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    Love/Nothing Like You

    Bad John
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    Love/Nothing Like You Empty Love/Nothing Like You

    Post  Bad John on July 24th 2016, 6:11 pm

    Xifax worked quickly. Even for someone as bright and inventive as him, this was a big ask. He tested the pulleys, and double checked the detonator device strapped to his belt. He heard footsteps approaching. It'll work, he told himself, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. It had to work. He backed away from the mechanism, taking his place. He was wearing all black, eyes narrow with focus as he waited for the door to open.

    The door to the rec room swung open. Nicole was the first in, leading the small herd. Following were John, Diego, Maura, and Stahl, in the midst of a shallow, pedantic argument; what they were accustomed to during down time.

    "Penguins do have fucking feathers," Diego groaned at John. "They're birds. The feathers are just...really low."

    "Bullshit. On any other birds, you see the feathers. Penguins are covered in something like felt." John and Diego glared at each-other as the argument grew heated. At this point, Nicole noticed that the rec room was dark, and the tables and chairs were at an odd angle. Normally they were all perceptive, but Nicole, being an outside party to the stupidity going on, was quick to take in and notice her surroundings.

    "I'm with John on this one. It looks more like...paint." Maura shrugged, then looked around. Her Spartan eyes were just as at home in night or day, but it agitated her how dark it was. "Who turned off the lights in here? It's not even close to lights-out."

    Nicole, wary, gestured to the group. The quick hand motion was recognized by the four others, who spread out to search the area. "What's with the curtain?" John pointed towards a red, velvet curtain arranged in even, symmetrical folds. "Has someone been fucking around in here?"


    The five of them jerked around. "Was that Xifax?" Stahl asked. All of them recognized the cadance of his shoosh; Xifax shooshed people often when he was working. "Xi, where you at, man?" Stahl sounded concerned now. "This some sort of prank?"

    Xifax, realizing his cover was blown, quickly pressed his detonator. Candles lit all over the room, casting a red light. His final charge was a simple pheumatic device that shut the door, leaving the five Spartan III Freelancers stuck in the dark.

    Nicole immediately took issue with the candles. "Xifax, no. This is an active fire hazard. Come out here and put them out before I do it for you."

    Xifax didn't respond. He simply started yanking a rope, bringing the curtains open. "Sam. This is Xifax. Target is in the room. Go get her, hun." Xifax grinned with satisfaction as the plan came together, talking into his small earpiece. As the curtains opened on the other half of the room, Samus came into view, a sly grin on her face. When Nicole got a look at her, her jaw nearly hit the floor.

    Samus wore a dress that reached her knees, glittering in the orange candlelight. The hips of the dress were cut out, leaving the skin on either hip exposed. Samus caught eyes with Nicole, staring straight at her, a black, thin microphone stand in her hand.

    "...Goddamn," John murmured. He quickly yanked out one of the chairs, sliding it behind Nicole, before moving to one of the tables to have a seat himself and watch. Maura, Diego, and Stahl also seated themselves, whispering to each-other.

    "Oi. John." Maura elbowed John hard. "See how her hips are exposed?"

    "Yeah," John replied.

    "That rules out any underwear." Maura grinned. Diego clasped a hand over his mouth, and Maura turned to him. "Considering how tight it is, we can probably rule out anything under the hood."

    Stahl calmly nodded. It seemed Nicole was going to have an interesting time.

    Samus tapped the mic once. There was an electronic bumping noise, confirming it was on. Xifax rushed over to an electronic piano, and started laying down a soft, quiet melody as the Spartan III took a breath, and started singing.

    "If I could begin to be
    Half of what you think of me,
    I could do about anything,
    I could even learn how to love...

    Diego, keeping a hand over his mouth, managed a few words. "Oooooh shit. Someone call Malea right now." Stahl, snickering to himself, yanked out his tacpad and started hammering out a message.

    Samus took a slow step, pulling her microphone free from the stand and pushing it aside, keeping her eyes fixed on Nicole, that catlike grin on her face.

    "When I see the way you act
    Wondering if I'm coming back,
    I could do about anything,
    I could even learn how to love like you.

    Nicole's heart hammered against the inside of her chest. She quickly tried to regain her composure, leaning back in her seat and narrowing her eyes, but it was entirely clear to everyone present, especially Samus, that she was completely offguard.

    As Xifax continued on the piano, keeping the tune light and romantic, Samus repeated herself, turning her body and walking a slow line towards "stage left." She looked away from Nicole as she sang into the microphone.

    "Love like you...
    Love like you.

    Malea burst into the room and swung into a chair. "Holy shit, I thought you were joking." She watched with rapt interest; being Nicole's self appointed best friend, she had a deep, vested interest in her relationship with Samus. Seeing the blonde dressed like this, laying down a romantic song for her was the most pleasant surprise she'd gotten in quite a while.

