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    'Civil' War

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    'Civil' War

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on September 6th 2016, 5:27 pm

    Hello everyone. Welcome to yet another one of Shadow's non-canonical fight scenes! Without spoiling much about who all is involved, I think this is bound to be one of my biggest and baddest fights yet.

    For the sake of time, I'm not going to explain how all of the combatants got here. The fight scenes itself are the portion that matter. That being said, I hope you enjoy!

    Edit: I'd also like to note that all of the characters will be listed by name during the fight, despite none of the characters knowing each other.

    "Kaitlyn, you need to stop going around telling people to hit you." Bryce sighed, following her.

    "What the hell does it matter to you?"

    "I promised Gregory I'd look after you, and-"

    "Don't you dare bring him up."

    "Look, what if you got in another fist fight with the likes of Dragoon or the Demon that's been prowling around?" Bryce sighed. "What if it was a battle you couldn't win, huh?"

    He felt her prepare to swing, as his hand lashed out and grasped it. The act wasn't like an actual strike, so he knew that her powers would activate as a result.


    "How the-" Amethyst gazed around them. "Where are we? Everything looks clean and lively, like we're in the Golden Age or something."

    "It's the Vault." Lillian said. "I remember hearing from Kabr's friend Pahanen that the Vex are obsessed with time manipulation. It's not entirely hard to believe that it sent us back in time."

    "What about Lance and Chelsea, or Tina?" Amethyst asked.

    "They're fine." Drake replied, his attention turned elsewhere. "Hold on. I don't like the look of that."

    In the distance, Drake saw a young man in a turquoise winter suit holding a young girl around his age by the wrist. Sprinting over, his hand clasped over Bryce's arm. The force of the squeeze was enough to cause Bryce to growl in annoyance and drop Kaitlyn's hand. With her new bound freedom, she struck Bryce across the chin, before walking away.

    "Ow!" Bryce growled. "What the hell dude?"

    "I could ask you the same thing, dude." Drake grit his teeth. "Why were you hurting her?"

    "I wasn't-" Bryce sighed as Kaitlyn walked away. "She's dangerous, alright?"

    "Likely story. I don't buy it." Drake shook his head. "Move on with your day and leave the young lady alone."

    "You don't understand." Bryce tugged at Drake's grip. "If she get's hit, she'll- Fuck this!"

    Drake was flabbergasted as Bryce disappeared from his grasp. Looking down at his glove, he saw a thin layer of ice on his palm where Bryce's hand had been. His eyes flickered up to the young man with the stark white hair.

    "That was a neat trick." Drake said with a chuckle.

    "You let her get away." Bryce said. "This is MY city. I have to defend it."

    "By assaulting women?" Drake scoffed. "Cute. But I'm not persuaded."

    "Then I guess I'll have to make you." Bryce sighed.

    Suddenly, he disappeared from sight. Drake looked around, attempting to locate the psychic. Bryce appeared behind Drake, bursting himself forward with his mind, using a force field to protect himself. Drake growled as he bounced along the asphalt, each impact causing it to crack.

    At the end of his roll, Drake stood, as Bryce clenched his fists. Drake noticed a flurry of ice and snow swirling around his hands. With a curt nod, Drake knew he wouldn't have to hold back in this fight, he wasn't sure what type of Light produced ice, but it was bound to be a tough fight. As he clenched his own fists, electricity sparked up his forearms.

    "Wait, you're a meta too?" Bryce was surprised.

    "I have no idea what that means." Drake cracked his neck. "What I do know, however, is that I'm gonna punch you in your damn face."

    Charging at Bryce, he swung fist after fist at Bryce's head. Bryce, however, teleported between each swing. Frustrated by Bryce's uncanny ability to avoid the strikes, Drake lunged forward, smashing his electric covered fists into the asphalt. The tarmac beneath him lifted upwards like a wave, crashing towards Bryce. Electricity charged the tarmac, causing Bryce to convulse, the arc energy surging through him.

