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    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

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    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC Empty Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 22nd 2013, 8:48 pm

    Most of you guys from the Old Database know Blaine's story. But due to recent feedback from a good friend of mine, Uprising, Homecoming, and Orion will be totally changed to make the story a much more enjoyable story.

    What is written here is subject to change, and I urge you NOT to read it until after I have completed Uprising, Homecoming, and Orion respectively. Blaine needs a re-work done on his character development, and there will be some plot points that will change. Some deceased characters will actually survive and, assuming they die, WILL remain that way.

    I'm getting off track, hopefully by the time you read this, all of the things above will have been read by you. This is the final chapter in Blaine's life, and I can only hope that you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy writing it.

    Without further adieu:

    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Prologue: First Strike

    UNSC Designation Sierra-115. Authorization code: 11510395-BH. This is a story that will, in no doubt, be lost in history, as did the Covenant-Human war. As a Spartan, this hurts me to say to no end- we have failed...

    There is no sugar coating this. I should have done more than I did, maybe then he'd still be alive. This story starts right after the Didact's attack on Earth, which took place shortly after Pestilence lead those dreadful riots. I had received a transmission, kept throughout many centuries, which served of a warning of a follow up strike.

    "Child, you must seek out those that allied with the Forerunners during the Great War. Only then can you truly stop my Husband's treachery-"

    That damned message, I spent the last ten years searching every single Forerunner planet, Halo or Shield World alike, and found little to nothing on them. Hell, I'd of been more satisfied if she had given me a name for them, but perhaps that was what was cut out.

    After ten years, without hearing a peep out of the Didact, Humanity slowly forgot about the threat he posed. New Phoenix stood as the only remaining reminder of the attack, and hardly anyone dares go near it. The Infinity continued in it's quest to locate and disable as many Forerunner weapons as they could.

    Throughout the years, almost every Halo ring had been repurposed, and each now house a separate UNSC base of Operations for further studies. Master Chief, Jorge-052, Linda, Kelly, Fred, Katie, and myself have all but retired, donning our suits once in a blue moon to help where we can.

    David and Naomi messaged me often, they told me they'd had twins; Marissa and George Harlowe. Hard to believe at first that I'm a Grandfather. When they were on duty with the Infinity, Katie and I opted to watch over them. George took a quick likening to my war stories, while Katie and Marissa bonded closer than a Scot to his alcohol.

    Look at me, with my old age I've forgotten how to stay on a single topic. After ten years, I had given up finding anything on the race the Librarian had warned me about. Halsey, before her untimely passing, had discovered that it had a biographical scanner on it, and the partial data was in part from the fact that my DNA did not meet who it was meant for.

    Of course, soon after I had given up on finding this race, something more dangerous than the Flood or the Forerunner showed...

    0420 Hours, January 5th, 2567 (Military Calendar)/
    UNSC Aura of Armaggedon, Epsilon Eridani System, Reach's Orbit.

    "Sir, you really must get those kids acclimated to be on board this ship." The nurse insisted, as Blaine waved his hand and growled.

    "Bah, they're ten years old fer Christ's sake. I've been serving on these ships since I was at least ten."

    "Fleet Admiral, I'm more than proud to serve and follow your wise judgement, but these kids aren't Spartans. There is no need for this risk, and crying children will only disrupt your crew."

    Blaine, dressed in a finely trimmed dress suit, worked his way into the bridge. Normally he'd wear his armor, but under the special occasion he decided it be best not to show them his armor.

    Entering the Bridge, his loyal crew turned to face him, snapping into a crisp salute. Blaine waved them off, as he settled into the Captain's chair. George hopped up onto his lap, as Marissa went around curiously checking out the navigation's officer station.

    "Sir." Lieutenant Louis Phillips, his ODST guardsman, whispered into his ear. "Kids aboard the bridge?"

    "They're ten years old, and they live in a time of peace. There is no threats, and therefore I don't think it will hurt for them to see where I've worked most of my life."

    "Aye Aye sir, but your Granddaughter is tugging on Sergeant Varga's skirt."

    Looking over, Marissa was tugging on Sgt. Varga's skirt, as the navigation's officer blushed, trying to gently remove the kid's hands.

    "Ms. Harlowe!" Blaine barked, as Marissa looked over. "Please come over here."

    Marissa, in a cute, innocent fashion, attempted to salute Blaine.

    "Aye Aye Admiwal." She replied, marching over to Blaine, who grinned.

    Lifting her gently under the arms, Blaine hefted the young girl onto his lap. Removing the Admiral's hat from his head, he placed it on George's head, who marveled at it. Pulling his pin from his shirt, Blaine gently fastened it to Marissa's blouse, kissing his Grandchildren on the forehead.

    Corporal Hannibal walked over, offering a hand to George, who clutched it immediately. Despite his age, Blaine could still hear the bone inside crack slightly from the grip. They weren't indoctrinated into the UNSC, but they did have the strength of Spartans.

    "YOWCH!" Hannibal roared as George let go.

    "It's okay George, just be a bit more gentler this time." Blaine replied, as George held out his hand.

    I had had no idea of what was going to happen next, but if I did, I would have told Hannibal to return to the Weapons station sooner.


    "It's probably just a commuter that has yet to be logged into the database, happens all the tim-"

    Suddenly, the lights flickered and the Aura shuddered violently.

    "Impact detected on Starboard bow!" his Ensign cried. "Weapons, Shields, hell- EVERYTHING is offline! We are sitting ducks sir!"

    "With one hit?!" Blaine roared, as the kids stiffened.

    "Sir, that vessel isn't Forerunner in origin." Sergeant Varga replied.

    Blaine looked out the observation deck window. Sure enough, the ship looked sleek, metal similar to that of the Didact's ship, but shaped like that of a trident.

    "Sir, something is headed straight for us!" Blaine tensed, as he ran back towards his Grandchildren.


    With that, he lifted the children and ran out the door, his crew right behind him. The Aura shuddered again, this time the lights stayed out. Placing the children at his feet, he instructed them to get to the vehicle bay and wait for him. Turning into the armory, Blaine grabbed a plate from his locker, and made his way to the bay.

    It wasn't long before he made it to the Golden Eagle, as he watched the numerous men and women of the Aura panic to the nearest escape vehicle. Jumping into the Eagle, one of his trusted pilots took the stick, as he held his kin close.

    "We have to go now pilot!" Blaine barked.

