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    Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab


    Doctor Jensen
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    Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Doctor Jensen on April 20th 2016, 1:54 am

    Hey ya'll. Well, considering we're working on our the background and everything for the story right now, I'm assuming that it would be a good idea to get our characters straight. I'm not going to create a specific template, but I'll give some basic things we'll probably need to know.

    Origin story

    With the origin story, I'd say that's one of the more important ones we could write out. That's what makes our characters themselves. Anyway, let's do this thing. If you have updates to your character, let us know, but please put them in the main post for the character as well.
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    Re: Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Manny on April 20th 2016, 3:15 pm

    Name: Alejandro Álvaro Pizarro-Ramirez
    Age: 19
    Race: Hispanic
    Appearance: Alejandro stands at about 5'6 and is in decent shape due to boot camp. He has black hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is very light, just a few shades darker than a Caucasian person. Should he be confused for a person of Caucasian descent he will be annoyed by the fact.

    Al's DEMON has fluid body movements and accommodates any physical changes (kinda like Carnage). The eyes are vertically ovular, large, and pure yellow with no irises or pupils at all. Stands anywhere from 7 to 10 feet tall (fluctuates at times). No trace of the host is visible beneath the energy.

    The "Demon" usually stands with its knees slightly bent, and a permanent growl giving it a more animalistic appearance. All teeth are long and pointed, and the head is slightly longer than a human's (like the Xenomorphs in Alien, but not as large). It has a tail, further adding to the the animalistic appearance.

    Background: Alejandro was born in his country but the rest of his family are immigrants. His family have had economic difficulties in their new country, a situation that has been slowly improving over time. While Al never lacked for the basic necessities, or even luxuries such as internet and cable, he was never able to afford the newest and/or best of whatever was available causing him some discomfort among his wealthier friends.

    Alejandro is generally a calm and serious person, but among friends he opens up and show a more silly side.

    He rarely gets angry, but when he does it's a fury few would expect to see from him. With his DEMON being more aggressive than most, Alejandro has to check his anger now more than ever.

    He has no real strong feelings regarding politics because he doesn't think politicians really care for common everyday people. In general though, he tends lean towards the "left" and socialist ideals. He isn't a believer in "might makes right" but doesn't like when villains bully people. (This will change as he gets older and believes force is necessary at times for the greater good.)

    -Dense purple exoskeleton that can morph and change shapes, but its "natural" appearance is its more bestial form
    -Long claws are formed, sharp as swords, used to tear enemies apart
    -A tail with point on the end, sharp as a spear and used to impale enemies
    -Extendable teeth to be as long a sabretooth's, mouth expands to accommodate
    -Can leap to 100m high
    -Can sprint at 100km/h in short bursts
    -Massive amount of pain tolerance, can withstand missiles head on at times
    -Ear piercing screeches, can create miniature "sonic booms"
    -Powers are generally decreased when taking a more "tame" form, no specifics have been determined as of yet

    Origin story:
    Al enlisted when he was 18 to have a way to pay for university. His grades were good, but enough for a full ride, and he was not a student athlete.  While there was a tremendous risk, Alejandro signed up to serve in the military where he could eventually have his education paid for.

    When Al was actually deployed to the Middle East his military base was attacked the first night he arrived. Originally it appeared to be a chemical weapons attack, but the gas carried a virus within it. Al was infected by this virus and immediately hospitalized and quarantined.

    The virus was man made and so the attack was latter classified as a biological weapons attack. The death toll was very high among military personnel and even some medical staff fell ill.

    Alejandro was eventually told of an experimental treatment that would boost his body's natural defences and a side effect of boosting physical capabilities. At this point, Alejandro was slowly dying and so signed up for the DEMON project out of desperation to survive.

    Project DEMON was a super soldier program, that morphed into something resembling super soldiers/attack dogs, utilizing DNA from a strange alien parasite found by the government inside a meteorite. The parasite would latch itself onto a host and end up controlling it, generally causing the host to be agressive. Much research was done into its molecular biology and after many animal trials scientists figured out how to obtain its abilities without the host completely losing control given some training.

    Alejandro escaped his facility prematurely, the alien DNA having some odd side effects with the virus and causing Alejandro's demon to be a bit more aggressive than most. Among DEMONs, Alejandro is among the seven most powerful and was named "Satan" after the prince of hell that represents wrath.

