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    Heroes and Demons [2.0]


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    Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Post  Doctor Jensen on April 24th 2016, 6:34 pm

    Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Under the fading dark of night, Dragoon, once known as Onzi Jarek, closed the door with his clean hand. With the same hand he pulled his hood over his head and started towards the center of the city, his head facing the ground to avoid any unnecessary attention. From his pocket he pulled out a rag and wiped the blood from his midnight-black outer skin. He finished cleaning up and shoved the rag into his pocket.

    Tonight had been unproductive. He’d gone to more than three apartments, visited three Giants, and hadn’t gained any information. He hadn’t always been like this. Ever since that night nine years ago, Dragoon had been watching the Giants. He’d kept track of them, but had never hunted them… or interrogated them. Until six months ago, that is.

    Everything had changed because of the accident. A meteor. Who would have thought that a meteor would have done this to him? Dragoon stopped, his hands balling into fists. His face flushed, his ears burned. Six months ago the meteor he had stopped living the normal life. Because of his… metamorphosis, Dragoon had begun his search for the one who had ended his sister’s life.

    Everything is so different, he thought to himself. And I can’t even find them. He clenched his hands tighter. The rage coursed through his body. A picture of his sister of when she was alive flashed through his mind; her young, tender face, those beautiful hazel eyes. It was soon replaced by a face much like hers, but swollen and purple. Blood covered the top of her head and dripped into her eyes. Dragoon shuddered and exhaled sharply.

    He turned into a dark alley to his right and strode to the end, his body shaking. At the end of the alley, he raised his fists and, without looking around for bystanders, began to pummel the walls with a flurry of blows. Under such furious pressure, the brick wall crumbled bit by bit. Dragoon threw a punch with his left hand, then his right, then three quick blows with his left. He wanted to scream, to shout, but all the while he was silent. The only sounds that could be heard were the impact of his fists and his shallow breaths.

    The rate at which he was punching dropped until he had stopped completely. He turned his back to the wall and sagged to the ground. His back heaved as he cried. Though he couldn’t shed tears, Dragoon moaned and breathed in sharply. It was a wonder that he had kept himself together for so long; it had helped that the police had been chasing him for months, which kept him busy. Now though he had time to think, and what he saw scared him.

    It made him angry.

    As Dragoon stopped crying, he looked at large his hands, which were covered in a black alien substance, or rather, an organism. Six months prior, when a meteor had hit outside of Crisis city, he had gone with some friends to investigate, but things didn’t go according to plan. The black organism had attacked him and molded itself to him, covering his entire body, and because of that the government had imprisoned him. He had grown two extra arms and eventually escaped. However, they had been hunting him for months. He couldn’t visit his family or his girlfriend. Not now. No, now he had to make things right.

    I’m not getting anywhere, though, he thought. This is all It’s fault. It did this to me. It caused all of this. It--he paused. He was letting his emotions get the better of him. His anger had gotten out of control. No. This alien, it’s only ever helped me. I can use it. I can go further.

    Soon, he would find his sister’s killer or killers, and he would make them pay.

    Get up, whispered a fluid familiar voice that was so much like his own voice that he almost missed the subtle difference. It was the difference between warm water and lukewarm water.

    Nevertheless, another one of his episodes having concluded,Dragoon pushed himself off the ground. They were becoming more frequent, but that wouldn’t stop him from finding the Giants. So he stood, cracked his knuckles, and walked out of the alleyway.

    Dragoon soon took note of the dull yellow rays of light penetrating the hungry clouds in the east. Looking towards the center of the city, he remembered what he had been told some few nights ago by a low level Giant thug. Apparently there was an apartment building down near Terra Co’s building in the center of the city. One of the Giants’ lieutenants lived there and Dragoon had finished his business, so he’d be able to pay him a visit in the time he had before he had to go back into hiding.

    Dragoon set off in that direction, then paused. Something caught his attention, something that wasn’t quite right. It was the light to the east. It wasn’t its normal color; it was more dull than normal. He shivered as the alien-suit cooled. Something wasn’t right.

    As he walked in uncomfortable silence, more and more people came outside for work and joined him on the sidewalk. The majority of them walked in the same direction he was headed. Most people usually worked in the center of the city, which was the industrial part of Crisis City. There were enormous skyscrapers for the most important companies, like Terra Co, where huge amounts of employees were required to work make sure the companies could run smoothly.  Dragoon had gone to school at Crisis University, which was situated in that area.

    He pulled his hoodie down a little farther, feeling his skin become colder and itchy. This discomfort made Dragoon cautious; he’d never felt anything like this before. He scanned the crowd discreetly, keeping his head down. Here and there he glanced behind him, but he couldn’t see anyone. No one seemed to be following him or watching him. Still, a cold hand gripped his stomach and crushed it under its icy fingers.

    A few minutes had passed by when Dragoon spotted someone that made his hairs want to stand up on end, and he didn’t know why. It was a boy who couldn’t have been older than twenty, maybe younger. His clothes were tattered beyond repair, probably from years of living on the street. He had a darker face and his eyebrows were knitted together, as if he was confused about something. Dragoon didn’t know why, but there was something menacing about this character. Something about him caused a fire to burn hot in Dragoon’s stomach.

    He clenched his fists, the heat pouring into his face and ears once more. Maybe he’s a Giant, Dragoon thought fluidly, he fists closing even tighter. His head was on fire. He could feel the fire intensifying, becoming a bonfire, as he came closer. Yeah... Yeah, he has to be a Giant. He’s looking for someone, thinks he’s being followed. Someone must have warned him about me.

    By now Dragoon’s fists began to shake with an intensity that he had never known. His heart raced. Every instinct he had screamed at him to make this boy pay. He pushed through the crowd of people to the right side of the walkway, which was the same side the boy was walking on. Dragoon quickened his pace. His whole body shook in anticipation. He’d never felt like this before. About ten feet away from the boy, Dragoon could barely contain himself anymore.

    The boy looked up. He spotted Dragoon and stopped in his tracks, his mouth opening and eyes widening in shock. Fearing he would run, Dragoon closed the gap with a jump and grabbed the boy. People around him jumped back and shouted, but he hardly noticed. The boy tried to stop him, tried to break his grip, but Dragoon knew it wouldn’t happen. He looked upwards for a suitable location and found one in a three story building on the opposite side of the street. The boy kicked and shouted incoherently, but Dragoon hardly heard him. He crouched, braced his legs, and jumped.

    They soared through the air, the boy fighting him for the moment. His second pair of arms tore out of his sweatshirt and grabbed hold of the boy’s wrists. Presently, they landed with a thud on the edge of the building. Dragoon’s body shook violently. He walked towards the door leading to the inside of the building and pressed the protesting boy up against it. The boy coughed, inhaled sharply, and was silent, but his body shook furiously.

    Dragoon could only guess what he was thinking. Here he was face to face with the Soldier of Crisis city, the Dragoon, the faceless man. All that the boy could see was a jet black face with a silver slit that covered his eyes. In this city, it was the face of death or the face of salvation.

