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    December 24th, 2560

    Dawn giggled as her and her mother carefully lifted the porcelain objects onto the prickly green tree towards the corner of the room. A gentle fire crackled in the fireplace, giving an inviting warmth to the room.

    David, Naomi, Josh, Phil, and their respective spouses sat along the room. Josh and Phil, along with their girlfriends focused on chaining popcorn onto pieces of string. David and Naomi, however, worked together to chain paper links together.

    Blaine, on the other hand, stood awkwardly towards the back of the room. A glass of plain water in his hand, he watched the lot of them chuckling, smiles adorned across all of their faces. He never truly understood why they were so happy, nor why he had to pull a tree into the house.

    Autumn hoisted Dawn onto her shoulder, the small red cap on his daughter's head shifting in the motion. In his daughter's hand, a shiny white circular object with angels was placed upon the top of the tree.

    "So, what's the point of the tree?" Blaine had asked, prior to any of the others arriving.

    "It's Christmas tomorrow." Autumn replied. "This will be the first actual Christmas for our family."

    "What the hell is a 'Chrishmas'?"" Blaine asked.

    "I really hope your kidding, Blaine." Autumn frowned. "You're telling me you never had a Christmas? They never did anything special for you in bootcamp on the twenty fourth or twenty fifth of December?"

    "Come to think of it, Mendez didn't use the cattle prod as frequently..." Blaine said. "What's the point of this Chrishmas"

    "ChrisTmas." Autumn corrected. "In the Christian faith, Christmas is the celebration of the Messiah Jesus Christ's birth. Just like Easter is the celebration of his reincarnation."

    "So, why does that involve trees in our house?" Blaine scratched the back of his head.

    "The tree is to be symbolic of the gift of Life that was promised to us by Jesus. The star on the top is symbolic of the Northern star, that led the wise men to Jesus' mother. Autumn shrugged. "To be honest, I don't know the actual story behind it. My family wasn't really devote. All I know is that the act of gift giving comes from the wise men's offering to the son of God."

    Ever since Autumn had found out that this was the first time Blaine had heard of, or even celebrated Christmas, she had invited all of their friends and family to spend Christmas Eve together. This wasn't just going to be Dawn's first Christmas, it was going to be Blaine's too.

    Taking a sip of his water, he snapped awake when David walked over to him, a strange white liquid in his cup. Blaine recalled that Autumn had called it Eggnog. Blaine had ingested some foul stuff in his time, but just the name Eggnog made him want to wrench out his gut.

    "You're not going to help out, Dad?" David asked. "You've been huddling in this corner since we got here. Don't tell me you of all people is a Grinch?"

    "He's not a Grinch or a Scrooge, David." Naomi chuckled from the couch. "He's never celebrated Christmas before. This is all new to him."

    "Like, what?" Phil's girlfriend Michelle asked. "Mr. Harlowe, you've never had a Christmas before? Aren't you, like, sixty?"

    "Aren't you, like, too young for Phil?" Blaine mocked, as the girl's mouth gaped. "Sorry I didn't have the same wonderful opportunities you had, kiddo. I was too busy fighting my Christmas' away to ensure you had a better future."

    "Like, sorry." she scoffed, turning around.

    Phil sighed, shaking his head. Josh managed to stiffle a chuckle without raising awareness, his girlfriend continuing to expertly place the popcorn on the string.

    "Then I suppose it's just as well you finally have one." Josh's girlfriend, Candace, replied. "Seriously though, you're acting like a stranger in your own house, sir. Come sit down and enjoy yourself. Christmas is a time of peace and family. Something I'm sure you've wanted your entire life."

    Candace wasn't wrong, the prospect of having peace, and to be around his family was one of the many reasons he still fought to this day. Placing the cup of water down on the counter, Blaine walked over towards Autumn and Dawn, who looked over towards him.

    "Daddy, you want to light up the tree?" Dawn asked, pointing towards the outlet on the floor.

    Looking at the floor, Blaine picked up the outlet for the lights, along with the extension cord trailing halfway across the floor. With a smile on his face, Blaine gently fit the two together, as the tree behind them illuminated brilliantly. Gold and silver tinsel twinkled from the multitude of white, blue, red, purple, and green lights. All of the carefully placed ornaments also seemed to shine vividly as a result.

    The room itself, which had only been lit by the gentle flames of the fire, was suddenly bright and cheerful thanks to the tree. Wrapping his left arm behind Autumn, Dawn between the two of them, they stared at the tree for a time. Though there were none more mesmerized by the view than Blaine and Dawn.