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    Bad John
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    Re: Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Bad John on April 20th 2016, 10:43 pm

    Name: João "Jo" Nunez Reyes

    Age: 25

    Race: African American

    Appearance: Jo is a mixed race young man, his physical appearance mostly African in origin. He has dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair kept short. He stands an inch under six feet tall, and is slim but well built. He has a fairly round face with soft features, and his right eyebrow flares slightly to the left at the bridge of the nose.

    His body has several darkened spots and lines on his body due to scarring, and several clearly darker spots on his face, on his cheeks, neck, under his left eye, and on his nose; a sign of a harmless skin condition from birth called lentigo; a minor side effect of being badly burned during a mission.

    Background: Jo was born in America on the East Coast. Most people see his name and assume him to be Central American or hispanic; in reality, his mother just thought the name sounded cool.

    Personality: Despite a life of past personal tragedy and constant injury, Jo is very affable, friendly, and laid back. He has quite a bit of valor and heart, and will impose himself in dangerous situations with ease.

    He is positive, and though during down time he's seemingly lazy, he's always ready for a task, snapping to attention when something challenging or interesting appears. He has a somewhat low attention span for things that don't involve his primary job, but he is a deep thinker when he applies his mind to a subject.

    In terms of physical or tactical combat, he's touted as a genius; exploiting weaknesses, making split second decisions, and dominating the battlefield. Though he's been beaten in the past, it is exceptionally rare for an opponent to beat him twice; he's the living embodiment of the "Come Back Strong" trope. Once defeated by a foe, he's learned everything he needs to know for his rematch.

    He has a deep understanding of people, and can make judgments very quickly. He despises the abuse of power, be it human or meta-human in nature.

    He puts very high value on ambitions or dreams, especially when they're geared towards making the world a better place. Seeing someone give up on their dream is often too much for him to bear, and he'll do anything in his power to get that person to try again.

    While he dislikes killing, he will do so if absolutely necessary.


    Enhanced Regeneration: Jo can recover from injuries at an unprecedented rate, and he can be resuscitated from death fairly easily. Even brain matter that has been lost or damaged will be regenerated and re-written with little apparent memory loss. This ability has limits; he cannot regrow limbs, instead requiring their reattachment, which can occur without much difficulty.

    Enhanced Strength: His cellular regeneration boosts his strength to superhuman levels. He has been shown to lift 1 ton with a bit of effort, but the upper limits of his physical brawn have not been tested, and are unknown. Due to his strength, he can strike with quite a bit of force when provoked.

    Enhanced Speed: Jo is able to run and move at speeds superior to those of any Olympic athlete, and is capable of reaching speeds in access of 40 mph in short bursts. In melee combat, he has been shown to attack faster than the eye can follow; a carryover from his martial arts training and his own unnatural abilities. He frequently avoids gunfire at point blank, or simply overtakes foes before they can pull the trigger.

    Enhanced Senses: Jo's vision, hearing, and smell are demonstrably heightened; he can detect a gas leak before those nearby are privy, see farther than his normal peers, and hear more acutely. His reflexes are incredibly sharp as well.

    Enhanced Durability: His skin, muscle, and bones are slightly more durable than the average human; in particular, his skeleton has been broken and healed several times over, rendering it much stronger than the average person's.

    Pain Tolerance: Though he is not more resistant to pain by nature, he has been rather inured to it. He shrugs off physical damage and fights on in a manner that most people tend to find disturbingly determined.

    Origin story:  Jo was born in a small military hospital under the supervision of Doctor Kurloz Intiga, who discovered his powers a few hours after a routine circumcision. When Dr. Intiga attempted to inform his parents under the radar, they immediately went to the media, not knowing the inherent dangers of outing a meta-human. Dr. Intiga quickly hid the boy from the government agents dispatched to collect him. The noble doctor was interrogated, and eventually murdered, but Jo was successfully rescued from harm.

    Spending years in foster care, and occasionally relocated by meta-human sympathizers, Jo found a stable home, and was homeschooled for the majority of his life, until he was sent to high-school. He used his abilities for personal glory; performing dangerous, impossible stunts and joining contact sports teams. He was eventually discovered when he failed to conceal the immediate recovery of a broken arm, leading to a hostile confrontation with the government agency tasked with observing, reporting, and capturing meta-humans. They came into his home in the dead of night, murdered his adopted parents, and attempted to apprehend him. He was badly burned by an incendiary grenade, but escaped.

