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    Origins: Absolution

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    Origins: Absolution

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 10th 2017, 5:26 pm

    Author's Notes: What you are about to read is a brief idea for a potential plot-line in Blaine Harlowe's life. Bear in mind that the events that take place here, despite sharing a similar title to the actual story, is to be considered non-canon to the actual Blaine Harlowe saga.

    In truth, this is an idea I've been mulling around and would like very much to get some feedback on. Halo has already been a story involving heavy religious themes, Manuel and John, as well as Impanther, had come up with three of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, while I had cultivated Pestilence.

    There are many other aspects to the theme of Religion that I'd like to experiment with, and this brief one-shot is my attempt at it. Keep in mind that this would technically be better suited for the Weight Room section of the forum, but as it's a potential idea for Blaine's story, I wanted it to be categorized here.

    The fact is, this could even be a non-canon spin-off to the main story, if I'm pleased with how this one-shot turns out. Anyways, I won't take too much more of your time. Please enjoy.

    Blaine's fists clenched as Walter's form skated across the concrete path of the Legion compound. Blaine stood at the ready, as his adversary came to a halt, plunging his fist into the concrete to stop his locomotion. Walter's figure glared up at him, a red light shining from each of his pupils. Blaine flinched, however, as Walter's eyes widened, and he clutched his chest with his hand.

    "What have you-" Walter growled, clasping at his throat. "Urgh. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"

    Walter began to thrash about as Blaine instinctively hunched into a ready position. Positioning himself on his knees, Walter's spine arched backwards, as he roared towards the heavens. The concrete beneath his body buckled and cratered, fissures branched out in all directions, well past Blaine.

    "No-!" Walter coughed, wretching onto the concrete. "I can beat him! I AM THE EMBODIMENT OF WA-"

    "You are a pawn compared to me, nothing more." the voice Blaine heard was everywhere and no-where at once.

    The voice itself was feminine predominantly, but occasionally, Blaine could hear it fluctuate, intertwining with an unfamiliar man's voice as well. Blaine tensed as mass of goo began to seep out of Walter's mouth. The mass itself split into three distinct forms, two of which took on feminine forms, while the last took on the form of a rather burly man.

    "What the hell?"

    "That's only partially correct, child." the first of the two womanly figures said. "How naive you are, it's almost adorable."

    Her condescending tone caused Blaine's very blood to boil, as he curled his fists in tighter, the joints popping in his rage. The burly man smirked, taking a step forward, as the woman who had spoken to him raised on of her dainty hands up to his chest level.

    "Hold on Wrath, this insect freed us." she turned to him, as his beady eyes turned to her. "Why waste your energy squashing him, when you could enjoy your freedom?"

    The man's body was almost as if it had been lit on fire, only the flames where transparent, as if a perpetual heat was forever lingering on him. With a glare to Blaine, Wrath stood his ground, instead turning to the very promiscuously dressed woman on his opposite side.

    "You weren't the one he punched." the man growled, tensing. "Lust, take Pride. I want to show him pain."

    "You expect me to just retreat if you're going to fight him?!" the first woman growled, striking him in the chest with a fist that caused his body to ripple. "Do you know how that makes me look, even if you just SUGGEST it?!"

    "Why fight him anyway?" the breathy, higher pitched voice of the third individual, Lust, entered the air, as she gently licked her lips. "He seems pretty strong. I'm a sucker for strength."

    At this, Wrath's intense glare at Blaine turned sharply to Lust, before his two fists collided, causing a mighty burst of air to pulse outwards between the three. Walter's unconscious form was tossed away from the force, the two dainty women by Wrath seemed mostly unfazed by the show of power.

    "First you strike me in our host, and then you seduce MY girls?!" Wrath's eyes erupted into a dark red fire, intermixed with black. "I'll pummel you into the realm beyond!"

    "Enough, Wrath." Pride's svelte hand touched Wrath's bare chest, and he froze, his breathing heavy. "You will not show me up. If you wish for me to waste my energy on this worm, I can do so. You, the armored one, try not to dirty my hands?"

    Wrath, frozen in place, growled as Lust wrapped her arms seductively around his left arm. In a flash of light, the two of them disappeared into nothing, leaving only Blaine and Pride in the open compound.

    "I free you, and you call me an insect?" Blaine asked. "Just who the hell are you?!"

    "Watch your tongue around me, human." Pride turned to him. "All you need to know is that I am above you. You are nothing to me. You may have freed my siblings and I, but I feel no sense of debt towards you. Rather, I'm annoyed you ruined my plans for escape."

    "Hi annoyed, I'm Blaine." Blaine smirked, as she placed her hands firmly on her waists.


    In a flash, she was on top of him, her fist striking his stomach. He felt something rupture, as blood spurted out of his mouth and nose. As he flew backwards from the impact, his eyes scanned her figure over. She had hit him with the intensity of War's mightiest punches, to a factor of ten.

    Rolling around, his suit began to administer medical treatment to aid in whatever had been severely damaged from the strike. Slowly standing, the woman folded her arms behind her back. Her onyx black hair, intertwined with the faintest highlights of royal purple, floated in the wind.

    "You call yourself Pride?" Blaine coughed, blood trickling out of the corner of his mouth. "How can you be proud of a cheap shot like that?"

    Her eyes widened in anger, as she once again disappeared from sight. This time, however, Blaine was expecting her to move as fast as she had, and positioned himself out of the way. Swinging a mighty right hook, he struck her on the cheek, only to swing the fist back again and backhand her. She took a step backwards, though much to Blaine's horror, seemingly unfazed by his blows.

    "An excellent strike, though I'm shocked that a man such as yourself would resort to back-handing a woman."

    "Never said I was a prideful man." Blaine cracked his neck. "Though you might want to check again."

    Pride's attention turned to Blaine's left hand, a tuft of midnight black hair with purple highlights contained within. Quickly, she glanced at a nearby puddle, only to confirm her suspicions that he had ripped out a good deal of her hair.

    "You see, lady, there have been moments in my life where I let my pride consume me." Blaine shrugged, dumping the hair into the wind. "Though I abandoned that notion for humility, modesty."

    "If it's a fight you want, I'll teach you a new emotion; DOUBT!"

    In a similar flash as Pride had used to assault him, Blaine was on top of her, however, she saw him coming, jumping backwards. Blaine smirked beneath his helmet, however, as his frag grenade rolled between her legs. Holding himself in a ready stance, the explosive erupted, the force of the explosion obviously would do no damage to her, but it was enough to launch her towards him.

