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    Zelda Info Dump

    Bad John
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    Zelda Info Dump

    Post  Bad John on November 9th 2016, 12:14 pm

    A place for me to put characters and plot information for my upcoming project.

    Starting with the main character.

    Name: Niflo

    Alias: None

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Affiliation: Hyrule, Sheikah Clan

    Personality: Noble, stoic in the face of danger, and fiercely intelligent, Niflo is considered an outstanding Sheikah by most. He is steadfast in his duty to Hyrule and the royal family, obeying orders without question. He is rather talkative, and enjoys conversation and stories.

    Unlike most Sheikah his age, he has relatively low interest in personal glory, and prefers to keep his work seperate from his personal life, and is consistantly bashful and evasive when his feats are commented on off the battlefield.

    Despite being an overall positive person, he is particularly ruthless, caring little for fair play in battle. He tends to leave most of his opponents alive for formal execution, but he will kill to defend himself, or to halt a threat permenantly.

    He tends to view citizens of Hyrule as his charges, and spends quite a bit of time performing odd jobs at their request, giving the Sheikah Clan a good public face.

    Appearance: A Sheikah, Niflo possesses the trademark red irises. His ears are short, but pointed at the top corner. He stands 5'9", and has swarthy skin.

    Underneath his right eye, he sports a white tattoo of three triangles in a tight row, with a semi-circle above them just beneath the eyelid.

    His hair is dark grey, and kept tightly braided back. A long, slender braid comes down in front of his left ear.

    His casual clothing consists of a dark blue tunic and pants, a brown cloth hat with a pair of copper metal pins resembling nubby horns, a cloak, and leather boots. He also wears arm warmers in which he stores his hidden weaponry, his sword on his belt.

    Weapons: His personal weapon of choice is a shortsword with a curved, double sided blade with a small sphere of rosegold in the guard. He also carries multiple iron needles, a long and durable chain, and Deku Nuts in his sleeves to strike from a short distance away.

    In addition to his personal weapons, Niflo has limited reign over the Sheikah's arsenal of weapons. He's known to use the Giant's Knife, a massive, single sided greatsword with a curved blade and white markings etched into the side, kept in a brown sheath.

    Armor: Though he typically wears simple cloth clothing, he will sometimes don leather armor when he knows heavy combat is on the horizon. His armor is contoured to his body, and comes with a simple pair of cloth leggings.

    Notable Possessions: Niflo doesn't have many things in his small house; most of his possessions are weapons. However, he does have an odd purple coin that he keeps with him at all times. He does not allow anyone to hold it or borrow it unless he's certain he'll die, and trusts the person enough to take it back to the Sheikah Tribe in his stead. Even mentioning it in public will cause him to end the conversation and leave.

    Skills: Niflo is a talented physical combatant, and a valued warrior even among the powerful, mysterious Sheikah Clan. He often defaults to barehanded combat, utilizing his impressive strength to bull down and beat enemies into submission. His shortsword is more often than not employed as a shield to block enemy weapons so he can beat them down.

    He is a talented swordsman, but he will sometimes use trickery, misdirection, or ranged combat. His chain has a small but heavy weighted end, which can strike with painful force. He has keen aim with his throwing needles, and will sometimes use Deku Nuts to blind, stun, or incapacitate foes, allowing him an opening to kill.

    Like any Sheikah, he is versed in stealth and some forms of magic, and he can perform spells by drawing quick hand seals in the air. While he's outclassed by dedicated warlocks, he can create barriers, and sometimes uses water magic against enemies to gain breathing room.

    He is a decent tactician, and as a Sheikah, he has authority to make decisions on the battlefield that can override soldier's standing orders in the absence of other leadership. However, possessing no formal rank in Hyrule's military, he cannot take over when a ranking officer disagrees with his ideas.

    He's a competent chef, chauffeur, and butler, and is well adjusted to serving and speaking with Hyrule citizens, be them royalty or working class citizens.

    In terms of base physical characteristics, he's said to have the strength of two men, and speed to match. His reflexes, intuition, and senses are sharp as a hot blade.