    Lost and addled, he was found by Dr. Saffore, the proprietor of a rather large Applies Sciences company, Lansing Incorporated. She gave him a home, and studied his abilities. She gave him an offer to use his abilities for heroic purposes, and he accepted, viewing it as a chance to do right by all the people who protected and concealed him during his life.

    Under her teaching, Jo was taught cultural anthropology, along with multiple methods of combat that capitalized on his strength, speed, and durability. He now operates under Saffore's supervision as a vigilante combatant who defeats hostile meta-humans, and protects meta-humans who are unfairly targeted by the government or the public.
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    Re: Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on April 23rd 2016, 2:13 pm

    Name: Caitlyn Reagen Meyers

    Age: 23

    Race: Caucasian

    Appearance: 5' 7'' in height, around 160lbs. Very lithe, yet fit. Black hair with red highlights on the bangs. Emerald Green eyes. Her skin is pale white due to a distinct lack of sunlight. A birthmark located on the base of her neck on the back in the shape of an infinite symbol.

    A singular scar runs from the base of her skull to just above the birthmark, from where she had her surgery (described below). When in her Karma states (Benevolent/Malicious), her eyes change color based on the state (White/Black) respectively.

    Background: American born and raised in Crisis City, she is no stranger to the consistent levels of crime the city is notorious for.

    Personality: Depends on what side of the coin she's on.

    In her neutral, passive state, she can be quiet and almost certainly outspoken.

    In her benevolent, nurturing state, she is much more social and outgoing.

    In her malicious, aggressive state, she is very cold, and very rude, prone to instigating fights.

    While she is generally quiet, Caitlyn isn't afraid to speak her mind when it comes to topics that have directly affected her; Government, Parenting, Crime. She has a severe disconnect with people, almost distrusting, due to events of her past. She lacks dreams of a better future, relying on an almost pessimistic mind-set to get her through her life.

    She's a survivalist, and due to her distrust in others, has no attachment or drive to help people. For the people she does care about (whom are few and far between) she would do anything for them.


    Enhanced Durability: Much like Jo, Caitlyn has an unhuman level of durability after receiving her powers. Blows that should normally break bones would only feel like a toddler's strike. Objects that should normally slice skin tend to only break the skin.

    Pain Tolerance: Many would describe Caitlyn as a Masochist, in the fact that she can tolerate high levels of pain and shrug it off with relative ease. This is usually followed by a laugh or remark to instigate another hit. She can still feel pain, but has the capacity to ignore it with certain ease.

    Karma: Caitlyn is the epitome of Karma as it stands. This is less of a superpower and more of a trait, but ties in with her powers. When Caitlyn is struck by anything, whether it be an physical or energy based attack, her body responds in return twice as fast, and twice as hard.

    For example:

    In her Benevolent Karma state, Caitlyn can take blows from her enemies and transfer that energy and power to produce twice the level of healing for herself and others. Anyone within the radius of five feet has a healing factor increase based off of the damage she sustains.

    In her Malicious Karma state, Caitlyn can take blows from her enemies, and transfer that damage/energy to send it back twice as hard and fast. In this state, her presence *within a radius of five feet* has a life-steal effect, in that it drains energy from ANYONE nearby to fuel her own abilities.

    Flight: In her Malicious or Benevolent states, Caitlyn has wings of energy that form based on her state. Devil wings for Malcious, and Angel wings for Benevolent. So long as she is in one of these states, she can maintain air for five minutes before she needs to land. This can be very draining on her energy levels, and she could potentially pass out as a result.

    Increased Healing Factor: Besides her Benevolent state's ability to heal, Caitlyn in general has an advanced Healing Factor, allowing her to heal rather quickly. Unlike the likes of Deadpool, however, she cannot regenerate limbs. Instead, slashes or bruises, even broken bones she sustains can heal relative quickly, but drain her considerable amounts of energy.

    Caitlyn's Karma states are based solely on her immediate surroundings, she cannot change them willingly. If she is surrounded by people she trusts, and those people are generally kind, she can go into her Benevolent state.

