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    Boss Battle.

    Bad John
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    Boss Battle.

    Post  Bad John on January 21st 2013, 7:15 pm

    A thread for my personal Met-Knights fight scenes.

    I'm really getting into the canon I'm writing, and I'd like to explore some fight scenes earlier than intended.

    Pastoral (PulseMan) vs ChillMan.

    Pastoral readied his buster, as the strange robot descended onto the ice. His face was encased in thick sheets of glassy frost.

    The robot was hefting a heavy buster, attached to a hose. It was likely a Utility Tool part. The two stood the same height. Pastoral's arm was ready, his shield still on his back. "Rogue unit, huh? You a drone, or a Master?"

    ChillMan gestured around the room, sliding in circles on the ice. "Take a LOOK at me. Do I seem like a drone, brownie? Call me that again, and I'll grease you."

    "Got a name?" Pastoral inquired, as he walked slowly. His boots kept him anchored to the ground well enough, but he had to take careful steps.

    "I DID, until I got rid of it. Like I got rid of THEM, brown man." ChillMan smiled. "I didn't like it, so just go by my designation. ChillMan."

    Pastoral felt a chill worse than any of the cold air here in the frigid, subterranian warehouse. He looked around as ChillMan drifted on the ice, still grinning.

    Humans. Frozen in their last moments. Most workers at the ice production plant. Some were peacekeepers, their frozen faces hard with anger and desperation, still posed in their final recoils.

    Some had died running. Some had died fighting.

    "You're DESPICABLE..." Pastoral lifted his buster.

    "Do something about it, or chill out. Either way's fine by ME!!!" ChillMan hopped into the air, spinning and holding out his blaster. "ICE CYCLE!!!"

    The torrent of freezing solution nearly struck Pastoral as he zagged out of the way. He wasn't as fast as Octave, but he was swift, and surefooted. He aimed his baster and fired.

    "NOPE!" ChillMan hurled a dollop of ice between him and Pastoral, and the ice took the blow, shattering. "MY TURN!" ChillMan hurled ice down onto the ground, and the ground became more uneven as Pastoral approached, firing his buster.

    ChillMan took his advantage, skating and ramping and hopping with swift, soft ease. He moved almost like Octave, only slower. Pastoral had no problem drawing a bead.

    Shifting into Semi Auto mode, Pastoral fired, blasting ChillMan in the chest, knocking him out of midair. "HOOOF!" ChillMan fell to the ground, as Pastoral aimed his buster, shifting it into three round burst mode.

    Pastoral fired three times, the nine shots peppering ChillMan's chest and face. "FAXXXZZZTASKDZZZZZZ" ChillMan screamed in electronically distorted pain, as Pastoral moved in quickly, sliding on the ice just as ChillMan had.

    One punch shattered ChillMan's helmet, and sent ice scattering to the floor. Pastoral drew and swung his shield, scratching ChillMan's chest-plate.

    "NO! PLEASE! I surrender!!!" ChillMan fell backwards, holding out his hand in a gesture for mercy.

    "How many people begged you for mercy? Why shouldn't I scatter YOUR parts?! They TRUST us! We're the people's HOPE." Pastoral aimed his cannon. "It's because of YOU that they think we're all MACHINES."

    ChillMan grinned.

    "It's because of YOU that they think we're all morons. Gullible DICK! EAT ICE BEAM!!!"

    Just like that, ChillMan unleashed almost everything he had, hitting Pastoral square. The Robot Master was sent sliding backwards, as ChillMan unleashed his full fury in an icy blast hate.

    "You wanna talk to me about love and peace?! DO IT AFTER YOU DIE!!! I've been working for these bastards for YEARS! NEWS FLASH! I've ALWAYS gotten a cold front from them! The workers, the technicians, everybody gives me grief and the cold shoulder just because of what I am! Industrial, Combat, or even SUPPORT MASTERS will ALWAYS be hated! We'll ALWAYS be feared! THEY HATE US FOR NO REASON!!!"

    ChillMan ended his assault. Frosty smoke, and flakes of ice and snow drifting down, the view clearing, as ChillMan beamed, satisfied with his work.

    Pastoral was still. ChillMan pumped his fist, happy to see he'd hit his mark and iced PulseMan.

    He was only half right. Pastoral threw away his shield, caked with four feet of thick ice. His left arm was frozen, along with his right leg, but he was aiming his cannon, and pooling his energy.

    "...NO!!!" ChillMan howled in horror.

    I've had ENOUGH of this guy. It's time to end this.