    Swinging his right fist for all he was worth, Blaine struck her in the face. The attack simultaneously clotheslined the woman, as well as launching her to the far building. Bouncing from foot to foot, Blaine air boxed for a moment, before cracking the knuckles in his right hand.

    The dust cloud in the distance, however, was his cue that the fight was far from over. Blaine didn't even have a chance to blink before she was on top of him again. Her fist struck his midsection again, as he felt everything around him stop. His eyes widened as she unleashed a flurry of blows into his chest, though nothing else in the world around them seemed to move. In fact, there was no pain behind any of those punches.

    That is, until she cocked her right arm back, striking him immensely in the chest. In that moment, all of the various strikes took their toll on him, before the final blow launched him back into Legion main headquarters. He crashed through several walls, blood trickling down his mouth, as well as the cut on his forehead for hitting the visor.

    "Vital systems red. Seek immediate medical attention." the suit's systems echoed in his ear.

    "That was dirty." Blaine struggled to stand, clutching his stomach, as his eyes widened in anger. "You want to play that game?!"

    "Blaine?" Lily's avatar appeared in his HUD. "It's still experimental, there's always the chance this could go wrong."

    "Even if it does." Blaine growled, clenching his right fist. "She wants to see true pride? I'm not going to be bested by some supernatural FREAK!"

    "I am Humanity's beacon of Hope and Prosperity!" Blaine roared, as a small geyser of blood erupted out of his mouth. "Dawn to DUSK!"

    "ALALA enhancement systems activated."

    Blaine felt the vibration of the suit's systems being overclocked. Each motion he made, felt like it could be done faster than light itself. While that wasn't physically possible, it was the only possible way of describing the feeling. The thruster pack on the back of his suit's engines whirred to life, much like a Longsword fighter's engines. At the peak of their charge, they blasted him forward, as he sprinted with all of his might for maximum speed.

    Closing the distance between himself and Pride, Blaine swung his right fist. Pride smirked as she decided to play some more with him. Her right fist swung at the same time, before both punches connected, knuckles to knuckles. As Blaine's fist made contact with hers, however, he could feel her muscle, skin, and even the bones inside jostle like gelatin in a bowl.

    "Nice try." she smirked. "My body is meant to absorb the trauma of your- what the-?!"

    Her arm hung limply, as if the bones inside had been reduced to a fine powder, leaving her muscles, skin, and veins to sag with nothing to support them.

    "Yeah?!" Blaine growled. "What about it?! NYAAAAAAAAAGH!"

    Pride grit her teeth as her right arm restored itself in a fraction of a second. Blaine swung with his left fist, as she met hers with his. Once again, her left arm jostled. Continuing her regeneration, she met with each of his back and forth punches. Each strike themselves causing a massive whirlwind to erupt between the two of them. Glass in the far away buildings shattered from the sonicboom level forces from the blows.

    "You said you could absorb my blows?" Blaine snickered as he walked towards her, amidst their flurry of unseen punches. "You didn't say a thing about nullifying them! That means you'll stop regenerating eventually!"

    The truth was within the fleshy pudding, as Blaine's blows caused Pride's arm regeneration to slow down with each consecutive blow. Every few punches, Blaine's fist would meet it's mark at her forehead or her collarbone. With each strike to her actual body, the thuds echoed for miles around. Blaine himself, however, wasn't immune to the occasional blow, and found himself struck just as frequently as he had managed to get her.

    "If you think this is bad," Blaine grinned through gritted teeth. "I'm only using a fraction of what I'm really capable of. So I guess I'll just have to step it up a notch, and force you to surrender!"

    Blaine's forward advance continued, as the concrete beneath them buckled from the raw energy and power exhibited between the two combatants. Pride's face took on one of legitimate fear, as Blaine took his brief moments of freedom to strike her in the forehead, time and time again. Each time causing her to take a step backwards from his onslaught.

    Blocking with his left arm, Blaine swung his right arm as fast and as hard as this limited boost would allow, striking her squarely in the collarbone. The force of which launched her in the opposite direction, for quite some distance.

    "I've sacrificed too fucking much to this world to allow myself to die here. If you don't know this about me yet, I'm a man of determination." Blaine growled, chasing after her. "In other words, I'll always find a way!"

    Catching up to Pride, she leaned forward to attempt a bite at him with her now elongated fangs. Blaine however, did not flinch, ramming his right arm across her neck and down to the concrete below. Hopping off of his left foot, he attempted to slam down on her face, the concrete beneath him buckling and cratering from the impact, chunks of the hardened mixture dispersing throughout the immediate area.

    His thrusters in the back of his suit flared up again as he turned to face her. She had avoided his devastating stomping attack, both of her arms flailing in the wind, the manifestation of Pride herself nearing unconsciousness. Boosting up to her, he latched both of his hands on her arm, using his height and momentum to his advantage. Swinging her around in a wide circle, high above ground level, Blaine swung her down towards the concrete.

    Upon her contact, the one place where the concrete had been relatively untouched cratered well enough to fit at least ten pelicans. Walter, after the traumatizing experience of the three Sins escaping his body, slowly came to in time to see one of them crashing into the concrete.

    His eyes widened with shock as Blaine's familiar form crashed down beside where Pride had bounced out of the crater. Her form was hanging on to consciousness, or even life, and totally at Blaine's mercy.

    "Now for a lesson you won't soon forget!" Blaine's voice echoed throughout the compound. "If you know anything about me, you'll know what these words mean."

    The world slowed for Blaine, Walter, and Pride as Blaine grit his teeth with a smirk. His right hand came up in front of his face, clenching slowly into a fist. Pulling it back, his suit's servos glowed golden as the Alala systems enhancing his armor worked beyond even their own limitations.

    As his fist came back to prepare his final piston punch, the golden energy wafting from his armor congregated around it. Like golden smoke, Blaine swung forward with as much strength, speed, and courage as he could muster.

    "FAMILY IS-" Blaine's voice boomed outwards as his fist met with her midsection. "EVERYTHIIIIIIIIIIIING!"

    The ground beneath Blaine buckled further as a gust of wind of immense strength emanated from his position outwards. Walter himself felt himself practically launched back into the main offices of his compound. As for Pride herself, all Blaine himself could see was the streak she made across the sky, like a shooting star, but in reverse.