    “I’m going to ask you one question, and you’re going to answer,” Dragoon said, finally.

    The boy’s face contorted in fear. He shook his head. “You’re gonna let it out,” he whispered.

    Dragoon let go of his chest with two hands and punched the wall behind the boy. He was not in the mood for games. There was no time for this.

    “Don’t mess with me, boy,” Dragoon growled. “Who murdered my sister? Who? I know you know!”

    The boy shook his head violently, squeezing his eyes shut. “No. No. No. No. I can’t. I don’t know. You have to stop. Please.”

    Dragoon gritted his teeth. What was he talking about? Dragoon tightened his grip on his wrists and brought his face closer to the boy’s. The boy squeezed his eyes further and turned his head to the side.

    “What’s your name?” Dragoon asked, his tone rough.

    “I’m De… No. I’m Alejandro,” he said. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes.

    Dragoon squeezed his wrists harder. “Al,” he sneered, “tell me what you know. Tell me! I know you’re a Giant. So tell me what you know.”

    The boy sobbed, his head shaking. Then he growled. His eyes opened. They were orbs of the same dull yellow he had seen earlier. The same discomfort from before returned “I. Know. Nothing,” the boy screamed.

    Dragoon huffed and threw the Al to the ground. Al landed in a heap on the roof. He rose to his knees and arms and convulsed, screamed. Leaning over Al, Dragoon pulled back his two right fists for a punch--but he stopped short. To his horror, Al began to grow, a purple ooze--much like Dragoon’s own suit--replacing his skin, his muscles becoming larger, and claws emerging from his hands and feet. A large tail extended out of his tailbone area.

    What was all stood at its full height, which must have been seven feet, and turned around. Dragoon was horrified at what he saw. Al’s face had been replaced by something out a nightmare. The first thing he noticed were the yellow eyes. They were long and had no irises. The back of its head was elongated, and he now had long sharp teeth and a giant mouth. It was a monster. It was a Demon.

    KILL!” it roared, and leapt at him.

    As frightening as it was, Dragoon had never been injured by much since he’d gotten in his suit so he stood his ground. The Demon swiped at Dragoon’s shoulder. Dragoon could feel his suit harden. The Demon’s claw smashed into his shoulder and sent Dragoon crashing into the wall. He shook his head and realized very quickly that this beast was not what he had expected.

    Again, it charged as foam rushed from its mouth. Dragoon stood immediately and readied himself, spreading out his four arms. The Demon attacked with both claws this time, but Dragoon was ready. He ducked one of the claws and kicked the other one away. Then, with his left arms, he grabbed the Demon by the arm and used its momentum to throw it. It flew across the street and smashed through a second story window, destroying furniture and crashing into a large television. Dragoon ran at full speed and jumped the gap, sliding into the apartment head first and using his arms to launch himself at the Demon.

    I have no idea what I’m doing, Dragoon realized mid-jump.

    His prophecy turned out to be true. The Demon jumped up with unparalleled speed and tail whipped him. Dragoon crashed into the wall, breaking through the first layer of drywall and then through it altogether. After skidding along the floor he landed against the far wall. From the other room, Al, this Demon, tore the walls open and entered the room. Its throat produced a ear piercing sound like a chair scraping against the floor.

    “What the hell are you?” he muttered.

    The Demon stopped and cocked it’s head, a malicious grin creeping onto its face. “I. Kill. You.

    “Not if I kill you first, you bastard,” Dragoon promised. The Demon got down on all four limbs and sauntered forwards.

    Dragoon took this opportunity to stand. He might have to put his other powers into use. Just before the Demon was about to charge, Dragoon disappeared, his cloaking abilities kicking in. The Demon halted. He could barely make out the subtle changes in its eyes as it scanned the room from left to right. Dragoons heart beat like a drum. He tiptoed to the left silently, making sure he was always facing the Demon. It tilted it lifted it head into the air and closed its eyes.

    Dragoon leaped at him. When he was midway through the air, the Demon sensed the movement and shot his tail out, but it was too late. Dragoon crashed into the Demon’s hind quarters, just barely missing the swipe of the tail. Together they hit the wall. Dragoon was the first one up, pulling his arms around its torso and interlocking his fingers. He stopped his cloaking and squeezed with everything he had.

    Holding onto the Demon was like trying to stop a freight train; it just wasn’t going to happen. Dragoon could feel its body rippling with pure muscle as it struggled and lashed at him with its tail. The tail smacked him in the head with enough power to knock a normal man out, but Dragoon held fast. He pushed the struggling Demon to the ground and released it, but using his fists to pummel it. His fists rained down furiously on the Demon, which roared and shook him off.

    Dragoon rolled to the nearest wall, his chest moving rapidly as he breathed. There was no time to waste though. The Demon had pounced on him like lightning. Dragoon managed to dodge several blows but was caught in the side by its tail. He sucked in a breath and flinched. That was all the time the Demon needed. It grabbed him around the waist with his tail and hit him against the wall, then another wall, and another. Dragoon’s eyes became unfocused, his head hurt. He struggled against the Demon’s tail, but it was like a vicegrip. No matter how hard he punched, it wouldn’t let go.

    Again he hit the wall, but this time he went sailing out into the streets. He hit the ground and rolled into the side of an incoming car, which hit another car and stopped. Dragoon shook his head and moaned. He hadn’t been beaten like this in a long time. Flopping onto his stomach, he pushed himself back up, readying himself to finish the fight.

    I’m not done yet, he thought, defiantly putting his arms into a fighting stance.

    Far in the distance Dragoon heard a sound: sirens. The whole city was about to get involved. Better finish him off before they get here, he thought. Let’s end this.

    After jumping from the building the Demon landed and looked Dragoon straight in the eyes. It gave him a wicked toothy smile.

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    Re: Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Post  Bad John on April 24th 2016, 11:44 pm

    The moment he arrived on scene, João Nunez Reyes heard blows landing; not the normal, soft impacts of punches. These sounded like sniper round striking walls and mattresses. From the street, he chased the battle like a lawyer tailing an ambulance as he loaded the grenade launcher in his hands.

    "Two meta-humans. I'd log their mobility at Tier Four, and their strength close to Tier Five." Jo spoke seemingly to himself; a small microphone stashed in one of his molars picked up every word, and dampened the sound of his footfalls.

    Almost every sense that Jo possessed was being monitored closely; a chip in his spine monitored his pain and energy consumption levels. A pair of clips fastened to his hat kept up with his hearing, streaming every audio vibration back to base. His sunglasses fed HD video to his handlers, as they watched with baited breath.

    He'd taken out his ear-clips, however. He had the feeling that his handlers were going to tell him to sit this fight out. Jo had no intention of letting these two bruisers wreck any more of the city. Whatever they were fighting over, they ought to have at least kept the brawl to a secluded area.