    Maximum Buster Output Achieved. Feedback in three seconds.



    Pastoral's buster fired, and the blast shattered every crystal of glass in five feet of him. His shot's recoil shoved him back, but he held his ground as the blue, nearly invisible, tiny sphere traveled to ChillMan.


    ChillMan was only grazed by the shot, but his buster arm was devastated. He flew backwards, smashing against the wall behind him, shattering glass and concrete.

    ChillMan laid on the ground, glitching and twitching and mumbling electronically distorted gibberish.

    Pastoral stood over him.

    "Cool story, bro." Pastoral put his hands on his hips. "You're lucky to be alive, but I'm putting you in cold storage."

    PulseMan, with a powerful charged shot, stopped ChillMan cold!

    Pastoral Wins!!!
    Bad John
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Bad John on January 22nd 2013, 10:27 pm

    Pastoral leaped from roof-top to roof-top, his boots clopping lightly against the buildings.

    He could already see signs of carnage and destruction on the streets below. Crashed vehicles. People hiding and running.

    Some humans and service drones were on the ground, motionless. The worst image Pastoral saw was blood spattered across a window. That image would haunt him for weeks. Human life, smeared on a window like paint.

    ...He has to be stopped.

    Pastoral solemnly swore to put an end to this madness, and to lay the rogue Master to rest.

    And to make it HURT.

    Pastoral stopped, looking down at the streets below.

    A robot with blue armor was holding a man by the throat. His left arm was pointed buster. He had a high hairline, and a helmet that wrapped around his chin.

    "Say cheese, human." The rogue Master placed the barrel of his blaster against the man's chin, as he struggled to free himself.

    Pastoral lifted his buster and fired a careful shot. The enemy Master saw the attack coming, and hopped backwards, grinning.

    "It's about time they sent another combat unit!" The rogue Master grinned from ear to ear, aiming his blaster at Pastoral.

    "ROGUE MASTER. What is your designation?!" Pastoral shouted down from the building on which he stood.

    The enemy, many feet below, placed his hand to his ear. "WHAT'S THAT?! I can't hear you? You're too far away!"

    In an instant, the Master was gone.

    "What?!" Pastoral looked around, his buster at the ready. "Where'd he go?!"

    The robot Master, behind Pastoral, placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "That's better. Much closer."

    Pastoral, startled, turned and swung his elbow.

    Again, in a flash, he was gone.

    "My name's FlashMan."

    Pastoral turned and fired his buster, aiming by sound alone. FlashMan disappeared again.

    "And you're FUCKED."


    Pastoral felt FlashMan's boot slam against the side of his helmet. He turned and returned fire, but FlashMan was gone yet again. Pastoral looked behind him, as FlashMan fired his own buster. It was an older model, but it had a decent kick. Pastoral blocked the shot with his shield, holding his ground.

    Another shot came from the side, hitting Pastoral in the left wrist. Pastoral growled in pain, looking around.

    FlashMan was standing casually, his arms folded. "Pathetic. An old failure built by that OLD FAILURE Dr. Monday. You can't stand up to me, widdle PulseMan."

    "That so?" Pastoral smiled. "So, how are you so fast?"

    "DUMBASS. It's got nothing to do with speed." FlashMan aimed his buster, and disappeared.

    "Behind me." Pastoral noted. He turned, and fired before FlashMan could pull his own trigger.

    FlashMan took the hit to the stomach, backing up.

    "...Holy shit. He countered the time stop-"

    Pastoral fired again, but FlashMan disappeared.

    "Left." Pastoral turned and swung his boot, kicking FlashMan in leg, driving him to the ground. Pastoral aimed his cannon and fired twice, but FlashMan disappeared again, this time appearing mere feet in front of Pastoral, scrambling to his feet.

    "You're a NICHE robot. All you have is your stupid little Time Stopper trick." Pastoral grinned, as he lifted his buster and fired. FlashMan vanished, but Pastoral knew where he'd be. He could read the attacker like a book.

    Pastoral turned, ducked a shot from FlashMan's blaster, and wrapped his hands around FlashMan's throat.

    "You can't beat ME down with cheap tricks like THAT." Pastoral growled, and pushed forward, lifting FlashMan and leaping off of the building with him.

    FlashMan panicked, preparing his time stopper.

    Pastoral was one step ahead of him, gripping tighter.

    "Here's why they call me PULSE MAN." Pastoral grinned, as his eyes glowed for a moment.

    As they fell, Pastoral emitted an EMP wave, his hand still wrapped around FlashMan's throat.