    Any clouds caught in her wake instantly dispersed into rings as she raced through them. With no regeneration left to speak of, her body was slowly torn apart by the atmospheric pressure, as well as the fire of exiting the planet at such a velocity.

    Blaine stood there for a moment, frozen in awe at what he had just accomplished. Was the suit's temporary boosting systems truly this overwhelming? Was this what Doctor Bailey was afraid of him getting addicted to? He glanced at the destruction he and Pride had caused to the already war-torn Legion compound.

    More than that, however, his suit had locked up from the over abundance of energy it had output in that last attack. Lily's eyes scanned desperately over the inner workings of the suit with amazement.

    "I think... you just defied the laws of physics." she turned to him. "Words can't describe just how freaking awesome that was."

    "Walter." Blaine growled, hearing the embodiment of War stumbling in his direction. "Just what the hell was she?"

    "Pride, of the Seven Deadly Sins." Walter growled. "I hosted Pride, Lust, and Wrath."

    "Are they more of a threat than you Horsemen?"

    "They were built to keep us in check, but they went rogue, so our task has been to keep them captive, and you freed three of them. No doubt they'll be after Famine, Pestilence, and Death for the Sins they contain." Walter grunted. "I don't know what it was you just did. But I'm more than willing to forgive you for the atrocities you've committed here, if you'd kindly kill the other six."

    "It won't be easy, but I will sincerely be in your debt."



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Origins: Absolution

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 16th 2017, 1:56 am

    "I don't sense Pride anymore." Wrath snorted, his fists clenching. "There's no way that bucket of bolts took her out. NONE!"

    A mask of fire erupted up the bare chested muscle man's back and up to his face, the flames of his endless anger flaring a deep red. Lust took notice of this, gingerly wrapping her arms around his tree trunk sized right arm.

    "Maybe that's not a bad thing. Now I have you all to myself." she bit her bottom lip.

    Wrath's tension faltered for a moment, as he gently placed a hand on the small of her back. The two walked down the somewhat crowded street of New London. High energy teleportation such as what they had committed to escape the old Siberian Deadlands, home of the Legion Outpost, had definitely been taxing on them.

    "Do we even know where Famine is?" Lust whined, shivering. "It's cold here."

    "Maybe you wouldn't be so cold if you wore something a little less revealin', ya cheeky bitch." one man growled, covering his daughter's eyes.

    Lust and Wrath stopped in their tracks for all of a moment, before turning to the family of three. The woman tried desperately to reign in her husband, while he censored his daughter as best as he could from the very lewdly dressed woman. Wrath smirked from ear to ear, before twisting his neck left, than right, both emitting a loud, satisfying pop and a crunch.


    "Blaine told us the targets were last seen here." Naomi sighed, shrugging her rifle. "How would he know where they had gone?"

    "Are you really going to question him?" David asked with a chuckle. "The man's been pulling shit out of thin air for years, never seemed to fail him."

    The colonial brick wall beside the two Spartan IVs crumbled suddenly, as a young man no older than thirty tumbled along the ground. His arms and legs, pulverized beyond repair, flailed as he tumbled. David and Naomi tensed, before Naomi chased after the man, kneeling to his level.

    "He's severely injured, but he's alive." Naomi frowned, checking him over. "Stay with me now!"

    "Ah, so there's two of you, eh?" the hulking mass of a man stepped through the hole in the wall. "Figures, don't it. Lust, we're done here."

    Naomi's eyes scanned her HUD, as she quickly fabricated an SOS to Blaine and whatever available Spartan IVs that were in the area. Meanwhile, she gave the man a stabilizer. He winced at the intrusion of the needle, but softened into a medically induced coma long enough to keep him from damaging himself more.

    "Scared, are you?" David snickered from behind her, Naomi feeling a shiver run down her spine.

    The lumbering mass, who must have been Wrath, based off of Blaine's report, stopped his movement back through the wall. Naomi turned in time to see fire flare up across the beast of a man's torso and back, blanketing him with ribbons of fire that culminated on his face to make a wrestler's mask.

    "You really think that I, the pure embodiment of Wrath, would cower to the likes of a few twerps such as yourself?" Wrath growled.

    "Can you believe this guy, Naomi?" David snickered. "Of course I do, that's why I said it."

    "Do you know who I-"

    "Do you think I care?" David shook his head. "All interest in anything you had to say went through the wall in the form of that man over there."

    "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" Wrath's roar echoed throughout the street.

    Passers by who had come to investigate the loud sound of the wall breaking began to disperse. Screams of fear began to fill the air, fissures forming in the street as every time Wrath stomped his foot in rage, a spiral of fire erupted from the cracks.

    "Poor baby? Not getting the respect you think you deserve?" David tensed. "Earn it."

    Wrath fumed, plumes of fire erupting out of his nose, before swinging a fiery fist at David's helmet. David dipped below the punch, taking a mighty step out of the way, swinging his own punch up and into the monster of a man's kidney. The flesh began to squish upwards, as a small geyser of blood spewed out of Wrath's mouth.

    Swinging his left knee up and into Wrath's midsection, David flipped backwards, taking a knee and unleashing a small controlled burst of his Assault Rifle into Wrath's flesh. Each bullet made contact, small spurts of blood erupting from the holes, backing Wrath back through his hole.

    "Naomi!" David turned to her. "Get him to the Pelican, I'll be right behind you!"

    A small girl and her mother ran up the street to Naomi's side. The woman's hand went immediately to her mouth, as their daughter stared at her father in fear. Gently placing her hand on the girl's head, Naomi hoisted the man over her shoulder. It wasn't entirely the best course of action given his condition, but it would be better than if he had been crushed by any potential debris.

    "Follow me!" Naomi called to the woman and her daughter, charging back down the street that she and David had come from.

    At the nearest landing zone, the Pelican they had requested for this operation was still on the ground, engine running. Sprinting for it, Naomi heard something behind her, causing her to turn her head for all of a moment. David crashed through several brick walls, tumbling along the ground several feet from her position.

    The ramp for the Pelican descended, as she gingerly placed the man flat on the floor of the Pelican. The woman and her daughter stepped up and inside, the Marine's responsible for protecting the Pelican helped them aboard. Rushing out of the Pelican, Naomi saw the beast lumbering towards David, who grunted, slowly standing.