    Jo arrived as the two creatures stared each-other down. One of them, the purple one, gave him the creeps. Hunch backed and purple, its yellow eyes sent a chill down Jo's spine. The other, Jo recognized on sight. "I've identified one of the combatants; it's the Dragoon. Guy with four arms who beats up criminals or something."

    Dragoon turned and stared Jo down for a second, before focusing on the purple, long limbed monster. Jo got the sense that Dragoon considered the purple guy the bigger threat.

    "EXCUSE ME," Jo barked. This time, the Demon turned and sized him up. "Which one of you is the good guy, exactly?"

    "LEAVE! GET OUT OF HERE!" Dragoon roared at Jo without looking at him.

    "KILL!!!" The Demon seemed to shriek the word and nobody in particular; it just offered the word as a general, all purpose policy.

    Jo released a long steady sigh, before lifting his grenade launcher and pointing it at the Demon. "Right then." He smirked, pressed down the safety override, and squeezed the trigger. The single, black round jetted towards the purple skinned brute and struck him on the shoulder. The shot send the Demon rolling aside.

    High density, heavy rubber surrounding a lead center. They weren't lethal; not to a grown man. But they packed a wallop and hurt. João fired again, and to Dragoon's astonishment, the second shot knocked the Demon backwards again. Jo fired a third shot, and the Demon flopped backwards against a small car, smashing the driver side door. For a moment, the Demon slouched on the ground as Jo quickly reloaded the three spent shots, turning the grenade launcher on Dragoon.

    "Gimme one good reason not to shoot you too, and I'll consider it." Jo's patience was rather frayed. The Dragoon clenched his fists, but slowly put his hands in the air. "Listen. I don't know what you are, but you're targeting gangs, so maybe you mean well. Do you know who I am?"

    Dragoon stared Jo down, saying nothing. He knew that the grenade launcher Jo was holding had a serious punch to it. He was preparing to jump away and escape, until he noticed something very serious.

    Alejandro wasn't where Jo had shot him down. He'd moved out of sight.

    "Listen," Jo continued, not noticing that the Demon wasn't down. "I know men have been hunting you. I'm not one of 'em. I want to help you get a handle on your powers, and use them for goo-"

    Dragoon spotted the Demon; he was behind Jo and to his left, in his blind spot. "BEHIND YOU!"

    Jo turned in the nick of time; Al's claw swung over his head as he quickly ducked out of the way. "DAMN!" Lifting the grenade launcher and pointing it in the Demon's face, Jo thumbed the safety, preparing to squeeze the trigger. The Demon bit the grenade launcher and tore it out of his hands. Jo took a few rapid steps back as the Demon bore down on him.

    Claws flew as Jo dodged quickly. He ducked under a downwards slash, and sidestepped a thrust of the Demon's claws. Quickly, he yanked something from his belt; a collapsible metal baton. "KILL!" Al's breath was hot in Jo's face as he flicked his wrist, deploying the baton and striking back.

    As the Demon swung, Jo tagged him on the arm with the baton, then swung it again, tagging him on the ribs. A third swing smacked the Demon's face across the eyes. The creature seemed curious for a moment, as Jo lifted the baton, stepping back into a fencing position.

    The baton was dented and bent in three places, and the Demon wasn't so much as scratched. "Oh COME ON," Jo tossed the weapon aside. Under his breath, he quickly took a vocal note for his handlers.

    "Creature immune to blunt force trauma; application of all concussive attacks have ended in failure. My continued attempts will include melee strikes only to gain distance or maneuver it into a more advantageous position."

    For the first time, the Demon did something completely new; no guttural death threat, no growl. It cackled. There was a thin, wispy, deathly cackle coming from its open teeth as it brought back its hand and attacked.

    Jo kept his fists tight and raised as he dodged each attack; he had reflexes unmatched by any normal human, speed and strength to boot. But, Alejandro had a clear size and strength advantage. Dragoon watched, recognition finally donning on him. This was The Roach; a local do-gooder who took out Meta-Humans. Naturally, Dragoon was cautious, but the guy seemed to be on his side, if only because the Demon was far more dangerous and incoherent.

    Jo continued taking notes. "Creature's attacks are rather...human, but without any real focus on skill; it just intends to swing until it hits me. I'm going to stay close so it doesn't try anything harder to avoid, but I must say, its repeated hand strikes aren't doing my heart rate any favors." As Jo dictated another note to his handlers, the Demon's claw caught his shoulder. Blood dripped down his arm, but he didn't wince; the wound was shallow, despite the stinging sensation. "Injury sustained on my right shoulder. Skin damage; I already feel it healing. Don't count me out just yet, people." Each note was taken quietly, with an almost doctoral bent. He knew every word he said in that tone would be recorded and read back to him for future reference, so he never missed recording a thought when he could.

    The Demon's arm darted forward, and Jo grasped it; Alejandro would overpower him in a normal contest of strength, but Jo kept the beast's arm barred in an position too awkward for it to use its full strength. With all of Jo's considerable power, he brought up his leg, turned his hip, and threw a Thai Kick into the Demon's waist. The Demon seemed genuinely stunned for a moment, as Jo dipped low, closing the distance and putting his back to the Demon. He turned his body and yanked the Demon's arm, throwing it over his shoulder. Coming down hard on the pavement, the Demon shrieked; not out of pain, but annoyance.

    Dragoon was on him in a moment. Landing hard, four arms cocked, the Dragoon began throwing a volley of punches that further damaged the concrete underneath them. Not every punch connected; in his rage, Onzi Jarek missed a few shots aimed at the Demon's head, but the blows were pushing the Demon further and further underground, and each punch banged like a cannon-ball.

    "WHOA! STOP, we don't have to kill hi-" before Jo could finish, one of Dragoon's fists jetted towards him, clocking him in the stomach. The blow sent Roach skidding across the pavement until he hit the curb, rolling over it. "...You diiiiick..." Jo gagged. He felt a bruise forming and slowly healing throughout his gut; the cold, stinging sensation was rather severe at first, but died down as he stood up.

    That distraction was all the Demon needed to fight back. Grasping Dragoon by the shoulders, the Demon forced its way up, and tossed Dragoon hard. As Jo stood, he saw Dragoon flying towards him and ducked in the nick of time, dropping to all fours as the four armed vigilante hit the window behind him. Dragoon immediately got up, faced by a rather annoyed Jo. "I'll let that sucker-punch slide because we get along so well," Jo hissed, "But it's pretty clear that we can't kill this guy. Not unless we work together."

    Dragoon looked Jo over; he was wearing a black jumpsuit with brown accents, along with combat boots and a weird hat with what appeared to be mechanical cat ears. All over him, there were holsters. "...Got any more gadgets? No offense, but you don't seem strong as us."

    Jo quickly dipped and drew a pair of brass knuckles, clenching them. "I've got a few things. Flash grenades, bombs full of glue, EMP grenades-"

    "How about a gun?" Dragoon asked. The Demon obligingly stared them down without moving, likely beguiled by the idea of fighting two troublesome opponents, despite its bestial nature.