    If she is outnumbered by baddies than allies, she is more likely to go Malicious.

    It is not guaranteed that she will go into one or the other, as it is with actual Karma, it works in mysterious, random ways. It is guaranteed that she will be ONE of them, however. This will be explained in detail below.

    Origin story: Caitlyn wasn't always a meta human. Born and raised in the suburbs of Crisis City, she was surrounded by the crime that consistently took place there.

    A victim of childhood abuse from her father, Caitlyn swiftly grew a disconnect from people. She absolutely hated her dad with all of her soul, going to the point of killing him in his sleep with an overdose of his medication. There had been an investigation, but it had been deemed as an accidental overdose, as her father had been a known drug addict.

    Her mother was a quiet, abused wife who did her best to give Caitlyn a normal, happy life. However, the results of Caitlyn's youthful abuse from both her peers and her father caused an advanced level of bipolar depression. Her mother grew concerned over her daughter's worsening condition, and immediately brought her to the doctors.

    The doctor, upon questioning Caitlyn, had deduced that she had indeed developed bipolar disorder, as well as a sort of dis-associative identity disorder, as made apparent by her supposed 'imaginary friend' who had offered to protect her, no matter the cost.

    The doctor suggested that Caitlyn undergo an experimental procedure using an advanced radiation/energized therapy system to try and fix the abnormalities in her mind. Caitlyn's mother accepted the terms, and she was brought to a Governmental testing facility at the outskirts of Horizon City, Crisis City's neighboring City.

    During the procedure, something went haywire and the levels of radiation had become over saturated. Instead of nipping the rose in the bud, as was originally planned, the high levels of mild radiation began a change. In a way, it cured Caitlyn of her bipolar disorder, but worsened her dis-associative identity disorder.

    Instead of having a new identity, this other identity merged it's mind with Caitlyn's, which would provide the basis for her Malicious state. The energy that fused with the radiation also embedded itself within Caitlyn, giving her the energy to throw attacks back at people, and produce the wings she could use to fly.

    During all of this, she was angry that her mother allowed her to be whisked away without asking her opinion on this. This was the first time she had ever entered the Malicious state. Energy based demon wings sprawled out behind her, and her iris' turned red.

    The scientists involved realized they had just created a new meta human, and sent in the military guards to kill her. To their horror, not a single bullet struck her, instead, the bullets had formed a red aura of energy around them, and had been sent back at twice their usual speed.

    Each one had left a crater through the soldiers they had struck. Caitlyn was both scared and awestruck by her new abilities. As she was trying to escape, she approached one of the scientists and attempted to test out her new powers. Throwing a punch across his cheek, she was surprised that he hadn't really been fazed by it.

    However, the Scientist decided to give it a go, punching her on the cheek. The energy behind the blow was absorbed, before dispersing to her fist. Upon delivering the solid punch, she had inadvertently snapped his neck with the attack. It was here that she realized that she could never attack anyone, her powers worked solely as a retaliation.

    She escaped the facility and fled back to Crisis City, opting to avoid her mother outright. For years, she lived on the streets, using her abilities as a means of a street-side performance for money. She bet five bucks that she could withstand a punch on the cheek, and then knock anyone out that tried.

    One day, when she was seventeen, a kind old man approached her booth. He offered her a home, if she wanted one. He was a wealthy retired entrepreneur, living out the rest of his days as a widower in his penthouse in Crisis City. All he had wanted was a little bit of company, and he viewed Caitlyn as the daughter he had never had.

    She was happy living with him. The man had suffered from terminal lung cancer, and knew that he was likely going to die soon from it. He had opted to sign her as an heir to his amassed fortune. In her happiness, she had taken on her Benevolent State, where energized angel wings sprouted from her back.

    The man, however, did not seem to care. He wanted to protect her from the Government that seemingly hunted down Meta Humans. His continued interactions with her seemed to have helped out with his illness.

    It was one fateful morning, however, when he had opted to help her cook breakfast, that he had accidentally slid on the linoleum tiles in his kitchen. His cane, which he used for walking, had accidentally struck Caitlyn on her hip. Against her own judgement, she grabbed the cane and struck him upside the face with it, killing him instantly.