    "This moment is just too cute." Candace replied. "Josh, Phil, I think you should sing your favorite Christmas song."

    "Oh jeez." Phil said, pulling on the collar of his sweatshirt. "My throat's kinda scratchy."

    "Who cares?" Candace replied. "Do it for your grand niece!"

    With a sigh, Phil and Josh stood. Phil produced a tablet from his belt. After a few button presses, the sound of french horns, tubas, and trombones filled the room. Blaine, Dawn, and Autumn turned to see Phil standing there, one of Morgan's spare canes in his hand.

    "I'm Mister White Christmas- I'm Mister Snow~!" Phil said, walking around the room with a bit of swagger, the cane twirling in his hand. "I'm Mister Icicle- I'm Mister Ten-Below~!"

    Pulling the hat off of his head, he walked towards Blaine and Dawn, tipping it towards them, before replacing it on his head.

    "Friends call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch; turns to snow in my clutch! Ha ha!" Phil paused. "I'm too much!"

    Candace, Michelle, David, Naomi, and even Autumn stood behind Phil, walking behind him. Meanwhile, Phil twirled on his toes, making the sounds of a freezing man blubbering through his mouth.

    "He's Mister White Christmas- He's Mister Snow~!" the five of them sang, splitting into two groups to pass in front of him.

    "That's right!" Phil said with a gaffaw.

    "He's Mister Icicle- He's Mister Ten-Below~!"

    "Friend's call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch; turns to snow in my clutch! Ha ha!" Phil chuckled.

    "He's too much!"

    Stepping between the group, right in front of Dawn and Blaine. Phil's hand reached out and poked Dawn on the nose, causing her to giggle.

    "Well I never wanna know a day that's above Forty degrees!" Phil said, pointing to the thermometer on the wall. "I'd rather have it thirty, twenty, ten-five and let it FREEZE! He he!"

    "He's Mister White Christmas- He's Mister Snow~!" the group sang, as Dawn began to squirm in Blaine's arms, seemingly dancing to the song.

    "That's right!" Phil chuckled, spinning in place again.

    "He's Mister Icicle- He's Mister Ten-Below~!" the group continued.

    "Friend's call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch; turns to snow in my clutch! HA HA!" Phil said, taking a knee. "Too much!"

    With that, Josh pushed Phil to the side, standing in front of the two of them. Marching in place, the people behind him also stepped in place. Again, the horns returned, indicating a second bout.

    "I'm Mister Green Christmas- I'm Mister Sun~!" Josh said, pointing a thumb at his chest.

    "I'm Mister Heat Blister- I'm Mister One-Hundred and One~!"

    "They call me Heat Miser! Whatever I touch; starts to melt in my clutch! Bwahaha!" Josh smirked. "I'm too much!"

    "He's Mister Green Christmas- He's Mister Sun~!" the group smiled, standing in front of Josh, who now stood on the couch.

    "He's Mister Heat Blister- He's Mister One-Hundred and One~!"

    "They call me Heat Miser, whatever I touch; starts to melt in my clutch! Haha!" Josh said, jumping off of the couch, sliding on his knees towards them.

    "He's too much!"

    "Thank you." Josh said, before standing and moving to the thermometer. "I never wanna know a day that's under sixty degrees! I'd rather have it eighty, ninety, ONE-HUNDRED DEGREES!"

    Placing his fists on his hips, Josh looked Dawn in the eyes with a childish grin on his face.

    "Oh, some people like it hot. But I like it REALLY hot! Oh hohohoho!" Josh chuckled, causing Dawn to giggle herself.

    "He's Mister Green Christmas- He's Mister Sun~!" the others continued.

    "SING IT!" Josh cheered.

    "He's Mister Heat Blister- He's Mister One-Hundred and One~!"

    "They call me Heat Miser! Whatever I touch; starts to melt in my clutch! Bwahahahaha!" Josh said, crossing his arms. "I'm to much!"

    With that, the music came to a stop, as the group took a breather. Blaine smiled as Dawn squirmed in his arms, still enthralled by the little song and dance the others performed for them.

    "How was that?" Josh and Phil said, panting after their little tune.

    "It was... something else." Blaine smiled. "Sorry, I just don't know anything about Christmas."

    David stood, while the others returned to their previous activities. Naomi joined him by his side.

    "It's simple Dad." David said, while Naomi took Dawn and handed her off to Autumn. "Why, getting into the holiday spirit is just about as easy as- well, as easy as taking your first step!"

