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    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 14th 2013, 9:57 pm

    I'm going to estimate about three more chapters, one of them being an epilogue. I know this is most likely the shortest Halo story I've written, but I am honestly out of ideas.



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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 15th 2013, 11:20 pm

    Chapter 11: Origins

    As I wrap up the story so far, I send this beacon out into the furthest reaches of Space, where our last remaining Humans, located at Rally Point Eden, will know that we have either won, or lost. Either way, Blaine smiled as his helmet disassembled, looking deep into the camera's lens. "this is where I am retiring, whether I die in the field, or live to see the end of this damn conflict. I'm too old for this bullshit, and it's time I rest my weary bones."

    "C'mon Grandpa, the Hallowed Divination will be taking off soon."

    "I'm coming." Blaine replied, grabbing the corresponding beacon.

    Following his grandson through the halls, Blaine paused for a moment, tapping George's shoulder.

    "Boyo, before we do this, I can't tell ye enough how proud I am of ye." Blaine stated. "I want you to have this, she's done me proud over the years, but it's time I give her to a new pair of hands."

    Blaine handed over his DMR to George, who took it, wide eyed. Blaine clasped a hand on his Grandson's shoulder.

    “There’s something you must learn about being a Spartan, boyo.” Blaine smiled, looking at his grandson. “When I was trained by Mendez all of those years ago, I was trained to kill other humans, trained to not show compassion to my dying opponents. I was trained to be a machine, nothing more, nothing less.”

    “This is not what I want to see from you. Your job as a Spartan is to keep all life sacred, no matter what the species. If someone attacks you, you dispatch the problem quickly, and humanely.” Blaine sighed. “It’s not as glamourous as it is made out to be. It will give you responsibilities that will last until you are my age."

    "You might start a family with one of the other Spartan IVs, and THAT is what I want from you. Keep your responsibilities, but don’t let them overcome your life. Family comes first, boyo. Remember that.”

    "Now let's go put this false deity in the ground, eh?" Blaine chuckled.


    Earth's Orbit
    Hallowed Divination

    "Remind me again what the plan is?" R'tas asked.

    "The Admiral has asked us to use this ship to slip in undetected, so that his team could infiltrate whatever base we detect on the surface. We can easily use any Brute captives to help keep our cover." Thel replied, clicking his mandibles together.

    "That's right, and once my team has been inserted, you guys will wait for comm. chatter to go nuts, then you will call in the rest of our forces." Blaine nodded.

    "Then it is agreed." Lasky's hologram saluted him. "Best of luck Admiral, see you on the other side."

    "Same to you Captain."

    "X'sas! Set a Slip-Space course for Origin!" R'tas barked, as the Elite pilot did so.


    "Kind of looks like Earth, doesn't she?" Nine asked, peering out the window at the planet.

    "Yeah, take a good look Spartans." Blaine said. "It's been over a millennium, but Humanity has finally made it home."

    "It's so bizarre." George turned to Blaine. "We were both born on Reach, told Human's originated from Earth, and here we are staring at Humanity's TRUE home world."

    "That was then, barat." Jorge frowned. "Now it's a hive to a bunch of wannabee Humans."

    "I just contacted the Arbiter." Chief nodded, turning to Blaine. "We've scanned Origin, it's Atlantis."

    "In other words," Darryl sighed. "she's a giant water puddle, and I didn't bring my swimming gear."

    "That's not all." Chief grunted. "There is a series of corridors all leading to a massive building on the northern hemisphere. The building is so large, we have reason to believe the Didact is in there somewhere."

    "But?" Blaine asked.

    "They'd expect an aerial assault." Nine continued.

    "That's where we can help you." Anch walked into the room. "Us Elites have used the Engineers you've gifted us to craft new vehicles. We have a prototype, which might be able to guide you in your plight?"

    "What is it?"

    "We call it the Elemental." Anch nodded, pulling up a video document of the schematics. "It can travel underwater, nearly undetectable."

    "Excellent, alright Spartans, let's mount up!" Blaine barked, as they all piled out of the room and into the vehicle bay.


    The vehicle was a little cramped, but they weren't looking for luxury on this mission. Bliss came AFTER the Didact was dead, and his minions destroyed or absolved.