    "Even if I brought a gun, I don't think it'd work. But, I do have a taser. Not the gun kind, the kind you poke someone with." Jo drew the taser and mashed the button. Suddenly, the Demon flinched at the sight of it. Jo's eyes widened slightly, and a slow, knowing grin came across his face. Under his breath Jo spoke so his handlers could hear, and hopefully Dragoon couldn't.

    "Possible physical weakness, confirmed psychological weakness. Unidentified combatant is animalistic in nature, and is electrophobic. My upcoming attempts to subdue it will carry that in mind."

    Dragoon glowered at João for a moment, then back a the Demon. He'd wasted a lot of time here, made a lethal enemy, and gained a rather annoying ally. His sister's justice would have to wait until this creature was taken care of.

    Jo spun his taser in his hand, holding forward without mashing the button. The Demon stared at the two of them, taking deep, hot breaths as it prepared to resume its attack. "Die," the Demon growled. These two creatures were direct threats, and on his turf. The Demon was out for blood now.
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    Re: Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on April 25th 2016, 2:54 pm

    Caitlyn never really bothered with the affairs that took place in Crisis City on a daily basis. Mostly because such events were just that; daily. It was honestly no surprise to her that the City was called what it was. Crime and sub-human activity just seemed to be drawn to it like moths to an open flame.

    Caitlyn did, however, take exception when those practices ruined her 'business'. While other Meta Humans took to hiding in the shadows to avoid the Government, Cailtyn was more than happy to provide the public her abilities, along with taking money from unsuspecting 'business partners'. She didn't view herself as a thief, more like a side-show exhibit, where she embezzled money from the easily fooled.

    Her latest victim, a massive, solid, truck of a man, prepared to take a swing at her face. Her business involved betting strongly built men, or women, that she could knock them out after they punched her. If she was knocked out, they were free to take whatever she had in her pockets. If she knocked them out, it was twenty bucks.

    Her latest business transaction had failed, however, when literal hell broke out across the street from where she had stationed herself. She always found herself in the business/financial district at this time of day, as many people were either going to work, or coming from it. Two hooligans had broke out into a fight, and she watched it all happen.

    They crashed through one of the few residential apartment suites seemingly out of no-where, and began to crash through the floors until they reached the ground level. Her potential business prospect fled almost immediately, instantly irking Caitlyn. Considering how she had just missed out on her lunch money, she instead opted to watch the two bozo's beat the ever living snot out of each other.

    It seemed that someone else had the same idea, as she turned to see a dark-skinned man sprint around the corner wielding a grenade launcher, along with a number of gadgets on his person.

    Subtle. Caitlyn snickered to herself.

    The commando rounded the corner, entering one of the shattered windows. Caitlyn crossed her arms with a scoff, watching as the commando pointed his weapon at the two combatants.

    She recognized one of them immediately as the 'Dragoon' of Crisis City. She sneered at the name. Sure, Dragoon was a cool name, but seemed a bit egotistical in her eyes. He was a vigilante with four arms, not some dragon slaying knight.

    The other... creature was a different case. She didn't know who or what the hell it was, only that it was a monster. Purple skin covered it from head to tail. Elongated claws were outstretched and ready to rip the commando and Dragoon to shreds. She had heard some rumors of a 'Demon' roaming the streets, and this thing definitely seemed to fit the description in spades.

    The commando fired three rounds of his grenade launcher, the concussive rounds smashing relentlessly into the Demon's torso. Caitlyn only flinched slightly as the monstrosity crashed into the car beside her. Whether or not the creature was aware of her presence, she was too focused on the Dragoon and the Commando having a stare-down.

    "Feast. Kill. CONSUME!" she heard the disembodied voice of the creature beside her.

    She had every right to warn the combatants that their purple dinosaur friend was standing back up after that barrage, but she really wanted to see someone suffer for their cause of her lack of lunch. Instead, she decided to watch it play out. Her efforts were rewarded, as she watched the commando's futile attempts to strike the beast with a baton.

    It was when the commando was sent crashing out the opposite window, skidding along the pavement several feet to her left.

    "...You diiiiick..." he muttered, as she snickered.

    Shortly after, the Dragoon was sent flying in the commando's direction, to which the commando narrowly ducked it. The beast stomped out of the building, spreading it's arms wide with a hiss that sounded like nails on a chalkboard. It's tail swished back and forth, as the Dragoon and the commando bickered among themselves, the commando producing a taser.

    The creature reacted to the miniature device, which saddened Caitlyn. Shrugging, she decided that the beast was a threat to her business, and needed to be taken out. She walked over to the commando's side, both of them giving her a look.

    "You two bozo's are letting Barney of all things kick your collective asses?" she chuckled.

    "Excuse you." Dragoon hissed. "This doesn't concern you."

    "Hey 'Goon." Caitlyn mocked. "You guys made me miss out on lunch, it's personal."

    The beast to her side hissed, seemingly staring at her for it's own lunch. Holding a hand up to the beast, it stared curiously at the gesture she made.

    "I'll deal with you in a second, Xenomorph."

    "This place isn't safe." João shook his head. "You need to leave immediately."

    "I'm good on that." Caitlyn sneered. "Someone here owes me twenty bucks, so, whose paying?"

    "You've got to be kidding me." Dragoon sighed.

    The Demon decided to react first, lunging straight for Caitlyn. João attempted to move her out of the way, but was too late, as the beast's fist crashed into the side of her cheek. The force of the blow was enough to knock her off of her feet, crashing into the brick wall nearby.

    It was then that the energy inside of her began to react. Her eyes stung with anger for a moment, as the dust settled. Dragoon and João turned for only a moment to check on her, before turning back to the beast. It roared in their faces, covering them with a small layer of saliva.

    Swinging it's left hand against the Dragoon's cheek, he cascaded down the street. João tensed as a fist struck him square in the gut, launching him into the same brick wall. The Demon pounced after them, as Caitlyn recovered.

    Her left hand caught the Demon's throat, as she swung a mighty right uppercut into it's lengthy abdomen. The force of the punch caused some of the dust on the street to flourish, the sound of impact sounding like a fifty-caliber round being fired. The creature made a slight shrieking noise, as Caitlyn flipped it over her shoulder, smashing it into the sidewalk.

    "Ain't I a bitch?" she hissed, rubbing the side of her nose with her thumb, standing in a fighter's pose.

    The Demon scurried to it's feet, opening it's mouth and showing her a row of sharp teeth. Bouncing from foot to foot, Cailtyn grinned.

    "Nice teeth. I'll enjoy knocking them out of you, one by one."

    "EAT!" it growled.

    "Try me."