    "But, there are still people out there."

    "There is no more room in this Eagle. Get us the hell out of here!"

    The pilot sighed and lifted the Eagle up, closing the hatch shut. Blaine placed the kids in his chair, moving his way into the cockpit. The alien ship was closer to the Aura now, as a big blue ball appeared on it's front. Blaine closed his eyes, the comm. of the men and women still inside of his vehicle bay screamed in panic, as a synthetic roar echoed in the distance, most likely from the ship. Cutting the line, Blaine's heart broke when the blue ball on the ship exploded forward, a massive blue beam cut through the Aura.

    Blaine watched as his ship was slagged nearly in half, explosions rippled along it's hull, until it finally erupted completely. Content with it's kill, the ship made it's way into Reach's orbit.

    We called them the Orions. Where the name came from, I'll never fully understand. One thing I did know, however, was what I had been searching for from the past ten years had finally found me.

    "We need to get to the surface." Blaine replied. "Can you do that for me boyo."

    The pilot nodded sagely, lowering the Eagle to Reach. No-one made a noise, minus George and Marissa, who whimpered in fright. Once they lowered themselves to a respectable level. Blaine dropped his plate to the floor and stood on it. Within a matter of minutes, his suit assembled itself to him, his helmet popped out of the back of his suit, building itself around his face.

    "Pilot, take us to this address. We're doing a routine pick up here."

    "I thought there wasn't any spare room sir." The Pilot growled nastily.

    "Trust my judgement Pilot, I know what I'm doing."

    Without further hesitation, the Pilot lowered the Eagle to Blaine's house, as Katie rushed out, her suit already on. The Spartan jumped out of the Eagle, as it landed behind him. Katie embraced him, Jorge rushing out as well.

    "Are you okay?!" Katie roared. "What's happened."

    "Unknown alien ship just destroyed the Aura, it's currently above the Polar ice cap. Dunno what it's doing, but we need to get George and Marissa off planet, quick."

    "We can't just leave Reach!" Katie roared.

    "You're right, I'm not." Before Katie could realize what was happening, Blaine lifted his wife, who struggled, and placed her on the Eagle, where the two kids swarmed her. Closing the hatch, Blaine tapped the side of the craft. "Get to the Mason-Dixen pronto. Get as far away from Reach as you can, and warn the Fleet. Jorge and I will gather a militia and keep them at bay as long as we can!"

    "You bastard!" Katie roared.

    "I love you."

    Before she could reply, the Eagle was up and away, flying straight for the center of the city, where the UNSC Destroyer waited for them. Blaine turned to Jorge, knowing that it was just like the days of the Fall of Reach. Blaine ran inside his home, grabbing his DMR and his souvenir Light Rifle from his time on Requiem.

    Running back outside, Jorge held Bertha, his .50 caliber Machine Gun Turret. Looking high above, another one of the Trident shaped ships broke atmosphere, as it split apart into three separate pieces, the biggest of which landed right on top of Blaine's house. The impact of the vessel was enough to splinter the house into nothing, the windows and even some of the neighboring frailer houses exploded violently. Again, the synthetic roar echoed throughout the town, as a ramp open from the flawless hull of the steel grey ship.

    Tensing, the Spartans didn't know what was going to happen next. The beasts that poured out of the ship were immense, easily twice the height of Blaine, who stood roughly at seven foot six. Clad in armor made of the same sleek metal of their ships, blue energy poured out from crevices of their armor. Blaine assumed that these markings were a symbol of rank or status.

    The beasts themselves were humanoid in stature and mostly in anatomy. The one heavy distinction was their scaly skin, which sickeningly took on the same hues of a Caucasian male. Surprising enough, these entities lacked tails, despite their reptilian DNA. Flicking their tongues out into the air, they took immediately to assaulting the civilians who dared exit their homes to discover the commotion. Their methods of war, despite their endless technology, was sloppy and crude. They used their weapons, which appeared to have the same hard light ammunition commonly found with the Forerunners, but when their supposed clips emptied, cooled down similar to a Covenant plasma weapon.

    The two Spartans were helpless to watch as their neighbors were cut down swiftly and unmercifully, tossed aside as the beasts went on their genocidal ways.

    Us Reacheans stood little chance against their armies. The sights I saw brought me back to the Covenant, how the Sanghieli brutally killed us with little remorse.

    Blaine raised his DMR towards one of the beasts. Something must have caught it's attention though, because it's head instantly snapped towards Blaine. Opening it's wretched, almost human mouth, sharp fangs jutted out, as saliva dribbled to the floor. The sound of hissing filled the air, and the beast charged at the two. Jorge fired Bertha, the rounds glided ahead. The advanced technology of the beast prevented the rounds from hitting home.

    Time slowed for Blaine, who had also been firing at the lizard, with Jorge's assistance. There was a blue veil with each bullet that raced towards it, and Blaine could see the same veils behind it, the bullets continuing their trajectory.

    "Jorge, move." Blaine huffed, as the two Spartans dove in opposite directions, the lizard missing them completely.

    "It's using slip-space technology in the place of shields!" Blaine growled. "Ballistics won't work!"

    The beast's head snapped towards him again, it's tongue flicked the air, and it raised it's rifle. Blaine, who had been exceptionally fast at the draw, was clearly no match for this beast's speed. Before he could blink, the lizard's hard light rounds pounded against his shields, popping them almost instantly. Jorge jumped on the creature from behind, plunging his blade deep into it's neck. It gargled for a moment, and finally fell to the ground, dead.

    There had to be thousands of them! If just one was a problem for two Spartans, I could only imagine how the ODSTs and even the Marines would feel.

    "Bravo, sapien." A rich, intellectual voice said from behind Blaine.

    Turning to face the voice, Blaine saw him, standing side by side with one of the other lizards. This figure had a bald held, tiny black hairs jutting out of his skull. His fangs dug gently into his lower lip, his crimson red eyes peering into the Spartan's visor.

    "A fool's gambit to try and fight a Mez 'Khar lieutenant. You were lucky that this particular one was inexperienced. You will find that these Mez 'Khars are a very adaptive species. A huge ally to my cause, don't you think?"

    Blaine tried rushing the beast, as the creature raised his hand. Blaine clenched his fists together as the armored beast lifted him with unknown forces he couldn't fathom.