    Closing the distance between them, Drake nodded to Amethyst and Lillian. Smashing Bryce in the side of his cheek, the young man skidded down the street. Amethyst, who had moved into position, reeled her right fist back, before pitching all of her weight forward, striking Bryce in the chin towards Lillian.

    Lillian timed herself, flipping backwards and striking Bryce under the chin with the roof of her foot. She pulled out her Golden Gun, preparing to fire it. Bryce, however, closed his eyes in time to read her mind. He discovered she had three rounds of pure sunlight in the gun.

    Teleporting to the ground, he bursted himself towards the lithe woman. Before he could meet his target, however, he felt a hand on the back of his neck. Before Drake could throw Bryce, however, the young man teleported out of his hands again. Pitching his whole body forward, he struck Drake in the midsection, causing the Titan to slide down the concrete.

    Amethyst had unfortunately been behind Drake, the two Titans crashing into each other. Tumbling along the ground, Drake took a moment to look his adoptive sister over, before glaring at Bryce.

    "Nobody. Hurts. TADPOLE!"

    Bryce however held up his right hand, a trio of sparrow sized ice spears forming above his head. Flinging them at the two Titans, Bryce flinched as the ice shattered, striking a sphere of purple light.

    "What the? You have multiple powers?" Bryce mused.

    "Oh, you don't even know." Drake snarled.

    Stomping his right foot into the ground, a pillar of bright crimson fire erupted from the earth, enveloping Drake completely from sight. When it depleted, Drake stood there, two whip like wisps of fire stuck out of his helmet, an elongated fiery warhammer resting over his shoulder.

    "Huh." Bryce said. "That was pretty cool, I'll admit."

    Teleporting behind Drake, Bryce crossed his arms. "Unfortunately, you won't hit me with it."

    Pitching his weight into Drake again, the force launched him down the street. Kaitlyn, who had just finished her latest scheme, walked down the street to see what all the commotion was about. Drake and the girl groaned as they crashed into each other.

    Standing, he held a hand out to help her up. Instead of taking it, however, Karma batted it away and struck him three times in the chest. On the third and final one, Drake found himself rolling back down the street. Bryce burst forward, striking his fist, which was now covered in a sphere of pure ice, into Drake's chin like a Superman punch.

    Drake grit his teeth, striking the side of a brick building. Standing, the fire enveloping his hammer stoked, erupting into an inferno so mighty it appeared that the weapon itself was purely fire. The whips in his helmet erupted like two miniature flamethrowers.

    "I've killed two Hive Gods." Drake snarled. "I am NOT going to be bested by a FUCKING KID!"

    Bryce stood on the street, eyes closed and his hands in his pocket. His face was lined with a cocky grin. Drake's attention turned to Amethyst and Lillian, who were tending to each other's wounds. Drake appreciated the kid's prowess, but truly hated the cocky smirk. Tightening his grip on the hammer, Drake gave a small smirk beneath his helmet.

    Bryce opened his left eye, which glowed an eerie light blue, removing his left hand from his pocket. Whipping the hand forward, Drake felt an invisible force strike him like a freight train, launching him back into the brick wall. Suddenly, a spear of ice struck the wall just to the left of his neck. Rolling to his right, Drake avoided all the subsequent projectiles.

    Smirking even wider, Bryce's hand flattened, palm out towards Drake. Suddenly, a beam of ice shards and snow surged towards Drake. Holding his warhammer up, he melted through the otherwise concussive beam of ice.

    Sprinting towards Bryce, Drake swung time and time again with his hammer. Bryce was impressed with how light his adversary made the weapon seem, but could read Drake's mind like a book. Teleporting behind Drake, Bryce kicked Drake mid run. The Titan stumbled forward, helmet first, grinding down the street.

    Jumping to his feet, Drake looked behind him for the follow up, but was not surprised when Bryce wasn't there. Turning his gaze forward, Drake saw Bryce stand there. Before Drake could react, a small pillar of ice about the width of his boot appeared beneath Drake, raising him several feet in the air.

