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    Spartan Beta 107

    Bad John
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    Spartan Beta 107 Empty Spartan Beta 107

    Post  Bad John on August 10th 2015, 1:40 pm

    This is a quick crash course in Maura's character. Nothing too heavy or serious.

    Naturally, since it contains Maura, it is unsafe for work.

    It was somewhat cold in the state of Mare Nubium. Even with an abundance of personal space heaters, the Moon was never meant for humans to live on long term. However, as it was mankind's nature to spread and conquer, no land could be passed without being settled upon, at least by a few.

    For a certain Spartan III, conquest was more important than anything else. With the heater working overtime to keep her quarters at 74 degrees, and a single candle lit on her dresser, she'd done everything in her power to make things ambient and comfortable for her guest. Maura-B107 breathed a low, almost growling laugh as she crawled on top of her visitor, a young security guard.

    Female, of course. Maura's proclivities have always been solely targeted towards the opposite sex. Typically unaugmented humans. The Spartan IVs were often straight, and willful. As for the Spartan IIIs, she'd been through most of the survivors who were open enough to experiment.

    Maura liked them timid, eager, pretty, and easy to manhandle.

    She took a moment to survey the landscape, so to speak. She'd hit the jackpot with this woman; a newly graduated marine from Luna's prestigious OCS academy. Long brown hair, an ample bust, and a curved, slender frame.

    What's she doing, signing up to be a soldier looking like this? Maura idly thought to herself as she lowered to go for the kiss.

    "Wait, wait, wait..." The mariner placed a finger on Maura's lips, stopping her cold. Maura complied, backing off somewhat hesitantly.

    God fucking dammit. Maura smiled in a pleasant, welcoming manner as she sat back, ready to hear the marine out. She wants to talk...what was her name again? The Spartan III shot a quick look at the overshirt on the floor, spying the nametag. Yvette.

    "What is it, Yvette? Second thoughts?" Maura's voice was even and indulgent. She hated those two words; "second thoughts" meant a fish getting off the hook, but if Yvette wanted to leave, stopping her was out of the question.

    "I was just thinking..." The unaugmented, new soldier leaned forward, her white undershirt wrapped around her chest in a manner Maura could only describe as awe inspiring. "You're a Spartan. You've done so much for humanity...but I doubt you've ever been rewarded for it. Maybe you should lay back while I..."

    Maura's eyes widened and her heart quickened when Yvette began lifting her shirt off. The woman batted her eyes at the Spartan III seductively as she crossed her arms, lifting the white curtain over her abs, slowly ascending to the black fabric of her bra.

    "Do all the work," Yvette finished.

    Yes YES YES!!! Maura genuinely grinned. She hadn't been this happy since she was given her Mjolnir armor.

    Then, her brother fucked it all up.

    The automatic door clicked then opened, and Yvette frantically lowered her shirt, as John-B069 entered the room, looking down at his data pad. "Yo. Maura. Bailey sent me to read off the damage reports to your armor." John looked up, spotting Yvette.

    Even with his Spartan reaction time, it took him a moment.

    "Oh. OOOOOOOOH. Shit." He turned to leave, but the door shut in front of him, forcing him to quickly re-open it. "My bad. My bad. Seriously. Didn't mean to interrupt. Sorry. Sorry."

    He opened the door, but by some horrible prick of bad luck, it stopped halfway. Wasting no time, partially due to the awkwardness of the situation, and partially due to his horror, he simply squeezed his way through the door. It shut behind him. Maura could hear his footsteps as he sprinted through the hallway as fast as he could.

    His fate was already sealed. If looks could kill, Maura's glare would have incinerated him then and there.

    "...Yvette, I understand if you need a moment." Maura, with great self control, reigned in her fury and turned towards her guest with a pleasant smile.

    The marine, mortified, nodded. "...Do you mind getting me a glass of water? I saw a lounge not far away with a water cooler."

    Maura nodded, and yanked on some clothes. A simple jogging tracksuit sufficed to cover herself. She pressed the button on the door. "I'll be right back with your water. Make yourself comfortable."

    The moment the door closed, Maura cracked her knuckles, listening for John's footsteps. He'd likely retreated to the rec room for backup.

    Unforgivable. Maura's nostrils flared, and her teeth ground. UNFORGIVABLE.