    "BRAAAAAABZZZZRT" FlashMan shook violently, as Pastoral kicked him down and away, preparing his buster.

    As FlashMan hit the ground, Pastoral, just above him, fired. Onlookers only saw an explosion, and bursts of electricity as the shot hit home.

    Pastoral stood, in the middle of a small crater. His armor was scratched and dinged.

    The landing, and Pastoral's attack, did much worse to FlashMan. His left arm rolled away. His torso and legs were in shambles. He was slowly dragging himself away, as Pastoral pulled his shield off his back.

    "Y'know, your Time Stopper would have worked on me. You might have won. BUT, my brother uses something just like it. It isn't as potent, but he knows how to use it." Pastoral smiled down at the broken parts of FlashMan, who frantically dragged himself away. "The element of surprise. Feints. Using cover and small bursts of speed to his advantage to throw off my aim when we spar. All you do is appear behind me, expecting me to be too slow to notice. You're pathetic."

    "...Don't...!" FlashMan grunted.

    "Don't? Don't be absurd." Pastoral's expression darkened. "I don't make deals with robots like YOU. Goodnight, FlashMan." Pastoral growled, as he lifted his shield and brought it down on the rogue Master's neck, slicing his head off in one hit.

    FlashMan was destroyed.

    Pastoral wins.
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Manny on January 22nd 2013, 10:37 pm

    Pastoral seems a little more ruthless in the Megaman Universe than John in the Halo Universe.
    Me gusta!
    Bad John
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Bad John on January 22nd 2013, 11:12 pm

    Pastoral acts on a single principle in combat, the way I write him.

    "Good isn't soft."

    He doesn't hesitate to destroy his enemies, if they threaten humans, he'll destroy them. No ifs, ands, or buts.

    As long as the body isn't completely destroyed, they can be rebuilt and contained usually anyway, so there's no point to letting them live.
    Bad John
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Bad John on January 27th 2013, 11:20 pm

    Pastoral readied his blaster, unwilling to waste any time. This robot appeared to be built specifically for human extermination.

    It had to go down here and now, before it could go on the hunt for more nomads.

    "Come on out! I know you're there, Pasty!" Needle paced slowly, the murderous Malevolent patrolling for the Harmony Bot.

    The blue robot's eyes were set in his torso. At the top of his shoulders was a massive array of spikes, built to jet out and impale opponents. His armor was low quality, but thick enough to take a goodly amount of damage.

    One contact shot ought to do it. Pastoral growled, as he drew his shield.

    Needle turned to spot Pastoral as he approached. "Suck it down!"


    Needle's arm cannon spewed a hail of deadly energium spikes. Pastoral defended himself with his shield, as he leaped from side to side. The battlefield wasn't his home turf today, as he weaved along the dusty, broken auto parts on the ground.

    "You're about to be PAST TENSE, Harmony Bot! When I give Skull your remains, he'll give me that cannon of yours!"

    He works for Skull, huh? He certainly fights like it.

    Pastoral held his shield tight as two spikes spackled the trusty plate of metal. He lowered it and sidestepped another stream of needles. "You're a poor shot." Pastoral noted the fact plainly, as he charged in closer.

    "NO you don't!" Needle lowered his head, the pistons in his bulbous body working. The array of spikes at the top of his head jetted forward.

    Pastoral leaped backwards, avoiding the attack wholesale. The unusual spear retracted as Needle stared mockingly at the Robot Master. "HAH. All you seem good at is jumping around!"

    "Is that so." Pastoral advanced, as Needle aimed his spike buster.

    Pastoral aimed at Needle's feet and fired.

    Losing his balance, Needle fell forward, discharging his weapon into the ground. Pastoral lifted a discarded spike and hurled it as hard as he could. The sharp metal pierced Needle in the stomach.

    "WHY YOU!!!" Needle stood, but he was too late. Pastoral cocked his arm, his foot planted. He swung his buster, and slammed Needle's left eye with a metal warping blow. The damaged eye sunk in, as Needle was hurled backwards by the blow.

    "AAAAAAAAH!!!" Needle clutched his eye as he stumbled back. Pastoral leaped, and drove his right foot into Needle's face, rocking the enemy back, leaving a boot print on his face.

    Needle stood, aiming his buster. "I'll put holes in you!!!" Needle's good eye fixed on Pastoral, whose buster was pressed against the Malevolent's chest.

    In one shot, Pastoral sent Needle a meter backwards. Though Needle remained on his feet, the damage was clear; not a through and through shot, the blast had dispersed lethal heat through Needle's systems. Sparks and flames spread in Needle's belly as wires burned and hydraulic systems melted.