    Standing her ground, the Demon rushed her again, planting a punch firmly on her cheek again. This time, however, she was expecting it. She braced herself just enough to maintain her footing, before grabbing the beast's neck. The crimson colored, energy formed demon wings on her back illuminated brightly from the flow of energy. Whirling around on her feet, she used the energy from it's punch to fuel herself, spinning wildly, before tossing the Demon headfirst at the Dragoon, who approached.

    Cocking his right fists back, the Dragoon smashed the Demon in the face, spiking the monster into the asphalt, causing a Demon sized crater to form.

    "New subject, Female. Meta Human. Strength possibly close to Tier Five. Strange energized demon wings appear to have formed on her back. Red iris' where they had once been green." João reported behind her. "Unyielding to extreme trauma, perhaps resilient to pain? More to come later."

    "Seriously?!" Caitlyn turned to him, fists on her hips. "I should've known you were Government!"

    "I'm not." João said. "I'll explain later, just trust that I'm not your enemy."

    "We don't want to kill the Demon." João continued. "We're going to have to work together if we want to subdue it."

    "Just don't get in my way, then."



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    Re: Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Post  Manny on April 28th 2016, 12:59 am

    The Demon flipped out on the crater and onto its feet, pounding its chest like a gorilla and roaring. The three metas winced at the sound of its roar, holding their hands against their ears in pain. Its first target was the girl, running on all fours at incredible speed before launching itself at her. Wrapping its claw around her torso the Demon drove her into the ground and continued to run, leaving a giant gash in the pavement before lifting her out. Although bestial in nature, the Demon did have the capacity to learn. The last time it attacked this girl, she hit back twice as hard. However, she could not hit back if she was far away from him so the Demon hurled her through a building before deciding to deal with the other two.

    Upon turning around to deal with the other two metas, the Demon was met with two fists to either side of its head. Its screech of surprise caused its attacker to momentarily halt his assault. Looking back the Demon saw the four armed man and growled as he continued his assault. His fours arms shot out in quick succession, each blow against the Demon’s torso echoing across the streets like gunshots. The Demon screeched before swatting the man away into a nearby truck, turning its gaze to the final meta human standing. It gave him a knowing grin, fully aware that the man did not intend to kill it… but it intended to kill him.

    Before Jo could react the Demon was upon him, wrapping its tail around his leg and whipping Jo around like a rag doll. The meta hit various objects while being thrashed about, the sounds of bones breaking masked by roars of anger. Eventually Jo was thrown away like a broken toy, lying down the street and unmoving. Once again the Demon beat its chest and roared in a show of dominance.

    With a temporary absence of metas to fight, the Demon quickly turned its attention to the nearby populace. The majority had been smart enough to run away, but it could hear some of them cowering inside nearby stores. The Demon scampered into a cafe, sniffing around for any humans. Their sweat gave away their fear, and that was the scent it would follow. The Demon wandered about, knocking over chairs and tables as it searched for prey. Suddenly someone sneezed behind a counter, prompting the Demon to hop over the counter. The cowering woman behind the counter screamed and the Demon roared in reply before wrapping its claw around her. Before anything could happen, the Demon was met with a challenge from behind.

    “Hey! Pick on somebody that fights back you fugly freak,” Jo stood there, alive and well. The Demon narrowed its eyes before squeezing the woman and digging its claws into her back. Jo took a step forward and the Demon squeezed harder, the woman shouting in pain.

    “No need to go ‘King Kong’ on me, just let her go,” Jo said, the tone in his voice becoming much more serious as he stopped his advance. The Demon merely gave him a toothy grin before driving its claws through the woman’s back. Jo reached out in horror as the women screamed in pain, blood starting to leak out of her body. Before Jo could do anything else the Demon grabbed the woman’s legs, tore her in half, and roared at Jo. Droplets of blood were sprayed into Jo’s face,

    “The creature seems to understand human speech; evidence by the deliberate murder of an innocent when asked to release her” Jo said, taking note of the creature’s actions. While it fought much like an animal, it apparently had its moments.  He didn’t feel proud of recording a person’s death in such a clinical tone, but there was nothing more he could do for her. The Demon merely took a bite out of the woman’s torso, allowing the blood to cascade over its jaw while it growled at Jo. The dark skinned man took one last look at the Demon before grabbing his taser and igniting it. The Demon shifted in place, hissing at the sight of electricity before abruptly charging Jo.

    Jo was sent flying through a window by the Demon’s tackle, crashing into a concrete wall before falling onto a car. He groaned as he got up, seeing the Demon screeching at him from inside the cafe. Before Jo could plan his attack, he noticed a four armed figure falling towards the Demon. The creature seemed to take note of Jo’s eyes movement and turned around in time to catch Dragoon and slam him into the ground. The Demon screeched in Dragoon’s face as the meta furiously punched the beast’s arms in an attempt to let go. Jo took the distraction to sneak up and ram his taser into the back of the Demon’s neck, causing the beast to thrash about wildly and reach up both arms to throw Jo away.

    Dragoon wasted no time and hit the Demon with a two fisted uppercut to its jaw, causing the Demon to lose balance and fall. Jo leaped onto the creature’s back and landed next to Dragoon, the two of them backing away to give themselves some time to regroup. Before they could speak the girl from before landed on the Demon, driving her feet into its chest with enough force to form a small crater in the pavement. She leaped off the creature, joining the other two metas.

    “Nice move... I guess. Any plans to deal with this… thing?” Dragoon asked, turning away from the girl and towards Jo. Instead of answering, Jo pushed Dragoon to the ground as the Demon immediately launched itself at the group. It went for the girl, smacking her down into the ground and sidestepping the uppercut she retaliated with. The Demon grabbed her by the arm and clubbed Dragoon with her, the meta using his four arms to block the barrage. The Demon kicked Dragoon down the street, throwing the girl next to him. Once done, it turned its attention to Jo who held his taser at the ready.

    “Come on then, let’s see what you got” Jo said, pointing his sparking taser at the Demon. The Demon hissed once again before roaring in Jo’s face. The sound was enough to cause Jo to cover his ears and in that instance the Demon took the taser from Jo. The size of its hands made it clumsy and caused it to electrocute itself while Jo recovered from the roar. As he looked up he saw the Demon fight through the pain and snap the taser in half before roaring again and swinging its claws down. Jo reacted just in time to dodge the swing, backpedalling and dodging any further swings while on his way to rejoin the other metas. His chances of defeating this thing were higher if he fought with the others.

    Of course, that was under the assumption the three could work together. Despite the growling and hissing of the Demon, Jo could make out the sounds of fighting behind him which did not bode well for him. Taking a quick peek over his shoulder, he saw Dragoon defending himself from the girl who was supposedly their ally.

    “Back off, I didn’t do anything!” Dragoon shouted as he blocked another punch.

    “You hurt me, I hurt you. Ain’t I bitch?” she replied. Dragoon took her and shoved her into the ground, planting his foot on her chest. The girl merely grabbed his foot and threw him away, cackling as she did so. The Demon screeched in the background, prompting Jo to quickly turn his attention back to it. All he could do now as keep the Demon close to him and avoid its attacks while he thought of a better plan.