    Mortified and shocked, Caitlyn fled the scene, but not before calling the police. Six years have passed, and she's completely forgone her old name, deciding to take on the nickname 'Karma'.

    NOTE: To clarify, Karma cannot attack for herself. Without any transfer of energy, her attacks are like a normal human's. Her powers only activate through direct contact or other implications. For example, a pistol firing at her will generally enter her into a state, where she can deflect or return the strike.

    Any and all usage of her abilities require abundances of energy, requiring her to rest for quite some time depending on the usage. A small skirmish would only require an hour of rest, while a full scale battle would likely take weeks.

    Benevolent or Malicious state can occur at random. Though it is heavily in favor of her current mood, which is dependent on the moment.

    Let's say Karma joins our team in combat. When she comes to trust them, if they are generally nice to her, she'll have an easier time being Benevolent towards them. When an enemy attacks, that attack can be converted into energy she can use to heal the others within proximity.

    However, if Karma is in a one-on-one battle with someone, it is highly likely that she'll be Malicious. Also, just because she is in one state, does not mean that she can't snap into another immediately. For further example, imagine Karma is in a heated argument with Jo.

    Jo is berating Karma for her disregard for human life in her Malicious state. The negativity in his argument can cause her to be Malicious, but if he compliments her in the same sentence, she is likely to become Benevolent at the drop of pin. This is usually based on her mood as well.

    If there are further questions regarding this character, or I left something unclear, please let me know and I'll try to explain as best as I can.



    Thanks for Reading!

    Doctor Jensen
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    Re: Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Doctor Jensen on April 23rd 2016, 7:48 pm

    Name: Onzi Jarek--"Dragoon"

    Age: 25

    Race: African-American

    Appearance: Standing at 5'8" Onzi isn't the most formidable opponent. However, his whole body is covered by a black symbiote, which can't be removed. A silver X runs from both of his shoulders down to his waist and around his back, so there's technically an X on his back and on his chest. He's fairly muscular because he was an athlete, and because of the changes the symbiote has made on his body.

    If you were to see his face in a photograph, he has blue/gray eyes, which is the first thing you would notice. He has a long scar along his left jawline that came from a football accident. His hair is black and close cropped. He has a strong and pronounced jaw.

    Also, he has two extra arms that were created by the symbiote.

    Background: Onzi was born in Portland, Oregon, but his family later relocated after he got into a gang. He has a history of gang violence (though he's never killed anyone) and was involved in a gang for several years. When his friends were caught robbing a store and his sister was killed and raped by a gang, Onzi's family relocated to Crisis City.

    Since then, Onzi has mostly reformed. He's an athlete that played football for years. However, he was majoring in biology at school (he's a little behind), but his studies were cut short when he was claimed by the symbiote, which has affected him psychologically.

    Personality: Angry at the world, selfish (mostly). Onzi has always had a chip on his shoulder and felt like he had something to prove. He's angry because the world has always been so unkind to his family (family is really poor). He does have a great love for his family, though, and would do just about anything to provide for them and help them, despite his usual selfishness. He is motivated, determined, and has the drive to succeed in life. He's also an extrovert.

    Four arms: You read that right. Onzi has four arms, making him more capable at fighting. It also means that he can climb better and can do more with tools, etc. If it requires four arms, he can do it. The arms come from the symbiote and have actually grown into his body.

    Jumping: Probably Dragoon's most important power. He's very known for his ability to jump up to four stories vertically. When running, he can jump farther. He often uses this ability to jump from wall to wall when fighting his enemies. He's very often called "the Jumping Dragoon," or "The Leaping Dragon."

    Cloaking: Along with his other powers, Onzi can cloak himself, but at a cost. Cloak for longer than twenty minutes can really drain his energy. If he cloaks for long enough, it just might kill him as well. However, if he does it for small amounts of time, he is almost invisible. Going for longer durations causes the symbiote to malfunction (for lack of a better term) and cause his cloaking to look distorted.

    Improved Strength: The Symbiote has reinforced Onzi's skeleton and muscles, giving him an increase in raw strength. He isn't as strong as Samson, for example, but he could give him a run for his money.

    Increased agility/dexterity: Onzi can move faster and is has faster reflexes than before. Not quite like Spiderman or anything like that, but he's faster than the average human.