    Sprinting at the lumbering mass, Naomi jumped off of her right foot, swinging her left boot just under the man's chin, clothes lining him. Wrath coughed as his windpipe was blocked temporarily, skidding him back a few feet in the concrete.

    "Miserable pests!" Wrath growled. "I'll crush you beneath me, like the worms you are!"

    "Last I checked," David grunted from behind her. "I was human. So unless you've got some magical ability that's going to turn me into one, you might need to get your eyes checked."

    "Thankfully," Naomi stood beside him proudly, cracking her knuckles. "The doctor's will see you now."

    Wrath's massive arms swung down into the concrete, cratering it at the point of impact. As before the fissures formed, branching out from the center, fire spewing out of them like miniature walls. Naomi and David dodged to either side.

    Wrath dove through the fire towards David, who sank back onto his hands. Using his momentum and strength, he did a hand stand, ensuring that his boots donkey kicked Wrath in the lower jaw. Flipping with his strength, David landed on his two feet. David's attack had bumped Wrath through the firewall separating both David and Naomi.

    Bouncing off of her right foot she swung her left foot in a nasty airborne circle kick. Her boot took purchase squarely on the side of the man's face, cracking his neck and sending him cascading down the street.

    "Time for the technique?" David asked through the fire, as Naomi gave him a green acknowledgement light.

    Blaine hadn't been the only one who had received some sort of experimental technology in his armor. In truth, he was the first of them, but David, Naomi, Lorelei, Katherine, and Jorge had all received something.

    Naomi crouched low, as her suit hummed into it's experimental overdrive. Hers wasn't quite as boosting as Blaine's was, however, it did increase her speed and strength considerably. The function that set it apart from the others was in the form of the cylinder that popped out of her right shoulder plate. Grasping the metallic cylinder, the object narrowed to the handle of a weapon.

    The front elongated as she stuck the staff onto the ground. The top began to take on a conical shape, extending out into a drill of sorts. Her grasp on the staff tightened, as the conical shape extended up past her forearm. The drill that now overlapped her forearm began to spin, as she stared up at David.


    David nodded as his suit's experimental function began to activate. Borrowing the hologram idea of pre-Reach engagements against the Covenant, along with some reverse engineered Forerunner hard-light, David's form split into two as he sprinted after Wrath. Both David's ran almost mirrored to one another, bracing Wrath's arms and legs.

    The beast of a man, still stunned from his sudden onslaught, mixed with the energy he had expended teleporting Lust and himself here, left him motionless. Struggle as Wrath might, however, the two David's suit's strength was enough to keep him grappled for the maneuver Naomi was about to attempt.

    Naomi pointed the oversized drill at Wrath, before the thrusters on the back of her suit whirred to life. Giving her the extra boost she needed on top of her already highly impressive sprinting speed, Naomi rocketed forward. The gyro-stabilizer built into the staff she held onto allowed her to continue her trajectory without worry of spinning as wildly as the drill covering her right arm.

    "This might hurt a little!" Naomi growled as she and the drill met their mark on Wrath's chest.

    The pure energy she was exerting, on top of the speed she had been traveling at, allowed her to pierce through Wrath without incident. Planting her feet into the concrete, the drill covering her arm retracted back into the staff, which deconstructed itself back into the cylinder, which she proceeded to put back into it's container on her shoulder.

    The Davids tossed their half of Wrath down in front of themselves, before high-fiving and merging with each other once again. Sighing with relief, David stepped over the viscera and towards Naomi, crossing his arms powerfully across his chest.

    Naomi, however, stood in dumbstruck as she stared past David. David noticed her unusual silence and dove out of the way in time to avoid a fiery arm from Wrath. However, he was not fast enough to avoid the kick to the side of his helmet. Wrath followed up with a nasty left hook, grabbing David by the throat, lifting him up, and slamming his back into the ground.

    A plume of dust and fire erupted from David's point of impact, and as it settled, Naomi could only see a crater, with Wrath standing over David. Wrath's hand around David's throat clenched tightly, as Naomi sprinted over to assist him. Wrath's off hand lashed out and grabbed her, before smashing the two Spartan's helmet first into each other.

    "I tire of these flashy shows of temporary power." Wrath growled. "If that was everything you had for me, than I'm not sorry to say that you severely underestimated me."

    "Is that so?" Wrath's head snapped upwards, his eyes widening with legitimate fear.

    There was a force on the behemoth's back strong enough to launch him away. The pain itself causing Wrath to drop his victims. David coughed, slowly rising as he turned to Naomi. She had taken less of a hit than he had, but she still wasn't looking that great as a result of the two good hits Wrath had gotten on her.

    "Took you a while, sir." David coughed.

    "Had to do a little homework." Blaine snickered, tapping him on the shoulder. "Looks like you have this pretty locked down. I'll take care of Naomi. Finish this."

    David charged after Wrath, who shakily tried to stand. A fist sized hole protruded through his chest, though while the flesh writhed, attempting to regenerate again, it found itself unable to. Wrath grit his teeth, before lumbering after David. David cursed himself, knowing full well the mouthful he was bound to get from Doctor Bailey, but initiated the overdrive boost in the system again.

    Wrath reached into the concrete and produced a rather large ball the size of a Warthog, before tossing it at David. Wrath smirked as the ball met it's target head on, but stared in confusion as David's corpse began to flicker. Before Wrath had time to recover from his moment of shock, however, the actual David was on top of him.

    David swung his right foot high in a round house kick, spinning on his left boot, before backhanding Wrath in the same spin with his left fist. Using his left hand to grasp Wrath's neck, David swung punch after punch with his right fist into the beast's face. Each blow was enhanced by his experimental suit systems, cracking Wrath's cheek bone, collapsing the orbital of Wrath's left eye, and breaking his nose further with each blow.

    Wrath's eyes, reddened by the mixture of blood and sweat seething into them, glared up at David through his visor. Wrath grinned from ear to ear, ignoring the pain of his broken face as he swung his left fist up into David's face. David, however, ducked his head out of the way, forcing Wrath to overextend his arm.

    "That girl you just punched?" David growled. "She means everything to me."

    Cocking his left fist back, David brought the left fist with all the remaining energy and strength he and the suit had towards Wrath's face. David's head leaned down beside Wrath's as he through his entire body into the punch. Wrath's face wrapped around David's fist upon the impact of the strike. A crash as loud as a gunshot rang out for miles as Wrath's body struck the concrete.