    With the slick surface and the lack of footspace, Drake struggled to find balance. Thankfully, his father's training had taught him plenty of discipline, and he found his center. Unfortunately, however, Bryce struck him in the helmet with a snowball. Holding the lid of his eye down and sticking his tongue out, Bryce teleported backwards three times, each teleport forming a new pillar of ice the same height as the one he occupied.

    His motion tracker pinged behind him, and he knew it was likely another ice spear. Jumping to the next pillar, he felt the same invisible energy spike him into the ground. Groaning, Bryce stood over him, as a smaller pillar of ice propped Drake up, Bryce's leg sweeping across and striking him in the cheek.

    Rolling across the ground, Drake crashed into the wall of the nearest building, looking as if he was a homeless man sitting against the wall. Bryce teleported in front of him, with a shrug. "That the best you got?"

    Drake recovered much faster than Bryce had anticipated, his hammer striking Bryce in the midsection. Tumbling down the street, Bryce teleported back onto his feet, both hands palm out towards Drake. A pair of the ice beams from before surged forward, Drake holding his hammer out in front of him to melt the beams, as he had done before.

    Closing the distance between them, Drake swung the hammer down. However, he felt the invisible force once again take hold. It stopped his hammer dead in it's tracks, before thrusting him backwards. Bryce looked up at him, before the force smashed Drake into the ground.

    "I get it now." Drake grit his teeth, struggling to stand. "You're a telekinetic. All of your attacks are at a distance. Makes me wonder, did Mother ever love you?"

    Bryce's eyes narrowed, and the cocky smirk on his face faltered slightly.

    "Don't you fucking dare mention that bitch." Bryce growled.

    Drake groaned as a brick of ice slammed into his back a multitude of times. However, he smirked as he saw Lillian move into position. She drew her void bow, the Shadowshot landing in the asphalt in front of Bryce. Along with the arrow, a smoke grenade had also been thrown.

    Bryce felt an odd weight forming on him, the sinister purple light attaching to his chest. He felt his power to manipulate ice and read minds become suppressed. Worse yet, the smoke he was enveloped in caused him to hallucinate. He saw Vanessa with a bullet in her forehead, Charlotte smirking with a bloody pistol, all of the other people he had failed, their bodies lining the ground in front of him.

    Reaching his hand out to them, he felt the effects of the suppression slowly disappear. However, it was not soon enough, as Drake's hammer struck him in the small of his back. The force of the blow was definitely enough to rattle the bones inside of him, and he could have sworn he felt a few vertebrae cracking.

    Teleporting towards Drake, he summoned a pillar of ice behind Drake. The force of the impact launched his enemy down the street. Teleporting to where he through Drake might land, he crossed his arms as he summoned yet another. This pillar struck Drake and launched him into the nearest building. Standing, Drake's fiery form erupted, illuminating the entire block.

    Drake silently marched forward, reaching his hand out for Bryce. Bryce flinched, before firing a trio of ice spears at Drake. The Titan melted them with his very presence before they got close to him. Each step Drake took, a fire covered footstep remained.

    Bryce groaned as Drake's hammer struck him in the side of the head. Thankfully, he had put up a forcefield to soften the blow, however, the force had sent him careening down the street. Standing, Bryce noticed as his adversary was huffing and puffing, he too was getting wary from the fighting.

    However, he knew neither of them were going to stop until a winner was decided. With a roar from both combatants, they charged at each other. The two exchanged blows, each strike against one another caused a muffled bang throughout the City. Drake struck a fist under Bryce's chin, grasping the boy by the ankle.

    Swirling in a circle, he smashed Bryce down into the asphalt. Swinging his boot forward to strike the side of the psychic's head, he faked back and struck Bryce in the forehead. Bryce growled as he stumbled backwards. Amethyst grabbed him by the shoulders, pitching her head into his forehead.

    Karma approached to assist him, as Drake smashed her square in the torso with the hammer.

    "Ungrateful bitch." Drake hissed, as Karma picked herself out of the asphalt.

    "You got one of those right." She smirked, as a pair of crimson red wings sprouted out of her back.

