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    A place to toss together OCs for collabs or other nonsense.

    Bad John
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    A place to toss together OCs for collabs or other nonsense.

    Post  Bad John on January 29th 2015, 5:28 pm

    Name: Jordan "Jojo" Jones

    Alias: The Fool

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Affiliation: The City

    Personality: A Hunter by trade, Jojo is an adept fighter and survivor. He can thrive in adverse situations behind enemy lines, or in the wilderness for months at a time. However, unlike some Hunters, he is quite friendly, and accommodating to those who can't keep up with him. He enjoys humor and wordplay, and is quite talkative around new people.

    His nickname, "The Fool," is not earned out of actual foolishness (though his enemies tend to use it as pejorative). He possesses rhapsodic cleverness bereft of reason. He dislikes Warlocks and their quest for knowledge through books, preferring to experience the world itself in order to reclaim it.

    He shares the typical Hunter disdain for Warlocks, and mocks them when he can. However, he is not above befriending them, though he tends to go out of his way to make sure they know who gained the most kills.

    Appearance: A dark skinned man, Jojo has a cross shaped scar on his right cheek; an injury suffered during his time as a normal human, before being drafted into the ranks of the Traveler's Guardians. He's more often than not seen in his armor, but when he relaxes at home, he wears pajama pants, a sleeveless shirt, a wool hat and reading glasses.

    His cloak, however, is always on in some form or another. A white cloak with black accents, it drapes over his head and down his shoulderblade. It isn't very long, as he's afraid of it snagging on things. Many Hunters have suffered many pointless deaths that way.

    Weapons: As a Hunter, he is kitted with multiple weapons that are versitile enough for several engagements, asymmetrical or otherwise.

    Foo Fighters

    "Ah. The City's Fool. These were waiting for you."

    Jojo's prized pistols, he was given these in a much more way-worn state by Xur a few days after he was revived by his Ghost.

    Repaired and finished by Banshee, they're nickel plated with dark brown leather handles. They have a few scratches, but their appearance draws upon a simplistic beauty that few other modern guns possess.

    The damage they issue is kinetic in nature, and they possess fairly decent range and stopping power. 

    Jojo tends to fire them one at a time, lifting his right hand to fire, then alternating to the left when the clip runs dry.

    Watchtower IV

    "The Joker found his way out."

    A powerful shotgun, this single barreled beauty matches Jojo's pistols, with a brown stock, handle, and pump, with a long, nickel plated, rust resistant barrel. It has fairly decent range, and is good for close-quarters combat when the power of Jojo's pistols can't cut it.

    Mr. President 

    "I'm not a history buff...but this just seems distasteful."

    A unique sniper rifle, Mr. President utilizes "hard sound," firing highly concentrated sound waves rather than physical bullets. It leaves no burns, ballistics to trace, or evidence. It does not work well against heavily armored targets. The rifle has a fairly short barrel, with small sound collection devices that resemble speakers running up the length of the gun. It is silver and blue in color, and has a sturdy enough design to be used as a melee weapon.

    Fuck Off

    "This is a no fly zone."

    A powerful rocket launcher. Though it has no tracking devices, Jojo has grown fairly accustomed to leading his shots. It has enough power to destroy the guns on a Fallen Skiff, or even knock it out of the sky with a well timed, leveraged shot to the engines.

    Stone Free 

    "Just an ocean of darkness and rocks."

    A pair of unusual combat knives that conduct and resist heat. Although some consider them exotic and strange, old warriors find the blades fairly "familiar" even when holding them for the first time.

    Armor: A modified variant of the Sojourn armor, Jojo's armor is built for comfort and suitability in the wild, like the armor of a typical Hunter. The color is a muted, dark brown and blue, blending well with earth toned environments.

    The helmet, however, is a newer design, featuring a full shield visor for maximum visibility.