    To be continued later today. I hope you enjoyed John B069 while he lasted.
    Bad John
    Bad John
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    Spartan Beta 107 Empty Re: Spartan Beta 107

    Post  Bad John on August 10th 2015, 8:34 pm

    The doors of the rec-room swung open, somewhat startling the people inside. Zimm-B066 lowered his pool stick, and Lucy lowered her art book, looking up at John, who had shoulder-checked the double doors, and was now pacing quickly in front of them as they shut. John spotted the pool stick in Zimm's hand, and frantically crossed the room, snatching it.

    "Hey, man!" Zimm protested angrily as John took it to the doors, barring them. "I just chalked that fuckin' thing."

    John looked at Zimm. His peer had a metal arm, and a short row of well kept dreadlocks. Zimm was one of his oldest friends.

    "Zimm, buddy. You know what I like about you?" John threw an arm around Zimm's shoulders, a clever sneer on his face. "You're loyal. We've been looking out for each-other on the battlefield for years. You're one of my best friends."

    Zimm was somewhat touched by the sentiment, completely forgetting how strangely John was acting. "...Thank you, man. I always considered you a really good guy."

    "Zimm, you have my WORD, that if anyone were to come to try to exact vengeance on you, I'd intervene. Even if only to buy you enough time to escape. I would sacrifice myself for you, dude." John peeked at the door, hearing approaching footsteps. "And I know in my heart you would do the same for me, no questions asked."

    Lucy huffed, furrowing her brow at John. It didn't take her long to deduce the situation. He pissed Maura off, and needs a human shield. Jesus Christ, John. She stared at the door, wondering when it would burst open.

    The door opened quickly, snapping the pool stick in half. John quickly moved behind Zimm, only to realize it was only Vance, who was also on base at the moment. Vance was eating a small turkey sandwich, raising an eyebrow at John. "...The hell do you look so scared for? And why was this pool cue in the door? As if that thing would stop a Spartan." As Vance gave his short spiel, Maura slowly approached behind him, much to John's growing horror. Zimm stared, blank faced and unaware what was happening. "You guys are wasting pool cu-"

    "Move." Maura grunted, grasping Vance by the side of the head, and shoving him hard. His balance was thrown off, and his feet tapped and squeaked against the floor as his sandwich flailed through the air.

    "Sandwich no!" Vance cried out before he hit his head, denting the drywall. "OW!!" Maura, ignoring Vance entirely, made a straight line for John, who pushed Zimm into Maura's path.

    "Get her, Zimm! Get by back!"

    Zimm threw his hands up and moved out of the way, making no attempt to stop her. He gave John a disapproving glare. From her couch, Lucy gave a loud bark of laughter, watching intently.

    She loved seeing people lose. Her boyfriend was no exception; on the contrary, she enjoyed watching him fail most of all. This was comedy gold.

    Maura stood in front of John, who shrank back quickly. "Maura, listen, I didn't know someone was in there with you. I was only following orders-"

    "Like the cock-blocking Nazi you are." Maura growled, staring John in the eye menacingly. "I'm a history buff, John. I don't take kindly to Nazis."

    John flinched as Maura lifted her fist to strike him. However, before she could swing, Vance stepped beside her. "You gonna pay for my goddamn sandwich?"

    Maura looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes narrow.

    Vance hadn't heard the horror stories about the auburn haired woman. His bravado was misplaced.

    "I don't have cash on me, bub." Maura turned slightly towards him. She could tell Vance was on the cusp of an attack.

    Vance, no slouch, threw a right jab. Maura leaned back, Vance's knuckle gently brushing past her chin. Her fist rose under his jaw, clocking him with an uppercut she slipped under his guard. Vance fumbled backwards, taken completely by surprise.

    John was the premier close-quarters combatant when it came to fighting COVENANT. Maura, on the other hand, had a more sinister specialty. She knew exactly how to pick apart the defenses of a human combatant.

    She was one of the shining stars in war games for that reason; both a lover and a fighter, she was a masterful slayer of her fellow humans.

    Maura placed her fingertips on the hollow of Vance's throat, digging in hard. The strange, choking pain forced him to guard, swiping her hand away. "Motherfu-" before he could finish his words, her knee dug into his unguarded stomach, bringing him to his knees. Vance gasped out a few words. "Fucking HELP, JOHN!"