    "We are dropping the Elemental in 3....2....1...MARK!" Anch said in the comm. as the Spartan's all felt an unease in their stomachs, their vehicle plunging into the vast ocean that was Origin's 'surface'.

    Blaine stood behind the controls, using the very brief explanation he received from Anch, to guide the vehicle to the nearest tunnel system.

    Blaine looked on with amazement, in the same exact tunnel they were headed for, what appeared to be a male and female couple of Mez 'Khar civilians walked forward in elegant cloaks, laced with gold. On the back of their long cloaks was the body of the armored Didact, they were religious.

    Piloting the Elemental to face the glass sideways, the Mez 'Khar were unfazed, either to far into observing each other, or they didn't see the vehicle.

    The vehicle's opening hatch latched onto the glass, as tiny plasma blades cut the glass, the Spartans jumping out into the hallway. George took a knee, a suppressor on his new DMR.

    “Warriors, over the past four years you have kept your Didact’s virtues strong and impenetrable. These filth are an example of what you COULD have been, had your ancestors not offered themselves to the Life Formers. When Humanity is cleansed from the stars, the remaining races will see you as GODS!”

    “Our impending victory shall not go without sacrifice or difficulty. Humanity is a race of survivors, long have they denied their fate. They will be resilient, but their foundation is weak, and they are unorganized. On this day, the Forerunners shall reclaim the Mantle from the humans, today, the Mez ‘Khar will go down in the history of our Universe as the Didact’s Crusaders!”
    The Didact spoke into the intercomm.

    Both Mez 'Khar, untrained in the ways of combat, stood no chance to George's shots. One of them miraculously survived, crying over his lost mate. Blaine flipped him over onto his back, as the creature tried to lash his tongue out. Pointing his pistol into it's face, his hand trembled.

    "See what we did to her, we're going to kill your God in the same fashion." Blaine growled.

    The Lizard/Human had a look on his face, one of sincere concern.

    "Wassss not our plansss." He whispered, his wound getting the better of him, making him weak. "We originally aimed to assssissst the humanssss. But the heavily devoted, they lissstened to the liesss."

    Nine, George, Jorge, and Chief all looked to Blaine.

    "You were forced into it by the Radicals." Blaine said, putting the pistol away.

    "Yessss." He hissed softly. "My dear mate, ssshe did not dessserve thissss."

    "I am sorry it came to this, your race had widdled us down to nearly nothing." Blaine said, as he and the others walked away.

    "Pleassse." The male pleaded. "Kill me now. I have no reassson to live."

    Blaine nodded to the others, who marched off in the direction the couple had been. Crouching down beside the Mez 'Khar, Blaine pulled the pistol from his waist.

    "I know what it's like to love, and have what you love taken from you." Blaine said, his helmet disassembling. "May you find eternal rest with her."

    Placing the pistol to the male's head, the Lizard flicked his tongue to sniff the air one last time.

    "Thank you." He replied, as Blaine pulled the trigger.

    "Don't thank me, I wish this never had happened." Blaine shook his head, clipping the pistol back to his waist, grabbing his SAW off of his back.

    "Blaine, we've found the Mantle!" Nine said in the comm. "You might want to get here, I hear footsteps on the way."

    Nodding his head in respect, Blaine jogged down the hall to his team-mate's position.


    Ballistics went flying in every which way by the time Blaine arrived at the other's position. Taking cover inside of the doorway, his Spartans picked off the soldiers marching their way towards them.

    "Head for the Mantle!" Blaine growled, waving them ahead as he opened fire with the SAW.

    Half of his bullets were absorbed by Slip-Space, those that weren't drew blood, even spelling disaster for some Mez 'Khar. One charged him, lashing it's tail at him as he grabbed it. A giant metal door covered the entrance to the Mantle. Using the Mez 'Khar in his hands as a meat-shield, Blaine backed into the room, firing a salvo at the glass, shattering it as he shut the door.

    Turning back, what he saw made his heart stop. It was basically a Halo Control Room. The endless abyss, the console in the center of the room, and the Forerunner/AI trying to kill them.

    "So blinded by your survivalist instinct to believe that I would would allow you to enter the Altar so easily!" The Didact growled. "You Humans have tried my patience long enough. It is time that you meet your destiny!"