    Charging towards him, Karma swung her fist at his face. She shrieked in pain, however, as another of Lillian's Shadowshot's struck the ground at her feet. Drake took advantage of this to smash her in the side of the head with his boot.

    "KAITLYN!" Bryce roared, turning towards Drake. "I'LL KILL YOU!"

    "COME ON THEN!" Drake barked back. "MAKE MY DAY!"

    Before either combatant could move, however, there was a series of thuds in between them. The impact of the strikes caused dust to fling into the air, blinding all involved. Bryce noticed as two silhouettes moved quickly to apprehend Lillian and Amethyst. The third and final individual however, stood from his knee, just as the dust was settling.

    Blue and red knight armor covered the giant man from head to toe. As things in the City finally quieted. Drake and Bryce stared at the new arrival, who held his fists by his side.

    "You're wanton endangerment of innocent lives ends now." Blaine said. "Orange Team, subdue them."

    Lorelei and Katherine nodded, weapons trained on Amethyst and Lillian. Kaitlyn clutched her chest, her energy sapped.

    "Who the fuck do you think you are?" Drake growled.

    "The guy whose gonna end this nonsense." Blaine turned to him. "I don't know what got you two started, but it ends now."

    "Like hell it will!" Bryce snarled. "I'm out for blood now!"

    Teleporting to Blaine's side, Bryce's eyes widened as Blaine's massive paw wrapped around his throat. He squeezed a second, as Bryce gasped for air. Before Blaine could follow up, Bryce teleported out of his grip.

    "That was a neat trick." Blaine smirked. "This should be fun after all."

    Bryce blasted himself at Blaine, who braced himself. Grasping onto the young man, Blaine turned on his heels and spiked Bryce into the ground. Bryce yelled in pain, several bones in his body either breaking or cracking as a result of the blow.

    "You." Blaine pointed towards Drake. "Will you comply?"

    "Fuck you. Coming in here acting like you own the place."

    "Alright then." Blaine sighed. "Hard way it is."

    Reaching slowly onto his back, Blaine produced an Energy Bastard Sword from the sheath built into the armor. The light blue sword glowed ominously with plasma energy. The two combatants charged each other, striking their weapons against one another's. With each strike, the entire block illuminated with light blue and golden light.

    Both men were impressed by the other's strength, attempting to out strength the other. Blaine swung his left hand across Drake's face, having the reach to do so safely. The blow stunned Drake long enough for Blaine's boot to smash into the Titan's chest. The warhammer in Drake's hands clattered to the ground, as Blaine planted his in the earth beside him.

    Before he could advance on Drake again, however, Blaine smirked as he felt something strike his back. The force of Bryce's body was merely enough to pop Blaine's energy shielding. Turning back, Blaine crossed his arms.

    "What? Is that the best you've got? I could do better than that when I was FIVE!"

    Faster than Bryce could follow, Blaine's right fist struck him in the throat. The force of the blow caused any dust on Bryce's clothes to explode off in a ring, sending him crashing into a sedan parked on the street. He grunted, however, as he felt Drake's warhammer make contact on his midsection. Doubling over, he put his hands out and grabbed the hilt of the weapon.

    Turning his gaze towards Drake, he depolarized his visor so Drake could see in. Smirking, Blaine's eyes pierced Drake's helmet. "That was a cheap shot, boyo. It's the LAST one you're getting."

    Pulling Drake's hammer towards him with his left hand, Blaine reeled his right fist back, pitching all of his weight forward and into Drake's helmet. Drake tumbled along the ground, as Blaine gave chase. Catching up to his foe, Blaine wrapped his massive hand around Drake's neck.

    "Nice armor." Blaine said, admiring the fact that Drake's armor was also based off of a knight. "I wear it better."

    Before he could finish the Titan off, however, the two were sent tumbling down the road, a dented sedan having crashed into Blaine's back. Standing firmly, Blaine turned to see Bryce clutching his chest, stumbling towards him.

    "Speaking of five. You want to tell everyone about that kid you killed?" Bryce growled. "Or how you killed your friend Butch twice. What about Daddy?"