    Turning his back to Blaine, David took an exaggerated step forward with a grin on his face.

    "Put one foot in front of the other~!" David said, walking across the room. "-and soon you'll be walking cross the floooor~!"

    Put one foot in front of the other~!" he smirked, opening the front door. "-and soon you'll be walking out the dooooor~!"

    "You'll never get, where you're goin'.~" Naomi sang, placing a hand on Blaine's shoulder. "If you never, get up on your feeeet~!"

    "C'mon!" David called from across the room. "There's a strong tail-wind a blowin'!~"

    "A fast-walkin' man's hard to beat." Autumn sang along, placing Dawn on the floor next to Blaine.

    With a giggle, Dawn raised her right foot, taking a step forward.

    "Put one foot in front of the other~!" the room sang. "-and soon you'll be walkin' cross the flooooor~!"

    Continuing her tiny stroll across the floor, the toddler walked clumsily across towards David. Slipping for just a moment, David was there to catch her, swinging her around and up to his shoulder, a giant smile on his face.

    "Put one foot in front of the other~!" the room continued. "-and soon you'll be walkin' out the doooooor~!"

    David stood there, parading around behind the couch with Dawn on his shoulder.

    "If you want to change your direction~!" David sang. "If your time of life, is at hand~!"

    "Don't be the rule~!" Naomi tapped Blaine on the shoulder. "Just be the exception~!"

    "A great way to start is to stand~!" Autumn smiled, pecking him on the cheek.

    "Put one foot in front of the other~!" the room sang, as Naomi, Autumn, and David made a small parade behind the couch. "-and soon you'll be walkin' cross the flooooor~!"

    Blaine smiled, crossing his arms as the others joined along from the couch to walk in the parade.

    "Put one foot in front of the other~!" they all sang, marching around the kitchen and family room. "-and soon you'll be walkin' out the doooor~!"

    Glancing at the mirror on the fireplace mantle, Blaine looked back on himself, swearing that he could almost see his younger child self.

    "If I want to chance my reflection!" Blaine pondered. "I see in the mirror each morn-"

    "Yes you do!" David said with a nod.

    "You mean it's just my election?" Blaine asked, turning to David.


    "To vote for a chance to be reborn?" Blaine chuckled, clicking his heels together.

    Turning towards the parade, the group stopped to watch him. Exaggerating his first step, Blaine smiled dopily.

    "You put one. foot. in front of the other. and soon you'll be walkin' 'cross the floooor~!"

    Smiling, he slowly walked his way over towards them, as Dawn and the others chuckled at the man's silliness.

    "You put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walkin' out the doooor~!" the others sang, as he finally joined up with them behind the couch.

    With a cheer, Blaine took Dawn from David, tossing her gently into the air, before catching her and giving her a tight hug. Finally, with most of the singing out of their system, the group settled back into their prior seating, minus Dawn, Blaine, and Autumn, who remained in the kitchen.

    "We should have some hot cocoa." Autumn smiled. "I know how to make some, home made. In the meanwhile, Blaine, could you see if your Dad's coming?"

    Nodding, Blaine let Dawn sit in her chair, at the counter overlooking the kitchen. Autumn hummed Christmas songs to herself, while Dawn watched. Pulling a tablet from his belt, Blaine gave a few button presses.

    "Yep, it's me. You need something?" Morgan's craggily voice echoed from the tablet.

    "You coming old man?" Blaine chuckled. "We're having a family get together over here."

    "I'm a little delayed. I'll be there, but just let Dawn known Santa Claus is coming tonight." Morgan chuckled.

    With that, the connection ended upruptly. Confused, Blaine turned to Autumn.

    "Are we expecting a Santa Claus?" Blaine asked, as the room chuckled. "I don't think I've ever met him."

    "Like, maybe you've heard of Kris Kringle? Jolly Ol' Saint Nick?" Michelle asked.

    "No, I don't think I have." Blaine shrugged, as Naomi stood.

    "Dad used to tell Ben and I about Santa when we were younger." Naomi smiled, walking up beside Blaine.

    David stood too, walking over as well. Naomi hoisted Dawn into her arms, hugging her tightly.

    "I don't think you'd have to worry about it." Naomi smiled, rubbing her nose against Dawn's. "Santa Claus gives presents to good girls and boys on Christmas morning."

    "Really?" Blaine asked. "So he's a home invader... guess I'd better lock up tight tonight."