    His cloak is smooth and silver, wrapping around his neck, its length falling to one side down his shoulder blade. It is a cloak gifted to him by a dear friend, called "The Hood of Inwyt." Its sister cloak, "The Hood of Ayenbite," was stolen by a Fallen Vandal that Jojo has been hunting for years.

    His boots are considered "exotic." Granted to Jojo by Xur, they aid him in channeling Solar Light into his legs, allowing him to walk on air for longer than most Hunters, and kick with more force. Jojo finds the boots incredibly comfortable.

    Notable Possessions: Jojo takes great pride in his Speederbike, a Nomad he built from the ground up. The Nomad has a heavy-machine gun installed in the side, allowing him to fight back against Pikes who are on his tail, or gun down vehicles that he's following.

    He also carries a portable, four stringed Light Harp, which he plays while alone behind enemy lines. It has a very deep sound.

    Skills: An accomplished warrior, Jojo is an excellent marksman with pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles. He truly shines with the use of his pistols, acquiring targets and dropping multiple foes without flinching or erring. He is deadly in close quarters with a blade, and even unarmed he can be a formidable opponent, his punches strong enough to dent metal.

    He is an accomplished user of Solar energy, and can manifest a golden gun, or a burning hot blade.

    His grenades take the form of a bouncing incendiary that pings from place to place, burning what it touches until it burns out. 

    He is known to be quite fast on foot, and is a peerless Sparrow driver.

    Motivations: He is motivated by romanticism, and the idea of seeing the world, restoring the travel, taking back land for humanity, and carving out a place for himself in history.

    Notable Accomplishments: He took part in a fierce battle in New Chicago to rescue a captured fireteam, personally decapitating a powerful fallen captain.

    He has taken part in multiple hunts, and has an extensive list of collected bounties among all of humanity's enemy species. He doesn't spend much time on Mars, but he has ventured there to learn about and slay local Cabal.

    He is most extensively experienced against The Fallen. Viewing them as rivals, he has studied them carefully, and has a lot of experience with nearly every house. The Tower often employs him as a herald, sighting his knowledge on their banners, skillsets, and strengths.

    He is also known for his efforts against the Hive. He is known to have danced circles around Urzok, the Hated, injuring the knight badly enough that the Hive retreated from the battle.

    He also survived a punch from Lord Shaxx, albeit temporarily. The punch broke his jaw, removed half of his teeth, and fractured his skull. Before dying, he managed to choke out the words "all according to plan," and prime a charge that nearly killed the Quartermaster in retaliation. The two have avoided each-other since that particular match.

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    Re: A place to toss together OCs for collabs or other nonsense.

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 29th 2015, 9:07 pm

    Name: Drake 'Sol' Stratus

    Alias: The Iron Fist

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Affiliation: The Vanguard

    Personality: A Titan by choice, Drake is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter and tactician. He can have the tendency to think up things on the fly in a stressful moment. Generally viewed as stoic and hardassed, he's actually incredibly passionate and generally helps those that struggle with whatever endeavors they run into.

    His nickname, "The Iron Fist," was earned solely from the incredible feats he accomplished in his time during the Golden Age, before he had the full potential of the Traveler's Light. He was known to lead his men at the front lines, and when he wasn't firing his Scout Rifle, he was breaking faces with his fists. His most incredible feat, however, was landing a solid punch on Crota's face during the Moon Invasion.

    He, unlike his fellow Titans, communicates with all the other factions of Guardians. Titans, unlike him, had a slight disdain for Hunters, solely for their standoffish attitudes. They hated the rivalry between the Warlocks and the Hunters, and while it isn't shown, the Titans blame the Hunters for it. Drake, despite this, is known to be approachable by any class, so long as they know their manners.

    Appearance: Typical of a Titan, Drake is brawny. Quite tall, he and many other Titans tower over the other Guardians. His hair is a dark brown color, he has it well trimmed, but not buzzed. His nose is perpetually busted from all the times it has been broken, with a lone scar running along the bridge of it.