    Lorelei stepped forward, as Blaine silently held a hand out. The air was thick with tension, as Blaine's hands clenched into fists, the material that made up his under suit sliding against itself was the only noise that was made.

    "ALALA, Online. Awaiting signal."

    The sound originated from Blaine's armor, as he stood there, glaring at Bryce. Smirking beneath his helmet, Blaine planted both of his feet into the ground, before pitching his head back.


    The shout the Spartan uttered echoed throughout the City, the ground beneath them shaking from the sheer intensity of it. Crouching down on his haunches, Blaine had the form of an Olympic sprinter. Much faster than he had been, Blaine closed the distance on Bryce, his fist smashing into Bryce's jaw, snapping it.

    Flying through several walls, Bryce grit his teeth as he finally came to a rigid stop. Blaine stood in the open hole in the wall, fists clenched. Bryce tried to move, but his body protested, he had been through way too much. Blaine grabbed the young psychic by the throat, tossing him out the adjacent wall. Bryce only noticed the blur of a Spartan as he sped past Bryce.

    Holding his boot at the ready, Blaine stomped Bryce into the asphalt. It cratered beneath them, blood splattering out of Bryce's mouth. Blaine's boot pressed tightly on Bryce's chest, as the Spartan crouched down.

    "I'll leave you choking, on every word you left unspoken." Blaine snarled. "Rebuild all that you've broken. I will rip your FUCKING heart out!"

    Removing his boot, he grasped Bryce by the throat and tossed him down the street. Standing proudly, Blaine's fists clenched tighter.

    "Come on then! I was fighting WARS when I was your age." Blaine taunted. "Where the hell is your fighting spirit, huh? SHOW ME!"

    "Yeah, I killed those people." Blaine started as he marched towards Bryce, who struggled to stand. "If you really knew shit about anything, you'd realize Butch was a traitor, the kid that I killed was a bully, and my FATHER WAS A HERO!"

    "What have YOU done with YOUR life?!" Blaine growled. "Knowing someone, somewhere died so that YOU could live a safe, free life?!"

    Bryce slowly stood, his jaw puffy from it's break. Blood trickled down his puffy face and out of his nose and ears. He was ragged, a broken arm clutched tightly over his chest. Marching forward, Bryce's eyes stared deeply into Blaine's visor. As he walked, anything that wasn't immediately attached to the ground levitated into the air.

    "That's more like it." Blaine crossed his arms. "Come on then, try and hit me."

    Swirling around Bryce, the items launched in rapid succession towards Blaine, whose fists and feet lashed out, striking each of the items and knocking them aside. Bryce charged forward, as Blaine side stepped the attack.

    "My reaction time is exponentially higher than a normal humans." Blaine tapped his helmet. "If you're gonna hit me, you're gonna have to be a lot more unpredicatable."

    Dodging the follow up fully body burst, Blaine shook his head.

    "I see the fire in your eyes. Though I don't see a reason to fear you." Blaine shrugged. "You won't win any battles if you don't at least intimidate your opponent."

    "He might not, but I can." Drake growled behind Blaine.

    Electricity sparked wildly along Drake's entire form, mixing with blue flames. Blaine nodded, jumping backwards to avoid Drake's lunge. As the warhammer made contact with the ground, a sphere of pure electrical and fiery energy expelled outwards. The asphalt beneath them began to crumble.

    Drake stood there, grinning that he had finally landed a blow on Blaine. His eyes widened, however, as Blaine stood in a golden sphere, arms crossed.

    "Got to love the bubble shield." Blaine cracked his neck.

    Swiveling to his right, Blaine watched as a sphere of pure ice that had been enveloping Bryce cracked and broke. Blaine chuckled as Bryce tried to boost at him, side-stepping the attack. His motion tracker pinged, however, as Drake lunged as well.

    Jumping backwards, Blaine avoided the swings from Drake's hammer. While Bryce followed up the swings with ice spears. Blaine grabbed Drake's hammer, pitching his knee into Drake's groin. Before he could continue his attack, however, Bryce flung an ice spear at Blaine's head level.

