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    Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

    Bad John
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    Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

    Post  Bad John on November 17th 2015, 6:59 pm

    Name: John-B069

    Personality: Friendly, rhapsodic, dogged, and a bit goofy, he's well liked among not only the Freelancers, but veteran UNSC personnel such as Blaine, and even Unggoy and Sangheili combatants that he has met in his travels. John is the heart and soul of the Freelancers, and a damn fine warrior in his own right. The "middle child" of the group, his opinion is sometimes overlooked. He has notoriously bad luck (a phenomenon Maura refers to as "Charlie Brown karma"), and enemies often target him first due to his attempts to get in close and drive them out of cover. He is quick to do the right thing, even if it means accepting loss or personal injury. The marines tend to call him "root beer guy," much to his chagrin.

    Appearance: Dark skinned, short cropped frizzy black hair, brown eyes.

    Specialty: Reliable in mid range combat and anti-covenant combat, his aim with most weapons is reliable, and he prefers smaller weapons that he can dual wield. John is notably skilled in close quarters hand-to-hand combat. His incredible skill in dealing with major ground threats is rarely contested, and he is often called upon eliminate Brute Chieftains, Sangheili Generals, and even new-found Forerunner threats such as Promethean Knights and high level Armigers. If you happen upon an enemy carcass, body broken and armor covered in fist shaped dents, it was very likely John-B069's handiwork.

    Armor Color: Dark brown with silver accents, and a dark blue visor.

    Armor Model: ALKE; Modified EVA varient built for CQB combat. A full shield EVA helmet with a UA "bandanna," it was inspired in part by his old SPI armor, built with the struggles of the Headhunter program in mind. It is optimized for blunt force durability on the hard points of the armor, and a reduced, smooth profile. Its light weight relative to other armor models, coupled with its lack of hand-holds for larger species to grab during close quarters, streamlines it for combat against the more inhospitable and large of Covenant species.

    Markings: A smiley face scratched over the heart, and a pair of long scratches diagonally down the chestplate. There are various other scratches and dents in the hard points of his armor.

    Preferred Weapons: M7 SMG, M6K, Combat Knife

    Name: Maura-B107

    Personality: Tough, gritty, yet amicable and fun. A massive Casanova, she uses her status as a Spartan to attract women, deadly and charming in equal measure. She enjoys roughhousing, much to the constant fear of her teammates. She regularly administers beat-downs to her family. Until Maura punches you or twists your arm, you're not truly close friends.

    Appearance: Auburn hair kept at neck length, slightly tan skin, grey eyes with green flares.

    Specialty: Although she is just as reliable at mopping up Covenant as any other Freelancer, Maura has received special training in anti-insurrection combat, and as a little girl, she was taught hundreds of ways to damage, demoralize, and dispatch human beings. No Freelancer has ever bested her in a fist-fight, and she is incredibly skilled at baiting and killing human opponents. Against covenant, she tends to fight at mid-range; however, she is perfectly happy to go toe-to-toe with enemy units.

    Armor Color: Tan, red accents, and a dark grey visor.

    Armor Model: HYBRIS; Patterned after the VALKYRIE-class armor suite. Built for mid-range combat, it has smoother joints, reconfigured leg components, and a larger, shield-like left shoulder paldron. It is specialized for personal defense in a firefight, along with an emphasis on mobility, as is Bailey's motif. In addition, one of the vambraces is built with a retractable, double sided razor knife.

    Markings: Her tag, B107, is printed on her chest-plate. On the left gauntlet, she has a tally of how many different women she's been with. The number is...extensive.

    Preferred Weapons: M5AD Recon Assault Rifle, M6 magnum, Razor knife that retracts into the right gauntlet and can fully come out as a handheld combat knife.

    Name: Lucy-B055

    Personality: Aloof, opinionated, and a quick thinker, Lucy enjoys antiquity. She isn't particularly social, choosing to spend her time with an elite few people, most of whom are fellow Spartans. She is fascinated by sangheili culture, and keeps a curve-blade not only as a souvenir, but as a bayonet for her rifle. A conversational sniper as well as a literal one, her quips are often well timed and cutting.

    Appearance: Pale skin, dark brown hair, light blue eyes. Has a particularly piercing gaze.

    Specialty: Lucy is the best sniper and combat tracker among the Freelancers. A vicious markswoman rather than a stealthy one, she aggressively tracks enemies rather than waiting for them, fiercely scaling structures and remaining on the move for the best shot. She is also well known for her ability to exclude advancing enemies from areas of interest, killing any enemy who attempts to move up with a simple, clean head-shot. She is incredibly skilled at hitting enemies that are in close combat without harming her teammates; she often has John, Alma, or Maura hound enemies out of cover so she can target and kill them when they flee. In CQB, she will often resort to using her sniper rifle as a staff to beat opponents, and failing that, will default to her combat knife and curve-blade.

    Armor Color: Black with purple accents and a violet visor.