    David stood solid, rolling his shoulder. Surely enough, his suspicions were correct. Wrath still wasn't entirely down for the count, but the amount of wounds on his face and the still gaping hole in his chest weren't doing him any favors.

    "Still want more, huh?" David sneered, steam forming small streams from his nose. "You sure you aren't Greed?!"

    As Wrath stood at his tallest once more, David's right fist met purchase with Wrath's jaw, snapping the beast of a man's head back. Wrath, groggy from the blood loss and head trauma, attempted to steady himself, as yet another punch from David struck him square in the face.

    Charging up a left cross, David unleashed blow after blow, one right after another, into Wrath's face and upper torso. Each muffled strike echoed for miles like a subtle explosion each. With his suit no longer capable of temporarily enhancing his strikes, his thruster systems kicked in to give each swing a temporary speed boost.

    Wrath's face, treated with about as much forces from both side much like a cat batting around a ball of yarn, continued to crumple with each consecutive strike. David, as he had read from Blaine's report, knew that Wrath and the other so called 'Sins' could only withstand so much punishment before they could fully die.

    Every strike David doled out was everything he could give, and no matter how numb his arms were getting from his exhaustion, David had no intention of giving up until this Sin was absolved from this world. Blaine and Naomi watched from afar as Wrath's head was battered mercilessly from side to side from the onslaught.

    "Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!" David's swings continued to speed up, no matter how much of his own stamina he was spending to keep up the offense.

    When any attempts at speech from Walter were met with bubbling from the blood pooling around his now deformed mouth, David's right arm dipped low, coming up for the absolute last punch he could muster. His gauntlets, which had certainly been worn down from the strikes, met purchase under Wrath's broken jaw.

    David could only hear an unusual tearing sound, as Wrath's head was swiftly torn off of his shoulders. Wrath's head tumbled down the concrete for a few feet, before stopping at the feet of Lust, who stared in a mixture of fear and what David could only guess was sexual fantasizing.

    David took in several hefty breaths in and out, as his suit slowly began to lock up on him. He had well exerted the power source in the span of the entire fight, and while it was solar powered thanks to Bailey's genius, he knew it would need a bit of time to recharge and allow the suit to move again.

    Blaine, however, stepped beside David, clasping a hand on his shoulder. David couldn't see Blaine's face, his head locked at about Blaine's chest level from his posture. What he did see, however, was Blaine pointing towards Lust.

    "You're next." he growled, as she gently twirled her hair.

    "This won't do at all." she pouted. "Why do all the sexy ones have to be lap dogs?"

    "Sorry lady, I'm taken." Blaine took a step forward. "Just like I'm taking you to hell."

    "It's a date then." she smiled seductively, before putting her right hand on her lips, blowing Blaine a kiss. "Seeya later, stud."

    The kiss she had blown to Blaine had actually materialized, much to the surprise of both Blaine and David. Before it actually reached them, however, it detonated with the ferocity of ten Frag Grenades. When the smoke settled, however, she was no-where in sight in the otherwise open street.

    "Dammit, she got away." David growled.

    "We have to stop her before she locates Famine, Pestilence, or Death." Blaine said, turning to Naomi. "You two need to rest up. Get back to the Infinity and contact Orange Team. Keep your eyes and ears open, and relay any information you get to me, okay?"



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    Re: Origins: Absolution

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    "Pass me another." Famine belched as he slammed his shot-glass down on the table.

    "I think you've had enough." the bar-keeper shook his head. "Ten glasses of my finest Whiskey is enough to make even the most veteran of drinkers drop their pants. You've had twenty."

    "Oh really?" Famine's hand tightened around the glass, shattering it into a fine powder. "I've had enough when I said I've had enough."

    The bar-keep nodded sagely, reaching beneath the counter. When he stood, however, he held a UNSC grade M45 Shotgun. Pointing it at Famine, the man silently gestured towards the exit of the bar. Famine snickered to himself, pressing his forehead to the barrel.

    "Do it, pussy." he grinned. "I'll enjoy sucking you up through a straw."

    The bar-keep, a man of his word, fired the weapon into the man's face. It hadn't been the first time he had killed a man incognito before, and it certainly wasn't about to be his last. Famine's body fell to the floor with a twitch, convulsing upon landing. At first, the motions seemed similar to a headless body spasming before resting. This however, was much worse.

    His head regenerated from his shoulders, the same cocky squared face returning to it's usual form. This time however, his canines elongated well into fangs. His torso shifted and molded itself into that of a giant swine, perhaps a warthog or some other tusked pig. Standing on his two legs, Famine now took on the visage of a Minotaur from mythology, or at least the closest thing to one he could.

    Bringing one of his massive fists down on the bar-keep's position, he grunted in glee as the dust and bits of wood erupted from the point of impact. Removing his fist, however, he was shocked to see no viscera from the bar-keep. His eyes narrowed in time to see a Spartan sheltering the bar-keep, a few feet away from where he had struck.

    "Shape-shifting, nasty personality?" the Spartan's feminine voice echoed throughout the now emptied bar. "No doubt about it, you're Famine."

    "Yeah, what'sit to ya?" Famine snarled, swinging his fist down on her position.

    The Spartan maintained her position, bracing herself to catch the fist. Surely enough, she managed to stop the strike with very little difficulty. Famine grunted, as something struck his midsection, charging him out the door. Tumbling along the sidewalk, Famine growled as he slowly began to pick himself up.

    Three Spartans stood side by side just outside the bar's doorway. One wielded an imposing looking machine gun turret, the one that had caught his punch held a shotgun, and the third and final one a sniper rifle. The one with the chain-gun wiped some blood off of his shoulder-plate, holding his weapon ready.

    "Three vs. One?" Famine snickered. "If I were anyone else, I'd say that this was highly unfair, but- gyah!"

    The three Spartans tensed as the lithe woman in sultry dress and high heels plunged her hand deep into Famine's midsection without any sort of care. Famine's eyes widened as he was suddenly reverted back to his original form. Unable to view his assailant, he glanced up at the Spartans with almost pleading eyes.

    His pupils narrowed, however, as he felt the urge to vomit overtake him. Famine's body convulsed in an attempt to keep it contained.

    "No-not them!" Famine belched. "STOP THEM!"