    Suddenly, Xifax rhythm and tone shifted, laying down chords more insistently and loudly. Samus snapped to attention, saluting Nicole as she continued the climax of the song.

    "I always thought I might be bad!
    Now I'm sure that it's true, 'cause
    I think you're so good,
    And I'm nothing like you,

    Samus took a few strident steps forward, heels clicking. Nicole leaned forward, arms on her lap as she watched Samus approach, continuing the song.

    "Look at you go! I just adore you!
    I wish that I knew,
    What makes you think I'm so special...

    At this point, even Maura was fighting back a tear, and waves of arousal. Diego adjusted, clearing his throat. Stahl crossed his legs, and John thanked god his pants were relatively loose and baggy. Samus approached until she was inches from Nicole, placing a hand on her throat and gently rubbing a finger up her chin, leaning towards her. Face to face, Samus continued. The song slowed, and Samus sang deliberately, calmly, but most of all lovingly.

    "If I could begin to do...
    Something that does right by you,

    Her lips nearly touching Nicole's, Samus continued. The mike picked up Nicole's nervous, dry swallow.

    "I would do about anything
    I would even learn how to love.

    Samus backed up, walking away from Nicole as she finished the borderline mating ritual. At this point, Malea released a quick war whoop. "OORAH!" Malea pumped her fist in the air.

    Nicole stood from her chair, watching Samus walk back towards the open curtains. Standing more on instinct than with an actual purpose, she just stared as she watched, listening intently as the song wound down.

    "When I see the way you look,
    Shaken by how long it took
    I could do about anything,
    I could even learn how to love like you.
    Love me like you.

    Samus turned back towards Nicole, dropping the mic on the floor. She then leaped across the room and onto Nicole's arms. Nic, to her credit, caught her easily, despite the sudden surprise. Samus smiled and ran a hand down her face, speaking so quiet that the other Freelancers had to strain to hear her. "Well? What are you waiting for?"

    "O...okay." Nicole's nervousness quickly turned to eagerness. She walked towards the door. There was a table in her way; rather than walking around, with Samus still in her arms, Nicole lifted her boot and stomped it in half, walking through the two broken pieces. The move prompted a few gasps of surprise. Maura, highly impressed, laughed loudly. Nicole clearly didn't mean to waste any time.

    "I hope you won't be that rough with me." Samus giggled as Nicole shouldered the door open and the two vanished into the hall, the sound of giddy laughter echoing down the hall until it was gone.

    The room was silent, until Xifax got up from his piano bench, walking to flick on the lights. He took a glass of water, extinguishing the candles and then carefully taking apart the rigging system he'd mocked up, and folding up the curtains.

    Maura walked over and slapped Xifax hard on the back. "You're a really good friend, Xifax. I'm sure Nicole appreciated that."

    Xifax shrugged. "It was the least I could do. It's Nicole's birthday, after all."

    Maura went pale. She turned towards the others. Everyone but Malea seemed to panic, before Malea spoke up. "Actually, Nicole's birthday isn't for another three weeks."

    "Samus thought it was today." Xifax smirked. "I decided to go along with it."

    With a collective sigh of relief, the group relaxed, enjoying a comfortable silence.

    "So," John noted. "Sam is willing to do all this, but doesn't remember when exactly Nicole's birthday is?"

    Diego shrugged. "Does that make her the best girlfriend, the worst, or does it sort of level out into average?"

    "Eh. One of life's mysteries, I suppose." John was perfectly content to leave it at that, and so was everyone else.

    "Penguins do have feathers though," Diego growled bitterly.

    John stood up and pounded the table with his fist, the argument reignited. "No they fucking don't! It's felt, I tell you! FELT!"

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    Bad John
    Bad John
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    Love/Nothing Like You Empty Re: Love/Nothing Like You

    Post  Bad John on July 24th 2016, 6:14 pm

    Also, hipless dresses are the sexiest clothing I've ever seen in my life.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    Posts : 1225
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    Love/Nothing Like You Empty Re: Love/Nothing Like You

    Post  Bad John on July 24th 2016, 6:20 pm

    A few housekeeping notes. I always imagine that Samus is the one who doesn't try much in the relationship, but occasionally does something overblown that takes maximum effort. She misses the mark sometimes, but Nicole is cool with it.

    Also, John and Diego's argument is based on a real life discussion in which I asked my friend Andrew if penguins actually have feathers. The argument went about the same way. Andrew was right; Penguins do have feathers, they're just so dense that they don't really look like feathers, which is bullshit.

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    Love/Nothing Like You Empty Re: Love/Nothing Like You

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