    "...No way...can't bzzzzzt Skull said I was zzzpecialhuzzzzzaztrrrt"


    It was painful for Pastoral to watch. Needle's core was extinguished, and the robot fell forward, motionless, and stasis.

    "Hey, Pasty."

    Pastoral looked up, and a boot collided with his head, throwing to the side. He rolled, and aimed his blaster.

    The villain had his back turned, lifting Needle and leaping away, his white armor glinting. The enemy turned for a moment and looked back, revealing his most iconic trait.

    Normal skin on the left side of his face, but around the eye and jawbone, his face was burned and bleach white, revealing the inner workings of his optics and mandible.

    Skull leaped away, having retrieved his near death brother. In moments, he was out of sight.

    "Clever bastard..." Pastoral growled, unable to pursue. "I'll see you dead yet!" He aimed and fired, but Skull's speed matched Octave's. He may as well be shooting at a memory.

    As Pastoral was unable to completely destroy or capture Needle, it's a draw!

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    It's Kruger
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  It's Kruger on January 28th 2013, 1:17 am

    Octave vs. GeminiMan

    There he sat, alone, just the way he liked it. Octave always preferred the Great Wastes. He found missions there soothing. He was born to be in this model of body, which was built to move. He'd never have it any other way.

    His older brother, Pastoral, didn't accompany him this time. Lady Opera and General had no leash on him. No, Octave was out on his own accord, a recon mission to investigate some electrical outputs was a small, unimportant bit of his venture.

    But, unlike the hundreds of other times, this output was something fairly interesting. A human camp inside of a destroyed store. Octave felt a strange, sinking feeling as he approached the store. Souls; Malevolent, were attacking the humans.


    To Octave and his body's processors, he stood there for a few minutes. To anyone else, it was a fraction of a second after he stopped. After that brief pause, he was a dark blue blur dashing at the store.

    With a heavy kick, Octave easily broke through the brittle walls, accidentally braking through a support beam.

    Landing on both feet, Octave was more than prepared for the two slow moving blasts coming at him. The first he rolled under, the second he swatted up and away as he stood. But, no sign of an enemy.

    But there was human blood.

    The area was a situation awareness nightmare; rows of shelves perfect places to hide. Every corner could house an enemy.

    "Why don't we get to know each other a little better." Octave said loudly as he brought his visor down and his mouth-guard up; saber still put away.

    "Who are you?"

    "You aren't from the Wastes.... No... He smells like polish."

    "Yes. Are you here..."

    "To KILL us?"

    Octave jumped up on top of the aisles. "SaberMan, at your service."

    At a surprising speed, two Master-class Souls jumped in front of Octave. They looked exactly alike. Their signatures and readings were the same too. They were the same Soul, just divided in two bodies.

    "GeminiMan. Now, ARE YOU HERE TO KILL US!?"

    "Well, that depends on-" Octave suddenly drew his saber and attacked once he saw a pile of dozens of dead humans. The attack was so abrupt, the Gemini to the right barely dodged Octave's slash.

    The two ran to either side of Octave and fired. Being faster than them, Octave easily dodged the attack. The two beams colliding where he'd been.

    "So, you guys are going to piss me off then?" Octave grunted, looking at one of the Gemini.

    Suddenly, a devastating blast grazed Octave's shoulder from behind. Had it been a full impact, death would have been very likely.

    Octave turned to see the shooter rushing him. He figured both were on the same agenda.

    Saber in the air, Octave looked back and forth between the two. When the got close enough, Octave brought him blade down one's head, swinging the master's body around to hit the other one. Flying, both bodies of the Gemini soul began sparking. With a final blow to both their reactors, the Gemini Men were damaged beyond repair, their souls dispersing from their broken bodies.

    "Pasty." Octave touched his earpiece, radioing his brother.

    "Yes, Octave?" Pastoral replied.

    "You will not believe the day I've been having out here, brother."
    Bad John
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Bad John on May 30th 2013, 1:25 am

    Pastoral stepped carefully. The plant he was in appeared to be trapped.

    "Octave, I'm in route to the energy signature. He probably isn't an industrial 'bot. Energy output is pretty similar to ours."

    Octave didn't respond. This fact distressed Pastoral greatly.

    He may be flippant sometimes, but he ALWAYS answers a personal message. It's not like you can drop your phone when it's ATTACHED TO YOUR HEAD.

    "Your communicator won't work."