    Katherine took a step forward, as the sultry woman removed her hand from Famine's midsection. Despite the bile and other such contents being spilled out with her hand, the appendage appeared otherwise untouched. Two blobs splashed out of the hole in Famine's stomach, slopping onto the ground beneath him.

    In a matter of seconds, however, the two blobs manifested into humanoid shapes. One was way larger than even Jorge, almost dwarfing him in comparison, it's form taking on a stereotypical obese visage. The other was almost as tall as it's companion, but where fat layered it's friend, this one was made entirely of muscle.

    Famine, having expelled the two things he had tried so hard to contain, passed out beneath the two massive creatures. The fatter of the two looked down at his form, hoisting Famine in his hands.

    "Food?" it asked, before it's mouth opened to present several rows of sharp teeth.

    Unlike most mouths, the creature's maw opened like the hatch of a dumpster. Katherine dashed forward, planting her shotgun to the beast's wrist and pulling the trigger. The blast was enough to sever the beast's hand from the rest of it's body, sending Famine and the beast's now disembodied hand cascading down to the street.

    Lorelei jumped to attention, catching Famine and moving him to safety to the side. While Blaine had no trust for any of the Horseman, sans perhaps Death, she didn't want to waste a potential ally, especially if the Horsemen feared the Sins as well.

    "Gluttony hurt." the troll-like creature moaned from it's impossible mouth.

    Glancing down at it's damaged wrist, the appendage split open, forming yet another mouth. Jorge shuddered for all of a moment, before tensing.

    "Now is not the time for playing around!" he growled. "Let's finish these things right now!"

    Sloth, the smaller in comparison of the two, but still rather large, yawned as he laid on his side, propping his hand up to the side of his head for support. Jorge fumed at the creature's nonchalant attitude, opening fire on the beast. The hail of chaingun bullets met their target, but harmlessly fell in their tracks, as if some barrier was covering him.

    Lust smirked, as she joined up between the two of her fellow sins. Katherine rushed forward again, jumping up towards Gluttony's maw. Firing her shotgun, she tensed as it's rows of teeth elongated momentarily, taking on the durability of steel. Her shotgun shell remained ultimately ineffective against the creature.

    Gluttony's remaining hand lashed up at her, as she aimed her shotgun down at it. Firing another shell, Gluttony grunted in minor pain, avoiding it's grasp on her. Gluttony's wrist, which now took on the visage of a mouth without lips, opened wide, saliva dribbling down onto the street. Katherine landed on the concrete, flipping backwards just in time to avoid it's crunch.

    Jorge folded Bertha back into her compact form and placed her on his back, clenching his fists and rolling his neck. Sloth, unfazed by Jorge's attempts at intimidation, brought a hand to his mouth and yawned. Using the thrusters on the back of his armor, Jorge burst forward, thrusting his fist directly into Sloth's face. Unlike before, the 'barrier' protecting Sloth seemed to be non-existent.

    "So that's it," Jorge snickered, as Sloth's head snapped backwards from the force of the punch. "You're immune to projectile damage. How unfortunate for you."

    "Grr." Sloth snarled. "You hurt Sloth. Sloth end you so Sloth can sleep!"

    Lorelei, on the other hand, circled with Lust. The svelte woman gently licked her lips, looking over Lorelei in her armor. Lust giggled into her finger, as Lorelei stopped for a second, confused.

    "What are you laughing about?"

    "Green and purple? What kind of color scheme is tha- augh!"

    "It's symbolic of my parents, my father loved dark green, and my mother loved lilac purple." Lorelei snarled. "What would a whore like you know about that? You probably killed yours."

    Lust recoiled from the strike, blood trickling from a cut on her forehead. She ran a finger along the crimson streak, before placing it in her mouth. Lorelei hunched low, ready to continue, she wasn't much for hand-to-hand combat, but at this moment, she really didn't have a choice.


    Katherine charged forward, planting her right foot into the forearm that made up Gluttony's mouthed arm. Gluttony reeled back from the blow, his stubby legs attempting to gain traction for the rest of his overweight form. Upon recovery, Gluttony's arm lashed out at her, the yellowed teeth of it's mouth gnashed against each other.

    Katherine flipped backwards as quickly as she could, before pivoting herself to the right. Landing on her feet, she fired a shell at the wrist again, the pellets shredding through the flesh, yet no blood excreted. Instead, more mouths formed from the holes. Soon, Gluttony's entire arm had been covered in toothy mouths, gnashing towards her.

    She jumped backwards to avoid another swing from it's mouth arm, flipping over a parked car. The mouth on it's wrist snatched the car, shearing the metal automobile in half. Bouncing off of the brick wall behind her, she used the thrusters on the back of her suit for extra speed. Twisting her form to avoid the easily predictable swing of it's mouthy arm, Katherine swung her left foot across it's neck, sending the beast cascading to her right.


    Jorge grunted as his punches and kicks flailed against Sloth's body. No matter how much the giant creature wished to block the Spartan's assault, it's reaction time was so slow that it couldn't keep up. To make up for this, Sloth tanked some of the hits, bringing his fist down on the concrete beneath them.

    Like a magnitude six and a half earthquake, the ground beneath them shook. The buildings around them began to shift on their foundations, some of the older buildings crumbling and groaning at the shifting landmass. Jorge grit his teeth, attempting to maintain his balance.

    Using his thrusters to take his feet temporarily off of the ground from the quake, Jorge wrapped both of his arms around the massive fist of Sloth. Planting his feet, Jorge grunted as he brought the massive creature over his shoulder, slamming him into the concrete. Sloth coughed as a small geyser of blood erupted out of his mouth, his body bouncing off the concrete.

    "You mock me with your lack of discipline?!" Jorge growled. "I've fought GRUNTS with more discipline than you!"

    Once again using his thrusters, Jorge jumped up and struck Sloth his the side of his face with his boot, sending him in the direction of Katherine and Gluttony.


    "You've been doing your research." Lust smiled. "You know that we're not just normal people."

    "You can thank my husband for that." Lorelei rolled her neck, dipping into a ready stance.

    "I see, so your lover is that hunk that killed Pride, and helped kill Wrath." Lust said. "It's a shame he's wasting his life with some skank like yourself. I think he deserves someone with a bit more... meat."

    "Stay away from him." Lorelei growled, as her suit began to vibrate, activating it's experimental systems.