    "Nonono!" David said. "He comes through the chimney, and delivers presents in the stockings that Autumn and Dawn hooked up!"

    Pointing over towards the fireplace, there was a stocking for Blaine, Autumn, and Dawn.

    "He doesn't steal anything, Dad." David chuckled. "He gives presents to people!"

    Naomi smiled, swinging Dawn in her arms. before holding her close again.

    "You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry. You'd better not pout, I'ma telling you why~!" Naomi smiled. "Santa Claus is coming, to town~!"

    David smiled, pulling a piece of paper from his pocket and a pen.

    "He's making a list, and he's checking it twice~!" David grinned, scribbling Dawn's name on it quickly. "He's gonna find out whose naughty or nice~! Santa Claus is coming, to town~!"

    "He sees you when you're sleeping~" Naomi smiled, Dawn closed her eyes to pretend to sleep.

    "He knows when you're awake~!" David chuckled, as Dawn giggled.

    "He knows if you've been bad or good-" Autumn sang, as she melted chocolate on the stove. "-so be good, for goodness' sake~!"

    "Oh, you'd better watch out-" Josh said.

    "-and you'd better not cry~!" Phil finished.

    "You'd better not pout I'ma telling you why~!" David and Naomi sang. "Santa Claus is coming, to town~!"

    "With little tin horns-" Autumn smiled.

    "-and little toy drums-" David chuckled.

    "Rooty toot toots and rommy tom toms." Naomi sang. "Santa Claus is coming, to town~!"

    "And curly haired dolls, that toddle and coo~!" Naomi continued.

    "Elephants, Boats, and kiddie cars too~!" David sang. "Santa Claus is coming, to town~!"

    "Then kids in Girl and Boy land, will have a jubilee~!" Autumn sang. "They're gonna build a Toyland all around the Christmas tree~!"

    "So! You'd better watch out~!" Naomi chuckled. "You'd better not cry, you'd better not pout I'ma telling you why~!"

    "Santa Claus is coming, tooooo tooooooown~!" Naomi and David sang, as Dawn quickly clapped her hands together.

    As they sang this, however, the front door opened. Morgan stood there, only to Blaine he was barely recognizable. His beard had elongated considerably since they had spoken earlier that morning. He also appeared to have gained considerable weight, and he looked ridiculous in his red coat and pants with the white trimming. On his head, a hat of similar design sat firmly.

    Behind him, however, was a crimson velvet bag stuffed with all sorts of things, things Blaine couldn't see, however.

    "Ho ho ho!" Morgan chuckled, placing the bag down. "Merry Christmas Harlowes!"

    "Da-" Blaine began to ask, as David elbowed him in the chest. "Dawn look, it's, er, Santa Claus!"

    "Ah, so this is Dawn, eh?" Morgan said, continuing his act. "Let's have you sit on my lap, and you can tell Santa Claus what you'd like for Christmas. How's that sound?"

    Dawn reached out for Morgan, as Naomi handed her over. Walking into the family room, Morgan took a seat in Blaine's favorite recliner. Placing Dawn on his knee, Morgan smiled brightly. Blaine smirked, he had never seen the old man so happy, even when Blaine had first announced he was a Grandfather months ago.

    "Y'know, he's always wanted to this for Dawn." Autumn whispered just loud enough for Blaine to hear her. "He's always telling me how he regrets not being able to do anything like this for you. I guess he feels better doing this."

    "So, Dawn." Morgan said. "What would you like for Christmas this year?"

    "How do you know my name, Santa?" Dawn asked.

    "I'm magic, sweetheart." Morgan smirked. "I know all the good girls and boys by name."

    "Oh." Dawn said, turning her eyes towards Blaine. "I want a good Christmas for my Daddy too."

    "That's very nice of you, kiddo." Morgan said, patting her on the head. "I think you're Dad will have a wonderful Christmas. You know what will make his day?"

    "What's that Santa?"

    "If you have fun tomorrow morning. Opening all of your presents, and enjoying yourself. I promise you, that will let your Daddy have a great Christmas too." Morgan said, placing his green gloved finger to the side of his nose. "So, what would you like for Christmas, do you have any toys in mind?"

    "Yeah!" Dawn smiled. "I'd really like a friend for Fluffykins."

    Morgan smiled, reaching into his red velvet bag. After scrounging around for a moment or three, he plucked a purple colored Teddy Bear out of his bag.

    "Here you go, Dawn." Morgan smiled warmly. "Merry Christmas from Santa Claus."