    Armor Model: IOKE; Modified Deadeye variant built to optimize speed and the effective range of Lucy's eyesight. Powerful inbuilt lenses focus and magnify images, allowing for more accurate targeting. The armor plates are the lightest of any Freelancer, her leg armor built with more powerful thrusters and stabilizers allowing her to move faster and remain comfortable while prowling for a decent shot on her target. The vambraces are slim, almost formfitting, and the small of the back has a slot for active camoflague.

    Markings: A Sangheili symbol meaning "pursuit" is emblazoned on her chest plate.

    Weapons: SRS99C-S2 AM Sniper Rifle, M7 SMG, Sangheili curve-blade.

    Name: Zimm-B066

    Personality: Friendly, accepting, and open, Zimm is a good friend and an adaptable person. He respects boundaries, does what he can to help, and minds his own business. He's been through a great deal of trauma in his career, and is taking optional therapy sessions. Taking most things in stride, he's always down for a conversation. He has the most assisted kills of the Freelancers, and works best in zero gravity. In his spare time, he tends to browse the Slush; a vast flurry of information siphoned off insecure networks. He's used the slush to accurately predict the future at times, despite the sheer volume of data up for interpretation.

    Appearance: Fair skin, black eyes, and black hair drawn back in short dreadlocks. He has a titanium, combat capable prosthetic arm.

    Specialty: The best Freelancer informant, Zimm is a master at reading the ebb and flow of enemy squads and movements. Like a chess-master, he can accurately take in and interpret enemy movements from the ground, acting as the de-facto decision maker and thinker of any squad he's on. As with any Spartan, he's skilled with any weapon he picks up, but prefers the use of DMRs. He's also a competent close range fighter. He often spends any lull in a firefight to access is TACPAD to interpret and receive any troop movements in order to inform the decisions of the rest of the Freelancer units on the ground with him. In a fight, he tends to favor his right side, punching with his prosthetic arm, which, while equal in strength to his natural arm, feels no pain.

    Armor Color: Jet black, with a gold visor.

    Armor Model: MOROS; Adapted from the ORBITAL combat suite, Zimm's suit is built to optimize mobility both on land and in micro-gravity environments. Built with classical MK VI defensive points in mind, the suit has rigid armor plates built to shield him in the event of an uncontrolled collision, and to house powerful, pivoting thrusters to guide his direction, assist with breaking and easy direction change. His prosthetic works very well with his armor, and can easily function as a jack to lift heavy objects or jam open bulkheads with no pain or effort required.

    Markings: Zimm has scratched a rough smiley face into his visor with his knife.

    Weapons: Recon DMR, M6G pistol, Standard Issue Combat Knife.

    Name: Alma-B245

    Personality: Frequently indignant, opinionated, and proud, Alma is a firm believer in Spartan combat superiority. She talks up her comrades, and is the first person to defend a teammate who's being belittled or looked down upon. She constantly practices combat drills, and hates the fact that she lacks the raw talent of some of her teammates, although she is well respected for her tenacity. She's rather distrusting of any non-humans, and can hold a fierce grudge against anyone who wrongs her, regardless of context. Though she can be a pain in the ass at times, the other Freelancers treat her like an "annoying little sister." A close friend with Maura, she often spars with her, despite her lack of success against the stronger combatant. Unlike any other Freelancer, however, she has managed to knock Maura down, which is easily her proudest moment in life. The achievement was easily and quickly nullified when Maura beat the shit out of her moments later, but c'mon. Who else has landed a hit hard enough to knock Maura on her back?

    Appearance: Deep tan skin, wavy dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She is the smallest of the Freelancers, standing a few inches shorter than her peers.

    Specialty: Alma is wonderful at clearing structures. Her reaction time is incredibly sharp, even for a Spartan, giving her an edge in SWAT situations. She is a brutal close range fighter, and is utterly dauntless; sheer tenacity has placed her just below John in terms of close range engagement, although she lacks his brute strength and skill against larger opponents. It is nearly impossible to catch her offguard. If a pen drops, she'll turn around and shoot it to pieces before it can bounce a second time. She is also noted as the greatest knife-fighter among the Freelancers, slicing enemies with her dual combat knives. She is very acrobatic, and is a deft free-runner.

    Armor Color: Blood red, black accents, black visor.

    Armor Model: ANAIDEIA; Loosely based off of VIPER-class Mjolnir, Alma's armor suite is built for tracking and close quarters combat. It is significantly slimmed down from its source material, it is built to enhance Alma's natural athletic ability. The shielding module is built to recharge faster than normal without burning out, and her hips house holsters for her prized, ever useful combat knives.

    Markings: Alma's armor is covered in scratches and scrapes due to her constant "field tests."

    Weapons: M45 Shotgun, M6I Handgun, a pair of serrated combat knives.