    Pastoral cocked his arm repeater. In the dark, he could see the reflection of one of the compound's windows.

    "I want this to be fair, 'PulseMan.' Let me turn on the lights."

    The compound lit up with bright, fluorescent bulbs. A rarity in the Great Wastes. This had once been a steel mill before the Wars.

    It was an arena now.

    "I am BLADE MAN. Built by observing your brother's strengths, I've been designed to best YOU.."

    The purple robot master did in fact appear to be top of the line. He was tall and thin, his features dramatic and stretched. He wore a pair of long, conventional blades on his arms in place of hands or busters.

    "PHBBBT" Pastoral stifled a laugh at the robot master.

    "What's so funny?! The folly of being utterly doomed?!" Blade stepped down from his perch. "You dare mock me, PulseMan?!"

    "You DO know why people don't use REGULAR swords anymore, right?" Pastoral aimed his buster. "I'll just shoot them off, you dolt!" Pastoral grinned, aiming his buster.

    He fired, and Blade swung his sword, splitting the energy round in two.

    "...Well that isn't right." Pastoral's expression hardened, and he fired a few more times, the blasts deflected by the long, sturdy blades.

    "Ceramic Titanium. The type used in Metool Helmets." Blade grinned. "Prepare yourself!!!"

    Pastoral aimed his cannon, and with a surprising burst of speed, Blade cleared the ground between them. Swinging a blade, Pastoral felt his chest armor grazed. Another swing nearly took his neck, but he leaned back just in time.

    Drawing his shield, the new harmony robot master defended himself from a volley of slashes, driven back not by force, but the sheer danger that Blade's speed presented. He felt his shoulder bit into by the sword.

    Shoulder connection terminated!!!

    Running Repair Protocols.

    "Shoot!" Pastoral avoided another slash. His left arm hung limp, a critical cable in his shoulder severed.

    He took a shallow cut to the thigh. The blade slashed his cheek, then put a scratch into his helmet.

    Pastoral was in deep danger.

    Octave casually patrolled, looking for the energy signature he'd sensed earlier. "Dammit, Pastoral. I can't find this guy. Help me hone in on him, would you?"

    No response.

    "Yo. Pasty. Focus the hell up. I'm talkin' to you!"

    Still nothing.


    Underneath his anger, Octave felt an itching unease.

    Pasty would NEVER leave me hanging. What's up with this?

    "We're jamming your signal. You don't have TIME to worry about your brother, SaberMan."

    The strange, effeminate voice was clearly that of an enemy. Octave lit his blade. "Wassup?! Who wants a piece of this?"

    Stepping into plain view, an enemy robot master presented himself.

    With massive, golden, star shaped armor, the robot was the most goddy, shiny robot Octave had ever seen.

    "...Who dresses you?" Octave smirked. "Spain called. They want YOU back."

    "I am STARMAN." Star, ignoring Octave's taunt, spun on his toes. "I was built to shine brighter than a simpleton like YOU. Designed to take advantage of that piddly little shield and buster combination your brother uses, I am MADE of victory. Born better than a pififul harmony robot like YOU." Star prepared his buster. "HAVE AT YOU, WEAKLING!"

    "...Shut UUUUUP." Octave held his saber to bare. "I'll mop the floor with you, then I'll curbstomp Pastoral for ignoring my messages!"

    Octave charged without using his Time Skimmer. This robot master appeared to be one GIANT weak point.

    Then, his shield activated. A massive barrier of energy, lit and sustained by a grid of star shaped metal, stood between Octave and the enemy robot. Octave's swing was stopped cold, and his entire body was bounced away from the attacker, slamming onto the ground.

    "...Fuck what was that?!" Octave stood, confused. The barrier disappeared, as Star aimed his buster.

    Firing, Star grazed Octave's cheek, burning it.

    "KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Octave, fueled by rage, charged again. His blade was stopped by the barrier yet again, a circular dome around Star's body.

    "STARSHIIIIIIIEEEEELD!!!" Star aimed his buster and fired. Octave deflected the blast with his saber, but the barrier itself grew, knocking him aside.

    Star Man, seeing his chance, aimed and fired, striking Octave in the chest.

    "KZAAAAAAAATNAAA" Octave sparked, his armor damaged.

    Core Damage! Armor Compromise!


    Octave stood painfully, glowering at his flamboyant opponent.

    This one may just get the better of him.

    Pastoral knelt, cut several times, he needed time to repair.

    "How does it feel to be overmatched?! I'm much more powerful than you. Next, I'll kill your BROTHER!!!"