    Motivations: To defend Hyrule and live his life to the fullest.

    Notable Accomplishments: Enduring the rigors of combat training were an accomplishment in and of themselves, but he has been commended for his particular valor, briefly stalling a Phantom of Ganondorf. Though his barrier held, his arm was broken by the shade.

    He's fought and prevailed alongside Hylian military forces, and even fought Odolwa, a powerful and insane warrior, to a standstill.

    Niflo's most important distinction among his people is a closely kept secret; he carries the Shadow Medallion, given to him by the chief of his clan, Impa. It is unknown if he is the Sage of Shadow, or if Impa is simply trusting him with the artifact for safe keeping, but either way, the responsibility weighs heavily on him, and confirms that of all her available Sheikah, Impa places a great deal of trust in Niflo particularly, passing over stronger candidates like Agahnim, her formal champion.

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    Bad John
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    Re: Zelda Info Dump

    Post  Bad John on November 9th 2016, 3:53 pm

    Name: Monroe

    Alias: Biggs

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Affiliation: Hyrule, Death Mountain's Goron Village

    Personality: Strong of heart, strong of body, and strong of character, Biggs is strength incarnate. He's a bit of a country man, born on prime farming land. He values brotherhood and unity above all else, and despite being a fully fledged Hylian Knight, he is willing to question his leaders when their decisions set Hyrule apart from its allies.

    He is exceptionally bold, and has the physical strength to back up his risks. An enduring man, he's willing to accept brutal punishment on behalf of his soldiers, and will never retreat when civilians are on the line.

    Appearance: Biggs has steel blue eyes and long, black hair with a well maintained beard. His ears are rounded, and he has a broad nose. His most striking characteristic is his size; he stands nearly seven feet tall, and has broad shoulders and thick muscles.

    His body is covered in scars from battle, specifically his neck and arms. He has a long scar running from his adam's apple, around his neck, and to the base of his spine from a nearly fatal blow.

    Weapons: Biggs wields a large greatsword with a white blade and a cobalt grip. A masterwork from Hylian Smiths, this weapon has been put through its paces for years without breaking.

    His secondary weapon, oddly, is an iron shield. Too heavy for most people to wield, Biggs hefts it with minimal effort. It is covered in scars and knicks, but the metal is as strong and uncompromising as ever.

    He also possesses a goron-made hammer with a square head and a short, one handed handle. He sometimes wields this weapon in his left hand while using his greatsword in the right hand, putting his shield on his back.

    Armor: Biggs wears a blue cloth shirt, with an iron chest plate and grieves. He also wears a pair of iron boots that assist him in remaining based. Thanks to the sheer weight of his armor, he can withstand even gale force winds when he plants his feet.

    Notable Possessions: Biggs owns a farm, and has two sons and a daughter. He isn't much for material wealth, and tends to give a generous amount of his surplus to small charity foundations dedicated to fairly distributing wealth to the needy.

    His most prized possession is his horse, named Knucklehead. An exceptionally strong and fast steed, Knucklehead has been his mount of choice for years.

    What he values most are his friends. He has friends across the world, most notably the gorons of Death Mountain who raised him since he was twelve years old.

    Skills: Biggs is incredibly strong, said to possess the strength of ten men. He can wield a greatsword one handed as easily as a child wields a stick, and wears armor that would buckle an average humanoid. Despite his strength, he is deceptively light on his feet, possessing the leg strength to run down most enemies faster than they'd initially give him credit for.

    He has a keen mind, and is rather perceptive, picking up on danger in his surroundings quickly. His intuition nearly matches Niflo's on a good day. He also has the knowhow to chart out long military campaigns.

    As a Knight of Hyrule, he commands a batallion of soldiers, and possesses the authority to override military decisions made by anyone other than legitimate royalty if he has good enough cause.

    Having lived and trained his strength on Death Mountain, he can resist heat easily, and has very durable skin.

    Motivations: To ensure the safety of his family; family meaning anyone who he cares for, in addition to his wife and biological children.