    On his hip lies the Mark of the Twilight Gap. Put simply, the background color of the banner is lined with gold, shimmering in the light. In the foreground, a lone emblem of a fist surrounded by electricity shines brilliantly.

    Weapons: As a Titan, Drake outfits himself with standard Mid to Close range weaponry. Although he occasionally brings a Sniper Rifle, just to cover his basis.

    Solstice Uprising: Drake's signature Scout Rifle. It has the ability to fire in a fully automatic fashion, so long as the trigger is held down. Holding an impressive thirty round clip, the weapon has incredible range, and the ability to switch between Solar and Arc damage.

    Long Kiss Goodnight: A powerful shotgun, this beast of a weapon is a dream to handle/fire, but a nightmare to Drake's enemies. Using Void Damage, the weapon has a unique ability to shift into a sawed off shotgun, where it's rounds are much harder hitting, but need to be extremely close to be effective. When it's not in it's alternative form, the weapon is much like a standard semi-auto shotgun.

    Hawk-Eye: A strange sniper rifle, Hawk-Eye is Drake's Sniper of choice when required. Utilizing a battery instead of a magazine, the weapon can CHARGE rounds for firing. Unlike the Ice Breaker it was designed after, the Hawk-Eye can allow the wielder to peer through walls at an X-Ray of the target. The ballistics themselves fragment upon entry, tearing flesh with relative ease.

    Gjallarhorn: An Exotic, highly powerful rocket launcher. The Gjallarhorn, while once a manufactured weapon, is now a rare commodity seen from only some of the best Guardians. It's unique abilities are to acquire and track it's targets, and the ballistic itself will explode into several other cluster grenades, before detonating again.

    Armor: A standard set of Iron Regalia armor, courtesy of the Iron Banner. It is gold plated armor with streaks of silver, ornate decorations of wolves and trees patched around it.

    Notable Possessions: Drake would be caught dead without his Gjallarhorn, the only momento of his Grandfather he has left.

    Skills: Like most Titans, Drake can utilize Arc and Void Damage to his advantage to take down the Darkness and support his team. Unlike most Titans, however Drake has the rare ability to wield Solar Light. When available, Drake fills himself with Solar Light, able to materialize a fiery sword from thin air, or he can stomp the ground and a pillar of fire will erupt, engulfing the enemy with flames.

    Motivations: His motivation derives solely from his anger at himself. He failed to protect his closest friends when they needed him most, he failed to be there for his family. While he would never directly say it, his only motivation is revenge, to destroy the Darkness, and bring people out of the Dark.

    Notable Accomplishments: During the invasion of the moon, Drake and his fireteam fought Crota's invasion force, Drake himself actually going into open combat with Crota himself. Surviving the encounter by the skin of his teeth, he would go down in history as the one Guardian to survive a slash of Crota's sword.

    Likewise, him and his fireteam were successful in bringing down an Archon Priest. This list is constantly growing in his Destiny story I'm typing.



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: A place to toss together OCs for collabs or other nonsense.

    Post  Manny on January 30th 2015, 2:53 am

    Name: Orpheus Erebus


    Alignment: Neutral

    Affiliation: The City, Warlock Guild

    Personality: Orpheus tends to keep to himself, preferring the company of books or the wilderness to those of his other warlocks. He finds their studies of the traveler very close minded, preferring himself to learn about all things. Hunters and Titans he finds unbearable outside of combat, not having much to converse with them about.

    Orpheus tends to approach things in a very detached and studious manner, always thinking and planning his next move. Generally he attempts to think one step ahead, as not knowing what your very next move will be could kill you.

    He also holds no true heartfelt allegiance to Humanity. The relationship he has with the rest of Humanity could be described as that of a very distant family relative. There is an acknowledgement of a relationship, but no true vested interest in the affairs of the other.

