouth to speak, she wrapped her arms firmly around him, much to the shock of his daughters and Blair herself.

    "I hadn't heard anything about you since the War ended." she said. "Charlie, the coward he's always been, ran off after our last encounter."

    "Mom." Blair stepped forward, a serious look in her eyes. "Who is he?"

    "Do you remember when we lived on Reach, working in Grandma's Orphanage?" Lucy removed herself from Blaine. "This man here was the one in the armor, that saved our lives."

    Blair's eyes widened in shock as she turned to Blaine, giving him another look up and down. She took a hesitant step forward, trying to connect the dots.

    "His name is Blaine. He's the hero I named you after." Lucy said. "He and I were good friends when we were these girl's age."

    "Speaking of-" Lucy turned to Dawn and Dusk, who held two separate bouquets of flowers up eagerly towards her. "Are these two lovely girls yours?"

    "They are." Blaine smiled at them. "The one with black hair and blue eyes is Dawn, the one with silver hair and green eyes is Dusk."

    "They made some good choices." Lucy smiled at the two of them. "You think your Momma's gonna love your choice?"

    "Daddy says she'll love them, no matter what we choose!" Dawn said. "We'd like to buy these!"

    "Buy?" Lucy smiled, turning to Blaine. "Well, I can't even begin to pay you back for what you've done for Blair and myself, let alone the rest of Humanity."

    "I'd rather pay for them, I wouldn't want to put you out." Blaine rubbed the back of his head, as she chuckled at him.

    "Just as modest as you've always been, though I think I've heard you talk more now in this span of a few minutes than I have the entire time I've known you." Lucy laughed into her hand. "I insist. Your money is no good to me. Not to a friend."

    Lucy gently took the bouquets from Dawn and Dusk, arranging the two bouquets into one spectacular one with a mix of colors, before handing the unified arrangement to Blaine.

    "Blair and I work in a green-house down the way. Each of these flowers are helped cultivated by the children of the Orphanage we run. We come here every Mother's Day to sell flowers to families as a last minute resort for high quality flora, but for war vets such as yourself, we give them away." Lucy smiled. "It's our way of giving back to the people that saved our lives, right sweetie?"

    Blair nodded shyly, her voice entirely lost to her as she continued to give Blaine a once over.

    "Stop by some time, with or without your armor." Lucy tapped him on the shoulder. "It'd be a nice treat to the kids still in the Orphanage from that day."

    "Apple slices and peanut butter?" Blaine asked.

    "Smooth, with a little salt mixed in." she winked. "Your favorite."

    "Perhaps." Blaine nodded, turning to Blair. "Do me a favor, Blair? Take care of your mother, yeah?"

    Blair, flustered, quickly nodded her head, eliciting a chuckle from Blaine. His attention turned to his daughters, who were starting to get a bit anxious standing around.

    "Well, I think we should let other people look at the flowers." Blaine held out his spare hand to Dusk, who took it, Dawn clutching her sister's hand. "Let's go home, hide the flowers, and surprise Mom with them tomorrow for breakfast in bed?"

    "Yeah!" the two of them cheered.

    "Alright then, but remember to be quiet and don't tell Mom. Or else it won't be a secret." Blaine said, with a silent nod to Lucy and Blair, before walking away.

    As the three of them breached the threshold, Blaine could feel the two girls slowing their pace. Turning, Dawn and Dusk looked back towards Lucy. Blaine followed their eyes to his childhood friend. Her face was buried in her hands, Blaine's heart sinking.

    "Why is she crying, Daddy?" Dawn asked, frowning. "Isn't Mother's Day supposed to be a happy day?"

    "It is, kiddo." Blaine said. "Sit right here, and do not go anywhere I can't see you."

    Blaine pulled a credit chit from his pocket, as he walked back into the supermarket. Lucy didn't seem to notice his approach, as Blair was too busy comforting her. Blaine took a bouquet that caught his eye, taking note of the beautiful Daffodils. Placing a hand on Lucy's shoulder, she looked up to meet with his eyes.

    "I still haven't forgotten, and I never will." Blaine's eyes teared up as well, as he gently hugged her. "Mrs. Sanders was the mother I never had. Her kindness is the reason I fight every day."

    Removing himself from the hug, he gently handed her the credit chit, as well as the bouquet. She glanced at the amount the chit was displaying, a look of dumbstruck on her face. It was more than enough to buy every single flower on display, and whatever she had in stock in the back.

    "She would have given out flowers to everyone that came into the Orphanage, especially if they were going to adopt someone." Blaine smiled. "Daffodils, her favorite."

    "I told you-" Lucy wiped her eyes with a chuckle. "Your money is no good to me."

    "It's not my money." Blaine shook his head, placing his chin on the top of her head. "It's money from the life she gave me. It's her money, not mine."