    Notable Accomplishments: A long, sterling history of military combat. He's won multiple strength competitions in Hyrule, to the point that he stopped competeing to give others a fair shot.

    He may be the strongest human being to have ever lived in this continuity, though adult Gorons have him beat in terms of brawn (but if you ask him, not by much).
    Bad John
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    Re: Zelda Info Dump

    Post  Bad John on November 11th 2016, 4:16 pm

    Name: Mesnate

    Alias: Ambassador

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Affiliation: Twilight Realm Royal Family, Hyrule (To a degree)

    Personality: Laconic, studious, and calm, Mesnate was born for his role as the First Eye of Queen Midna. He has a rather one-track mind, and is very slow to anger or insult. He's perceived as smug, but he merely enjoys his job, spending hours in royal libraries. He spends the majority of his time advancing his magical power, decoding ancient texts, and reporting back to his mistress.

    He is a genius in the fields of magic and historical documentation, and every day he strives to further his knowledge of the Gods who created this world.

    While he cannot be goaded by insults to his own person, certain things will set him into a fury; insulting his queen, or directly attacking him is an immediate method of drawing him into a fight. When participating in battle, he is even colder than he normally is, rarely speaking and continuing his assault until the enemy is deceased, or suitably beaten into submission.

    While he values some friendships and connections, he dislikes when they interrupt his work, and he is easily frustrated by people "looking after" him and encouraging him to loosen up, or take a break. He is capable of doing so, but he only participates in leisure activities if you can convince him it will up his productivity in the long run.

    Appearance: A Twili, Mesnate stands rather tall and humanoid, sporting red eyes, teal skin, red hair, and pointed ears. He is rather young for a man of his station, and stands at 5'7", and has a slim but athletic build.

    He sports Twili tattoos across his body, one of which being a sigil on his forehead. He wears black robes with red trim.

    Weapons: Mesnate wears a black handled longsword on his hip; a precaution in case his magic fails him and he needs to use more barbaric methods of combat.

    Armor: Aside from his robes, Mesnate wears no protective armor whatsoever.

    Notable Possessions: Mesnate, along with being the designated Ambassador of the Twili to Hyrule, he also manages Hyrule's extensive libraries of historical, religious, and government texts. He has bought several of the books, including an obscure text that he thinks belonged to Demise, the spiritual ancestor to Ganon.

    His favorite book is a long novel simply titled "Immortal Beloved." While he believes that knowledge should be free to the public, only he knows what the book contains, and during his down time he reads it. He's enchanted it so that an unwelcome viewer will only see gibberish and childlike scribblings. Whatever the book contains is either of great personal significance to him, or the knowledge inside could prove dangerous in the wrong hands.

    Skills: Mesnate is a powerful warlock, utilizing highly damaging elemental spells. He often fights solely through the use of magic, standing back from his opponent and punishing them with a string of powerful blasts. His favored element is ice, but he is also considerably talented with fire, wind, and lightning. He rarely uses earth, considering it crude and rudimentary.

    He is also a fairly good swordsman, using crisp forms and precise technique to defend himself or kill opponents if he must.

    He is a keen mind, and can learn other languages fairly quickly. Fastideously tidy, he keeps the Royal Library in pristine conditions, books clean and properly stored, and the shelves dusted. His tireless, constant work hint that he doesn't fatigue very easily, and can go for days without rest or sleep while performing any activity.

    Motivations: The discovery and fair distribution of knowledge, maintaining healthy ties between the Twilight Realm and Hyrule, and distinguished service to his queen.

    Notable Accomplishments: He was an accomplished mage at an early age. He's participated in pivitol battles for the Twilight Realm.

    A target for assassination by those who covet his position, he's defeated his fair share of attackers, and even discovered a plot by insurgents to overthrow Queen Midna.

    His most prized accomplishemt is the maintainance and upkeep of the Hylian Libraries. It took quite a bit of convincing to allow himself the position of librarian due to distrust from Hyrule's Royal Family, but he's proven himself quite capable in that regard.

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    Re: Zelda Info Dump

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