    "It is quite humorous, watching you Humans run. It appears to be the one thing you were always truly skilled at, running." This creature was unlike the Mez 'Khars, and Blaine knew this was likely the Didact. "You ran from the Flood, and you now run from the Forerunners. You're race was not meant for the Mantle."

    Jorge attempted to open fire, as the Didact waved his hand, and orange wave of energy floated over to Jorge. Suddenly, the Spartan's shields were emp'd and his suit immobilized. Blaine stared out of his visor with a distinct hatred, the Didact peering back in kind.

    "You are the Admiral of Fleets. My how you have stayed the same over the years. Broken, Beaten, and at my mercy." The Didact grinned. "You cannot escape the inevitable."

    "Neither can you." Blaine coughed angrily. "Species shall rise and fall. Battles can be won or lost. Lives can begin... and end. But friendship- is an eternal brotherhood!"

    "You sicken me with your words, Human." Didact said, squeezing his hand further, as Blaine felt the life being choked out of him. "It's a pity that I can't compose you, after all, your Champion and his Ancilla removed that kind gift for all of mankind."

    "Bite.... me." Blaine said, struggling to raise his hand.

    Defiantly, his middle right finger lifted itself, symboling something to the Didact, one symbol that he was not quite familiar with. Blaine stared to see red and black on the corners of his eyes, as every breath became more and more of a chore, until finally a crack filled the air, and the Didact released his grip, stumbling backwards.

    Blaine fell to his knees, grasping his throat. Above him, he could hear the whining of a Pelican moving in. Rolling to the side and off of the ramp, Blaine saw his Golden Eagle, Katie sat there, a Sniper Rifle smoking from the barrel. Blaine raised his Light Rifle and fired up the ramp at the Didact, who eventually retreated back into the ship, the Mez 'Khar joined him.

    The Pelican lowered itself, as Katie and a handful of Spartans serving aboard the Mason-Dixon grabbed him and Jorge, loading them into the bird. Tapping the side, Katie hopped in, as the Pilot raced back off towards the UNSC Destroyer. Blaine faded in and out, looking at the three pieces of one of the ships.

    They rose from their landing spots, conjoining into one complete Trident. The synthetic roar filled the air again, as the giant blue ball formed on the hull of the ship once more. Blaine closed his eyes, as the machine fired.
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    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC Empty Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 27th 2013, 7:25 pm

    Chapter 1: Leaving Home.

    Blaine's eyes snapped awake, as he clutched his head. Visions of the attack popped in and out of his mind. Coughing harshly, Blaine stood, as one of the nurses ran over to him.

    "Sir, you aren't well-"

    "I've been worse, let me out." Blaine replied quickly.

    "I must insist-"

    "I don't care." Blaine gently removed the IV's from his arm, moving her to the side, and he was out the door and on his way to the bridge.

    Captain Anthony Marx shook his head solemnly, his gaze focused on Reach's surface, where millions of helpless civilians died. It was the great war all over again, as fire plumed from the cities.

    But he had something on board, something valuable, something that could allow them to retaliate in the future; Knowledge. With Admiral Blaine on board, who had first hand contact with these beasts, they could present it to the Admiralty.

    "Captain Marx." Ensign Hewitt said from beside him. "Spartan one-one-five is on his way to the bridge. Should I send for the Spartans?"

    "That won't be necessary. I understand his concerns." Marx sighed.

    Suddenly the doors behind him slid open, and he turned, Admiral Blaine, dressed in nothing but scrubs, approached him. Marx and much of his crew saluted the Spartan as he entered, the Spartan waved them off with a growl.

    "Admiral sir." Marx replied. "Welcome aboard the Mason-Dixon. It's an honor."

    "After what happened with my ship and my crew, I would have said the exact opposite if I was you." Blaine said bitterly.

    "But you aren't me, that's the thing." Marx replied. "You are a great tactician, and you had no time to retaliate, let alone even know what had happened."

    "Stow it Captain." Blaine said, unchanged. "It was my job to protect Reach, and for the second time in a row I have failed."

    "That isn't necessarily true sir. These creatures have not killed everyone. If we go now, we can warn the Admiralty and get the UNSC fleet to help us."

    "It will take much more than the Fleet to stop these things." Blaine growled, clenching his fists. "Their technology is on par or far surpasses that of a Forerunner ship. I fought one of their Lieutenants, and instead of shield systems, they use Slip-Space to prevent ballistics from hitting home."

    "I see." Marx replied, turning back to the planet below.

    Brushing his chin, he looked at his reflection in the observation deck window, and nodded to himself.

    "My men will follow your orders, Admiral. I would advise warning the other colonies and attempt to establish a force large enough to quell these invaders before they spread."

    "First things first." Blaine said. "Where's my wife and grand kids?"

    "Everyone you were with in the Eagle are safe and sound in the barracks. Shaken, but alive and well. Spartan oh-five-two recovered from a temporary case of Rigor Mortis."

    "You mean he died?!"

    "On the contrary, whatever these things did to lock his armor up also caused a chemical effect in his muscles, causing them to be unusually stiffened. Perhaps some sort of neuro-toxin." Marx replied. "I'll leave you to your thoughts. Please excuse me."

    With that, Captain Marx left the room, as the Admiral stared out over his home planet once more.


    "GRANDPA!" George and Marissa yelled as they charged to their Grandfather's shins.

    Wrapping their arms around his legs, the two kids looked up at their Grandfather, who smiled as he hefted them. Despite what was going on, Blaine didn't want to discourage them.

    Katie walked over, removing the children from his embrace, handing them off to the two Spartan IVs sitting in the corner.

    "What the hell are we supposed to do with these?" One of them asked bitterly.

    "Shut up and leave, these two need to catch up." The other replied.

    With that, the two Spartan IVs left the room, as Blaine and Katie embraced.

    "I was worried you wouldn't wake up. Jorge had some muscle issues, but the Didact nearly choked the life out of you."

    "Seems to be his thing, as John told me once. Coward was too afraid to fight like a true soldier."

    "What do we do?" Katie said. "It seems like they detect us instantly if we even try to lock onto them with anything."

    "We're leaving Reach, as much as it pains me to say." Blaine stared off at the distant wall. "We need the Admiralty."


    "Admirals." Blaine said, standing before the ten Admirals that served as the Military Leaders of the UNSC. "I speak for those that died at Reach today, pleading you to assist with the UNSC fleet. At least we might be able to take Reach back!"

    "How are we to say that the Mez 'Khar, or whatever the hell you call these wannabee reptiles won't try to attack Earth?" Fleet Admiral Harper snapped.