    Increased damage threshold: While not entirely immune to bullets, the symbiote creates a hard outer skin that is resistant to bullets. However, if shot enough, Onzi's second skin will break open and he'll get damaged. It would take some very high powered armaments, but it could be done. Thus, something like a laser would be able to open up the symbiote and get Onzi out.

    Origin Story:
    Onzi Jarek was just a normal kid trying to get his bachelor's degree in biology when he was asked to go look at a meteorite with some some of his friends at Crisis University. Though he wasn't majoring in that field, Onzi thought it would be a good time.

    Little did he know, things were about to change forever. An alien who had been seeding the galaxy with super powered beings for millenia sent a symbiote to Earth. This symbiote was intended for two people. One was Onzi, the other was a police officer in the town. When Onzi arrived on site, the symbiote exploded into action, killing everyone except for Onzi and the police officer. The government brought Onzi and the officer into separate cells, considering both of them to be homicidal maniacs.

    Interrogation of Onzi gave the government agents his name, but not much else. One day, Onzi escaped when he was testing his powers and was able to jump up and break into the observation room. He was chased by government agents for months and still is to this day.

    The symbiote can amplify Onzi's emotions. This often causes Onzi to have fits of extreme anger. While he can control his emotions fairly well, sometimes he will fall into these fits, with anger being the most common of them.

    Extreme heat or extreme cold can do big damage to the symbiote. Lasers are a major problem for him, and are the most effective way of peeling off the symbiote.

    His girlfriend and family are also big weaknesses. He would do anything to protect them, including becoming violent and going so far as killing others. This can cause him to do some irrational things.

    Can't take off his suit either, which has caused him some psychological damage.
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    Re: Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Manny on May 3rd 2016, 12:11 am

    Name: Lucifer (No super name)

    Human Appearance: Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes

    Demon Appearance: Orange and black, like molten lava. He stands at 9 feet tall, with a thick pointed tail, sharp claws, and piranha like teeth. His head is not elongated but rather normal, except for his "hair" which is in the shape of a flame. Unlike Alejandro's demon, Lucifer is not so bestial since he is in control. His demon stands up straight and appears more humanoid, with some animalistic features.

    Lucifer is the pinnacle of Project DEMON; able to absorb any other form of energy, from kinetic to nuclear, directed at him and use it how he sees fit.

    He possesses most of the physical abilities of Alejandro's Demon but, unlike Alejandro, Lucifer is in full control of his demon. The main reason for this is that Lucifer's goals are accomplished by the means his Demon agrees with.

    Lucifer's drive for power and his Demon's lust for battle have allowed for a surprising amount of cooperation. When Lucifer talks with his cloak activated, his voice comes out as a warped distorted version of Lucifer's human voice.

    Lucifer is quite educated and speaks with an extensive vocabulary, but he is not above using slang to get his point across. It is extremely rare to see him swear, as he generally has more elegant manners of insulting others.

    Lucifer sees Meta-Humans as the next stage of human evolution and detests them being hunted down and oppressed. While Lucifer has no grand plans of direct world dominance, he does dream of a world where governments take into consideration the needs of metas under the threat of force. Naturally the metas with great power would be the ones keeping the governments of the world in check, becoming judge, jury, and executioner when they see fit to intervene.

    Within the meta-humans, Lucifer sees the entire line of Demons as dominant due to the sheer amount of power they possesses individually, and even more so as a group. Among the Demons, Lucifer sees himself as the leader; a role he has taken upon himself because it is "necessary" for all movements to have a leader to rally behind,

    Lucifer also has no qualms about killing innocent humans when necessary, but does not go out of his way to kill humans needlessly. He does dislike killing metas, and would rather recruit them to his cause or find less lethal means of dealing with them.

    Origin Story:
    To be decided...
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    Re: Heroes and Villains of the Superhero Collab

    Post  Manny on May 3rd 2016, 12:14 am

    Name: Alan Robinson

    Alias: Asmodeus

    Age: Mid Twenties, assumed to be 25


    Asmodeus has a unique cloak allows him to distort light and have a different appearance depending on the person looking at him.

    Asmodeus's cloak projects an image of whatever the viewer finds attractive, even changing the appearance of his gender if need be. Usually this is done to to attract females of all sexual orientations, as to seduce them and "seed" them. This effect also works on males, but Asmodeus has no need for men since they cannot be seeded.

