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    Lullaby for Gods.

    Bad John
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    Lullaby for Gods.

    Post  Bad John on March 16th 2016, 12:41 am

    An upcoming original writing by J. D. Boykin. I hope you enjoy it; I have a bit of planning to do before it starts. I'll be posting chapters, along with story-boarding stuff here.
    Bad John
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    Post  Bad John on March 24th 2016, 11:30 am

    Chapter 1.1

    "Rafael Kakunabe?" A teacher's voice called role in a bored, dispassionate tone. The name was at the dead center of the list, as per usual, and the owner raised his hand. A small, teal eyed young man with long black hair, light skin, and a mint colored tee shirt, Rafael "Kake" Kakunabe lightly waved his hand before speaking.

    "Here." He smiled at the teacher, who smiled back. Professors tended to like young Kake. Respectful and bright, he never missed a question. The boy at the neighboring desk, however, sneered at his enthusiasm bitterly. Kake took his seat as role continued.

    He couldn't help but glance out the window; it was a really nice day outside. Wispy white clouds moved overhead as the day rolled on, second by second. Kake watched as a troller-class hovercraft drifted through the air at a lazy pace, likely ferrying someone to a different district. The lights went out in the room, and the student turned his eyes towards the projection on the whiteboard. It was an image of the continent, and its surrounding archipelagos; a photograph from low orbit, Kake observed green, blue, and tan.

    "Students, what is the name for the large, drifting masses beneath the planet's lithosphere?" Before the professor could finish her sentence, Kake's hand and a few others shot up. "Someone who hasn't answered before."

    One of the less enthusiastic students groaned "Fuck if I know" under his breath, eliciting a few chortles.

    "Very well. Kakunabe?" The teacher pointed her stylus towards the young man, who answered.

    "Tectonic plates, ma'am."

    The professor nodded in quiet affirmation. "Good. Good. Our planet's tectonic plates move at a very slow pace; except for the one containing the largest singular landmass on earth. There are seven main, conjoined pieces which hold together despite constant strain."

    The next slide formed, showing cutouts of the planet's underground structure. The lesson droned on, as Kake watched the slides. The window shutters automatically closed, obscuring his view of the outside. No matter; he was better off paying attention, even if he'd read it all before.

    Lunch period. Kake browsed the cafeteria, grabbing an apple and a bag of potato chips. As he turned to leave the line, he caught a plastic cup of water to the bridge of the nose. He said nothing as water ran down his hair and clothes, but a few of the boys in front of him chortled. Sighing, he wrung out his shirt and kept walking.

    "Pussy." One of the boys stood, annoyed by Kake's lack of response. Still, Kake said nothing, food in hand. He walked to the soda fountain and poured a cola, about to walk away. He felt a hand grasp his shoulder "I'm talking to you." Kake quickly turned, brushing off the hand and stepping back. "What? We're just joking around. No reason to be an asshole about it."

    No matter what, Kake resolved to remain silent; words meant very little in this situation, even if he was going to get hit for it. He stiffened and prepared himself, staring into the young man's eyes. Of course, it was Allen. The lanky, black haired bully never missed an opportunity to cause Kake grief.

    "Do you have a problem? C'mon, Cock, laugh."

    That doesn't even sound like my name. Kake's mouth twitched at the thought. Allen raised his fist to make Kake flinch, but the boy didn't move, staying still as a statue.

    "Alright, alright. Go ahead and leave." Allen turned away to walk back to his friends, and Kake turned on his heels to leave the room. The moment he turned, he felt a sharp, painful impact on the back of his head. Allen punched him on the noggin, snapping Kake's head forward. Stumbling slightly, Kake found his balance and got to his feet.

    He'd been hit harder.

    As Allen drew back to swing again, it was his turn to get hit. A cafeteria tray struck him on the brow, cutting the skin and drawing blood. He clutched the cut, blowing air through his teeth. "Ah..." With a long groan, he rubbed his face, noticing blood on his hand.

    Kake turned to see who had thrown the tray, but couldn't locate the attacker. As he looked around, a hand grasped his arm. "C'mon." His defender hustled him out of the room as Allen descended into an angry fit.

    "Who threw that?! Who the fuck threw that?! You almost hit my eye, you cocksucker!"