    Name: Samus-B086

    Personality: Melancholic and terse, Samus is the quietest of the Freelancers by far. She typically communicates through pointed looks and very short, purposeful statements. She will sometimes engage in back and forth conversation with people she's comfortable with, but for the most part she avoids speaking unless necessary to clarify something or perform her duties in combat. Her ultimate goal is revenge against a specific Kig-Yar clan that tortured and executed her family during the Covenant war before her induction into the Spartan III program. She is very composed and cleanly, and prefers to keep her weapons well maintained, her armor polished, and her hair cut to very specific lengths and specifications. She enjoys her work as a pathfinder, flying light aircraft, and loves working with experimental weaponry. She has been very good friends with Nicole for years, and the two have recently started a complicated relationship; while perturbed by Nicole's relentless pursuit, she has proven rather receptive.

    Appearance: Light skin, bright green eyes, long blonde hair often pulled into a pony tail.

    Specialty: The most skilled Freelancer Pioneer, she is often tasked with exploration and aquisition of lost targets and artifacts. In battle, she prefers energy weapons, and is fond of plasma weaponry. She prefers mid-range combat, and takes enemies down with focused fire. In close quarters, she is very direct and brutal, preferring to use her fists or the butt of her weapons. She dislikes knives, but tends to carry one for utility.

    Armor Color: Red, orange accents, green visor.

    Armor Model: NEMESIS; Patterned off of the NOBAD armor suite, the chest plate is downsized and more streamlined to reduce the overall profile, while additional armor is added to the shoulders to add extra impact protection and house a more powerful energy shield projector. The helmet is heavily modified, featuring a T shaped visor and a more domed shape. The armor is built for extended excursions in alien territory, and to act as a field generator to power defunct technology. It is incredibly modular, and benefits most from added tech and kit-bashing, including hardlight shields, re-purposed active camo modules, along with other "armor abilities" taken from fallen foes.

    Markings: Samus, like a few other Freelancers, keeps tally marks on her armor. On her left thigh she places a scratch for every member of the Reed-Lay T'vaoan Clan that she has slain.

    Weapons: CHZO-Experimental Directed Plasma Munitions Arms Cannon, M6H2 Magnum.

    Name: Nicole-B198

    Personality: The most levelheaded and wise of the Freelancers, she acts as a peacemaker and hierophant to her teammates. Collected, supportive, and social, she is the one that most of the Spartans (and even Bailey herself) turn to in the midst of a personal crisis. She enjoys singing, and is a fashion aficionado, enjoying bright colors. She often picks out clothing for her friends during social events. While Jorge calls the shots in terms of military strategy, and Zimm informs the teammates on the wisest choices on the fly, Nicole is something of a spiritual leader, guiding the Spartans in their personal choices, and helping them discern right from wrong when no orders are given. Despite being "kind" in a sense, she has no problem with solving things via bloodshed. After augmentation, she killed one of the trainers during a training exercise as an act of vengeance; the guard had recently beaten Alma for insubordination. She has recently started dating her closest friend, Samus. Her romantic pursuits, willful and not without turbulence, have shown moderate success.

    Appearance: Light skin, short cut brown hair, and dark blue eyes.

    Specialty: Mid-range combat. She is the most versatile of the Freelancers, using clean, by the books war-fighting and take-downs. The second best in almost every regard, she is a jack of all trades. She also has incredible patience and calm, and cannot be goaded or baited, maintaining a professional cool regardless of what's at stake. Behind that patience is the willpower of a God; once she sets her mind to something, she has never been seen to fail.

    Armor Color: Gunmetal grey with green accents, golden visor.

    Armor Model: TECHNE; Based off of the legendary MK VI armor suite, this is the first GEN 2 suit Bailey ever created. Built to superficially resemble the baseline Mk VI Mjolnir armor, it is designed for all around effectiveness and versatility. Bailey intended to use this only as a prototype model, but due to the expedition of her project, she ended up upgrading it for use, and offering it to the first Freelancer Spartan who volunteered to test it. Nicole donned the suit, remarking that once she got used to it, it was "perfect."

    Markings: Her service tag, B198, is neatly stamped on her chest plate.

    Weapons: Longshot BR55 Battle Rifle, M6H2 Magnum.

    Name: Stahl-B082

    Personality: A supposed practitioner of zen, Stahl is very relaxed, to the point of laziness. Outside of combat he yawns quite a lot, and takes any opportunity he can to do absolutely nothing. He enjoys casual conversation and radio-shows, and is an avid supporter of the UEG. A friend to everyone, he's on everybody's good side, except for Alma, who despises his lack of motivation. Despite his indolence, he does enjoy target practice and time at the gym. He is a man of the people, and on the battlefield he believes in his responsibility to defend anyone intelligent enough to hide behind him. He has a massive fondness for moa nuggets and shitty magazines.

    Appearance: Dark skin, a dark brown mohawk, blue eyes.