    Floating above the rest, Jorge, Chief, and George focused fire on the Mez 'Khar that had accompanied the Didact, while Blaine and Nine took crack shots at the Forerunner himself. Forming a Light Rifle around his hand, he expertly fired enough to pop Blaine's shields. Raising his Hard-Light shield, Blaine crouched, using the shield to completely cover his shieldless form.

    Knowing the Didact would teleport behind him, Blaine swung the shield around in a wide arch, the hard-light striking the Didact head on. Backing away, Blaine had little time to pull up his hard-light shield before the Didact used an Incineration Cannon on him. The explosions that rippled from the shot were reflected by his shield, sliding him across the floor on his back.

    "Shields, NOW!" Blaine barked, as the Didact fired another round into the center of them. Blaine held his over his head, the others forming a sphere around him. The bouncing extra rounds disippated harmlessly off of the other's shields.

    Blaine quickly pulled out his SAW, riddling the Didact with multiple rounds, causing the Forerunner General to teleport once more.

    However, when Blaine turned, the next sight shocked him. The Didact used his hands to hold George over the edge of the platform!

    "Where reason has failed, perhaps force will persuade."



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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 15th 2013, 11:29 pm

    This next and final chapter is very short, I understand this. It's the epilogue that follows that will be a lot longer.

    Chapter 12: The Shadow Chaser

    “There’s something you must learn about being a Spartan, boyo.” Blaine smiled, looking at his grandson. “When I was trained by Mendez all of those years ago, I was trained to kill other humans, trained to not show compassion to my dying opponents. I was trained to be a machine, nothing more, nothing less.”

    “This is not what I want to see from you. Your job as a Spartan is to keep all life sacred, no matter what the species. If someone attacks you, you dispatch the problem quickly, and humanely.” Blaine sighed. “It’s not as glamourous as it is made out to be. It will give you responsibilities that will last until you are my age. You may be able to start a family with one of the other Spartan IVs, and I want that from you. Keep your responsibilities, but don’t let them overcome your life. Family comes first, boyo. Remember that.”

    These thoughts swam in Blaine’s brain, as he stared with baited breath at the Didact, who used his special powers to lift his beloved grandson high into the air. Listening to his kin’s guttural hacking and coughing from the strangling. Blaine shook free of the Mez ‘Khar soldiers that kept him at bay, shoulder charging the Forerunner. Before the Didact could turn and react, Blaine took him off his feet, wrapping his massive arms around the General’s throat.

    “BLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAINNNNEEEEE!” Nine roared over the edge, as Jorge broke free of his restraints, grabbing one of the Mez ‘Khar with a single hand, snapping it’s spine over his knee.

    George stood there in complete awe, as he watched Blaine tumble into the chasm below, seemingly endless as it were. Chief slammed a solid punch into the jaw of one of the Mez ‘Khar, it’s sharp pointed teeth chopping it’s own forked tongue out of it’s mouth. Bashing his boot square into it’s chest, the inexperience half human- half lizard cascaded into the depths.

    “What the hell are you waiting for George?!” Nine barked, holding off a pair of the vicious beasts. “Get your ass moving and kill these god damned things!”

    George nodded, taking the Glossary in hand to the Altar, where the Mantle awaited instruction. Applying a sample of the Didact’s DNA into the slot, there was a flash of white, as the entire building shuddered, a brilliant golden light arching towards the ceiling.


    The two veteran soldiers tumbled over one another in their seemingly endless free-fall. Blaine continued to hold on to prevent the Forerunner’s escape, as the Didact kept impaling his sharp fingers deep into Blaine’s chest.

    “You humans never could see the divinity of the Forerunners, you were always QUESTIONING it!” The Didact growled, jabbing his fingers in further, twisting.

    “And you became so full of yourself you didn’t realize that there will ALWAYS be something that trumps the top dog! You feared the race that came before you, but then you fought them off. Humanity sought to bring peace to the Universe, but your race was so filled with grandeur you failed to see what TRULY mattered!” Blaine growled.

    “I don’t listen to filth like you!” The Didact snapped.

    “-Like you wouldn’t listen to your own wife.” Blaine grinned cockily. “You let her die because you thought you were limitless. Now your race is extinct, and you are jealous of Humanity.”

    “I do not feel jealousy, only PITY!”