    The door shut, drowning out Allen's hysterical shouts. Kake looked down at the person who'd moved him to safety. It was his younger sister, Meninas. She had a very proud grin on her face, though her hands were trembling slightly. "Got 'em. Right in the head." She was a few grades below Kake, and a head shorter to boot, but she certainly didn't seem to lack balls.

    "Are you crazy? He might have wrung your neck!" Kake grasped Meninas by the shoulders, shaking her once, and hard enough to whip her head back and forth. "You can't do things like that!"

    "And you can't let people punch you and get away with it, Raf." Meninas squared her shoulders, scowling at her older brother, who took a single step back. Other people could swing at Kake all day, but Meninas was different; deceptively strong for a fourteen year old, an ass kicking from her actually scared Kake. "It's not right."

    Kake blew air through his teeth. "Alright, fine. I'll talk to one of the professors tomorrow. Can we just go eat?" He placed a hand on Meninas's head, ruffling her hair. "I want to go outside. We've got two hours left in our break period, and I don't want to waste it"

    "Fine. Let's" Still peeved, Meninas let Kake lead the way outside. Despite the usual grief, it was still a nice day.
    Bad John
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    Post  Bad John on March 24th 2016, 11:34 am

    Rafael Kakunabe

    Strength: 3

    Speed: 6

    Combat: 1

    Willpower: 9

    Protagonistness: 10

    Meninas Kakunabe

    Strength: 2

    Speed: 7

    Combat: 6

    Willpower: 6

    Wrestlemania: 10
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    Re: Lullaby for Gods.

    Post  Manny on April 7th 2016, 12:24 am

    Since you said this would have an anime esque feel to it... I actually picture it as an anime in my head.

    I suppose when more stuff comes out, I can think up a opening sequence... complete with J-pop or whatever.
    Bad John
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    Re: Lullaby for Gods.

    Post  Bad John on April 7th 2016, 1:38 am

    Noice. There should be a new chapter sometime between now and Saturday, so stay tuned, homie. Can't wait to see what terrifyingly vapid and catchy Japanese Jam you come up with. Next part is when shit hits the fan, and this chapter concludes.
    Bad John
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    Re: Lullaby for Gods.

    Post  Bad John on April 13th 2016, 12:10 am

    Get Well Soon

    Meninas bit through her sandwich as she stared out at the field, counting lines. The lunch period was long and boring, but this wasn't a particularly bad way to spend it; comfortable, non-taxing silence. The football field was normally a hotbed of activity, but everyone else was inside, wasting away under florescent lightbulbs. The wind picked up, Meninas leaned as her hair was blown to the side.

    Annoyingly, one of her sandwich bags was sent flying by the gale. Kake watched it go, and stood up to go collect it; litter was one of his pet peeves. "I've got it!" Meninas went first, so Kake sat back down, watching her run off. She was a track athlete, and could move well in any situation; she zigzagged, stepping up and down the stairs as she chased the thin plastic bag along. Kake watched, chortling to himself.

    He remembered growing up with her; she was very clumsy in her younger days, but now she was as sure-footed as a forest elf.

    A sudden vibration in Kake's pocket caught his attention, and he pulled out his phone. He squinted at it for a moment, before fishing his reading glasses out of his pocket and putting them on, focusing his vision.

    New Message wrote:

    Ben Z: Yo, Kake.

    Ben Z: Kaaaaaaaake.

    Ben Z: I know you're there. Sorry I missed your call.

    Ben Z: I've Ben sick.

    Kake torqued his jaw, looking away from his phone for a moment and releasing a long, steady sigh. Benvolio Zeppeli was one of his oldest friends. Even older were his puns. This was possibly the fourteen-thousanth variation of the "Ben/been" joke.

    New Message wrote:

    R Kake: hardy har har.

    Ben Z: Like that one? I've got plenty more, and I've been trying to get them out of my system.

    Ben Z: Been out for a few weeks.

    R Kake: out where?

    Ben Z: Coma. I didn't tell you?

    Ben Z: Makes sense, since I was in a coma. Wasn't feeling particularly sociable.

    R Kake: what?

    Eyes widening, Kake quickly put his phone on his lap and tied his hair back. Looking back, Ben hadn't messaged him in weeks, but he often went missing for a while. Like an outdoor cat, he often went, but he'd always come back. This wasn't even one of his longer sabbaticals from instant messaging.

    New Message wrote:

    Ben Z: Yeah, I was painting a wall, and something hit me, so I fell off of the lift.

