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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 25th 2015, 1:30 pm

    "Y'know guys, I may have declared a retirement from writing recently." Morgan sighed, lazing back in his chair. "But there are some ideas I still really want to explore."

    "Like?" Manny asked, turning from his University assignments long enough to humor his fellow Author.

    "Well, I've already released the starts to some short stories in the works." Morgan shrugged, placing his hands behind his head. "One features Blaine after the events of Dark before Dawn. The other features Lance and Chelsea, remembering Drake, whilst trying to make the Destiny Universe a brighter place."

    "As long as it's awesomesauce, and filled with badassery, I say go for it." Panther shrugged, returning to his video games.

    "Meh, whatever floats your boat man." John nodded.

    "No, you're wrong and I hate you." Kruger chuckled, walking over. "Nah man, you do what you want."

    "Well. It seems to be a running theme, but I think I want the three acolytes of GoldenHeart to fight each other, in a free for all."


    Blaine's eyes opened wide as he dropped to the concrete beneath him. Gasping for air, he had just been talking with Dawn and Autumn not a moment ago, and in a flash of light he found himself in the middle of a street. In front of him, Bryce and Drake appeared in a similar fashion. Both of them, however, seemed unfazed by the teleportation, as they were actually both capable of doing so.

    "Well, this can't be good." Drake sighed. "I guess I really can't rest in peace, can I?"

    "The hell does that mean?" Bryce snorted, turning to Drake. "Don't like us anymore?"

    "To be fair, I never really cared for either of you to start with." Drake smirked. "-And I mean I died. Shadow killed me off."

    "Harsh." Bryce shook his head, turning to Blaine. "What's up with you big man?"

    "Pretty much the same." Blaine shrugged.

    "Well, yes and no. Depends on the continuity my fellow Authors chose to follow." Shadow said, appearing in the center of them.

    "So... why did you summon us here?" Bryce asked. "Is the fuck-head Farius back?"

    "On the contrary. Out of sheer boredom, and from all of the music I've been listening to recently, I wanted to see some action again."

    "Here we go..." Drake sighed.

    "You will be facing each other, in Ascended forms." Shadow looked to each of them. "This environment around you is all simulated, so no actual people will be harmed in the process. Blaine, as host of GoldenHeart, you are forbidden from reaching that potential."

    "I dunno, this whole thing seems kinda douchey."

    "Coming from the douchebag, that's huge." Blaine chuckled, as Bryce growled.

    "Y'know what, I'm in." Bryce grit his teeth. "It's time someone put this big bastard in his place."

    "Get at me, egghead." Blaine smashed a fist to his chest.

    "I'll pass," Drake shook his head.

    "Oh, so Mr. Courageous is a chicken shit?" Bryce growled, as Drake's fist smashed into the psychic man's face.

    "Nah, I just didn't want to have to hurt you both. But now I see that's out the window."

    "Have fun, and please try not to kill each other." Shadow grinned, before disappearing into a veil of white smoke.

    The three combatants stood there in a triangle, glancing back and forth at the other two to their immediate flanks. Blaine jerked his head to the right and to the left, ushering a sickening pop as his muscles and bones slightly cracked. Drake cracked the knuckles in his fingers, while Bryce rolled his shoulders.

    "Don't make me go easy on you." Blaine smirked cockily.

    Strangely, neither party chose to Ascend at first, opting solely to fight with their most basic of abilities. Before Bryce could react, Blaine was on top of him. Smashing a boot square into the cyromancer's chest, Blaine grinned, before Drake's fist smashed him in the side of his helmet, reeling the Spartan aside.

    "C'mon now. That the best you got, Spartan?" Drake grinned. "Us Titans ARE the Fists that break our enemies."

    "Clearly you've never met a Spartan then." Blaine chuckled. "We don't break easily."

    Charging the Titan, Blaine smashed punch after punch at Drake, who stepped backwards, blocking each and every block. The only noise uttered were the grunts, as Drake attempted to tire the Spartan out. Smashing his left fist down and into the top of Drake's helmet, Blaine threw a nasty Superman punch into Drake's throat, knocking the Titan backwards.

    "Guess I've got a pretty nasty first meself." Blaine smiled, before Bryce tackled him full speed.

    The Spartan and the Psychic flew through several of the simulated buildings, drywall and glass cascading down from above. Bouncing along the ground, Blaine coughed as he struggled to stand, a giant hammer forged of ice smashing down on his shoulders, knocking him to the ground.

    "Likewise, I guess I've got more brawn then I give myself credit for." Bryce spat.

    Blaine's hand lashed out, however, grasping Bryce by the ankle. Pulling it out from under the psychic, Blaine prepared to smash a mighty punch into Bryce's chest, but the Psychic disappeared in a puddle of melted ice. Blaine's fist went through the air, smashing the desk beneath him in half.

    Diving to his left, he lashed an arm out, catching the icicle that Bryce had launched at him. Flipping it around in his hand, Blaine charged the psychic, slashing with the icicle like it was a dagger, and swinging his fist, Bryce finally teleported away. Blaine heard something behind him, diving to his right, he turned back, throwing the icicle at Drake, who punched it square out of the air.

    Rushing on the Titan, Blaine jumped into the air, smashing both of his boots into Drake's chest in a drop kick. Turning to his right almost immediately, he rolled along the floor to avoid Bryce's attempts to flank him. Jumping to his feet, he hurled pieces of debris at Bryce, who merely caught them with his mind. Swirling them around his person, Bryce started hurling them back to sender. Flipping around the debris expertly, Blaine continued to rush towards the Psychic, who held one piece of debris.