    “Pity for the race that has trumped you, like you did with the ones before. Hell, my race once found a CURE for the Flood, but your self righteousness blinded you to the truth. We were trying to SAVE you, not DESTROY! That is, and will be, your greatest downfall.” Blaine barked, squeezing ever harder, as the Forerunner gasped for air.

    “I..... AM....A..... GOD!!!” the Didact coughed.

    “And I am the Angel of Death, sworn to protect the righteous, and kill the deluded.” Blaine twisted his hands to the right suddenly, attempting to snap his neck. “I am the Warrior, the one to bring peace. I am a Spartan! I AM THE SHADOW CHASER!”

    Suddenly, a golden light struck the Didact, as Blaine watched his mutated form crumbled away into nothing but dust, leaving his armor to cascade alongside him. Peering down, Blaine smiled, he knew that George had done as fate had in store for him, and he took pride in knowing he had atoned for the decisions he had made in the past.

    “Lacedaemonis. Return home with your shield, or be on it.” Closing his eyes, he knew there was no coming back from this one.


    Creatures throughout the Universe, no matter how troubled they had been at that particular moment, felt an absolute moment of peace as a Golden light washed over every inch of the Milky Way Galaxy. For a brief moment, not a single grudge was remembered, no rivalries were formed. Forces that fought stood still, pondering why they had been fighting in the first place.

    For the first time in a millennium, the Milky Way was finally, and truly, at peace.

    “I did it.” George said, standing up, the blast of the light having knocked him onto the floor, his armor smoking from the proximity.

    “Then why aren’t these things dead?!” Jorge asked, as the lizards stopped their aggressions.

    “Because I followed Blaine’s wise advice, something he wanted to teach ALL of the Spartans, not just the Freelancers. All life is sacred, and if there is a speck of hope for a race, than they deserve that chance. If they want to throw away their lives, we must show them the path to righteousness, to preserve peace among the stars, and give them the WANT to live.” George said. “The Forerunners knew this, when they set out to repopulate the Galaxy. The Didact, however, wanted to throw it all away to ensure that his Species remained on top. That was their greatest downfall.”

    “So, what do we do now?” Jorge asked, as Nine looked to George.

    George clenched his fists, looking over the edge. Nodding solemnly, a flood of tears flowing down his beaten cheek.

    “We go home,” George looked up, as his Recon helmet disassembled itself, his face beaten, red, and alone. “-and we live.”

    Thank you all for taking this journey with Blaine and I. I honestly couldn’t have made Blaine any better of a character if it weren’t for you guys, and this story honestly wouldn’t have been the same if it hadn’t have been for you guys for the past year. Blaine may have died for good here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t explore different times in his past, or alternate realities. Please stay tuned, as an Epilogue is coming.

    I know this chapter seemed a bit rushed, but the Epilogue will be better, I swear this to you.

    Thank you all so much for everything, and we’ll see you star-side.



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 15th 2013, 11:43 pm

    Epilogue: Heroes fallen.

    Rain poured from the heavens on the spectators in the city of New Alexandria. Some four hundred Spartans stood in their best clothes, some of the deceased’s closest friends and relatives standing the tallest. A transport pelican descended from the sky, as George, Darryl, Jorge, and David hefted the coffin from the back of the bay. The spectating military personnel snapped into a crisp salute, as the boots of the couriers splashed into the mud puddles the rain created.

    As requested by the family of the deceased, a patch of land was gouged out from beside one of the Russian maple trees, a symbol of the man currently occupying the coffin that floating through the waves of super soldiers. Nine stood the tallest of the crowd, holding the most crisp salute in military history. As Blaine’s coffin passed by him, the bagpipes began their crescendo, as Lucy, Iola, and himself shared tears for their fallen comrade. Katie, Naomi, and Marissa saluted, as they watched with heavy eyes as their one true relative drifted past them. David’s eyes were red and puffy, as Jorge and Darryl held faces of mourning. George had to be the most unstable of them, unable to come to terms with what had transpired.

    Things were going to be different without his grandfather watching over him anymore. With the Spartan so close to retirement, George mentally kicked himself, he should have been more alert when they were fighting the Didact, and his slacking cost him one of the most important things to him.

    With one last firm solo from the bag piper that started Amazing Grace, everything was silent, minus the pitter patter of rain on the tarmac. Nine hugged Iola tightly, as tears streamed down his face on his left side, holding the most serious face that he could.