    Inside or outside of the cloak, Asmodeus enjoys going about in very formal clothing (or appears as such if in the cloak). He appears well groomed, whether his appearance is masculine or feminine. Beyond that, appearances vary wildly depending on what the viewer finds attractive.

    When Asmodeus is in combat, his cloak reverts to its natural state. In this state the energy cloak is deep, dark, red with yellow eyes. His form is fairly human, akin to Lucifer's or Enrique's forms.

    In his human form, Asmodeus is a 5'10 Caucasian man with blond hair and green eyes. He likes to style his hair, and usually smells of cologne. When wearing real clothing, Asmodeus prefers to wear a white dress shirt, a red tire, a black suit, black dress pants, black dress socks, and black fancy shoes.


    Asmodeus is a fairly smooth talker, able to entrance most women to his charm. He enjoys teasing them, being flirtatious, and, of course, sleeping with them. He doesn't discriminate and welcomes women from all walks of life Wink

    Asmodeus is not a fighter at heart, and would rather have others do the fighting for him. When forced to fight however, Asmodeus is no coward.


    As mentioned before, Asmodeus's cloak allows his appearance to change shape to whatever the viewer finds attractive. This is a passive ability and is always in effect, until Asmodeus finds himself in combat.

    The ability of Asmodeus's cloak to change his appearance is related to the method of "seeding", where Asmodeus engages in intercourse to plant his "seed". From here the sperm cells act more like viruses, infecting other cells until enough genetic information has been edited throughout the victim's body.

    This process is used to create "Imps", which are beings that permanently have their cloak activated at all times, never to return to their human forms. Imps are an all female group, loyal to Asmodeus much like a pride of lions follows their alpha male.

    When pressed into heavy combat, Asmodeus can actively change the appearance of his cloak, in an attempt to confuse the attacker. Asmodeus can go so far as to imitate helpless children or become a seductive figure again. This is a conscious decision, unlike the previous passive nature of appearing attractive to all.


    Asmodeus is originally from the United Kingdom, England to be specific. He was a business man that moved from the Confederacy of Free European Countries (CFEC) to the United Provinces of New England (UPNE) to expand his financial empire.

    Asmodeus, known as Alan Robinson then, was fairly successful in Crisis City, making a name for himself in the stock markets of Wealth Street... and in the beds of wealthy women. Alan was one of those "rich playboy" types, using his money to woo over women and sleep with them. Then one day, it's not sure how, but one day Alan got into a terrible car accident leaving him close to the brink of death.

    Soon afterwards Alan's stocks plummeted and he found himself broke. Thankfully the UNPE's health care system was able to pay for his surgery, but it wasn't able to cover all of his recovery. It was able to cover the basics but nothing more.

    At this point Alan was panicking. After spending a life time of accumulating wealth, he couldn't imagine a life without riches. Alan even considered committing suicide, unable to bear the thought of being poor.

    So when the military came knocking, offering Alan a chance to start a new life, he took it. Needless to say, it wasn't quite what he was expecting, but for once in his life he hadn't read any fine print. Upon retrospect, Asmodeus sees that they knew he wouldn't.

    As Asmodeus, Alan was able to seduce a number of female guards and escape the facility he was held in. Some time later, he met Lucifer and Enrique and joined the two in their mission, bitter, jealous, and angry at society's elite, despite having been one of them.

    Something to note is that Asmodeus has been managing a lot of the finances of Enrique's criminal empire. This was a huge factor in helping get it more organized and allowing it to expand to what it is today.

    These days, Asmodeus enjoys women more than money due to his history with money. As mentioned before he still deals with money on a large scale but his abilities to seduce, and Lucifer's need for an army, have landed him a new "hobby".

    Name: Abdul Jalloh

    Alias: Mammon

    Age: 36

    Mammon has a gold cloak, which is always shimmering. It shimmers more when Mammon has more energy.

    Mammon stands at about 7 and a half feet to 8 and half feet tall, has a thick tail, and sharp claws on both hands and feet. His claws are more rounded and taper off at the end in wicked hooks, rather than the long blade claws seen on Demons such as Satan.