    Specialty: Stahl is masterful at stalling for time. He can hack doors to completely lock down, has incredible aim, and specializes in defending locations and buying time. He prefers precision weapons, and is good at making quick decisions, slashing and burning assets to prevent capture, or digging in and fighting when he believes he can outlast the enemy.

    Armor Color: Gunmetal blue with grey accents, and a red visor.

    Armor Model: AERGIA; patterned after the ATHLON class Mjolnir, Stahl's armor suite is built to increase ballistic and plasma defense, complete with redundant armor repair protocols to absorb damage in the event of shielding failure. It is kitted with extra pouches and hardcases for ammunition storage, eliminating the need for load bearing ammo vests which are often discarded in the field anyway.

    Markings: Stahl has a turtle shell emblem lazily spray painted on the chest plate. His name is also written in sharpie on the back of his helmet.

    Weapons: MA5K Carbine, M6C Magnum.

    Name: Sarah-B070

    Personality: Studious and bright, Sarah devotes most of her time to learning about non-war related things, like history and humanities. She is a bit of a know it all, and often points out things that are best left to hindsight, unfortunately for her teammates. This quality, coupled with her near photographic memory and perchance for piecing together evidence, make her a remarkable detective. She can take small pieces of evidence and accurately make accusations, especially in terms of violent crime or remnants of battle. She and Zimm make for an incredible team when it comes to statistical analysis.

    Appearance: Red hair, freckles across the bridge of her nose, and green eyes.

    Specialty: A passable combatant, she is skilled at long range, favoring select fire battle rifles. Her true skill lies in her discerning, analytical gaze. She can sniff out a trap in a nanosecond, which is a massive help while hunting violent Jiralhanae and Kig-yar holdouts on human planets.

    Armor Color: Grey with black accents, and a violet red visor.

    Armor Model: APATE; Adapted from the ENFORCER-class armor suite, Sarah's suit is built to optimize her hud's information storage capacity. There is a simple TACPAD built into the wrist, and she can project information onto it, instantly writing with mouth gestures, allowing her to take and store notes on the fly.

    Markings: On her chest-plate close to the shoulder, she has a magnifying glass emblazoned.

    Weapons: BR55 Longshot Battle Rifle, M6D Magnum.

    Name: Xifax-B102

    Personality: Constantly fretting and worried, Xifax is jokingly referred to as the team "mom." Emotional by nature, he consistently has something to say or fret over in the moment. He is incredibly cautious, despite his physical advantages over the typical person; his carefulness has saved lives on many occasions, however. While not as classically perceptive as Sarah or Zimm, he has incredible instincts and intuition, and his hearing is very acute. He enjoys baking, jogging, and constantly keeps up to date on medical procedures and variations in the Spartan's behavior or the chemical balance of their augmentation. He is most often seen with Doctor Oriai, who adores him as a lab assistant. He reacts quickly to her orders, and knows every tool by name and millimeter size. He's incredibly neat, and will reorganize anything he thinks is off even by a bit. He is the only Freelancer that Maura will not physically menace.

    Appearance: Light skinned, light blue eyes, and short cut brown hair.

    Specialty: Xifax, despite his careful nature, has near magical capabilities when it comes to explosives. He can put together a bomb using a discarded weapon as a casing. He uses doubly redundant trigger systems, requiring him to press a trigger along with a button in order to detonate his unique creations. His bombs could be described as genuine art. As a gunman, his preference is to submachine guns, and he is a decent fighter at any range when given the right tool to work with. He hates using guided munitions launchers, as they can often miss their targets; his grenade throws are always on target. He is a very skilled medic, and has saved dozens of lives with his quick, clean medical prowess.

    Armor Color: White with red trim, and a blue visor.

    Armor Model: PISTIS; Based off of the TECHNICIAN armor suite, Xifax's armor is built for defense. Made with thinned down, but redundant repair systems, additional armor on the spine and back of the neck, and a backup shield generator, the suit is built to protect against sustained plasma-fire, even when the Spartan needs to remain immobile. His suit has a Hard Light Shield integrated into the right arm, an armor scanner that will instantly ping damaged areas on a Spartan's body so he can administer bio-foam, and a domed energy shield. On the flip-side, his armor also includes several inbuilt tools in the hands for bomb creation, along with a hard-linked explosives trigger that can tune to multiple ranges for repeated detonation of multiple explosive charges. The newest of her suits, Bailey really took a fair amount of liberties with this armor.

    Markings: A red cross is emblazoned on the chest plate, along with Xifax's service number.

    Weapons: M20 SMG, explosives detonator, M6H2 Magnum.

    Name: Diego-B221

    Personality: Positive and gung-ho, Diego loves his work. He enjoys target practice, training simulations, and most importantly, weaponry. He pours the majority of his waking hours into tweaking and modding not only his weapons, but the guns of his teammates. His specifications went into Samus's "Arm Cannon", and he routinely adjusts and calibrates Lucy's sniper scope. He loves performing routine maintenance on the Stonefree's MAC gun, and collects Covenant firearms whenever he can. Despite his hobby, he is very sociable and enjoys chit-chat on any subject, and remains very upbeat in the field, even with things are looking grim. He is a fan of "dad jokes," and loves to slip shitty puns into conversation.

