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    Dethroning the Science Head

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    Dethroning the Science Head

    Post  Manny on January 23rd 2013, 5:33 pm

    Alright, so before we begin there's some backstory you need to know.

    There's this teacher at my school, let's just call him Mr.K, Kay? Anyways it's well known in my school that he is a HORRIBLE science teacher. Let me repeat that, he's a HORRIBLE science teacher.

    So, I figured that he couldn't be that bad. I was wrong. In grade ten, I had him as a science teacher, and it turns out these rumors were actually true... And I wasn't the only one who thought so. Alright, so just make do with what you got right?

    So I did. I finished the course with a 90. Pretty good if I say so myself. Being the lazy bastard I was that year, I only read the notes in class, only looking at the book to see the homework. Nothing strange, or so I thought.

    Fast forward two years to Grade 12. I'm back in his class for biology. Everything seems alright, when the notes start dropping. Shit gets wierd.

    Now I'll admit some of this was because I was having trouble managing my other courses. However, that wasn't the sole cause. Believe it or not, another cause is because I was actually studying from the BOOK, not just using notes. My grades should go up.

    Before we begin, there's two terms you need to know:

    Medulla Oblongata - part of the brain that controls automatic muscle movement (e.g. breathing) and connects the hindbrain to the spinal cord

    Cerebellum - part of the brain that co-ordinates muscle movement.

    Now the question in this story was:

    Which part of the brain controls muscle movement
    A) blah
    B) blah
    C) Medulla Oblongata
    D) Cerebellum

    I put D. Seems right, RIGHT?

    Today we took up our Homeostasis test, the day before the exam. One question was marked wrong, which was clearly right. It said so right in the book. So I challenged him. I bet you can guess which question this was.

    I showed him the book, and instead of admitting his mistake the mother fucker says "It's the Medulla Oblongata because if you remeber the note..." That's when I cut him off. I'm tired of his shit. You'll see why it's shit in a second.

    I said, "Yeah but it says RIGHT here that the Cerebellum is right. You're telling me that the notes and the textbook contain different info? As a student, then what am I supposed to study?"

    Then he has the audacity to say "You should really study the notes over the book". What kind of fucking teacher is this guy?!

    Anyways, he then goes on to explain why his answer is right. I counter by saying "Yeah but the question uses the word 'co-ordination', and the books CLEARLY says 'co-ordinates muscle movement' for the Cerebellum.

    So he gives me the mark, yay! But that's where the good news ends. After class I asked him a question, something I NEED to know to get a good mark. They don't let you see your final exams unless you ask. Even then it's a tricky process.

    Anyways, I ask him "What do I need to study for the final exam?"

    He goes off and lists the units. I cut him off again.

    "No I mean do I study the book or my notes? Clearly there are some 'discrepancies' between the two" You can imagine my tone by now.

    He says "notes".

    So I ask him, "Where are you getting your notes from?"

    He says "A different textbook". What the fuck.

    Anyways I ask "Is this book newer?" Makes sense he would give us more recent info right?

    He says "No, an older one". This is where I have beef with him. Not only is he a SHIT teacher, but he gives us notes that are WRONG and outdated?! What the fuck man?!

    In a field such science we are always learning new things. We are always changing our views because the contributions of others have shown that some concept are true and others are false. That's how science works.

    So how in God's name can you teach your students OUTDATED and WRONG information, and then penalize them for writing the RIGHT answer?

    If this goes on, he'll continue to screw over future students. It has to stop, but no one has ever had the balls to DO something besides complain amongst themselves.

    Except me. Not trying to sound tough, because this isn't something terribly hard to do. Tricky? Yes. Hard? No.

    I'm going to my VP to officially complain about this mother fucker. In an ideal world (of mine), he would get fired. However, I doubt that will happen. So at the very least, I'm hoping the lazy fucker rewrites all of his outdated notes.

    And I'm not alone. I have a following of seven other students, and a couple of them HEARD him say to trust the notes over the book. One of them isn't even a bio student but he agrees that future students shouldn't get fucked over.

    So this is my mission: the dethrone the head of the science department or at least bring him off his high horse.

    So keep your eyes out for part 2! Which is to be written after my ordeal.
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    Re: Dethroning the Science Head

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 23rd 2013, 5:40 pm

    Not to make a joke out of this, but print out the funniest facial image of Commander Palmer you can find, and make it into a mask. That way, if and when you do knock him down a peg, you can exclaim:

    "Take that you filthy egg head!" He won't get it, but any Halo 4 fan will understand.

    Yeah, I'm a nerd, yes, that's a bad joke, and yes, I officially hate myself because of it, but what else is new.

    On topic: He sounds like a royal douche and deserves it.
    Bad John
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    Re: Dethroning the Science Head

    Post  Bad John on January 23rd 2013, 6:07 pm

    Well well. Good to see Manny being Mannly. Razz

    You go get 'em Manuel. For SCIENCE!
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    Re: Dethroning the Science Head

    Post  Manny on January 23rd 2013, 8:25 pm

    I am not a Messiah, nor a "Hero of Time", nor the Dragonborn. I'm not the one who will bring balance to the Force, nor he who will bring the return of the Jedi. I am no super soldier upon which Humanity's fate rests upon his soldier.

    I am none of these things. I am but a man, but listen well Comrades! Though I may be a man, it does not make me powerless! Though I be a man, it does not make me weak!

    Because I am a man I rise up Comrades! Because I am a man, I am not afraid to fail!

    Because I am a man, I say...

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    Re: Dethroning the Science Head

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 23rd 2013, 8:57 pm

    Thus making you a rebel, and a target.

    Have fun with that Razz

    Just kidding. In all seriousness, best of luck with your plight.

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    Re: Dethroning the Science Head

    Post  Impanther on January 25th 2013, 10:40 pm

    Dafuq? Call up the super intendent or something, that teacher needs to be put in his place.

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    Re: Dethroning the Science Head

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