    Dipping backwards, Blaine rolled backwards to avoid the shard. In his flip, he used his right boot to prop the spear up into the air. Planting his feet, Blaine jumped up and grasped the ice. Swinging it like a club, he tossed it at Drake's midsection. As was expected, the ice melted.

    "I've fought armies numbering HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS." Blaine chuckled. "Two of you is chump change!"

    Reaching onto his back, Blaine produced a massive weapon that rested on his shoulder. Drake and Bryce gave each other a look, as a small red orb formed on the front of the weapon. Bryce teleported out of the way, as Drake placed up a Ward of Dawn. A massive beam of red light surged from the weapon, striking the dome of the Ward of Dawn, evaporating it immediately.

    "What?!" Drake said. "H-HOW!"

    "Named after the Soldiers that saved humanity." Blaine smirked as the weapon cooled. "The Spartan Laser could cut this entire City down in a single stroke, if I wanted it to, which I don't."

    Charging another round, Drake dove to the side as the beam narrowly avoided contact with his boots. Turning back, Blaine swung the weapon like a club, striking Bryce in the midsection. At the sound of the weapon firing, people began to vacate their homes and run for cover.

    Blaine growled as the civilians he had been here to protect were running amuck. Placing the weapon back on his shoulder, he prepared for Drake or Bryce's counter attack. Grasping Drake's wrist following a charge, Blaine clouted the side of Drake's helmet, before tossing him into the nearby car. Bryce stood on the other side of the car, using his mind to keep it still to protect the civilians running on the other side of it.

    The three combatants stopped their assault, however, as the ground behind them rumbled. Turning back, a Grunt Mech, a giant Robot, and a Fallen Walker Tank dropped. The Grunt mech set into immediately firing it's massive needler spears directly at the three of them. Blaine dropped another bubble shield, the splinters breaking as they struck the wall.

    The Fallen Walker also began to fire on the bubble, but luckily it was absorbed by the Forerunner technology. The giant Robot, on the other hand, took to scanning them.

    "Abnormalities detected. Quarantining immediate area."

    Suddenly, a rocket fired from the back of the machine. At the peak of it's rise, which was well above most of the sky scrapers, the rocket exploded as a dome of light formed around the block. Any buildings the wall would clash with were immediately destroyed.

    "What a disregard for innocent lives." Drake growled. "Fuck fighting each other, let's show these assholes what for."

    "Smartest thing you said all night, asshole." Bryce growled. "Kaitlyn, you have pretty green eyes."

    "What the fuck does that-" Blaine scoffed, as he watched the wounds on both of his once foes slowly reduce to nothing.

    His attention turned back to the girl who had joined them in the bubble, same as Amethyst, Lillian, Lorelei, and Katherine. The girl's eyes glowed a soft blue, as a pair of blue energized angel wings spread from her back.

    "Useful, I like it." Blaine said, tapping Bryce on the back. "Quick thinking boyo, I respect that."

    "It's my best feature." Bryce said. "Though, don't try buddying up to me."

    "Likewise." Blaine nodded. "Bubble's got maybe a couple of seconds left. If we work together, we can save these people."

    "To be fair, these morons are the reason why this happened to begin with." Lillian sighed, striking her hand against the back of both Bryce and Drake's heads.

    "Orange Team, fall out." Blaine barked, as the three Spartans burst past the crowd and out of the bubble.

    Charging the giant Grunt Mech, Katherine, the fastest of the three, flipped over it's head. The Grunt inside of the machine chittered in annoyance as she sprayed her Assault Rifle across the visor of the mech. Blaine and Lorelei, on the other hand, rammed their shoulder into it's lower abdomen, knocking it down. A plume of dust rose up as it landed.

    Drake, Lillian, and Amethyst approached the Walker tank, as Drake produced a Ward of Dawn. The tank shell from the monstrous tank glanced off of the orb of light, striking the impenetrable quarantine wall. With his warhammer available, he struck the 'spider' tank's 'head' with the head of the hammer. The mech jerked to the side, while Lillian and Amethyst opened fire on the legs.