    Appearance: Short cropped blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. He is notable as the tallest Spartan III in the group by a few inches.

    Specialty: Diego can pick up and adequately wield any gun, but you're most likely to see him with a SAW. Hot blooded, he's excellent at assault and suppressive fire, refusing to fall back unless absolutely necessary. He's rather skilled in close combat, using carefully applied brute force to bull back enemy assailants, but he tends to let his guns do the talking. He carries several load bearing vests on his armor, resupplying his teammates with ammunition when they run low.

    Armor Color: Gunmetal green with red accents, and a red visor.

    Armor Model: KYDOIMOS; Built to resemble HOPLITE class Mjolnir, Diego's armor is built with power in mind. Its armor has several magnetic latches for load bearing vests and bandoliers for ammunition, allowing Diego to carry more ammunition than a Spartan in "naked" armor. He can carry easily ten times the amount of spare clips than anyone else, making him a walking bullet farm. His armor itself can withstand a fair amount of punishment while keeping its operator safe, featuring just the right amount of armor to keep him mobile but protected.

    Markings: Diego's shoulder plate has a picture of a fifty caliber bullet round, and his chest plate has the words, "Hello, my name Diego" stamped onto it.

    Weapons: Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), Two M6H magnums.

    Name: Malea-B089

    Personality: Airheaded and fun, Malea is the happiest of the Freelancer group. Always ready with a friendly word or a compliment, or a joking barb, she consistantly smiles throughout her day. She can often be seen hanging out with Stahl, reading a book, or playing flight simulation games. She admires Nicole greatly, and follows her orders to the letter. She loves flying, and takes any opportunity to pilot hornets, pelicans, or even the outdated falcon. She intensely dislikes cynics and backseat drivers, and will snap at you and put you in your place if you question her methods, or lower morale by constantly bitching.

    Appearance: Long, black hair tied in pigtails, sharp grey eyes, and rather pale skin.

    Specialty: Malea is a decent gunman and fighter, utilizing an M6J carbine while on foot. However, her true domain is the sky. When piloting, she is a bit of a daredevil, performing risky maneuvers at breakneck speed with her characteristic grin on her face. Referred to as an "Angel from Hell" by anyone who's flown with her, she's never lost a soul that she's transported, and has downed an innumerable amount of enemy fighters and transports. She is, however, prone to "rough landings," and has used outlandish techniques to destroy enemy ships, including landing on top of a Phantom in flight, and firing her thrusters down onto it to push it into the ocean below.

    Armor Color: Cobalt blue with silver trim, and a silver visor.

    Armor Model: LITAE; Patterened after AIR ASSAULT, Malea's armor is built with several systems to inform her of barometric pressure, flight speed, and other factors paramount to piloting. As effective on the ground as any other suit, its chest and shoulder armor is trimmed to a lighter specification, allowing her to steer and maneuver without being encombered by annoying added material in the way. Her vampbraces are slimmed down, and her leg armor is contoured to keep her comfortable while seated.

    Markings: She started the trend of carving smiley faces into her armor sets, and has a large smiley scratched into her chest plate.

    Weapons: M6J Carbine, M6C magnum.

    Name: Jorge-052

    Personality: Tacit but kind, Jorge is a rather gentle giant in social situations. A product of another age, he's having a bit of trouble getting used to the more casual, social life of a Freelancer. He spends most of his time alone, or in the gym, but he has no aversion to socialization, and is comfortable speaking to people. His greatest regret, the Fall of Reach, weighs heavily upon him, and he is often rather low key and pensive. He's slowly coming into his own as a new, free person. He has an aversion to unnecessary violence, and has taken up tending to Bonsai trees, trimming and maintaining them in order to practice fine motor coordination, and keep entertained. He likes his Spartan III teammates well enough, but sometimes their antics get on his nerves, necessitating a beatdown.

    Appearance: The largest Spartan by a landslide, Jorge has light skin, a scarred face, dark brown, slightly greying hair and stubble, and brown eyes.

    Specialty: Jorge is a masterful fighter, and aided by his new GEN 2 armor, he's stronger than ever. In terms of physical ability, he's stronger than his peers, capable of moving quickly while carrying the weight of a mounted turret, and he has more stamina thanks to Oriai's continued augmentation regimin, increasing the strength of his heart and lungs. A brutal close range fighter, he can shatter bones with relative ease, and beat down unskilled Sangheili or even Jiralhanae with practiced, precise brutality. His preference is for heavy firepower, but to challenge him in any theater of war is a bad idea.

    Armor Color: Gunmetal grey with orange trim and red attachments, and a copper visor.