    With his name called out, and his pride on the line, John approached Maura quickly from behind. She spotted his shadow creeping closer, and saw his reflection in Vance's eyes; a trick that John had coincidentally taught her. She moved back, her body molding to his as she swept his legs and grasped the back of his head, shoving it forward.

    Maura uttered two relatively appropriate words. "Now kiss." She sadistically smashed John's head against Vance's, knocking the Vance's lights out for a second. Vance dropped onto his back, clutching his head as John stumbled forward, his eyes watering. He turned in time to see Maura in one step distance. She snatched at his wrist, but he managed to pull it out of the way.

    John knew her game, and knew he wouldn't last long on equal footing. She dipped into a wrestling posture, her center of gravity low. John frantically searched for a weak point, but she moved before he could locate one. Her forearm chopped against his as he blocked a left-handed strike. He stepped in, attempting to bar her arm. Maura reversed the hold and brought him in close. She stomped his toe, forcing him to shift his weight as he yelped with pain. She swept his leg and moved behind him, pinning him face down on the floor.

    With one free arm, she gave John a punch on the back, her middle knuckle extended. "OW!" He managed to tear his arm free and scramble to his feet, but Maura was a step ahead. She snatched his arm and threw him over her shoulder, sending John sailing across the room. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He tumbled over a table, landing on the floor.

    Vance and John both stood, Vance rubbing his forehead. "John, who the hell is this?!" Vance demanded through clenched teeth.

    "My old Headhunter partner, Maura." He wiped his now bleeding mouth, trying to ignore the pain in his back where Maura had frog punched him. "She's very thorough. If I were you, I'd bow out."

    "No way. She fucked up my sandwich." Vance glared at the auburn haired woman. Maura was giving a particularly superior grin, her fists raised. "I'm not getting shut out by some sandwich hating asshole."

    "Then we're gonna have to work together," John said. "Follow my lead, and we just might win this thing!"

    Vance nodded. "Yeah!"

    Ten minutes later,

    Maura had bruise on her cheek, and a slight nose-bleed. "I'm impressed, guys."

    Vance was folded over the couch, completely beaten. John, a folding chair wrapped around his head, laid on the pool table, unwilling to stand up, lest the beating continue. Vance, under his breath, managed to mumble, "We didn't fucking win that one..."

    John grunted in ascent, as Maura poured a glass of water for Yvette, satisfied with her work.

    "Next time you come to my room, John, knock." Maura walked into the hallway.

    Vance, pushing himself off the couch, tumbled anemically onto the floor. "What the hell was she?"

    "Maura." John adjusted his jaw, crawling on his hands and knees off the pool table. Maura had beaten his legs the worst, oddly, so moving around was fairly painful.

    "I didn't ask who, John, I asked WHAT." Vance growled, sitting and rubbing his face. "Look at me! I've seen fighting dogs who don't get beat up this bad! She was like a fucking storm of fists."

    John nodded. "Yeah, that's Maura." He stood, rubbing his sore jaw.

    "...I like her," Vance concluded.

    "Yeah, for such a mean person, she's oddly charming."

    The End.

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    Post  Bad John on August 10th 2015, 8:42 pm

    As Maura approached her room, she sighed, knowing Yvette likely wasn't in the mood anymore. The interruption was too severe.

    Next time, I'll lock the damn door. The Spartan III felt her heart breaking when she considered that she might never get under Yvette's clothes now. She opened the door after lightly knocking. "Sorry it took so long. I got your wat-"

    Maura nearly dropped the cup when she saw her guest's new attire. She was wearing one of Maura's tee shirts, her underwear, and nothing else. Yvette motioned for Maura to enter with a quick wag of her finger. "I've been waiting. What happened to your face?"

    The Spartan III felt her blood circulation skyrocket, her face turning bright red. She reigned herself in quickly, adopting her usual smooth demeanor. "Oh, I just got into a light disagreement with one of my co-workers. You should see his face." Maura showed off her knuckles, now somewhat bruised by the scuffle. She stepped forward and into the room, completely forgetting the prior incident.

    "Oh, who cares about him now?" The door shut behind Maura as Yvette crawled across the bed. Maura became distinctly aware that the woman was no longer wearing a bra. "I'll make it all better."

    Yes yes yes yes YES...

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    Post  Manny on August 10th 2015, 9:36 pm

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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 10th 2015, 9:45 pm

    I died when John tried throwing Zimm at Maura. I resurrected and died again when Vance's sandwich went flying.



    Thanks for Reading!

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