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    New Room (Commencement).

    Bad John
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    New Room (Commencement).

    Post  Bad John on January 17th 2013, 3:22 pm

    Nine looked around his new living quarters.

    "...Kinda cramped." Nine grumbled as he dropped his bags, and looked around. He opened the window blinds with the press of a button. A wide display of outer space, and the surface of Requiem, his new workplace. He shrugged, happy to have a view if the ship was ever attacked.

    Nine looked at his bed. It was a decent sized mattress. Bigger than his old one. He smiled as he sat down on it. Not too firm, not too soft. UNSC bunks were always SOMEHOW shitty.

    "I could get used to this place. Kinda miss the old one though."

    Nine immediately felt stupid for missing his old room.

    Especially when the door opened.

    Chief, Blaine, Jorge, Lucy, and Vance looked around the room for a moment. "Gonna mope in here all day, Johnny boy?" Jorge huffed, crossing his arms.

    Maura poked her head in, her eyes narrow. "Your room is bigger than mine. Why isn't mine bigger? This is friggin' sexism!" Maura complained, her hands on her hips.

    Lucy was reading a small book, looking over to Maura casually. "Your room only SEEMS smaller because it's dirty."

    Nine grinned at Lucy maliciously. "Why do you know what the inside of her room looks like, Lucy...?"

    "...Eh..." Lucy blushed, then looked out the window, whistling.

    "WE'VE BEEN HERE FOR FIVE HOURS!!! What the FUCK, Maura?!"

    Nine barked angry insults at Maura, who smiled proudly.

    "Enough." Chief nodded for him to follow. "Lock the door on your way out. Someone stole a bag of chips from my room today."

    "You eat?" Nine chortled. Chief gave him a flat look. He'd yet to make Chief laugh.

    Linda looked over Lucy's shoulder, trying to read the book Lucy had her nose in. She turned to Nine, her hair tied in a pony tail. "We're going to the gym. Hitting the free weights. Let's leave before it gets more crowded. This room isn't big enough for any more of us."

    Vance was busy wiping flecks of salt from his face.

    There's yer malfactorin' chip eatin' perpetrator of a culprit right there, Chief. Nine grinned at Vance, knowing that the younger Freelancer had pilfered the Master Chief's chips.

    Vance shot Nine a look. You owe me, Nine. Rat me out and I'll kill you.

    Nine stood, and followed the small group out of the room.

    It doesn't matter where you are.

    Who cares, as long as you have tales, dreams...

    And teammates.

    Colored text helps too.

    Welcome home, DataBase. I hope this place works out.
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    Re: New Room (Commencement).

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 17th 2013, 7:58 pm

    Welcome John, I'm glad you could be here for Database's new home. It is kinda sad to have left Bungie.net, but at least here we don't have to worry about a sudden change from a host site.

    If I make any kinds of overhauls, I'm gonna run it by you guys first.

    Welcome home John.

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    Re: New Room (Commencement).

    Post  Impanther on January 17th 2013, 11:03 pm


    Uh . . . \\'Boyo\\' lol!

    Doctor Jensen
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    Re: New Room (Commencement).

    Post  Doctor Jensen on January 18th 2013, 3:26 pm

    *smokes pipe*

    I say, how delightful.

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    Re: New Room (Commencement).

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