    Armor Model: BIA; Built based off of the now obsolete GRENADIER-class Mjolnir Mk V varient, Jorge's armor is built based off of his specifications. Added armor plating, massive shields on the neck and shoulders, and rugged, thick metal make him virtually unstoppable. Bailey relished in the creation of this armor set; if her other suits were like fighter jets, this suit is a frigate.

    Markings: His chest plate has a simple emblem that resembles a planet, with the continents of Reach drawn on it; a tribute to his home.

    Weapons: M247H2 Heavy Portable Machine Gun, M6J stockless carbine, M6A Magnum.

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    Re: Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

    Post  Bad John on November 17th 2015, 7:12 pm

    Jesus. That looked borderline impossible to read without proper formatting.

    Fun facts; Bailey names all of her customized armor sets after personified greek concepts, such as ALKE, the spirit of combat prowess and courage, HYBRIS, the spirit of outrageous behavoir, Anaideia, spirit of ruthlessness, or NEMESIS, spirit of revenge.

    Also, Samus's grenade launcher is based on the Chozo suit's arm cannon. CHZO. It can shoot simple but powerful plasma shots, each cartridge she loads being good for quite a few shots. It's a neat weapon.
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    Re: Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

    Post  Bad John on November 18th 2015, 5:11 pm

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    Re: Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 18th 2015, 5:35 pm

    Awesome, I took the time to read over this. It's definitely nice to know these new characters a little bit. Especially when they're the cast for a new and improved Metal and Mettle.

    As always, looking forward to more!



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

    Post  Manny on November 18th 2015, 10:03 pm

    So far, out of the new cast, Sarah and Alma seem to be my favourites.
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    Leadership Personnel

    Post  Bad John on May 8th 2016, 3:41 am

    Name: Doctor Billy-Jean Bailey

    Personality: Though she may not seem it, Bailey is one of the most magnanimous people you'll ever meet. Great of mind, merciful in conduct, and friendly in disposition, she was born to lead. A keen scientific mind, she has a gift for invention; her designs for war machines have been stolen and integrated into vehicles and armors for years. Undermined and betrayed for the majority of her career, Bailey found herself shoe-horned into the Headhunter program as a handler, armor technician, and a mission coordinator. She eventually learned to love her Spartan IIIs, and they took her to new heights, vouching for her and allowing her to perform research through their missions, and develop their armor. Today, she's exactly where she wants to be; at the helm of her own paramilitary company, where she can research and build without being under someone else's heel.

    Appearance: Light skinned, green eyed, and brown haired.

    Specialty: Bailey is a deft inventor, and is excellent at delegation. She is a passable surgeon when pressed, and is a fine shot with a pistol when it doesn't have too much recoil. She also knows a lot of kickboxing. If you push her buttons and coax her into a fight, she will happily employ her secret weapon; a heavily modified HRUNTING MK III: CYCLOPSE mech. It is painted blue, and outfitted with multiple experimental weapons systems and shielding.

    Preferred Weapons: M6C Pistol, HRUNTING CYCLOPSE mech.

    Name: Admiral James D. Teach

    Personality: A bit of a cowboy, Teach is a risk taker, a proud soul, and fierce despite his age. Broad and strong, he keeps himself in good shape, and constantly keeps his mind sharp. He survived the war, and countless seemingly hopeless naval campaigns to intercept Covenant and rescue evacuating people from harm. He's lost several ships to his more dangerous antics, and he's come face to face with his fair share of Covenant species. Affable, he's very indulgent of the bizarre, and nothing can get him down; even impending, certain doom. He's resolved to die as he lived; with fists clenched and a few choice words leaving his mouth.

    Appearance: Short, grey hair, light, scarred skin, and silver eyes.

    Specialty: James D. Teach is a miracle worker at the helm. Using the Stonefree, the Freelancer flagship, he can outmaneuver and bull down the majority of threats. With the ship's many weapons (autocannons, torpedoes, mac guns, and a compliment of drone fighter craft), he's a stronger naval combatant than ever. He's at home in a battle, and always has a plan.

    Preferred Weapons: The Stonefree, or an MA5D assault rifle.

    Name: Doctor Misami Oriai

    Personality: Misami Oriai is the kind of person who only berates you if she believes you can do better. Sarcastic, and seemingly cruel, she has rather little bedside manner; if you require her medical assistance, you probably fucked up proper, and she isn't afraid to let you know that. She does have the capacity to be rather sweet; she adores Xifax, but few others. The polar opposite of her associate Teach, she will not abide the bizarre. She is a pacifist, and would sooner be on the receiving end of enemy fire than pick up a gun. She is an incredibly talented surgeon; she was on the research team that developed several of the Spartan IV procedures, including the lung coating to breathe toxic materials, the vat grown organ replacements, and the metabolic supplements. If you're under her knife, you have a high chance of pulling through, regardless of your injury.

    Appearance: Black hair, dark green eyes, rather tan skin.