    Blaine grinned, he knew exactly what Bryce had planned to do. Jumping forward for another Superman punch, Blaine faked backwards, thrusting his fist exactly where he knew Bryce would appear. His fist made contact, knocking Bryce onto his back.

    The ground beneath the combatant's feet rumbled, as Bryce clenched his fists. Blaine smirked as the sphere of dust formed around Bryce, the golden image of a Owl emblazoned on the front. The sphere shattered, as Blaine spread his arms wide.

    "C'mon then, brainiac, HIT ME!" Blaine grinned, Ascended Bryce floating there.

    A third eye opened grotesquely on Bryce's forehead, his legs crossed beneath him, floating by his own power. A small storm of snow swirled beneath him, giving the illusion he was riding the cloud. In his hands, a pair of bent spoons.

    With the utmost pleasure.

    Blaine braced himself, as Ascended Bryce blasted towards him at full speed. Growling, Blaine smirked as he dragged across the pavement several feet, but he had managed to stop the Psychic from pushing him completely. Smashing his fist downwards, Bryce was already gone. Wincing, Blaine grunted as a car smashed into his back. Bounding along the pavement, Blaine groaned as he turned back, Bryce had several of the automatons in his mental grasp, swirling them in the air above him.

    Bryce grunted in confusion as a small sphere of purple latched onto the car floating to his immediate right. Within seconds, the sphere exploded, causing the cars in Bryce's grasp to explode, the concussion from which disoriented him, while also blasting him backwards down the street. Drake charged after his target, smashing his fist into Bryce's face mid-bounce, launching the Psychic further down the street.

    Cracking his knuckles, a giant red sphere began to form around Drake, with a Phoenix emblazoned on the front of it. When it shattered, fire and ash spewed into the air, a pillar of fire in it's dead center. Drake stepped out of the flame, a massive sword in his right hand, a pair of fiery 'horns' sticking out of the top of his helmet. Flame danced off of the tip of the sword, extending the reach of the sword incredibly, the fire itself acting similar to a whip.

    Slashing at the air in front of him, a giant line of fire followed his sword's motion forward, a wall of flame charging towards Bryce. Holding his hands up, Bryce summoned a wall of ice in front of him with little effort. The fire wall hissed as it melted midway through the thick wall of ice, the water finally extinguishing the flame.

    Bryce charged through the ice wall, shattering it into many projectiles, launching them simultaneously in a giant storm of 'daggers'. Launching himself at Drake, the Titan did not flinch, as he smashed his right boot into the sidewalk, a massive column of fire erupting from beneath the sidewalk, melting them. Grabbing Bryce by the throat with his left hand, electricity began to spark through Drake's spare hand, shocking Bryce mercilessly.

    Blaine grunted as he stood, staring wide eyed at Drake's ability to use electricity. Staring with fear at it, he knew the pain Bryce was going through, clenching his fist, he decided to turn the tables. The ground tremored beneath his feet, much more severely then it had with the previous two, so much more that the buildings around them began to fail structurally. Drake stopped shocking Bryce long enough for the two Ascended combatants to stare at Blaine. Whom was now being surrounded by a giant blue sphere, with a gold golden Eagle emblazoned on the front.

    When it shattered, both Ascended combatants stared as the Spartan stood there in his usual red and blue Mjolnir armor. Only now, along the edges, there was slight gold trimming. Gold aura seemed to pour out of the armor, and the lights on the armor shined a bright golden color. Turning their attention on the Spartan, neither one were quick enough to react to Ascended Blaine.

    Smashing his left shoulder into Drake's chin, the Titan launched several feet straight ahead, through numerous buildings. Turning in a flash, he grabbed Bryce by the throat, smashing several nasty jabs into Bryce's forehead, before throwing the Psychic across the ground.

    Drake charged towards the Ascended Spartan, who turned in time to see the fiery charged Fist of Havoc coming towards him. Planting his right fist into the earth, a golden shield formed over Blaine's prone form, making the Spartan immune to the damage. Standing, Blaine grabbed Drake by the throat, smashing his right fist into Drake's helmet several times. Dropping the Titan, he kicked upwards, his boot meeting Drake beneath the chin. Drake was launched upwards, allowing Blaine to turn to Bryce.

    Launching himself at the Spartan headfirst, Blaine caught the Ascended Bryce with a lot more ease then he had prior. Grabbing Bryce by the shoulder length white hair, Blaine spun in circles, launching Bryce into the nearby building. Drake began to descend upon them, as Blaine activated the jetpack on his back to gain enough lift. Lifting himself just high enough, he smashed a massive right hook into Drake's chest. The act thrust the Titan down into the concrete, creating a massive crater, launching dust into the air.

    Upon further inspection, Blaine came to the conclusion that Drake had been knocked out of his Ascended form. Holding his right hand up, he pointed towards Bryce, whose eyes opened wide.


    A beam of pure gold erupted from Blaine's open palm, smashing Bryce square in the chest. Luckily for the Psychic, his Ascended form allowed him to be immune from the otherwise fatal particle beam. Groaning, Bryce fell from the sky, landing with a thud in the concrete.

    Blaine's eyes opened wide however, as something massive struck him in the side of his head. Groaning, Blaine slowly felt the power of his Ascension slowly disappear. Looking up, he saw Shadow standing there, a giant smirk on his face.

    "You guys can ascend all you want. But at the end of the day, the Pen is mightier than the sword." Holding the giant pen/club up in the air, it disappeared in a veil of golden light. "Good fight though, I'm properly entertained. Don't worry either, none of you'll remember it."



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