    “What is your problem?!” Dragoon asked the girl swung her leg and laid Dragoon flat on the ground. She then walked up to him, and looked down at him before replying.

    “Were you not listening? You hit me, I hit you twice as hard. It doesn’t matter if you meant to or not. The force of your blocks registered as hits to me, I guess,” she shrugged, turning her attention back to the purple creature.

    “What do you mean, ‘I guess’? Can’t you control it your powers?” Dragoon asked.

    “NO, but you two are getting your asses kicked. Besides that thing is partially responsible for me not being able to buy dinner tonight so I might as well help you guys beat its ass” she retorted, folding her arms.

    “Whatever,” Dragoon replied. If she died in the fight it didn’t matter to Onzi, she was just a stranger. If she turned out to be useful, great. If not, he’d have to find a way to win anyhow. A screech broke Onzi’s train of thought and the sight of Jo bouncing of the pavement towards him brought him back to the matter at hand.

    “Seems to me like physical force doesn’t do much against it,” Dragoon said, sharing his observation.

    “Yeah, no shit. I kinda noticed that at the start,” Jo said, getting up. Down the street the Demon was pulling innocent bystanders out of nearby stores; tearing them up in an effort to provoke the three metas into a fight. It hadn’t faced prey like this in a very long time; it hoped they wouldn’t run away. The sight of innocents dying was enough to make Jo’s blood boil but before he could rush over there he was held back by Dragoon.

    “We need a plan,”

    “People are dying,” Jo replied, his tone suggesting he wasn’t going to sit back and watch.

    “So are we unless we can stop this thing,” Dragoon said, another arm reaching out to hold Jo. Before Jo could correct him the girl spoke.

    “Goon’s actually got a good point there,” Caitlyn interjected. “I’ve already hit it twice as hard as it hit me, and apparently it can take the hits just fine. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just waiting for you to tire out,”

    Jo thought it over in his head. He was extremely durable, and he wasn’t in danger of dying but it was abundantly clear that this thing could kill people regardless of whether he was around or not. He began to think over his previous observations, sharing them with the other two.

    “The taser seems to work pretty well, but I boosted the voltage up quite a bit. I couldn’t see any lasting damage on it though, but it seems to dislike electricity. The damn thing started hissing and tackled me as soon as I pulled it out,” Jo replied.  It was somewhat comforting to know that if he couldn’t permanently damage the beast, there was least something that could hold the beast at bay.

    “Where is it?” Dragoon asked.

    “Gone. It grabbed it, and despite the shock it just snapped it in half,” Jo frowned.

    “Then how do we kill it?” Dragoon asked. The girl next to him nodded, sneering at the creature. She had no qualms about killing a beast like the one they were facing.

    “I’ve already said I don’t think we can… the thing doesn’t even bleed,” Jo said, recently taking note of the Demon’s lack of wounds.

    “Well, you said your electric stick got it all hissy. What if we electrocute it?” the girl suggested. Jo and Dragoon looked at her completely confused.

    “You heard the part where it destroyed my taser right?” Jo started as Dragoon awaited an explanation.

    “I mean using the power cables dumbasses,” she replied, pointing up at the various electric wires.

    “It’s as a good a plan as any. We electrocute it, and hopefully we can end it,” Dragoon said, fully in agreement. They two metas looked at Jo, awaiting his response. Jo looked down the street to see two corpses flying towards them… thrown away like garbage. Whether the person behind the monster was in control or not; they were a danger to everybody.

    “Agreed, now let’s get to work”

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    Re: Heroes and Demons [2.0]

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    “Right. Roach can do the electrocuting,” Dragoon said as they advanced on the Demon.

    Jo narrowed his eyes. “First off, I’ve never really liked that name, and b, yeah, I could that. If a roach can survive a nuclear winter, maybe I can take a little bit of electricity.”

    “Maybe we should call you the Magnificent Punching Bag,” Karma said, her tone serious. She scowled. That wasn’t a bad name, considering the state Jo was in. His body looked broken in several places.

    “Why don’t you--,” Jo licked his lips. “Alright, I’ll do it. Hopefully I can make it.”

    Dragoon remained tight lipped throughout the banter. “Okay, we’ll keep him occupied,” Dragoon responded.

    However, the Demon had started towards them, first. It charged swiftly. In seconds it was on them. Jo sprinted for the power lines. The Demon lunged at Dragoon, who dodged. Landing on its feet, the Demon turned and screeched. Dragoon winced, Caitlyn looked shaken. Again, the Demon lunged, but this time at Caitlyn. She dodged, but the Demon turned. It clawed at the last second. Caitlyn flew into the pavement. She groaned, but got up.

    Dragoon sprinted at the Demon, sliding at the last moment. The Demon clawed at empty air. Sliding under the Demon, Dragoon kicked up. His boots connected with the Demon’s hind quarters, sending it flying onto its back. Scrambling to stand, Dragoon glimpsed Jo pulling at power lines atop a power post. Dragoon spun around and spotted Caitlyn. She was flying towards the Demon furiously. The fury on her face was terrifying.

    The Demon also stood. He cackled again and ran in a zig-zag pattern towards Dragoon. Dragoon clenched his jaw, flexed his shoulders. He crouched slightly and spread his arms wide. Come on. Which attack path would the Demon take? At last it planted its foot and jumped high into the air. Dragoon smiled. He launched into the air. A second later his shoulder crashed into the Demon’s underbelly.

    The Demon grunted in surprise, but growled menacingly. With two hands Dragoon fought off its claws, and with his other two hands he grabbed hold of its tail. A clawed foot shot into his face. Dragoon’s head snapped backwards just as he threw the Demon downwards. The Demon made a crater in the ground while Dragoon shot into the air from the blow. He plummeted towards the ground. Dragoon’s vision was a blur.

    Ah hell, I’m gonna die before I can fix everything, Dragoon realized. The Demon had given him quite the kick to the face.

    Oddly enough, the ground rose slowly. It was like gravity had decided to relax a bit and let him have some fun. Dragoon blinked as he tried to reorient himself. Below him, Caitlyn jumped in slow motion at the Demon, dodged a blow, and gave him the meanest right cross Dragoon had ever seen. The air around the Demon rippled and it was sent flying through three cars. Metal screeched in Dragoon’s ears.

    “Got it!” came the cry from across the street. Jo was climbing down the pole with the power lines in his hand.

    Dragoon grinned. Suddenly the pavement rushed to meet him. He hit the ground knees first. His super hardened muscles absorbed most of the shock, but Dragoon still winced. He stood and looked up.

    That was when he realized he was still in the air. He stumbled forward and gasped. He tossed his gaze from side to side, looking for the cause of this change. On a building to his right stood a man in a brown skin-tight suit that was, from the looks of it, armor of some sort. He had a brown helmet on with a black T visor for vision.