    Specialty: Dr. Oriai is a doctor. She has incredible diagnostic skill, and is a deft surgeon. She runs the infirmary with an iron fist, and is in charge of recruiting and training medics and surgeons. She also presides over the mess hall and food production, making sure all food is fit for consumption and nutritionally balanced.

    Preferred Weapons: A small can of mace that she keeps in her lab coat. The spray is incredibly potent; it can render a human unconscious with a consentrated burst (and highly miserable upon awakening), or repel a Jiralhanae.
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    Human Combat Personnel

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    Name: Regular Combat Personnel

    Uniform: On Duty Combat Personnel wear a Marine BDU similar to the ones seen during the Battle of Earth. The cloth fatigues are dark blue, with black plating. In addition to the color difference, Bailey has made several quality of life improvements, including using more breathable fabric, and latches that reduce the friction of the armor while in motion. The plate-metal is lighter and stronger, capable of protecting the soldier from small arms fire. The helmets are modular, and fitted to the specifications of the particular soldier, including attachable goggles or baklava, or breathing apparatus. Squad leaders and specialists are given hardcase backpacks for asset retrieval or to power the tech they're kitted with.

    Equipment: Squad leaders and specialists are often equipped with experimental tech, powered by small battery packs located in the agent's hardcase. This tech includes reverse engineered Covenant and Promethean weaponry, domed shield generators, deployable cover, portable gravity lifts, radar jammers, hologram generators programmed to mimic the movements and actions of Freelancer high value targets, among other useful items.

    Notes: Hand picked by Bailey's inner circle, and trained by Bailey's Spartans in abnormal warfare scenarios, these soldiers are incredibly adaptable and reliable in a fight. Even Walter A. Law has praised their efforts in the past. Some have been picked for the Spartan IV program in light of their efforts alongside the Freelancers.
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    Freelancer Arms Prototypes

    Name: CHZO Munitions Launcher

    Designer: Billy-Jean Bailey

    Ammunition: A classified proprietary design by Dr. Billy-Jean Bailey, which incorporates both UNSC HEAB rocket designs, along with Covenant directed plasma technology.

    Description: The CHZO cannon is Dr. Bailey's first successful attempt at a guided plasma weapon, combined with an incredibly versatile explosives launcher. Built to emulate the design of a Hydra MLRS, this masterpiece is one of a kind, colored gunmetal green with two barrels, sleek curves and a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The top barrel fires HEAB rockets, while the second loads and fires bursts of super-heated plasma bolts at 200 RPM, with an effective range of 60 meters. The HEAB rockets are not built to rest on the laurels of UNSC standards; they can be specially outfitted with EMP bursts, thermite gel for incendiary bursts, deployable nets for live capture of targets, tear gas, or even bursts of super-cooling liquid in order to calm fires or freeze enemies alive. It has been reinforced with a sturdy under-penning to facilitate close quarters combat using the weapon as a club.

    "After a while, it started to feel like it was an extension of my arm. I'm keeping it."

    "I thought there was a fifty credit limit on Secret Santa this year. How the fuck am I supposed to top that thing?"

    "Seriously, is Bailey some sort of wizard?"

    Name: Etilka

    Designer: Billy-Jean Bailey and Diego-B221

    Ammunition: 12.7mm High Velocity, Explosive

    Description: The personal weapon of Jorge-052, this linkless fed weapon boasts incredibly high velocity and firepower. The shield replaced by a heat cover, and the barrel painted in Jorge's colors, it is modified for easy carry, relative to an armor clad Spartan. With a high capacity magazine and support for explosive ammunition, this weapon makes it clear that Jorge isn't a fan of fair fights.

    Personal Notes

    "Boner inspiring is the only word I could think of using."

    "That's his primary weapon? What else is he carrying, a wooden club?"

    "I would follow him anywhere."

    Name: Apergía and Diatrypó

    Designer: Alma-B245

    Ammunition: None

    Description: Alma personally minted these fix blade, identical fighting knives herself using a high carbon alloy. Painstakingly smithed, the blades are ten inches in length each, with beautiful red leather grips. Alma keeps them both spotless and sharp, and they've never broken in battle; even after piercing Sangheili combat harnesses and Jiralhanae combat armor.

    Personal Notes

    "I can't fault her on her taste."

    "Do not try to borrow them. Do not touch them. Don't even look at them. I picked one up to get a feel for the weight, and she fucking bit me."

    "One of my most recent complaints was for sexual harassment. I wasn't looking at her ass, I was looking at the knives."

    "Maura is a liar. When we were walking behind Alma in the hall, Maura elbowed me, made a honking motion, then winked. Ask yourself, how does one honk a knife handle?"

    I'll add a few more later, including vehicles. Gotta say, my favorite part is coming up with the quotes. I have a lot of fun with those.