    "Mrs. Sanders never took no for an answer, and I guess you could say that trait kind of rubbed off on me." Blaine smiled, staring with his teary-eyes into the past. "Of all of the abandoned children she could have picked, she chose me. So I want to do right by her, and show her that her choice was not in vain. Grant me this much."

    Detaching himself from her, he turned to Blair. Gently, he placed his hand on her shoulder, before walking away. He knew he was on the verge of crying, and he absolutely despised doing it in public. Walking back out to the waiting area, Dawn and Dusk sat on the bench, both of them holding the gigantic arrangement of flowers. Holding his hand out to them, they formed their hand holding line, and walked outside into the fresh air.

    "Why'd you buy her those flowers?" Dusk asked.

    "Because that woman was like a sister to me, well before I met your mother." Blaine stopped, staring at the clouds above them. "Her mom was very much like a mom to me. So the flowers I gave her were for her, and her mom."


    [ Sunday, May 14th, 2558.
    Unknown Location, Planet Earth.

    "Shhh." Blaine smiled at the girls, glancing at the directions on the side of the box. "I know how to disassemble and reassemble a rifle blind folded, but even this is complex in comparison."

    He and the girls were covered in flour and various other ingredients. It had been a very long time since Blaine had ever cooked, resorting to Mess Hall meals or M.R.E's for the majority of his daily nutrition. The girls had a chocolate cake baking in the over, Blaine having been the one to actually put the dish inside, for safety's sake. Homemade peanut butter frosting was set aside while they waited.

    Putting the spatula under the tan disk of liquid, he flipped it over, and with a hiss, the pancake began to cook on the other side. He had managed to wake himself up early enough to where not even Lorelei had woken up. The girls were initially tired, until he told them why he had gotten them up.

    After a few moments, the cake was ready to be removed from the oven. Blaine used the over mitts to gently put it on the counter, away from where nosy young girls could burn themselves. Turning back to the third and final pancake, Blaine added it to the short-stack, alongside the scrambled eggs and bacon.

    Lorelei would know that the girls didn't technically cook the food, but they had been present long enough for it to count. He grabbed the small pitcher of real maple syrup, placing it on the platter. The bouquet they had bought the day before sat in the windowsill in a beautifully ornate glass vase, almost as if it had been made of diamond.

    He had hidden it in his personal den the evening before, ensuring the flowers were watered and well exposed to the sun. Setting the platter aside, Blaine gently took the vase from the window and turned to the girls.

    "Both of you carry it together, be very careful with this. Don't hurt yourselves." he instructed. "It'll be heavy, so help each other. If you drop it, don't worry, I won't be mad. Just don't get hurt."

    The two girls took the vase carefully in their hands, as he grabbed the platter of food. With a silent nod of his head, Blaine let the girls lead him up the stairs to her cracked door. He smiled, of course, as the handful of remaining Spartan IVs that they had trained, with Katherine as their lead, stood in the hallway just outside of the bedroom.

    Dusk and Dawn opened the door, which was enough noise to wrest Lorelei from her sleep. Blaine stood in the doorway, as the two girls walked to the side of the bed, presenting the vase to Lorelei.

    "What's this?" she asked, looking through the colorful plants. "They're beautiful, but what's this about?"

    "It's Mother's Day!" Dusk said, as Dawn stepped up to speak.

    "We picked them out for you!"

    "So that's what you three were out all day for yesterday." Lorelei smiled, placing the vase on the bed-side stand beside her, wrapping her arms around them. "Thank you both, very much."

    Blaine stepped forward with the platter, gently placing it on her lap, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

    "Happy Mother's Day, Lorelei." Blaine smiled, as she glanced down at the food he presented to her.

    "This is too much." she shook her head. "Why'd you do all of this?"

    "We didn't get Mothers to appreciate." Blaine rested his chin on her head. "So I figured our daughters should start what we couldn't."

    The door opened again, as Blaine turned away to give Lorelei a chance to look. David, Naomi, and the remaining Spartan IVs they had trained all stood there. They seventeen year old Spartans stood in a formal stance, arms folded behind their backs, as Blaine waved them off.

    "Happy Mother's Day!" they spoke in unison.

    "You raised us, just like we were your own kids." Naomi stepped forward, pulling her hands out from behind her back with a box of assorted chocolates. "This is the least we could do to show you how much you and Dad mean to me."

    "Good lord, I baked a cake and you give her chocolates." Blaine shook his head with a grin. "We're not that used to sugar anymore, kids."

    "You both deserve something." David said, wrapping his arm around Naomi's shoulder. "You gave us a life we never would have had if you didn't. Isn't that what Mother's Day is all about?"

    Lorelei looked around at the room filled with her two daughters, her adoptive daughter Naomi, and the handful of Spartans that she considered her children. Her eyes welled up with tears, as she took a bite of the pancakes.

    "Blaine?" she asked, as he turned to her.


    "I'm getting you back for this... on Father's Day." she smirked devilishly, as Blaine's eyes widened. There was a holiday for dad's too?! "Also, the pancakes are a little burnt."



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