    Blaine grunted as he pinned the massive needler of the mech down. Katherine and Lorelei opened fire on the hull of the Grunt Mech. With a echoed roar, the Grunt Mech lunged towards his Spartans, thrusting Blaine off and pushing the others away with the force of the propulsion.

    Skidding along the street, Blaine crashed into one of the Walker tank's legs. Glancing up, he saw the leg rise as if it was about to step on him. Drake growled as he smashed the leg with his hammer, tearing the leg in half and effectively saving Blaine's life. Rising to his feet, he offered a stern nod to Drake, before stepping under the tank. Gritting his teeth, Blaine roared as he used every ounce of his suit's experiment strength multipliers to their limit.

    Hoisting the tank above his head, he threw it at the Grunt Mech, who chirped as the giant spider like tank crashed into it. Recovering from the blow, the Grunt Mech planted it's feet into the ground, a hail of orange needler rounds, numbering a hundred at least, swarmed out of it's back.

    Before they could hit Blaine, Drake, Lillian, or Amethyst, however, they were stopped in their tracks, before returned to sender. The Grunt shrieked as the small needles riddled the armor of the suit. Super combining, the rounds caused the exterior metal of the suit to tear away, cobalt and purple fires dancing along the hull.

    "Abnormal activity detected, moving to eradicate." the giant mech spoke up.

    Stomping towards Bryce, Blaine dove towards his unconventional ally. Planting his feet, he stopped the giant robot's foot in it's track. Roaring to the heavens, Blaine pushed up and sent the robot onto it's back. Bryce nodded, before teleporting away. Turning his attention back to the Grunt Mech, Lorelei and Katherine took turns drawing it's fire and returning fire however they could.

    Pressing a sequence of buttons on his wrist pad, a weapon about the size of a machine gun turret began to materialize at his person. Hefting the weapons, Blaine whistled Olly Olly Oxen free, as his Spartans moved out of the way.

    "ATOMIC FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!" Blaine roared, as a devastating golden beam of Forerunner hard light surged forth.

    Instead of piercing the mech in it's entirety, the beam completely engulfed the Walker tank and the Grunt Mech, evaporating them into nothing. Everyone but the Spartans stared in awe as two of the combatants were taken out of the fight. With it's only charge spent, Blaine tossed the Fist of Sparta aside.

    The others regrouped on Blaine's position, as the giant robot began to stand. Thankfully, the Fist of Sparta had managed to bore a hole in the wall of the quarantine zone, though it appeared to be closing itself.

    "Spartans." Blaine said. "Help escort any civilians out of the hole as quickly as you can."

    "Lillian, Tadpole, you too." Drake said.

    "Fuck you losers, I'm tired." Karma grunted, walking away.

    "She's a bundle of sunshine, isn't she?" Blaine asked, as Bryce sighed.

    "Tell me about it."

    As they were ordered, the others began to gather up any Civilians that were in the Quarantine zone, escorting them through the shield wall before it finally shut. The three once enemies stood there, fists clenched as the giant robot began to stand.

    "Unknown energy detected, powering up to combat."

    Suddenly, a surge of golden sparks fizzled over the hull of the giant machine. So much so that the ground beneath them buckled and they could feel the pulse of energy slam into their chests like a freight train.

    "We gonna do this?" Bryce said. "These Mechs are no joke."

    "Are you kidding me?" Drake chuckled. "I fought something three times this things size, we'll manage."

    "I've been fighting for thirty something years now, boyo. I'm not dying to some giant Iron Giant wannabee in a different world." Blaine smirked.

    Sprinting forward, Blaine slid on his hip underneath the robot's legs, as it's massive fist struck the ground just beneath it. Drake followed shortly after, sprinting up it's extended arm. Running up the length of it's arm, he hopped off of the shoulder and smashed his hammer into it's 'face'.

    Cascading to the ground, Blaine dove out of the way in time for the machine to topple into the building he was just in front of. He watched as Drake was snatched by the giant mech's hand. It squeezed the Titan slightly, before throwing him at the wall. Bryce boosted himself upwards, catching the Titan with his mind.