    "We can't be, it isn't feasibly possible to track them." Osman replied. "Surveillance has them marked as invisible by our radar, but to the eye they do not cloak."

    "But we can't leave the Reachians to die!" Autumn barked. "I am appalled that you would all sacrifice Reach again, just because you fear they may come here. If we stop them now, they will NEVER get to Earth!"

    Hood remained silent, as Blaine looked at the elderly man. Blaine secretly hoped that Hood would finally take his side and help him, after all that he had done, all the sacrifices he had made to the UNSC.

    "What about the threat of War's Legion. They might attack us while we are away!" Rear Admiral Thomas Jensen retorted.

    "War's Legion wouldn't strike the UNSC." Hood snapped silently. "Their creed is to advance Humanity, not divide it in a time of desperation."

    "We could use Infinity." Osman replied.

    "Are you mentally insane?!" Harper barked. "Not only would we risk all of the Spartans on board, but the Infinity was not a quick project, mind you. To build another vessel of her stature would require another decade or two, even with all of the Forerunner do-hickies that we found lying around."

    "He's right." Captain Marx stood forward. "If Infinity goes it solo, then we are only, pardon my language, fucking ourselves over. We need the whole Fleet, and even then I don't think it's enough."

    Hood removed his cap, running his hand along his bald scalp before replacing it.

    "Infinity goes if I say she does. As it stands, our Fleet is not strong enough to face the Mez 'Khar. We'll need more ships, and different fire-power."

    "You're suggesting we make nice with the hinge-heads." Osman replied coldly.

    "I'm suggesting we call in the favor with the Arbiter, after your office nearly fucked over everything I worked to establish-"

    "For the good of Humanity!"

    "You sound as bad as War." Autumn huffed, crossing her arms. "The Sanghieli were a useful ally during the end of the Great War, if it were not for their alliance with us, we wouldn't be sitting here today."

    "Have we forgotten about the Great War altogether?!" Blaine snapped, breaking his calm attitude. "I know it's a tough subject, I lived through it fer Christ's sake! If it weren't for Thel or Anch, I wouldn't be here, and a lot of the discoveries and knowledge of the Mez 'Khar I hold would not be here. I owe them my lives, and countless of them owe me theirs."

    "Blaine is right." Hood replied. "If we don't get the Sanghieli, then we stand no chance."

    "The Sanghieli are so full of their pride bullshit that I doubt they'd even give a second glance at their God's handing us our collective asses!" Jensen barked. "Think about it, their Gods want us dead, they'll do their God's bidding, and we'll REALLY be screwed."

    "The Kig 'Yar are for hire." Osman sighed. "They have Covenant ships, we could take them off their hands and use the Plasma weapons."

    "You know how to fire a plasma weapon in general Osman?" Blaine replied, furious.

    "I'm offended." Osman said, holding a hand to her chest.

    "Tell me, Serin." Blaine growled. "Are you a puppet, or a Spartan?"

    "What are you talking about?" Harper asked, confused.

    "I'm offended to call you a Spartan." Blaine spat. "You went through the same training I did Serin. You were taught the basic principal that all Spartans must follow; Protect Earth and ALL her Colonies. Perhaps ONI has spoiled you to much-"

    "That's enough!!" Osman barked, standing, as Blaine marched forward.

    "That's our home burning Serin!" Blaine roared in her face. "You might despise what Halsey did to you, but that's what PARANGOSKY wanted you to think! YOU are the director of ONI now, run the Office how YOU want to, not the ways of a dead, paranoid old bat!"

    Osman paused for a second, breathing heavily as the two Spartans stared each other down.

    "Serin, please." Blaine said quietly. "Don't punish Reach for what Parangosky told you."

    Osman sighed, as a single tear welled up in her right eye.

    "You're right." She said quietly. "Get the Sanghieli's to help us, before I change my mind."

    "Am I the only sane one here?!" Jensen growled. "This is a big mistake!"

    "The only mistake in this room is you, Jensen." Harper barked. "Hell, I don't like the Split-jaws either. But any help is a necessity if we are to survive."

    "We should also shoot for the Legion." Autumn replied. "Their numbers, and the Black Guard will help our cause immensely."

    "Then it's settled." Hood said, standing. "The Admiralty board will offer it's assistance to the Reachian people. Blaine, I'm leaving it up to you to gather both factions, best of luck."

    "Thank you all. I won't make you regret your decisions." Blaine replied. "Admirals."


    Just to make sure people are reading this still, I'm using the option system for you guys.

    Option A: Gain the Legion's alliance.

    Option B: Gain the Sanghieili's alliance.
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    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC Empty Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Manny on January 27th 2013, 8:04 pm

    Humanity is the rightful heir to the Mantle! We WILL tear it from that filthy Forerunner's cold DEAD hands! In the process we'll also show those Sangheili that their god is a FRAUD!

    Humanity is many! And those that are many, are also called... LEGION.

    P.S. It's SangheILI

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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 27th 2013, 10:00 pm

    "I'd like to pursue the Legion first." Blaine replied. "If we expand the number of ground troops, should they be necessary, the better off we'll be."

    "Then you best be on that." Harper replied.

    "Do it for Reach." Osman nodded sheepishly.

    "Good luck, Blaine." Autumn smiled.

    With that, Blaine walked out the door and to the landing bay, catching the first Pelican out to the Mason-Dixon.
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 29th 2013, 5:53 pm

    Chapter 2: Legion

    Unspecified Sector
    Human Controlled Space

    "Friend or not, Admiral, you aren't getting in there." Manuel said, his arms crossed.

    "After all we've been through?!" Blaine said. "Listen, the UNSC needs the Legion now more than ever."

    "In order for you to get in there, you need an appointment, or I need to clear you." Manuel replied gruffly. "You have neither, so get lost."

    "Nine, your friend, will be fighting alongside me. Does that mean nothing to you?"

    "Friends are an unnecessary burden. If Humanity is to advance, we must learn to depend on no-one but ourselves, and we must be cruel and strong, not merciful and weak." Manuel snapped. "John never could get that through his thick skull."

    "Listen, it might be for your own good to let us in there." Katie, who chose to accompany Blaine, growled from the back.

    "Sorry chica, you and your boy here aren't getting in."

    Blaine clenched his fists.


    The metal of the door to War's office dented slightly, as a yelp of pain filled the air. A few more loud bangs finally gained War's attention, as he stood.