    R Kake: are you alright?

    Ben Z: I had crazy dreams while I was out. It actually felt like weeks.

    Ben Z: It was all black, and some people were talking at me.

    Ben Z: I think it was three? I only really remember two of them.

    R Kake: are you alright tho.

    Ben Z: That's kinda a mixed bag. Can I just tell you about the thing first? I really want to share it with someone so I don't forget.

    R Kake: first tell me if you're actually alright. mixed bag?

    "I got the bag!" Meninas came back, and saw Kake very intensely staring at his phone. Her brother gripped his stomach tightly with one hand; a stress reaction that sometimes left bruises on his abdomen. Meninas quickly sidled up to him. "You okay?"

    "I don't know. Ben fell and hit his head." Kake felt a lump in his throat. "Here. Read."

    New Message wrote:

    Ben Z: Fine. You're no fun.

    Ben Z: Neither is this situation, really.

    Ben Z: See, the doctor says, unrelated to falling, I have a foreign body under my skin, and it's pumping something that could be a neurotoxin into me?

    Ben Z: And I don't feel well. I've been sweating and I get very painful cramps, and I'm overall feeling kinda crap.

    Ben Z: Doc tried to cut it out, but it's woven into the muscle of my arm.

    Ben Z: Whatever it is, I think it's what knocked me off the lift in the first place. I felt a really hard impact, like I got shot. At first I was SURE I'd been shot, given my neighborhood.

    Ben Z: So, things are kinda looking bleak on the whole survive front.

    Ben Z: But I'm optimistic. REALLY optimistic. I don't really feel like death is on the table. Like this thing stuck in my arm is the signal of a new beginning. I'm gonna come back strong.

    Kake was no longer holding the phone. He'd placed it down and moved away from it the moment he saw the word "neurotoxin." Meninas rubbed his back, helping him through an acute anxiety attack.

    New Message wrote:

    Ben Z: Kake?

    Ben Z: Kaaaaaaaaake.

    Ben Z: Oh god you're freaking out aren't you.

    Ben Z: C'mon, dude. I haven't told you about the dreams. There was a really nice lady, a really stern dude, and one of them sounded straight up evil.

    Ben Z: They were grilling me hardcore. That's the important part. It was like good cop, bad cop, worst cop.

    The phone vibrated over and over as Ben continued his inane prattle, but Kake couldn't bear to look at the phone, and Meninas was too distracted.

    Kake's most profound virtue was endurance. Against abuse, unfairness, cruelty, and the other injustices of life. But this was beyond his strength to handle. Ben was one of his best friends for years.

    New Message wrote:

    Ben Z: I have all this important stuff going on and you put down the phone?

    Ben Z: Dick move, dude.

    Ben Z: ...Actually starting to worry now. C'mon.

    Ben Z: Crap. Doctors are here. I'm not allowed to be on the computer.

    Ben Z: I'll be gone for a while, but I'm still alive, alr

    Ben Z has logged off.

    The rest of the day had dragged on, but Kake was finally home. The small villa was dimly lit; the man of the house preferred it that way. Kake lurked in the kitchen, rustling around with plastic wrap and several items he'd procured from the artisanal market, Jojo's Bazaar Adventure.

    He worked quietly, stuffing a wicker basket with things he knew Ben would like. He deeply regretted putting the phone down, and every moment that passed reminded him that he hadn't actually managed to say anything, or reassure his friend in any way.

    What if Ben's sense of confidence and serenity was just a front? What if he was scared out of his mind, and needed someone to tell him he'd be okay?

    Kake couldn't shake the thoughts, as he placed a jar of artichoke hearts into the bag. He arranged it well; blue and white paper gave it the appearance of a huge flower, with the items arranged in a neat clockwise spiral. At the center was a jar of discontinued candies; chocolates with a crunchy, difficult to chew center (for a sane man, anyway). Ben bemoaned their phasing out for months, despite constant articles about children breaking their baby teeth on them.

    Unable to help himself, Kake took one and popped it in his mouth. He sucked on it at first, then attempted to bite down; no give, until it popped into a cacophony of what felt like glass shards. Jeez. It tastes well, but you'd have to be a crocodile to eat these daily.

    "Who's rattling shit around down there?"