    Unlike most of the others, Lorelei's did not receive the strength enhancers, instead focusing solely on her reflexes, speed, and even an advanced bullet tracking. Most people would refer to the latter as an 'aimbot' whatever that was. Sprinting towards Lust faster than she could react, Lorelei dove backwards, drop-kicking Lust into the air. The usual Spartan-Time, where time seemed to slow, began to kick in for Lorelei, who picked herself off of the ground.

    Her thrusters overclocked and launched her up towards Lust's position, who was helpless in the air. Pulling her sniper-rifle up, Lorelei fired a round, the bullet striking Lust in the forehead. True to the form of most of the sins thus-far, however, the bullet had little effect other that cause substantial pain and push her around.

    Lorelei's thrusters initiated again, looping her around to the other side of Lust, as she fired another round. This time, it struck heavily on the back of her head, causing her to flip in air. Her thrusters moved her again and again, each time Lorelei fired a completely accurate shot into Lust's bullet-proof form. Flipping the gun in her hands, Lorelei swung it down like a club.

    Beneath her, the three Sins all converged in one location, striking against each other as a result of the Spartan's combined attacks. Lorelei landed next to Katherine, as Jorge hustled to their side.

    "Is it over?" Jorge sighed.

    "Far from it, look." Lorelei shook her head, gesturing towards Gluttony.

    It's mouthy arm wrapped itself around Lust's form, as the teeth gnashed against her. Unlike the bullets Lorelei had used against her, these teeth served their purpose. The Sin of Lust screamed loudly throughout the still air of the street, as she was slowly consumed by her brother.

    Gluttony itself roared in pain, as the already excessive form of mass that made up it's body grew to unexpected proportions. Along the way, it's naval, which had already been exposed, cratered upwards along it's stomach to form a giant mouth, complete with razor sharp teeth and a black void leading to seemingly nothingness. It's unhinged mouth opened like that of a sock puppet, as Lust's torso rose out of the mouth.

    Vein like protrusions rose out of Gluttony's throat, covering the unspeakable locations on Lust's form. With a devilish smirk, she stared down at the three Spartans. Her attention then turned towards Sloth, who yawned loudly, curling up into a ball, ignoring the pain he had just endured. With her now in control of all of Gluttony's body and power, she reached down with the stomach mouth, biting down on Sloth's upper torso.

    There was a pulse of unspeakable energy that caused the three Spartans to skid along the ground, their boots holding fast into the concrete. The vertical stomach-mouth of the creature opened widely as the razor sharp teeth within elongated, clenching shut like the teeth of a zipper.

    "Blaine never said anything about them absorbing each other." Katherine grunted as they were continued to be pushed backwards by the pulse of energy.

    "In fairness, he probably killed one of them before they had the chance to." Lorelei grit her teeth, struggling to maintain her composure from the roar.

    "Then that just means we've got no choice but to go all out." Jorge grunted, as his suit began to vibrate.

    Like the exact opposite of Lorelei's armor, his experimental enhancers focused on his strength and durability as opposed to his speed and reflex. His suit's unique ability, however, was magnetism. Thrusting his fists together started the magnetic pull, which thankfully ignored his allies' suits. Anything metallic that hadn't been bolted down in the immediate area congregated around Jorge's position.

    The nanites within the suits systems that were usually used for repairs quickly set to work adding the armor onto Jorge's already bulky armor. The metal predominately focused on his forearms to create twin shield/blade attachments on his vambraces. Flexing his arms, the suit did everything it could to lighten the load of the otherwise heavy additions to his forearms.

    Katherine's suit vibrated into action as well, focusing solely on speed, with light investment on strength. The nanites in her suit hardened the armor around her, while the surplus power the suit was exuding went directly into the shield systems. Speeding forward, Katherine moved much faster than Lust was anticipating, the mouth arm plunging into the concrete with a mixture of Sloth's strength, and the steel-hard durability of the teeth it contained.

    Jumping onto the arm, Katherine charged up it's length, before ramming her shoulder into Lust, the Spartan and the Sin crashing into the opened lid-mouth of Gluttony. The force of the impact was enough to illicit a grunt of pain from Lust, and totally rip off the top of Gluttony's maw. Lust, now one with Gluttony, shrieked in pain as the portion of her new form was savagely torn off.

    Gluttony's remaining arm reached up and grabbed Katherine, who tried to wriggle her way out of it's clutches. Instead, however, Gluttony's arm, under Lust's control, tossed her back into the bar the three Spartans had located Famine in. Lorelei fired her Sniper Rifle at the now exposed form of Lust, who growled in annoyance at the bullets striking her upper torso and face.

    Turning her spare arm to snatch Lorelei, Jorge grunted as his shield blade vambraces crossed his front, blocking Lorelei from the attack. His suit's experimental strength modifier overclocked, causing the concrete beneath him to fissure and crack. Jorge swung the blades outwards, pushing back against the strength of the monstrocity in front of him.

    Lust swung the spare arm at Jorge, who deflected it aside, using his thrusters to charge forward. Lunging with his right arm sword, Lust's mouthy arm came up to deflect the strike. What she hadn't expected, however, was the blade to pierce her defensive skin, Sloth's projectile barrier, and Gluttony's lack of actual flesh.

    Jorge grunted as he used the leverage he had on her to vault Gluttony's large body over his shoulder. In the corner of his eye, he could see Katherine charging up for a drop kick. Slamming the conglomeration of Sins down onto the concrete, along with the cloud of dust that erupted from them, Jorge crossed his vambraces in front of him once again.

    Lorelei took this moment to load an experimental clip into her rifle. It was worth only one shot, but Doctor Bailey boasted that it would be capable of piercing anything, even Forerunner metal. As Katherine's feet met with Gluttony's bulbous stomach, Lorelei sprinted over to her, jumping off of Katherine's hands, which had been ready to give her sister a boost up.

    Using her thrusters to give her an extra boost high above the monstrosity, she pulled the trigger on her Sniper Rifle. Her bullet met true on the tongue of Gluttony, where Lust's torso was emerging from. She shrieked in pain as the bullet left a basketball sized hole in her midsection. Lust's smile ebbed away for only a moment as she reached for the wound, as the skin itself regenerated, however, she smirked, Gluttony's remaining good arm grasping out for Lorelei.

    Before it could make contact, however, an unknown force caused it to veer off of it's target and miss her completely. Lorelei landed on the concrete beside Katherine and Jorge again. Their suits were still in their experimental modes, though Lorelei's was swiftly depleting. A blue blur landed in the concrete in front of them, as it stood to full height.