    Suddenly, the door burst open, as Manuel rolled across the floor, unconscious. A pair of Spartans, both in Blue armor, walked in. War recognized one of them as Admiral Blaine, who clutched his chest with his right arm.

    "Admiral, you could have just knocked."

    "Your pet wouldn't see reason." Blaine grunted in pain. "It was an unfortunate turn of events. But he fights well, think he might have broken a few ribs."

    "Come, sit." War said, motioning to two chairs before his desk. "Our medical teams will take care of him."

    Blaine and Katie made their way to the chairs, as Blaine eased himself down into the comfortable seat. War pulled out three whiskey glasses and a bottle of Jack, but Blaine and Katie shook their heads. Pouring himself a decent sized glass, War lazed back, sipping down the liquid.

    "So, my UNSC associate, what was so important that you knocked out my best soldier and destroyed my door."

    "I'm sorry about the door, and Manuel." Blaine said. "But it's a new problem, one that the UNSC could really use the Legion's help with."

    "Yes, news traveled fast of the fate of Reach." War said calmly, swirling the alcohol in his glass. "How can you be so sure that my armies will be of any help?"

    "Are you to tell me that you don't think your Legion is strong enough to take a challenge?" Blaine quipped, curious.

    "No." War said. "I'm wondering what's in it for us. Why should I offer the UNSC my valuable resources?"

    "You're familiar with the Didact's invasion, right after Pestilence jumped the gun on your little schemes?" Blaine leaned forward. "Well the Didact's back, and he's brought an army of lizard like humanoids. They are, as the Covenant were all those years ago, killing humans."

    "And why does this bother me? If my army is so valuable, than I should have no trouble holding them off here." War said, playing a hard game.

    "Word goes around the Office quite often. One thing I heard is that the Legion is determined to help advance Humanity, and what better way than to destroy a bunch of reptilian bastards and absolve their technology?" Blaine replied.

    "You prove a good point Admiral. My Legion is indeed determined to ascend Humanity far surpassing that of the Forerunners, however, what can you possibly offer me to suede me to help you?"

    "As I see it, you really haven't got a choice. Pestilence's rash actions are more than enough that we demand compensation."

    "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" War bellowed in laughter, as he chugged the rest of his whiskey, slamming the glass down on the desk. "Pestilence was a fool to try and take over at that point in time. His actions were NOT of my plans. I would never result to biological warfare!"

    "No, but you summoned the Covenant to Ganymede and Reach, if memory serves me." Blaine growled.

    "And it strengthened Humanity, weeded out the weak." War smirked, brushing the bits of glass into the waste basket beside him.

    "How about your business?" Blaine asked. "If you don't offer us help, and the rest of Humanity dies around you, you will have NO-ONE to sell to."

    War paused for a second, defeated. His one weakness, Business.

    "I suppose it would be bad business if the rest of Humanity perished." War replied. "I will consider your request, on one occasion."

    "Shoot." Blaine leaned back, crossing his arms, wincing in pain.

    "I want access to this specie's technology."

    "Once our Scientists take a look at it, fine, it's yours."

    "No. I demand that we get first dibs." War replied.

    "You sound like a little kid." Blaine chuckled, regretting it when he did. "You want an advantage over the UNSC. You know this fight will reduce our numbers, and you want this tech to use against us."

    "You are right that we want the tech for an upper hand, but not against the UNSC, but rather the Sangheili and Jiralhanae."

    "Those species may or may not be helping us in this fight." Blaine replied.

    "I see." War replied. "I'm afraid I can't help you then."

    Blaine inhaled and exhaled deeply, as War's iris' glowed red momentarily.

    "Perhaps." War's eyes flickered. "We can settle on some compromise."

    "What have you got in mind?"

    "I want to see you in action, Admiral." War said. "You are shrouded in legend as 'The Admiral' and the 'Guardian of Reach'. I'd like to see the abilities you possess first hand."

    "I don't fight allies."

    "I would hope not." War gasped. "I have a Jiralhanae War Chieftain, one of the older Chieftains of Dosaic, as a prisoner. He is said to be an unbeatable force, but I need him executed. If you will publicly execute him for me in my arena, and make it a fine show, I will offer you my assistance."

    "Deal." Blaine said, as Katie tried to stop him.

    "Let's make it interesting. I'll throw in Titans as well, AND you can't use any weapons."

    "Fine. When do I start?"

    "How about right now?"
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    Post  Manny on January 29th 2013, 7:58 pm

    Oh lawd.... It's not the Chieftain I'm thinking of? ...Is it? Sad
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 29th 2013, 9:12 pm

    No, it isn't Tartarus, he's dead silleh Razz

    And I know you're actually talking about Argonous, no, it is not him.

    I have yet to actually name him, any suggestions?
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    Post  Manny on January 29th 2013, 9:38 pm

    Titanus? Brutus? Plumbus? (Lol)

    Commendus? Justus? Maladus? Matadus? Fortus?

    If you feel like it, you slap either an -us or -um. Brutes have been observed to have either ending, -us being more common in the games.
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 29th 2013, 9:55 pm

    I like Titanus or Brutus. But Matadus doesn't sound too cliche.

    Thanks Manny.
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 30th 2013, 10:52 am

    Chapter 3: Ultimatum.

    Note: This chapter will end with an Ultimatum, which, if you are unaware, is the either or choices.

    "I will allow you to seek medical attention in our Medical ward. You have two hours to prepare yourself, Admiral." War grinned, his teeth showing a slight bit of malice. "Don't disappoint me."

    Blaine stood up with a nod and a wince, as Katie helped him out of the room and down the hall, where their guide showed them the medical bay. Blaine sat down on one of the cots, Manuel laid on his own, across the room. His helmet was off, and the Legion's best glared at Blaine with a burning hatred. Manuel's nose was busted, the bruise around his nose's bridge clarified that.

    Blaine glared back with the same hatred, but then softened, he would never have done that if the circumstances were different. But Reach was burning, and Manuel inadvertently tried to prevent Blaine from saving it.

    "I tried to tell you Manuel, but you wouldn't listen to reason."

    "I will not let you jeopardize my plans." Manuel said, with venom. "I will see them again, and your faction's inevitable downfall will not stand in my way."

    "For a time, it was your faction too." Blaine said, wincing as Katie tended to his ribs, using Biofoam to temporarily patch them. "Or have you forgotten all that we have done for you over the years?"