    Kake froze, as he heard the deep footsteps of his father coming down the stairs. The man rounded the corner into the kitchen. "Ah. The hell are you doing up so late?" The words were lined with that trademark annoyance. He slurred his words slightly as he talked, staring at Kake through bleary eyes.

    One could easily see the resemblance between Rafael Kakunabe and his sister, Meninas. Slim, long haired, pale skinned, with minty green eyes. They took after their mother in almost every way. Somehow, Blueno Kakunabe didn't come through in either of them. Thick armed, tan, and hairy from jawline to foot, he looked more like an evolutionary throwback than their father. It was one of the things that made Blueno none too pleased with his children; Rafael specifically.

    They didn't look like him, talk like him, or share his values. Raising them alone was more of a legally required chore than a joy to him.

    "...Just making something for...a teacher. A going away gift, since she's retiring." Kake spun a lie out of absolutely nothing; he'd grown accustomed to it. "The class put together the money, so I put it all together and made it."

    "...Fuckin' hell." Blueno walked past Kake, and observed the thing. "This is why you can't keep a girlfriend. You should have gotten a girl to do it." A single, large hand reached over the basket, grasping at it.

    For a moment, Kake was horrified that Blueno would break it. Instead, he unscrewed the candy jar, and took some. "Ah. Got somethin' right. These are good." Mister Kakunabe scooped up a handful, dropping some in his mouth and chewing them to shards. "Teacher must have good taste; I thought these were discontinued."

    Blueno lumbered off, and Kake heard him trod up the stairs. He quickly screwed on the lid, and started on the plastic wrapping. His heart was still pounding from the interaction; his father scared him at times, but the idea of having to start over on the care-package scared him worst of all.

    With the package finished, Kake picked it up, and loaded it into a cardboard box. He walked towards the door, slowly turning the nob; Blueno wasn't the most caring parent, but his rules were absolute. Going out this late could be a death sentence. But, Kake shouldered the burden regardless; Ben would get his gift in the morning, come hell or high water.

    As he opened the door, the young man was given yet another scare; Meninas, wearing a black hoodie, was already outside on the porch, standing and waiting. "How the-" Kake quickly contained himself, lowering his voice and staring daggers at Meninas. "What are you doing out here?"

    "You're going to take it to the express station to mail it, right? I'm coming with." Meninas bounced on her toes. "If dad catches just you, he might..." Meninas trailed off. She'd started the sentence without thinking, and its conclusion scared her. "United front. We'll do this together."

    "No." Kake set down the box. "Get back inside." Meninas looked down at the box, then back up at Kake. For a moment, she had trouble registering his body language, but Kake was trying to seem tough. "Now."

    Meninas placed her fist in her palm, cracking her knuckles. She walked towards Kake, who took a step back. "I mean it." Kake held his hands up, ready to physically confront his sister.

    He was far less ready then he realized. Meninas faked a kick, and her gullible brother hopped back, lowering his hands to guard his shins and family jewels. His sister's fake-out disguised her intent; she quickly wrapped an arm around his neck, and bent him over backwards, pulling him into a headlock. "Sssssssssh. Go to sleep, Rafael. There's nothing for you but dreams."

    She didn't squeeze hard, but the discomfort made Kake thrash around, clawing at her back. After a moment, he tapped her shoulder. "Fine, fine, you can come, let go before dad hears us!" Meninas abruptly released her arm, and Kake thumped to the wooden porch. "Owch." Reaching down and grabbing his hand, Meninas dusted him off. "Quick, let's go."

    "Don't ever question my authority again, Raf." Meninas was dead serious as Kake picked up the box. "I could destroy you."

    "...Whatever. I wasn't even trying...shut up."
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    Re: Lullaby for Gods.

    Post  Bad John on April 13th 2016, 12:15 am

    Benevolio Zeppeli

    Strength: 6

    Speed: 7

    Combat: 9

    Willpower: 9

    Puns: B. Dunkelman

    Rafael Kakunabe

    Strength: 9

    Speed: 3

    Combat: 7

    Willpower: 1

    Divorce: 20

    These stats are 100% accurate.

    Next chapter coming soon. Sorry for the longass gaps, yo.
    Bad John
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    Re: Lullaby for Gods.

    Post  Bad John on May 21st 2016, 7:36 pm

    At the risk of spreading myself too thin, I think continuing this story's long overdue, considering it's one of my few entirely original works here.

    Working on a chapter now. It's about 15% done.

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    Re: Lullaby for Gods.

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