    Blaine’s coffin was slowly lowered beneath the tree’s shadow. Everyone held their positions as Doctor Bailey, and Autumn approached the dig site. Doctor Bailey looked up, peering out among the crowd, as Captain Lasky stood beside Autumn, holding her hand gently.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, crew of the UNSC Infinity. We are gathered here today to recognize many individuals in this last, true war with the Didact. But there is one out of them, who has done so much, and expected so little. He was the heart and soul of the Spartan IIs, the ones that aimed to inspire each following Generation of the ideals, no, the foundations upon which my Freelancers base their everyday protocols.” Bailey paused, thinking of what she wanted to say next.

    “I speak for my Spartan IIIs, his successors, when I say that he was a huge inspiration for not just one, but many of my remaining Spartans. His legacy, not only to the UNSC Navy, but to the Spartan IVs from which he has left behind, will forever remain strong. This is what he wanted to teach you all. Be strong, fight for what is right, and keep ALL live sacred, no matter what.”

    Everyone remained silent, as Doctor Bailey retreated away, Lasky taking his turn.

    “Spartans of the Infinity, this man that lies in the grave before me was not only an inspiration, but a beacon of what you shall all one day become. While my time working with him was limited, I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was a great honor, a privilege to serve under him. He wasn’t just a commanding officer though, he was a valued friend, relative, and to many of you, he was a father figure, one you might not have had before. For that, I thank this man, for everything he has given, and I wish that his family and friends have a safe recovery, he was a great man, and it is sad to see him go.”

    Nine removed himself, breaking rank as he too joined them up there.

    “Hello everyone. My name is John, or as the big man liked to call me ‘Nine’. We been through a lot together, him and I. He was the serious to my spontaneous, the shield to my sword. He was my inspiration, he was my friend.” Nine clenched his fists. “He was my brother in arms. He was there for me more times than most anyone else I’ve known.”

    Nine paused, as he let his frustration sink in, glaring at the lot before him.

    “Dammit big guy!” Nine barked, a tear running down his cheek. “You promised you weren’t going to have this happen! My daughter, my wife, my friends, even I looked up to you!”

    Everyone shifted nervously, as Nine chuckled for a moment, nodding in solemn acceptance. After the twenty-one gun salute, all of the Spartans reported to their respective Pelicans, minus Darryl, Jorge, Katie, Lucy, Iola, Naomi, David, George, and Marissa.

    “We’re going to miss you, Blaine.” Nine smiled, approaching the grave site. “But your spirit will never diminish, shadow chaser.”

    Marissa and George looked at each other, as they approached the grave. George gingerly placed Blaine's DMR muzzle down into the dirt, while Marissa fixed Blaine's Recon Helmet to the butt of the gun. Katie handed them both an object each, nearly bringing them to tears. George held up Blaine's Admiral insignia, while Marissa held up his Admiral's hat.

    In silence, the Spartans all nodded their heads respectfully, heading to the final Pelican. George and Katie hesitated for a moment, glancing back at the grave, where Blaine’s Recon helmet laid on top of his DMR, which was buried on the soft soil. Almost as if by a miracle, the rain stopped, as the sun peeked through the stormy clouds, illuminating the grave. The light reflected off of the visor of the helmet, blinding both of the Spartans as they smiled.

    George grinned beneath his helmet, before turning back and joining his grandmother in the back of the transport vehicle. The wind billowed through the trees of the Russian maple, as a single leaf fluttered down, landing gently beside the DMR, as the sun slowly set in the horizon.

    The End

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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Manny on May 16th 2013, 4:24 pm

    I like to think that tree is on Reach, where Dr. Halsey first found him. It'd be quite fitting.
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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 16th 2013, 8:32 pm

    That's exactly where it is Very Happy .

    And as I've said, this is permanent. There will be no stories where Blaine comes back from the dead. He's gone. There will perhaps be alternate realities, but canon has him dead like this.

    Thank you, as always, for reading Manny. Your comments have always been a feel-good for me that made me feel like my stories were actually read, and perhaps enjoyed by someone.



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Doctor Jensen on May 17th 2013, 12:33 am

    A fitting ending for a good man. Well done, Morgan.

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    Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

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