    "I'll name him Morgan." she said, hugging the Teddy Bear. "I know how much Grandpa likes Fluffykins, so Fluffykins will love having a new friend named after him. Thank you, Santa Claus."

    Wrapping her arms around him, Morgan chuckled, patting her on the head.

    "You're a good girl Dawn, you make your family proud." Morgan said, hoisting her and the bear that now shared his name. "I'd love to stay, but Santa Claus is very busy and has a lot of presents to deliver all across Earth."

    "What about everyone else in the Outer Colonies?" Blaine asked, turning back towards Autumn.

    "Christmas is spread throughout the Galaxy on different days, Mr. Harlowe." Morgan said, handing Dawn off to him. "December 25th is Earth's Christmas celebration. I deliver to the other Colonies when they have their own Christmas'."

    With that, Morgan stepped out the door with a final wave, before closing the door behind him. After a few minutes, the door opened again, and he stood there in some more regular clothes.

    "Grandpa!" Dawn said. "Lookie at what Santa gave me!"

    Holding the stuffed bear out to him, Morgan gingerly took the toy and looked it over.

    "Would you look at that, he's pretty awesome kiddo. Santa gave you him?" Morgan asked, handing the bear back. "What'd you name him."

    "Morgan, like you!" Dawn said. "So you can always be with me!"

    "That's right!" Morgan chuckled, pulling her from Blaine and lifting her into the air. "That's my granddaughter!"

    With that, the two of them returned to the family room. Autumn, who had finished making the home brew hot cocoa, distributed the cups to everyone. On some, she topped it with whipped cream, for others, she left them blank. However, with the final three cups, she turned to Dawn.

    "Dawn, would you like marshmallow fluff in your hot chocolate?" Autumn asked, as Dawn looked over, confused, before nodding.

    Taking a spoon full of the white substance, she gently placed it on the top of the cup, with a striped red and white piece of candy in the shape of a cane placed inside. Handing it to Blaine, he looked down at the foreign beverage.

    "What is this?" Blaine asked.

    "It's Dawn's hot chocolate. You melt chocolate, add a little sugar and milk to water it down. You add some whipped cream or fluff on the top, and a candy cane to taste."

    "It smells minty." Blaine said.

    "Candy canes are peppermint flavored. Bring that to Morgan and Dawn to share, and I'll fix you one."

    "That thing is loaded with sugar. I can't have it." Blaine said.

    "Once in a while is okay, Blaine." Autumn chuckled. "Besides, you're constantly training. The amount of sugar in this will be worked out of your system when you go back the day after tomorrow. Live a little, now that you're not constantly getting shot at."

    Bringing the cup carefully over, Blaine handed the cup to Morgan, who took it gently in his hand. Taking a sip of it, the man sighed in relief.

    "Be gentle kiddo, this stuff is hot." Morgan said, holding the cup out to Dawn, who took a brave sip.

    "Yum!" Dawn smiled, a trail of chocolate on her upper lip, and a dap of marshmallow fluff on the tip of her nose.

    "Hey look, Blaine!" Phil chuckled, pointing towards Dawn's chocolate mustache. "Any darker and she'd look just like you!"

    "She pretty much already does." Autumn smirked, placing a cup on the counter for Blaine.

    "I don't think so." Blaine chuckled. "She may have my hair and my eyes, but she's got your face."


    "Perhaps hot chocolate this late wasn't the best idea." David said, as Blaine practically zipped across the house, cleaning dishes, dusting the ceiling or what have you.

    "It's just a sugar rush." Naomi shrugged. "At least the others are gone. They'd never let Blaine live it down."

    "Thank you both for staying. Dawn will definitely want some other company tomorrow morning." Autumn said, placing a hand on both of their shoulders. "Which reminds me, gather your father and let's put her to bed. Morgan told me that everything in that bag he brought is for her, and he hid it out in the garage."

    "Hey Dad!" David said. "Come with me for a second!"

    Opening the door, Blaine was right on David's heels. The second they stepped outside, David grabbed some snow and piffed it at Blaine's face. With the sudden coldness, Blaine shook himself awake.

    "Woah, that was something else." Blaine said, shaking his shoulders. "Why'd you do that?"

    "You were sugar high." David chuckled. "Morgan left some presents for Dawn in the garage, I'm gonna go grab them. Mom and the others want help putting Dawn to bed."

