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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on May 25th 2015, 1:05 am

    Author's Note: Still not returning from retirement *though all these recent posts would give off that illusion, wouldn't they?*. With the recent release of House of Wolves expansion for Destiny, my love of the game and it's potential were reinvigorated.

    This story will, admitedly, focus on a lot of the DLC related content. I will NOT be following the story copy and paste style, however. There are far too many Guardians in the Universe for me to claim my Guardians as the ones to canonically do what is seen in HoW. That being said, the heroes of this story will be recruited by the Matriarch of the Reef to combat the House of Wolves.

    That being said, thank you for reading, and please enjoy!

    "Ah, hello there!" Nathan smiled, as his grandson and the young Warlock stood on the other side of the open door. "It has been a while, kids. Good to see you, please come in."

    Lance smiled as he entered his Grandfather's lonely apartment. Ever since their mission on the Moon, Lance and Chelsea had found a place on the Tower to stay. Even with the death of the Hive Prince, the work of a Guardian was never done. Frowning, Lance's eyes cast to the coffee table to his right, where seven tea cups, and a long since cold tea pot sat there, gathering dust.

    Don't worry, I'll have the table set upon your return.

    It had been seven months since Drake, Lillian, Kyle, and even his father Caldwell had met their fate on the Moon. Nathan, upon hearing the news that four members of the fireteam were not returning, had kept the table as a memorial. Whether or not Lance believed it to be truth was unknown. Nathan had already lost his parents once, losing them again, especially after reuniting with them... it had to be tough.

    "I hope water will suffice." Nathan smiled, as he ushered them to the dining room table. "I haven't the proper kitchenware to make the tea. It would be quite rude to disturb the table set, just in case the others show up."

    "Water will be fine, thank you." Chelsea spoke for Lance, as Nathan left the room.

    Frowning, the young Titan and Warlock realized just how traumatized Nathan truly must have been. His wife died during conception of Caldwell, he never got to meet his parents, he was a Grandfather before he knew it. The only family Nathan really had was Caldwell and Lance. When Drake and Lillian came back into his life, Nathan had been the happiest Lance had ever seen him.

    Almost instantly, however, it had changed in a heartbeat. With Lance being the only family Nathan had left, and with Lance constantly on mission as a Guardian, he wasn't surprised with how broken his Grandfather truly was. Within a matter of moments, Nathan shuffled back into the room, a trio of glasses filled with crystal clear water on a tray.

    "There we are." Nathan smiled calmly, sitting at the circular oak table with them. "How are you youngsters? Been awfully busy these past few months?"

    "All's been good, gramps." Lance nodded, taking a sip of his water. "Really basic stuff, kind of quiet work. Us Guardians like to call it 'the grind'. Hunt Fallen and Hive on the Earth and the Moon, to help keep the City safe. For everyone we get though, five more take their place."

    "Those don't sound like good odds to me." Nathan frowned.

    "With each passing day, more Guardians join the fight as well. So, there's always that." the small, red shelled Ghost, Arianna, replied.

    "Pleasure to see you again, Arianna. How's Dra-" Nathan started, stopping himself almost instantly.

    Nathan sat there for a time, slowly swirling the water in his glass, as Arianna awkwardly flickered her eye back and forth, clicking her shell. Neither of them liked to think of Drake Sol, formerly known as Drake Stratus. Lance was disgusted by the City, here it was, seven months after the fall of Crota, and Drake's legacy was already diminishing. To Lance, it made his sacrifice seem almost in vain, as if no-one would remember him.

    They had remembered him for the Twilight Gap, at the battle of the Six Fronts, almost two hundred years prior. But there was NOTHING when it came to the destruction of a Hive GOD.

    Listen here Lance, no matter how bleak things get... just look to the Stars. I've told Lillian that for as long as I've known her, always works wonders. Helps keep spirits up.

    Smiling at that thought, Lance took another brave swig from the glass.

    "I figured it was time to take a small break from field work, to come visit family." Lance coughed. "What's the point in fighting, if you can't see what you're fighting for?"

    "So very true." Nathan nodded. "Thank you for your concern, kiddo. It means a lot more than you know. Not much has been going on here, we've had a few adoptions recently, but not much else. I guess people figure the worse is behind us."

    "Out of sight, out of mind." Chelsea said nervously. "They figure there is no immediate threat, so the threat doesn't exist."

    "Hear, hear." Nathan raised his glass. "Although, I suppose mutual peace is better than constant fear. Fear causes panic, and panic causes chaos."

    "I'm glad you stopped by, though." Nathan said, turning to Lance. "You may not like to hear this news, but it's been a long time coming."

    Lance peered over his grandfather's face, with the miracles that the Traveler worked, the two hundred year old man looked no older than fifty. However, his eyes were slightly tinted yellow, something that concerned Lance.