    Manuel didn't reply, instead, he flipped back over in his cot, his back to Blaine.

    "Be that way, but when the Mez 'Khar kills al that you care about, because you were to stubborn to take my side, don't come crying to me, assuming I even live through this." Blaine growled. "I'll be sure to let Moroni and John know that they can't count on your assistance."

    Blaine stood, as Katie eased him up, as they left the room to fight the War Chieftain, leaving Manuel to think.


    The Arena was huge, forming a giant circle around them. Black Guard, Legionaires, and Legion Spartans alike all cheered from the crowd, as War took his chair closest to the field. The Arena was similar to that of the Greek Colosseum, sandy floor, and a chained up beast in the center, waiting to be uncaged.

    Blaine cracked his knuckles, this Brute was clearly double the size of any Chieftain he had ever fought. Argonous would have easily been bigger than this Chieftain, but Blaine knew this Brute was older, more experienced than Argonous' generation.

    Blaine walked up to the beast, as it sniffed the air with his presence. Snarling slightly, the beast stood, his restrains holding strong. Looking down at the smaller being, the Chieftain open his mouth to speak.

    "They sent the Admiral to fight me." The beast replied. "Word has traveled through my prison here, Demon. Your worlds are burning once more."

    "What do you care, your race has burned several of mine without the blink of an eye."

    "That was under false pretenses. We believed it was the Gods' will that we smite the Humans. Unbeknowest to us, we were following the wrong God." The Chieftain replied. "I am Matadus, Chieftain of Dosaic from the time of the Great Schism, to my capture at the end of the Great War."

    "Good to know." Blaine replied. "I enjoy Formalities, but-"

    "But if you do not kill me, you will not receive these particular Human's allegiance." Matadus replied. "I am well aware, I am meant as collateral. These Humans think that they can release me to Dosaic for ransom. A Chieftain is not exchanged on Dosaic, if they are captured, they must either escape on their own accords, or die trying."

    "He's offered you freedom if you kill me, hasn't he?" Blaine asked.

    "Regrettably, yes." Matadus replied with a sigh. "My race owes a huge debt to you, Admiral of Fleets. After you convinced the Sangheili hierarchs to remove their grasp on us, and taught us to settle our differences through peace, we are forever in your debt. If you die by my hand, I will personally see to it that my fellow Brutes of Dosaic, and the current Chieftain, fight for your cause."

    "And if you die by my hand, I will see to it that you are returned to Dosaic for a proper burial." Blaine replied, as the two mentally agreed with each other.

    "Let the games begin!" War's voice echoed throughout the arena.

    The doors opened on all sides, as Titans *mutated Super Grunts* poured out into the arena, charging the lone Spartan. Matadus' restraints were removed, as he charged towards Blaine. Blaine felt the ground beneath him quake as the behemoth made it's shoulder charge. Knowing full well that the Brute had gained way to much momentum to stop, Blaine waited for the Titans to get close, and dove out of the way, as the Chieftain mowed down the helpless creatures.

    More Titans poured into the Colosseum, as Matadus grasped his forehead, having crashed into the wall. Blaine charged over, jumped on his left foot, and kicked his right foot into Matadus' chin. Flipping backwards, Blaine landed on both feet, crouching low to avoid a counter attack. He could hear the vicious mummers of the Titans behind him, and dove to his left, turning to face them. One tackled him to the ground, mashing it's tree trunk like appendages into his helmet. Grasping it by the neck, Blaine twisted as hard as he could, the Mutant Grunt's eyes opened wide as it's spinal column snapped, and it fell to the ground, dead.

    Thrusting his right fist out, Blaine caught the next Titan square in the faceplate, denting it inwards. Whether he pierced it's brain or not, the beast fell to the ground, unconscious or dead. The ground rumbled again, as a Titan and Blaine blocked each others blows. Before Blaine could react, he felt the Chieftain's massive paw wrap around his throat, and slam him into the sand, a plume of dust filling the air around them.

    Blaine pulled his knife out, and slashed across Matadus' chest, as purple blood flowed out of the wound. Matadus roared in pain, as War sat further in his seat, anticipating what the result of the fight was. The dust settled, Matadus knelled on the ground, clutching his wound. Blaine held up the purple painted knife.

    "Spare my life Human." Matadus replied quietly. "And I will offer you my experience on the field."

    "Sayonara." Blaine's voice boomed over the crowd, as War stood for the final blow.

    Blaine thrust the blade down...

    Here is the Ultimatum, and I'd prefer if at least 2 people choose this time.

    Either Blaine spares Matadus and gets the Brute Fleet of Dosaic and Matadus' expertise

    OR Blaine executes Matadus and gets the entirety of Legion's Fleet and Black Guard.

    Note that each option has the chance to twist. The Fleets of either could be crap, War could go against his word, or Matadus' armies aren't up to snuff.

    I have already planned the rest of the story-line based on these two choices, and remember that I have one option with the surprise twist or consequence for the decision.

    With that, choose wisely, and I look forward to continuing.
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    Post  Manny on January 31st 2013, 12:58 pm

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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 31st 2013, 1:06 pm

    One of my proof readers from one of my other sites voted Option A after they read it.

    Rather than do the first come first serve thing, I'd like a third party to be the tie breaker.
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    Post  Manny on January 31st 2013, 1:52 pm

    Do you want just votes or explanations?

    Just wondering.
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    Post  Bad John on January 31st 2013, 2:15 pm

    I say finish him.
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    Post  zman007playr on January 31st 2013, 4:33 pm

    I honestly say finish him
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    I hope you guys know what you're doing Razz

    Blaine thrust the blade down, the cold steel making contact with Matadus’ thick skull. Matadus roared in desperation, standing up and beating his chest. Blaine braced himself as Matadus, with a betrayed look on his face, charged, the blade protruding out of his skull. Blaine sidestepped, kicking the massive Brute in his ass. The Chieftain, unable to stop, smashed his face off of the metal wall, driving the blade in deeper.

    Standing on Matadus' back with his right foot, War and his men cheered as he called forth a few black guardsmen.

    "That won't be necessary!" Blaine's voice called out. "I would prefer him as a trophy!"

    "Very well Admiral!" War called back. "You have proven your worth. The Legion will fight with you!”

    Katie hopped down from the stands, marching over to Blaine. Jabbing her finger into his chest, Blaine grabbed her hand and stared into his visor, ripping the knife out of the wound.