    Outside of his cloak, Mammon is a six foot tall former African warlord. Heavily built, and very dark skinned (even among Africans) he is a very imposing figure. He has scar running along his right eyebrow and that goes down until his jaw. Abdul also keeps his head bald, out of personal preference.

    Mammon is fairly aggressive, showing no mercy to foes in combat. Mammon's primary weapon are his claws, used for hooking into an enemy and stealing energy from them. With humans, this energy is usually electrochemical.

    Mammon is fairly easy to provoke, due to his aggressive nature, and will not hesitate to transform into his Demon over even trivial things. Mammon is kept in line by Lucifer, who is able to supply his Demon with nearly unlimited energy in return for Mammon's service and loyalty.

    Not much is different about Mammon outside of his cloak. At some point in his life Abdul learned the lethal martial arts of Combato and Krav Maga, making him a dangerous opponent without the need to use his Demon.

    Abul is also a fairly big eater, a fan of caffeine, and works out quite a bit. These were common for him before being bonded to his Demon, but the increase in these activities is no doubt a side effect of having to manage the "sleep mode" energy requirements of his Demon.


    Mammon is able to absorb energy, much like Lucifer, but he uses it for himself. The more energy Mammon absorbs, the more powerful he grows in terms of physical strength.

    His physical size increases as well, but not by much so any major increase in size would require a large amount of energy. His physical strength grows at a linear rate, meaning it is directly proportional to the amount of energy absorbed.

    Mammon uses his claws to absorb energy, hooking them into a victim or power source and then sucking the energy out of it. Mammon can also use his tail for this purpose as well, if need be.

    His energy cloak is always shimmering, which may or may not throw off some opponents, but the shimmering effect increases with larger amounts of energy absorbed by Mammon.


    Mammon was once Abdul Jalloh, an African warlord greedy for power. He was terrorizing various countries and gathering various villages under his banner. He committed and encouraged atrocious war crimes, and even went as far as to use child soldiers.  

    Eventually, after massive protests in the UPNE, military action was taken and Abdul's reign of terror was put to end. Abdul was convicted as a war criminal, and taken to the UPNE's national maximum security prison.

    Placed on death row, Abdul Jalloh angrily awaited his fate. Then one day, the military came by with an alternative. Abdul would be given a second chance at life, but only if that life was spent in service of the UPNE. Abdul agreed, not intending to keep his part of bargain anyways.

    Fortunately for Abdul, and unfortunately for the UPNE, he was conscripted into project D.E.M.O.N. Soon after being given his Demon, Mammon, Abdul found his way to generators of the military base and absorbed all of the energy, blacking it out and allowing him to escape more easily.

    After some time, Abdul found himself in Mexico where his Demon's hunger for energy led to an incredible energy source: Lucifer. Abdul agreed to join his cause in exchange for energy to fuel his Demon, and the thought of ruling over the WORLD was one that he liked.

    Manny wrote:So here's some points I have for Leviathan...

    General Points:
    -Blue energy cloak
    -Ultra high-speed attacks (land or water)

    Land Form:
    -Slithering serpent (maybe two arms, for tearing through people at high speeds?)
    -Long mouth with sharp teeth
    -Spear like tail
    -Sharp spikes protruding from spine

    Water Form:
    -Slithering Eel
    -Thicker mouth, akin to a shark
    -One long dorsal fin (fused spikes)
    -Finned tail (which doubles as a double bladed tail)
    -Can emit high pitched noises to disorient enemies (like some sort of demonic dolphin)
    -Webbed hands and finned arms (maybe, not sure)
    Name: Gürsel

    Alias: Leviathan

    Age: 30

    General Points:
    -Blue energy cloak

    Land Form:
    -Slithering serpent with two arms for tearing
    -Long mouth with sharp teeth
    -Spear like tail
    -Sharp spikes protruding from spine

    Water Form:
    -Slithering Eel
    -Thicker mouth, akin to a shark
    -One long dorsal fin (fused spikes)
    -Finned tail (which doubles as a double bladed tail)
    -Can emit high pitched noises to disorient enemies (like some sort of demonic dolphin)
    -Webbed hands and finned arms (maybe, not sure)
    -Tentacles with spiked claws at the end for grasping, tearing, and piercing


    -Ultra high-speed attacks (land or water)


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