    Protecting the city is more or less a job to him, but one that allows him to also do what he finds interesting. It is for this reason he continues to do it and he does it with no complaints.

    Appearance: A member of the Awoken, Orpheus has their typical blue skin and white hair; his yellow eyes further adding to his alien appearance.  He stands at about 5’11 and is of medium build.  It is common for some to never know what he actually looks like, as he wears his helmet the vast majority of the time… even when at the tower.

    Weapons:  The weapons Orpheus carries tend to change since he always switches to more powerful weapons as soon as he finds them. What remains constant is that he keeps one of each weapon class with him, using his ghost to materialize them when needed.

    On his person he likes to carry a hand-cannon, a scout rifle, and a shotgun.

    Armor:  His armour tends to change very often since Orpheus equips the strongest armour he has available to him, switching whenever he obtains stronger armour.  However, he secretly takes pride in his armour’s looks, very much preferring the longer warlock cloaks. Whatever the model of armor he has on he tends to keep it some sort of dull colour, usually preferring black, with the edges a very dark purple. He claims that these colours reminds him of the void, black being the primary colour because he didn’t want too much purple.

    Notable Possessions: Orpheus is quite attached to his ghost, being the only companion he converses with on a regular basis. He also values the longer warlock cloaks above the shorter ones.

    Skills: Orpheus, like all warlocks, has arcane powers due to his studies of the traveler. He has specialized in the “Voidwalker” subclass, and essentially ignored the “sunsinger” subclass. His reasoning is that he spends the vast majority of his time alone, and so it would be a waste of time to learn skills to help non-existent team mates.

    His skill with the scout rifle is as close to perfection as one can get. He always keeps count of how many bullets he has left in a magazine, and every shot he fires is another bullet in the enemy’s head. The shots are fired so rapidly, an entire squad of dregs can be dead within seconds. Reloading hardly takes him any time at all, but it is time he calculates for when in battle. All in all, Orpheus is absolutely lethal with a scout rifle.

    By normal standards, Orpheus’ skill with pulse rifles and hand cannons are also impressive. However, the fact that he is not as accurate with them as he is with a scout rifle is a source of annoyance to Orpheus.  Oddly enough, his skill with a sniper rifle is above average but not good enough to label him an expert marksmen.

    Motivations: Orpheus is motivated by a thirst for knowledge, for all things.

    Primarily he wishes to find knowledge that will allow him to truly master the void, so anything related to the traveler is intriguing to him. He takes an interest in the darkness as well, but that is something he keeps to himself as he is aware how others may react.

    Apart from these supernatural forces, he shows great interest in the Fallen, the Hive, and the Cabal, studying them in the same manner a biologist would. Of the three he has an odd fascination with the Hive, spending perhaps an unhealthy amount of time on the moon. This is something he also keeps to himself, patrolling other planets if only to say he does not spend all of his time on the moon. His list of bounties, if seen, would betray him however.

    Notable Accomplishments:  Rumours have it that he held the sword of Crota, although Orpheus and his ghost both deny this. What is known is that Orpheus joined Ikora Rey’s “Hidden” group of elite Warlocks shortly after he supposedly held the sword of Crota.

    He also seems to have a special relationship with the Queen of the reef, having aided her in eliminating any stray rebellious Fallen from the House of Wolves. This is seen as odd because Orpheus is an Earth born Awoken, and the Queen is known for not welcoming anyone outside of the reef. This he keeps under tight wraps, and not many know about it.

    Additionally, he seems to be completely undisturbed around Eris Morn. While perhaps not a significant accomplishment there can be no denying that most people find her odd at the very least. Orpheus on the other hand regularly sees her and accepts her bounties with pleasure.
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    Re: A place to toss together OCs for collabs or other nonsense.

    Post  Manny on February 21st 2015, 12:16 am

    Adding some pics right now.

    Approximation of face:

    Armour (as seen in game currently):

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    Re: A place to toss together OCs for collabs or other nonsense.

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