    “It’s for the best.” He barked, as she shook her head. “We can’t afford to cross War.Help me get him out of here.”

    Katie hesitantly agreed as she lifted the Chieftain by the legs, Blaine grasped him by the arms, and they made their way out of War’s HeadQuarters and back to the Eagle.


    “You made a stupid decision, Blaine!” Katie roared, beating on his chest. “You could have easily faked it. The Brutes could have been a valuable asset! More Plasma weaponry!”

    “As long as they don’t find out, we’ll be alright.” Blaine said, placing a hand on the dead Chieftain’s shoulder. “But I intend to keep my promise.”

    “I can’t believe you!” Katie roared. “How can you possibly explain THIS to THEM?!”

    “There something going on in here?” Jorge said grimly, walking in. “Woah, that’s a hell of a bagging right there barát.”

    “Captain, we need to get to Dosaic, I’ve got a promise to keep.” Blaine said.

    “Don’t bother.” Katie growled. “They’ll kill us the moment we present him. We’re going to Sangheilios, try not to royally piss off these guys, or say goodbye to Reach and our future.”

    Aye Aye ma’am! Ensign, set course for Sangheilios!

    Blaine growled, until the two Spartan IVs returned with his Grandchildren, as he lifted them into his arms again. He was doing this for them, and nothing was going to stop him. Katie, with Jorge’s help, removed Matadus’ corpse from the barracks and to the airlock, they would have to dispose of him.
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    Post  Manny on January 31st 2013, 6:25 pm

    I actually have no idea what I'm doing. All I know is that Humanity needs to learn to fend for itself.

    That and the Brutes are most likely in the same situation as the Elites. Divided and running low on resources for war. For example, the Sangheili can't even properly repair their own ships without the engineers.

    The Legion on the other hand has a shit ton of money and (human) engineers.

    But really... I just wanted to mess with Blaine and Katie's relationship.
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on February 1st 2013, 3:59 pm

    Manny wrote:But really... I just wanted to mess with Blaine and Katie's relationship.

    You're a monster! <--- Link

    She wanted me to say that. I kinda agree. The Brutes were literally her idea Razz
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on February 1st 2013, 4:05 pm

    Manny wrote:Do you want just votes or explanations?

    Just wondering.

    I won't stop you from explaining. But it's not a necessity.
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    Post  Manny on February 1st 2013, 4:27 pm

    Shad0wChas3r wrote:
    Manny wrote:But really... I just wanted to mess with Blaine and Katie's relationship.

    You're a monster! <--- Link

    She wanted me to say that. I kinda agree. The Brutes were literally her idea Razz

    No but seriously while I AM a big fan of Brutes (*cough*only one with a Brute character*cough*) Humanity is destined to take up the mantle. Therefore we must learn to be strong on our own.

    That and the Brutes can't even maintain their fleets, much like the Sangheili.

    The only reason the Storm has so many ships is because Jul got them from a Sangheili colony that had been out of contact with the Covenant, and thus had a surplus of ships.

    BTW, that trailer was hilarious!
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on February 1st 2013, 5:12 pm

    Chapter 4: Consequences

    'How could the Admiral of Fleets betray the Jiralhanae like that?!' the insulted and angered Brute Fleetmaster growled to himself.

    He was a beacon of peace in the Galaxy, he was the one that removed the Sangheili/Jiralhanae conflict from the Galaxy, and had the two races working together with minor outbursts of conflict. But the Dosaic fleet had received word that a Spartan, the Admiral of Fleets himself, had killed a well respected Chieftain, a leader of his people, in cold blood.

    'No trust in the Humans.' the Jiralhanae clenched his fists.

    The one called War had mentioned something of the Mez 'Khar, allegedly attacking the Humans at their home-worlds alongside the Sangheili's 'fake God', the one called Didact. Grinning a toothy grin, the Brute Fleetmaster snorted, disgusted, as his crew perked up to listen.

    "Vent the Sangheili on board." Theseus growled. "They work for and with the enemy."

    A Brute War Chieftain, his second in command, nodded, bowing.

    "Let us find the Holy One and his Crusaders, and cleanse this filth from the Galaxy. The Admiral of Fleets has sealed their fate."


    "Sangheilios command, this is Admiral Blaine on board the UNSC Mason-Dixon." Blaine spoke clearly into the comm. "Requesting permission to land on Sangheilios."

    "Admiral of Fleets." A raspy, Sangheili voice growled from the other end. "Come to kill more of my brothers?!"

    "Negative." Blaine replied. "Why would you say that?"

    "Because the Jiralhanae Fleet just committed Mass Genocide on any and all Sangheili brethren by forcing them out the air locks in YOUR name." The voice was filled with threatening. "You killed their Leader, and they demand justice. They believe we work for you, not WITH you."

    "Targeting solution made, Shipmaster."

    "R'tas, the circumstances called for it. Matadus's death was a necessary part of my trade."

    "Typical human filth." R'tas growled. "Trade one life for another."

    "What the Admiral of Fleets has done is unforgivable, and he will be shamed with it for the rest of his days." Another voice entered the channel. "But his actions against the Storm uprising and the Sangheili civil war are unforgettable, and we are still in his debt."

    "As you wish Arbiter, but we can work with the Humans, and give HIM to the Jiralhanae to settle the tension."

    "You think with your sword more than your soul R'tas." Thel Vadum replied. "His past decisions has lead to good before, at a cost. This is in no doubt another plan, the Jiralhanae will be unhappy about this, and it will create more unnecessary trouble down the road, but the payout will be greater than we can imagine."

    "How exactly, Arbiter?" R'tas pleaded sarcastically. "We know full well this is to help the Humans survive another one of their problems. How could they possibly repay us?!"

    "I offer you some Engineers to help rebuild part of your Fleet." Blaine replied. "If you can help us, they will remain yours."

    The comm. was silent, until a third voice filled the group.

    "Permission to come aboard, Shipmaster?" It was Anch 'Ibort.

    "Granted, Field Marshall."

    "We will ponder your request, Admiral. In the mean-time, you should return to Hood and request Phyllis too."

    "Kilo-Five's top scientific mind?" Blaine asked. "That'll be hard to get."

    "You've pulled miracles before Spartan, now go, we will decide." Thel replied, as Anch entered the bridge.

    "Warrior. It is good to see you. My wife sends her respect, but as always warns you to stay away from my Keep, lest you be killed on sight."