    With that, David hustled over towards the garage, his feet plodding in a few feet of fresh, packable snow. Blaine nodded, walking inside. Dawn was in Autumn's arms, clutching her new teddy bear like he was planning on leaving. Walking behind her, Naomi held Dawn's door open, as they walked inside.

    Not to long afterwards, David worked his way up the stairs, entering the room with them.

    Placing Dawn in her bed, she squirmed with excitement.

    "You got to go to bed, Dawn." David said. "Otherwise Santa won't come again."

    "It's okay sis," Naomi said, giving her younger sister a peck on the forehead. "Just go to sleep."

    "I want Dad to sing a song." Dawn said, turning to Blaine, who looked around.

    "I don't know any, kiddo." Blaine said, before pausing. "Actually, I may know of one."

    With a hushed whisper to Autumn, Blaine asked about a particular song that he had heard many times before, whether or not it was a Christmas song.

    "Yep, that's a Christmas song alright." Autumn smiled. "It's also one of my favorites."

    "Which one?" Naomi asked, as Blaine held up a hand.

    "She used to sing it all the time in that Orphanage." Blaine said. "Always kept me company too."

    Sitting on the side of Dawn's bed, Blaine placed a hand gently on Dawn's shoulder, smiling at her.

    "Do you hear what I hear~?" Blaine sang, as David and Naomi looked at one another.

    "Do you hear what I hear~?" Autumn, David, and Naomi sang softly.

    "Said the night wind to the Little Lamb~." Blaine sang. "Do you see what I see~?"

    "Do you see what I see~?"

    "Way up in the sky, Little Lamb. Do you see what I see~?" Blaine sang. "A Star, a Star, dancing in the Night; with a tail as big as a kite. With a tail as big as a kite~."

    "Said the Little Lamb to the Shepard Boy~." Blaine continued. "Do you hear what I hear~?"

    "Do you hear what I hear~?" the others echoed softly.

    "Ringing through the sky Shepard Boy. Do you hear what I hear~?" Blaine asked, as Dawn slowly nestled down, shaking her head. "A Song, a Song, high above the key; with a voice as big as the Sea. With a voice as big as the Sea~."

    "Said the Shepard Boy to the Mighty King; Do you know what I know~" Blaine and David sang.

    "Know what I know, what I know~"

    "In your palace warm, Mighty King? Do you know what I know~?" Blaine and David continued.

    "A child, a child, shivers in the cold. Let us bring him Silver and Gold~." Blaine smiled, rubbing her shoulder as Dawn slowly drifted off. "Let us bring him Silver and Gold~."

    "Said the King to the people everywhere~!" Blaine sang, the others echoing behind him.

    "Listen to what I say!" Blaine barked softly.

    "What I say!" the others echoed.

    "Pray for peace people everywhere~!" Blaine and the others sang.

    "Listen to what I say~!" Blaine barked softly again.

    "What I say."

    "A Child, a Child, sleeping in the Night; he will bring us goodness and Light! He will bring us. Goodness. and Liiiiiiiiight~!" Blaine and the other sang, as he smiled.

    Curled up alongside Fluffykins and her new teddy bear, Dawn had gently drifted to sleep during the song. Planting a gentle peck on her forehead, Blaine stood.

    "Merry Christmas, kiddo." Blaine said.

    With that, the group exited the room, closing the door gently behind them. Blaine walked down the stairs, and to his amazement, the stockings on the chimney were stuffed with little knick knacks and the like.

    Under the tree, vividly wrapped boxes sat, glimmering from the light of the tree. Walking over towards his stocking, Blaine noticed one thing on the top.

    "Seeings how it's your first Christmas-" Autumn said, walking up beside him. "You may pull one thing from the stocking to have early. Usually, you don't open these things until tomorrow morning. We'll just have the tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve from now on."

    On the very top of the stocking was a picture frame of sorts, turning it around, Blaine's heart nearly stopped. Looking back at him was a beautiful picture of Morgan and Blaine's mother. Blaine smiled, however, as a picture of his younger self had been photoshopped into the image, just at their feet. The young boy's arms outstretched, his wide blue eyes staring expectantly at the camera.

    He remembered the day this picture of him had been taken. Back then, he recalled an old man taking his picture. However, the man returned only once per year, until the day Blaine left the Orphanage. Had he only known then that it was Morgan that took the picture.

    Looking at the photoshopped image in his hand, Blaine smiled warmly. It was the closest thing he would ever get to a family portrait with his mother and his father. The closest thing he'd get to a childhood.

    He couldn't have possibly been happier.




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