    "No!" Lust roared, standing her new monstrous body up. "You won't best us. We'll consume you!"

    Swinging her mouthy arm at Blaine, he smirked beneath his helmet, her mouth stopping abruptly in front of him. A light shimmered around Blaine, as a hard light bubble formed on his position. No matter how desperately the teeth tried to gnash on him, they were largely ineffective.

    "Really?" Blaine snickered. "That's not what I heard you say to my wife. I thought you were looking for me?"

    Jorge, taking this moment of distraction, advanced on the gelatinous mass. Lust shrieked like a banshee as her spare arm launched out at him. The hand was pierced by his shield vambraces, but this time she was ready. Lifting her arm, no matter how badly the sword vambraces sliced her, she tossed him aside. Instead, her hand lashed out for Lorelei, who was starting to feel the exhaustion that the experimental systems on her suit generally caused.

    Blaine's eyes widened with horror as the hand clenched around Lorelei's form. Lust snickered as she tightened her grip. Lorelei screamed in pain as she was slowly crushed in the monster's clutches. With little trouble, Lust slammed Lorelei into the concrete, before tossing her back into the bar.

    Katherine's immediate instinct was to go to Lorelei's side, as Jorge recovered from his brief flight. Blaine, on the other hand, stared down at the concrete, his muscles along his back, arms, and hands spasmed beneath his armor. His left eye felt like it was fitting to burst straight out of the socket, as he sank to one knee. He knew Lorelei was going to live from the attack, but he couldn't escape the sorrow it brought on him.

    "What have you done?" Blaine shook his head, as he growled in anger unlike anything he had ever felt before.

    Each moment was like a thousand hot knives were piercing his arms, torso, his heart, and even his left eye. She smiled as she leaned Gluttony's body down to put her torso directly within his reach above the bubble he was in. She licked her lips seductively, as she giggled into a fingertip.

    "My powers are based off of lust, extreme feelings of desire whether sexual or otherwise. In my presence, when a significant other is hurt, you feel the entirety of their pain ten-fold." Lust smiled. "Just think what'll happen when I kill her."

    Fruitless as it was, Blaine's screams of pain echoed throughout the street as he reached up for his helmet. He felt something warm trickling down from his left cheek and to the corner of his mouth. A little of the liquid found it's way into the corner of his mouth, leaving a copper taste in his mouth. The left eye was functional, but still continued to feel as though it was about to burst.

    Blaine's right hand smashed down on the concrete beneath his hard-light bubble, causing it to fracture and crack. He grit his teeth as his fingers clenched onto the rubble, bringing him down to a squat to help ease the uncomfortable stance he was in.

    "You wouldn't know a thing about love." Blaine growled in anger. "Love is PAIN!"

    "What did you do to her?!" Blaine roared, as he reached up through the bubble, and grabbed her neck. "What did you do to my WIFE?!"

    At Blaine's roar of anger and pain, a gust of energy expelled outwards enough to shatter the hard-light and push back the mouthy arm on the other side. Jorge and Lust's new form struggled to maintain their footing as the concrete beneath Blaine buckled, fractured, and fissured outwards.

    Blaine burst forward with his thruster pack, as Gluttony's remaining good arm swung towards him. The massive fist struck him head on, however, Blaine seemed unfazed by the strike, actually catching it. Pushing against it, Blaine seemingly tossed the car-sized fist away, before jumping up to Lust's level. Swinging a heavy left cross against her face, he followed up with a mighty right kick beneath her chin.

    Lust grunted in pain as Blaine snatched her neck with his left hand to stabilize her. He swung a right hook, followed by a left cross, along with a swift right uppercut. She glared deep into his visor, as she saw nothing but the glint of gold from his visor.

    "RAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" Blaine roared, smashing his boot into her chest with the intensity of ten high speed locomotives.

    Gluttony/Lust's body skidded along the pavement and into the nearest building, as Blaine landed directly in the crater from where Jorge had flipped her over his shoulder. When both of his boots landed on the ground, Blaine blasted up through the crater at a speed that would have made even Katherine in her boosted form jealous.

    Before Lust even had a chance to hand, Blaine grabbed hold of her remaining good arm. Planting his feet, Blaine span around in circles, every revolution picking up his speed. At the height of his speed, Blaine slammed her face first into the ground. A ring of dust erupted from the impact, the blubber of Gluttony's old body caused it to bounce.

    Three green acknowledgement lights echoed in Blaine's visor, indicating that Lorelei was alive and well, hurt sure, but she was fine. Needless to say, however, he wasn't remotely done with these three Sins turned into one. Thrusting himself upwards, underneath her following the bounce, Blaine struck both of his boots powerfully on her back. The force was enough to send the bulbous monstrosity several stories up.

    "I got hell the last time I did this, however, I have no choice now." Blaine growled. "Jorge, Katherine, find shelter!"

    Pressing his wrists together to make a rounded V shape with his hands, Blaine drew the remainder of the energy from the suit's experimental overclocking into one final attack. Golden energy formed in a ball at his hands, and as he pulled his hands to his side, the size of the ball of energy increased considerably. The saturation of the light caused everything around him to dim exponentially, as he pitched his feet into the concrete, taking a mighty step forward with his left foot.

    Thrusting his arms forward, the golden ball of energy erupted forward in a massive tunnel of atomic energy. Roaring as loud as he could, the tunnel, starting at his hands, expanded wide enough to swallow the three Sins whole. Unlike Pride, who had an incredible regeneration ability, these three possessed no such thing, even Sloth's projectile shield was completely negated as the Fist of Spartan round enveloped the three of them, atomizing them.

    Collapsing to one knee, Blaine clutched his chest as he tried to collect his breath. Jorge stepped over, the spare metal that had been used for his shield/sword vambraces had since collapsed to the ground. Holding out a hand to Blaine, the two Spartans stood face to face with a quick exchange of curt nods.

    "Found her in the bar napping." Katherine joked. "Dislocated right shoulder, but nothing permanent. What took you so long?"

    "I just dealt with Pestilence's Sin; Greed. I'll tell you about it on the way to ONI HQ." Blaine shook his head with a sigh.

    "What's there?"

    "The final horseman, Death." Blaine frowned. "-and the Sin of Envy."

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