    "Come, I need to introduce you to a couple of people." Blaine said. "Captain, get on the line with Hood. See if we can borrow Phillips from Infinity for a while."

    "Aye Aye."


    Katie was still not amused, but sat there, watching the twins sparing, which twins though, she wasn't sure.

    "Man, let go of me!"

    "Not until you let go of the kid's hat!"

    "Give me my Admiwal's hat!" George yelled, tugging at Marissa's hair.

    "Grandma!!" Marissa screeched.

    "Yeah you two, you sound as bad as the kids." Jorge chuckled, observing, as the door opened, Blaine and Anch walking through.

    "ATTENTION!" Blaine barked, as all parties stopped what they were doing and looked to him.

    One of the Spartans, in their frozen stupor, pointed to the other.

    "Tongue started it!"

    "I don't care. I'm finishing it!" Blaine barked. "Jesus Christ, are you Spartans or Children?! And why the hell do you have my HAT?!"

    "Someone's a bit materialistic as of late." The Spartan huffed, walking out of the room, putting it back on George's head.

    Blaine's Grandchildren stopped tugging on each other and scrambled over to Blaine, stopping quick at the sight of Anch. Instead, they charged over to Katie, hiding behind her legs.

    "This is your kin?" Anch asked. "These tiny meat sacks?"

    "These 'tiny meat sacks' are our Grandchildren." Katie replied with a hiss.

    "What are Grandchildren?" Anch asked, curious.

    "Our children's children." Blaine replied. "Naomi and David are their parents."

    George stepped out from behind Katie, puffing out his chest in an attempt to look strong. Anch returned the pose, chuckling as the tiny boy held his ground.

    "He will be strong one day, Warrior kin. If he turns out anything like you have, than he is a blessing for the fate of the Galaxy."

    "Y'know, minus killing potential allies. You teach him that, I'll hurt you." Katie growled.

    "That a threat or a promise?" Blaine said with a grin, as Katie huffed, walking out of the room.

    "Is she bearing child, her anger seems unusually greater today." Anch asked, observing her leave.

    "No. I killed Matadus, a Chieftain Leader of Dosaic, the one before the current one." Blaine said. "In exchange, I have War's assets to help us fight the Mez 'Khar."

    "Admiral Blaine. Admiral Hood would like to contact you via video link, NOW!" Marx said in the comm.

    Looking back on it now. I can safely say my decision to kill the Brute Chieftain Matadus was a bad idea, and I still hate myself for it, as Thel said, all those years ago. I thought you should know this, because of what happened next, boyo.

    Blaine entered the video room, as a avatar of Admiral Harper stood before him, Captain Lasky, and Admiral Stroud beside him.

    "Infinity, what's happened?!"

    "YOU!" Harper pointed at Blaine directly, the vein sticking out of his forehead. "I don't know what stupid, irresponsible fucking thing you did out there, but now Humanity is paying for it in full!"

    "What's happened?!" Blaine barked back.

    "Earth..." Autumn replied. "Reach is confirmed, no survivors."

    "What Stroud meant to say is, because of your piss poor cognitive abilities, which I am now beginning to question, has jeopardized any hope of us surviving! Earth is under attack, and any UNSC Fleets that stayed in system were vaporized. As it is, we had to leave just for a chance to regroup with ANY allies you might have picked up along your short journey, because the Brutes led those Mez 'Khar here!!"

    "We have the Legion, and the Sangheili will need Engineers and Phillips from Kilo-Five."

    "Who the fuck is Kilo-Five?!" Harper said. "Not important, tell those hinge head bastards to get off their lazy asses and meet us at these coordinates, otherwise, you had best stay the hell away from Infinity, before you get US killed too!"

    Blaine stood there, long after the avatars of the three Leaders blanked out. Clenching his fist, Blaine knew he had failed.

    Infinity was repurposed. No longer did it serve the UNSC, or what remained of it, as a research vessel. Instead, she was turned into the last bastion for the UNSC's hope. If she fell, so did the UNSC, and Humanity right behind.
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on February 1st 2013, 5:54 pm

    Chapter 5: Lacedemonis

    Four Years Later

    Blaine sat on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands. His hair held streaks of gray, and his clothes stripped of all the ribbons he received. Those remained in a disclosed location, he didn't dare look at them.

    "You going to keep sulking in here the same day every year?" Nine asked, peeking his helmeted head around the door. "We all make mistakes Blaine."

    "Did your last mistake undo everything you stood for in the span of twenty four hours?!" Blaine barked, unmoving.

    "No." Nine said. "But a brave Spartan once told me that you had to pick yourself up and atone for your actions. Sitting here sulking is the exact opposite of that."

    "That 'brave' Spartan was me. And my actions caused the fall of the UNSC, Reach, and all the other colonies we had."

    "But you got us the Legion to help fight back, and the Sangheili are nearly finished the repair of their Fleet! We'll be able to strike them within another four years. Until then, we have to keep gathering intel on them, and training the soldiers. You can train them Blaine, you trained your IVs."

    "Grandpa in here?" George asked from the door.

    "Yes George, go down to the Simulation deck. He'll be down soon."

    "Remember what you did that action for Blaine. To save Humanity. Sure, your mistake wasn't the purest of choices, but you did it with your family in mind."

    "Look. I'm not going to ask again, get your ass off of that bed, and down to that Simulation Room Blaine, or I will drag you down there. We have an OP on Eden tomorrow. Doctor Phillips and Doctor Bailey seem to think that there may be more significant data down there."

    Continuing after Uprising and Homecoming is completed. Before you ask, some MAJOR plot points coming up in those are going to have an effect in this story. Parts of Reclaimers will be revised as well to accomodate these changes.
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    Hunted: Fall of the UNSC Empty Re: Hunted: Fall of the UNSC

    Post  Manny on February 1st 2013, 6:00 pm

    Nuke the Mez Khar from orbit.

    It's the only way.
    Doctor Jensen
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    Post  Doctor Jensen on February 5th 2013, 10:13 am

    I'd say this is your best story yet Blaine.
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on February 5th 2013, 10:23 am

    Doctor Jensen wrote:I'd say this is your best story yet Blaine.

    Thanks Jensen. It'll be continued soonish, or at least I hope.

    Uprising and Homecoming are going to be a little shorter as compared to their predecessors, but there are some important plot point changes that must be addressed there first before I can post here, lest they be spoiled here.

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