    "Only I get to kill you, deal?" Bryce chuckled.


    Landing, the two met up with Blaine, as the Robot stood up. It scanned over them again, as the surge of energy struck again.

    "Quarantine matrices at 87%, total neutralization of Meta Human scum initiating in T-Minus 2 minutes."

    "The hell does that mean?" Drake scratched his head, as Blaine shrugged.

    "It means this thing is going critical in two minutes, and it's gonna try to take this City out with it."

    "What about the shield?" Blaine asked.

    "It'll bring it down as it performs the explosion."

    "Well, that's shit. How the hell do we stop it?" Drake growled.

    "We don't." Bryce sighed, as Blaine looked over the beast.

    In it's chest, he could see the reactor in it's chest swiveling at maximum velocity. His eyes scanned the giant robot's body for any sign of a weak point. Suddenly, he noticed an antennae on the top of it's head. Looking up to the top of the shield around them, he saw something with a similar color beeping in time with the antennae.

    "Actually, we can." Blaine nodded.

    "What do you mean? We can't stop it from exploding."

    "We don't have to." Blaine pointed to the antennae. "That thing is it's connection to the shield. It can't bring the shield down if it isn't connected to it."

    "You have any idea what a detonation of that scale will do to anything in this bubble?" Bryce growled. "We'll still be eviscerated, even if we do stop it from lowering the shield."

    "I've been dealing with explosives far longer than you've been alive boyo." Blaine said. "Besides, you can teleport, can't you?"

    "Not through the shield, if I could have done that, I would've taken the civilians out and let you all deal with the mechs."

    "The Fist of Sparta." Blaine snapped his fingers. "You, whatever the hell your name is."

    "Drake, asshole." Drake cracked his neck.

    "Yeah, that. See that weapon over there? While the kid and I deal with the antennae, I want you to use whatever power you have to charge that weapon and fire it at the shield."

    "How the hell do I work it?" Drake said.

    "Pull the trigger and yell the command Atomic Fire."

    "No, that's stupid."

    "Stupid is dying to a kamikaze robot." Blaine growled. "Just do it."

    Blaine sprinted towards the robot once more, as it prepared to strike him with it's fist. Sliding out of the way just in time, Bryce stepped up and formed a wall of ice around it's fist, keeping the mech frozen to the earth. Blaine recovered, sprinting towards Bryce, holding his hand out in a high five fashion, Bryce read the Spartan's mind.

    With a curt nod, the second their hands made contact, Blaine found himself on top of the robot. He was a little cold, but Mjolnir took care of that immediately. Wrapping his hands around the human sized antennae, Blaine pulled with all of his might, as it finally broke free. Throwing the massive hunk of metal down behind the robot, Blaine made his way to it's face, depolarizing his visor and sticking his tongue out.

    The robot brought it's fist up, striking itself in the face with it's own body. Reeling backwards, Blaine backflipped off of it's chest, plunging head first towards the ground. As he expected, Drake fired the Fist of Sparta, tearing another hole into the shield. Shooting like an arrow through the sky, Blaine flipped so his boots were down. Activating his thrusters, he landed with a thud, wrapped an arm around Bryce, and sprinted alongside Drake towards the hole.

    The three dove through the hole, just in time for the earth beneath them to shudder. The hole sealed itself just in time to contain the explosion, the ground beneath them cracking heavily. Blaine and Drake sprinted as the asphalt beneath them began to give. Diving for solid ground, the three tumbled along. Civilians, and their respective friends watched as dust plumed into the air, the shield fizzling into nothingness.

    The City block that the three had been using as a battleground was little more than a crater. Standing, they looked over each other, and back to the crater.

    "Huh." Drake snickered, patting Bryce on the back. "All this because you wanted to hit a girl."

    "Fuck right off." Bryce growled. "Fuck off and die."

    "Yep." Blaine chuckled. "I can see we're all gonna get along just fine."

    "You know, you two assholes look kind of familiar." Drake said. "Have we met before?"

    "Doubtful." Blaine scoffed. "I think I'd have recognized this annoying kid."



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