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    Mjolnir Sets

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    Freelancer Mjolnir Gen 2 Armor Sets

    General: During the first year of the Freelancer's creation, Dr. Billy-Jean Bailey had a lot of plates spinning. She was primarily focused on research and development, training of her hired operatives, and commissioning the construction of the Freelancer carrier, Stonefree. As the process was streamlined and delegated to her inner circle, she was left with a lot of free time. During that free time, she had a thought.

    "Oh shit. I need armor for the guys."

    So, at first, she was content to ask for a few sets from the Watershed Division, which she would modify and upgrade at her leisure. While she waited for her request to be processed, she dabbled in making armor of her own. The first suit she ever made, TECHNE, was made based off of design documents she'd requisitioned. However, when the suits she ordered arrived, she was happy to write TECHNE off as a one-off project.

    She was, at first, rather pleased with the armor she received, until she compared it with TECHNE. The suits Bailey received were "HOPLITE" armor sets. After some research, Bailey discovered that HOPLITE armor was designed specifically for Spartan III soldiers in the worst way; it was low cost, unsophisticated, and made to be easy to repair.

    Bailey was furious with the idea that her Spartans would go into battle wearing cheap, dumbed-down knockoffs. Inconsolable, she made a decision.

    "Fine. I'll make my own damn armor."

    In a move that was referred to as "deliciously snarky and unprofessional" by Walter A. Law, Bailey sent a short video to the Watershed Division, in which she disassembled the HOPLITE suits for their raw material, and showed them a technical demo of Nicole wearing the TECHNE armor suite and completing tasks that would debilitate a wearer in cheaper armor. She still keeps one of the HOPLITE suits for target practice.

    Slaving over her suits, Bailey poured her heart and soul into personalizing each and every one of her Spartan's rigs, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses, along with their stylistic proclivities. In doing so, Bailey demonstrated a wall of pure brilliance that the Watershed Group could never hope to surpass with mass produced armor sets.

    It's one thing to pick a suit off the rack. It's another to have a suit prepared to your exact measurements. In another life, Bailey could have been a badass tailor.

    Armor Specifications: Bailey's armor was built with her previous SPI innovations in mind. In general, it's meant to be lightweight, allowing for flexibility and comfort during CQB or Pathfinding. The color was produced with a process similar to bon fresco; despite superficial damage, the Spartan's paint job will not rub off easily unless catastrophic damage is visited on the metal.

    Undersuit Specifications: The techsuits of Bailey's armor are jet black, save for a band of color around the throat and left wrist. They feature the Spartan's service number at the nape of the neck. Her undersuits are lighter and tougher, nearly impervious to small arms fire from low caliber weapons.
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    Re: Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

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    More Freelancer Arms and Vehicles

    Name: John's SMGs [M7]

    Designer: Diego-B221 and Dr. Bailey

    Ammunition: 5x23mm M443 Caseless FMJ

    Description: John's personal firearms. A pair of identical submachine guns modified for greater penetration and distance, at the very slight cost of firing speed. John tends to use them one at a time, bringing one with a sidearm or a heavier weapon. He's been known to fire both at once, and his accuracy in doing so is particularly impressive.

    Personal Notes

    "If you fire two at once, you can kill a lot of hostiles, and trick nearby women into thinking you're cool."


    "I thought it was stupid at first. Fill the air with enough lead, and you're bound to hit something. What's frightening is that he keeps his grouping pretty tight; he's not just spraying and praying."


    "Sure, I've seen him cave in brute skulls with his fists, but it never dawned on me how strong he and his teammates are until I saw ol' Root Beer Guy firing two SMGs at once. You've gotta have forearms like truck pistons to keep the recoil under control."

    Admiral James D. Teach

    Name: AV-BJB-001 Kite

    Designer: Dr. Billy Jean Bailey

    Passengers: 2 [1 Pilot, 1 Rider.]

    Armaments: Variable; most often they possess a forward facing, nose mounted 50 Caliber autocannon and gauss cannon. Sometimes they sport missile launchers.

    Description: A small, fast moving, maneuverable VTOL. Of similar size to the AV-49 Wasp, the AV-BJB-001 was built to emulate the thruster configuration of Mjolnir Armor; small ports throughout the hull can fire propulsion, allowing for faster, more nuanced steering, making the ship handle something like a banshee at its highest speeds. Bailey's first foray into vehicle mass production, the Kite is used extensively by Freelancer air forces. Malea-B089 especially enjoys them, using her own specialized, painted Kite for attack runs in heavy combat. The cockpit has two seats; one for the pilot, and one for a rider.

    Personal Notes

    "The controls are simple enough that even a monkey could fly it. But, they're not so simple that the controls lack nuance; an experienced pilot can do some impressive shit in these. Look no further than Malea."


    "The first models were smaller and lighter, but an armored Spartan would offset the weight and liftoff would fail. You shoulda seen Jorge trying to fly one. The poor fucker dropped like a rock."


    "I like that you can fly it with the canopy sheathed. It's like a convertible."


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    Re: Freelancer Personnel and Equipment

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