    "I'm dying, kiddo." Nathan frowned. "I felt some incredible pain in my torso some time ago, so I went to the doctor. They did some research, and I they've concluded I had Liver Cancer, incredibly severe. They could fix it, but it costs more Glimmer then I could ever think to spend, especially on some old fool like myself."

    "No." Lance shook his head, before clenching his fist. "You are one of the FEW remaining survivors of the Golden Age, you have a LOT to teach people. We'll make a donation in your name! The people of the city can donate, we can fund raise for your treatment!"

    "Oh stop the charade!" Nathan said, removing his usual calm attitude. "Kids are becoming less and less interested in Golden Age times, now everyone wants to get on the Traveler's good side, in hopes they can be cool and hip like the Guardians. The chances of a successful fundraiser are slim and none, and slim left town."

    "No, I refuse to give up on you. I let one member of the family die, while I did nothing. I won't let it happen again!" Lance growled, pulling his glimmer satchel off of his hip. "How much Glimmer will be required for your procedure?"

    "50,000 Glimmer, and that's just the treatment. The medical fee will be much more significant, along with the follow up medicines. Overall, we're looking at a total of 150k Glimmer." Nathan sighed. "Let's face facts, Lance. It's time I left this world, I've done what I could, and I've lived a pretty decent life. We should save those treatments for a more deserving individual, someone much more important."

    "But you ARE important. Just because most of those kids are too interested in becoming Guardians, doesn't mean that other people don't find your teachings on Golden Age times interesting!"

    "Hmmm." Nathan nodded, finishing his water. "I appreciate your want to help Lance, but there is no way we can afford it."

    "You're wrong!" Lance barked, standing suddenly. "I'll find a way to make that money, and we'll get you those treatments you need!"

    Chelsea went for another peaceful swig of her water, as Lance's hand firmly grasped her wrist. In a flash, she was dragged out the door, her glass of water gently wobbling back and forth on the table. Nathan chuckled, as he rubbed the side of his head. He had wished Lance wouldn't get so heated on these types of things.

    Sighing, Nathan glanced at the coffee table, with the placings for all of Drake's fireteam, and himself. Glancing down at the water glass, as it continued to rock back and forth, he stared at the liquid inside, as it gently rolled back and forth within the confines.

    "He's not doing this for me." Nathan smirked. "He's doing it for you, dad."


    "What's gotten into you?!" Chelsea asked, half upset that she was wrenched from her glass of water.

    "He's all I got left from my family, Nimbus." Lance frowned, staring at his feet. "Once he's gone, I'm the only Stratus left in this world."

    "It's bound to happen sometime anyways." Chelsea said, gently holding his hand. "I don't think he wants you to worry too much about it."

    "If he didn't want me worrying about it, he shouldn't have told me."

    "But if he had died, without telling you about it? You'd be just as upset, or even more. At least he gave you an idea it was happening."

    "Yeah." Lance grumbled, kicking a stone with his foot. "But-"

    "But nothing." Chelsea winked. "I'm a Warlock, meaning I can all but read you like a book."

    "So?" Lance huffed, crossing his arms and turning away.

    "So, you should get your mind off of it. Make sure you visit him from time to time to check on his health, and try to make him as comfortable as he can be until that time. This is the path he chose."

    "No, screw that." Lance shook his head, turning back to her. "I'm going to try every possible thing to get him that treatment."

    "Incoming Transmission: Petra Venj." Arianna appeared in front of the two of them.

    "Petra Venj, who the heck is that?" Lance asked.

    "I guess we'll find out."

    "Attention Guardians! This is Petra Venj of the Awoken Royal Guard. Multiple Bounties have been issued on key Fallen targets. The Reef is now open to you. May the hunt... begin. "

    "That can't be good." Chelsea shook her head. "The few Awoken I've met have said just how exclusive the Reef is to Guardians. The few Guardians caught in the Reef were responsible for taking down the Heart of the Black Garden, and even then they nearly died by the Queen."

    "So if they're opening the Reef, either the Awoken are supremely scared, or they are royally pissed." Lance nodded.

    "Really? Puns?" Arianna sighed.

    "What?" Lance shrugged.

    "Royally pissed, the Awoken are a Matriarchy." Chelsea sighed, as Arianna floated above her shoulder, in agreement with the Warlock.

    "Huh, totally unintentional. Any coordinates to the Reef?" Lance asked, as Arianna nodded her form. "Then I say we go check it out, if we're working for the Queen, especially bounties on Fallen, we might be paid well enough to get Grandpa his treatments."

    "I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check it out." Chelsea shrugged. "I'm still concerned about the Awoken though, even if they open up the Reef for us, I don't think they'll be quick to trust us."

    "-And so we won't be quick to trust them either, simple as that."



    Thanks for Reading!

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