    What the he-- The rock descended quickly. When Dragoon judged that he was at a safe enough distance, he jumped off. He landed, rolled, and immediately started sprinting towards the Demon--but it wasn’t there. Dragoon’s eyes flickered from side to side.

    “Where is he?” Dragoon shouted.

    “He was right there!” said Caitlyn. “You were up there. You should have seen him.”

    Dragoon glared at her, but said nothing. He scanned the area for their target. The street was chaos. Rubble covered the bloody street. Cars had been abandoned in the chaos. In its glory, the sun was just beginning to illuminate the war torn streets. Look as he would, though, Dragoon couldn’t see the Demon anywhere. His suit became cold.

    “Holy shit, behind you!” Caitlyn yelled.

    The Demon’s claws slashed his face. Dragoon whirled around and attempted to duck. The Demon’s claws slashed his face. Dragoon cried out. The Demon jumped on top of him, clawing at him, tearing up his outer skin. Dragoon’s eyes widened as the Demon tore off scraps of his exosuit. A vile smell snaked into his nostrils. Pulling his knees in, Dragoon covered his vital organs.

    Before he could do anything else, block of cement jetted into the Demon. He rolled along the pavement. It’s gotta be that guy, Dragoon thought. He looked around for his rescuer. The armor clad man jumped from the top of the building and landed in front of Dragoon. Leaning down and reaching out a hand he said:

    “Hey. I’m Samson.”
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    Re: Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Post  Bad John on May 6th 2016, 7:40 pm

    Dragoon, distrustful as ever, batted the hand away. Samson took a step back as the four armed brute wiped his jaw. Something in him dared him on; beating the Demon was his top priority. "If you're gonna help, do it. If not, stay out of my way."

    The four armed brawler watched as Caitlyn battled with the Demon; for a moment, it seemed like the woman had the advantage. She took a blow from the Demon to the jaw, but she managed to sneak her leg under his uncompromising arm and boot him in the face, right on the glowing eyes. Recovering, and in a wrath driven state, Caitlyn rallied, springing into the air. As the Demon staggered back, Caitlyn released a loud war-whoop, bringing her fist down. Repeatedly with her right hand, she bonked the Demon on the head. The beast's shoulders slouched and his body shook with each blow. The beast's feet cracked the cement as Caitlyn's strikes drove through his body.

    "A few more of those, and the beast will be little more than a railroad spike." Samson grinned widely. "That thing was giving you so much trouble?"

    João, holding onto the power cable, walked beside the both of them. "D-d-d-don't b-b-b-b-be so sure." The meta-human adjusted his hat, staring at the altercation. Samson's attention shifted towards Jo, a bit confused.

    "A little nervous there?" Samson rubbed his chin. Jo simply held up the power cable he was holding, and Samson, startled by the electricity, jumped. "What...why do you have that? Put that down, that must be FRYING your brain cells."

    Jo occasionally jumped and twitched as the electricity coursed through him, causing muscle and vocal spasms. "N-n-n-nah. Now p-p-p-pay at-t-a-at-tat-tattent-t-t-"

    "Give me that." Samson snatched the power cable from Jo. "My suit's thick. Insulated. I'll hang onto it." Jo simply shrugged his shoulders as Caitlyn continued her battle with the Demon. Onzi watched, studying for a moment.

    Caitlyn managed to deal another blow, keeping the Demon off balance; her knee struck the beast in the face. The purple clad beast swung his fist, striking Caitlyn square on the chest, just under her neck. Jo winced at the force, but to his surprise, she held her ground, replying with an uppercut that knocked the Demon airborne.

    "Note; the woman has incredible durability, and her strength seems on par with the other meta-humans present. I get the feeling I haven't plummed the depths of her abilities in this particular fight." Though Jo tried to mask the note with a quiet voice, Samson turned towards him, hearing a few words due to the vibrations of his vocal chords through the ground. Jo took a silent note of Samson's heightened perception.

    Suddenly, Samson sharply turned to look down the road; black vans with no lights. Not police; far from it. Samson, Jo, and Onzi all recognized those vehicles.

    "The fucking Midnight Crew." Jo all but snarled at them, before turning towards the others. "You. Big guy." Jo pointed to Samson. "Here's the plan; lead the Demon into that building over there, wrap this power cable around him; preferably the neck. Then, hit him with everything you got. I mean, BRING THE BUILDING down on him if you have to." Jo turned towards the Demon and Caitlyn.

    The Demon managed to wind his tail around Caitlyn's throat. With a stiff yank, he tore her off the ground and hurled her through the air; she hit a traffic pole, spinning and landing on the sidewalk. She was back on her feet in an instant, and she looked pissed. "Fill her in on the plan, but I'm not sure if she'll comply. Just...don't get close to her." Jo cracked his knuckles, turning towards the vans.

    The Midnight Crew, or the M/C.R.U., was a group that originally caught, detained, or deported undesirable citizens. Now, they had a new racket; rounding up Meta-Humans. No matter how benign your powers, or how well you hid, it was likely that you had at least one run in with them.

    Jo had multiple, and every one left a bad taste in his mouth.

    "You have spirit, but can you handle guns and batons? Perhaps one of us should help you." The concern in Samson's voice was appreciated, but Jo brushed it off.

    "Hey, I've got the easy job. I'd rather take on a hundred Midnight Crew squads than fight another round against that bugger over there."

    The Demon, beating his chest, roared into the sky for a challenge, turning his eyes towards Onzi and Samson. The two of them lifted their fists, Samson gripping the electrical cable.

    "Shall we?" Samson asked.

    Dragoon grumbled, eyes narrowing. "Like I said, just don't get in the way."

    "You kiddies get along now!" Jo, breaking into a sprint, ran to meet the M/C.R.U. vans. The sunroof of the lead van slid open, and a man with a compact rifle aimed at Jo. He licked his lips as he charged towards them. Bullets started to fly, but he knew the man wouldn't hit him at this range; his gun toted a suppressor. The condom on his bullet hose should buy me a few seconds. Three vans added up to roughly twenty four agents, all well armed.

    Jo quickly veered down an alleyway, and he heard tires squeal moments later; the Crew knew that they'd have to wait for support to deal with Onzi, Samson, Caitlyn, AND the Demon. They were going after the easiest target first. Jo spotted a chainlink fence in front of him; he jumped onto a wall, planting his foot and leaping. Tucking his legs in, he cleared the fence with space to spare. Rolling over his shoulder, he sprinted onwards.

    The lead van burst through the fence. The alleyway ended at a vacant lot; the people in the surrounding apartments had long fled in fear of the Demon. The M/C.R.U. vans shifted into park, and agents spilled out. They wore segmented plate mail, hard plastic face-masks guarding their eyes. João watched from above; he'd scaled a nearby wall onto a balcony, and was counting.

    He wasn't far wrong in his estimate; there were twenty five men. All were armed with rifles and hard, metal beat-sticks. Jo cracked his knuckles against his jaw, and spoke up.