    Pastoral looked up, his eyes burning with anger.

    Octave clutched his damaged core.

    "When I'm done with you, maybe I'll show PULSEMAN what a star I am! He'll appreciate my glory before I burn him out!"

    Octave's teeth clenched with rage.

    "You're pathetic!" Blade lifted his sword.

    Arm repaired.

    Pastoral drew his shield, and proved why he was given the name "PulseMan." A thin sheen of electromagnetic force engolfed the two of them, forcing Blade to stumble back.

    An EMP is like a hard punch to every part of a robot's body. It jars the senses. Hard reboots the mind.

    Blade looked up just soon enough to see Pastoral's foot swing into his cheekbone, knocking him a meter away.

    "WHO ARE YOU CALLING PATHETIC?!" Pastoral shouted, his face lined with intense fury. Despite his relaxed nature, when he felt genuine anger, he could get lost in the passion that it brought. This made him a terribly dangerous foe to Blade.

    Blade stood, swinging his right sword. Pastoral's shield countered it, snapping his wrist with the edge of the shield and throwing Blade aside yet again.

    "Dammit...you bastard!" Blade stood, as Pastoral lunged towards him, striking him with another swift, painful, frame bending kick. Blade was tossed away by that high roundhouse, barely stopping himself from rolling into a wall. "He's...swifter than I-"

    Pastoral's boot shut Blade's mouth, kicking him to the ground. Each blow sent Blade's lightweight body flying, or battered it to the ground. Pastoral finished the combination of hits with a punch that shook the entire compound, sending Blade hurtling across the room and onto his back.

    "IF YOU WANT TO THREATEN MY BROTHER, DO IT IN HELL!!!" Pastoral's cannon aimed, charging, and fired. The blue ball of energy hurtled towards Blade before he could get up and dodge. The shot connected, blasting Blade's arm off, and putting him into near death stasis.

    ...No...I was built...to wi-

    Blade's eyes became hollow spheres, inactive rectangles marking his pupils. He was finished.

    "Jerk! Stay down, or I'll give you a REAL headache." Pastoral shot air through his nose, still angry. He composed himself, dusting off his shoulders.

    "I don't know why I was worried. Even with two swords, compared to HIS swordsmanship..."

    Pastoral turned, folding his arms and walking away.

    "...You're a totally lame chump."

    Octave cracked his neck muscles.

    Core stable.

    "MY TURN." Octave was gone in a flash. Unable to keep up, Star fired at thin air.

    Unknown to him, Octave was moving in between seconds. Skimming through time itself, his blade ready.

    With a harsh slash, he split Star's buster in half.


    Octave grinned. "Your star shield has a time lag. Too bad for YOU."

    Octave ducked a vein punch, and slashed Star across the back. He had thick armor, but a few more hits would simply bleed him out. Octave flipped over him, kicking him in the jaw, breaking his teeth and knocking an eye loose.

    With a low, flourished sweep, Octave slashed Star's knee, splitting it open. He swung again, splitting Star's neck as he was driven to his knees.

    "...Don't EVER threaten Pasty. If you ever get rebuilt, REMEMBER THAT." Octave glared at Star, a malicious stare.

    "Here's a physics lesson." Octave brought back his foot. "Speed is weight. The faster you hit, the HARDER you hit. Let's see how much a hit that's faster than TIME ITSELF damages YOUR FACE."

    Before Star could protest, Octave delivered an instantaneous, devastating kick to his face. His head was torn from the shoulders. Star's head flew one entire kilometer before it landed in a crater.

    Despite not knowing it, Octave had played his first game of golf that day.

    Octave folded his arms, his anger satisfied.

    "I gotta admit, your star shield is pretty high tech. However...

    Octave spat on Star's twitching body.

    "...My bro can hit harder than a loser like you ever could."

    PulseMan vs BladeMan!

    The winner was PULSEMAN!

    SaberMan vs StarMan!

    The winner was SaberMan!

    Never try to trump brothers by using their brother's skills against them. When you fight a guy all your life, you learn to best cheap imitations with ease.
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Manny on May 31st 2013, 8:45 am

    Speed isn't weight. It's distance over time.

    That was a terrible physics lesson, but it was a nice piece of writing.
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    Re: Boss Battle.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 31st 2013, 1:05 pm

    Manny wrote:Speed isn't weight. It's distance over time.

    That was a terrible physics lesson, but it was a nice piece of writing.


    Lol, just kidding. Glad to see this coming back!



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Boss Battle.

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