    "HEY! I heard you guys were getting your asses kicked!"

    Rifles veered towards his location as he jumped down into their midst. Moments before he landed, he turned hard and thrust his knee; the blow snapped a man's face mask in half and struck him between the eyes. Jo found a rifle pointed directly in his face, but he grasped it, yanking the holder and thrusting his elbow into the man's stomach. Despite the plate mail, Jo's blow bruised his gut badly, sending the man flying.

    "I guess the rumors were true. Y'all are getting your asses kicked."

    A man not far from Jo aimed his rifle and fired; spraying and praying, the man mashed the trigger and didn't let go. Jo moved quickly out of the man's cone of fire. The soldier blew away one of his own teammates; the man's life was spared only by his bullet-proof black plating. The man screamed in pain and fell.

    Jo snatched the man's rifle and struck him with the rifle's butt. The weapon snapped against the man's helmet.

    "We're too close for guns! Use the batons!" The men holstered their rifles and drew their metal sticks. Jo sneered, bouncing on his feet.

    He predicted this would be over shortly.
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    Re: Heroes and Demons [2.0]

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 6th 2016, 11:12 pm

    Caitlyn balled her hands into fists, the pressure her absorbed strength causing her knuckles to pop with the ferocity of fire crackers. The Demon seemingly sensed the anger spewing off of her. What wasn't there to be pissed about? This thing had interrupted her chance at dinner, and she seemed to be the only one fighting the damn thing.

    "I have had just about enough of your BULLSHIT!" she screamed, as a powerful burst of red energy erupted from the demon wings sprouting from her back.

    The force of the shockwave caused cars and other such rubble in the street to blow backwards from her position. The newest member of the peanut gallery finally made his presence known, just in time for himself and the Dragoon to slid backwards against the concrete from the force. Sampson used his powers to lock his and the Dragoon's feet into place, enduring the overwhelming shockwave.

    With the speed of a thousand cheetahs, Caitlyn was on top of the Demon. She dipped her right fist low, crooking it upwards into an uppercut to it's torso. The force of the blow, if viewed in slow motion, would show the purple energy forming the Demon's skin ripple like a stone splashing into a still lake.

    Dust shot up from the concrete, as the Demon was launched like a cannon ball out of an antique cannon, through the building directly behind them. Samson flinched for a moment, feeling the seismic impact of the blow from where he was standing. Ignoring their presence, Caitlyn stomped in after the beast.

    In the eerie darkness of the building, which had since lost it's power, she could see the sickly yellow eyes of the beast subtly glow from the back. An audible hiss, like a nail against a chalkboard, filled the room. She could hear the Demon turn in place, lashing it's tail at her to try and restrain her again.

    Using the some of the remaining energy she had stocked up, she snatched the tail. The Demon made a surprised growl in response, as she hissed in kind.

    "Rule number one about surprise attacks-" Cailtlyn growled. "They only work ONCE!"

    Pulling the Demon towards her with her left hand, she swung her foot under it's chin, launching the monster up into the air. Jumping up after it, she wrapped her arms around it's torso to the best of her ability. The wings on her back spread, as she did a loop de loop in the air, out the window of the building, and back out into the street. The impact of the two creating a decent, bus size crater.

    Dragoon and Sampson, who had since been running inside the building to assist her, turned when they realized the fight had been brought back outside yet again. Dragoon took this moment, regardless of Caitlyn's proximity, to jump into the air. Holding all of his arms above his head, he prepared to bring down a quad-hammerfist.

    Caitlyn, who was nearing her limit, took advantage of this moment to kick the Demon off of her. Rolling to the side, she narrowly removed herself from the crater in time for the Dragoon's blow to impact the Demon's back. The two crashed into the crater, causing the already deep hole to deepen further.

    "Who the fuck are you, and why do you have that?!" Caitlyn asked, resting her hands on her knees.

    "You're rather tuckered out. You look like you need help."

    "Avoiding the question, typical." she spat at his shoes. "I don't see you doing anything, block-head."

    "On the contrary, we're trying to restrain that creature with this." Sampson replied, showing her the electrical cable.

    "Screw 'em." Caitlyn snarled. "If Dragoon wants to kill that asshole, I say let 'im."

    "That's not the heroic way to do things." Sampson replied, almost scolding.

    "Do I look like I give a shit?" she asked. "Tell you what, you find me someone that gives two fucks about heroism besides yourself, and I'll consider it."

    The two were interrupted as the Demon whipped Dragoon with his tail, sending him careening towards the two of them. Caitlyn rolled out of the way, just in time for the Demon to catch up to her. Grasping her by the face, the beast sprinted down the street several feet, before jumping up. From the spaces between it's claws, she saw it open it's maw and roar at her. She felt the asphalt appear suddenly beneath her, as the two dragged across the ground.

    Caitlyn screamed in pain as it's tail drove it's way into her torso. The Demon seemed to relish in her pain, pressing it's elongated face close to hers. It was a burning sensation, and to her relief, hadn't hit anything fatal. Still, it hurt like hell. Saliva frothed at the corners of her mouth, the beast pressing the entirety of it's weight on top of her.

    "It's not your fault."

    Caitlyn's ears perked at the sound of the familiar voice, even if it had only come from her mind. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes, as she grit her teeth. In the distance, she could see Dragoon and Sampson sprinting to their position. She had never been pushed to this point, in a typical day, she only used a minuscule fraction of her pent up energy.

    The last time she had used this much energy, she was practically out for a week. In this moment, she had no choice. This thing was an actual threat, and she wasn't dying yet. Pitching her head forward, the blow against the Demon's face stunned it momentarily. Planting her right foot against it's chest, she kicked it off of her. The tail of the beast still pinned her to the concrete.

    With a moderate amount of pain, she was able to remove the obstruction. She would heal semi-quickly, but she would need time to rest. Her mouth had the subtle taste of copper. The Demon tried to rake her with it's claws, forgetting entirely that it's tail was in her grasp.

    "You hurt me." Caitlyn replied quietly, smirking. "Now, I'm going to hurt you."

    The Demon screeched in actual pain as Caitlyn planted her left foot at the base of it's spine. There was a sickening mixture of noises as she ripped a good foot of it's tail off from the rest. Holding the object like a bludgeoning club, she smashed the monster in the face with it's own tail piece. The force of the blow launched it towards Dragoon and Sampson.

    Dragoon, who was getting impatient in his own right, planted his feet and cocked his right two fists. Swinging them into the Demon's right side, dust rising inside. Caitlyn began to feel dizzy, stumbling her way towards them. Not wanting to show her condition to them as an act of pride, she refused to nurse the baseball sized hole in her torso. Instead, she clenched her fists, gritting her teeth.

    "You g-?" Sampson began to speak, as Dragoon made his way inside to keep the Demon in check.

    "Kill it, save it. I don't care anymore." Caitlyn growled, passing by the man. "Let's just get this over with."



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